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Tis the Season


Tommorrow is Festivus.

166 Responses

  1. Oh, the anticipation — Festivus is afoot.

    MyIq, is that a pin up of one of your feline masters?

  2. Nah, it’s a lolcat

  3. morning back from disney this am and not a word the place was infested with childern I felt like the king for that child banning country in chitty chitty bang bang-but the parks were spectacular if a little over crwded!

  4. Fuzzy:


  5. favorite Disney moment 830pm standing behind pissed of parents and their 4 whiney kids mom pop spent the farm to take the kids there and the kids wat to go to bed and are really complaining their dad finally snaps in front of me and yells at kids about “the money they spent and they are going to get their money’s worth” out of this vacation! Myiq2xu-It was out of my mouth before I could pull it back in….”welcome to Disney the happiest f’cking place on earth!”

    what can I say their is no moment where a good snark cant make a bad situation worse!

  6. ROFL!

  7. Fuzzy:

    You must have a little Captain in you.

    Spaulding, not Morgan.

  8. Great looking persian.

  9. That cat has the expression-what who’s running this country stupid humans…they should have never stopped worshiping us as gods.

    yes Myiq2xu-I can be quite the snarker when naughty childern and stupid parents surround me. Its only fair I have to “enjoy” their children. They should have to (at the very least) “endure” my snarks. It is almost a fair trade-I said almost!

  10. well off to work there are people to plunge into darkness that voted for pampers(just kidding)!

  11. That’s the first lolcat I actually like! (I am a dog person)
    My aluminum pole is ready – right in front of my window – with a lamp on it – a street lamp.
    And in the real world, the little plan that shoveled money at B0 during the primary is shaping up

  12. Good morning. This post and fuzzy’s encounter are cheering me up this morning. Thanks. Ready to celebrate the New Year and in great anticipation of Groundhog Day. The days are getting longer in the Northern hemisphere. Yippee!

  13. Fuzzy: Spoken like a true employee of Florida Plunder and Loot.

  14. Fuzzy you’re great! BTW, do you know if Princess is recovered from the whole elex ordeal? I really miss her sassy blogs.

  15. Yes, I was MIA yesterday but I had a great day yesterday – I took my 4 1/2 year old grand daughter to see the Nutcracker Suite – she takes ballet lessons and she just sat there in rapt attention throughout the entire ballet.

    Grandma rocked, yesterday for sure! ๐Ÿ˜†

  16. Brrr it is cold as hell in ground B-zero (Chicago)

  17. Hi Afrocity!!!

    It’s ridiculously cold in NYC as well. I’m wearing my giant headscarf that makes me look like I’m from Anatevka.

  18. It’s official-winter is here.
    mad, take that thing off your head ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. catarina – But it keeps me toasty warm! Plus, I’ve been singing “Tradition” all day!


    Ugh, I’m going out to look at apartments tonight. The wind chill will be below zero. This is very unusual for NYC – the median temperature is 41 degrees for this time of year!

    I remember those Chicago winters. The worst thing about Chicago, which is otherwise a great town IMHO, is the weather. Simply horrible.

  20. It was about 12 degrees here when I got up. But my mom in Indiana said it’s only 1 degree above zero where she is. I have to go out and finish shoveling my driveway, but I’m going to wait until it warms up a little bit.

    Do you have a lot of snow, Afrocity? I’m not sure where to put it when I shovel at this point. I already have big piles.

  21. Hi Catarina!

    You probably have bigger piles of snow than I do.

  22. oh thanks, madamab!
    now I’ll be singing “Tradition” all day too!
    That is most definitely one of those “stick to the brain” songs..the mamaaas the papas the sons the daughters… TRADITION!

  23. boomer
    all i can say is i will be buying stock in the company that makes those little heat pad thingies you stick on your back.!

    TRADITION! (damn)

  24. SOD,

    Can you call your doctor and get him/her to prescribe something over the phone? How long have you had it?

