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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    William on I’d like to think…
    Propertius on A tale of two diplomats.
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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Where Have I Heard That Before?

From Politico:

Gov. Rod Blagojevich spoke with reporters for several minutes before taking a jog in snowy Chicago, telling them to “hang loose” to hear his side of the story. 

“I can’t wait to begin to tell my side of story, to address you guys and most important, the people of Illinois,” Blagojevich said. “That’s who I am dying to talk to.”

I could swear I heard that somewhere before.  Maybe it was here:

President-elect Barack Obama said he’s anxious to “correct immediately” some media reports on transition team contacts with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but would hold off until next week as promised to federal authorities.

“It’s a little bit frustrating,” Obama said Wednesday at a Chicago news conference. “There’s been a lot of speculation in the press that I would love to correct immediately. We are abiding by the request of the U.S. attorney’s office, but it’s not going to be that long. By next week, you guys will have the answers to all your questions.”

No, that wasn’t it, and it wasn’t Rahmbo or JJJ either.  Now I remember!  It was this guy:



(h/t Cinie)



Somebody tell Lambert that reading is a life skill.  This post compares one person’s STATEMENT to O.J. Simpson’s STATEMENT and that one person is Rod Blagojevich. 

You can also let him know that posting privileges are a two-way street.  Since he saw fit to ban me from Corrente I think it’s only fair that he not comment on my posts here.

238 Responses

  1. I seriously doubt that Fizgerald asked Obama not to say anything about his staff’s contacts with Blagojevich. Bush used to say the same thing. Fitzgerald can’t correct these statements, because he isn’t allowed to talk about the case publicly at all. Obama is lying, as usual.

  2. BB:

    Actually, Fitz confirmed Obama’s story.

    But that begs the question – if Team Obama had nothing to do with this scandal then why would Fitz ask them to STFU?

  3. Everybody’s talking about impeachment, scandal, will it bring down Rahm, or Obama, prosecutorial behavior, due process.

    Now let’s get to the real issues. As in: is that his real hair or not?

  4. sorry I alway make a good comment on the last post so here it is I am excited that little Gainesville Florida is taking a bigh step to solve our nations energy needs!

    I am proud to work for a company that rolls up its sleves and works towards solutions and still has compassion for the little guy…..i think even Hillary would approve!

    here it is:

    Hello everyone I hate that we finally have a discussion that is meaningful and spirited and I cant stay and put in my 2 cents worth.

    I must say I agree we need to do something about our addiction to fossil fuels which are becoming harder to find extract or mine.

    We need to let a “thousand fountians flow” as deng Zhou Peng said to china 30 odd years ago we need to do that now with energy.

    No Idea should be rejected a tax on offending energy like gas should be instituted witha tax credit to those at the lower end of the economic ladder so they do not suffer disproportionately to the rest of society.

    We tier our enegry and water rates rates so that we actually lose money on the lowest tier. The wealthier energy hogs pay for this subsidy and they also pay more for their electricity because they place a bigger burden on our grid.

    by 2011 we will operate the largest biomass powerplant in the USA. 100 Megawatts of power it will make up roughly 1/8th of our total energy capasity. By 2030 we hope to have 20% of our energy produced by alternative energy.

    Believe or not this is an challenging goal for us a small utility. We will also be signing 20 yr contracts with small producers to purchase solar power. We are the first utility to do this.

    Do not confuse our inovative solar initiative with net metering this is different very different. I am excited about our inovative approach to meeting our needs for electricity.

    We are also using price as a tool called demand side management and it is working. We use some of this money from higher rates to provide low income home owners grants and low interest loans to make there homes more efficient.

    I think both dakinikat and MadamaB would agree that you have to look at both sides of the energy equasion supply and demand.

    We can solve our energy problems and lessen the effect of our new reality on those who can least afford it. We are all going to have to work together and make sacrifices it we are to reach a solution.

  5. fake hair

  6. SOD… from your keyboard to God’s search engine

  7. I am sorry but I have a passion about Energy.

    here is a good SAT question:

    Energy is to Fuzzybeargvill as _______is to Hillary Clinton.

    A) Health Care
    B) Shoes Caroline Kennedy is wearing to Pampers big day
    C) Kieth Oberman or Tweety

  8. sorry that was to easy but I am a wonk about electricity and water and natural gas.

    Did you know the united states may have gas reserves that could supply most of our energy need that could last 500 years!

    Did you know that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and is 30% cheaper than elecricity to heat you r home, water , dry your clothes, and cook your food.

    Natural gas produces only 1/2 the green house gases as coal and oil.

    There are tens of thousands of gas powered vehicles on the road right now!

    GRU is committed to promoting natural gas as a bridge solution to our nations energy needs!

  9. who has fake hair?

  10. impeachment is off the table Nancy said so…unless Pampers crosses her

  11. Why did Fitz tell Obieone to hold off? According to Fitz’s statement he wanted to complete his interviews. So Obie is anxious to get out his internal findings proving nothing happened and Fitz says, well wait a minute—we need to complete our investigation interviews—could be Fitz will find something different? Internal reviews conducted by the suspect are fact? Only in Washington and Chicago.

  12. johninca — I noticed the AP story you cite doesn’t mention the fact that the IL attorney general (Barbara Flynn Currie) comes from a political family that wants to oust Blago so she can be governor — not defending Blago here, but Flynn Currie isn’t acting in the interests of the people of IL either.

  13. Angie when if ever have politicians in Illinois ever acted in the interest of the people at least in recent memory…

    Chicago had a female mayor once Mayor Byrnes I believe she was a sharp cookie and she beat the machine to get her office-right

  14. I “think” that Obama or hiis staff did something wrong with regard to the “bag o chips” senate for sale thing and Fits is trying to find out what it is.

    Why cant we just find Obama in bed with a dead woman or a live boy?

  15. Jangles:

    The internal report could be considered a “prior inconsistent statement” or a “business record” which are exceptions to the hearsay rule.

  16. Myiq2xu but do you believe Mr obamas internal report that he is worming as we speak?

  17. Fuzzy:

    If Obama said the sun rose in the east I’d want to see it for myself.

  18. fuzzy — if the msm did it’s JOB we would have found worse on B0 a long time ago.
    At this point, B0 could skin live puppies on tv & the msm wil kiss his ass & tell us how wonderful skinning live puppies is for the environment.

  19. Angie

    I think that Michelle and Pamper s could sacrifice a live baby and eat it in front of its parents on national TV in front of a live audience with KO and Tweety as commentators and they would still get thunderous applause!

  20. If I were obamas daughter and that puppy ever came up missing Iwould check the kitchen garbage can for bones and fur

  21. fuzzy — don’t forget KO & Tweety’s hard ons tingling feelings on their legs! 🙂

  22. BO is like Josef D.

    He manipulated the levers of power within the party to catapult himself to the top and then relentlessly eliminated the opposition and created a cadre of people both terrified of him and radically loyal out of fear. He controlled his image and cultivated the best image possible.

  23. Believe it or not, I have another post ready.

    But I’ll wait a while to put it up, someone else probably would like to post something too.

  24. Harry Reid has called Gov Paterson to push for Caroline Kennedy. He said, “We have a lot of stars from New York. Bobby Kennedy. Hillary Clinton. I think Caroline Kennedy would be perfect.”

    Perfect! A star. A star who wrote a book. Perfect.

  25. myiq — another post?!?! tsk, tsk — all work & no play makes myiq a dull boy!

  26. I’m so sick of hearing about Caroline Kennedy. Isn’t one of the conflucians here from NY? He should appoint her?

  27. I’m so sick of hearing about Caroline Kennedy. Isn’t one of the conflucians here from NY? He should appoint her instead.

