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Tin Foil Hat Tuesday Open Thread

Why cats hate their owners

Why cats hate their owners

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!

So what’s on your mind?

197 Responses

  1. What was the biggest/stupidest tin foil hat theory of the year?

    I vote for the Obama birth certificate stuff.

    There are a lot of things to criticize Obama for, but claiming he isn’t a citizen ain’t one of them.

  2. Uh…let’s discuss that one myiq2xu…

  3. Myiq2xu, Is that you in the picture?

  4. gosh…where’d my special avatar go?

  5. BRB

  6. It’s TFHT so anything is fair game

  7. myiq: have you seen it? I’m not saying it is and I’m not saying it isn’t…I’m not even saying it’s worth spending time on. I’m saying no one can authoritatively vouch for him.

  8. I’m not a cat

  9. I’m not really big on avatars but SOD’s regular one always makes me laugh. I’ll need lots as we have four years to get though which haven’t even started yet.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this all month. My tinfoil theories re: the Kennedys:

    1. JFK killed Marilyn (after he was done using her & she wouldn’t go away);
    2. The mob killed JFK because he used them to win the election & then Bobby started going after them (Ruby killed Oswald to cover the truth up — Ruby was a low level mobster dying of cancer & the big guys took care of his family);
    3. Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo because she was pregnant with Bobby’s child.

  11. OK…test

  12. Dang!

  13. Now?

  14. I give up….OK — Tinfoil moment: Larry Sinclair!

  15. Mr. Transparency immediately gets irritated and imperious when a journalist dares to ask him a question:

  16. Have to go in a moment, but re: angie…

    That the mob was in some way involved in the JFK assassination I find quite plausible, if not likely.

    One out of three ain’t bad.

  17. SOD — but what if you believe Larry Sinclair?

  18. angie: I’m definitely with you on 2. I don’t know about 1 and 3. Possible, though.

  19. Okay, how about the biggest conspiracy of our day: Why is BO the president-elect. Who’s the kingmaker and why BO?

  20. angie — I do! That’s the problem… How comes the media was only too happy to blather on and on about Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, etc…without proof, but Sinclair has phone records and everything and he’s ignored.

    What’s up with that?

  21. Check out this. Having great instinct is the reason to believe that Obama wasn’t involved with Blago.

  22. Who is the kingmaker?

    Damn Sophie…that’s the question of the year!!!

  23. angienc2 – I also think JFK killed Marilyn and together with his brother they made it look like suicide.

  24. Soros is the kingmaker — that’s my bet.

    and JFK totally killed Marilyn –well had her killed — I’ve read every Marilyn book there is — he did it & no one will convince me otherwise.

  25. Downticket — exactly!

  26. I have been trying to understand Hillary’s motives. Why did she really take the SOS job. Obama might not face karma today or next year but it is coming and he will be damaged goods in either 4 years of 6 years. Either way this affects Hillary badly. With a bad Obama administration, she is also damaged. Which means she can’t run again in 2016.

    What if Hillary knows that Obama will undermine her and want to fire her in a few days. What if that is what she wants. She is daring him to fire her. We only know he won’t listen to her advice. I am 95% certain.

  27. Yes…all that Kennedy worship and they were no better than the rest of the corrupt thugs we’re dealing with today.

    Now Marilyn…she was a legend. Effed up big time,… but a legend nonetheless.

  28. I think Oswald was involved but did not act alone. I think Ruby was sent to silence Oswald.

    I don’t know who else was involved or why, but the shot that killed JFK came from the grassy knoll. I think the orders for the cover-up came from higher-up than whoever was behind the assassination.

  29. My cynicism lies with the fact that the people elect a president. Not in my humble opinion. The media decides who will sit in the office.

  30. chay — actually I think it goes more like this: the “shadow gov’t” tells the media who to install as president.

  31. chay:

    Hillary beat the media. The Democratic party betrayed her.

  32. myiq2xu — on the BC issue…what would be the reason for NOT providing a physical copy of the BC to an unbiased evaluator as requested??? McCain did it at the first request

  33. Valerie Jarrett is a klingon.

  34. I think the Daley mob has the goods on the Kennedy’s and now that teddy is on his way out they need more Kennedy’s to control example Caroline.
    There is more people involved the just Soros in backtrack’s selection and it is not good for America.