  25. Finally, an opportunity to leave this information – last time, I promise, on a MORNING thread:

    I am organizing a Conflucian Secret Santa/Happy New Year event:
    if you want to participate, drop me a note at heidi59 at gmail dot com with your snail mail address. The rules – created by angiec (I take no credit and refuse any blame). When you submit your address it will be traded to another Conflucian who will attempt to mail you something that costs $20 or less by New Yearโ€™s or thereabouts

    So far about 7 people are in – I donโ€™t care if we donโ€™t get more and Iโ€™m happy if we do. Opt in, donโ€™t. Take it or leave it. No pressure, participate if it sounds fun!

  26. SOD: I’m a doctor (ok, of philosophy), and I hereby order you to stop going out when you have pneumonia. It is DANGEROUS. Can you order in the rest of what you need? Send your husband? A friend?

    I’m serious.

  27. madamab, on December 22nd, 2008 at 9:46 am Said:

    Sounds lovely.

  28. BB– we must be fairly close neighbors. It’s 12 degrees where I am, too, with a brutal wind chill. I was all shoveled out last night, but found this morning that the plow has blocked in the end of my driveway again, so I’m off to shovel. Well, maybe not right this minute….

    Changing the subject completely, there’s an interesting letter to the editor in today’s NY Times from the mayor of Paris voicing his opposition to Caroline Kennedy’s bid for the Senate calling it “in poor taste.” Leave it to the French! ๐Ÿ™‚


  29. SOD: I’m a nurse and I back Dr. Heidi Li. People still die of complications of pneumonia. You particularly should not go out if it’s cold as it can be harder to breathe in cold weather. Stay inside, lots of liquids.

  30. SOD
    As a doctor of Astrology I second Heidi Li

    Did you know if you choose next day shipping at
    Amazon your gift will still arrive in time for xmas?

  31. Ah, feel better SOD!

    And as a Doctor of Nothing, I say definitely stay in. Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with (that, I know from friends’ experience with walking pneumonia and whooping cough).

    Nell – I love that article! Short, brutal and to the point.

    I’m writing something about La Schlossberg now.

  32. Today is actually the first day of Chanukah (yesterday night was the first night for lighting the menorah). I am not a religious person but i do light the menorah, especially now that it is the one I inherited from my dear mother. Chanukah – the festival of lights – a quiet holiday when people are not trying to turning into Christmas. Traditionally, candle lighting, special foods, and modest gifts just for children.

    I have wonderful memories of Chanukah. So now, as I head out into the 4 degree weather (4 degrees I tell you!), I’m going to focus on them and not the wind chill.

  33. I have a question on Heidi’s earlier thread that needs answering and it is a question that can only, I feel, be answered by women.

  34. Blows. It’s nine degrees here in Nashville. Can’t imagine how y’all up farther north can stand it!

    Happy holidays y’all!

  35. I feel for you guys, but at least most of you are used to cold weather, I am in the south and it was 21 degrees here this morning. My dogs wouldn’t even go out.

  36. SOD,

    Please take care of yourself and feel better. As the great fixer of all things large and small, here are two e-prescriptions for you. First, every hour or so, blow up a balloon, every house could use more balloons and you would be paying a respiratory therapist big bucks for the same effect in a hospital.

    Second, you are hereby given permission to be sick. For any present not under the tree, replace it with a coupon for an afternoon with SOD, lunch and shopping. In the long run, it will be the present that will be remembered.

  37. Lordy, it’s cold here in KY, single digits last night with lots of cold wind. All I have left to do for the holidays is put flowers on graves in country cemetaries.

    Here’s a funny thing, though. I’m beyond depressed, confused, and enraged over this election year, but I’m still cheery for the holidays. All the Obot columnists in my local newspaper who called us non-Obots hateful names aren’t happy. They don’t criticize The One, they just write dismal columns about how this is such a downer Xmas and the nation is such a downer and the economy is such a downer. Over and over, they write this. I’m getting ready to cancel this last newspaper subscription, but wouldn’t you think they would be happy their One won?

