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Tuesday: Princess Caroline- Mean Girl

Intensely private Caroline Kennedy, socialite and *part* part time volunteer for the City of New York’s Department of Education (when she can fit it into her intensely private life), has decided she has the qualifications to take the seat of the junior senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton, commoner upstart.

According to Politico, Kennedy has been taking snark lessons from Al Sharpton:

Kennedy spoke with Sharpton on Monday, and he said he told her about another “lady that wanted to run for U.S. Senate [who] came to Harlem, to the House of Justice, and they told me she wasn’t qualified; they told me she was just there because of who she was married to — and that was Hillary Clinton.”

Sharpton said Kennedy chuckled.

Titter-titter! I’m not sure I get the joke.  Let’s compare the two ladies individual qualifications, shall we?

Hillary Clinton

Lady Caroline Kennedy

Former First Lady

Daughter of Former First Lady

Champion of health care reform

Champion of intensely private people

Practicing lawyer before WH gig

Non-practicing lawyer

Worked for Children’s Defense Fund

Has children

Knows how to campaign

Gave her blessing to Barack Obama

Won two elections for Senate in NY

Largely self made with mentors

Eww! You have to shake hands for this job?

Has a powerful uncle who will throw tantrum on her behalf

Worked tirelessly for racial equality all her life

Worked for women’s rights as human rights

Fundraising powerhouse for downticket dems

Content with Obama campaign’s portrayal of Clinton as a racist

Cool with “Hillary Clinton

only won because of Bill”

Uncle Teddy has promised that NY will finally get the attention it deserves (he has been withholding)

Well, I’m convinced.

172 Responses

  1. BTW….where has the MSM media been this part month? This is old news as far as I’m concerned but suddenly it’s the headline of today’s NYTimes?

    The sad part of it is that a lot of people will think this is “wonderful” and BO will probably select Caroline as his next VP when Biden either blathers his way into rehab or in 2012 when Joey wants to spend more time with his family.

    And then you KNOW who will be forced down our throats in 2016.? One guess.

  2. I read on Historiann that Jeralyn of TalkLeft is pushing for Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg to be the next senator of New York. Since I know longer go to TalkLeft, I didn’t know about this until now and it doesn’t entirely surprise me. Jeralyn is the most faux feminist I’ve ever seen who has thrown her morals and beliefs out the window to endorse The One and Joe Biden. Even Historiann, who likes Caroline, thinks that another woman should be chosen. Here is the money quote I think all of you would appreciate:

    This is the key difference between Caroline and her cousins Kathleen, Joe, and Patrick, who actually ran for the offices they won (and in Kathleen’s case, lost), and I think it’s critical. (Even her uncle Ted had to run for his brother’s senate seat in 1962, although that may have been due more to the fact that he wasn’t yet thirty in January of 1961 when his brother was sworn in as President.) If you want to get into politics, win an election. She has a fine background for a Senate candidate, but as someone who has never won a single vote from a single New Yorker, she doesn’t deserve a special appointment to the office.

    Oh, and by the way: it would be unseemly for all of of those Sarah Palin haterz to morph into big Caroline Kennedy supporters. Love her or hate her, Palin won a primary against a sitting governor of her own party, and then she won in the general election. She put herself out there and gave the citizens of her state the opportunity to say yea or nay, and it seems to me that there are ample numbers of New York politicians–I’m thinking Nita Lowy or Kirsten Gillibrand myself–who have won thousands (and in Lowy’s case, millions) of votes from their fellow citizens.

    So Palin hater Jeralyn got her panties in a twist about her not having enough experience but she goes and endorses Caroline Kennedy who has never ran for office in her entire life? Talk about hypocritical.

  3. I am completely beside myself at the “audacity” of selecting Caroline. I keep asking myself what I am missing that everyone else is seeing, but then I remember that I felt that way about Obama.

    Thanks for the video. That brought back some memories. When my daughter was young, we watched that movie dozens of times and listened to the cassette in the car whenever we went anywhere. When the cassette broke, we didn’t replace it because we knew every song and just sang them without the tape. IMO, The Lion King, had groudbreaking, amazing animation and equally great music. My favorite animated movie of my daughter’s childhood.

  4. Alegre has a link to a petition which will be sent to Gov. Paterson requesting that he not give the seat to CK. So far only 320 signatures. Come on people, especially you New Yorkers, lets put our money where our mouth is. SIGN the petition.

  5. janicen, are you janicecortese? I haven’t seen you in a long time. I remember seeing you on Anglachel and other blogs a while back. Glad to see you’re doing well.

  6. No, DV, I am not.

  7. I noted on the post below that the NY Post has endorsed Caroline Kennedy in this mornings paper and the NY News is claiming that she is just like her father. Oh please, save me from my ex-party and the press that acts like the official ‘obamanation’ propaganda machine.

  8. When hypocrites like JM endorse someone like Kennedy-Schlossberg it only points out their total lack of ethics. They are the kind that take partisanship and give it the bad name that so many of us have come to abhor.

    Caroline Kennedy with NO experience fine and dandy because she’s a Democrat and a Kennedy.

    Sarah Palin not so fine and dandy because not enough experience and a Republican.

    Do they think we are that dumb? Silly question, of course they do.

  9. Joanie in Brooklyn: Yes, thank you for bringing up the petition. Riverdaughter, please place this petition prominently on the front page of this site. We need to get as many people to sign this as possible. Here is the address:
    Everyone from NY should send this to Clinton supporters and list the many other women who have worked for NY and deserve an equal shot at the Senate seat. This reeks of nepotism. It’s not right.

  10. Anybody know where I can find a recliner chair and entertainment center that fits in a hand basket?
    I want to be entertained on the trip.

  11. The NYPost is a Murdoch paper, isn’t it?

    Maybe he thinks it will be easy for a Republican to campaign and defeat her in 2010.

  12. I’m so sick of this sort of stuff – really, really sick of it. Why not run my Border Collie? She’s smarter than a lot of these folks and has a fabulous work ethic.

  13. The republican better be ready in 2010. The Democrats need to be taught a lesson. Nothing is going to stop Gov. Paterson from giving the princess her senate seat. The question now is how much is it being sold for since he is giving it to a woman with no qualifications except being a great fundraiser and a Kennedy.

