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      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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Telltale signs of buyer’s remorse

Yesterday, Glenn Greenwald, who *used* to be one of my favorite bloggers, posted a piece that was beneath him.  In How New Is Obama’s New Politics?, Glenn attempts to rationalize why Obama can get away with “triangulation” even though Obama’s whole shtick during the primaries, and the single most important thing that set him apart from Hillary Clinton (or so he said), is that he is not a triangulator.

Triangulation was THE selling point.  Obama was above negotiating with lobbyists.  Obama would not have negotiated on the Iraq War Resolution.  Obama was not going to compromise on “don’t ask, don’t tell”.  Triangulation was old and nasty.  Obama was NEW and fresh!

Well, we now know that Obama is not new and fresh.  He smells just like the old gym socks but he’s never done anything but sit on the bench while everyone else played.

Not to worry, says Glenn:

Ultimately, the reason politics is unavoidably “divisive” is because people have really divergent and irreconcilable views on passion-provoking controversies.  That’s what politics is.  It’s what it always has been.  At some point, Obama either will or won’t repeal DOMA and don’t-ask-don’t-tell; he either will or won’t rescind Bush’s anti-abortion regulations and appoint new Supreme Court Justices likely to re-affirm Roe; he either will or won’t close Gitmo; he either will or won’t withdraw from Iraq; he either will or won’t investigate Bush war crimes; he either will or won’t deliver on his promises to unions, etc.  People feel very strongly — and very differently — about those issues.

Someone is going to be angered and feel alienated by what decision he makes, by the outcome, and symbolic paeans to inclusion are unlikely to soothe that.  Those who are eager to escape confrontation, divisions, and angry disputes can probably do so only by renouncing any actual political principles, and are probably best advised to avoid politics altogether.  Because of the very nature of politics — to say nothing of the nature of the contemporary American Right — politics is highly unlikely to exist without angry, often ugly, conflicts of that sort.

Reasonable arguments can certainly be advanced in defense of the virtues of Obama’s post-partisan theory of politics.  But it’s simply unreasonable to depict any of it as new.  It’s exactly what Democrats have been clinging to, desperately and mostly with futility, for two decades at least.  Trans-partisan harmony comes only when Democrats agree to sacrifice what they claim their beliefs are and to show contempt for the “Left,” and even then, the “harmony” is fleeting, insatiably greedy and inch-deep.  It’s certainly possible things will be different this time around, but in the absence of actual evidence, it’s really hard to understand why so many people have become so intractably convinced that it will be.

But Glenn is wrong.  Obama’s supporters and even those of us who think he is exactly the corrupt, “country club” Republican, ultra-rich contributor loving politician that we have always said he is, have every reason to expect that Obama will do everything he said he will do- and more.  Why is that?  It’s because he has solid majorities in both houses of Congress.  With Al Franken on the cusp of winning in MN, he has nearly a filibuster proof majority.  And due to the historic economic period we are going through, the public is going to demand that he take quick and decisive measures to turn things around.  In short, he has a perfect window of time to apply a Democratic version of “shock and awe” measures to turn the country around.  If Republicans get in his way, the public is much more likely to side with the Democrat.

It isn’t like the 90’s when Bill Clinton, who Glenn uses as an excuse for Obama to triangulate at will, was president.  Bill Clinton never had a mandate and quickly lost his edge with Congress in 1994 when Newt Gingrich and his “Contract with America” swept the Movement Conservatives into power.  Glenn and others blame Clinton for  supporting the Defense of Marriage Act and welfare reform bills and every other nasty piece of legislation the conservatives passed.  But with a less savvy politician than Clinton, it could have been MUCH worse.  We have to remember that Gicngrich didn’t want DOMA.  He wanted a federal amendment that would enshrine inequality in the Constitution.  And there was a fairly good chance that he would have gotten it and a zillion other heartless, unfair and stingy things but for Bill Clinton.

But leave it to Glenn Greenwald and other idealistic liberals to blame Bill for getting saddled with a bunch of ruthless Republicans and still pulling off 8 years of peace and prosperity, leaving office with a surplus.  With Glenn and his ilk, no good deed goes unpunished.  Bill was a charlatan and a collaborator to Glenn.  So, if triangulating was good enough for Bill, it must be good enough for Obama.

How else would one rationalize and come to terms with what now seems like an incredibly stupid choice?  Obama promised change.  He voted for the FISA bill (Jeez, Glenn, if that didn’t slap you awake, what would?).  He campaigned with Donnie McClurkin.  Prop 8 passes in CA.  He scares young women into voting for him but makes sure that abortion is scrubbed from most Democratic candidates websites.  Now, he says he will “modify” rather than rescind the grossly unjust and offensive Bush Conscience Rule.  And he helped promote the Paulsen Bailout Bill which makes the Treasury virtually unaccountable to taxpayers while he deep sixed Hillary’s HOLC proposal,which Elizabeth Warren, head of the Congressional Oversight Committee of the bill, says is essential to putting the economy back on an even footing.