  35. SOD:

    I’m guessing that it would reveal that Obama’s parents were never married.

  36. OK…that is no big deal — why hide it? and why risk the embarassment of an eventual release when it’s NOT a big deal?

  37. Marilyn had serious drug problems, though. She was a mess. Tony Curtis hated working with her on “Some Like It Hot.” He said the scene where he seduces her on the boat had to be done so many times because she kept screwing up that by the end of it kissing her was like kissing Hitler. (That was his comparison.)

    And you know that scene when Marilyn is on the phone after having received the necklace in the box, and she’s talking to either Curtis or Lemmon (I forget.) The camera is close-up on Marilyn’s face and if you look at her eyes you’ll see them going back and forth. Billy Wilder revealed that she could not memorize her speech because she was a mess and they wrote the entire speech on cue cards and she was reading them as they filmed.

    Marilyn had a lot of mental problems…which is not to say the Kennedys didn’t do her in. But…

  38. afrocity — how can you tell the difference between an Obot Klingon or Cyborg?

  39. Stanley Ann Dunham is Barack’s mother and she was a natural born citizen. She met Barack Sr. in Hawaii, which was then a state.

    There is no evidence to support the idea she decided to travel out of the US to deliver Barack.

    The idea makes no sense either.

  40. SOD:

    Obama won’t even admit he still smokes.

  41. I once spoke to a Vietnam Vet who said he met her in person once (Marilyn). He said she had this incredible ability to turn the Marilyn persona on and off at a moment’s notice. He said when she went into “Marilyn” mode she could melt anyone within 50 feet. Some people just have the “It” factor – she had it. Again…Effed up big time, but then again many of these uber celebs never live up to their own expectations. they exceed everyone else’s, but never their own.

  42. Well I think JFK was Obama’s daddy…. 😉 That would sure explain a whole helluva lot this election.

  43. O is definitely bi-sexual. His homophobia is some kind of twisted shame response. Larry Sinclair is telling the truth.

    O will be more corrupt than Nixon. He will not spearhead health care reform, nor get out of Iraq, nor take on Wall St., nor act in any way creatively to help us out of the pending depression.


    had to get that off my chest since I cannot mention any of this to those around me who still believe I went over to the dark side by not supporting him

    Back to lurking.

    Bless you all for keeping the resistance alive

  44. During the Watergate hearings they asked John Dean who first suggested the cover-up. He replied that no one ever suggested that there not be a cover-up.

    Obama is a narcissist. He’s not going to admit to anything embarrassing.

    Look at his stupid lies on Blagogate.

  45. So what does everyone think happened during the infamous 15 minute meeting b/w BO and Hillary at Feinstein’s house in June?

  46. DYB — I know everything there is to know about Marilyn — including the fact that she was molested as a child in foster homes & her plethora of mental problems from a long string of men who used her & discarded her. That doesn’t make up for the fact that she was used & thrown away by JFK and I believe murdered by him.

    And Tony Curtis was a motherfucking asshole sexist pig — but he had the decency to later apologize profusely for saying that about her.

  47. SOD take a look at her. It ain’t human. Maybe it is even CGI. Maybe Obama is CGI

  48. Hey everyone! I know this is not tinfoil-hatty, but…I sent my old petition off to Governor Paterson today.

    Now it’s time for a new petition – just say NO to Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg!

    Please sign if you feel the same way!


  49. SOD — Lee Stravinsky (Marilyn’s acting coach in NYC) teenage daughter developed a close friendship with her & she said the same thing about Marilyn being able to “turn on” the Marilyn persona — they would be walking down the street completely unrecognized & she would ask Marilyn to “do it” and in a flash she “turned it on” with adjusts to her walk, the way she held her head, etc. and people would start to look, stop & recognize her.

  50. SOD
    I agree. Just show the damn thing and shut everybody up. Why spend in excess of $800,000 dollars to keep it hidden. My guess is it lists his father as Kenyan and his father’s religion as Islam. Who cares? Even if it mattered, he didn’t even know the man. It’s just the arrogance (and the $800,000) that bothers me. While the rest of us have to show ours and our families for every little thing, he thinks he’s “above that”.

