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Obama: Dancing with the Ones That Brung Him

Barack Obama, Committed Christian
Barack Obama, Committed Christian

So, Obama wants Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration, eh?

This Rick Warren?

“Of course I want to reduce the number of abortions,” Warren told Beliefnet Editor-in-Chief Steven Waldman when asked if he was going to work with the Obama administration to achieve an abortion reduction agenda or if he thinks that the effort is a charade.

“But to me it is kind of a charade in that people say ‘We believe abortions should be safe and rare,’” he added.

“Don’t tell me it should be rare. That’s like saying on the Holocaust, ‘Well, maybe we could save 20 percent of the Jewish people in Poland and Germany and get them out and we should be satisfied with that,’” Warren said. “I’m not satisfied with that. I want the Holocaust ended.”

Rick Warren thinks that women who have abortions can credibly be compared to Hitler. Godwin’s law, apparently, does not apply to people with scary ladyparts.

But don’t fret, female Obamabots. I’m sure the President-Elect doesn’t endorse those views. He’s just trying to have a…say it with me now…discussion.

• As he’s said again and again, the President-elect is committed to bringing together all sides of the faith discussion in search of common ground. That’s the only way we’ll be able to unite this country with the resolve and common purpose necessary to solve the challenges we face.

Horse. Pucky.

When you give a raving homophobe and misogynist like Rick Warren a national audience of tens of millions, the discussion is over.

Oh, did I not mention the homophobia? My bad. Here, watch Rick Warren say that gay marriage is a sin, and equivalent to incest and pedophilia. And of course, the “moderate” Mr. Warren was a most insistent proponent of Proposition 8 in California.

Let’s talk about “all sides of the faith discussion.” Again, this is a giant steaming load of Unity Pony crap. Where’s the rabbi, Barack? Where’s the imam? Where have they been this whole time, while Obama was on his “faith, family and values” tours and giving Donnie McClurkin and Douglas Kmiec a high profile during his campaign and organizing evangelical Christian programs like “The Joshua Generation” for the young-uns and meeting with the members of the “faith community” in Chicago (which was overwhelmingly evangelical and Christian, coincidentally) and pledging to e expand upon Bush’s faith-based initiatives (98.3% of the funding of which went to evangelical Christian organizations, coincidentally), and papering the country with flyers entitled “Barack Obama, Committed Christian?”

Based on the past and the present and the future plans of President-Elect Obama, it appears that “all sides of the faith discussion” includes Christian, Christian and Christian. Sorry, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists et al. You are under that darn bus too! Hope you didn’t expect him to give a flying fuck what you think or believe.

And as for the other talking points du jour, please, spare me the idiotic excuse that this guy does charitable work. So do hundreds, thousands of members of the clergy who, shockingly, do not hate women and the LGBT community. But here’s why Obama has done this thing, which is angering quite a lot of activists on the left and the right:

He’s dancing with the ones that brung him.

You see, Christians like Rick Warren are the ones that got Obama elected. A slim majority of women voted for Obama. Fewer LGBT’s voted for Obama than voted for John Kerry. But an overwhelmingly large number of African-Americans voted for Obama, a large percentage of which voted for Proposition 8. And twice as many young white evangelicals voted for Obama as they did for John Kerry

Obama is building a new “Democratic” base, made up of evangelical and “moderate” Christians and African-Americans (and, of course, the liberal elites and the Villagers who worship at his feet). Good luck to you if you don’t belong to those groups, because Obama is deaf, dumb and blind to your entreaties.

He won without you this time. He’ll win without you again in 2012. Your vote means nothing to Obama. Do you get it now, fauxgressives? Are you comprehending the enormity of your idiocy and credulity?

If you’re not getting it yet, you will. Within six months, you will realize that Obama has no intentions of being a liberal, a progressive or even a Democrat. He’s going to obey the only constituency he needs, which does not include you, and whose ideas and values you do not share in any way, shape or form.

And when that happens, I hope you will give us, the resisters of Obamamania, another look.

Because as I’ve said before, we told you so. And being right has got to count for something in the end, doesn’t it?

61 Responses

  1. Looking at those ads at the top, the only thing I can say Obama is committed to is own damned self!

  2. Obama hasn’t reached out to the GLBT community either. Remember when he wouldn’t give interviews to gay publications? And know for sure he hasn’t reached out to women unless they are the submissive type.

  3. {{sigh}}

  4. You forgot the atheists and the Brights, madamab. I might believe in a creator but my Brook doesn’t and hasn’t since she was 9 years old. But she is thoughtful, rational and learning morals that may not be compatible with the Catholic Church but are better than most religions in the world. That is, it is better to do what is right than what is written.