The thing that has *finally* gotten the stupid Obot attention is the invitation of Rick Warren to speak at the inaugural, though many of us are already incensed that the sexist frat boy pig, Jon Favreau, will be writing the inspirational speech of Hope and Change!  Obama is deliberately provoking you, you stupid Obamaphiles.  He is giving you your Sistah Souljah moment.  He is telling The Villagers that he doesn’t take orders from the lefties that supported him and that they can be comfortable that he is not going to disrupt their status quo.  Because it is The Villagers, who represent the well-connected, who could make his life a living Hell if he rocks their boat, raises their taxes, implements real change or otherwise attempts to make their lives even a smidgeon uncomfortable.  That’s what’s going on here.

Face it, Obots.  Obama is the biggest triangulator we have ever had.  We know this because he has already won the election but he acts like he’s scared of his own shadow.  He has plenty of backup in Congress and an angry constituency that is ready to tar and feather any Republican that gets in his way.  What is stopping him from promising to rescind “don’t ask, don’t tell”, the Conscience Rule and Gitmo?  What is stopping him from loudly demanding that the Treasury account for every penny right this minute?  What is stopping him from getting ahead of the game on HOLC?  He’s not in office yet but there is no downside to adjusting his rhetoric so that he can ask and demand anything he wants.  He ran like Genghis Khan but if he wants to be a real Messaiah now, there is nothing Hillary or Bush or Rove or the outgoing Republicans can do about it.  He is *not* operating in the same environment as Bill Clinton.  In fact, everything has changed.  Everything but Obama’s approach to politics.

HE seems to be stuck in the triangulating past.

Why is that Glenn?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s because Obama has been bought and paid for.  And not by you.

Can you hear us now???

124 Responses

  1. backtrack’s mantra
    after the usefulness is over YOU ARE EXPENDABLE
    backtrack’s theme song
    he told you that you only saw what you wanted to see



  2. Those of us who bothered to investigate Bama a bit won’t be disappointed.
    This candidate is even less than Bush in 2000. He’s an empty shape-shifting suit with his hand out.

  3. Obama’s wife went around saying it is the lack of will, that we all know how to improve inner city schools, how to do this and that.. but lack courage and the will to make it happen. Even Obama said that — he laughed at the Clintons saying they had their chance. Let us see if Obama has the will or the courage to do anything. I am not holding my breath. It was a good campaign fairytale that all those nitwits bought.

  4. Spot on!

  5. Thanks for your post, RD. We saw this coming a long time ago. I took major crap in the gay community for refusing to support this phony. And now, in the words of one of the bigot Jeremiah Wright, the chickens are coming home to roost.

  6. RD,


    All this willing suspension of disbelief by the Obanauts makes me wonder just how many times can they reboot their hopey/changiness without it losing its narcotic hold?

  7. Welcome to Scamelot, as my husband has taken to calling the New Regime In Waiting. Gah. I had hoped for something so very, very, very different. Something like Hillary Clinton, perhaps? Just the prospect of four more years as depressing as the last eight is making my shoulders slump big time.

  8. So, what Greenwald is saying is that Obama either will or will not keep his promises including, but not limited to, uniting America and its two parties, and changing the world for the better and anyone who isn’t okay with that is too unreasonable and idealistic to participate in the political process. Did I read that right?

  9. People like Glenn Greenwald are far more intelligent than I am, have far more experience at political analysis and commentary, but if I could see this coming -why couldn’t they?

    I guess they just preferred a youngish male in office.

  10. One thing Obama did that points to his low character was to blame Bill Clinton for that republican take over of the House. He completely ignored the House Banking Scandal and Tip O’Neil quashing any investigation. In my mind, real or perceived corruption in the Democrat controlled congress was the reason for the Gingrich contract on America.

  11. in addition to Greenwald, Thom Hartmann has said on his Wed/Thurs radio show that inviting the Rev Warren is “amazingly BRILLIANT”.

    I wonder who was holding his gallon jug of Koolaid so that he could get that out without choking on the words.

    How many times are these fools, drunk on the koolaid, going to look the other way? How many times will it take before they call a spade a spade (no r@cism intended) and begin to call TehOne on the carpet for not doing anything to change. When will they finally wake up and see there’s no “there”, there?

    I take only limited satisfaction in saying ITYS.

  12. Kat5 ~
    Scamelot ! I love it. 😉

  13. CoolAunt: No, that’s what YOU are reading into it. What Glenn is saying is that Obama is planning to triangulate even though he doesn’t have to and he is cool with that because Bill Clinton did it.
    What Glenn is doing is lowering your expectations and it looks like it is working because now Obots are perfectly willing to settle for virtually no change instead of a LOT of change if they want it.
    Now, are Democrats still Democrats or are they Obamacrats? And what does an Obamacrat stand for? I consider myself a Democrat in the FDR and Hillary Clinton model. Obama is not.
    What is he and why did so many stupid people fall for it?
    Here’s the thing a lot of Obamaphiles are missing: Obama has carte blanche to do whatever the fuck he wants. He could turn us all into socialists before the media can say Jack Robinson. He has the support he needs. But if he isn’t going to act like a Democrat, you have to ask yourself why? Why will he put everything on the table with the Republicans if he doesn’t have to? He can twist their arms until they cry uncle and restore labor rights, civil rights, hold Wall Street accountable, fix health care, etc, etc. Americans are OK with him running up trillions of dollars in deficit spending to turn the economy around and avoid a Depression. In fact, they are expecting it and are willing to make the appropriate sacrifices to do it and make sure that the bad guys do not profit.
    So, what’s the problem? Why isn’t Obama saying he’s going to do it? Why does he think he is at the mercy of the Republicans?
    He’s not.