  51. afrocity – Now that’s a tinfoil hat theory I can get behind – Obama is a hologram!


  52. Obama has a lot in common with G-Dub.

    They will march right off a cliff before they admit to a mistake.

  53. Angie:
    I love your tinfoil theories best!
    I don’t know that JFK had Marilyn murdered and I also don’t know that Ted had Mary Jo murdered. I only have doubts about that because I don’t believe the Kennedy men, particularly Ted, would have been smart enough to pull that off.
    Did you ever see the picture Marilyn took of herself dressed as Jackie-O? She wanted to marry JFK and BE Jackie, ect.
    Poor thing. She had severe mental problems. She is such a tragic person. I love Marilyn Monroe…

  54. Who can believe Tony Curtis the same guy who shared drugs with his daughter?

  55. Obama learned from G-Dub. He sings G-Dubs praises in the Audacity of Crap over and over again. The are two peas in a pod.
    You know, it infuriates me to the point of screaming bloody murder but I get the feeling Ted will get his way and Princess Caroline will get her shiny new Senate Seat.
    *throws up*
    And you KNOW she is going to run for President in 2012. I mean, come on.
    I, for one, will not vote for her, not even if she is running against an ant eater.

  56. I make my kids buy their own

  57. Little Isis — I’m glad you like them — I believe each one of them! LOL

  58. My tinfoil hat theory: Obama’s BC will show he’s actually George Bush’s son!

    The ears, baby, the ears!!!

  59. Downticket — exactly — Tony Curtis whadda asshole!

  60. LI – Sign my petition!


    And yes, the anteater gets my vote. It’s more qualified and cuter.

  61. madamab, on December 16th, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    I think to get him to think about his choice would be for people to start posting on news sites how much Uncle Teddy was offerring him inorder for princess Caroline to get her senate seat. That way if she did get it, there would be suspicion that he pulled a Blago. Would Paterson want people to think that?

  62. madazhel:
    I am on the same boat as you. I do believe BO is bisexual, will be corrut, ect. and his homophobia is a self-hate mechanism. I have known of others like him. *cough, Sully, cough*
    He gives us Bi’s a bad name.
    BTW, there is an astrologer named Chiron from Elizabeth Joyce’s website who is something special. He/She says that Bo’s sexual leanings are common knowledge in the Chicago Gay community.
    I don’t know if I believe Sinclair, but I suppose it’s possible he’s telling the truth.

  63. What is going on with Bill Richardson?

  64. Downticket – it’s a thought, but I wouldn’t smear Paterson that way with no evidence at all. He’s doing a decent job, except for that weird “obesity tax” he wants to put on Coke but not Diet Coke!!!

  65. afrocity — Judas is embroiled in a “pay for play” scandal of his own in NM! LOL — Everyone in B0’s WH is corrupt except for B0! LOLLOLOLOLOLOL

  66. Angie – seems like Obama’s innocence is the biggest tin foil hat theory of all!!!

  67. Too funny Angie! That is perfect. I wonder if princess Caroline is involved in Pay to Play???

  68. What a crew… can’t wait to see them all in stripes behind bars!

  69. Caroline is as dull as dishwater. I tried watching her DNC convention speech and slipped into a coma.

  70. Book recommendation: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. A mystery with many dimensions and a title character who can best be described as Pippi Longstocking meets Joan Jett. If you’re a woman who has ever nursed a revenge fantasy, this book is for you. It’s also very au courrant with references to capitalist greed, fascism and rampant sexism – except it all takes place in enlightened Sweden.

  71. Has Hillary made a statement regarding Caroline Schlossberg’s appointment?

  72. angie> You can add homophobe to Tony Curtis. A couple of years back he said he refused to watch “Brokeback Mountain” and would never vote for that kind of movie for the Oscar (he’s a member of the Academy.) Kind of odd for a guy who appeared in “Spartacus” and “Some Like It Hot.”

