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Bing, Rosemary, Danny & Vera

This is from one of the movies I hate to watch every year.

Sometimes I hate to watch it several times.

92 Responses

  1. Mandy, keep the minister handy!

  2. Oo! Oo! I have a white Christmas on my driveway! Complete with mini icebergs that have to be severed with a regular shovel before they can be snowshovelled away.

  3. I grew up in sunny California where it rarely goes below freezing. There were only two days of my entire life when the local temperature didn’t make it above freezing during the day.

    My first “White Christmas” was when I was stationed in Germany.

    Snow gets old real fast.

  4. BTW – Those two days were consecutive and are known as the “big freeze”

  5. I have about 10 inches of the white stuff outside and more coming tomorrow. Gonna be a white Christmas here in beantown.

  6. It was bright and sunny and in the mid-fifties outside when I ran to the store a little while ago.

  7. Oh!

    Jon Favreau (the good one) is on television with Vince and Jennifer right now.

  8. You’re celebrating mid-50s? We’ll have lots of those days over the winter. The ocean breezes keep our climate quite moderate.

  9. I saw that in the schedule. It was a pretty good movie, but the ending was a bummer.

  10. myiq,

    Get a load of this diary at the big Cheeto:

    This is my first diary. I read DKos daily for the past 16 years. I am an incredible liberal. I believe in a good economy and voted for Obama. I practically wet myself when Obama won.

    I do not understand why the big fuss over Rick Warren. Please be gentle and don’t treat me like a “Wing Nut.”

    SteveP’s diary :: ::
    I think including Rick Warren is wonderful because Obama wants to be post partisan,inclusive and tolerant.

    I am so tired of the divisiveness. I do not really care about this issue* and I really hate it when liberals are too “Politically Correct”. That is why we can’t get by partisan politics and that is why we elected Obama.

    I know many gay people and I respect them. But I hate it when they talk about their sexual lives. I do not talk about mine! And I do not understand why they have to be so bitter. They should take their cue from Obama and work from within the system and include good men of God like Rick Warren and they will have better luck than being annoying and “politically correct.”

    And so on… I can’t find any diaries about Rick Warren being a woman hater though.

  11. OMG! Isn’t that the Lullaby League and Lollipop Guild?

  12. Are you watching TNT?

  13. “I practically wet myself when Obama won.”

    And they wonder why we mock them?

    At least the Obot is honest. I mean, he admits he doesn’t give a shit about gay people.

    How “liberal” of him.

  14. BB:

    Doesn’t that remind you of the “conversion diaries” we used to see?

    The ones where someone explained how they used to be a Hillary supporter but after she ________(fill in the blank) they could never, ever support her again.

  15. madamab,

    It was a “snark” diary to make fun of people who are defending Obama for choosing Warren. But there are plenty of diaries like that. What I couldn’t find was anything about the message to women. I did a search for the word “misogyny” in diaries and comments and came up with mostly comments about how the word was misused by women. Why any woman would still be at the Cheeto, I cannot understand.

  16. I took it literally at first too, because the “snark” is really weak and unfunny.

  17. myiq,

    I wish I had saved some of those conversion diaries. They were so incredibly pathetic!

  18. Several times when I was doing research on Obama I clicked on various “lefty posts” posts from 2006 and 2007.

    I didn’t really notice them then, but there were people treating Obama like a contender, way before he even announced.

    Why would anyone consider him a contender in 2006?

    A rising star? Sure. VP material for 2008? Yeah.

    But why would they think of him as a frontrunner?

    Unless they were paid to say that.

  19. Oh, BB, the Cheeto has never been good at self-parody. It is hard to satirize a group that is so devoid of self-awareness.

  20. BB:

    We have a couple in our archives.

    There were a couple of people around the beginning of October who became convinced we should all get on the badwagon, remember?

    ps: Badwagon wasn’t a typo

  21. myiq2xu,

    It could be. This has clearly been in the works for a long time. Sometimes I even buy into those conspiracy theories about Brezinski discovering Obama at Columbia and sheparding him along. After all Zbig did that with Jimmy Carter. That didn’t turn out too well either.