  28. elderj:

    You can say that again

  29. Obama continues to execute his “brilliant” plan to co-opt the “right” by appointing another right wing male to the cabinet. So far, there have been only three women nominated to the Cabinet…UN Amb isn’t a cabinet post yet…..Ray La Hood, D-IL, the “moderate Repub” has a progressive punch score of 13%. The most reactionary Dem., Gene Taylor D-MS, has a score of 53%.

    Along with Rich Warren, the ‘obots rationalize this crap as a “brilliant strategic plan” to neutralize the right.

  30. I can exit today in a happy frame of mind. John Aravosis of AmericaBlog thinks that ‘picking Rich Warren to give the invocation . . is abominable.”

    Never have I disliked a blogger more than John. If he’d let me on his blog I’d love to tell him ITYS. i told you so i told you so i told you so

  31. Ok went to YTD land of Chri$tina and theay are still harping on the 12 PUMA’s who question the COLB…

    nest they will do a Larry $inclair retrospective…

    Not one word on how Obama is selling them out!

    god what DORKS! sorry ladies

  32. SHV – trust me, as a person of fairly conservative leanings; the right is far from neutralized. Chastened by an electoral loss? Perhaps. Disorganized? Definitely. Uncertain of how to move ahead? Absolutely. Neutralized? Not in the least. Nothing BO has done will in any way palliate the right. Clinton could have done so, without damaging her liberal credentials, because she is a known quantity with a demonstrated ability to work across the aisle and without all the super weird radical connections. BO cannot, because is unknown, and what is known of him is deeply suspect.

  33. Fuzzy:

    They talk about it more than anyone else does.

  34. elderj, on December 17th, 2008 at 7:06 pm Said:

    SHV – trust me, as a person of fairly conservative leanings; the right is far from neutralized.
    That whole rational is insane but that is how the ‘obot explain it and the latest is “he is so smart that he know what he is doing” and unsaid “who are we”, mere mortals, “to question him”.

  35. ok had to share the $hit storm post I did at YTD….

    From the Office of the President Still here till 01/20/2009 12pm:

    Happy Holidays to all the Obama supporters at YTD and Tommy Christpher

    To my fellow gainesville girl Christina-a nice hot cider with a cinamon stick

    Go Gators Beat Oklahoma! Tim TeBow Rocks!

    A special congradulations to Obama Cabinet appointees

    Sec Def Gates (4 more years)

    UN Ambassador designate Condi Rice

    Sec of Energy Select “Drill bagy Drill” Ken Salazar

    Sec of HHS select and Washington Outsider Thom Dashel….

    Oh and a special shout to Gov of Ill-in-noise “I do not know him” Bag o Chips (Me hears a cock crow 3 times at dawn this ,mornin)

    I think it is a brilliant strategy that you neutralize the Right Wing by making their agenda your agenda!

    I would also like to thank you for your support in passing Prop 8 in California and Amendment 2 in Florida we could not have done it with out you!

    Your BFF-George Bush

    I passed this through Fuzzybear loves doing my dirty work for me!

  36. Myiq2xu it is a sick obsession with them and I love dropping a comment now and then!

  37. where is everyone?

  38. Fuzzy:

    I notice that Kitty’s Litter Box and the ButtBurger crowd both spend a 90% of their time obsessing over us and the other 10% patting themselves on the back for being so smart.

  39. HI SOD,

    Thanks for responding to my comment on the last thread. I always seem to say something right before a new post goes up. I agree with you that we should support any women’s group that actually tries to stand up to the great misogynist Obama. I just don’t think the commission should be appointed by a misogynist. Let Hillary pick the commissioners.

  40. Rick Warren. Why is that a surprise to anyone? The surprise to me was that there were so many gay and lesbian groups supporting obama for president! Did they fail to note he was NOT in favor of legalizing same sex marriages? Did that NOT set off warning bells in their heads, as it did in mine? Did the amount of obama supporters who voted in favor of prop 8 not seem a bit suspicious? No, I have no desire to say itys, but it sure does seem like mr. obama is getting his jollies off by saying it himself, over and over and over.

  41. SOD,

    I’m afraid that if he gets away with keeping Favreau, he’ll just let women go down the tubes. He hates us and no one seems able to shame him into pretending he doesn’t.

  42. “No, I have no desire to say itys, but it sure does seem like mr. obama is getting his jollies off by saying it himself, over and over and over.”
    “O” said it himself, when he was questioned about “moving” right. As he said; “I haven’t moved anywhere..you haven’t been listening”.

    If the LGBT community didn’t get the message from Donnie McClurkin, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Doug Kmiec, et al…they really weren’t listening.

  43. I bought one of the backtrack tire thingys, so I am on the repub list.
    I recieved a letter today asking for funds for the republican national committee. part of it reads
    “with democrats controlling the white house and both chambers of congress we must work to vigilantly guard our country’s freedoms for the inevitable assault they will face. We must keep the American people informed of the democrats efforts to impose socialistic inefficient and dangerously utopian policies in Washington.”
    Does this sound like they are not regrouping to take back the country in 2010 after a backtrack disaster.
    I am now a registered declined to state but got this letter because of buying the thingy



  44. SHV:

    He said he wasn’t a liberal too, but they didn’t listen to that either.

  45. Why am I in moderation?

  46. I even found one of RD’s comments in moderation earlier.

  47. I agree, Ainnj. Even Taylor M. and Andrew Sullivan are upset. So they went through the election with blindfolds and ear plugs firmly in place. How can anyone be surprised.

    I won’t even be surprised when O tries to sneak through an anti-abortion judge.

  48. Whoever programmed the bot that posts as “Jaime Holts” really f**ked-up.

    It tries to post about 14 different spam comments one right after the other.

  49. “I even found one of RD’s comments in moderation earlier.”

    We disapprove of our own comments.

    (Slightly modifying an old Paula Poundstone joke).

  50. Jmac:

    He won’t try to sneak one through, he’ll do it in the open and the media won’t say a thing.

  51. Re: Rick Warren — Really, the self-righteous I’m-shocked-I-tell-ya is already old, old, old. At this point, anyone who is shocked is not too bright.

  52. This is a very interesting video:

    You Know There’s A Problem When MSNBC Attacks No-Record Obama

  53. The Big Orange has a post up on Warren. They say it’s a spit in the eye to anyone who supports equality, dignity, and justice under the law.

    Ha. Like the primary had any equality, dignity or justice.

  54. does anyone here
    know about a webside called
    According the site backtrack’s house is owned by Reszko’s lawyer wm miceli and backtrack used to work for him.
    I had never heard of the website before and do not know anything about it.
    Everyday something new comes out about backtrack and if the msm had done what they were supposed to do we would not be in this mess.



  55. A little good news on the Kennedy front:


    Petitions, phone calls… might actually be effective.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

  56. Obama chose Warren to take the attention off Blago.

    Darn. I fell for it!

  57. I’m not shocked. Appalled, but definitely not shocked. I’m sure Gloria and her crew will pull out the “who ever could have imagined” crap though.

  58. hi, that’s a classic video – especially the end!

  59. also on TD blog there is a post that claims that the phone number at that residence is associated with a San Francisco party of socialism and libertation.
    Are stories just propoganda or are there really this much info out there that the msm missed?



  60. hi – Joe S has been criticizing Obama all along. That MSNBC video was great!

  61. Atrios has made Obama “Wanker of the Day” because of Warren. No one is giving him a pass on this one.

  62. Jmac – A little too late to “not give him a pass.” Atrios is Wanker of the Century in my opinion.

  63. I’m afraid I’m not that familiar with Rick Warren. I know he’s the guy who hosted that faith program with Barky and McCain, but what’s his deal?