    Any religion that promotes inequality of the sexes is a false religion that doesn’t reflect the will of the creator and I reject it. That is MY moral value. Obama needs to respect it.

  5. Hope you didn’t expect him to give a flying fuck what you think or believe.

    Thanks for telling it like it is madamab! The ongoing WORM-ing and rationalizations by his supporters is a sight to behold. Where are the atheists at the table too? If he does actually think he is going to “bring everyone together” with this common ground bunk, his hubris will surely be his undoing. Diversity does not equal uniformity and compromise. It never will.

  6. fif: Actually, I *do* expect it from him. And I will not feel any obligation to defend him from right wing attacks if he does not. He signed onto being the president of all Americans regardless of faith or non-faith. If he isn’t going to live up to his obligation, he shouldn’t take the oath.

  7. RD said:
    Any religion that promotes inequality of the sexes is a false religion that doesn’t reflect the will of the creator and I reject it. That is MY moral value. Obama needs to respect it.

    Here here!

    To tack onto your point, Jesus and Mohammad were feminists by definition. Clearly, many of their followers aren’t following very well at all.

    One of my major issues with fundamentalist Christians is that the parts of the Bible they choose to quote aren’t from Christ.

  8. I was actually quoting madamab RD, but I’m afraid I don’t expect it either, and I don’t plan on defending him from anything. He will always be illegitimate to me, and whatever consequences that entails are his problem. I don’t think oaths mean anything to him. If he was concerned with ethics and honor, he wouldn’t have cheated to win the nomination.

  9. This is an excellent summary thread, madamab. We should add it to our “encyclopedia” – that place we can go to rapidly to argue a point. Remember we discussed this when talking about the Tipping Point? Where did we decide to place that dictionary because I really think this should be there.


  10. Right on, RD! I expect the President to respect my rights–everyone’s rights. He may not face any right wing attacks at this point. The wingers are pretty happy with what he’s doing. At least the radio talk show hosts. They can’t believe their luck. They thought Obama was a far left winger. LOL! They weren’t paying attention either.

  11. Thank you for this, madamab.

    And finally, finally a major feminist organization, the one headed by Eleanor Smeal has spoken out – see http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/eleanor-smeal-gets-it.html

  12. Excellent post, madamab. I hardly think that the best way to bring people together from alternate sides of the aisle is by tapping someone particularly controversial. Why not invite over someone more moderate? I think Obama’s interest in evangelicals is unnatural for a self-proclaimed progressive.

  13. fif and RD, the philosopher/lawyer speaking here: There are two senses of the word expect, on descriptive (as in “I predict P.E. Obama will protect women’s reproductive rights”) and the normative (“I believe P.E. Obama ought to protect women’s rights”). I take it that fif is denying the likelihood of the descriptive expectation and RD is claiming the right to continue to think that our “Democratic” president ought to do certain things.

    I agree with both of the expect claims I have attributed to fif and RD, respectively.

  14. Scrubs57: I like the encyclopedia idea very much. When 51 percent gets up and running it should have such a section where people can contribute cites to pieces here and elsewhere that can be used to educate folks about sexism in politics – and elsewhere.

  15. OT: Gov. Blago is maintaining that he’s innocent and that he has once thing on his side: the truth and is confident he will be vindicated. Either he is bluffing big time, or he knows things about certain special Illinois politicians.

  16. You have got to watch this! Wow! Nice going B0.

    I’m speechless. I’ll comment later after taking a deeeeep breath. What did we do to the “Progressive” Blogosphere 1.0 that compelled them to punish the rest of us with Obama?

  17. Really OT: I just heard Deep Throat (Mark Felt) died today.

  18. Sophie, on December 19th, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Blago is gonna fight! fight! fight! I can’t believe he went infront of the cameras and told everyone that he did nothing wrong even though his voice is on tapes.

  19. Downticket: my vote is that he knows things.

  20. MABlue, on December 19th, 2008 at 6:19 pm Said:

    I watched it and I’m not speechless. I’m ready to say some very blunt, very angry things indeed, such as what a total moron Rick Warren is. And it insults intelligence, let alone the dignity of all Americans, when we have a President (incoming) who gives this man a podium. I do not care if people tell me I am shrill (I’ve decided to take that as a compliment): the Warren/Obama partnership is evil. It is wicked. And I use those terms as an ethicist – I am an atheist.