  14. RD – Bravo.

    As a frequent lurker here, (I had been lulled into submission at so many other sites) I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate this post.

    Please continue to pull the curtain back as much as you can – we are watching and supporting.

  15. RD,
    Obama has no credentials or talent to be leader. He seems only caught up in garnering adulation. I’m guessing he’s going to watch his approval numbers. And that will be the sum and totality of his rool.
    He’s gonna be a play by the numbers fella. Right now, pick up some numbers from the bigots. If enough people actually find his homophobia and misogyny disturbing, then toss them some crumbs. Keep those numbers up!

  16. One other thing, coolaunt. There is a reason why we have 2 parties. it’s because they do not agree on the same philosophy of government. Democrats believe (or used to believe) in government for the common good, the bill of rights, equality and for the citizens to make government work for their benefit. Republicans believe in limited government, rugged individualism, social conservatism and the rights of private property owners. That is how it has been for years. The Republicans have been in charge for 28 out of the last 40 years in the executive branch. If you don’t like the way the government is run, then you must wrest it away from Republicans, not compromise with them anymore. Yet, this is exactly what Obama is proposing to do. There is no unity pony. Republicans believe that bipartisanship is date rape. If you are ok with that, you probably didn’t understand what this election was all about.
    You were duped.

  17. One suggestion is the story from the primary about Obama going through the “war game” scenarios and his inability to make decisions. From his fawning media, we have heard that he’s just “cautious.” It’s no coincidence that flashing caution lights are yellow.

  18. Can you imagine this horrendous worm (Obama) on the international stage. One of the most eggregious
    inheritances we Americans have is our fiddling unethically in the (especially democratic) governments of sovereign nations. Can you not see Obama pulling the crap he pulled in the primaries and through his career. His dirty dealing style.. his total lack of conscience and his whittling away at the rights of others. My God. He’s done a great deal to destroy our democracy, no other democracy will be safe from his disgusting practics.

  19. Brilliant post! Yep, the Obots were duped and now they don’t want to admit to being taken. So they’re rationalizing everything their messiah does. What they got out of this is a President with black skin and a male genetalia. That’s all they got. Deal with it boys.

  20. Prolix,

    I never saw that story. Can you recall where you read it?

  21. kat – scamelot is brilliant – I hope your husband won’t mind if I use that from now on?

  22. I love that one too. We should work to make “Scamalot” go viral.

  23. Obama is a very clever conservative; not a liberal, not a progressive. The clever thing he did was take over the Democratic Party, who, blinded by racism, felt that a well-spoken, light-skinned black man just had to be a liberal in the tradition of either a left or center-left Democrat. In other words, they just refused to believe that Obama was closer to J.C. Watts than to Bill Clinton, let alone Hillary Clinton, in his views.

    I’m echoing BB here to some extent, I just realized…

  24. BB,

    I bet you do recall it, but for different reasons because it was played up as a big R incident. Remember the KY congressman whose name is Geoff Davis who used the southern term “boy” and everyone screamed the R word. When you got past the use of boy which was admittedly wrong and read the entire story, Davis had been at the same congressional Pentagon courtesy war game presentation. His story was about Obama always timing out in the scenarios because he couldn’t make a decision.

  25. I am absolutely committed to having 51 Percent’s website up and running within the first two weeks of January – this is going to be a stretch, but it IS going to happen, and be properly done if I have to go into hock to do it. This is because I am going to sign up 51 Percent as public service organization with the Obama-Biden transition team. And then I’m going to give everybody suggestions about how the service they might perform on any day for 51 Percent would be specifically apt on the new National Service Day – as an act of resistance to the thought control while at the same time as an act of service to an organization that will educate people about how to get to women to occupy 51% of the public sphere and how that will help avoid the sexism and misogyny that has brought liberals a conservative male Democrat President when they could have have a genuine liberal in that office.

  26. Bob Somerby is the latest person to drink the kool-aid:

  27. Thanks, Prolix. I’ll see if I can find it Sounds interesting.

  28. whoa, heidi li!

    51% is going to be a part of the Obama-Biden what?!

  29. Heidi Li,

    That’s brilliant. What we need is something like Huffpo that will address gender issues. The New Agenda could be like that, but we need more publicity to attract readers and spread the word around the ‘net.

  30. Prolix,

    I found the story on Politico.

    U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis, a Hebron Republican, compared Obama and his message for change similar to a “snake oil salesman” [at a Northern Kentucky Lincoln Day dinner].

    He said in his remarks at the GOP dinner that he also recently participated in a “highly classified, national security simulation” with Obama.

    “I’m going to tell you something: That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button,” Davis said. “He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country.”

    It would be interesting to know more about the event he was referring to.

  31. I agree with everything that Heidi Li said, except that I would say that Obama is a libertarian(not strictly a conservative) and, in the mold of Axelrod, his Presidency will be one big Astroturf administration. They will not “triangulate”. They will promote the monied interests while presentlng a facade of populism and progressivism.