  64. Yeah, I loved that MSNBC video. Good to know that Paterson isn’t caving to the Kennedy’s whining. GODDESS, I wish that f*cking family would get over themselves and realize that they are not entitled to anything.

  65. I read a lot of this stuff at No Quarter. Good stuff over there. Really smart writers.

    Is Patterson caving? Or is he going to appoint someone else?

  66. I’m with madamab. The blogger boyz bleat for 5 seconds, then forget all about it. They’ve already given him a blanket pass.

    But oh gosh, when Obama appoints Cass sunstein to teh SCOTUS, I bet their faux outrage will last for 6 whole minutes. Slimy, unprincipled, phony wankers.

  67. Amen Seriously!!!

  68. Heidi Li is upset that O has selected RonLaHood (Republican) as Transportation Secretary. He helped lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

  69. That whole rational is insane but that is how the ‘obot explain it and the latest is “he is so smart that he know what he is doing” and unsaid “who are we”, mere mortals, “to question him”.

    Yeah, they used to say that about Harry reid. “He has a plan! He knows what he’s doing! It may look like he’s getting his ass kicked, but he’s setting them up, he has them right where he wants them! We just don’t understand everything that’s going on!”

  70. Illinois Combine: take care of Dems and Rethugs from the state. New highways in Illinois soon.

  71. Jmac – Yeah, that was a horrrrrible pick for a very important position.


  72. Brilliant- trhe blogosphere is the equivalent of the Democratic Congress. They are going to wag fingers at him perhaps send him a sternly worded letter. Just bleeping brilliant.

  73. Was Harry’s brilliant plan to bankrupt us? I mean, after all, that appears to be what they have accomplished. Just like I used to say Bush was either the biggest dolt ever or the most corrupt a-hole ever so say I about Pelosi and Reid. A big, lazy batch of enablers, that’s our representation in a nutshell. ooooopppps I left out the overpaid part. They are the equivalent of the overpaid CEOs that have driven businesses into the ground, only Congress does it larger scale. (banging my head against desk)

  74. “He manipulated the levers of power within the party to catapult himself to the top and then relentlessly eliminated the opposition and created a cadre of people both terrified of him and radically loyal out of fear.”

    Exactly, and even if someone were to come to his senses.he’s not going to be able to explain how he ever came to support him in the first place. It takes a lot of character to publicly admit you’ve been a dupe when you took it to such an extreme as part of a quasi Messianic movement. They’re going to keep quiet and keep going along to get along just to avoid the public embarassment.

  75. CWaltz said: “perhaps send him a sternly worded letter”.

    LOL. That’s what they’re doing! They link to the Obama post where you can register your complaints. I’d compliment O on being exactly who I thought he was only he’d capture my email address.

  76. I have wondered since the congress has helped bankrupt this country, where do they plan to live,
    Bush has land in paraquay where do these traitors plan to go?
    Did reid stop the atomic waste going to Nevada?
    I guess he does not plan to live there.
    Where is botox nancy planning on going?
    When you sell out your home country you better have a plan to go somewhere else to live because you have fouled your own nest too.



  77. Jmac, on December 17th, 2008 at 8:59 pm Said:
    Heidi Li is upset that O has selected RonLaHood (Republican) as Transportation Secretary. He helped lead the impeachment of Bill
    If you think that is bad, look at his voting record. The worst Dem has a score of 53%..La Hood 13%.


  78. The thing that really makes me sick about La Hood, is that the Senate Dems will give him a pass at confirmation because the Messiah wants him.

  79. No wonder he didn’t come up on Google. It’s Ray LaHood. Heidi Li says it’s the equivalent of putting Cheney in charge of energy. He’s a fox in the henhouse.

  80. I just went over to no-we-won’t blog talk and they are waiting for the host to call in. I imagine BJ isn’t on tonight. Is anyone else?

  81. I haven’t been able to get online all night–very frustrating. I don’t know if this has been discussed, but the latest “I told ya so” is now well-deserved:


    Though we’ve all known Obama is a homophobe for months, he just threw the gullible gay community under the bus. At least it’s gotten a justified reaction of “fury.”

  82. Oh, I read upthread to catch up and see, of course, that the PUMAs are already on top of the Warren issue. All these groups that refused to listen to the facts re: Obama are now suddenly shocked by things we were pointing out months ago.

    Someone wrote above: If the LGBT community didn’t get the message from Donnie McClurkin, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Doug Kmiec, et al…they really weren’t listening.

    Who is Kirbyjon Caldwell? I missed that one.

  83. There’s a move on for everyone to send Bush a shoe for Christmas.

  84. Caldwell is W’s spiritual advisor – he endorsed Obama.

  85. But what makes Caldwell a member of the Obama homophobe pantheon?

  86. I’m not gay — I knew after B0’s tour of SC with McLurkin that he was a homophobe. Any member of the GLBT community who voted for B0 has NO RIGHT to complain now about Warren. point.blank.period.

  87. I’m glad angienc is not gay…. but she’s an Aries and I’m a Capricorn; she’s Orthodox/Catholic and I’m Evangelical….


    … a boy can dream though can’t he?…

  88. elderj — LOL! 😉

  89. angie — I thought you were a Leo?

  90. The gay community is shocked, stunned, and appalled that Obama embraces a homophobe. For the past two years they were so busy pleasuring Obama that they missed McClurkin, Meeks, Kmiec, his refusal to march in gay pride parades, and his refusal to have a picture taken with (the heterosexual) Gavin Newsom.

    Women’s rights groups are shocked, stunned, and appalled that Obama hasn’t picked too many women for his cabinet. For the past two years they were so busy pleasuring Obama that they missed what Obama’s campaign did to Clinton and Palin, “sweetie,” and lest we forget Obama campaign’s very explicit refusal to say that he intended to appoint women to his administration.


  91. DYB: don’t forget the environmentalists. His new picks for Interior and Transportation have horrible environmental records. Green revolution my ass.

  92. SOD – no, I’m an Aries — first on the zodiac baby! afrocity is the Leo.

  93. elderj: Aries & Capricorn don’t mix. I’m an Aries too, and I have a long history of butting heads with Caps. Two headstrong signs.

  94. helenk, I saw earlier today you mentioned “It’s Hard to Be Humble” as another song for Obama. Here’s Mac Davis and the Muppets. I love the line – he must be a helluva pig. The song is at 45 sec in.

  95. One small consolation: Andrew Sullivan is eating crow. Gotta love the little victories.

  96. SOD – Obama stands for Obama; first, last, and always. He will lie down with whomever gets him power and thrown them under the bus as rapidly he embraced them.

  97. Seriously said:

    Yeah, they used to say that about Harry reid. “He has a plan! He knows what he’s doing! It may look like he’s getting his ass kicked, but he’s setting them up, he has them right where he wants them! We just don’t understand everything that’s going on!”

    Exactly, we kept hearing about his middleweight boxer creds, “He’s doing the rope-a-dope” and so forth.

    The chess players seem to be better suited to the political arena than the boxers.

  98. madamab,
    Here’s Obama’s theme song that helenk wanted you to see. The longest song titile ever. How Could You Believe Me When I Told You That I Loved You When Know I’ve Been A Liar All My Life!
    Only Kermit could make the line – I rather hang than take a wife – funny.

  99. Actually I think he would throw himself under the bus if it were possible.

    The uh Obama uh, you see in those videos, uh, promising health care reform uh, and promising uh to withdraw from Iraq, is uh, not the Obama, uh that I uh know and love.