  14. Someone on the thread below linked an article that says she has never even donated to a NY politician, and trying to spin that that is a good thing.

    She’s never participated in any way, and now she wants to be handed a Senate seat. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare.

  15. Oh man, I’m in a complete snit about this. As I said at Historiann, my former good opinion of Caroline Kennedy has seriously deteriorated. Contact info for the Gov’s office can be found at my blog, if you want to go straight to the source and make your voice heard. If anyone has a fax number, please pass it along.

  16. OT – but why would anyone want to name their child Adolf Hitler? What were these parents thinking

    Holland Township family angry that supermarket won’t personalize cake for their son

    JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell.

    Good names for a trio of toddlers? Heath and Deborah Campbell think so. The Holland Township couple has picked those names and the oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, turns 3 today.

    This has given rise to a problem, because the ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township has refused to make a cake for young Adolf’s birthday.


  17. The republicans not republican

  18. DT – I don’t know what those parents were thinking, but I’m thinking that they are bigots of the worst order. Holey cow!

  19. The “Caroline for Senator” thing really annoys me a lot. The MSM talks about the seat as if it is just a trinket she could inherit from her uncle — because it was “his” seat. Thank you for the nice comparison to Senator Clinton, who I think was qualified and earned the seat by running for it. In no way is Ms. Caroline (did she stop using the Schlossberg?) qualified but at least if she had to run for the office, the people of New York could decide. There are even a lot of other Kennedy children who have better resume’s for that seat than hers.


  20. Downticket, they named their other child “Aryan Nation”. That says a lot about their beliefs and who they probably admire. I feel sorry for the triplets. They will be raised to be r@cists and admire the people they are named after. Hopefully, they will have the good sense to leave home after high school and change their names so they can assimilate into normal society.

  21. Where did the “Schlossberg” part of her name go hiding? Where is Mr. Schlossberg and why isn’t the press following him around and asking rude questions? If they must have a Kennedy they should appoint Bobby Jr as his father actually served New York as senator and he acts like a real person warts and all.

  22. MrMike- Make sure you spurge and get yourself some frame retardant stuff.

  23. Please tell when this nightmare ends. Can’t this country get one major political party that isn’t corrupt? I really hope Patterson does not give this seat to Caroline. Ted Kennedy should be ashamed of himself for even trying to persuade Patterson.

  24. As a former New Yorker, and Nita Lowey constituent, I am furious at the concept of Caroline Kennedy being appointed to fill Hillary’s Senate seat. While you’re at it, why not just give it to Chelsea? She’s got more recent political experience than Caroline, and she’s never won an election either!

    If the NY Governor’s office hasn’t suffered enough shame this year and is determined on using nepotism as a criterion for appointment, why not just appoint Bill? Talk about the ultimate in legistlative experience! Oh, wait… he’s a Clinton.

    Nita Lowey, Carolyn Maloney, hell even Mark Greene… there’s a whole line of people who should be in front of CK for this office.

  25. If she was running for the Senate and the people of NY wanted to elect her, I’d say that’s fine, it’s their business.

    But this isn’t an election, it’s an appointment, and there are better qualified and more deserving candidates.

  26. I am so over the Kennedy name! I do not understand all of the Kennedy adoration. She is who she is not because of her hardwork, but because she has that kingmaker last name of Kennedy. I have no respect for her. Is this the payback that Obama owes Uncle Teddy and cousin Caroline for their suppor? Yes, it is the ultimate hipocrisy to promote and endorse Caroline Kennedy who has never held elective office in her life and has continually wanted her privacy above all else as Hillary’s replacement when there are so many more truly qualified women that should come before her. Does the Democratic Party want to continue to throw away women?

  27. The Caroline Kennedy thing bothered me quite a bit until I remembered that we just elected a president who’s never held a full-time job. So Fuck-It.

    Qualifications? No one cares about qualifications.

    [Edited] to add my new tag-line: I spit on Caroline Kennedy.

  28. Don’t forget, if Paterson doesn’t install her, he’ll be suspected of corruption a la Blago. MYT as much as promised that.
    meanwhile, Unka Dick counts on his cousin to take care of his legacy – a broken Constitution – not letting go of those yummy powers

  29. The old katiebird is back! I will join you in the spitting contest!

  30. correction : NY Times not “MYT”

  31. […] has a good entry on this complete with a great chart of comparison between her brattiness and Hillary – to help Sharpton in […]

  32. Is Caroline Kennedy a liar? That story about Hillary saying she wasn’t qualified to be a Senator sounds like a lie. To me.

  33. Sending a person with no experience to the Senate who will be, at best, 97th in senority and seen as a dilettante at the rodeo is the height of entitlement elitism unless of course someone expects Kennebunkport to invade Hyannis Port.

    Who thought that the modern version of the Peloponnesian Wars would be families and their progeny? We really need to enforce Roe more aggressively.

  34. I wish Hillary would announce that she’s changed her mind, that she’s no longer interested in the SoS position, and that she’s staying as the US Senator from NY.

  35. Right on, katiebird!!

    Great post RD. They don’t even care how bad this looks. Makes me f*cking sick.

  36. Where’s Father Pfleger when you need him?

    Shouldn’t he be saying about CK, “I’m white, I’m entitled, I’m JFK’s daughter!”

  37. Let me preface this by stating that I have nothing against Caroline Kennedy. She may be an excellent mother, devoted wife, a downright decent individual. But that being said, what qualifications, outside of what we are being told, enables her to assume a seat in the Senate beyond her given name?

    We are supposed to raise our children on the assumption that through hard work and effort they can go far and achieve whatever they choose to be by dint of that admonition. Instead, we have watched a man from nowhere with nothing beyond political connections achieve the highest office in the land and now the daughter of a former president will more than likely be chosen to take up a seat in the Senate on nothing more than her name. This is becoming a joke.

    This is a done deal. Her early support for Obama, coming as it did to the sounds of trumpets blaring, paved the way for this appointment. There is no other way to parse it. Had Hillary won the seat would have been vacated and Teddy probably put his finger to the wind and decided that the powers that be were going to collect behind this “historical” candidate and he jumped onboard. His support more than likely came with a price attached. Sen. Caroline Kennedy. Her married name carries no cache but the Kennedy mystique and all that it affords would be welcomed into the mix.