  38. SOD, then he gets lunch at a place of his choice (beer sales are mandatory) and then a trip to Bass Pro Shop whereby you pull upon every ounce of strength you have and promise to look interested while he “shops.”

  39. Heidi Li – I lit my menorah last night too, even though I am not religious. It’s…TRADITION!

    Bundle up, tall lady!

  40. Jesus’ General, who loved, loved, loved The Obama, is whining big time about Warren and the war, etc, etc. Someone blogged that Obama might be center right but he’s better than Bush.

    But not Clinton! He’s not better than Clinton. My present this holiday season is a big huge bundle of schadenfreude with a stocking full of Illinois politics and what will the O do with Fitzpatrick.

  41. Jmac – Heck, considering Obama’s practically v*gin*-free Cabinet, he’s not even better than Bush.

    Or McCain, who promised gender parity in his Cabinet.

    I think my Chanukkah presents are looking just like yours. I just saw on HuffPoop that Obama might keep the Blagojevich records under wraps! What happened to “no contact” or “no inappropriate contact?” What is he hiding?


  42. It’s a frigid 45 degrees outside right now. It should hit 60+ by mid-day.

    What is this “snow” thing of which you speak? When we Californians want ice we get it from the “ice maker” (I prefer cubed to crushed)

  43. Nell,

    By any chance do you live at the top of the hill in Arlington Heights, MA? Just kidding. That’s where I am. Way up here on the hill we get A LOT more snow than down on Mass. Ave. It’s amazing how much more we get and how much longer it lasts. I hate that end of the driveway thing. That’s mainly what I have left to shovel. The guy next door usually knocks it down for me with his plow, so that helps.

  44. SOD,

    Tell your husband to go buy whatever he wants and you can wrap it and sign the card.

  45. BB – Part of my husband’s Xmas gift was allowing him to go shopping for vinyl at the monthly Record Fair. (He has about 1000 records already, so I have to restrict his purchases or the entire apartment would be covered in albums.) He loved it!

    OT – The Krug says we need to stop bubble-izing and start remediating our trade deficit. But what does he know?

    No wonder Obama didn’t see fit to put the Nobel Prize winner on his financial team. If anyone believes Obama will do the right thing for our country economically, raise your hand.

    My hands remain by my sides…

  46. The Scamelotians are chugging Kool-aid and trying to convince themselves that Obama is making a smart political move by inviting Rev. Rick-Roll to the inauguration.

  47. BB–I’m a little bit further north of you. Right next door to the Bostonian of the Year’s home town (maybe they’ll erect a statue in the town square!)

    Don’t overdo it with the shoveling. That end of the driveway stuff is back-breaking. It makes for a good ab workout, though!

  48. myiq – I just checked out Eschaton…Atrios seems a tad cranky about Rick.

    Heh. Indeed.

    (sorry if that was too inside, but WTF, it’s almost Festivus.)

  49. Oh, so that’s what my boyfriend was doing–celebrating Festivus with The Airing of his Grievances.

  50. (bites tongue hard trying not to make a joke about ugsome’s boyfriend’s Festivus pole)

  51. Nothing wrong with a little joke.

  52. Nell,

    OK. I have an idea where you are then. I used to live in Melrose a long time ago. That’s around that area too. I don’t live far from the speechwriter’s hometown either.

  53. myiq2xu, on December 22nd, 2008 at 11:25 am Said:

    Itโ€™s a frigid 45 degrees outside right now. It should hit 60+ by mid-day.

    What is this โ€œsnowโ€ thing of which you speak? When we Californians want ice we get it from the โ€œice makerโ€ (I prefer cubed to crushed)


    *adjusts heating pad applied to back, broken from shoveling*

  54. special message for myiq in the spam filter ๐Ÿ˜›

    myiq you can leave it there if you want as long as you see it!!

