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Why Am I Not Surprised?


Which candidate represented Bush’s third term?  From Dana Milbank:

A month from now, the nation will say farewell to its sports-obsessed president who doesn’t like tough questions. And it will replace him with, well, another sports-obsessed president who doesn’t like tough questions.


But the Chicago Tribune’s John McCormick didn’t want to talk basketball. He wanted to know about contacts that Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, had with disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

“John, John, let me just cut you off,” Obama interrupted, “because I don’t want you to waste your question.” The president-elect said the “facts are going to be released next week” — when he, by random coincidence, will be enjoying Christmas vacation in Hawaii — and “it would be inappropriate for me to comment” before then. “So, do you have another question?”


McCormick’s exchange in Chicago yesterday brought to mind Bush’s tangle with David Gregory last year when the NBC newsman asked about an Israeli raid in Syria. “I’m not going to comment on the matter,” Bush said. “You’re welcome to ask another question, if you’d like to, on a different subject,” the president added.

Then there’s this little nugget from Politico:

Jay Carney is leaving Time magazine after 20 years to be Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s communications director in the White House, astonished magazine and gleeful transition sources said.


This is the second member of the media elite who has signed on with Obama’s administration. ABC News correspondent Linda Douglass joined the campaign as traveling spokeswoman, and now is working for Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Hmmm.  Probably no big deal, right?  Jim Geraghty:

Job offers don’t come together overnight, and for obvious reasons, the hiring process and job interviews are usually confidential. But this means that now we have two examples where members of the press were “covering” the Obama campaign while at the same time angling for a job with them. Not exactly an ideal circumstance for criticism, fairness or objectivity.

Kinda like a the dog that’s supposed to be guarding the henhouse applying for a job as a fox.


44 Responses

  1. Cops and crooks don’t usually switch back and forth.

  2. Internet irony

    Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 5:07 pm
    No Questions, Please. We’ll Tell You What You Need To Know.
    Posted by Jay Carney | Comments (1) | Permalink | Trackbacks (0) | Email This
    According to Nicole Wallace of the McCain campaign, the American people don’t care whether Sarah Palin can answer specific questions about foreign and domestic policy. According to Wallace — in an appearance I did with her this morning on Joe Scarborough’s show — the American people will learn all they need to know (and all they deserve to know) from Palin’s scripted speeches and choreographed appearances on the campaign trail and in campaign ads.

    I happend to click on that page looking around for info on Jay Carney , So I am guessing when Sarah Palin chooses her questions she is being evasive, but when bo does it ( because initially I thought this headline referred to what bo said about the blago scandal silly me )
    But when bo chooes what questions he will waste , he is just being “cool “

  3. Well, that’s nice to know that Jay Carney is leaving to become Biden’s communications director. Only who says a reporter has to leave Time to be Biden’s communications director?

  4. Well if they were going to sell themselves and their so called integity I hope they got real money not promises.
    We all know how good backtrack’s word is, that and $3.00 will get you a cup of coffee.
    Now not that journalism is dead here are they still going to charge for journalism classes in college.
    Why not just take a steno course?



  5. At least he didn’t pick Joe Klein.

  6. Did Dana Milbank just say something critical of Teh Precious? I’m stunned. Stunned.

    I remember Linda Douglass appearing on “Reliable Sources” one Sunday, where she defended Obama quite a bit. A couple of days later the announcement came that she was joining his team. I was stunned. Stunned. But nobody else in the media seemed to be, including “Sources” host and media critic Howard Kurtz.

    The consolidation of the government, media, and corporations is fascism in its purest form. I might be better off moving back to Russia. At least they got oil!

  7. DYB:

    It gets hard for the media when the campaign is over. They have to report something and Alaska is too far away.

  8. Arrrrrrrrrgh!

    Just keeping my anger alive and well, all this news. Thanks for that.

  9. Many years ago, I knew someone in radio news, (that’s how long ago it was, when radio stations actually had news departments) who was angling for a job from a local congressional candidate. This person, whom I loved dearly, did some of the most biased reporting on the candidate’s behalf that I had ever seen up to that point. It was my first exposure to press bias and since I knew the reporter, I knew that he was doing it purposely and I knew why he was doing it. Long story short, the reporter never got the job. The candidate just used him and led him along, but the candidate won, and the reporter eventually moved on.

    That’s why I believe that the members of the press are only human and in some cases less than human and will slant any story for personal gain. Most of them will anyway. I’m sure there are a few honest ones out there. None come to mind right now.

  10. At least it wasn’t Tweetie who feels it is his obligation to support the incoming administration no matter what it takes to be successful.

    And any of us surprised at this announcement? No really. And Jay Carney is also married to Claire Shipman who never found anything to criticize about Obama either.

    One big happy and incestuous family!