    If Obama was going to triangulate, he’d have to include the left in the triangle. So far, all he’s done is stiff the left, and called on his addled leftist supporters to applaud his disrespect for them.

  32. Greenwald’s version of the Clinton presidency is completely wrong-headed and counterfactual.

    I didn’t read the rest of his piece — what would be the point?

  33. Oh, and how does one “extend a fig leaf”??!

  34. BB,

    If spammy let’s this through, there is a link within the story where you can listen to the actual comments. He also talks about all the “present” votes.


  35. I guess O thinks he can use his charm to melt Republicans into Democrats. They’ll be hypnotize by his great charisma and will be saying “Gosh, I don’t know what’s come over me but I feel the need to sign onto this universal health care bill and sing Kumbuya.”

  36. plural,

    “extend a fig leaf?” As in “extend an olive branch?” Was that in Greenwald’s piece? I didn’t read the whole thing either.


    Going to read your link now. Thanks!

  37. Greenwald:

    “Clinton spent the entire decade extending cultural fig leafs to the Right, from V-chips to school uniforms.”

    Aside from the howling mixed metaphor (or is it a Malapropism?), Clinton didn’t spend the entire decade doing anything. As everyone knows (except apparently Greenwald), he had a Democratic Congress in his first two years. The “triangulation” strategy — that’s all it was, a strategy — resulted from the Republican takeover of Congress.

    Triangulation is a way to get to your goal when the wind is in your face.

  38. Riverduaghter, speaking for me, this could be one of the best post you have written (on this topic). Oh Lord I wish I coulld put it toghter like this! Thankyou.

  39. By the way, THE BLUE DOGS did everything they could to stop Clinton. FEARRRRRRRRRRR is what rules them. always has. I’m from the south and I know about their thinking. Sam Nunn, anyone?

  40. I believe the fig leaf is to be placed over the genitalia.
    I wish no one would extend the fig leafs. Certainly not Obama. Hold onto that fig leaf Obama.

  41. Plural:

    That “Democratic Congress” refused to support the Big Dawg, which is why HillaryCare failed and we got DADT.

    Revisionist historians (Obamanation) blame the GOP takeover on Bill and Hillary, completely ignoring the Democratic scandals.

    In the nineties the GOP was ascendant, with more money, better organization and control of the media.

    They went all-out attacking Bill and all the liberal gains since FDR and the Big Dawg single-handedly stopped ’em butt-cold. The harder they tried to beat him, the more popular he got.

    Then Donna Brazile-nut told Al Gore to treat Bill like kryptonite.

  42. GAgal, he’s gonna have to get past those Blue Dogs, first!

  43. angelas:

    Anyone who has picked figs knows better than to place one of those leaves over their genitalia.

    It would be like having herpes AND crabs

  44. Just go back in the time machine and read about Steve Cohen and Sam Nunn. in the ’90s.

  45. hmm myiq,
    all the more reason for Obama to have a fig leaf in place. “fig leaves, Obamaphiles…get your fig leaves

  46. helenk, that is one of the most incredible aspects about Obama’s following. He showed them the con… and they still bought it! Truly mind boggling. But I guess it was just a riff on the “hide in plain sight” ploy. And it worked like a charm for him. The fact that FISA didn’t wake them up makes me wonder if anything can.

  47. RD, I think that one sin that you frequently commit is generalizing large groups of people, and assuming you know what “they” want. You’re not a stupid person, but your writing often suffers the same flaws. Your conclusions don’t follow logically from your premises because you’re assuming too much when you generalize large groups of people.

    You do it a lot, and I must say I’ve never seen you even try to describe Obama’s supporters accurately.

    Even you must admit that the PUMA coalition spans the spectrum from those who claim he’s a dangerous radical socialist, to those like you who think he’s insurficiently liberal. Surely you acknowledge that you can’t all be right.

    It seems to me that Obama is what he has always claimed to be; a breath of fresh air and liberal pragmatism, hallmarked by caution and inclusive rhetoric.

  48. Hope all the triangulating makes everyone wake up from their koolaid hypnosis. Help with the effort to keep Barrogant and Spamolot in check.

  49. Obot3000 said:
    “It seems to me that Obama is what he has always claimed to be; a breath of fresh air and liberal pragmatism, hallmarked by caution and inclusive rhetoric.”

    Well then, I sure will sleep better.

  50. Obot: you are right in that many PUMAs are as confused by Obama’s political philosophy as Obamaphiles are. However, what we are NOT confused about is Obama’s goodness, freshness, honesty or integrity. He has none of those characteristics. Don’t forget that while smoke got in your eyes during the primary, we were following the caucus fraud, registration irregularities, theft of Hillary’s delegates in Mi, not to mention his squelching of a devote in FL and MI and the most disingenuous, illogical argument for taking 59 delegates in a state where he wasn’t even on the ballot. You realize that he was only 17 delegates ahead of Hillary going into the convention don’t you? Oh, you didn’t know that? I’m not surprised because the media and the campaign didn’t want anyone to notice that that lead would have been eaily wiped out if MI hadn’t awarded all of the uncommitted delegates to him In fact, Hillary would have been the leader going into the convention and she would have been more than justified in insisting on a floor fight. But the FL and MI delegations weren’t restored to full strength, like it was planned all along, until the day before the convention started. That gave Obama the appearance of being the winner when he wasn’t/ And with Hillary’s campaign on mute in the media outlets, he stole the nomination. Then he topped it all off with delegate threats and intimidation and misinformation followed by a lopsided and humiliating roll call vote at the convention. Don’t tell me how he was just playing political hardball. He dispatched Hillary by a ruthlessness previously seen only with Republicans and he did it by invalidating the votes of more than 18,000,000 voters, including mine. I am a NJ voter who voted for Hillary in a state she won by 10 points and whose governor gave every single delegate to Obama. You know, we moved up our primary from
    June to Feb so it would count and paid millions of dollars for the privilege of seeing it all mean absolutely nothing in the end.
    You are in deep denial if you think Obama is going to listen to you about anything. He’s not a good person, never was a pragmatic liberal and he’s as corrupt as they come. We know it. It looks like it’s going to take you of impressionable minds a lot more time.
    We know *exactly* what kind of person he is.
    You’re wasting your time here.

