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“No one does more” is the new “Who could have predicted”


CWaltz makes teh funny!



This is a “Worst Cliche’ of the Year” Open Thread

61 Responses

  1. Save us all from cliche’ administrations. Then again that’s what you get when you have people swooning over speechifying and how a President Elect is gonna look in a bathing suit. Instead of worrying about “bringing sexy back” most of us are worrying about bringing an economy back.

  2. That’s what we need!

    A “Worst cliches of the year” thread!

  3. That wasn’t the pastor I knew for 20 years.

  4. Worst cliche number one:

    “Change we can believe in”


  5. myiq,

    I have a post ready to go. Is it OK with you if I put it up in an hour or so?

  6. Dallas Morning News editor on the brilliant choice of Warren:

    My view is it was a masterstroke by Obama. It’s in the spirit of his 2004 Democratic convention address, where he artfully wove together a narrative about how we’re neither red America, nor blue America. We are America.

    What a great way for him to show that he believes that still. Evangelicals were the one religious group that stayed strongly Republican. (Others, like mainline Protestants, remained Republican, but not just as strongly Republican.) For Obama to reach out like this to the leader of a group that voted against him sends an important signal. He wants a dialogue across all sorts of lines, including religious.

    A great move.
    We’re not red state or blue state, we’re bigoted states.

    Next reach out – Nazis

  7. BB:

    You don’t need my permission – put it up now if you want.

  8. Jmac, on December 22nd, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    So according to them, Warren was the only evangelical pastor Obama could find. Does anyone see the pattern here. Obama only chooses people who are sort of radical. Of all the pastors he woulc get, he chose Pastor Rick Warren. Just like he chose Rev. Wright, James Meeks and Father Patrick Pfleger. He is drawn to these kind of people.

  9. We are neither red America, nor blue America- True enough, We are broke America.

    I’m sure though that if we pray for the gays to be healed from their affliction or make those horrible horrible Hitler like women who actually believe they have the right to control their own bodies and the risk involved in giving birth go away that our country will be healed. People like Warren are part of the problem. Rather than allowing people the “free will” that God gave them he’d rather the government control aspects of their lives rather than govern a conscienceless corporate sector. Newsflash for Warren- God does not have a political affiliation. Newsflash for Obama- Anyone who thinks God does have a political affiliation probably doesn’t belong as part of a dialogue in a country where there is no religious state.

  10. Warren is on the “pray for play” Obama initiative.

    I love that “we’re not red state or blue state, we’re bigoted states.”

  11. It’s been printed here before but I’m going to repeat it. John Cloud of Time wrote that “Obama has proved himself repeatedly to being a very tolerant, very rational-sounding sort of bigot”

    Not now, sweetie.

  12. Thanks, myiq. I’ll wait a little while.

  13. Where did that mouse picture come from?


  15. That’s a ferret, not a mouse. Me thinks they put some pop tops to give him mouse ears

  16. Merry Christmas Mam. You’re gone getta bah humbug from MyIQ though. He’s not a “christmas” kinda guy.

  17. There’s a discussion of whether protesters of Warren should stand in unison and turn their backs while he gives the invocation.

    My Momma told me to always follow the rules.

  18. That critter looks like a cross between a rat, a bat and a possum.

  19. bostonboomer, on December 22nd, 2008 at 6:56 pm Said:

    Where did that mouse picture come from?
    Hell of a mouse..looks like Didelphis virginiana.

  20. It does look like a possum.

  21. JMac,

    You mean the roolz? Our cliches are so much better than theirs.

  22. It’s a baby possum.

  23. Merry Christmas mambopurr!

  24. It’s so cute. I sometimes see them around here at night, crossing the street with their mama leading the way.

  25. Read it and scream. Hillary surrounded herself with loosers???? Why do they forget to mention Obama that surrounded himself with criminals

    Hillary’s greatest potential weakness is that she isn’t always a good judge of others, as we learned from the way she surrounded herself with so many arrogant losers during the campaign. This failure to accurately read people can be a serious handicap during negotiations, an area where Hillary has little experience. And so far, she has shown no sign of being a bold strategic thinker, though the repair work before her might not require it.


  26. There are some good things to post about today.

    NYT’s gets hoaxed, PEBO releases his report but no documents:

    “I don’t even know if there’s any correspondence to be had . . .”

    I’m guessing the investigation wasn’t very thorough.

  27. hey, that’s the rat thing that eats my grapes every year

  28. Downticket:

    Read it and scream again. From Politico:

    “The New Hampshire debacle came up again and again, especially when cable talking heads began saying Obama had sewn up the nomination.

    But many pundits, perhaps wary of repeating their previous mistake, kept up with the claim the race was neck and neck well after the delegate math no longer gave Clinton any opening.”

  29. Shouldn’t that read NYT gets hoaxed AGAIN. Evidently they aren’t much into the Ol’ Fool me once adage.

  30. Not just losers, arrogant losers! Better to be like Obama, an arrogant selectee.

    He must be in trouble if they’re starting to hit on Hillary again.

    Paul Krugman: “Whatever the new administration does, we’re in for months, perhaps even a year, of economic hell.”