  55. madamab: The hubby, a retired music prof, has been downsizing his exec classical music collection, both sheet and recorded. He’s donated about 200 vinyls, 100 cds, and 50 cassettes to a nearby college. They were overjoyed to have the vinyls, which evidently were quite rare. I think most were Musical Heritage Society. Does your husband collect classical?

  56. MadamaB,

    I just took delivery of another Christmas gift from myself. I know best what I want to receive. Everyone else can just give me love and smiles and hugs and nice meals and things like that.

  57. PofE – Yes, but mostly jazz and 60’s/70’s rock. The classical is not for collecting purposes – he used to be an opera singer, so he’s unconcerned with the monetary worth of the albums he has. And, he wouldn’t get rid of them.

    The jazz and rock albums, he catalogs and keeps track of their prices. He’s promised me he will whittle things down, but so far it hasn’t happened. Sigh.

  58. don’t tease us, boomer-whadja get??

  59. myiq,

    I’ll take the snow as long as we don’t get an earthquake. Snow has its charms.

  60. BB – LOL!! That is awesome.

    The only thing I can get my hubby is clothing. I am really good at that. Everything else I get him, even if he picks it out himself, seems to fall short. So I just do what makes us both happy – get him stuff that makes him look dashing and debonair.


  61. Catarina,

    I bought myself a bunch of red things this year. I just got a red leather shoulder bag. Earlier I got red sunglasses, a red wallet, and a red leather appointment book cover.

  62. All on sale, of course.

  63. Ruh roh!

    There will be gloom, despair and misery in Scamelot for Christmas!

    300,000 Obots applied for 8,000 jobs.

    By my math (carry the two, divide by the square root of 7) that means less than 3% will get ponies (assuming the jobs aren’t already filled)

  64. myiq: Was it you or that evil capt. spaulding that posted your weather report today? I would like to stuff both of you head first into the 7 ft. snowbank in front of my window. Of course you would be buck assed naked to appreciate today’s high of -3 and wind chill of -30.

    Have some compassion for your friends in the frozen wastelands of the north!

  65. BB – fabulous! A strong color for a strong woman.


    Oy vey. I just received an email from WomenCount. They are starting to realize that Barack Obama is a sexist pig who doesn’t give a sh*t about them. They are writing some mealy-mouthed letter about how Warren is not what this inauguration should be about – “hope and change.”

    And who told them the election should be about “hope and change” instead of issues and experience? Barack Hussein Obama. Too bad they believed him.

    Insert Loud Eyeroll Here.


  66. myiq – Which jobs? My Obot stepmother is up for a job on Obama’s Permanent Propaganda Team for the Perpetual Propping Up of His Pathetic Presidency.

    I hope they don’t find out her stepdaughter is a PUMA! Oh noes!!!

    PUMA HAKA ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  67. bb
    sounds like you scored-
    you shopping animal!

  68. That’s a pretty fab cat you’ve got there…

    Well. It’s freezing to us in CA. It is. Hope RD isn’t in an ice storm!
    Merry Christmas to all, even you — Miq2xu– Just do something non-commercial and it will be ok?

    All you Easterners that are snowbound — it must be so beautiful to have a Christmas in the snow — even for the hard shoveling part. We had to put in a new heater for the house a few years ago — the old 40’s one gave out and it never feels “warm” — it gives off a cold kind of heat — but the fireplace is our Christmas “glow” and so is the tree.

    People have their lights up — but, nobody is really shopping me either — this is the most quiet stress free one I ever had — just my husband and I this year.

    pretty soon it will be new years — in one of the strangest years of our collective PUMAlives.

    Be warm and well, all.

    Here is your virtual “auld lang syne” spiced cider, mulled wine and or laced eggnog from a pal out west.

    Scamelot looking worse day by day, Ugh. Perfect graphic….

