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I wonder if Jon “the Groper” Favreau wrote this?

Charlie Pierce of the Boston Globe (who is known around town for drinking heavily and seldom bathing) writes:

Ever wonder who helps President-elect Barack Obama sound so uplifting, so eloquent? North Reading’s Jon Favreau, all of 27, tops the list.

So uplifting, so eloquent…

h/t to Hillbuzz for the video

76 Responses

  1. North Reading’s Jon Favreau, all of 27, tops the list.
    Ah..Ha..He is from North Reading..that explains everything.

  2. uh, er uh aha ugh er uh.

  3. SHV,

    What do you mean? Do tell. Why does it explain everything?

  4. God the man is a moron — and I don’t mean Manson, who is actually quite eloquent.

  5. bostonboomer, on December 22nd, 2008 at 11:50 pm Said:


    What do you mean? Do tell. Why does it explain everything?
    It’s outside 128.

  6. Have we really dumbed down America that much?
    The english language can be used with such eloquence and some really think that his no class brat can really write well.
    Words can lift up or bring down.



  7. It’s all a big circle jerk….

  8. SHV,

    I’m so disappointed. I thought you were going to tell us of a long history of frat boys from North Reading or something.

  9. SHV,

    I’m so disappointed. I thought you were going to tell us of a long history of frat boys from North Reading or something.
    Nah…I have been banned form the bedroom while the GF wraps presents, so I am just stirring up trouble. The ten years that I lived in Boston, I rarely left the triangle formed by Longworth Ave..Huntington Ave and Brookline Ave.

  10. All I could think of while watching backtrack try to speak was ” Good God is this what the king is doing tonight?”



  11. alright gang — I’m off.

    Good night all!

  12. His smooth lines probably work better after a stiff drink with a couple roofies in it.

  13. Buenos noches guapa!

  14. ‘night, Angie!

  15. I guess eloquent is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m guessing the guy who wrote this article finds used car salesmen “eloquent” too.

    I like the words people use to have actual meaning. I’m picky that way.

  16. night ang

  17. Well, the good thing is that Charles Pierce drinks and if he smokes the bathing part might not be so bad.

    Does my strained positivity seem natural and flowing?

  18. Conflucians: watch this and tell me who comes across as the most pitiful.

  19. I’d say Harry Whatisname. They are all pretty pathetic. I lost respect for David Corn a long long time ago.

  20. What do you think, Heidi Li?

  21. Bigots never look good in those situations.

  22. I’d like to know why none of these bozos ever talk about Warren’s views about women. And why don’t they ever have a woman guest to discuss this?

  23. I think it is neck and neck,but Corn bothered me the most because instead of coming in full throttle, which is the only way to use that medium (the 90 second t.v. debate) he wasted all his time saying, well, now Pres. Elect Obama has “stepped over the line a little bit”. Why can’t any “establishment” liberal bring himself or herself to say what Harry what’shhisname did: this is a major civil rights issue in this country and Senator Obama is treating it like it is a disagreement over favorite ice cream flavors.

  24. bostonboomer, on December 23rd, 2008 at 1:04 am Said:

    I want to know that too!

  25. Heidi:

    The twelfth commandment:

    “Thou shall not speak ill of The Lightbringer”

  26. myiq2xu, on December 23rd, 2008 at 1:03 am Said:

    And in rank order who was the worst bigot?

  27. myiq2xu, on December 23rd, 2008 at 1:06 am Said

    Thank goodness SOMEBODY reminded me of that one. I keep forgetting it and then am surprised at the reaction I get when I violate it.

  28. I have to try to calm down and get some sleep. I owed Matt of My Two Cents some time on his radio show, and now I’m worked up but too tired to be productive. Am I going to have to spend the next four years in this state of exhausted agitation?

  29. I couldn’t watch the whole clip, I have a low tolerance for those staged arguments.

    But regarding the 12th, I seems to me that Left Blogistan is angrier at Warren than they are at Obama for inviting him.

    I don’t waste too much time on bigots for being bigots. Rev. Rick-Roll is who he is, Obama is the one giving him the platform.

  30. I hear you, Heidi. I am also in a state of complete and utter exhausted agitation. That video made me feel dirty. Now I need a shower. It’s a vicious cycle.

  31. “I don’t waste too much time on bigots for being bigots. Rev. Rick-Roll is who he is, Obama is the one giving him the platform.” – This is helpful mixiqu. It helps to stay focused.

  32. “Am I going to have to spend the next four years in this state of exhausted agitation?”

    You might notice I pretty much stay out of some discussions. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I only have a limited number of brain cells left.

    I’m conserving my outrage.

  33. I’m going to read some and sit near the cats and pretend the political and civic life of this country is not all messed up.

  34. When exactly did Jesus say marriage was between a man and a woman? Someone with some Bible knowledge help me out because I don’t remenber those passages.

    The religious dude was the more offensive of the two for me, Heidi.

  35. I’m guessing all the attention will translate into money and influence for Warren.

    The louder we scream about him, the more he likes it.

  36. Good luck with that, Heidi Li. You deserve a break. I can identify with your feeling of exhuasted agitation. It’s normal in the situation this country is in. It’s the people who are acting like everything is normal who are nuts.

  37. Maybe I should do a thread on that topic.

  38. CWaltz,
    “When exactly did Jesus say marriage was between a man and a woman?”
    I think it was right before He said, “so you might as well get drunk,” and changed the water into wine, but I could be mistaken.