  11. I was told over and over again by Obots that the press was being nice to Obama because he was so teh awesome, and besides, they were just in love with his ever-so-inspiring story.

    Duh, it was because he paid them off.

    We told you so.

  12. I thought we had hit a brick wall with Bush. Wrong! This administration promises more of the same and a few surprises along the way.

    Objectivity has become so old fashioned.

  13. “who says a reporter has to leave Time to be Biden’s communications director?”

    Perfect, johninca!

  14. Hitler was “Man of the Year” in the 30’s. Time has a way of turning the irrelevant into the relevant.

    I would have preferred Michael Phelps. At least we had the advantage of actually watching him win his numerous medals through effort and performance. Obama? Pushed ahead by contacts and money and the color of his skin.

  15. myiq2xu> I agree, and I think this is the main reason they love the Blago story – der scandal!!! Even though it’s a big annoyance for Barky, they need a story now that the election is over. I mean, what are Campbell Brown and Keith O gonna be outraged about? I’m sure Sarah Palin will jay-walk to satisfy some of that hunger, but they need something big.

  16. Well, “all the media wants to like mike”! Or at least really close. Ha!

  17. I am waiting for Obama to complain that the questions were not submitted in advance.

    (I think this is the link – can’t watch it at work)

  18. DYB, glad you found that drole. You used to live in a country with one paper called Pravda, and now you have a country with a bunch of papers they should call Pravda.

    Remember that old saying? No truth in Pravda and no Pravda in the truth.

  19. mmmm….Michael Phelps…

    I’m sorry, what were we talking about?


  20. Wasn’t Stalin also “Man of the Year” once?

    And don’t forget Rudy!

  21. Did you know in 81 years only 4 women have been chosen? (Man of the Year) here’s another Ha!

  22. Michael Phelps was the Olympic winner in swimming and won a ton of medals. He would have been my choice for Time’s Man of the Year. Not that anyone asked. So thankful that I canceled my subscription back in May when they had the cover of Obama as “the candidate” even before the primaries had ended.

    I hate the press.

  23. Pastor Rick Warren will deliver the invocation at the inauguration. He publicly supported Prop 8 and doesn’t think abortion should be rare – it should be ended:

    “Don’t tell me it should be rare. That’s like saying on the Holocaust, ‘Well, maybe we could save 20 percent of the Jewish people in Poland and Germany and get them out and we should be satisfied with that,’” Warren said. “I’m not satisfied with that. I want the Holocaust ended.”

  24. This group is so craven they will stoop to any level to show their “egliatarian” roots. Shameful! Rick Warren is just another huckster acting in the name of the “Lord”. These people give me a severe case of agita.

  25. The news media needs death, drama and/or disasters to sell papers and get ratings.

    Touchy-feely and hero worship doesn’t do it.

  26. Time should have named itself Man of the Year. Or the entire press corps. They’re the ones who selected Obama. All he had to do was smile and stutter and deny knowing anyone from his past.

  27. Apparently the Detroit press has stopped home deliveries due to cost cutting. I canceled my own daily some months back since it was full of Obama love and little else beyond ads.

    I go online to read the daily news but when they canceled several editorial writers here in my city I gave it up. No point any longer since the Obama drumbeating became too loud to ignore.

  28. No job for Keith Olbermann?? I can’t stand Jay Carney. Biden won’t get much publicity, so there will probably be less of Jay on TV.

    Jmac– Rick Warren?? Obama is turning out to be even more conservative than I thought, and I thought he was a Reagan Republican.

  29. I only watch the animal channel, the scifi channel, history channel–stuff like that. No news is good news as far as TV goes.

  30. bb: Looks like you and I will have to depend upon Howie Carr to get another point of view. It appears that the free ride with the press will continue and we will have to find other voices, like Howie who hates all things Dem, to at least offer an opposing perspective.

    This is what we are left with.

  31. But what happened to rev wright and father phegler and bo and mo standing at the podium singing ” God damn America”?
    Backtrack does switch religions and pastors when it is to make himself look good.
    Does he really think all Americans will forget?
    I won’t ever forget or forgive.



  32. I am checking in for the first time today and I would like to refer back to a comment HelenK made on an earlier post. HelenK said that demonstrations no longer are effective but work stoppages are. I wholeheartedly agree.

    A few years ago our Governor, Mitt Romney, decided to slash the court budget and held up the budget so none of the public defenders were getting paid. Now one would think that there is no working group less sympathetic than lawyers, right? Well, guess what? The criminal defense lawyers organized and refused to accept any new cases from the court. And then what happened? The salaried agency attorneys had to actually leave their offices and go to court and try real cases and go down to the lockup and into the locked wards to interview clients instead of just sending out memos.