  100. fif — I know Aries & Capricorn don’t mix the hard way — because without fail the guy in the room I’m most attracted to is the Capricorn — I think its because they are always such “manly” signs — Cary Grant, Elvis Presley, Jude Law, Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, LL Cool J, Ted Danson — all Capricorns.

  101. I think somebody should ask that noob who put up the effigy of Palin what he thinks about all of this. Now that your marriage is no longer legal, uh any mea culpa or is it somebody else’s fault? Aliens controling Dear Leader through his virtuous fillings?

  102. fif, on December 17th, 2008 at 9:51 pm Said:
    Who is Kirbyjon Caldwell? I missed that one.
    The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, longtime spiritual adviser to President George W. Bush and senior pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, plans to campaign on behalf of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama…
    (One of the activities of his church was the “Metonia Ministry”)

    Metanoia Ministry
    We are pleased to announce the creation of ” The Way, The Truth and The Life”, a program created to provide Christ Centered instruction for those seeking freedom from homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, sex addiction and other habitual sins.

    Kirbyjon was on the SC tour with Donnie McClurkin..

    Most of the references have been scrubbed stuff that was easily available during the early primary days is now “404:

  103. btw — I’m not saying that Capricorns are always the best looking guys in the room — it is more that I find their presence more attractive.

  104. Um, angie–Robert Duvall????? lol

    We should buy a bunch of airsteams to accomodate all our fellow travelers–under the trailer doesn’t have teh same ring, but we need to be stylin.

  105. Hmmm, even Alex Baldwin isn’t crazy about gifting the senate seat to kennedy. But all the little huffypoo kidlets are downright keen on the idea! She is a kennedy for godsakes! forget that most of them were born at least 25 years after JFK was murdered. Forget the little youthful indiscretions of the kennedy clan, (not too many people vacationing on Martha’s vineyard anymore apparently)…but since ck is a KENNEDY, she is golden for the seat! What the heck happened to the obamablot mantra of “no more bush dynasty, no more clinton dynasty”.

  106. Robert Duvall is a very manly man — I’m not saying he is great looking — but when you look at him you know he is all man baby — he’s not using mousse in his hair, I’ll vouch for that!

  107. Robert Duvall in “Tender Mercies” purrrr.

  108. Robert Duvall? What hair?

  109. Thanks SHV. There was another name mentioned earlier I didn’t recognize either–Ron someone?

    Seriously: Robert Duvall is fantastic. One of our greatest actors. I met him once when I worked in a bookstore in NYC, and I was mute. The most beautiful blue eyes. I was trying to help him find a book, and couldn’t concentrate, and finally gushed as he was leaving: “I…I…I think you’re wonderful!” He was very gracious.

  110. Duvall is also an accomplished tango dancer.

  111. angelasmith — he wasn’t always 150 years old ya know!

    I like cowboys & rednecks — I can’t help it — Leave me alooone! 🙂

  112. fif — I know about the Tango — he’s got himself a hot Latino wifey! I’m telling you — you can’t always judge a Capricorn man by the cover! LOL

  113. There is just no end to this man’s hubris and plagiarizing. Even his attempts to mimic history are so boring. He doesn’t know who HE is, so he has to steal everyone else’s words, policies, speaking styles, and imagery. What a fool.

    An example of the latest marketing gimmick comes from yesterday’s Washington Post which reports that Obamas will make their way to Washington DC for the inauguration in a chartered AMTRAK train, starting from Philadelphia and through Wilmington and Baltimore. He will make his grand speeches for CHANGE along the way. Quoting the article:

    Now he plans to arrive in Washington the same way that Lincoln did in 1861, with a train trip that will include stops, speeches and crowds along the way.


    “He’s replicating the last leg of Lincoln’s inaugural journey to Washington,” said historian Harold Holzer, author of “Lincoln President Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861.” “This guy’s reverence for Lincoln has no bounds.”

    Lincoln had left his home in Springfield on Feb. 11, 1861, for a 12-day journey east to Washington, during which he made 101 speeches. Philadelphia and Baltimore were his last stops before the nation’s capital.

  114. Robert Duvall in his youth was quite good-looking, no?

    ainnj’s point that half of these Kennedys running around screaming “JFK JFK JFK” weren’t born until after his death is true! And how old was Caroline when JFK died? What the hell does she really remember of her father? All this reminds me of the Wagner family. You know, Richard Wagner, the composer. His grandson Wolfgang Wagner has been running the Bayreuth festival like a dictator for decades, not letting anyone else in because he’s Wagner’s grandson. Well, Wolfgang was born in 1919. Richard died in 1873. Grandson my ass!

  115. Finally, Obama did ONE thing right. He invited Aretha Franklin to the inauguration.

  116. Hmmm, I dunno. I have sort of a negative impression of him because of his Republicanness…but I’ve become more open minded this year. 🙂 So many of our guys are asshat kings, anyway…

  117. Deja_Vu — exactly — Robert Duvall circa Tender Mercies is what I’m talking about re: manly sexiness.

    fif — I agree totally about his great acting ability — I’ve never seen him in anything where he wasn’t great & his performance in Tender Mercies is one of the best performances ever — I envy you for meeting him — I would DIE! And he does seem so totally real & down to earth — good to hear that he is as he appears.

  118. Duvall is a Republican?!

  119. Ahm, hello! “The Godfather!”

  120. speaking of dynasties, I’m lookin’ at this Obama caca like the plot of a book or tv series. And I’m not seeing any likeable characters involved (I’ll just leave Hillary out of it, cause I have no idea what her motivation is anymore).
    but in a book or series like this Obama goo, there is nothing compelling. Usually such things fail.
    Even in Agatha Christie’s pile ons of nefarious folk, there is some likeable beings trotting around. What oh what would Agatha say to this Obama serial?

  121. Seriously — Is Robert Duvall a Republican? I don’t care! If I could get my hands on Robert Duvall circa Tender Mercies the LAST thing I would do with him is talk politics. LOL

  122. My Obot dad asked me if I hate Itzhak Perlman now because he’s playing the inaguration. No, Dad, and I still love Aretha. 😛

    ainnj, Alec Baldwin is a misogynist cretin, I’m sure many of Obama’s supporters will backstab Carloine because she’s not exactly their flavor.

  123. GAgirl
    Thank you. Have ever heard a song that fits backtrack like that one.
    The phoney balony could not even try to be humble.
    When I hear ” how could you believe me” I think of his saying that to the obots with every action he takes.



  124. I went to the same acting school he did in NYC when I was in my 20’s–The Neighborhood Playhouse. He is an actor’s actor, and is considered flawless by other great actors. Remember his film debut as Boo Radley in To Kill A Mockingbird? The Godfather…he doesn’t give a bad performance, but you’re right–Tender Mercies was amazing.

    “I don’t trust happiness..never have, never will.”

  125. angienc,
    Duvall is actually a very interesting actor. I saw him in an old Twilight Zone. Very nuanced performance.
    Very gentle.
    He’s not a bad choice for amore.

  126. I saw him interviewed a long time ago and some of the things he said were kind of wacky. lol He’s definitely a Republican.

    You guys ever played teh Godfather video game? You can rescue him from Sollozzo. 🙂

  127. Some blowback re: the Kennedy haka (from Drudge):

    Wed Dec 17 2008 19:45:45 ET

    When a powerful labor leader picked up the phone this week, he was surprised to hear the voice of a top aide to New York City Mayor Bloomberg. The aide made it clear: Caroline Kennedy [lose the Schlossberg] is going to be senator, “so get on board now!”