  39. Then again, I consider myself Christian and I hate sharing my faith with bigots. It’s not my responsibility to judge my fellow man or cast stones. It’s my responsibility to be caring and giving and forgiving and grateful and try to be the best me possible(perfect isn’t an option for ANY of us).

  40. myiq,

    That nonsense about having only so many brain cells has been disproved now. We all create new neurons when we have new and stimulating experiences. Even people in their late 70s have been showed to develop new neurons.

    Think of all the new neurons and connections we have built in our brains after the mental challenges of the past year.

  41. CWaltz,

    I don’t think Jesus actually said that. What he said is “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”

  42. CWaltz:

    I was raised in a fundie church (waaaay fundier than RW) and what I learned there is a big part of why I am a liberal.

    Jeebus wasn’t real big on religiousity or minding other people’s business, but he was in favor of feeding the hungry and healing the sick.

  43. I was just thinking the same thing. I think I’m getting smarter.

  44. Matthew 19

    3. (4-6) Jesus’ first answer to the Pharisees: get back to marriage.

    And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

  45. BB:

    I may get some new ones but the old ones are pretty used and abused.

  46. Mine are probably worse than yours.

  47. I can’t remember proper names at all anymore and just nouns are really hard. Thank goodness for Google.

  48. One flesh? That is so gross.

  49. The Bible is a good read but another thing that frosts my cookies is exactly how many years and how many times has the thing been translated? I mean geez haven’t these people ever played the game “telephone”? Our class of 30 couldn’t even get it right with us speaking the same language and having it repeated on the same day. God may be infallible, man is not. He’ll forgive me if I don’t take something translated by MEN seriously.

  50. Puma-SF,

    The bible was written by people who never even knew Jesus. The gospels were written hundred of years after the events they talk about.

  51. The Bible says many things, and it’s inconsistent.

    If you pick and choose you can justify and/or condemn all kinds of things.

  52. Oh look! Shaun of the Dead in on Comedy Central.

    It’s a metaphor for the Cult of the Lightbringer.

  53. Excellent point, CWaltz. I like parts of the bible, but let’s face it. If these guys actually took it literally, there are a lot of instructions in there they’d have to follow. The only ones they seem to pay attention to are the ones that affect women.

  54. I love that movie. Too bad it’s so late.

  55. Good night all.

  56. The whole Adam and Eve thing is icky. In order for the world to be populated there would have had to be massive incest(and geez aren’t we hearing about how wrong that is like homosexuality)occuring. Then again, they take a crack at polgamy too but God seemed pretty game with that in the old testament.

  57. “One flesh? That is so gross.”

    Not if you do it right.

  58. Damn, all those years of Catholic education and I still don’t get it.

  59. G’night BB!

  60. I’m gonna go watch S of the D

  61. G’night, Boom.

    What’s S of the D?

  62. “I think it was right before He said, “so you might as well get drunk,” and changed the water into wine, but I could be mistaken.”

    And they questioned The Lightbringer, so he turned the waffle into whine.

  63. Puma SF,

    Me either. I think alot of this is being your brother’s keeper run amok. I’m a free will kind of gal myself . As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else I see no reason for me to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t do and what is or isn’t a sin. That’s between you and God.

  64. CWaltz:

    Remember the context of that “brother’s keeper” line.

    Cain killed Abel, and when YHWH asked where he was, Cain replied “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Jeebus said “Don’t worry about the mote in your neighbor’s eye, worry about the beam in your own.”

  65. Shaun of the Dead, Puma. It’s on comedy central

  66. Lot’s daughters and Abraham and Sara’s story, Genesis 20:12
    “And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife.”
    A lot of the early Genesis stories are pretty hard for lay people to interpret and just as hard for the clergy to explain.

  67. The whole jist I got out of the New Testament is that God wants us to love one another and be good to each other because he loves us al despite our imperfections. He doesn’t want us to judge one another. Oh and he wants us to be forgiving(I have to work real, real hard on that one).

  68. MyIq,

    If you do a post on this, why don’t you link the youtube of the West Wing where Pres. Bartlett gives what for to the fundie Dr. Jacobs. It has the Leviticus 18:22 reference on abomination, then to prove how ludicrous it is he goes into Exodus 21:7 about it being okay to sell daughters into slavery, Exodus 35:2 about it being okay to kill someone who works on Sunday and Lev. 11:7 about not touching the skin of a dead pig so football is out too. There are a couple of others too.

    I think you can find it on youtube with “West Wing, Bartlett and Dr. Jacobs.” Just a thought…

  69. There’s a new thread up.

  70. How exactly if you start out with one man and one woman as the Bible contends could Adam have had a daughter with someone other than Eve and how exactly would her sons have procreated without having had an incestuous relationship? It simply isn’t possible. Unless on day number twelve God decided to take another rib out of Adam and give him another woman(which I don’t remember reading about anywhere).

  71. Prolix:

    NQ already has a post on it.

  72. CWaltz:

    After Cain killed Abel he ran off to another place where he took a wife.

    The wife weren’t his sister neither.

  73. More tomorrow.

  74. My question is that if we are all descendants of Adam and Eve then in order to populate once Eve had children(assuming they were boys and girls) they would have had to either A) done the deed with mommy or daddy or b) done the deed with a sibling? That’s if you believe that we all come from Adam and Eve(the source of our original sin). Like I said, a big Ewwwwwwwwwww.

  75. Well guys I am going to attempt to sleep. You all have a good night.

  76. Funny thing is, if you just listen, without watching the video, you can’t tell where they edited.

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