  51. Obot3000, please present one iota of evidence that Obama is a liberal.

    [cricket cricket cricket]

    Now, let me present my evidence that he is not:


    You lose.

    Oh and by the way, Obama told you he wasn’t a liberal.

    “Oh, he’s liberal, he’s liberal,” Obama said, mimicking his critics. “Let me tell you something. There’s nothing liberal about wanting to reduce money in politics. That is common sense. There’s nothing liberal about wanting to make sure [our soldiers] are treated properly when they come home . . . . There’s nothing liberal about wanting to make sure that everybody has healthcare. We are spending more on healthcare in this country than any other advanced country, but we’ve got more uninsured. There’s nothing liberal about saying that doesn’t make sense, and we should so something smarter with our healthcare system.”

    Obama has invented a phrase for actions that smack of politics-as-usual: okey-doke. Of the liberal charge, Obama thundered: “Don’t let them run that ‘okey doke’ on you.”

    You see why we think people like you are stupid? It’s because you are.


  52. RICK WARREN = fresh air and liberal pragmatism ??
    and when OH when was bos rhetoric anything but INCONCLUSIVE heeehheee
    De Nile is a river in Egypt 🙂

  53. Obot: One more thing. You may wonder how I know about the delegate intimidation and shenanigans that went on at the convention. I was in Denver and met delegates who came to us secretly and told us what was going on. They urged us to tell the press who were swarming all over PUMA HQ but all the reporters wanted to know was why Hillary was harshing Obama’s mellow. They didn’t even entertain the possibility that it was the other way around.
    17 delegates that weren’t even his. Think about it, you dimwit.

  54. Everything about Obama is a fraud.

    -fake Christian
    -fake post-partisan
    -fake post-r@cial
    -fake transcendent politician
    -fake reformer
    -fake liberal
    -fake “nice guy”

    Anyone who claims he is “breath of fresh air” has lost their olfactory sense. Obama is a mean-spirited, immature, misogynist thug wrapped in a veneer of urbane, sophisticated faux intellectualism. The only thing the Obot has right is the bit about “inclusive rhetoric.” Talk is cheap. Obama has proven time and again he doesn’t walk the walk.

  55. I love how the Obots howl about how Bill and Hillary “triangulate,” but rejoice that Obama is “reaching across the aisle” when he champions all things Republican.

    They would be hilarious in their stupidity if they weren’t responsible for giving us another four years of Bush.

  56. Uh-oh – Spammy ate my comment!

  57. The amazing thing about Obama is that when he lies, his followers believe him, but when he tells the truth they don’t.

  58. I guess I am in a bitter clingy mood, but can some one anwer why obot3000 is here.
    He is joined the God Damn America Crowd, picked color over country, They got what they wanted, why bother us?
    Are they so afraid that some people still have a brain and use it and do not drink the kool-ade that we are a preceived threat to them?



  59. myiq – He has been lying about McCain and Hillary and Palin up until now. They wanted to believe those lies.

    Now that he is the PE, who is he going to blame for his own lack of leadership ability and commitment to Democratic principles?

    I swear to Jeebus that he will tell his idiot followers that he doesn’t have enough votes in Congress to push his “real” liberal agenda through…and they’ll believe him.

    Lord, give me strength.

  60. Nell you left out fake- competent and fake- hard worker 🙂

    and myiq, isnt that amazing how his followers hear what they want to hear , and when they dont they twist it to fit what they wanted to hear ??

  61. I hope Franken wins so Obama will have a filibuster-proof majority.

    I don’t want him to be able to blame his failures on anyone else.

  62. Helenk – Obama is still in campaign mode. He’s preparing for 2012.

    I heard from my Obot dad that my Obot stepmother, who ran one of Obama’s campaign offices in Virginia, has the option to be retained to keep Obamamania going for the next four years. If she takes the job, she will be catapulting the propaganda constantly to keep people enthused about him.

    I tell you, it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut instead of screaming “DON’T YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH BEING IN CAMPAIGN MODE 24-7? IS THIS IS A PRESIDENCY OR A F*CKING INFOMERCIAL?”

    I sure hope she decides to work for Terry Macauliffe’s gubernatorial campaign instead. Then I can actually talk to her about politics again!

  63. Swannie:

    He says he opposes gay marriage, and his supporters think that means he is a “fierce advocate” for LGBT rights.

