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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Funny Story of the Year!

They want what?

They want what?

There has been a lot of funny stuff this year.  Funny-weird, funny business and funny ha-ha.  But this one takes the cake:

“Obama supporters want refunds”


Here’s your Hopey-Changey answer:

Take a number!

Take a number!

33 Responses

  1. Two words: F*ck ’em! They got what they paid for with a “no return” policy.

  2. I was just gonna watch Blade Runner on Sci-Fi but when I saw that story I had to do another post.

  3. This is just too too. Honestly, one thinks it cannot become any more absurd and then it does.

  4. Go read the link to the Salon story – it will make you crack up.

  5. myiq2xu, forgive me for inserting a link but there is a related story on Salon that is really worth reading too. http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2008/12/19/rick_warren/index.html

    Although, I must say it really is telling that that the homophobia of Warren seems to be what’s driving the Party elders and the ‘bots crazy, whereas his misogyny is just not mentioned at all.

  6. Heidi:

    Mi casa es su casa

  7. WaPo just did a total puff piece on Favreau. The Hillary incident is on the last page narrated in ‘boys will be boys’ language. Doesn’t look like Favreau is going anywhere…


  8. Oh the poor guy. He doesn’t realize he didn’t buy something at Macy’s or Nordstroms that came with a receipt and hasn’t realized there’s no “returns” line.

  9. Well!

    From the NY Post:

    “Caroline Kennedy, the former first daughter who is making her case to get tapped for outgoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s seat, didn’t cast a ballot in the 2005 mayoral primary or the 2002 general election, The Post has learned.

    City Board of Elections records show the registered Democrat also didn’t cast a ballot in the 1997 mayoral primary race, a Post review showed.


  10. Will the letters on the keyboards for
    be worn out before or after Jan 20?



  11. I posted this on the other link which had the pic of Caroline and Al.

    I loved that picture of Al and Caroline. I wonder if she knew what the cornbread was and if she’d seen collard greens before!

    Shit! I don’t even like collard greens. Bleh!

  12. helenk: We’ll have to create a hot-key so with the hit of one combo keystroke, that phrase is automatically inserted.

  13. Heidi:

    From your link to Salon:

    “I tried to keep an open mind when Obama began courting Warren three years ago; Salon sent a reporter to cover the popular young Democrat’s first visit to Saddleback Community Church, to talk about its laudable AIDS work, in 2006.”

    Why did Salon care about a freshman Senator’s visit to Saddleback Mountain??

  14. not a huge fan of collard greens per se but being down south could get me in the mood– same for okra and gumbo.

  15. Heidi Li
    see my post down stairs.

    Don”t sweat the small stuff.



  16. Hey, y’all, no need to diss collards! And Princess Caroline probably loves them on toast points, btw.
    myiq: why would anybody care about a freshman Senator, period?

  17. Let’s tell Gov. Paterson that we don’t need no stinkin Stepford Senator.

  18. John and Cinie, I’m from the South and don’t like collards or turnip greens. Cornbread? Yummmm!!

    I can devour a bowl of okra and tomatoes and eat fried okra like it’s popcorn. And okra in a gumbo goes without saying.

  19. WAPO wrote – “At a party at his (Favreau) parents’ house over Thanksgiving vacation, he danced and posed awkwardly next to a cardboard cutout of Clinton. A buddy uploaded photos onto Facebook, reporters discovered them, and suddenly experts were debating Favreau’s maturity on television. Favreau called Clinton and Obama to apologize. They told him not to worry, but he still does.”

    What a joke….”posed awkwardly next to a cardboard cutout”….is that what you call deliberately posed groping of Hillary’s breast? Journalism is dead.

  20. Okay, Fredster, I don’t care for turnips, either. Mustard greens rock, but okra is only good in gumbo, imo.

  21. Okay Cinie…call me the “anti-green(s) person! 😆

    And I do love fried okray. But, it’s a pain in the ass to cut it in the field. Did that a few times and said “oh no, I’ll buy it at the vegetable stand or in the grocery.

  22. getting late…okra

  23. New thread up!

  24. […] Read more: Funny Story of the Year! « The Confluence […]

  25. they did it to themselves and deserve any second of it. I have not an ounce of compassion for these morons. They threw women under the bus gleefully, why would I feel bad for them?They got what they deserved.

  26. Fredster: I’m with you on collards, mustards, poke sallat or any other greens. Bleeeeah.

  27. Favreau is still worried about the picture? Ohhh, poor guy!

    The original story about the photo said it was uploaded to Favreau’s account, which means he uploaded it himself. It’s doubtful he shares his account info with friends.

  28. A quote from Molly Ivins has been going through my head since the announcement about Warren – “You gotta dance with the one that brung ya’.” Obama seems to think he can diss that ones that brung him and get away with it. He needs to be taught a lesson by his base and it needs to happen NOW!

  29. Forgot to say, it annoys me that the Warren dustup centers on his stand on gays, not his stand on abortion. Once again, the focus in on the issues of a much smaller minority while women’s concerns are dismissed even though we are over half the population.

  30. It annoys me that the same breast-beaters and wailers didn’t respond to the Donnie McClurkin incident with the same outrage. There’s nothing new here at all. BO’s a homophobe and always has been. The evidence has been out there since the beginning.

  31. Yep. The backlash begins. Uppity my pal had one of the pix from “the college years” in LA. Umm, hmmm. We knew people just like that, then, didn’t we? The eyes have it.

    Personally, I wonder how ol’ Jeremiah is taking this….about now.


  32. All those Cali. GLBT “Obama” supporters getting F’D long and hard: PRICELESS! Unfortunately, the rest of us are stuck with a severe, four-year case of the “Kool Aid” cooties. Nice.

  33. Heidi Li said: “Although, I must say it really is telling that that the homophobia of Warren seems to be what’s driving the Party elders and the ‘bots crazy, whereas his misogyny is just not mentioned at all.”

    It’s disheartening. The sexism and misogyny are considered acceptable by the supposed left, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. They’ll make some noise, though not enough to accomplish anything, about the homophobia. But not a whisper when it comes to women’s issues and reproductive rights.

    Here’s a quote from a CNN article today about Stanley Milgram’s famous shock experiment:

    The idea of blind obedience isn’t as important in these studies as the larger message about the power of the situation, Burger said. It’s also significant that the participant begins with small voltages that increase in small doses over time.

    “It’s that gradual incremental nature that, as we know, is a very powerful way to change attitudes and behaviors,” he said.

    We have lost a lot of ground and we lost it over time and in little bits and by “leaders” and talking heads dismissing objections and telling everyone that sexism and misogyny are acceptable. This is why Obama’s silence on women’s issues, reproductive rights and LGBT issues is so very harmful. He will set us back even further and considering how much ground we’ve lost already, that’s a very scary place.


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