    Buttons are being pushed and strings pulled by the mayor, the NEW YORK TIMES plans to front on Thursday.

    The involvement has helped immediately elevate and coordinate the debut of Kennedy, who lacked an experienced political staff of her own.

    But now, it is setting off an intense backlash among Democrats.


    I’m in NY state, and the push is on full force. It was everywhere today–on the radio, TV etc. as Caroline made the rounds of Upstate NY to meet Dem powebrokers. It feels just like the O haka–the fix is in. If Paterson does the right thing and passes on her, I’ll be shocked. He needs the money and influence to run himself next time. We’ll see. I called his office yet again today and left a blistering message.

  128. “He’s replicating the last leg of Lincoln’s inaugural journey to Washington,” said historian Harold Holzer, author of “Lincoln President Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861.” “This guy’s reverence for Lincoln has no bounds.”

    Um, yeah. I’ve actually met Holtzer and he’s a nice guy, but I’d say his reverence for his own PR and myth making is what knows no bounds.

  129. Should I call some of my old Phila crews and make backtrack’s trip interesting?
    If i didn’t think it would cost them their jobs I would.
    I remember one conductor making a congressman stand from New Haven to New York on a crowded train.



  130. angela: I’ve seen that Twilight Zone! The old ones are great for spotting young actors. Dennis Hopper et. al.

  131. I don’t even think Obama’s “reverence” for Lincoln is about Lincoln–it’s about Obama. HE wants to be considered one of the greatest American presidents EVAH (without actually having to work too hard, that is).

  132. And I’d be amazed if that was his idea, not Axlerod’s, too.

  133. fif, I think the Twilight Zone has some of the most imaginative writing, the most intelligent subject matter and the finest actors around. And yeah, it’s cool to spot the actors when they were starting out.
    Did you see the one with Agnes Moorehead and the invasion of the miniature aliens. She didn’t say one word, but she moved you through that plot like a master.

  134. DYB — no shit — The Godfather & Godfather 2 — do you know that they wrote his character out of Godfather 3? As much as I LOVE the first 2 I refuse to ever watch the 3rd because of that (but I hear it is a big pile of crap anyway, so I’m not missing anything).

    I also adore him in The Apocalypse — “I love the smell of napalm in the morning — it smells like . . .Victory!” and “Charlie don’t surf!” LOL

    His first movie role ever is as Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

  135. Damn< I knew i married in to wrong part of the family.
    my husband always told me his side left the D for dollar out of kenney.
    Just think i would have never had to have a real job and could stamp my foot and get what I wanted.
    Of course my husband did not cheat on me, I guess that counts for a lot more.



  136. I don’t think I’ve seen that one. They usually have a Twilight Zone marathon on New Year’s Day–I’ll look for it. My brother-in-law is a big fan.

  137. How much more of this make believe bullshit are we expected to swallow? What is so wrong with eating a little humble pie once in awhile? Riding into DC on train the same as Lincoln? For God’s sake in those days Lincoln had two choices: the train or horseback.

    Since Obama is the perfect replica of a horse’s ass let him ride in side saddle. He can pretend to imitate Lincoln and John Wayne at the same time.

    Give me a break before my head explodes!

  138. fif, I just so miss intelligent, good work appearing on the tv. PBS used to have such good masterpiece theaters. Now PBS is the Jane Austen re-make channel. Hell, by now they can just put the costumes in the some chairs and have someone read the book off camera. Hell, that might even appear more interesting at this point.

  139. Pat: he is a phony through and through. To anyone with a brain, that’s been obvious since the beginning. It’s all a form of “what Hillary said.”

  140. angela: did you see the series Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren? She’s also in a class by herself. If not, you should rent it. Extremely well done.

  141. fif — LOL! I didn’t see your post about Duvall as Bo Radley!

  142. Um that should have been Apocalypse Now, not the Apocalypse (I guess cause I’m focused on the end of times with B0 now)

  143. fif — Love Helen Mirren! Did you ever see this arthouse movie she did at least 20 years ago “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”? That was the first move I ever saw her in & I have loved her ever since.

  144. Fif, oh yeah! Helen Mirren is brilliant! She is a joy to watch. Prime Suspect tends to drop down into the gore for me too much sometimes, so I can’t really enjoy it as much. I saw Mirren on the French and Saunders show (you know the gals from Ab Fab).
    They did a send up of a crime show and Mirren was hysterically funny.

  145. helenk — I vote for calling the old Philly crew!

  146. With the exception of Hannity, who goes overboard most nights, the obedient press has crowned this man. Who will speak truth to power come January 20th? My money is only on Helen Thomas who had his number long ago.

    Pray that Helen lives a long time since there does not appear to be anyone with real creds who will challenge this turkey.

    Riding in on a train like Lincoln. What unmitigated hubris from a man of such little accomplishment. And even had it been that he has done something worthwhile this is the height of arrogance. Better to make fun of the lady who could shoot and dress a moose than one who lives in his own head. Idiot press!

  147. angie, he was supposed to be in the third one, but he didn’t think they were offering enough money.

    Hey, is it true that the Dems are killing the Office of International Women’s issues at the State Department?

  148. I haven’t seen that one angie–maybe I can get it through Netflix. Did you ever see “Losing Chase” with Helen & Kyra Sedgwick? Small indy movie set on the Cape directed by Kevin Bacon. Great Mirren.

  149. Pat for all that they spend so much time sneering at average people, the “educated classes” are embarassing. They probably collapse in helpless puddles of tears at the card store if these transparently phony PR gestures make them swoon so much.

  150. no fif, I haven’t heard of that flik.. thanks for the tip.
    I’m writing it down.

  151. Hey, is it true that the Dems are killing the Office of International Women’s issues at the State Department?

    How could they do that with “women’s right are human rights” SOS HRC coming in? I just got an email from Ricki Lieberman this week talking about the fundraising event with Hill & Bill on 12/15 in NYC, and HRC said women’s rights would definitely be part of her work as SOS.

  152. Seriously — they should have ponied up the money — it simply CANNOT be “The Godfather” without Tom Hagen.

  153. filk? lol.

  154. Hey, is it true that the Dems are killing the Office of International Women’s issues at the State Department?

    Seriously — I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  155. Godfather III sucked. I can watch I & II over and over–so good.

  156. fif, have you ever noticed that to see great actresses you very often have to put up with one big sack of violence? I get excited to see an old film with Holly Hunter and maybe it was Sigourney Weaver. I’m thinking “yay”! And the acting is sharp and the characters have depth and then… WHOMP…welcome to two hours of brutal violence directed at women.

  157. fif — I did see Losing Chase — amazingly good for a “tv movie” (not to be a snob about it!) — just shows that La Mirren classes up any joint she is in!

    Definitely rent “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover” very, very dark, but very, very fabulous!

  158. To elderj,
    I think BO neutralized the right when the first thing he did after stealing the nomination was to negotiate with the leaders of the megachurches. Remember,10 Million Republicans did NOT show up to vote in the general election, I think most of them were evangelicals., so McCain/Palin lost. I heard an interview on NPR one day and I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this Pastor or Church leader say, very close to election day, that he and his fellow (evangelicals) were still listening to both candidates to see whose platform would be closer to their beliefs and values (he said something along these lines) . As long as BO offers the far right a power “carrot”, they will play along by voting for him or by withholding their vote from moderate Republicans.

    To Jangles,
    I suspect BO and his team of un-American lawyers are furiously working on tripping Fitzgerald so whatever charges would be brought against BO, will be thrown out on a technicality. Ayers lawyers did the same thing when he was tried for carrying out terrorist activities years ago.