  69. Thanks, madamab. You are very nice to call me a strong woman. I guess I am, most of the time.

  70. Catarina,

    I’m really happy with the red Ray Ban Wayfarers. I always wanted a pair, but never dreamed I’d get them in red!

  71. I do not work for Florida Plunder and Loot I work for gainesville regional utilities….customer owned the utility with a heart…..

  72. vbonnaire
    strange year, indeed! sort of like the political twighlight zone.
    happy holidays!

    boomer, you hot ticket-red Wayfarers, fab!

  73. havent spoken to prncess or sista christian L hope they are well will send them both an email soon as the Holidays are over

  74. Hey BB–My very first apartment was in Melrose, back in the late 70’s. Maybe we really were neighbors then.

    Even now, we’re not far from each other. I could be in Arlington in 20 minutes!

    Madamab–I had to read your “v*gin* free” comment twice to get it. At first I thought you meant “virgin”–not like there’s any of those in the Cabinet of the Greatest Political Wh0re of All Time!

  75. I probably should not mention that xmas in gville is expected to be 70 degrees?

  76. All I want for Christmas is…someone who has the time/talent/inclination to come up with appropriate lyrics to “Scamelot”. Now what a great gift to all Conflucians (and Saner Left Blogistan) that would be!

    BTW, it’s in the 30s here in the TX Hill Country, about 20 miles S of Austin – we finally joined the winter brigade. But word is it’ll be around 75 degrees on C Day. Not terribly festive, that.

  77. I think warm weather at Christmas is really depressing. Sorry, fuzzy. I’m glad you like it.

  78. Happy Holidays to all!

    I am not one to feel down during the holiday season, but this year has been the worst for my family. I started the year so optimistic thinking we would finally get a Democratic President and that it would be a woman was just icing on the cake. I don’t need to go over that fiasco again. We have all lived it and will be suffering the consequences for many years to come. My husband was laid off a couple of months ago and it has been a struggle but, the monetary set backs amount to noting compared with the other losses we have recently experienced (a close friend died of cancer in October, a beloved dog in early December, a good friend diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September, and at this moment the mother of a very good friend is in the hospital dying). I was just catching up today on what I have missed these past few days and have been truly saddened by the news about Betty Jean and her family. I pray that God gives her the strength she will need in the trying times that lay ahead. The one thing that I have learned through all of the recent losses is that friends and family can get you through the toughest of times. They have a way of filling you back up when you are empty and can carry you through the most difficult of times. The touch of a caring hand can do more than all the money in the world.

  79. I like my 80 degree Christmas better than your 9 degree Christmas.

  80. appears that obama is about to anounce another biggest bestest anouncement ever this week….this is supposed to have the whole country singing and clasping hands in the street.

    anyone heard anyting about this most important anouncement?

  81. Sigh

    I have a cold that is starting to feel like bronchitis and to top it off the pipes froze because the special heating tape around the pipes gave up the ghost(The year we lost electric was worse). Between dealing with my own kids that have colds,a next door neighbor who is newly diabetic, and last minute Christmas stuff I am exhausted. I feel horrible complaining though. One of my neighbors husband got laid off, totaled his car and ended up in the psych ward. She has three children 6,3 and 1. One of my neighbors has been helping with formula and diapers. Yesterday one of the cashiers I knew was telling me about a guy she knew who was employed 16 years and was laid off two days ago, no notice, no severance, just a good luck. Evetywhere I go there seems to be bad news piling up.

  82. Amen, FLVoter – and a happy holiday to you as well.

  83. maybe he has decided to let “Bush stay on” because no one will notice the difference!

  84. sorry all I leave for 2 days to have some mickey mouse time and Obama hits the fan I here?

  85. Hugs- FLVoter

  86. Maybe he is going to relocate DC to Hawaii- I’m sure it something hopeity changey-riffic(eyes rolling)

  87. Madamab,

    I have found this Holiday Season that people can be incredibly generous and kind. All I can say is that my cup runneth over. While this year has been terrible, I have found that it has brought out the best in people around me. I have never felt more loved than I have this year.