  21. While I would love to hear Blago sing like Sinatra, I just don’t think it’s going to happen. He’s a Chicago politician who probably doesn’t want to end up like Bill Gwatney, et al. Should I be fitted for my tinfoil hat now?

  22. Here is the video of Blago. It is entertaining.

  23. MABlue,

    That video is unbelieveable! I’ve never seen Rick Warren before. What a pompous, sanctimonious, self-righteous ass he is.

  24. “bringing together all sides of the faith discussion” my tuchis. Among the other “sides” mentioned above, why no rabbi? He received 77% of the Jewish vote, after all. I guess “all sides” means every flavor of evangelical Christianity and under the bus with everybody else.

    Re Eleanor Smeal: I agree with her, but as far as the “Feminist Majority” goes? It’s really too little too late now. Kind of like these posts that are turning up on Feministe, Feministing, etc., breathlessly exhorting us to “petition Obama!” to do this and that. The B0 dudez are busy claiming their mandate, and I don’t really see any interest in listening to the girls.

  25. Excellent post, madamab! I’m so angry about this and I appreciate that you’ve articulated that anger so well.

  26. Andy Sullivan chugged a vat of Kool-aid and decided he is kool with Barack and Rick going to Saddleback Mountain together.

  27. Glenzilla reacts to Sully’s capitulation rationalizations:

    “When Clinton “triangulated” he was being cynical but when Obama does it he really means it.”

  28. And don’t look now, but Zeke Emanuel (aka the unemployed emanuel brother) tapped for a White House OMB post. From the Wall Street Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/12/18/rahm-emanuels-brother-joins-white-house-team/

    FINALLY I figure out what I have been doing wrong all this time: I was not born into the lucky sperm club! Silly me, working hard, studying my ass off, working hard some more. What’s the point?

  29. Jadzia, on December 19th, 2008 at 6:40 pm Said:
    Point taken.

  30. Jadzia, on December 19th, 2008 at 6:45 pm Said:

    The nepotism and cronyism is out of control!

  31. Why has my atavar mysteriously changed into one of the quilt squares?

  32. Heidi — Yep, TRULY ridiculous. B0 is turning out to be the child of the Chicago Machine and the Moral Majority. Note that I am not expressing any surprise.

  33. Way OT but I can’t help myself. (hmm..that’s a strange phrase) I’ve been over at TL again. Apparently the mother of the young man that Bristol Palin is marrying has been arrested for drugs. Of course it’s JM’s post and even tho the authorities have not released details, JM and others have deduced that she was manufacturing meth. Who knows, maybe she was, but it goes something like this== Sarah Palin’s- daughter’s -fiancé’s – mother has been arrested for probably manufacturing meth. So Voila’! I told you Sarah Palin was a bad person and it’s all her fault! I know I shouldn’t go there (TL) but sometimes I need a laugh.

  34. Tonight-Dateline NBC at 9:00 eastern:

    Pastor Rick Warren discusses his views on President-elect Barack Obama, his support of California’s ban on gay marriage and his new book

  35. GAgal:

    Jeralyn seems to have relapsed in her PDS rehab program.

    One day at a time, starting again tommorrow

  36. I watched that piece of human debris Rick Warren and wondered what “religious leaders” get away with.

    Any public figure without the Rev title who shows such ignorance and bigotry will be pretty much chased out of town.

    PS: Imus must been asking himself why he didn’t acquire the title of Rev before attacking the Rutgers basketball team. And btw, aren’t Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Rev?

  37. It’s all just really strange.

  38. Not only will I not defend Obama from right wing attacks when he acts exactly like anyone who was paying the slightest bit of attention this election should expect, I will sit back & relish the “disappointment” & bewilderment from the Obot crowd. I will not feel sorry for them for being duped, I will laugh in their faces for getting what they deserve. (Andrew Sullivan — I’m looking at you — remember your lies about Palin who actually signed law giving same-sex partner benefits? How do you like homophobe Rick Warren — a man who actually is a “creationist?” BWAHAHAHA!!). I’m going to downright enjoy these next 4 years.

  39. GAgal, thanks for the laugh. (I’m easily amused.) Obama is the lamb among Chicago wolves but Bristol’s fiance’s mother somehow represents Sarah Palin. That Obot logic is such a scream. It’s funny (and sad) how diligently they work at being distracted by such “newsworthy” tripe.

  40. who gave the invocation at Bill’s shindig?

  41. More evidence that Obama is Nixon. I was watching “Shampoo” last night and they had a banner up at a party scene that said:
    “Nixon is the One” hmm. familiar…
    Then they had tv footage with Nixon speaking. And Nixon said….”My administration will be an open one.
    I will have an open administration.”