    Looking back, Hillary never stood a chance. The knives were out from the beginning. She fought the fight but the odds were not stacked in her favor and those defections from the supers now begins to make some sort of diabolical sense. Remember that the Kennedy endorsement came before he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor so most of those defections were based on his seniority in the Senate and they tied their fortunes to his sails.

    The fools were us for believing otherwise. We stood firm in that reason and commonsense would rule out. Our collective sense of fairness has been forever tarnished. We have been suckered punch and the realization has been gradually sinking in. This deal was made long before the announced support. Had Hillary won she would have had much more import in the selection of her successor. Instead she has been relegated to the sidelines where the intent has been to place her all along.

    Speaking for myself, I am thoroughly disgusted by these tactics and ask how this is any different from the Blago mess. In my opinion, not much. We have been taken for a ride.

  38. Bonita: LOLOL!!

  39. The sole reason, IMNSHO, why Caroline Kennedy should not be appointed:

    She’s never campaigned hard for anyone, least of all herself.

    Campaigning for office is only slightly less gruelling than the Bataan Death March, except you have to look pretty and be happy while you’re doing it. There are plenty of female politicians in New York who had the ovaries to get in there, get their hands dirty, deal with the exhaustion and the monotony and the nerves and the gotchas and earn it. To hand it to someone who’s never done those things is a big, fat “F*ck you!” to any woman who has. If I were a female officeholder in the Senate or anywhere in NY, I’d blacklist her the minute she took the oath. Spit on my work? Up yours, sister.

  40. I always hated it when my rwe (right wing extremist) father proved to be right about something. He could not stand the Kennedys (even though he voted for JFK).

    Cute song on the video. What’s it from?

  41. Re-posted from another thread . . . .
    Caroline Kennedy was part of the rabid bunch of New Yorkers that keep stating during the primary that we cannot have a Clinton dynasty. What a hypocrite! There are SO many more qualified New York democratic politicians who would make great Senators and have earned it.

  42. And as usual, Pat Johnson over there is being overly cynical.


    By dint of hard work, perseverance and unstinting effort, you too can become a servant or at least constituent of a Kennedy.

  43. It’s official–the relationship between me and my partner of seven years is officially over. While certainly not the only issue involved, the election was tense around here. One of the things she recently said was: “And you don’t even have hope about the president-elect. You can’t even celebrate that ordinary people came together to make a difference.”

    For the record, I celebrate these ordinary people every day. I call them PUMAs.

  44. Campaigning is putting oneself out there to be judged by the electorate. It means long hours, rope lines, rubber chicken dinners, kissing babies, making speeches. It is grueling and tiring but it tests the candidate and allows the electorate a closer look. Hillary went on a “listening tour” in NY and charmed the socks off non believers. Caroline has resided in a palatial Park Ave apartment and has yet to show the same mettle.

    Carolyn Maloney has been out there in the trenches, making her case, submitting and voting on legislation, listening to the voters. Her background shows she is prepared. There are others out there that have shown the same experience and qualifications of a Carolyn Maloney who should also be considered above Caroline. However, I know in my heart the choice has been made and it is a matter of timing that will make it so.

    Caroline Kennedy will be chosen for no other reason than her name. Outrageous.

  45. ‘The fools were us for believing otherwise. We stood firm in that reason and commonsense would rule out. Our collective sense of fairness has been forever tarnished. We have been suckered punch and the realization has been gradually sinking in.’

    Perfectly said Pat.
    Thanks you. You took the pain and distilled it in a few words.

  46. If the Clintons had ten children and numerous cousins, there might be a dynasty. How two persons equate to a dynasty is beyond m

  47. “beyond me.” Sorry 😦

  48. This story has me more outraged than anything since I heard
    about the stealing of the Iowa caucuses by Obamas from Iowa
    people. Well, actually, there were a few more outrageous things
    between then and now.
    But this is up there.
    The worst thing is how the media is joining Obama to push
    her down our throats. It indicates again how democracy is so
    There are so many logical reasons this is wrong – the Palin
    comparison, the Blago comparison, the lack of any qualifications
    and the Hillary comparison.
    This makes it even clearer that this is close to a dictator-
    ship now and the voters be damned.

    You can leave a message for Paterson at
    518-474-8390. E-mail at http://www.ny.gov, fax-518-474-
    4513. Please let him know there are voters watching and we
    support him standing up to special interests (such as
    Obama, Kennedy).

    There are so many good people in the House. One I know
    and love is Maurice Hinchey. He spoke against the Iraq war
    from the beginning, voted against paying off the banks, and
    is so popular in Ulster County that Repubs stopped running
    any opposition.
    I know – he’s a man. But Chelsea Clinton could then be
    his replacement in the House.

  49. johninca: I may be “overly cynical” from your perspective but I did not arrive at my convictions in a vacuum. This past primary season has taught me to never again trust what I am being fed on a daily basis by way of political talking points. I realize that you are a supporter of Caroline. but that alone does not cover her basic lack of qualifications to serve in this deliberative body based soley on her Kennedy connections.

    There are times when cynicism is warranted. It is for the Kool Aid drinkers who willingly accept whatever fop is being fed to them that should be viewed more circumspectly. A cynic needs “proof”. My head is no longer in the clouds.

  50. You know, for some reason I don’t see any groundswell to make Julie Nixon or Amy Carter a senator.

  51. I posted this over at edge’s site but I think it bears repeating (plus I’m feeling lazy and apathetic today, maybe I need to look for a “mission in life”):

    I for one love her reason for wanting the job: her kids are grown up and she is “looking for a mission in life” — they are flat out admitting that she is experiencing empty nest syndrome and wants a little hobby to occupy her time. So what’s the deal Caroline — you prefer it to be politics, but figure drawing or gardening will do?

  52. Pat, my apologies– the little wink symbol (*wink*) means I was agreeing with you. Besides, I wouldn’t be foolhardy enough to disagree with you. Not about this. Not here.

  53. I’m sorry to hear about the breakup, Sophie.

  54. How can anybody with a mind not find a problem with Caroline Kennedy being appointed to Hillary’s Senate seat? This entire situation is just absurd. If she is appointed, all I can say is that cronyism and corruption needs to be added to the new and improved Democratic Party Platform. Should be an easy fit since it replaces all those pesky women’s issues the Dems have so gladly abandoned.