  73. Thanks madamab! I signed the petition, and added a few comments!
    BTW, Isis the Magickal kitty would look adorable in her tinfoil hat…
    Angie, I went over a few things you said about the Kennedy’s in a previous thread and completely agree with almost all you said. It’s time Americans stopped making excuses for that Family. I have had enough of them all ready and I am only eighteen years old. It’s time they got over themselves.
    The Kennedy’s have done little, if anything for this country, except, forgive my rude/irreverant bluntness, die tragically.
    And BTW. JFK wasn’t just a womanizer. He was a wh*ore. He was NASTY. He was disgusting, had syphlus, gohnarrea, ect.
    And the Kennedy men blamed poor Jackie for not giving them more children, when it was JFK’s fault because he was a nasty walking STD.

  74. I do have to give props to Chicago tonight. It is snowing huge fluffy flakes and looks like a winter wonderland.

    Arne Duncan BO’s education pick was stirring gossip in Chi-town today because they say his only connection is that he and BO played basketball together and this guy has not done shit for Chicago schools.

  75. madamab, on December 16th, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    I know it is harsh but I think republicans could use it in 2010.

  76. Say it isn’t so afrocity!…BO picked a totally useless candidate for a cabinet position???? no way! ,, snark>

  77. Say it isn’t so afrocity!…BO picked a totally useless candidate for a cabinet position???? no way! ,, snark>

  78. madamab,

    If Obama is Bush’s son, who is his mother–it can’t be the woman who raised him.

  79. After this thread I think I’ll put up one of my favorite Christmas songs – “Christmas in Jail”

  80. BB:


  81. I am watching Hannity & Colmes. These Obots are totally mindless. I have never been more disgusted by Democrats in my entire life.

  82. Naw, Oprah is too young.

  83. BB, Myiq – LOL!!!

  84. Obama just appointed Oprah as Secretary of Weight Control.

  85. Didja know Oprah and Condi Rice are the same age?

  86. Obama is Michael jackson’s untalented brother.

  87. AND YOU KNOW THE F*CK WHAT???? I need to rant about something for a second, because it has been bugging the f*ck out of me this entire election season.
    What the f*ck does Hillary running for public office have to do with Dynasties??? She is MARRIED!!! She is a WIFE, not a f*cking HEIR!!! She has fought for the weak and downtrodden her entire life, unlike Caroline, who just sat around.
    Hillary made more money than Bill and was the primary breadwinner for their family throughout his entire career. The only time she didn’t have a job since she was thirteen years old was when she was first lady, and even then she was an activist. She was INCREDIBLY qualified to be in the Senate when she ran in 2000.
    Don’t give me this Dynasty Bull sh*t when it comes to her!!! Suddenly, just because a woman is married to a guy, that makes her running for office a dynasty??? I thought all marriages were partnerships!!! AM I THE ONLY LIVING PERSON WHO SEES THIS DOUBLE STANDARD??? IT DRIVES ME F*CKING CRAZY!!!
    Princess Caroline has done nothing but sit around for her whole life and Social Climb, and all of a sudden it’s cool if she decides being a Senator (and later President) sounds like a fun thing to do??? BULL SH*T!!!
    For Caroline, it actually IS because of her last name!!! Hillary didn’t even WANT to take Bill’s name until it caused him to lose an election.
    I guess, if I aver want to have a healthy marriage, I might as well never f*cking run for public office, else someone might accuse me of trying to build a f*cking dynasty.

  88. Afrocity,

    The news reports say that Arne Duncan is a “bona fide reformer” who has raised elementary school test scores in Chicago. He also supports tieing teachers’ pay to performance (test scores?) Ugh!

    He apparently had a long public battle with Bill Ayers. Interesting.


  89. SOD:

    I thought that was Tito

  90. Afrocity, that is a mean thing to say about Oprah, LOL!

    Myiq: I didn’t know that…

  91. SOD – Michael Jackson has a lot of untalented brothers!

  92. littleisis:

    Don’t hold back, tell us what you REALLY think!

  93. BB – Whenever the news media calls anyone a “reformer,” just substitute the word “privatizer” and you’re all set.

  94. George W. Bush and Oprah? They would have to have been pretty young when they had Barack. Bush would have been 15 and Oprah would have been 7. I don’t think she would have reached puberty by age 7. Another candidate?

