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One More – Patti Page

It’s not a Christmas song, but Mom used to sing it.

135 Responses

  1. my mom used to sing it with to me and with me too!

  2. dakinkat:

    I wish I had video, cuz my mom denies ever singing anything.

    She won’t even admit to “Singing Along with Mitch.”

  3. My mom sang that song to us too — I bet every mom does.

  4. Thank goodness Elvis came along soon after that. I actually remember hearing that song when I was in about first grade.

  5. My mom used to sing ballads like “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” when she was doing housework. She could have been a professional singer. I can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket.

  6. My mom used to sing Downtown by Petula Clark to us too — remember that one? I love that song. Here it is:

  7. this song was #1 on the day I was born.

    here’s where y’all can check yours http://www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneInHistory/SelectMonth.htm

  8. I find the number one song on the date I was born, but I’m not posting it because then I’ll be giving away my name. But, of course, like me, it rocks!

  9. Angie:

    Your name is Sharona?

  10. We used to watch “Your Hit Parade” Remember that show?
    We used to bet on what the top tune would be abd then on who would sing it,
    I can’t tell you how many weeks this song was the number 1.
    Goddess, I loved those simpler times.

  11. myiq — Sharona? — I’m not that old.

    btw — the best Soprano’s episode ever — “Pine Barrens” — is on right now.

  12. This song was number 1 on the day I graduated from high school.

    The Supremes!

  13. Angie,

    Is that the one where they get lost in the woods?

  14. bb — yes that is the one!

  15. “I’m not that old.”

    Are you, um . . . .”old enough to drink beer?”

    Can you legallyy buy cigarettes?

  16. myiq — oh, I’m well past the age of consent.

    I got confused about the year My Sharona came out — I was born before 1979 — sorry for the confusion — but that’s all your getting out of me re: my age.

  17. here is my favorite christmas song. Feliz Navidad.
    I practically dance in the grocery store when I hear it!

  18. btw y’all I’m so busy at work — I have 4 people filing bankruptcy this week — and I’m only working Monday & Tuesday! Can you believe that — people filing bankruptcy right before Christmas? Last year we were dead the entire month of December — it make me really worry about what January & February are going to be like.

  19. leslie — I’m listening to a station that is playing only Christmas music in my car & I blast it ever time that song comes on!

  20. Angie ~ It’s playing right now on the christmas station!

  21. Hi all…just checking in. I was trying to actually do something Christmassy today. Wrapped all the presents…pulled out the sewing machine and made a BEAUTIFUL red velvet santa bag…made 3 Christmas stockings from the scrap…went shopping…

    I’m pooped…

  22. myiq — thanks for getting this music started.

    what a nice way to spend saturday before christmas.

  23. SOD — but didn’t you have fun?!?! I love doing Christmas stuff!

  24. Hi SOD!!

  25. Myiq is the music king, the music guru.

  26. I totally had fun making the santa bag. My hubby plays “Santa” for my 3 nieces. They’re due in 12/26 for the week. We have a “2nd Christmas” every year when they come. It’s a blast.

    Last year my hubby ripped the Santa bag we bought so I went out and got high quality materials and made my own. It’s going to be a “family heirloom.” 🙂

  27. Hi boomer!

  28. Jerry Lee Lewis, Real Wild Child

  29. SOD – I just finished decorating the house today. It looks beautiful! I love decorating for this holiday…. I wish my daughter were coming home this year for christmas. But I am greedy when it comes to wanting my kids home for christmas. I can give them up nearly any other holiday but christmas.

    I sounds like you were so creative today.

  30. btw — have I told y’all that my diabetic kitty BeBe is not only back to her old self, she doesn’t even meow any more when I give her the insulin shots & she is actually more affectionate to me then she has ever been — she obviously feels better & I think she knows that I’m the one that is making it so.

  31. BB ~
    I love that JLL song!!
    thanks for the link…It’s a keeper

  32. My favorite song is “Grown-up Christmas List” — previously I liked the Natalie Cole version but Michael Buble’ released one this year and I just love me some Buble!

    That song gets me every time.

    Plus I love my Rat Pack Christmas CD…and my all-time favorite Christmas album by Luther Vandross. Man I miss him — he was the best.

  33. Aww leslie — I wish your daughter were coming home too. If you both have Skype on your computers you can do the video cam stuff.

  34. my mom has a Mario Lopez Christmas album — that album more then anything else makes me feel like it is really Christmas.