  55. It is less about Caroline and more about our political system. The voters have been muted. Our voices unheard. Our way if life is being determined by a small circle of men who cling to power by any means.

    Our financial institutions and our industry strengths have been frittered away by a handful of “experts” and we face a possible Depression as a result. We have been lied into a bloody and unnecessary war and those who may have been able to put on the brakes silently stood by. Why shouldn’t we view what is going on around us through a cynical lens. We have no power no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

    Democracy has been replaced by something that has yet to claim its own name. As a nation, we can only mourn for the loss of what was our right. Our Constitution has been weakened, our courts diluted, our economy crippled.

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are designed for a privileged few.

  56. I keep thinking of Benjamin Franklin’s words: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

  57. Sophie: I am so sorry to hear this. So unfair.

  58. I wonder if Caroline & Ted already made this deal with BO before they “passed the torch” to him.

    And I wonder if Caroline wants to be Senator to one-up Cousin Maria’s First Ladyship of CA.

  59. Plural– thank you. Franklin being the cynic he was, he probably knew we’d go down the tubes, but might have chuckled at how long it’s taking to do it.

  60. The “selling” of a senate seat, part deux.

  61. Sophie — I’m sorry about your relationship — but she obviously wasn’t the right person for you — I know it is hard to imagine now but one day you will find that person & you will laugh at yourself that you ever thought anyone else would do.

  62. Pat J — you are exactly right about your assessment — my mom & I were talking about this farce as I drove into work this morning & she said that she learned this election that the “people” don’t matter a bit and that maybe it has always been like that but the “elite” at least used to pretend otherwise — now they are just being brazen about it.

  63. angie: If you are looking for a “mission” today, come help me finish wrapping!

  64. Pat J — I love wrapping presents! I could work at one of those fancy department stores — I do “perfect corners”

  65. btw — last night news came out that MO wants a salary for being First Lady because she is giving up her cushy job with the over-inflated salary plus that board position to deign to serve this country.

  66. angie: I do not possess one bone of creativity in my body. My daughter wraps gifts like they came out of Bonwit Teller’s. Mine are so standard. I am at the point now that I am thinking of just dropping them into gift bags and be done with it.

    I overdid the buying as usual again this year. I will leave the key. Help yourself!

  67. We may as well stop the bitching because it is a done deal. The DNC and Teddy have decided that, like Teh One chosen for the US, Caroline will be the chosen for NY.

    It is no longer about voting, or democracy, they know what is best for us and we should just quit whining.

    I should have kept lurking, I feel the impulse again to bang my head against the wall.

  68. Pat J — your daughter sounds like me — I like my presents to look so pretty that people don’t want to unwrap them — I also do creative things too like little ornaments, toys (if it is for a child) or holly tied up in the bow. LOL — I have not one inch of creativity any where else but I am the Martha Stewart of gift wrapping!

  69. Yeah, boo hoo for Michelle Obama and all her sacrifices for this country.

    I guess they can’t pay Blago a few bucks to make her a senator. It might look a bit suspicious now.

  70. Ok — its been fun getting myself all worked up with rage — but I have to get back to work — at least for a bit — see y’all later!

  71. Kim: I love it when you chime in! Seems like awhile since you and I have been online at the same time. I am seriously thinking of just shutting down the blogs and the tv for awhile and just forget about this stuff for a few months. I mean, how often can one say “I’m disgusted!”?

    Have you heard from your son recently?

  72. Screw the electors, notably Wayne Abraham….and screw all of D.C. and the “Democratic” party…I guess NY is jumping for joy…disappointed in what’s become of the Big Apple…changing the term limits for Bloomie!!

    On Reflection: These Are The Times That Try Men’s (and Women’s) Souls


  73. This level of hyprocisy is just sickening.

    As someone posted above, when you have female candidates who have been in the trenches for years paying their dues and some airhead with a recognizable last just giggles, jiggles and wiggles and gets a seat in the Senate–THE US SENATE, it just demeans the sacrifices of every woman before her INCLUDING Hilary.

    And you KNOW that all she’s going to be is a rubberstamp of BO and a TV ready conduit for his talking points when he screws up. So sad. Gov Paterson will be doing his state a serious diservice if he appoints her.

    Never thought I’d live to say this, but I can’t stand the Dems anymore. In my mind, they’re actually WORSE than the Republicans because they were SUPPOSED to be better.

    This concludes my rant. Thanks for listening. We now return to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress.

  74. PS–the On Reflection post is by American Lassie…!!

  75. does MO really want a salary for being First Lady?? Can I have a link for that please?

  76. Warning: Head exploding material to follow

    This morning one of the chattering heads actually said, “I think this would be really nice if Carolyn had these two years left in Hillary’s term to decide if she likes the Senate.” Now, we have the equivalent of an extended “try it on, but don’t take off the tag” for the Senate.

  77. I’m going to say that I’d prefer someone who has some skins on the wall; however, I think that CKS might have some positives that some people are overlooking. I do want Patterson to appoint a female. We really need equal representation for everyone in this country.

  78. If only sha had some judgement….but choosing Biden-of Anita Hill fame….Her mother would never have made that error.

    I wonder what they’re using to intimidate Paterson…

  79. Pat: I have had to refrain, this crap was starting to drive me batty and I was already a little loopy to begin with, now we aren’t even fooling with elections, just install the elitists and to hell with the rest.

    My son is good, we sent him lots of goodies and many of my friends sent packages. Some of the guys in his unit don’t get packages, so the ones that do, share.

  80. The press went beserk when Hillary announced her plans to run for president, insisting that this was based solely on her husband once holding that office. Hillary came well prepared as we all know. She had won two major victories in NY and had her hand in quite a few legislative decisions while serving in the Senate.

    Caroline has done nothing in that arena to date. There are quite a few qualified female serving in congress and the NY legislature that would qualify more so than Caroline Kennedy. The Senate is an exclusive body of 100. You need to have earned your stripes first and foremost to be a member. Handing such a vaunted seat to someone based on nothing more than name recognition is a slap in the face of the NY electorate.

    Why not Rosie O’Donnell? Her blog is alive with political opinions and her name is well known? Just being facetious but it amounts to the same. Let Caroline beat the bushes from the ground up before the catapult which should be based on merit.