  64. helenk: We find it amusing to make fun of him. For all we know, he is one of us, conveniently posing as an airhead for the purpose of serving as a target of ridicule and derision.

  65. before I go to work.
    did you finally see the you tube with kermit?



  66. RD:

    Kinda like the offspring of a strawman and a crash test dummy?

  67. funny story: one of my co-workers is a nice black woman, we’ll call her L. She and I were at a Christmas party recently when the election came up. I said, to another coworker, I was happy for African Americans but I can’t stand Obama. L, the Obama diehard, overheard me and said, “You must have been a Hillary supporter” I grinned and said, yes, I voted for the more qualified woman. L snapped back, “Did you vote for her *just* because she was a woman?”

    I spent the rest of the lunch sitting next to her, barely suppressing my mirth and thinking (not for the last time), that irony is not dead.

  68. LOL Swannie–I knew my list was not all-inclusive. Any and all “fake” additions are welcome.

    I especially love the “fake hard-worker” thing. A few weeks ago there was a puff piece in WaPo about how poor Obie’s life has been disrupted since accepting the role of Lightbringer. One of the points it made about his daily routine was that after having breakfast with the “girls” and working out at the gym, he spent “5 or 6 hours” in the Chicago transition office. Shades of W or what?

    should we make an infomercial about him ,playing his theme song and chanting his mantra?



  70. myiq2xu: He was calling himself “myiq1/2u” yesterday.

    I think that sums it up.

  71. He should call himself “Legion” cuz he uses many names.

  72. The air ain’t so fresh when it’s the same you’ve been stuck breathing in for the last 8 years. Actually, it’s alarmingly stale.

    And, there is nothing liberal or practical about inviting a sexist homophobe to give a prayer at one’s inauguration. It’s either pandering to the right wing or intentionally embracing sexism and homophobia or, most likely, both.

  73. gxm17: Good point. And liberals, pragmatic or not, do not approve of the unequal medical treatment of the genders based on some busy body’s sense of “morality”.
    No, the politician who does not stand up against that can hardly be said to be a Democrat, much less a liberal.

  74. Obama could have picked someone non-controversial to give the invocation.

    I read somewhere that this makes Warren the next Billy Graham – “America’s Pastor.”

    I’m guessing it’s the pay-off for Warren not helping to GOTV with the fundies, and for giving Obama the pulpit a few times.

  75. Obama “gets away with it” because he can. He is able to count on the MSM and people like Greenwald to create the excuses and the well worn talking points that he needs in order to get a pass on all the broken promises and stupid rationalizations his supporters cling to.

    Waiting in the wings is the ever present, ever useful “R” word which will get an encore presentation as soon someone, God knows who, begins to question these broken reeds going forward.

    Right now they are still mesmerized by this election, busy patting themselves on the back that they got a “black guy” elected. All other considerations are dismissed.

    And please do yourself the greatest favor of all: do not turn on MSNBC under any circumstances! I was at a neighbor’s house who had that channel on and it is nothing but Obama propaganda with all the commercials touting the January 20th “coronation”. Unf*cking believable!

  76. PJ:

    There are two “R” words the Scamelots use:

    1. The Republicans are worse!

    2. You’re a racist!

  77. myiq2xu: I have the perfect replacement for Warren! Her name is Katherine Jefferts Schori. She is the Primate of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Her Church is going through a tough time over the issue of gay bishops and marriages. She has firmly stuck to her guns and has said the Episcopal Church of the United States has a responsibility to all Episcopalians regardless of sexual orientation.
    If he were really what Obot3000 says he is, he would have tapped Schori, not Warren.

  78. I suppose we should count our lucky stars that Obama did not request Warren Jeffs to give the convocation. I mean, if he is supposedly “reaching out” (he is not) to all faiths and religious beliefs why not go whole hog. Was Tom Cruise busy that day?

    Rick Warren is one of those very rich hucksters who wrote a book, appeared on Oprah and Larry King, toots his own horn, and is “beloved” by members of his megachurch. Does anyone remember Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, the gay Evangelical caught with his pants down, and all the other tv Elmer Gantry’s who preach while providing an 800 line for donations? They are all the same. Living in luxury while dictating the mores to the rest of us.

    Obama makes me sick and the circles he travels in are populated with the same tricksters who lure the money out of the weakest and least able to support themselves. I am not impressed or surprised by his latest move. It figures.

  79. I have a better idea: How about the complete separation of church and state? Let him pray in private that day if he wants “inspiration”. Just do not inflect that on the rest of us.

  80. If our former professor of con law/president elect were truly a reformer, he would dispense with a religious invocation altogether. Why not ask a valued friend or contemporary poet to open the inaugural ceremony with an inspirational message?

    Instead we have the very first words of the new administration delivered by a homophobic, anti-woman, anti-intellectual, fundamentalist bigot.

    Why am I reminded of the divine right of kings–European monarchs installed by Roman Catholic popes? The founders must be spinning in their graves.

  81. The whole thing is ridiculous. Choirs, people reading poems, invoking God to overlook the scandals that are bound to happen, choirs, marching bands, umpteen costume changes, hours of numbing drumbeats, everybody bored out of their minds.