  35. OMG — one of the most touching Christmas songs ever by the great Luther Vandross…get your tissues…

  36. SOD,
    I just bought the Rat Pack Christmas CD for my mom this year. I’m glad to hear you like it. I hope mom likes it as well.

  37. SOD — here is the michael buble version of grown up christmas list:

  38. I used to have the Elvis Presley Christmas Album with the green colored lp. It’s probably still down in my basement with all the other mouldy oldies.

  39. Lordy you can find anything on youtube. This is from the same Mario Lanza Christmas album my mom has:

  40. I love his one. Jerry Lee as a very young hillbilly rocker.

  41. I grew up on Pete Seeger and sea shanties and Joan Baez. My folks knew and liked folk music. None of us could carry a tune. We would sing in the car each out of tune in our own way. It would have been excruciating for anybody with an ear to have had to hear, but we had fun,

    Meanwhile, and I swear this is true, my cat Finnegan loves Andy Williams (from the era of the crooners). At this very moment she’s lying on the sofa entranced by the sound of him.

  42. angienc2, on December 20th, 2008 at 10:59 pm Said:

    Finnegan says: two paws up!

  43. SOD – Thanks for the sympathy… I keep hoping she’ll surprise me, but I doubt it. She has no idea how much I miss her at christmas time. I’m lucky that my other 2 are nearby. But my son goes to his in-law’s And I try to make it easy on him by having a family dinner on the saturday after christmas. I do the same at thanksgiving. I remember what a hassle it was when I was newly married. We spent more time in the car than with family – just driving from one family to another. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that to my kids when they married and/or moved away.

  44. I like Jerry Lee Lewis. What exuberance!

    Juice Newton took me back. She and my SO were playing gigs in the same room, so I met her. Looooong time ago.

    Thanks Leslie.

  45. Fran — you’re welcome. glad to see you here.

  46. My parents have totally different taste in music — my dad was a total Motown guy — The Supremes, The Temptations, etc. plus a lot of jazz. My mom was a total Mod girl — The Beatles, the Stones, Herman’s Hermits.
    The only music they “agree” on is classical — so we heard a lot of that too growing up.
    We heard a lot of country & folk too because my uncle who was like a second dad to us (he’s my brother’s godfather) was over all the time as well.

    Basically, I like all kinds of music as I know there is “good” music in every genre.

  47. Exuberance ! What a great word for Jerry Lee Lewis songs.

    I don’t know Juice Newton… I’m old, I guess. I’ve heard of her, of course. What are some things I’d know from her?

  48. btw, I said, belatedly on another post, that after someone posted a song from Carousel, I got the movie from netflix so that I could watch it again. Was very happy that I did!

  49. leslie — you are too nice to your daughter — I wouldn’t even think of not seeing my mom at Christmas because the guilt trip she would lay on me wouldn’t be worth it! LOL

  50. The only thing I actually heard Juice do big was ‘Queen of Hearts’. I don’t think she writes songs.

  51. leslie — I know you’ve heard this song by Juice Newton — Angel in the Morning:

    Bonnie Tyler did a remake.

  52. leslie: here is Queen of Hearts — I’m sure you’ve heard this one too, you just didn’t realize it was Juice Newton.

  53. angie – I forgot about that one!

  54. angie ~

    I got her home last year with a supreme guilt trip. I used my 95 year old mother as bait. Mom is still around – goddess bless her. I’m not certain I can do that again. (I even sent her a check to pay for the trip.)
    After she came home, she admitted she was happy to be home. (She also never cashed the check and returned it to me in my birthday card.)

    BTW: I’m listening to music from “Camelot” it’s wonderful.

  55. I’ll tell you who else I met who later became very high profile – not a singer, though. Gloria Allred.

  56. Thanks for the Juice!

    You are right. I have heard her…. And I didn’t know that it was Juice Newton singing.

    SOD – Isn’t michael buble great? I saw him late last night on one of those “specials ” that PBS runs over and over again to raise $$. It was worth staying up for.

  57. aw leslie — that was nice that your daughter didn’t cash the check.

    The thing with the guilt trip with my mother is she has laid the foundation really well since the time we were really young — she doesn’t need to use any bait for us to “feel” its tug, if you know what I mean! LOL

    btw — my mother is a wonderful mother, but I don’t recommend this one aspect of my mother’s child-rearing techniques.

  58. angie ~

    your mom sounds great. it takes real skill to do wht your mom did re: the guilt thing.
    PLUS … look at you! she most be really proud to be your mom. you turned out so well.