  81. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED! This really makes my blood boil. I have already emailed Paterson for myself and my mother. She called him this morning, and I plan to do so this afternoon. I guess after this election season, we are not even pretending to be a representative democracy anymore. It’s all about name, celebrity and money. I don’t give a damn what “Caroline or Ted want.” It’s yet another blatant insult to the voters of this country. We do not count. Let the oligarchy make the decisions for us stupid plebes. Father knows best after all–and Father Kennedy wants the princess to have something to do now that she is approaching empty nest syndrome. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    “Resume Long on Politics, but Short on Public Office”

    The promotion of Caroline Kennedy and justification for her to be Senator begins. I mean, she raises lots of money and wrote a letter of recommendation for Murdoch—certainly that qualifies her! {snark}


    Rep. King Vows to One Day Beat Princess of Camelot


  82. Yes, it does drive you batty.

    I have found listening to Jane Austen on audiobooks, while doing the cleaning really helps….

  83. Why not Rosie O’Donnell? Her blog is alive with political opinions and her name is well known?

    Pat: It’s all about the money. She can raise big bucks. Plus, this ridiculous fantasy of Camelot that never existed in the first place. Jackie wrote about how that was all created as a myth after JFK died.

  84. Warning: Head exploding material to follow

    This morning one of the chattering heads actually said, “I think this would be really nice if Carolyn had these two years left in Hillary’s term to decide if she likes the Senate.”

    ********HEAD OFFICIALLY EXPLODING*********

    No wonder this country is imploding. This is the mentality.

  85. Email Governor Paterson:

  86. Email governor Paterson:


  87. I should be happy the Dems won. I should be but I am not. As much as I loathe the GOP, neither party makes me proud or offers the sense of security we crave going forward. I voted McCain simply in protest of the DNC and their hand picked candidate. I had no more faith in him then I do any of them.

    And if someone insists on repeating “the people have spoken” I can only turn away since we all know that the people who cared never stood a chance.

    It is becoming all too overwhelming.

  88. can someone please fish my comment out of the dungeon-it has a link to contact paterson.

  89. Never thought I’d live to say this, but I can’t stand the Dems anymore. In my mind, they’re actually WORSE than the Republicans because they were SUPPOSED to be better.

    TorchWood: ditto.

    gregoryp: have you lost your mind? Do you know that there are PLENTY of women candidates for this position who have actually been elected by the people of this state (I am a NY-er), and have worked very hard to earn this opportunity? This perpetuates the celebrity with no experience precedent that got us Bush, Obama, and others to follow. I’ve said it before: look for Affleck, Will Smith, & Clooney to run. They have all expressed interest in post-acting careers.

  90. With so many people losing their jobs, their homes, and their 401ks, if Michelle Obama is given a salary as First Lady, the nation is lost. This is patronage on a grand scale and must not be tolerated.

  91. fif

    “This perpetuates the celebrity with no experience precedent that got us Bush, Obama..”

    AND Ah-nauld! Don’t forget Ah-nauld!!

  92. Good comparison! Brilliant, actually!

  93. And Jesse Ventura.

  94. RD & Co. The chart says it all. All.

    Can you see the memorabilia stacking up on this one?
    Imagine it. Why, all of a sudden it can be “a brand” can’t it?
    For sale.

    I guess non of what Hillary stood for matters to this new brand of Democrat. That is the sad part. Of course we all see right through it.
    Personally — I’m waiting for BLAGO to weigh in.

    I hope he’s loud.

    Very, Very, Very LOUD.

    I hope New Yorkers are smarter than this.

    Toxic to watch it — toxic. And to think I grew up believing in her father’s values. Her uncle’s? Chappaquiddic — (sp?)


  95. The HRC comparison makes me furious too. Hillary was ELECTED! Furthermore, she had DECADES of wonk experience, and then she was First Lady with her 82 countries etc. The comparison is an insult to a lifetime in public service, compared to Caroline’s part-time efforts. I have to go–this makes me so angry.

    CALL PATERSON’S OFFICE! I will not vote for him if he does this, and will actively protest in any way possible.

  96. btw — last night news came out that MO wants a salary for being First Lady because she is giving up her cushy job with the over-inflated salary plus that board position to deign to serve this country.

    if that happens, I’ll start dumping tea in boston harbor

  97. That bougie (fill in the blank) wants a salary?

    OH, HELL NO!!!

  98. Cool with “Hillary Clinton only won because of Bill”

    Did Caroline actually say this?

  99. New Yorkers have no say in this. It is being decided from the top. Paterson wants to win the next election so he will go with Obama and Teddy because this is where his political fortunes lie.

    It is a done deal. It would take a great deal of political courage to buck the system and so far there is no one out there from either party who shows they have the guts. It is politics all day, every day and the spoils lies with those who truly know how to play the game.

  100. I’m pretty sure that story about MO wanting a salary is bogus.

    If anyone has a source for it please let us know, otherwise it should be filed with those BC and Madrassa rumors.

  101. I noted on the post below that the NY Post has endorsed Caroline Kennedy in this mornings paper and the NY News is claiming that she is just like her father.

    Here’s some back story to that. If you read the link I had above, it says that Caroline wrote a letter of recommendation to her exclusive private school for Murdoch’s kid…now the Post endorsement.

  102. myiq2xu

    Thanks for the light of clear thinking. I was about to go nuclear over this. I so have ODS now.

  103. I saw a story on some News station talking about how First Ladies don’t get paid. And how terribly qualified MO is for her new job with her Ivy League education and all. Her qualifications apparently blow all past first ladies out of the water.

    Nothing in the story said directly that MO wanted or expected to be paid.

    But, why the story?

  104. Wasn’t it a story on ABC?

  105. I thought I couldn’t get anymore nauseated and disgusted with the events of this political season.

    I was wrong.

    Handing Clinton’s seat to Kennedy as a thank-you gift for her support of Obama in the primaries is beyond sickening. Putting a Senate seat at risk by placing a novice there is stupid and reckless.

    I thought Patterson was smarter than this. I am so tired of this country’s friggin’ obsession with all things JFK. I really am.

  106. I thought this was interesting, Hillary returned Caroline’s contribution to her campaign… info at the end of this article:


  107. I’m sure that everyone would have been just fine with giving Bill Clinton or Cindy McCain a salary. If I were Michelle I would keep quiet on the ‘pay to play’ job she had. Besides I thought that she was going to stay in the WH and make sure that her girls did not grow up to be like her.