    That ferret/possum/rat belongs on Obama’s seal.

  31. Jmac:

    It’s the new White House dog.

  32. Heh

    They must mean the delegate math that magically gave Obama delegates in a state he didn’t even compete in and then to ice the cake by giving him 4 of his competitors in that same state.

    You gotta love the revisionists and their math.

  33. Krugman thinks it’ll be only a year- He’s a much bigger optimist than I.

  34. There is nothing that makes me angry than when they insist he defeated Hillary. She remained in the primary even though she couldn’t win. Even when they are trying to compliment her like in the above article, they can’t help themselves but try to put her down. Worst cliches

    Obama ran the most brilliant campaign evah!

    Obama is so inspirational(I am still not inspired. I liked his speech in 2004 but wasn’t inspired by it.)

  35. “No one could have predicted the planes would be used against the towers” (we thought these were “traditional hijackings – that’s why we said nothing to anyone”)
    And how about the new “special interest” group shaping up?

  36. The Delegate Math:

    X = the number of delegates Hillary won

    Y = the number of delegates Obama won

    Z = the number of delegates that Hillary won that were stolen and given to Obama instead

    X – Z < Y + Z

  37. I thought it was Opossum — the “o” being silent.

    Downticket — I agree nothing makes me angrier then the pretense that teh Precious defeated Hillary — uh, how about all those MI delegates there, Obambi? How about all that voter fraud & intimidation during the caucuses? FUCK THEM.

    Krugman is Pollyanna if he thinks this thing is only lasting 1 year.

  38. Worst cliche of the year? How about “It’s the MATH” when, in fact, it wasn’t the fucking math.

    Or maybe that should be the biggest lie of the year.

  39. This from a deranged Dallas gay on Warren:

    Barack Obama has indeed changed politics as usual already. This is not the “your with me or your against me” victim-based, “it’s my turn” “punish your opponents” politics of the Bushes or the Clinton’s, for that matter. It’s a brilliant move of inclusion, which we can all build on to advocate for LGBT rights. If Barack Obama can include Rick Warren when the time is right, Barack Obama will include us when the time is right, and Warren and his followers must remember that.

  40. Oops:

    X – Z < Y + Z < W

    W = the number of total delegates needed to win.

  41. angie:

    Biggest lie will be another thread, and there are lots of contenders

  42. I’ll go with the “oceans don’t protect us” line that Obama ripped off from Bush. I wonder how many more Bushisms will be repeated in the next four years.

  43. gxm:

    Let’s hope none of them involve WMD’s

  44. I’m watching “Meet John Doe” on TCM — this is the exact template that the msm used during this election (except there is a happy ending in the movie).

  45. How about “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” or is that too obvious?

  46. How about “Get over it?”

  47. Jmac, on December 22nd, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    When the time is right 🙄
    Obama has a media that will spin everything in his favour. He can’t do wrong.

    angienc2, on December 22nd, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    That is a stupid line and I don’t understand all the farce about it. Obama is so afraid to loose this guy whose speech writing abilities aren’t all that.
    Obama has also ruined the word “hope”. I try not to use it.

  48. New post up.

  49. Jmac,

    That quote from the gay obot is a classic. We need to save that one.

  50. Downticket. It’s just 1984-speak.

    Hope = no hope for women, GLBTs, or old people

    Change = Change the Democratic Party into the Republican Party

    Unity = All my friends will live in wealth and harmony and the rest of you bitter losers can go f*ck yourselves.

  51. Change = Change the Democratic Party into the Republican Party

    I think the transformation is almost complete. Too bad the Democratic leaders are allowing it to happen.

  52. Downticket,

    Sadly, I think they wanted it to happen.

  53. From the Dallas Morning News article quoted above: “For Obama to reach out like this to the leader of a group that voted against him sends an important signal. He wants a dialog across all sorts of lines…”

    No doubt virulent white r@cists voted against him as a group, too. Does that mean he should invite the Imperial Wizard of the KKK to a place at the inaugural table? Why not start a dialog with the Aryan Nation while we’re at it?

    Stupid people just bug the shit out me. I don’t suffer fools gladly.

  54. The critter was on Obama’s faux Wedgewood seal: Vero Possumus.

  55. Nell,

    Whatever you do then, stay away from Huffpo today!

  56. My nomination: It’s a mathematical impossibility…

  57. Just an aside…didja know the Virginia possum has more teeth than any other mammal? You can really take a gander at ’em there.

    I used to volunteer at a wildlife rehabber and honestly, it really sold me on possums. They’re reeeeeally sweet, usually. Unlike squirrels, one of which tried to take my finger off one time…

  58. Didn’t the polls show that McCain did not get all the evangelical right wing vote? Some of them stayed home, others voted for BO.

    At the time I thought it was probably the youth evangels who were doing this. Now that Warren is getting payback-it makes you wonder what he did to deserve it…

  59. yep Eleanor-I noticed its teeth-amazing…

  60. Worst cliche of the year- that’s racist

  61. Laurie:

    The evangelical right has been a key part of the GOP GOTV efforts.

    If they didn’t participate this year, it would likely suppress GOP turnout, no?

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