  59. SOD ~

    your hubby wins THE prize for being a great guy.
    does he dance, too?

  60. Fran,

    That was me. I posted the Carousel song, If I Loved You. My mom took me to see the movie outdoors in the summer when I was a little kid. It was so sad and romantic.

  61. well thank you leslie — she will agree — I”m great! 🙂

    my mother comes by the guilt technique honestly — she’s Greek — you know the jokes about Jewish mothers being able to lay the guilt on their kids? Well, Jewish mothers & Greek mothers are cut from the same cloth. LOL

  62. sod — he doesn’t dance but I bet he does the horizontal mambo!

    gah! I can’t believe I just said that!

  63. damn Angie, you are young!! I think of Angel of the Morning as a Merrillee Rush song. hmmm, don’t ask – sometime in the 60s. great song!

  64. SOD ~

    I started buying buble cd’s last year after seeing him on Oprah. It was the only Oprah I watched EVER. I know there is a goddess. Otherwise, I’d never have known of michael buble until last night.
    thanks for the link.

  65. dang kiki — I must be young — I’ve never even heard of Merillee Rush! LOL!

  66. you really can find aything on youtube. here’s Merrillee

  67. I found the Merrilee Rush version!

    you can find anything you tube.
    But Juice Newton’s version is definitely the one I knew.

  68. kiki — jinx you owe me a coke! LOL

  69. I think of that as a Dusty Springfield song.

  70. bb — dang! how many different versions of Angel of the Morning are there? I knew Juice & Bonnie Tyler — now I know Merrilee Rush. There is a Dusty Springfield version too? That song gets around.

  71. kiki ~

    I found this “C’est Moi” (Franco Nero – yum) for you.
    Didn’t you mention it earlier?

  72. Skeeter Davis, remember her?

  73. Her big hit was The End of the World.

    1967: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l-GpISGBFY

  74. Evening folks.

  75. so, we’ve got Skeeter Davis to the list too!

  76. Evening afrocity!

  77. LOL!! ok, I owe you a coke 🙂

  78. Leslie, I mentioned C’est Moi as a good theme song for Obama.

  79. SOD ~
    I’m gonna to look up his tour schedule. If he comes to chicago, I’m gonna try.

    BTW: there’s a show called the “Million Dollar Quartet”
    playing in Chicago. it closes on Jan 10. It includes music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. My friends are taking me for my birthday. I’ll be thinking of y’all when I see it.
    It should be fun.


  80. I am so tired of xmas shopping. I have so many gifts for people, nicely wrapped and as usual, I won’t get s@hit

  81. In 1967, this is what I was listening to:

    and this:

  82. so many angels of the morning……

  83. Hi afrocity.

  84. afrocity, on December 20th, 2008 at 11:58 pm Said:

    Why are you the gift giver, and others are not giving to you?

  85. me too BB!

  86. aw afrocity — it isn’t what you get that makes Christmas fun — it is the joy of giving! LOL

  87. kiki — indeed “C’est Moi” should be his theme song. Absolutely.
    good choice.

    OMG, I’m listening to Skeeter Davis… who could forget that song?

    hi afrocity.

  88. Between being oh-so- young and not a Christmas celebrator I have no idea what all these songs are about, but I’m enjoying everybody enjoying themselves.

  89. afrocity! who are these people you’re gifting?

  90. bb – I had seen Carousel before, so I knew the gist of it. I wanted to see it again. I’m glad you thought it was romantic – I think. My musician SO, mentioned above, is the father of my son. My SO was talented, but had issues. Then he died. I raised our son alone and never married.

    My son was in the musical in his high school. He has also acted to good reviews, in a play. Two things I could never do. Sometimes I ache for him. We are close.

    angie – I had told you before that I am a quiet Aires. My SO was an outgoing Aires. Our son is a double Leo, sun and moon. He almost glows. As did his Dad, who also drove me crazy sometimes with his manic energy.

  91. I *am* now listening to Bobbie Short before I turn to work (the night shift).

  92. Heidi,

    I am a giver. It is stamped someone on my ass and everyone knows it. I am the one who buys expensive handmade wrapping paper (by the sheet) and the pretty grosgrain ribbons and stocking stuffers. Meanwhile I get e-cards.

  93. Afrocity – you made me laugh out loud!

  94. afrocity — I hate those e-cards too! Talk about putting no thought into it — I always send real cards — send me your mailing address & I’ll send you one too!