  108. KB:

    Maybe we elected the wrong Obama

  109. I don’t much care who the First Lady or First Husband is; they are not elected. This should cancel out any talk of this role being a paid position simply based on the fact that they are married to the president. There are enough perks in this job and if the salary is not something they can live with then they need to reorder their priorities.

    We are electing a leader to serve our needs not the other way around. Let her stay in Chicago if she needs to “earn”. Seems like there is plenty of tax payers money floating around that city to encourage her staying behind.

  110. I saw a story on some News station talking about how First Ladies don’t get paid. And how terribly qualified MO is for her new job with her Ivy League education and all. Her qualifications apparently blow all past first ladies out of the water.

    Uh excuse me, but how is her education and experience superior to former First Lady’s HRC (who was not paid)? HRC had been named one of the top lawyers in the country not once, but twice (or was it more times)? MO, on the other hand, was given a $300K job at a hospital right after her husband became Senator–Chicago-style.

  111. The piece is probably this one, from Politico, via yahoo. It’s purely speculative:


  112. Was someone holding a gun to the heads of these people when they decided to run? Because otherwise I see no reason to pay the spouse a salary while in office. They will enjoy the benefits of free health care, chauffeuring, meal preparation, housekeeping, babysitting, free utilities, a plane at their disposal, Camp David when you just have to get away, a presidential yacht, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

    If you cannot make do with those perks then something is exceedingly wrong with this picture.

  113. Very funny post, but the whole part about Kennedy speaking to Sharpton made me break in hives:

    For Fucksake!!! Would White people stop dealing with Sharpton as if he was “our” representant ? We NEVER elected him to ANYTHING. You guys chose him.

    I’m so fed up with this spectacle that I have decided to choose some white guy (you can bet your ass I’ll choose a buffoon) who will be your representant henceforth.

    I’ll gladly enlist the some special advisors such as afrocity, elderj to help me find the “adequate” person.

    Who will be the representative for Whites? Hmmmmm….

  114. Sophie, stay strong, and welcome to the club. The love of my life turned into a bobot in this election. We are no longer together. I’ll never see “the one” as a “great uniter”.

  115. MABlue – hahahahaa….

    I am unfortunately not surprised that she is even being considered. Democracy is dead; welcome to the empire

  116. MABlue: I am submitting the name of the dumbest white I can think of to represent our point of view a la Sharpton: Paris Hilton. Hope this helps.

  117. SOD: If I were that kid’s parents I would “hate” you forever!

  118. Pat, If you want to be fancy in an unfancy way in wrapping, wrap your gifts with brown paper and tie them with rustic brown twine or red yarn or red or gold ribbon. Easy yet comes out positively Martha Stewarty.

    Other people save Sunday newspaper comics and wrap them in that.

  119. votermom: My sister in law used to wrap that way and it was really creative! I do not possess the “creative” bone in the least.

    At this point, I am stuffing the gift bags. I am “so over” wrapping, cutting, fitting, and ribboning right now that those gift bags come in handy.

  120. I bought myself the Rachel Ray “Big Orange Cookbook”. Has anyone tried it?

  121. Thanks Pat.

    I’m looking for those type of inputs.

    I’ve had with these people thinking to be on our good side, you have to be on Al Sharpton’s good side.
    I was screaming on top my lungs during the “nappy headed hos” episode. Imus had to go to Sharpton’s radio show to apologize to him (a show I have NEVER tuned into), Sharpton was all over the teevees, and then you had some of the same (white) people complaining that Sharpton was all over the place.

    I was screaming “He is in your studio because you invited him, you paid for his fares and sent a limo to pick him up. That’s why.”

  122. Wow, I love that Hillary returned Caroline’s donation to her campaign this past summer. If this doesn’t tell you how Hillary feels about Caroline…

    I’m developing KDS.

    If this shit happens I will vote who whoever runs against Princess Caroline, even if it’s Newt Gingrich. Same with Paterson.

  123. I just wrap the boring way. When it comes out messy I blame the kids. 🙂

  124. MABlue: I feel the same way when they trot out Kissinger, Rove and Gingrich to give insight as well. They all belong in jail. And Sharpton can never be forgiven for Tiwana Brawley under any circumstances. Making hero’s of the aforementioned just shows how low we have come as a nation when these boobs are alloted airtime to march out their opinions on anything.

    There is little shame left in this country when we continue to look the other way when transgressions are repeatedly committed.

  125. It’s easy to see why the slimeball prez-select nominated Hillary for the SOS position. This was to help him get his Teddy paid off. Do you think Hillary will last one prez term before being “fired for cause”. I don’t.

    Someday, she’ll realize that Lucy ALWAYS pulls the football away.

  126. In the new democratic party I guess sperm donations by a former president matter more than experience.
    see my rant downstairs



  127. I love the chart in this post.

    Please see Potpourri’s latest entry http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/if-governor-paterson-is-seeking-selfpreservation.html for another angle on the issue and a link to a petition drafted by somebody else that a) points out at least 3 qualified alternatives to C. Kennedy and b) will make it directly to Gov. Paterson.

    It is essential to make Paterson realize that he can be a hero by refusing to along with this hijacking.

  128. Well, clearly when the upper crust is so overt in their demands, it’s time for a revolution!!! 👿

  129. The thing that appalls me the most is the staggering hypocrisy of Obot nation. These are the very same people who hollered for months about Palin’s suppoosed lack of qualifications to be a VP candidate and how it was an insult to all women because supposedly “better qualified” Republican women were passed over.

    Now, barely a month after the election, they are falling all over themselves trying to rationalize why a socialite should be given a Senate seat simply because she is a prominent Obama supporter and a Kennedy and they are ignoring the many better qualified women who would be passed over (Nita Lowey, Carolyn Maloney, etc.) Hypocrites!.

    At least Palin had to run for city council, mayor (twice), and gov. CK just wants it handed to her.

    Though I must admit it is amusing reading Jeralyn over at TL claim that being a lawyer who graduated from Columbia (though a non-practicing attorney) and a co-author of two books means you are qualified to be a Senator.