    The amount of money to be spend on this make believe crowning could be put to better use, especially in the city of Washington DC as a starter. Take the oath, kiss your spouse, wave to the crowd, grab a sandwich and get busy!

    This is not Versailles.

  82. Sorry everyone for posting and running. I didn’t mean to, but I’m busy, and I’ll try to respond to some of the points you’ve raised later.

    I’m not trying to spoil your party; I hope some of you are as interested in talking to a living breathing Obot as I am to living breathing PUMAS.

    Ttyl when I have time.

  83. Speaking of Versailles, one is reminded of Louis XIV: “Apres moi, le deluge.”

    From Louis’s (and my) lips to God(dess)’s ear. We need a new revolution.

  84. The question remains WHO bought and paid for him…
    could BLAGO know?
    I hope so.
    He was quoting Kipling. Here tis:

    “If” — hmmmm………….


    Go Blago, go. Tell all of us in America about what Chicago Politics consists of.

    We need to know.

  85. Miq2xu!

    “Scamelot” parfait!

  86. For me nothing will ever beat watching Robert Frost trying to read the poem he had written for JFK’s inaugural, and then when the wind and the sun’s glare made it impossible to read from the pages he held, he instead recited another poem,

    The Gift Outright

    The land was ours before we were the land’s.
    She was our land more than a hundred years
    Before we were her people. She was ours
    In Massachusetts, in Virginia.
    But we were England’s, still colonials,
    Possessing what we still were unpossessed by,
    Possessed by what we now no more possessed.
    Something we were withholding made us weak.
    Until we found out that it was ourselves
    We were withholding from our land of living,
    And forthwith found salvation in surrender.
    Such as we were we gave ourselves outright
    (The deed of gift was many deeds of war)
    To the land vaguely realizing westward,
    But still unstoried, artless, unenhanced,
    Such as she was, such as she would become.

  87. Vbonnaire:

    Don’t blame me, it was Kat5’s invention.

  88. Well, I have no interest in speaking to any kind of Obot. I’ve had quite enough of that for one lifetime, thank you very much.

  89. BB:

    I was only 9 months old, so I missed it.

  90. vbonnaire,

    We’re trying to make it go viral, though, so spread it around wherever you go. Scamalot: so fresh and new and hopeful and changey!

  91. myi2xu,

    You young whippersnapper you!

  92. “Well, I have no interest in speaking to any kind of Obot.”

    Oh, come on.

    Saying “Bad Obot! Bad Obot!” while whacking one with a rolled up newspaper would be kinda fun.

  93. Why is that Glenn? I’ll tell you why. It’s because Obama has been bought and paid for. And not by you.

    Can you hear us now???

    Merry Christmas!

  94. Yes, he Sister Souljah-ed the left: women, GLBT and progressives.

    Now it’s going to be fun.

  95. You’ll love this one I saw….

    “Crinoline” —- has to be all that yankee principessa starchy goodness.
    OMG. This is getting more dynastic and horrific by the mo you guys.
    What part of our gen were they?

    I still can’t figure it out.

    Scamelot — laughing my head off.
    Tag that one…I will!


  96. Sadly, one of my earliest memories was JFK’s assassination.

    I remember it because my mom came home early from work (the closed city hall) and I remeber being confused because my mom said he had “gone to heaven” but he was still on television.

    So she explained that they were replaying recordings of his speeches.

    I also remember there was nothing else on television for days.

  97. I see I’m gonna have to do a “Sister Souljah” post.

  98. MiQ2xu — we are the same! My mom was crying, the black and whites rolled on that TV — that event formed my “Democratic” self. I can see it in my head — her, my house, the whole deal.

    pasadena — 1960’s.

    but, the nation mourned for them — and Jackie O.
    I read she hasn’t even exactly voted…

    no free passes — that isn’t how it is supposed to work.

    we know that — Hillary is a DEM — not a faux dem.

    I remember MLK too. I do. This stuff formed all our worldviews and made us the DEMS we have been. Loyal Dems till now.

  99. Obot: “I hope some of you are as interested in talking to a living breathing Obot as I am to living breathing PUMAS.”

    Not really. It’s not like we haven’t been exposed to, been badgered, condescended, lectured and called racists by you guys before. We’ve got a whole Word Document just crammed with examples of Obot propaganda. We have carefully dissected, categorized and analyzed it and decided that, eh, it’s not for us. We’re not particularly into pre-digested thots and inspeerations and oddassities and stuff like that. We want to hear your point of view about as much as we want to get a holiday visit from a Watchtower bearing Jehovah’s Witness. You guys are about as popular and believable as they are.

    But you have a Merry Christmas, no matter what color the sky is in your world.

  100. Yes, I guess I could get some amusement from whacking an Obot with a rolled up newspaper, but I would tire of it quickly.

  101. Oddassisties….that’s an excellent word to describe the nonsensical Obotiscisms that we have been endlessly subjected to, RD.

  102. No one should be surprised that Obama can’t make bold decisions. There is a reason why he voted present 130 times and pressed the wrong button 5 times. He is an opportunist. His decisions are based on what the majority thinks. He will need the polls to guide him.
    Right now he is sucking up to the Conservatives(God only knows why since he already won the presidency).