  95. I don’t even pay attention to Fox News…
    Even it’s Kool Aid Central. Has been since the beginning. Especially with the Toe Sucker as a regular “contributer”.

  96. Here’s something I don’t get, and it applies to Oprah and a few others.

    Why do talk show hosts make so much money?

    Isn’t it the guests people tune in to see?

  97. madamab,

    How true. Arne Duncan also supports public boarding schools (?!). I wish Obama had appointed Bill Ayers. That would have been so much more entertaining.

  98. Little Isis I said the same thing to the Chicago Democrats that were backing BO. They said that HRC was a part of a dynasty and only qualification was her being first lady. I told them that Hillary’s being married to BC does not make her a dynasty, which is by blood lineage. Bush I and II and Kennedy’s are dynasties. HRC was important and accomplished before she met BC.

    They also call her a carpetbagger because she did not run for senate in Illinois but rather New York.

    Obots are full of it.

  99. madamab — I don’t know….those old Jackson 5 albums are my faves!

    C’mon now…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfJu_Bom2sA&feature=related

  100. The audience for Oprah’s show watches for Oprah. Not sure about other current TV talk shows. But I would have watched Johnny Carson without the guests.

  101. Myiq – no, the hosts interview the guests and make the guests look good. Takes skill. Plus, Oprah gives stuff away and tells you what books to read.

    (I don’t watch Oprah, but I hear stuff.)

    BB – Tina Turner?

  102. Now that I look at that….WTF happened to Michael Jackson. Now there are some tinfoil theories!!

    Do you think he was molested as a child?

  103. myiq:
    I am! I’m sorry! It makes me mad! I can’t STAND double standards. It’s right up there with hypocricy in things that make me go batty with blind rage. I just can’t stand it. One of my pet peeves, it drives me insane when I am usually otherwise rational, calm and laid back.

  104. Just checking in again. Hillary beat the media???? Please, fill me in on that one. I must be living in another world. Agree that Democrat party betrayed her. But, where did she beat the media?

  105. Tina Turner would work. She is 7 years older than Dubya. She would have been 22 in 1961–a sexy older woman.

  106. They said that Blago was a “bona fide reformer”. In Chicago that means that you know how to take kick backs without getting caught. That is the change you can believe in. 69 Chicago Public School kids were killed this year. Arne is a sack of dung.

  107. My doctor even used that “dynasty” argument. UGHGHGHG….these are people that made it past 8th grade!! What is their problem? Can’t they think for themselves? No….of course not because

  108. Oops! He did it again! Pampers disillusions another constituency. Shocking right? See who got screwed this time upstairs in the


  109. That guy in the picture looks really familiar to me. Who is he?

  110. Yep…teh precious…the progressive reformer…

  111. My tinfoil hat theory involves the Obama Family Conspiracy ,that his mother and grandmother and maybe his grandfather are alive. Mother lives in NYC.

  112. With all the future felons in the backtrack bunch should we invest in prison stock or stock in searchlight companies? It will take at least 27 searchlights to try and find a honest man in that bunch.
    Constructive anger is a damn good thing.



  113. Shtuey — It’s tinfoil Tuesday!

  114. Afrocity,

    LOL! I’m sure he is. I was just reporting what the “news” media are saying.

  115. plainjane — your link doesn’t work. Your tinfoil hat theory is great — but your link doesn’t work

  116. chay — Hillary WON THE FUCKING PRIMARY DESPITE THE MSM — the only reason B0 got the “nom” is because THE FIX WAS IN — they took away 2 states from her, let him get away WITH UNBRIDLED FUCKING INTIMIDATION in the caucuses & just for good measure GAVE HIM UNEARNED/UNDECIDED DELEGATES PLUS 4 OF HILLARY’S JUST TO BE SURE.

    So don’t ask how Hillary beat the media — the only thing she couldn’t beat was the DNC.