  88. ((((cwaltz)))))) …..lots of people being laid off here too.

  89. CWaltz — Thank you, I can never get enough hugs! Be sure to see the doctor immediatly. Colds can worsen very quickly. HUGS to you too!

  90. FLVoter – that is really wonderful.

    CWaltz – oh boy. Hope you feel better!

    I am passing chicken soup to all you sick Conflucians, and tofu chicken soup to the vegans and vegetarians!

  91. Fuzzy: Enjoy your 80 degrees, darlin. I used to live in AZ and remember that type of weather. Flying home for week at Christmas was enough cold to last me for another year.

    I care for my 89 year old mother. If I could get her to move, I’d be gone tomorrow.

    I am enjoying all of your Christmas spirit here. I’ve been in short supply this year and it helps to read about others who are celebrating and enjoying as we all should be.

  92. “O” no they didn’t! (Warning: Huffpoop front page)

    Put your tongue back in your mouth, Arianna.

  93. well, well, well
    women’s groups “miffed” at Obama.

    is that the best word they could come up with?


  94. madamab
    dont send me to the bad place!

  95. mad, that is sooooo gross!!!! yuck, ptooey!!


  96. MadamAb- It needs Favreau photoshopped into the picture.

  97. Catarina – Ha! You’re complaining after you sent me to that pathetic excuse for an article?

    Here’s just one mind-blowing quote:

    Bill Clinton and President Bush each had a comparable number of women in their first Cabinets, but women’s groups say they hoped they’d make progress.

    First of all, it’s five women out of 22, not five out of 20, and two of the positions were not originally Cabinet positions. Second of all, Bush had 6, all traditional Cabinet positions. That’s better than Obama. Third of all, Bill Clinton had 10, which is twice Obama’s number and means that almost 50% were women.

    Only in Obotia does “twice as many women” morph into “a comparable number of women.” And notice how the coverage makes women sound as if they are angry about nothing at all? And lumps us in with “other Democratic interest groups?” Since when is 52% of the population a f*cking INTEREST GROUP, and since when are we all Democratic!!!!!!

    (takes deep breaths)

  98. Yucko! Just what we didn’t need–another President obsessed with exercising.

  99. CWaltz – I agree! And look – is that Larry Sinclair in the window?


  100. madamab-the pic wasn’t bad-but the comments were gross….

  101. CWaltz,

    Excellent idea. Let’s get SOD on the case. How about having Favreau down on his knees?

  102. catarina, on December 22nd, 2008 at 2:27 pm Said:

    mad, that is sooooo gross!!!! yuck, ptooey!!

    I refuse to go to Huffpo…but could you give a hint to satiate my prurient interests?

  103. Laurie,

    You read comments at that place? Yikes! You’re a lot braver than I am. I try to stay away from teeny bopper stuff.

  104. SHV,

    The Prez-elect in his bathing outfit. At least he had the decency to wear long shorts. I’m sure he got off on the attention. He’s a narcissistic freak.

  105. SHV
    lets just say that Obama has boobs and it’s not a pretty sight.

    trust me, you don’t need to see that.

  106. bb-I only went there because madamab couldn’t resist posting it-LOL!!

  107. ohhhhhhhh- NOW is mad- who flippin’ cares? NOW wins the reward for most retarded organization ever- they can’t even figure out what advocacy is. Palin- not a feminist. Favreau and Rhodes- No comment. I’m supposed to take them seriously though because they are upset there aren’t more women? Hey retards- you just blew that by not listening to what the candidates said during the election….Which of the candidates again was offering a FEMALE VP and half his cabinet as FEMALE? Oh yeah, the guy you didn’t endorse because Sarah wasn’t “feminist” enough for you. If there was an award for most clueless and pathetic- then I would vote for NOW- otherwise I hold them utterly in contempt.

  108. madamab

    yes, women are now a “special interest group”
    a “miffed” special interest group.

    that f***-er!

