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It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better


Remember the good old days when the nutroots declared that Holy Joe Lieberman was a heretic who had to be excommunicated from the Democratic party?  Today at FullyDerangedLunatics:

Joe Lieberman’s 2006 primary campaign manager, Sean Smith, who accused Ned Lamont of hacking their website the day of the Connecticut primary in 2006, has been selected to be the new Administration’s spokesperson at the Department of Homeland Security.

These days it seems the Obamanationals are drinking more Kool-aid but enjoying it less.

45 Responses

  1. Heh, myiq. Did you read the comments!

    Wow, the disillusionment is almost complete. There are only a few who are saying, “Gosh, maybe it might be possible that Obama might not be who we thought he was.

    “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Hillary”

  2. madamab:

    Give them a few hours and it will be “Thank you sir! May I have another?”

  3. Really? Even with Joe Lieberman, whom they hate with a passion?

    That’s depressing.

    Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Hillary

  4. I think I know why we aren’t seeing many trolls lately.

    They’re busy trying to rally the troops at the OFB sites.

  5. […] here are the 11 percenters dealing with fresh material now oe Lieberman’s 2006 primary campaign manager, Sean Smith, who accused Ned Lamont of hacking […]

  6. Oh, man! How did I miss this one?
    Mind you, I harbor the same kinds of feelings towards Lieberman as the 11 percenters ever since he sold the 2000 election to W. So, there’s no happiness in me for this one. But thanks to you and that kick ass image, I have found my silver lining. 😉

  7. OFB sites?

    old f-ing bastard?
    only for bots?
    obama flaunts boobs?

  8. Catarina:

    Obama Fan Boiz

  9. madamab, on December 22nd, 2008 at 3:42 pm Said:
    Heh, myiq. Did you read the comments!
    Wow, the disillusionment is almost complete. There are only a few who are saying, “Gosh, maybe it might be possible that Obama might not be who we thought he was.
    “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Hillary”
    The “hacking of the web site” charge was a target of derision on all of my lefty blogs. I sent a lot of $$ to Lamont to defeat “rape Gurney Joe”…I wonder how all of the “regressive hypocrites are rationalizing this latest slap in the face. I refuse to look, but for those with stronger stomachs, reports would be welcome.*g*

  10. SHV – I hate Joe Lieberman as much as any of those fauxgressives.

    That’s why I didn’t vote for him for President.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  11. EOF:

    We’re ALL getting hosed. But it’s fun watching the faces of the Obots as reality sinks in.

  12. Dakinikat has a new post up about New Orleans…

  13. Hey, breaking news. Somebody notify Arianna! Obama “personally thanked” some troops after his workout at a Honolulu gym this morning.


    Isn’t it sooooooo exciting? “He said, “Thank you, guys. Appreciate your service.” Ooooooooh! Sqweeeee!

  14. myiq,

    I always thought it was “Obama Fan Base.” I’m so out of it.

  15. BB – SOMEONE at the AP did not drink the Kool-Aid.

    After the workout, he walked up to about 20 people in the parking lot, posed for pictures and chatted for a few minutes.

    He said, “Thank you, guys. Appreciate your service.”

    From there, Obama returned to his rented $9 million oceanfront home in Kailua where he and his family are staying for the Christmas holiday.

    Michelle Obama remained behind at the gym.

    So let me get this straight. He went to the Marine Corps base, not to talk to the troops, but to work out at the gym. As he left, he talked to like 20 people and then ran away to his oh-so-not-elitist multimillion dollar villa. And Michelle couldn’t even be bothered to leave the d*mn gym.

    LOL X 47,000!

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  16. One Obama thank you is much more powerful than actually leaving countries that we never had any business in to begin with. I’m sure that those soldiers are grateful that he had the time to speak to the “little folk” that he put Gates in charge of.

  17. Heh

    I guess he needs a few more liars in the administration(The site wasn’t hacked and the accusation was absurd).

  18. sheesh, I always seemed to come in just about the time myiq2xu posts something and when BB is about to put something up … sorry about stepping on your post so quickly

    at least I got the entire thing to show!

  19. CWaltz:

    Not many people can fake sincerety

  20. Dakinkat:

    Machts nichts – mine was just a quick news report.

  21. Someone must have pretty scary pics of Janet.

  22. Prolix – Speaking of which, there are some politicians who the gay community knows are gay, but who aren’t out (my friend refers to Senator Barbara Mikulski as having a closet with a glass door).

    Do you (or does anyone else) have any clue if Janet is one of them? She sure makes my gaydar ping.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  23. Madamab, I haven’t read anything, but the reaction to Rendell’s comments made me wonder.

    Maybe Rev. Rick will pray for her.

  24. madamab: I’ve always wondered about Rahm ( my previous job was a ballet dancer) Emmanuel

  25. Janet who?

  26. Prolix – or Ted Haggard. He’s “cured” now, you know!

    Kat – Hmmm….it’s true that very few male ballet dancers are straight. However, the ones that are do tend to, um, have a lot of fun with the female dancers.

    I’m kinda think Rahm falls into the latter category.


  27. Dakinikat,

    My post is just a silly one. I’ll put it up later when we need an open thread.

  28. shoot! I meant “thinking.”

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  29. I guess you’re right, madamab. I didn’t read past the “thanks the troops” headline. This reminds me of when Eisenhower had his heart attack and every day we found out what he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  30. Sophie — Janet Napolitano

  31. Sophie – That would be Governor Janet Napolitano, Obama’s choices for DHS.

    Check her out.


    Just sayin’.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  32. I hope we don’t have to see Obie in HW pics for the next week.
    I could puke already.
    maybe it’s time for a media blackout.

  33. meant HI not HW

  34. madamab,

    Are you talking about Janet Napolitano? Could that be why Ed Rendell told us she has no life, no family?

  35. Yes, Catarina, I was trying to decode HW. I thought it meant House of Waffle. 😛

  36. One group that should feel safe with Janet as the head of DHS is polygamists. As AG of AZ she pulled down her bonnet and looked the other way at the whole Warren Jeff menage a dozen scandal.

  37. House of Waffle, indeed.

    While the commoners are regifting, the O’s are prancing around on the private beach. What assholes-glad to see they aren’t suffering.

  38. Prolix – No kidding! Wow.

    I guess there must be a lot of gay marriage in Arizona. As we know, it leads to polygamy, incest, pedophilia and bestiality. Or so Rev. Warren says.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

  39. You can tell Warren is like the Obots- According to him “No one has done more for gay AIDS victims……” I’m gonna barf…..No one does more is the new Who could have predicted…..

  40. No wonder Rev. Rick has such goofy ideas, his brain is waterlogged since he has lived a “Porpoise Driven Life.”

  41. CWaltz,

    You are brilliant today. It is the new “no one could have predicted.” I have to remember that one. Of course there’s always “He wasn’t the ________ that I knew.”

  42. Prolix:


  43. Napolitano? She pings my gaydar, but in a very bad way. It goes “please no, please no, please no.”

  44. Turns out the NYT editorial by the “mayor of Paris” was a hoax!

  45. Actually, many think Emanuel is gay, but he isn’t out. It is apparently in open secret in the Gay Community in Chicago. I know, because I follow Hillbuzz. I don’t take most of their news seriously, but when it comes to Chicago dirt, I listen to what they have to say. They are the experts, when it comes to anything that has to do with Chicago stuff.

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