    And yes, I meant to yell

  117. It drives me f*cking crazy Afrocity!!!
    These people obviously don’t even know anything about HRC or what she has actually done, or even, for that matter, what a Dynasty IS, and yet they say she is so eeevvviiilll. They are clueless idiots. The same people that believe BO was raised on Food Stamps (don’t make me f*cking laugh) Before she even met Bill, she had a promising future and Bill almost didn’t want to marry her, because he was afraid his ambitions would ruin it. But she didn’t like Politics or Politicians, and told him she would never run for public office.
    Not much different than MO, if you think about it (only Hillary is not a crazy, vindictive, narcissistic, psycho), who also made more money than BO while he was in office.
    And yet, Hillary didn’t request to be a paid First Lady, even though she and Bill weren’t rolling in the dough either. What a crank Michelle is. I almost spit out my punch when I saw that she wants to be paid as First Lady. She is a serial whiner. Poor Michelle! She and BO might have to actually work while they’re in the White House, and therefore, the Obama children’s 10,000 a year piano lessons will be even HARDER to pay for!!!
    Woe is you Michelle! Welcome to real f*cking life!

  118. Little Isis — you are dead right on the dynasty bullshit.

  119. That’s right angie.

  120. My THT:

    I’m still bothered by the murder of Gwatney, the Dem Party Chair of Arkansas. They say the guy who shot him just seemed to be some troubled loner, but we’ll never know because the police killed him.

    But, when I saw Gwatney’s widow on the convention floor that day announcing all of Arkansas’ delegates go to O (ARKANSAS, for God’s sake) I knew something was very wrong. I believe she was afraid for her life. She looked so shaken and I’m sure alot of it was grief, but still… I believe she told Hillary she was scared or had been threatened and this was part of the reason Hillary did not fight for the nomination. Too many friends dying all around her.

    I’m also suspicious of Stephanie Tubb Jones death. I don’t care if they said it was an aneurysm.

    Or maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Forensic Files.

  121. You f*cking tell ’em Afrocity!!! I said after Hillary conceded that one of these days people are going to realize what an amazing accomplishment that was, winning the primary with all those odds stacked against her.

  122. Is tinfoil Tuesday REALLY over already???

  123. Good idea.

  124. SOD,

    It’s Tina Turner!

  125. GAgal:

    I agree, and I also believe that is why McCain didn’t try harder and Hillary stumped for him so hard. I will always believe that if the Obots didn’t get their way and Obie didnt win, violence would have broken out and a lot more people would have been killed.

  126. Tinfoil hat Tuesday ends at midnight and not until then.

  127. SOD:
    As an Ohioan, I loved STB to the point of adoration, as did most others in Ohio.
    When I found out she died, I cried and wouldn’t leave my room for hours…

  128. I love book recommendations. Just took a tip from rd and looked up The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo online and it has some very good reviews. So I ordered it from Amazon. I love books written by foreign writers for another perspective.

  129. Gimme a break.

  130. It’s been really quiet.

  131. As this is Tinfoil Tuesday I just want it known that Chris Matthews is not real. I have no idea what he is but he is not real. Because no one on the face of the earth, and I am throwing Chavez in here as well, could be this stupid. No one.

    Therefore, he cannot be real. No network would pay this tool a salary of 5 million a year to sit there night after night and appear as ridiculous and insane as this person. He is not real.

    I rest my case.

  132. Pat!~ 🙂 lol

  133. littleisis – When Hillary became first lasy, she was way more accomplished than more who was telling poor black people to go to other hospitals.

  134. Here is a good tinfoil hat theory that could be true. I got it from “The Real Barack Obama Blog.”

    Blagojevich was trying to sell BO’s senate seat to the highest bidder, right? Was he doing the same thing in 2004 when BO wanted it? When BO’s two opponents conveniently were gotten rid of through leaks of information regarding their divorce court proceedings?? How much would Tony Rezko have paid to have his protege in the Senate?


  135. SOD
    I believe Granny was already dead when O took the first trip. He went there to take care of the legalities and make arrangements to cover up the death until he decided she had “died”. Why else would Michelle and the woman’s two grand kids not have visited her on her deathbed? She was already dead.

  136. I agree that BO is bi…
    as for the bc thing, the cover up is worse than the crime. He needs to put this thing to bed…. no one cares if his parents weren’t married… the marriage wasn’t legal anyway since his dad was already married to someone else.

  137. whoa bb….that’s a winner!