  109. Imn in moderation. Evidently something I said upset spammy. Go figure.

  110. This is NOW we are talking about- miffed actually works for them

    If there were an award for clueless- NOW would and should take first prize.

  111. SHV-just a sexy pic of BO-and all of Huffpo swooning…

  112. well, wtf are they bitching about after the fact-did they
    discuss the cabinet appointments before they endorsed him?

    seriously, what do they think can be done about this now? I doubt O will boot a few of the males and replace them with women b/c Kim Gandy is “miffed”

    Stupid, stupid and more stupid


  113. Laurie – Yes, Obama is bringing sexy back, according to Arianna and her idiot savant commentators. Of course, this proves he will be the awesomest Preznit evah.

    Should we add a swimsuit competition to our 2012 edition of “Presidential Idol?”

  114. catarina, on December 22nd, 2008 at 2:39 pm Said:
    lets just say that Obama has boobs and itโ€™s not a pretty sight.
    trust me, you donโ€™t need to see that.
    Thanks…I’ll pass

  115. One of the countdown pics could be BO in swimsuit with a crown on his head, as if he had just won a beauty queen contest…

  116. Nobody ogles a guy with a set of double-D’s

  117. those bird legs aren’t really thrillin me either…

  118. That’s a good idea, Laurie. Maybe with a sash across his chest? What could we put on the sash?

  119. Evidently Madamab- Don’t forget the evewning gown competition either.

    Heeeeeeee-reeeeeeee he cooooooooooomeeeeeeeess Mr. A-meri-caaaaaaaaaaa. Don’t you feel assure now that Arriana has proven herself an airhead?

  120. Pretty is as pretty does. Misogyny ain’t pretty. Obama would not stand a chance in any beauty contest I was a judge of.

  121. Catarina – Cuddly is better than skinny IMHO. Obama has never done it for me, although I gamely tried to pretend he did for a while…

  122. Instead of Miss cogeniality – He could be Mr Sexism or Mr Misogyny.

  123. An evening gown with cleavage. LOL!

  124. BB:

    That’s better than trousers with cleavage.

  125. AKA “Plumber’s crack”

  126. CWaltz – I like that! Mr. Misogyny! With the runners-up, Larry Summers and Rick Warren!

    BB – Definitely cleavage. And sequins. And a tiara!

  127. I have an idea. We could put an earring in his belly button for the swimsuit pic. And how about a tattoo of a naked woman?

  128. Mr. Misogyny is excellent!

  129. I prefer big cuddly men over skinny too.

  130. omg
    you’re all crazy, lol!
    now, where are those photoshoppers?

  131. bb-a sash would cover the d-cups but there could be something along the lines of Mr Right????

  132. BO suffers from the same syndrome as MO-

    it’s the ‘I wouldn’t be ugly if I wasn’t such a total asshole” syndrome

  133. madamab,

    Arianna says sexy is coming back now, thanks to the first Misogynist? Silly me, I never knew sexy went out of style!

  134. a tattoo would be fantastic!

  135. We need SOD’s expertise. Or Katiebird’s hubby’s.

  136. Does anyone know what the issue is with The New Agenda, Amy Suskind and Harriet Christian. I got an email where Harriet says Amy is not interested in having PUMA or Blue collar women as part of the organization.

  137. It could be a Harley Davidson tattoo. A big one with lots of colors.

  138. bostonboomer, on December 22nd, 2008 at 3:17 pm Said:

    I prefer big cuddly men over skinny too.’
    RD’s place is an ongoing education.

  139. I must get my son to teach me photoshop-he’s an expert…

  140. NH,

    We don’t know any more than you do. We were discussing that yesterday. I don’t know where RD is, but she could probably talk to Harriet.

  141. SHV,

    I don’t care for narcissists, that’s all.