  103. If JFK had lived, perhaps Caroline would have developed a sense of humor.

  104. ZOMG!

    Over at TGW angry/happy/hopeful black guy is bragging:

    ” Attempts to pretend that Obama (even after the selection of Warren) doesn’t have the highest approval rating of any president-elect: FAIL”

    The farce is strong it that one.

  105. What is Obama’s approval rating? What was Lincoln’s? What a stupid basis for celebration.

  106. myiq,

    What is TGW?

  107. Tennessee Guerilla Women

  108. Oh, thanks.

  109. Scamalot: I’m going to use that word every day.

  110. […] on Democratic Strategist.  So, no matter how many PUMA  sites point out their hypocrisy, like this one, and this one, and this one, just to name three off the top of my head, the Left Loonistans will […]

  111. nene,

    It’s a keeper, alright.

  112. ROTF! The *farce* is strong. Arf-arf-arf!

  113. Now the entire nutroots is racist!!!1 and Republican!!!1

    They should take a hint from Regency who said on The View From Under The Bus that they should be mean right away and say what they feel. It’s funny they will “wait and see”. We should have been upfront right away — meaning last January — about how we felt. Not “Is he sexist? Or not?” or “Did he steal the election? Or not?”

    Because this is just the beginning:

    CNN: Obama’s inaugural choice sparks outrage

    [Warren’s] book “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold more than 20 million copies since it was first published five years ago, and Time magazine named him one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in 2005.

    “Many believe that Warren … is the successor to the [Rev. Billy Graham] for the role of America’s minister,” Time wrote in 2005.

  114. It took ONE DAY for AmericaBlog commenters to talk like PUMAs:

    Clinton 2012!

    I’m voting Republican in 2012!

    Talk about entitlement. And gay men get respect from the nutroots, not women.

  115. It’s not like he didn’t tell everyone during the primaries – when he started posing as Reagan. It was the first moment when I had a sneaking a suspicion that he was the GOP’s Trojan’s horse.

  116. t took ONE DAY for AmericaBlog commenters to talk like PUMAs: Clinton 2012! I’m voting Republican in 2012!

    Someone should tell them to get over it. After all, that worked so well with us PUMAs.

  117. They think turning their back at the inauguration/wearing black armbands will work. Oh sure, that will work!!!!! PUMAs know nothing works. I miss the 80s type ACT-UP activism? It was the last time GLBT were really hardcore.

  118. btw Billy Graham gave the invocation at both of Bill Clinton’s inaugurations which signals how important this choice of Warren is to GLBT, women and atheists.

  119. hi RD!!

    I normally only lurk.. but I had to comment.. this was a WONDERFUL POST!

    today I received a DNC contribution letter with the numbers of days until the 20th on the outside.. I called the DNC up and told them to take me off their list and out of their database..

    the lady asked me why.. and I told her about the causus fraud and that the fraud known as Obama is nothing but a piece of crap.. and a chicago thug!

    again.. she didn’t know about this… CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??

    I am thru with the dems.. at least I take comfort in that I didn’t fall for the koolaid!

    I still call all the US repubs and state repubs in the states that are amending their laws so that in 4 yrs who ever runs will have to prove to the state they are constitionally legit

    2 AR state repubs are introducing this measure… and I call them, their secretaries told me that their are manyyyy people who do not beleive the fraud is legit to even serve!

    again.. great post!

    Obama is a pieve of crap, a conman, a chicago thug and punk!
    I can’t wait in 2 years when the kool aid has worn off!

  120. RD – fantastic writing! including your dialogue in the comments esp your retort to the obot. Pathetic. The bots will never stop trawling – they are programmed.

    Tree said:

    his Presidency will be one big Astroturf administration. They will not “triangulate”. They will promote the monied interests while presentlng a facade of populism and progressivism.

    Absolutely!! spot on. keep an eye out for the fake astroturf organizations, anagrams, tv spots etc. We will be flooded with them.

  121. Rick Warren’s Brokeback Obamaeo

    The interest here in Rick Warren has little to do with anything Rick Warren. He seems to be one of a number of creations who started out with William Hearst’s legitimate creation of Billy Graham, and once the globalists figured out one could control masses of people with flamboyant folks who talk allot about loving them, there has been a grand market in screwing up religion and propping up the Rick Warren types.

    What catches the attention most in this is no one seems to have noticed just how much these people for all their gay ministry or gay politics, that they think of homosexuals as no more than the toothbrush to use for the dirty job and then toss it away once the ends are met.

    Barack Obama if one notices his homosapien metaphors uses blacks for votes and as chattel to sell to rich Arab benefactors who profit off of them as slum lords…

    read whole thing here:


  122. I keep reading Obama is a


    Obama is at once all- and none- of those things. The one thing Grenwald got right was that Obama is a triangulator. He will be whatever you want him to be as long as he can get the votes. The man has no backbone, no vision, no masterplan, no core.

    One giant lame pinata who has NO IDEA of what is coming. Just fill him up with candy and watch it spill out.

  123. RD, I too had to de-lurk to thank you for this brilliant post. You–and the whole tribe of Conflutians–have been a true lifeline for me, as everyone around me has drunk the kool-aid and is “so proud of the country” (gag!). Wish I had more time to read your blog but as it is I’m always behind, or else I’d comment more often! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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