  95. afrocity, that’s just not fair. maybe you could tattoo the word NOT either before or after the stamp on your a$$.

    C’mon over. i have gifts under my tree, you can choose.
    Take one of my daughter’s (who isn’t coming home for christmas) She”ll never miss it. lol

  96. I said I would not do it this year. Especially since they are all Obots but meanwhile I see the cutest crocheted backpack for my niece and of course I have to get the matching muff and scarf. O ooo look at that cute bubble bath set. The cutest snowman marshmallows at Godiva chocolate. I am an idiot. I am doing or giving what I would like to have. So ashamed.

  97. Does anyone remember the band Sweetwater? They played at Woodstock. The lead singer, Nancy (I think) sang ‘Motherless Child’. Not long after that she was in a terrible car accident and could not sing for many years. Anyway, that was another friend’s band.

  98. Heidi, what Bobby Short are you playing? I had forgotten about him, My sister used to go to the place he played in NYC to hear him.

  99. Fran,

    Carousel was heartbreaking. I guess romance and heartbreak go together for me. I see why you identify with it. It’s not so romantic when it’s your life, I guess.

  100. I just got a Christmas present from myself today–red Ray Ban Wayfarers. I love them!

  101. afrocity – I am like you. I cannot help noticing things that I know certain people would really like.

  102. bb – I was really quite naive, although I did not think so. I was from the east and the Hollywood crowd really got a kick out of the fact that I wore knee socks!

  103. I love youtube… I have been listening to “Camelot” on and off and am loving it. It’s one of my favorite musicals. So is ” West Side Story” and “Candide”, “My Fair Lady”, too. How many favorites can one person have?

  104. Fran —
    Do you still wear knee socks? and are you still in Hollywood?

  105. Fran, I can’t help it. Meanwhile I just got a tin of buttered popcorn from grandma. Still, I go to the 9’s on Christmas perfect tree, ornaments, picture perfect gift wrapping, my cat even sits under the tree, fireplace, egg nog, cookie recipes…Goose thawing…yet nothing will release the little black girl in me that never got anything.

  106. continuing in the “you can find anything on youtube” vein, here’s Sweetwater performing Motherlass Child

  107. Yikes !
    I am in moderation….

    That hasn’t happened to me before. Was I bad?

  108. I put a lot of effort into the gifts I buy for people — looking for exactly what they would like — meanwhile, most everyone else gets off easy by giving gift cards & it kind of feels so impersonal to me. Some people are impossible to buy for so a gift card is good for them (like my cousin who loves to hunt — I get him a gift card to Dave’s sporting goods because I don’t know what he need for hunting & he loves getting that so he can choose what he needs/wants himself) but I really think that anyone who thought about me for more then 5 seconds would be able to figure out what would be a good gift for me.

  109. Well, sometimes I wear them. They are more comfortable! than tights. I moved back east to raise my son. But most of my enduring friends are still in L.A. And, I have a brother there, who is a PI, whom I talk to almost every day, actually.

    I felt that Hollywood was a tough place to grow up. The children are exposed to too much too soon. Here my son grew up with fields and streams, which he loved, as did I when I was growing up.

  110. leslie – I think that West Side Story is an all time classic!

  111. Last year, we decided to cut back on gifts. But I still give gifts, I just don’t buy as many as I used to. So now instead of 40 presents under the tree, there are 30. LOL!

    I really enjoy finding just the right gift. I need to start wrapping now. It’s late, but I don’t care. I don’t have to work tomorrow. So I can stay up late and wrap presents.

  112. Angie LOL!!!

    I don’t understand it. The only person who ever “got me” gift wise is dead. I go out of my way and I realize that maybe this is some part of me hoping that family will wake up and say gee Afro put a lot of thought into this…etc.

  113. There was a lot of stuff in moderation and spam. I haven’t checked it in awhile.

  114. I love curling ribbon! Maybe i was an elf in my former life.

  115. Nite SOD

  116. the best gift I ever got was a framed needle point “picture” that my brother’s wife made for me — the reason this was the best gift ever is not because it was the most expensive gift I ever go, but because she actually thought about me way before Christmas & put time & effort in preparing it for me.

  117. Not quite Christmas:

    Bobbie Gentry

  118. Night SOD!

  119. I get gift cards for people like my dog’s groomer and my exterminator, but not for people I know well……actually, in my family, we’ve drifted more towards making donations in each other’s names. we really don’t need more stuff, you know? we give to Habitat or Heifer. Heifer’s a real fun one.