  138. bb – that’s a good theory

  139. Somehow I think of Obama as just another Milli Vanilli act.

  140. Ooohh, bostonboomer – I never even thought about that seat in 2004. Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

    What year did Barky become state Senator? Was Blago already Governor? If he was – hhmmmm…

  141. Big Dawg is a good speaker. [[[ sigh ]]]

  142. GAgal!! 🙂

  143. That’s why I love “The Real Barack Obama” blog. They are knowledgeable about Chicago and have good theories. I stole it from them.

  144. Obama got a lot of earmarks early on in his Senate career. Rezco was one beneficiary. I’m sure Blago got good stuff too.

  145. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Rezko meets with the prosecutors. He must be singing like Sinatra!

  146. We can only hope things will get better.

  147. Fitz asked the IL legislature to hold off on their impeachment hearings until he has a look at their list of witnesses. Does not want them to interfere with his investigation. The legislature agreed and the hearing only lasted an hour. My, my. The Chicago Way.

    Blago better have the same attorney who got “Roxie” off do the same.

  148. Oy! The grandkids showed up unexpectedly.

  149. myiq — how old are your grandkids?

  150. SOD
    We missed our calling. We would be excellent detectives.

  151. myiq2xu has grandkids? wow.. I didn’t know that.

  152. 2 boys – 18 months and almost 3

  153. Put the damn “clowns” away before you scar them for life!!

  154. The top question on Change.gov during Obama’s “open for questions” forum was on legalization of marijuana. Three other questions in the top 20 were also about legalization of pot. LOL! I wonder if Obama is still going to have another question session this week.


    I rated all those up when I was over there asking Favreau questions.

  155. BB:

    Emil Jones did the best. MO’s hospital cashed in too!

  156. Awwwwwww! Those are cute ages. My nephew is three. He’s adorable.

  157. My grandsons take after their dad.

    Who takes after me.

    Holy terrors.

  158. myiq,

    But how much did Rezko pay Emil Jones?

  159. hey elderj
    Check out the About Us tab the top of the page. Even tho I’ve been here since SM said party unity my ass, I just read the About Us the other day. Pretty interesting now.

  160. well there ya go!

  161. There is nothing cuter than toddlers even though they are a lot of work and need a lot of attention. Just watching them get their bearings and discover the world is enjoyable.

  162. Well i’m glad myiq has grandkids and I still think BO is gay

  163. plainjane linked to freeperville?

    This is a TFH open thread, but let’s not get crazy!

  164. I agree, Pat. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my nephews grow from tiny infants into little boys.

  165. BB:

    $3 million in earmarks

  166. Grandparents and grandkids get along because they have a common enemy.

    I spoil them rotten just to get revenge.

  167. By the way, RD if you care – at the end of About Us someone named Sandra thought we had a problem with a black president. (from August)

  168. 90% of Illinoisans say Blago should go. In a perverse way I an enjoying his sheer audacity in not resigning yet. Would make a great office pool– how long it will take him. They’re starting impeachment proceedings


  169. i don’t think Blago should resign… I think we should see the whole thing through and hear it all out

  170. I am still waiting to see what they have in relation to ACORN. That one has not died out in my mind.

  171. GAgal:

    We leave some troll posts up so people will understand why we delete the others.

  172. elderJ:

    I agree. A resignation and a plea bargain would be so unfulfilling.

  173. Do the other bleeping 10% not believe the bleeping tapes or are they just bleeping resigned to it all? Maybe they said no bleeping opinion either bleeping way.

  174. Weeee!!!!

    “The ABC7 I-Team has learned that an attorney who went undercover for the FBI in the late 1980’s says he told federal authorities years ago about wrongdoing by Blagojevich.

    His name is Robert Cooley.

    Cooley was a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago in the late 1980’s who became one of the most potent witnesses against Chicago corruption, testifying for federal prosecutors in cases that resulted in dozens of convictions.

    Cooley says that before Rod Blagojevich got into politics he was a bookmaker on the North Side who regularly paid the Chicago mob to operate.”

  175. myiq – I want to hear where all the bodies are buried and even if BO isn’t directly implicated, I want to see as much dirt splashed up on him as possible

  176. Have to go out in a bit but I want to thank the Confluence for getting me through another day– roughly 1440 to go starting Jan. 20.