  159. angie> “Apocalypse Now” is, in my humble opinion, the greatest English-language film ever made. At least I always think it is when I watch it.

    I didn’t know they wrote Duvall out of “Godfather 3.” But it’s not a very good movie – he didn’t miss much. Coppolla was definitely trying to relive glory days that were out of reach.

  160. Seriously: did you see that clip of Joe Scarborough and other “journalists” linked above? Who is that Boston journalist? Can’t remember his name–at the end of the clip when Joe confronts him about not investigating Obama, and did he even know if Obama worked on Blago’s campaign in 2002. He responded that he didn’t think Obama did work on it. Joe asks how he knows, and he says, “my instincts.”

    Joe just laughed–what happened to facts?! Reminds me of Beschloss saying Obama’s “IQ is off the charts, and he’s the smartest president we’ve ever had.” When asked what it is, Beschloss responded, “I don’t actually know, but it must be really high, don’t you think?”

    I’ve never seen so many “smart” people act like such complete idiots.

  161. fif — I have watched Godfather 1 & 2 over & over again! LOL — the only 2 movies I’ve seen more times then those two are “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “Casablanca” — Heck, I watch The Sound of Music & The Wizard of Oz every effing year when they come on & I’ve still seen Godfather 1 & 2 more times! If either one is one tv — I watch it. They never get old to me.

  162. angie: Me too! I must confess, due to childhood memories, I also watch “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” on a regular basis. Classics never go out of fashion. Also love The Graduate, Notorious (any Hitchcock actually). I just watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” again for the zillionth time. My sister and I joke about Glinda the Good Witch and her efficient bubble transport. What’s not to love? Especially in this mad world, these comforting touchstones are nurturing.

  163. I love Helen Mirren. One of five women I’d go straight for, in fact. “Prime Suspect” was a brilliant series of mini-serieses. It’s really not very violent, angie. It’s more suggestive and creepy than on-screen violent. Not unlike “The Silence of the Lambs,” which has very little on-screen violence, but people always think they’ve just seen some mind-boggling things. Same with the first “Halloween” horror flick. There’s no on-screen violence, but it’s always used as an example of a slasher-flick. It’s actually an extraordinary thriller and all violence is suggestive. Our minds do play tricks on us.

    Actually, “The Cook, The Thief, The Wife, And Her Lover” is extremely violent and very sexually explicit, but director Peter Greenaway is notorious for the mixture of the two. (Michael Gambon co-stars.) I would not recommend you eat and watch it at the same time unless you have a very strong stomach.

  164. hey, i know a dirty joke about Glinda. I don’t know if it’s appropriate … but..
    why’s Glinda always smiling?
    cause she has a munchkin under her skirt.


  165. DYB — I definitely think Apocalypse Now is one of the best movies ever made — Francis Ford Coppola hit a trifecta with the Godfather 1 & 2 & Apocalypse Now — unfortunately for him he peaked then — nothing that he has made since has impressed me much.

    I honestly don’t think I could choose a favorite movie of all time — I *might* be able to narrow it down to my top 10 (and I’d still have about 20 on it)! LOL But if push came to shove, I’d have to go with Casablanca — I can’t see that movie enough — honestly, I could watch it on a loop 24 hours a day. 🙂

    btw — since we are talking movies — anyone see Raging Bull? Definitely on my top 10 list.

  166. I don’ know, fif, I read on greenconsciousness’ website (linked on reclusive leftist) that the office was killed by Biden in a bill, but she didn’t cite a source. It would be freaking typical of this crew, though. Condi is a beloved figure to women all over the world for the work she’s done on international women’s issues and making rape a war crime–and we can’t have that! We have to undo any good and keep the bad.

  167. fif — when I was little my mom only let my brother & me watch a very limited amount of tv, but we were allowed to watch movies when they came on (this was the days way before cable & movies on all the time). Of course, the movies that they played were the classics – The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Ben Hur, Casablanca etc. I developed a love for the “old” movies from those days & I still have that to this day.

    btw — not only did I just watch It’s a Wonderful Life again for the zillionth time I cried like a baby (again) at the end when Harry Bailey says “To my big brother George, the richest man in town” — I can tear up now just thinking about it! LOL

  168. Well, but see, when he dropped out, they had o reqrite the entire script. The script was supposedly really good, but then he dropped out and Paramount insisted they wanted a Xmas release, so he just had to punt and write it on the fly, give teh actors teh pages in tehw morning and make it up as he went along.

    It’s not really a bad movie, just not Godfather worthy. pacino is really good in it, the problems are the subplots and Coppola’s daughter (which wasn’t her fault either, Winona Ryder got sick and they didn’thave time to repalce her).

  169. fif — I’m also a total Hitchcock fan — I think Rear Window is my favorite one — Grace Kelley & Jimmy Stewart — wonderful combo, imo.

  170. One of my favorite old films is The Lady Eve.

  171. angie: early DeNiro is also timeless. And Pacino–Dog Day Afternoon.

    Seriously: women’s & children’s rights are HRC”s life’s work. I have faith that she will integrate it into whatever she is doing.

  172. Movies that never get old for me:

    The Breakfast Club.(do i need an explanation?)
    Vision Quest (anyone who’s ever wrestled watches this)
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Audrey Hepburn is my dream woman)
    Stargate (I don’t know why, but I almost always have to go to sleep watching it)

  173. angie: I just saw Rear Window again last week! Grace Kelly…she floats, but is also accessible. A true beauty.

  174. The actors of that time, Duvall, Pachino, Woods.DeNiro all learned their craft well. I think their role models were Bogart, and Cagney.
    I do not know of the newer actors who could take their place.
    Now there is more techincal devices in movies and i don’t know who could do scenes like Bogart in Sierra Madre where there were long speeches that he make believeable.
    Who could do a remake of Casablanca and make as good as the original?



  175. angelasmith — The Lady Eve is a great one! I love Barbara Stanwyck!

    Double Indemnity is a great one with her, btw — not a comedy though! LOL

  176. I got an email from James Carville wanting me to join with Media Matters to combat right wing attacks. What I found funny and kinda odd is there was a picture of Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and get this.. Chris Matthews. Huh? I’m still trying to figure that out. Are they throwing Chris Matthews under the bus? Not my bus, I hope. I wonder what Matthews would think about being lumped in that group.

  177. Barbara Stanwyck was such a fine actress. That film from pre-code days where she works her way up the corporate ladder through devious means is a gorgeous film. And Double Indemnity. Whew.
    She makes it look effortless.

  178. GAgal — Tweety’s fat head couldn’t fit under the bus.

  179. hey angie, I was just writing so I missed your post.
    But yeah Double Indemnity! Barbara Stanwyck. I also like Judy Holiday. Did you see Holilday in that film with
    William Holden where she was the thugs girlfriend and then got wide-eyed about Holden and America?
    I can still hear her saying (shouting) WHAT? Great stuff.

  180. Barbara Stanwyck kicked ass! In college we used to watch “The Big Valley” at 1 am and sing the theme song. Ma Barkley kept those boys in line with style!

  181. fif, I can’t play video I’m not sure who would be on from Boston, but that’s so typical! Like all that hand wringing Biden did about us dumb rubes not liking Obama because he’s so smart. I’m sorry, but tehhe reason i don’t like him is because I want a smart and knowledgeable President! God! We’re not rubes who want a dumb President to make ourselves feel better, we want someone who is capable of handling teh job. I’m sure he is intelligent, but that just makes it worse because he’s like this entitled frat boy a la Bush who can’t be bothered to master basic policy. Of course, he has a point, since his suporters are dips who don’t care how unprepared and over his head her appears, but, yeah, sorry, you don’t get credit for just showing up. Show me the wonkiness.