  120. Oh, my kitty kat Persian darling is still my favorite gift from 2006.

    Hmm, also that dollhouse that mom got me from Marshal Fields on State Street.

  121. Fran — My dad was in the service with Leonard Bernstein. According to my dad, they played cards together on Friday nights. So when I listen to Bernstein’s music, I automatically think of my dad. (He’s gone now. but there are times when I tune out everything and put on West Side Story and reminisce.) That probably sounds silly . I mean I could think of my dad anytime. but it is comforting to hear that really great music and somehow find a connection to my dad.

  122. Night SOD.

    thanks for all the good links and great conversation.

  123. afrocity — I know what you mean — hoping a light bulb will click in the others heads & they’ll say “gee — she put some thought & effort into this, maybe I should follow suit” Will not happen. My brother just called me today and said “What do you want for Christmas” I used to give him choice of 3 or 4 things so at least I would be a little surprised but now I just flat out tell him one thing — at least he isn’t getting me a gift card!

    Everyone knows I only wear Chanel No. 5 perfume — can’t they pick me up a bottle or at least some body spray or powder? They all know I love “fancy” soaps & Godiva chocolates — how difficult is that? Heck, even a pretty muffler would be a great present for me (I have a tendency to sore throats so I have a great collection of mufflers to go with different outfits — always room for one more). Plus, I’m a reader — love biographies — they all know this about me!! I’m so EASY to buy for!!! I should be the last person in the world getting gift cards.

  124. Bobby Short: Katie Went to Haiti, just finished – can’t find a youtube version of it. I love all Noel Coward and Cole Porter, practically and Short’s versions are masterful. But find the MP3 of Katie Went to Haiti as sung by Bobby Short, I promise you will love it.

  125. Afrocity:
    Just remember to give yourself a gift every once in a while.

  126. leslie – yes. This is all taking me back to my ‘previous’ life.

    Right now I am trying to make Christmas happen for my recently widowed Dad who will be 88 next week. We are not really doing gifts in our family. Have not for awhile, actually. Today I took flowers to my Mom’s friend from high school. She is 88. And I will talk to my MIL (SO’s mom) who is 96. I just got a card/letter from a friend in L.A. who must be in his 80s now. He writes to me every year. These things seem important to me. It’s really all I can handle this year.

  127. I think I’ll start to wrap presents now. I’ll be thinking of you, Afrocity. I love wrapping gifts. Sort of like decorating the house for christmas, but on a smaller scale. And curling the ribbon is almost energizing.

    Afrocity – I used to have a doll house that my aunts got me at Marshall Fields when I was little. Today I went to Macy’s to get some frango mints for some of my out of town friends. It just kills me to have to go to Macy’s for a Marshall Field/Chicago “treat”.

    Night to all…. the music was fun. thanks to all but especially to myiq for starting the music tonight.

  128. leslie –it isn’t silly that you think of your dad then — there is no explanation of what will bring a memory of a loved one “back” to you — for my grandmother it is polka dots — she loved them & had lots of outfits with polka dots on them — so every time I see them I think of her. also the smell of noxema — she used it to clean her face every night. For my great grandmother it is ginger snap cookies — she used to bake them all the time.

  129. night leslie!! Have fun wrapping!

  130. {{{Fran}}} I hope your dad does well — the holidays are very difficult when a loved one is gone.

  131. Ok, I’m volunteering to organize Secret Santa for the Conflucians. If you send me your snail mail address, which I will only disclose to one other trusted Conflucian and two or three things you like (remember, vary the price range), I will pass along ideas to different people. Obviously, the gifts will arrive after Christmas Day – they will be considered as “on time” if they arrive by New Year’s.

    Shall we give it a whirl? If you say aye, drop me an email at heidi59 at gmail dot com. You have indicate that you are a regular here – use your handle plus some other bit of information that will let me know.

    For every person who participates, I will put in an extra ten dollars of my own toward 51 Percent’s start up costs (on top of what I’ve budgeted).

  132. I think that sounds fun Heidi — but I think we should just put a price limit on it not a list of what we want so it is more of a surprise.
    And no gift cards!

  133. New threads up!

  134. thank you angie.

    I think afrocity needs hugs too! I am not a demonstrative person, but I am sending you a hug, afrocity.

  135. This fits in with the song I think
    have fun


    I would love to be a part of the the secret santa



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