  22. Here is a serious defense of Obama/Warrengate. This is what they have been reduced to over at the Cheeto.

    So the point is this. I am as progressive as they come. I was pissed when Obama supported retroactive immunity for the telecoms. I think some of his cabinet choices have been ridiculous. I am not even all that happy to see HRC in the State slot.

    But I want Obama to be the most successful president in history with respect to truly bringing this country together to work on pragmatic, important goals. I think Obama really wants universal health care, and he really wants the US out of Iraq. He really wants the middle class to be strong and he really wants a forward thinking energy policy. For goodness sakes, in his earlier discussions about getting a dog for the White House he even shows some savvy with respect to the animal welfare movement. (PLEASE, please get a shelter dog, Barack.)

    Ask yourself what you would prefer: A lefty Obama who pushes a progressive agenda, keeps 40-45% of this country alienated and angry and ready to vote him out in 2012? Or a pragmatic moderate Democrat who makes red staters second guess themselves and end up regretting that they didn’t vote for him in 2008, and resoundingly ready to keep him for four more years in 2012?

    The second scenario, OBVIOUSLY, is preferable. But it won’t happen without moves to the center and it won’t happen with a cabinet full of leftys. Perhaps it might have happened without Rick the amazing Douchebag Warren at the inauguration, but having Warren there will pull an audience that might otherwise be cursing the day Obama takes office. And once that audience finally sits down to listen to Obama… well, we’re all on our way to real change.

  23. If Obama had raised $25-30 million before Iowa that would have been amazing.

    He raised $99 million (more than anyone except Hillary, and slightly less than everyone except Hillary combined.)

    They used Dean 2004 as the explanation, but in 2004 Dean was the ONLY anti-war candidate.

  24. Please, please, Barack, get a shelter dog! That will show us you are really a liberal even though you voted for the FISA bill and lobbied to turn over the U.S. Treasury to Wall Street.

    {{whine whine whine}}

    We love you so much, Barack, please just give us something! Anything that we can hold onto.

  25. We are on the badwagon to Scamalot! Hoo-ray!

  26. “Or a pragmatic moderate Democrat who makes red staters second guess themselves and end up regretting that they didn’t vote for him in 2008, and resoundingly ready to keep him for four more years in 2012?”

    When he turns into Bush III I’m sure they will regret supporting McCain.

  27. BB: When I see posts like that, I’m reminded of that scene in Heartburn, where Nora Ephron throws the key lime pie into Bernstein’s face when she realizes she’s just been making concession after concession. I wonder what will be left blogistan’s key lime pie moment?

  28. Why do these people “really believe” Obama wants any of those things?

    For f@ck’s sake, what is wrong with these people?

  29. Can would put something on the top of the page like a “Countdown to Scamelot?”

    “Only 31 Days ’til Scamelot”

  30. Sophie:

    When you say “I’m voting for you no matter what you do” it kinda makes it difficult to drive a hard bargain.

  31. Anyone got a favorite Christmas song/performer?

  32. myiq: That’s the thing…eventually, they have to start feeling the abuse and stop with the rationalizations–don’t they?

  33. My favorite Christmas song is Step Into Christmas by Sir Elton John.

  34. Not that I care about Christmas or anything

  35. my daughter has an extra room. the other day a friend looking for a temporary place to stay asked her how much she would rent it for. she said $200. a month. he said “I’ll give you $300.”

    she said “you really need to practice your bargaining skills”

    anyway, that guy reminds me of an obot

  36. myiq,

    That’s a good idea to put up a “so many days to scamalot” thingy. If RD shows up let’s ask her. I don’t know how to do it, but I think I could figure it out.

  37. This is my first night seeing Scamalot. Is it new or am I just behind? Was it coined here at the Confluence, like so many others?