  142. I watch too much tv, but one thing I seem to notice is that women as sex objects is growing. Is it just me or do other folks get irritated by slutty commercials like Beyonce’s commercial for Direct TV. She gonna ‘upgrade you’. I think that is Beyonce but whoever it is irritates the crap out of me. I am tired of women acting like sluts for a paycheck.

  143. Laurie,

    How about “Mr. Wrong?”

  144. Thanks BB, I dont’ want to be a part of some elitiist organization of any kind. So I will drop it if that is Amy’s attitude.

  145. NH,

    I hate all the VIagra and Cialis ads. They don’t advertise “feminine hygiene products” on TV, but if it’s for men, anything goes. I don’t really want to have to explain to my 6-year old nephew what Viagra is for.

  146. NH,

    I’d wait until we find out what’s really going on. But Murphy is really mad about it. I don’t know if she has talked to Harriet.

  147. I agree BB. I think its getting out of control. They say sex sells, but we seem to have lost any sense of balance.

  148. NH – That Beyonce commercial makes me absolutely sick. She does not need to act like a prostitute. She is a beautiful and talented woman. It’s just tacky.

    Actually, I was on a phone call with Harriet Christian yesterday. I know her side of the story but I haven’t heard Amy’s yet. I am going to write Amy this week and find out what they have to say. I’m still trying to figure out how to put my question, because I think that Harriet and Amy are both fighting some very important fights and I don’t want us all to have to choose sides.


  149. bb-that’s ok too.

    NH I’ve noticed and it’s all for middle-aged men. Young kids are already bored by it. IMO anyway.

  150. BB, I will wait until I hear more re: The New Agenda

  151. Really, I don’t want to see any ads for either tampons or condoms on my teevee. People know how to find those items. I don’t need to see why I should buy the latest accessory for my scary ladyparts.

  152. If we allow ourselves to be largely portrayed in the sex kitten role, we are doomed to second class citizenship.

    Beyonce is talented, and if she did it for the money, then I feel sorry for her. Maybe she has gotten so desensitized she didn’t see what the ‘director/choreagrapher’ was setting her up for. Otherwise, she’s an idiot.

  153. I agree madamab. Have you seen some of the commercials for new comedys this year. So many of them treat women like whores. Even when a women has a role that;s not a slut like ‘Life’, its seems all the bit parts for women are sex objects, prostitutes etc. Women are just eye candy and something to screw.

  154. NH and MadamaB–I HATE THAT BEYONCE DIRECT TV AD. Every time it comes on I change the channel. I can’t take it.

    Hi Catarina!

  155. Oops. gotta get back to work. I sure miss talking to all of you. It’s gotten really busy at work. But hell, I’m not complaining.

  156. Um, y’all haven’t seen the commercial for the new Trojan fingertip vibrator?

    New thread up!

    (this one is getting full anyway.)

  157. myiq: SHUT UP. I’ve never seen a condom ad on TV in PA. They are in magazines and on the radio, but not on TV.

  158. myiq STFU
    where do i get one??

    hi micki!!!

  159. Not to say that a vibrator and a condom are the same thing, but the only time I’ve seen “pleasure products” on TV is on like basic cable at 3 in the morning on some HSN/QVC paid programming. Perhaps PA is puritanical? We can’t have wine shipped here, they have some dumbass rule about selling booze anywhere but a beer distributor or a wine shop and our zoning laws provide for “pleasure palaces” to be grouped together in one location! ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. Catarina–how is your back?

  161. micki, thanks for asking-it sucks!
    *bitch, moan*

    might have to go see the bone witch (chiropractor)
    only that means i have to comb hair and change out of pj’s and not sure im up for that!


  163. I like when MadamaB shouts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. I do it just for you, Micki my dear!!


    Do you like my new tag line?

    Donโ€™t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  165. MadamaB: That is my mantra. It gets me through the hard times. I also want a bumper sticker of that graphic myiq uses with the melting blahbama sun whatever symbol and “Next Time Think Before You Vote” on it.

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