  182. My pops swears he lived through a very similar experience to that depicted in Apocalypse Now. (He was special forces in Vietnam for a time.) A long time ago he tried to contact the writer to see if one of his friends gave him ideas for the movie. All but one of his group died in an ambush so he really wanted to find the other guy. Eventually, the guy’s wife tracked down my dad and they had a tearful reunion.

    I swear, my dads stories are more comical than the first part of Full Metal Jacket and more tragic than most movies. He’s only recently begun to tell us the stories and I’m hoping to transcribe them and publish them.

  183. fif — OMG! you did not just mention Dog Day Afternoon!! I wasn’t that old when I saw it & it changed my life! Attica! Attica! I love that movie.

    Can you BELIEVE that Al Pacino didn’t win an Oscar until they finally threw him a bone for Scent of a Woman (not a bad movie, but come on! It doesn’t top his performances in Godfather 2 or Dog Day Afternoon)

  184. helenk — I agree with you about the actors from the Duvall, Pacino, DeNiro era — I would also add Gene Hackman to that group — he is another great one from that same time. I also agree that the younger actors today simply do not compare. The only one today that I think is as good an actor as those men Edward Norton — but I don’t know if he is really “young Hollywood” any more.

    The Sting
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    Gone with the Wind
    Yankee Doodle Dandy ( I still cry when I see it)
    Caine Mutiney
    The Bedford Incident ( still scares me when I see it}
    the Musicals of the 40’s and 50’s
    and a lot more that I can not think of now



  186. GAgal, they all hated Matthews before Obamapalooza, they’re probably afraid he’s going t turn on him or something.

  187. Heck.. kicked off the computer by the housemate.

    But for a really excellent series of films: b+w, english made…. see Agatha Christie films with Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple. Films are Murder Ahoy; Murder at the Gallop; Murder She Said; Murder Most Foul. The films are done with humor and are gems.

  188. I forgot
    Sunset Blvd.


  189. angelasmith — you are talking about Born Yesterday! Great movie! They tried to remake it with Melanie Gibson & Don Johnson — didn’t work.

    I don’t understand how Hollywood can have the gall to do some of the remakes they do!

  190. helen: actually that whole crop of actors came out of the Stanislavsky school of acting, made popular by The Actor’s Studio with Lee Strasberg, and mastered by Brando, Monty Cliff, Marilyn Monro, Maureen Stapleton, Paul Newman, and others. Three famous teachers taught their own version of that teaching style–Stella Adler (taught Brando), Strasberg (The Actor’s Studio), & Sandford Meisner (Neighborhood Playhouse with Duvall). It was the first group of actors who blew out the traditional English style of acting that was very mannered and stylized, and went right for raw emotion, working from the inside out. Brando was considered the greatest pioneer, and a natural. All the actors we see today have modeled their work after them–Sean Penn, Nick Cage, & the rest. Have you seen “Streetcar Named Desire” with young Brando? No one had EVER done that before–raw sexuality and primitive behavior. It was revolutionary.

  191. I once told a friend of mine’s mom that I liked Dustin Hoffman–she told me to watch Dog Day Afternoon. I watched it three times in a row trying to find him. lol

  192. fif — my first dog was named Marlon Brando & my cat is named Montgomery Clift (Monty for short) — two of my all time favorite actors.

  193. Oh, and of course, James Dean, though he was an acolyte of Monty & Brando.

  194. angie: you have excellent taste.

  195. angie: I’m sure you’ve seen “A Place in the Sun” with Monty & a very young Elizabeth Taylor. It was adapted from Dreiser’s “An American Tragedy” (also a great American classic/book). Were they unbelievably gorgeous in that movie or what. Young Liz was hot hot hot. “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” with an equally breathtakingly gorgeous Paul Newman.

  196. helenk — love every movie on your list — Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid — how awesome is that movie? I can watch it over & over and still die laughing — “use enough dynamite there Butch?” and “Swim? The fall will kill ya!”

    My next two cats, regardless of sex, are going to be named Butch & Sundance.

  197. Since this thread has gone late night OT…I found an interesting thread by a man from Mass. who was sent to the Arctic for a three week job, twenty seven years ago..he has been there since then. He has done photo documentation of the life of the Native Alaskans in his village for 27 years. It’s called “Home Sweet Home @ 50 below”

    A vignette from the thread:
    “At night when the women go to sleep, after an exhausting day of non-stop work. A boyer is used, to keep the tent area heated and warm. He has many responsibilities.
    His job is to stay up all night long by himself alone. Keep that woodstove going, by chopping wood using an axe, using very sharp knives cut small pieces of sicpan if needed. Melt snow to wash dishes and clean out the thermoses, Make fresh drinking water for making hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Bring the new filled thermoses down to the hunters and grab the empties and fill them up with new hot beverages. He must keep a constant look out for new cracks in the ice around the tent area, and watch that wind, in case it ever shifts to a strong south wind, he is armed with many rifles in case of a polar bear attack. His duties are many and he is very busy all night long alone. So lie down and go to sleep, your in good hands, hand your matches & lighter over to this boyer, he has to go to work.. !
    your in good hands with this 3 year old child!”

  198. Montgomery Clift was great in I Confess and Judgment at Nuremberg..

  199. Seriously: lol!

    My acting teacher at The Neighborhood Playhouse was a bitter failed actor who drank…but the point of the story is that he started out in classes with Jon Voight, Dustin Hoffman & Gene Hackman. They were all pals, and the rest of them made it really big. He didn’t and he used to take it out on us, telling us we’d all fail, and giving us nasty feedback. Good times. Most of the class ended up burned out and depressed.

  200. fif — yes, you are right — A Place in the Sun — & don’t forget a young Shelley Winters! Love “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” too (but I love absolutely everything by Tennessee Williams — I am a Southerner!)

    And yes, no one has ever been more beautiful then Elizabeth Taylor, except Paul Newman! LOL

  201. SHV: interesting story. Maybe I should go there to completely by-pass the O years, the media, and the collapsing economy…couldn’t be any worse.

  202. Newman was’t a bad cook– I used to buy his salsa and pasta sauce, quite good actually.

  203. Oh of course–Shelley!! She was also one of the biggest talents at the Actor’s Studio. Marlon Brando used to sleep on her couch.

    angie: I haven’t met you, but I did hear your voice on the radio, and can absolutely see you doing Tennessee on stage! You’ve got the intelligence, wit, and sass.

  204. There’s a great book about the making of “Casablanca” I very highly recommend. “Round Up The Usual Suspects” by Aljean Harmetz. There were several different teams of writers working on the script. One person was responsible for the politics, the other for the love story, and these twins for all the jokes. And they kept sending the scripts back and forth between the groups to re-touch it up…while they were filming. The actors got scripts for the day on the day they shot. So when Ingrid Bergman was all conflicted about who she really loved – it’s because she didn’t know. It wasn’t written yet! They were making it up as they went along. Actually, Bergman didn’t even want to do the movie. She only did it because there was some other movie she wanted to do and the studio made her do “Casablanca” as the price for the project she really wanted.

    “Apocalypse Now” is obviously based on “Heart of Darkness” by Conrad. But Coppolla was making up the details as he went along. There’s a fascinating documentary on the making of the film, with footage shot by Coppolla’s wife during production. It’s called “Hearts of Darkness.” I highly recommend it.

    And for an inside look at “The Godfather” check out “The Kid Stays in the Picture,” the documentary about Robert Evans. He basically claims all credit for the success of “The Godfather!” That guy’s a riot!