  130. It is bought and paid for, I don’t think any amount of petitions or rants will make any difference. Ted Kennedy supported Obama and put the DNC behind him. In exchange, the Kennedy’s were responsible for the moment in history when a black man took office. In exchange, Caroline gets the senate seat and in eight years we have the first woman, a Kennedy . NO, THERE CANNOT BE A CLINTON DYNASTY, c’mon guys there is only room for one dynasty and that is the Kennedy dynasty.

  131. Uncle Ted was always the weak link of the family.
    Daddy was busy grooming Joe Jr then John for the office of president.
    Bobby had the brains. The only thing teddy had was the name and he has used it and lived off it for years.
    All his talk about health care , where is it, he has had more than enough time to get it done. He got suckered by the No Child Left Behind deal. If his record was studied over the years has he really done anything for the people of America?
    He has been paid by public funds for years, what has he done to really earn the salary?
    Does Caroline really think that all you have to do is have the name and show up once in a while to collect the salary?
    Even Old Joe and Honey Fitz understood you have to a least give the impression that you have done something to get the office.



  132. I’ve been a loyal Democrat all my adult life but I am tired of the Kennedys viewing the US as their private Country Club.
    As for a Clinton Dynasty–if only! Personally, I’m praying that Chelsea gets married and bangs out triplets–all male.
    This year has taught me that a female would just be a waste of an x chromosome.

  133. SweetSue, don’t count we women out just yet. The arc of justice is long but its aim is true.

  134. here is my question. will patterson keep his seat after the next election? hell no! he has hopes he can. they always do. so he’ll play ball with the so called king makers hoping! caroline getting elected in 2010 if she continues to do what she has been doing which is very little. i don’t think so. the people of new york don’t like to have false idols foisted on them. false idols? that’s right. think american idol and false media. that’s how i look at it.

  135. And shame is still a powerful weapon in politics. Paterson has to be given a reason, a way to be seen as taking a courageous stance by appointing somebody who is not a glamour-gal or boy.

  136. I am starting to hope Hillary will decide she doesn’t want to be SOS after all.

  137. It’s the MEDIA, MEDIA, MEDIA.

    Every day now they make a point of telling us how Obama’s
    approval rating is at 75% or 98 or 105% or something like that?

    I don’t believe it. Who’s in their sample?

    Now there’s the Kennedy people on every five minutes on
    every channel. Aren’t they even a little embarrassed at how this

    I guess the answer is obvious. No.

    This Kennedy propoganda is also a power play, as in slap in
    the face to Hillary.
    As in “So you want to be SOS. Alrighty then,
    I’ll pretend to play that game. But by the way, b**ch, Caroline
    gets your Senate seat. What are you gonna do about it, huh?”

    Hey, guys, do you think it might be time for a march or protest?
    How about a protest in Albany. Also, calls to the media so
    they can’t keep pretending they are doing us a big favor by
    giving us Caroline.

  138. Hillary returned Caroline’s donation? Good for her, what reason did she give?

  139. badtothebone, on December 16th, 2008 at 1:08 pm Said:

    I understand just how you feel. Although I think she is clever to pick the post that keeps her away from the domestic messes that this administration – possibly no administration – can or will do anything about.

  140. MABlue, on December 16th, 2008 at 11:42 am Said:

    Even though he is only white on one side of his family, can our rep be Barack Obama?

  141. Heidi Li;

    That’s actually a brilliant idea. I may really appoint Obama as “your” Representant.

  142. “There are times when cynicism is warranted”

    “That cynicism you refer to, I acquired the day I discovered I was different from little boys.”
    — Bette Davis in “All About Eve”

    Yes, I was at Talk Left today — I still go there for good legal news and for BTD’s regular Taunting of the Obots. Jeralyn has become so hardened in her views it’s astonishing. She became downright furious when a commenter suggested she quit yakking about how great Caroline Kennedy’s qualifications were (she went to COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL for garsh sake!!) when she, Jeralyn, had routinely trashed Palin’s experience. I am happy to report that most of the commenters were very opposed to the appointment, leaving her alone with her over-the-top obtuseness.

  143. DancingOpossum, on December 16th, 2008 at 1:26 pm Said:

    I went to a “fancy” faw school, and I have accomplished a wide range of things outside of elected politics but in the areas of public service and education. If I move to NYC immediately, will Jeralyn promote me to fill the vacancy?

  144. DancingOpossum: Thanks for the TalkLeft update for those of us who refuse to give Jeralyn a hit on her site anymore. Jeralyn seems to be in denial about this entire election year. I guess it’s the only way most of the Clinton supporters who voted for Obama can deal with their decision and feel good about it.

    And touting Caroline’s Columbia Law School degree as enough of a qualification to become a Senator is classic elitist talk. The Kennedy family can buy their way into almost any school or job in this country. Her Columbia degree means very little in the grand scheme of things.

  145. Back for a bit…had to do the work thing for awhile…thank you folks for your kind words. I have a new blessing this year for my ex and others like her: May you be judged in precisely the same manner as you judged Sarah Palin.

  146. Really! All you have to do is raise the Dubya example to kill that one.

    Heidi Li, I think you’re a heck of a lot more qualified than Caroline K. Heidi Li for NY Senate…!

  147. “Every day now they make a point of telling us how Obama’s
    approval rating is at 75% or 98 or 105% or something like that?”

    So was Dubya’s early on. And Poppy Bush’s.

  148. fif, I haven’t lost my mind. I said I would prefer someone else. I just think that Caroline might have some positive attributes. I definitely want Patterson to appoint a female who has experience and understands the legislative process. There have got to be thousands of New Yorkers who fit that description. In reality though I want someone who will stand up for what is just and right. That is the most important thing for me.

  149. The media is making me physically ill.

  150. Call me cynical or whatever you want but…

    How old was Caroline when JFK died? And then Jackie married Onasis. Shit, Caroline was under the Onasis umbrella longer than the Kennedy one. And didn’t the kids get a few shekels from Onasis at his death also?

    So Angie, you can claim Caroline as part of the Greek community! HAR!

  151. Well, everyone, I mailed my petition to Governor Paterson today.

    I think we need to do a PROWL to call the Governor’s office and say “Carolyn Maloney, not Caroline Kennedy.”

    Caroline truly defines entitlement. Of course the Obots want her – all they respond to is celebrity status. A hard-working, lesser-known woman like Congresswoman Maloney is so, like, UNGLAMOROUS.