  38. Kiki,


    That reminds me. Yesterday I went to the drive-thru ATM and withdrew $60. I got a message that my transaction had been cancelled. My balance remained the same. I think my bank decided to give me a Christmas present, don’t you?

  39. I like Joan Sutherland singing “O Holy Night.”

    Yes, I am an opera geek. But I’m also Jewish, so I don’t know if my vote counts.

  40. Sophie,

    It’s new, but we like it, so we’re trying to spread it around. Kat5 came up with it.

  41. I love O Holy Night.

  42. Hi everyone — hope I was missed today — wrapping up all my pre-Christmas activities.
    So, favorite Christmas song? Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano — I love that man’s voice. Here it is:

  43. I like Brenda Lee, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

  44. I like it…it has a nice ring to it…Scamalot

  45. Night all! Don’t let the Obots get you down!

  46. wow BB, an early xmas gift!!! I wonder if they’ll catch their error.

  47. BB gets her wish, before she even made it.

  48. Kiki,

    I wasn’t sure what to do. The bank wasn’t open at the time.

  49. madamab:

    If you’re leaving I’ll do yours tommorrow then.

  50. Thanks, myiq. From an old fogey.

  51. I know a guy (Mr. X) & the bank that owns the note on his second mortgage out of nowhere just filed a satisfaction of debt/cancelation of deed with the county registrar of deeds — Mr. X just got a $30,000 Christmas present from the disorganized bank.

  52. I like Brenda Lee. I loved her song, “Break it to me Gently.”

  53. Angie,

    Wow! Mr. X is a very lucky man.

  54. Thanks myiq!

  55. wow, Scamalot made me think of the soundtrack from Camelot, and a song that could have been written by Favreau for Obama to sing…….C’Est Moi

    I’ve never strayed
    From all I believe;
    I’m blessed with an iron will.
    Had I been made
    The partner of Eve,
    We’d be in Eden still.
    C’est moi! C’est moi! The angels have chose
    To fight their battles below,
    And here I stand, as pure as a pray’r,
    Incredibly clean, with virtue to spare,
    The godliest man I know!

  56. bb — I know! I couldn’t believe it when he sent me the paperwork that the bank sent him in the mail — I double checked it at the registrar’s office myself — but it’s real & the debt is gone pecan.

  57. BB; here:

  58. bb — I love Brenda Lee — don’t you think Cindy Lauper sounds a lot like Brenda Lee?

  59. Angie:

    GOP version:

    Poor fucker owes taxes on that forgiveness

  60. Angie,

    I never thought of that. They do sound alike. And I love Cyndy Lauper too.

  61. myiq — no that is what is so amazing — it is not a “write off” of the debt or debt forgiveness — the papers the bank filed say the debt has been paid. It is truly a bank error in Mr. X’s favor — I’ve never seen that before & will probably never see it again, but I’m enjoying the heck out of it now.

  62. bb — the first time my mom heard Cindy Lauper on the radio (“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) she thought it was Brenda Lee.

    I saw Cindy Lauper in concert when I was in high school — she is amazing.

  63. I wonder who actually paid off their mortgage and Mr. X’s was released instead.

  64. angie:

    Well Merry F**king Christmas!

  65. Cyndy Lauper, Winter Wonderland

  66. Brenda Lee was the first woman to be inducted into both the country music and the rock & roll halls of fame

  67. Thank you, Sophie! I love that tune!

  68. kiki — the kind of mistake you are talking about is impossible — deeds are recorded by specific book & page # in the registrar’s office, not name. However, it such a mistake did happen, the person who paid off their mortgage has proof of that & can easily get it corrected with the bank.
    The bank f*cked up re: Mr. X & they can’t take it back.

  69. It’s like accidentally deeding your property to someone else.

    You done screwed up!

  70. BB: I like the Juice Newton version too:

  71. I’ve been on a Jerry Lee Lewis kick lately.

  72. bb — I loved that Cindy Lauper version of Winter Wonderland — but was that Martha Stewart in the video? wtf?