  205. Hoo… snuck back on the computer while the housemate was diverted.

    Long Days Journey Into Night is a good one.
    Tennessee Williams I believe (could be O’Neill). Not a lot of laughs, but beautiful work.

    I liked the first 20 minutes of Sunset Blvd where you are just introduced to the characters. I think that’s 20 minutes of some of the best film around. After that I get a bit bummed out re poor Gloria and something seems to be lacking in the devlopment of Holden’s character and the romantic interest seems very two dimensional. But beautiful cinematography on that film

  206. john: did you know that Newman ended up donating upwards of $1.75 million to charity from those sauces and snacks? He was a class act, unlike some other completely-lacking-in-humility people who shall remain nameless. [Obama]

  207. angie: I haven’t met you, but I did hear your voice on the radio, and can absolutely see you doing Tennessee on stage! You’ve got the intelligence, wit, and sass.

    fif — that is the best compliment I’ve ever gotten! To me, Tennessee’s words are like songs — you can hear the music under them as they are spoken.

    I read Shelley’s very candid autobiographies — I don’t think the couch was exactly were Brando was sleeping! LOL

  208. And yes, no one has ever been more beautiful then Elizabeth Taylor, except Paul Newman! LOL

    Well…there are many who can compete: Grace Kelley, Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  209. “fif, on December 17th, 2008 at 11:54 pm Said:

    SHV: interesting story. Maybe I should go there to completely by-pass the O years, the media, and the collapsing economy…couldn’t be any worse.”
    You are a better person than I. I lived in Jackson Hole WY for four years and -16 was about as cold as it would get in the winter….I can’t imagine -70 F.

  210. SHV: Let’s see…-70 F or Obama’s face for 4+ years…that’s a definite toss up.

  211. angelasmith — Long Day’s Journey Into Night is O’Neil, not Williams (but great nonetheless).

    DYB — I haven’t read the book about the making of Casablanca but I’ve heard the stories about the re-writes, etc. I will have to read that book.

    I did see the documentary on the making of Apocalypse Now — I think Francis Ford Coppola’s wife put it together — it is as fascinating as the actual movie.

  212. wow– a Tennessee Williams fan… that’s cool.
    Beautiful writer. Read en masse, his plays get a little
    deep in the sadness hole. But taken separately they sing. He’s like a sculptor. Making beautiful strokes in the clay. Perhaps that’s why he wrote of the glass
    figures in the Glass Menagerie and had such delicate feeling for them himself. The small perfections… the bittersweet existence of beauty in an all-too-often unbeautiful world.

  213. Tennessee was a great talent. His work is transporting.

  214. fif, I knew he was giving the profits to charity but didn’t know how much it amounted to.

    take it from me, a salsa fanatic– his salsa was good and he had a vodka sauce that was really good; just about everything was really good.

    never cared much about his movies though, but if a man makes a good salsa I sit up and take notice.

  215. fif — true about Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner — but still, I think Paul Newman is prettier then all of them! LOL!

    I have had a great time with all of y’all talking about these old movies, but I have got to go to bed.

    Night fif, angelasmith, helenk, SHV & Seriously!!!

    Night everyone else who is still here!

  216. DYB, I read somewhere that Coppola kept getting pressure by Paramount to cut Part 2, so he kept trimming little bits and they kept leaning on him and leaning on him, so finally he got fed up, took everything out and threw it at them. They restored it to his original cut, and then Evans goes, “Coppola took out the best parts–he just doesn’t know how to structure a movie.” lol Someone asked pacino about Evans’ statements and he was basically like, wtf dude?

    You know, also re intelligence, a lot of time the media acts like Bill’s a genius and HRC just works hard. And once again, you know this how?

  217. thanks angie, I will remember that Journey is O’Neil’s work.

  218. night angie– you should try Newman’s Own spaghetti sauce or salsa; I recommend the vodka sauce.

  219. fif
    they really learned their craft well. Yes I did see Streetcar named Desire.
    Many kids I knew all wanted to grow up to be like Brando in the Wild Bunch. He was the epitimy of Cool.
    My teenage dreamboats were mostly the bad boys.
    Jeff Hunter , James Dean, Paul Newman and several others. When i was a teenager they did not have to act. They just had to look good and they did.
    To this day Sean Connery as old as he is just could read the phone book and he would still sound good//



  220. ok — I just read angelasmith’s post about Tennessee Williams, so of course I had to comment — everything you say is true about him — the sadness in his plays are always because of his love for the “outcasts” of society — fragile, artistic people who are not strong enough to survive the harsh realities of the world. I think that he, as a gay man, felt much of that sadness that you speak of in his own life & that translates into his plays. I love the sadness in his plays — it makes the beauty in them that much more special.

    Ok, good night for real gang!

  221. fif, I can’t play video I’m not sure who would be on from Boston, but that’s so typical!

    Seriously: I just remembered his name: Mike Barnicle. He was a long-term reporter for the Boston Globe, but then there was some kind of scandal (plagiarizing?), and he had to leave. Obviously, he’s reinvented himself, because he was a “pundit.” Then again–not surprising, since plagiarizing is now considered normal.

  222. nite angie! I have to go to bed too. I could talk movies all night.

    Night all!

  223. I loved Sean Connery in A Bridge Too Far. He’s stuck in Holland hiding in a house behind enemy lines; a German tank is cruising up the street.

    Guy next to him: “We’re surrounded.”

    Connery: “Quite.”

  224. Seeing some of the movies that people here enjoy, I think you might like books by Jeffery Archer. His short stories, ” A twist in the tale” and A quiver full of arrows”
    His novel ” Not a penny less not a penny more”
    He is very ironic and you do not know what will happen until the end.



  225. Fif,

    Yes, Barnicle (could there be a better name for him) was caught not once, but twice. He was also a running buddy of Russert who brought him to MessNBC on contract. He’s the gift that keeps on regifting — you know, originality is so passe.

  226. Oh, I was going to guess barnicle, but I had to ask first if he was a loud mouth blowhard. 🙂 Yeah, he’s a fake man of the people pundit who never had an opinion that wasn’t lazy CW–and he plagurized from Mike Royko, so that says a lot, too.

    Newman makes good lemonade, too.

  227. I taught my kids not to be too attached to things by quoting Shelly Winters husband in the Diary Of Anne Frank. If you would have left your furniture we could have been free.



  228. Doesn’t barnicle sit in for Matthews, Prolix? It makes sense, because they’re the exact same guy.

  229. Seriously,

    Yes, he does — someone has to make sure those rotten eggs are tended. I know I shouldn’t, but I have listened to Morning Joe this morning. As Joe has chided the NYT and the rest of the media for Lightbringer bedazzlement, he has sat on his plagiarizing hands. He’s one that will pile on, but when he has to swim upstream, he’s totally servile.

  230. New thread up!

  231. HelenK @ 9:21: I was thinking the same thing. Where will they go when this country is no longer what it was? These people that are running this country into the ground must be planning to go elsewhere.

    I can’t help but think about a “lifestyle” piece that I saw on a morning news show some years ago. It talked about how the “in” thing for today’s wealthy mom is to have a nanny that speaks Chinese; rich (and perhaps famous) moms want their kids to be fluent in Chinese. I understand that many Chinese cities rival our major metropolitan areas. So maybe that’s the plan. China here they come.

  232. joanie in Brooklyn
    A lot of building going on in Dubai also.
    Makes you wonder doesn’t it/



  233. The reporter from Boston was Mike Barnacle, I am pretty sure.

    I did see Agnes Moorehead in Twilight Zone episode AT THE TIME it came out! And I remember it.

  234. This is a test!!

  235. This is another test!!!

  236. and another

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