  42. And then there was Obama saying “let me make it abudantly clear” blah blah I’m a support of gay rights.
    The old “abundatly clear” line… Vintage Nixon.

  43. abundantly.

  44. gxm — even funnier (imo) is that they are still talking about Palin at all — you would think the election wasn’t over — who gives a rat’s a$$ what is going on in Alaska compared to what is going on with the soon-to-be President of the USA? And they don’t seem to have the faintest clue how stupid& irrelevant they are.

  45. angienc2: I’m with you! The LEAST we can get out of this whole travesty of an election is some free entertainment.

  46. Angela Smith,

    I tried to tell the cheeto crowd that Nixon used that slogan. Guess what happened? They didn’t want to hear it. Obama is like Nixon except Obama lies a lot more.

  47. Jadzia — exactly — when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Much, much better for you than koolade!

    I fully expect Obama to not only be Bush’s 3rd term, I expect him to out do Bush at every turn. And when he does, I’m not going to be outrages, I’m going to remind every Obot that I was right & they were wrong & I’m going to love every minute of it.

    Do you think it’s too early to put a “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain” bumper sticker on my car? I’ve got the perfect place for it — right next to my Hillary sticker.

  48. Angie, yeah, the fact that the Palin smear campaign is still ongoing shows that they still consider her a threat. Plus it distracts from the very real (and very scary) ethics and policy issues already cropping up in their savior’s administration. Beating up on the ladies worked for them throughout the primary and the general election so they’re gonna stick with that tack. Not a creative bunch those obots, just persistently stupid and mean-spirited.

    I’m heading home to get ready for the circus. It arrives at my house sometime tomorrow evening. So if I’m not around much it’s not because I don’t love you Conflucians.

  49. gxm — have fun!! we love you too!!

  50. More pastors/religious outfits to keep on the radar….
    Saw it coming back in June….

    Obama Hides Behind Rev. Joseph Lowery–Literally


    Part 2: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–The Pastors


    Matthew 25 Network PAC Hits Christian Radio with Pro-Obama Ad as Christian Conservative Leaders Decide to Support McCain (UPDATED 1X)


  51. What bothers me is the Palin/in law woman’s (Ms Johnston) arrest will be national. I don’t feel sorry for her if it does turn out to be meth, but her arrest will be so much more publicized. It’s everywhere. My niece put my family (and herself) through hell for awhile. Thank goodness that’s behind us. I hope.

  52. RE: Do you think it’s too early to put a “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain” bumper sticker on my car? I’ve got the perfect place for it — right next to my Hillary sticker.

    Today I was out with my mother and I saw an Obama sticker and said to her, “That should read ‘Assholes for Obama.'” Even SHE laughed!

    I am now being told by someone else whom I’ve corresponded with for about 8 years that this person talked to two other women she knew and they wondered if I was racist or just bitter.

    I wrote back and said these people knew nothing and didn’t care because a lot of people knew what was going on with this guy…I said, “IT’S THEIR PROBLEM” . If she doesn’t write again, I don’t give a shit at this point…

  53. OH, and add this to the list…the crew from Bush’s Justice Dept. are on this list…

    Part 1: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–Non-Pastors (UPDATED 1x)


  54. The bumper sticker should say – Don’t blame me. I voted for Hillary. I’ll buy one. Somebody could make a fortune.

  55. New post up.

  56. Great Post “madamb”!!
    Absolutely “Spot-On”!

  57. Returning after feeding babies …. I’m not going with the “I Voted for McCain.” Instead, I’m going to recycle my “Somewhere a Village Is Missing Its Idiot” bumper sticker from the W Administration.

  58. myiq2xu, on December 19th, 2008 at 6:41 pm Said:
    Andy Sullivan chugged a vat of Kool-aid and decided he is kool with Barack and Rick going to Saddleback Mountain together.

    BO and Rick may go to Saddleback together, but Andy goes bareback, you know.

  59. Expect many more months of Palin and Clinton headlines. Anything to distract from the cronyism that is Obama’s administration. If Caroline Schlossberg gets Hillary’s spot, that will be it for me. Why bother voting at all? This is the beginning of Obama’s run in 1012 obviously. He won’t have the Progressives so he’ll need the Evangelicals. My head hurts from beating it against the wall for the last 2 years.

  60. 1012? Yea, it feels like it although I meant 2012.

  61. Anybody else super-excited to see a rabidly pro-life, anti-choice, anti-gay evangelical cleric blessing Obama and the nation?

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