    The next fiscal year, Romney’s crowd tried to hold up the budget again. Guess what? Those very same salaried attorneys managed to find a way to go into the public counsel advance budget and keep the checks not only coming in,, but coming to us on a weekly basis during the eight weeks the governor and legislure wrangeled over the budget. Guess they didn’t like practicing real law with real clients in real courts. So yes, Virginia, work stoppages are the only way to deal with these people because the only things they understand are their own profit and convenience.
    Real work is anathema to most of them.

  33. BBS:

    Public Defenders are overworked and underpaid.

    On top of that, they get no respect.

  34. Pat,

    I’ve been listening to Howie sometimes in the car. At least he can be funny. I’ll bet he’s enjoying the mess in Chicago.

  35. myiq – if they need death and destruction, why did they not report the truth about Bu$hCo instead of worshiping at their feet?

    Nah, I don’t think it’s about ratings. It’s about money and contr0l and the corporatization of America. The media responds to whomever makes their parent corporations the most money.

    The head of Viacom said that he is a Democrat, but he always votes Republican because they always make him richer. This year, he got to vote for a D who would make him richer. He must be in hog heaven.

    Back Bay Style – that’s the kind of creativity I think we need as a movement. Work stoppages! I love it!

  36. And by the way – Rick Warren compares abortions to The Holocaust?

    How dare he? There is absolutely no comparison except in the minds of lunatics who equate clumps of cells with fully realized, independent, adult human life.

    People like Rick Warren are without shame and they hate women with a passion.

  37. madamab, on December 17th, 2008 at 5:13 pm Said:
    And by the way – Rick Warren compares abortions to The Holocaust?
    How dare he? There is absolutely no comparison except in the minds of lunatics who equate clumps of cells with fully realized, independent, adult human life.
    People like Rick Warren are without shame and they hate women with a passion.
    And the ‘obots are rationalizing Rich Warren. They shouldn’t be surprised…Donnie McClurkin and Kirbyjon Caldwell campaign in SC and Doug Kmiec and Roy Romer led “O’s” “Values tour…What a bunch of f***ing idiots.

  38. Obama has stated his family will not choose a church in D.C. He only quit the Illinois church when the Rules Committee was in session deciding the fate of Michigan and Florida – in other words, Clinton). He was forced to quit that church.

    He never left the church. A number of his present votes in the Illinois state senate were on women’s issues. I don’t trust him one iota on abortion, gay rights or separation of church and state.

  39. New thread up!

  40. SOD,

    Thanks for that. But what would be the point of a presidential commission on women? Obama hasn’t even commented on the disgusting misogynistic behavior of his own top speechwriter. A presidential commission would be just like his internal investigation of his own staff’s communications with Blaojevich. What we need is a different President–preferably a woman President.

  41. Hello everyone I hate that we finally have a discussion that is meaningful and spirited and I cant stay and put in my 2 cents worth.

    I must say I agree we need to do something about our addiction to fossil fuels which are becoming harder to find extract or mine.

    We need to let a “thousand fountians flow” as deng Zhou Peng said to china 30 odd years ago we need to do that now with energy.

    No Idea should be rejected a tax on offending energy like gas should be instituted witha tax credit to those at the lower end of the economic ladder so they do not suffer disproportionately to the rest of society.

    We tier our enegry and water rates rates so that we actually lose money on the lowest tier. The wealthier energy hogs pay for this subsidy and they also pay more for their electricity because they place a bigger burden on our grid.

    by 2011 we will operate the largest biomass powerplant in the USA. 100 Megawatts of power it will make up roughly 1/8th of our total energy capasity. By 2030 we hope to have 20% of our energy produced by alternative energy.

    Believe or not this is an challenging goal for us a small utility. We will also be signing 20 yr contracts with small producers to purchase solar power. We are the first utility to do this.

    Do not confuse our inovative solar initiative with net metering this is different very different. I am excited about our inovative approach to meeting our needs for electricity.

    We are also using price as a tool called demand side management and it is working. We use some of this money from higher rates to provide low income home owners grants and low interest loans to make there homes more efficient.

    I think both dakinikat and MadamaB would agree that you have to look at both sides of the energy equasion supply and demand.

    We can solve our energy problems and lessen the effect of our new reality on those who can least afford it. We are all going to have to work together and make sacrifices it we are to reach a solution.

  42. I have no intention of watching bimbo and meme taking the oath of office. That day TV will not be turned on. If I could control things…a BIG snow storm would take place.

  43. I’m getting my women’s rights groups confused. Have womencount.org been anywhere during the primaries and the general election on the issue of misogyny in the media?? I loved this part of their new press-release:

    “Rather than speak out, we have given him the benefit of the doubt and encouraged others to do the same…”

    And therein lies the problem: they gave him the benefit of the doubt instead of saying anything and encouraged others to be silent. And now they’re….what exactly? Stunned, surprised, shocked, disappointed?

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