    Btw, if anyone ever had a question about secret societies, Bilderbergers, the Trilaterals, Freemasons or Illuminati or the New World Order or anything like that, fire away because I had to study that for like forty years. Most people don’t know that the Confederacy was run by a secret society. Will be back.

  177. “Your president is not a crook”. “I never had relations with the lastest indicted politician”. ” I do not recall”. All words spoken one way or the other by previous presidents who got caught with their pants down. Barry may want to keep these bon mots handy.

  178. PJ:

    “I do not recall having sex with that crook”

  179. myiq
    Yeah. Trolls do look stupid when contrasted with all the normal people here. Hell, they look stupid anyway.

  180. Where’s my steamer trunk?

  181. PJ – “I have completed and internal investigation and neither I nor anyone on my staff know anyone who has had sex with that crook”

  182. I just noticed – the tin foil hat/cat guy in the picture above actually has his tin foil hat taped on with electrical tape. Good tip!!

  183. myiq,

    Would you post the link to that story? A bookmaker??? So BO and Rahm had to know that, right?

  184. “I have completed an internal investigation and neither I nor anyone on my staff know anyone who has had INAPPROPRIATE sex with that crook”

  185. Obama earmark:

    $1.9M for a “constitutional rights” organization run by a guy from Sidley Austin and a guy who represented Rezko in his criminal case


  186. I’m not vouching for the source, but it’s TFHT


  187. GAgal – I also agree about the significance of the Arkansas murder (execution). I think there were serious threats going down. (I have said this before.)

    re: JFK lone gun theory: My Dad, much to my surprise, actually, was an expert marksman in WWII. He said once, that he did not think one person could have gotten the shots off like that.

  188. Another O earmark:

    Obama requested $8 million in funding for “High Explosive Air Burst Technology” made by General Dynamics, a military contractor with close ties to a major fundraiser.

    Obama’s Illinois Finance Chairman, billionaire James S. Crown, a longtime Obama supporter who has raised at least $200,000 for his presidential campaign, is a director of General Dynamics, and his family has a large investment in the company. The request ultimately resulted in $1.3 million in funding for the project.


  189. Thanks, myiq!

  190. Did someone take a picture of my cat?


    Cuz that looks just like Baxter (the overweight female with attachment anxiety)

  191. “Cooley says that before Rod Blagojevich got into politics he was a bookmaker on the North Side who regularly paid the Chicago mob to operate”

    Honest to god, what are you people doing in Chicago? Maybe the time to mention this weas when, oh, I don’t know, when Blago started running for office.

  192. I bought the reindeer headgear for our dog as a joke last year. I thought he would rip them right off. He loves them. We finally had to take them away and give him something else to wear because I felt it looked silly after the holidays were over.

  193. Fran–

    That’s funny! I love cats. They are so idiosyncratic.

  194. Several years ago, when Mr. Blagojevich was running for re-election, Cooley provided the same information to the ABC7 I-Team. Because Cooley did not want to be identified at the time and the governor denied it, ABC7 did not report the story.

    On Tuesday, Cooley spoke on the record.

    He told ABC7 that Mr. Blagojevich regularly paid a so-called street tax to Robert “Bobby the Boxer” Abbinanti, a convicted outfit gambling collector. In the early 1980’s, Abbinanti was working for convicted West Side mob boss Marco D’amico. Bookies pay street taxes to the crime syndicate in exchange for being allowed to operate such a racket.

    “I predicted five years ago when he ran the first time that he was a hands on person who would be selling every position in the state of Illinois and that it exactly what happened,” said Cooley.

  195. Fran,
    What was the “something else” you gave your dog to wear?

  196. Wait, does this blog entry imply that it’s unusual to wear a tin-foil hat? 🙂

    OK, here’s my theory of the day about BO. Someone above asked who the king maker was to make him pres. I think it’s the same person/group that has been behind him all along. That is, when he flunked out of BC and made his way mostly failing through a few other colleges, someone got him into Columbia and paid his way, then got him into Harvard and paid his way. That same group has been behind him ever sense. Answer: it’s the same people that brought us dubya one (BO being dubya two). The Saudis of course.

    I like tin-foil night.

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