  73. Jerry Lee Lewis is from my neck of the woods — you know his cousin is Jimmy Swagart. Talk about one dysfunctional family.

  74. Angie, I’m a title insurance abstractor and underwriter, so I know what you mean. what I meant is that somebody paid off a mortgage and the person at the bank pulled up the wrong loan to get the release information. I see defective releases (wrong book and page) all the time. when the same person has more than one loan, banks often release the wrong one.

    but they rarely release somebody’s loan out of the blue as they did Mr. X’s. and they’ll likely never figure it out.

  75. Angie,

    I didn’t notice that. There are a lot of songs from a Christmas special with Cyndy. Maybe Martha was on the show?

    I know Jerry Lee isn’t very nice, but my God is he talented!

  76. myiq — re: deeding your property to someone else. I saw a case in bk court (not one of mine) where this guy deeded his property to his daughter. Daughter files bankruptcy a couple of years later & the Trustee seizes the property as an asset of the estate. The old guy comes to court to fight it saying he didn’t really mean to “give” the property to his daughter (obviously, they were doing a “poor man’s estate planning” deeding property to the kids to avoid estate taxes later once the old guy kicked the bucket). Court said too bad, so sad. The property was a gift to the daughter & is now an asset of the estate.
    Lesson: don’t deed your property to anyone else ever!

  77. Jerry Lee Lewis and his child bride in England:

    When they stepped off the plane on May 22, 1958, Lewis obligingly told the british press that Myra was his wife (although he gave her age as 15 and moved up the date of their actual wedding). His bride, for her part, told the gathering that fifteen wasn’t too young to marry back home: “You can marry at 10 if you can find a husband.”


  78. New thread up, just for BB

  79. angie:

    It wasn’t a fraudulent conveyance?

  80. it’s not fraud to give your kids property. it might have been viewed as such if the father was the one declaring bk

  81. myiq — fraudulent conveyances only work from the Debtor out not from someone else to the Debtor — the old guy wasn’t in bankruptcy his daughter was. Further, fraudulent conveyances only go back 2 years prior to filing — it had been at least 5 years since the old guy deeded his property to the daughter when she filed bankruptcy.

  82. myiq,

    LOL! I actually remember that song. I didn’t even know it was Patti Page. That was a big hit when I was in elementary school. Very appropriate for my age group.

  83. kiki is right — if the father had deeded is property to his daughter & then, within 2 years of deeding the property to his daughter, the father filed bankruptcy it would be a fraudulent conveyance, which means the Trustee would have been able to get the property back as an asset of the father’s estate.

  84. Angie, I’m awfully glad you mentioned that story. I have a friend who for some reason deeded his house to his adult daughter. she just ran up over $10,000 in debt gambling on the internet. can you imagine? he bailed her out this time but I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get his house back in his name.

  85. kiki — yeah it is a good idea, and hopefully she doesn’t file bankruptcy within 2 years after the property goes back to him & hopefully she doesn’t have any judgments against her because those will attach to the property.

  86. yep. thanks Angie 🙂

  87. angie ~ “Feliz Navidad” — Jose Feliciano is my favorite as well!

    I woke up thinking of “The African Queen” and “The Lion in Winter” – 2 more of my favorite movies….

    I know its OT, but I did notice you were gone today as I wanted to mention those 2 movies to you (from last night’s thread)

  88. thanks leslie! I love those two too — anything with Kate Hepburn or Humphrey Bogart is a favorite of mine — which makes The African Queen doubly good!

  89. Thanks, myiq2xu. White Christmas is one of my favorites, too.


  90. I ordered African Queen from netflix this afternoon.
    Can’t wait to watch it again.

  91. Someone here put up a song from Carousel, so I ordered the movie from Netflix. Just sent it back today – I liked it.

  92. Fran ~
    come up thread to patti page.

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