  152. OT but speaking of TL, I read a post by JM yesterday congratulating David Schuster on his new show in the 6 pm time slot on MSNBC. She said – now with David, Keith and Rachel we have a real choice.

    All the comments (at that time) were – Are you kidding? That’s a joke, right? All but one said they no longer watch MSNBC and don’t plan to. And of course Sister J had to come in with her ruler and rap a few knuckles and scold for name calling. (the word idiot)

  153. Is</i? that a joke about Shitster getting his own show? Just when you thought MSNBO couldn’t get any lower…

  154. GAgal: I’m so glad I no longer visit that place. People who have lost any lick of common sense they had, bother me.

  155. Is that a joke about Shitster getting his own show? Just when you thought MSNBO couldn’t get any lower…

  156. It’s still true (she said, being very close to one of PT Barnum’s workplaces), You’ll Never Go Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of the American Public

  157. No joke. Apparently the sexist pig was rewarded with his own show.

  158. Shuster is getting his own show. If that is making you ill, please consider even 5 bucks to 51 Percent. You would not believe the blowback that I am already getting from people over this:

    My favorite comment so far: “Misogyny is not sexy”.


  159. Fredster, on December 16th, 2008 at 2:19 pm Said:

    I am so with that.

  160. gregory: you’re probably gone by now, but I am not disputing that Caroline is an intelligent, earnest person. So are millions of others. The only reason she is being considered is because of her name–period. This is not a monarchy–or, at least it’s not supposed to be.

  161. Something seriously bad happen to the american psyche. How could they suddenly accept anything make sense or not. Is there any thing out there to shake a nation out of it’s stupper?

  162. I couldn’t bear to watch any TV when The One was being canonized during the Democratic convention and so I missed an interview with Caroline and Katie when it was broadcast. It’s on youtube and I just saw it. I think Caroline graduated from the Obama School of Public Speaking since she can’t get through a sentence (indeed, she sometimes seems to struggle to form a coherent sentence) without many “uhs” and “you knows” and she has the knack of using many words to say nothing. Caroline is also very talented at not answering a question at all in addition to being more than a little prickly. Remind you of anyone?

    If she gets anointed, eventually she will have to run against another candidate. How is she going to be able to debate that person? If I lived in NY, I would prefer Fran Drescher. At least she seems to know what real work is like, having produced her own hit show and she never seems unable to express her views.

    I don’t see how this differs much from the Blago scandal. Blackmail by Teddy is at least at bad as what Blago has done.

    There does seem to be a trial balloon sent up by the media to get public reaction to giving Michelle a salary for her First Lady efforts. A story published on 12/9 by Andie Coller appeared in different media outlets. There is even a poll at MSNBC (no surprise there):


    OT, Obama wants the head (Arne Duncan) of what is possibly the worst public school system in the U.S. (Chicago) to head the Dept of Education and the Feds reportedly have Rahm on 21 taped phone conversations about BO’s seat.


  163. Does anyone feel like it is the last days of the empire? The Romans had bread and circuses; we have reality TV. In both cases, no attention is paid to the issues, only the trappings. Keep people busy with mind-numbing entertainment.

  164. AnneE-yes that, or becoming more and more like S.America-rule by dishonest millionaire oligarchies…

  165. Well, if this isn’t the culmination of Disney-princess culture, I don’t know what is.

  166. Again, I am late checking in to the post, but wanted to share a few thoughts. I believe Ted has been pushing Caroline to enter politics since the day her brother’s ashes were interred in the sea. It is well known that John was approached for the NY Senate seat BEFORE Hillary was. Christiane Amanpour and Jamie Rubin were guests at John Jr’.s Vineyard home a weekend or two before he died. John reputedly declined, feeling that he was not ready, and that it was too early in his marriage to subject his wife Carolyn to the scrutiny she would have to endure as the wife of a Senator JFK Jr. So from Ted Kennedy’s point of view, the seat was never Hillary’s and he “let” her have it after John died, and Caroline at that time did not want to enter politics.

    Caroline dropped the”Schlossberg” name and began to be introduced as Caroline Kennedy almost immediately after John Jr. died. (To her credit, she reportedly met with Carolyn and Lauren Bessette’s mother, expressed her own anger at John for his reckless flying which claimed both daughter’s lives, and paid a generous settlement. She could have let her lawyers just cut a check, but she sat down with Carolyn and Lauren’s mother. )

    Anyone who wants a clear-eyed look at Caroline should read Carole Radziwill’s “What Remains”, the story of Carole and Tony Radziwill’s marriage, and Tony’s untimely death from cancer three weeks after John Kennedy’s plane crash. It is dignified and honest,
    beautifully written, while sparing no one, and will give you a painfully accurate picture of the line between the elite and the commoners. The commoners here were Carole DiFalco Radziwill and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, who, despite her looks, came from an average background.

    Caroline Kennedy is a complex figure about whom we know very little. I myself am not surprised to see this happen, it’s been brewing for a long while.

  167. My dog is a complex figure, as well. He also got a credit card offer in the mail. All of that coupled with the fact that he was born – as near as we can tell – here in the U. S. nearly qualifies him for the NY senate seat. If only his last name was Kennedy – I am sure he would have it in the bag!

  168. Back Bay Style said, “Caroline Kennedy is a complex figure about whom we know very little.”

    That is an oxymoron.

  169. I’ve noticed that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has recently become Caroline Kennedy–did anyone notice when this happened?

    Usually the MCM refers to people by the name they choose to use–so I’m assuming she chose to drop her married name.

    I have no problem with that. She did, however, choose earlier to be Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

    And, yes, run for election for something before asking to be named a major state’s senator.

  170. Katiebird–December 16th, 2008 at 9:41 am Said:
    Is Caroline Kennedy a liar? That story about Hillary saying she wasn’t qualified to be a Senator sounds like a lie. To me.

    I missed this story–do you–or anyone– have a ink? Thnx.

  171. Sorry! Missed the point about Caroline Kennedy dropping Schlossberg after her brother’s death. Wow–all these years and I missed it. Huh.

  172. Hey — Allegre is asking everyone to sign the petition to tell the Gov of New York not to appoint Carolyn Kennedy to Hillary’s senate seat. To our shame there are only 500 signatures on it right now. This is pathetic. Publicize the petition on your blogs. Everyone being too scared of the Kennedys is a bad sign. All that shows is your name so get courage.


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