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Not Ready To Make Nice

Some Dixie Chicks for Connie and everyone who thinks we should “get over it.”

Those three ladies from Texas took a lot of sh*t for Natalie Maines saying they didn’t want a war and that they were ashamed of  George Bush. 

Turned out they were just ahead of their time.

This is an open thread.

105 Responses

  1. The central bank on Tuesday said it had reduced the federal funds rate, the interest that banks charge each other, to a range of zero to 0.25 percent.

    So we have free (or just about it) money? Is this how that AA woman Obama supporter is going to get her mortgage paid for her?

  2. Over at http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/groping-hillary-without-consequences-the-case-of-jon-favreau/,
    I just left the following comment: “This is an excellent blog post. The reactions of many illustrate that misogyny flourishes in this culture.

    For those who are insisting “It was a c-a-r-d-b-o-a-r-d cutout, fergodsake”, I refer you to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia which includes many representations of race hatred. Are these not troubling? Certainly they are not as troubling as acts of race hatred, such as lynching. But they are troubling. And I doubt you would tolerate a president who kept somebody on his staff who posed with a “Mammy” for kicks.”

    Please lend the writer of the post over there some support.

  3. Oh man, my favorite song in recent months – I sang this a lot during the primaries.

    Also sang it a lot when my last relationship ended.

    Dixie Chicks – ah yeah.

  4. I just left my own comment at http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/groping-hillary-without-consequences-the-case-of-jon-favreau/.

    If you can lend a hand to the writer of that piece, please do so.

  5. How are we supposed to get over it, when it comes at us like a hot flash, over and over again?

  6. I love that “get over it” shit. In 2000, my Repug relatives who , in full custom , reenact Washington’s crossing the Delaware River , wanted me to ” get over ” the Supreme Court ending Democracy in a week. Hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad.

  7. I’m not getting over it. I’m going to fix it, or die trying.

  8. In the stages of mourning, I’m still “mad as hell”.

    Thanks, myiq.

    Heidi – great response.

  9. My brother is still incensed over the 2000 stealing of the election by the Supreme Court. He says he will never get over it and could not watch the movie “Recount” because it is too painful. So I tell him that this is how I feel about the stealing of the primary from Hillary by the DNC and Obama. It is way too soon to get over it, and way too painful. I may never get over it. But he insists I should have already gotten over it, as do other friends who routinely tell me I am bitter, disappointed and should have already gotten over it and should embrace Obama as they have done, as the CHOSEN ONE, the ONE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Not in this lifetime, I tell them, NO way, no how. That being said, I still hope he does a good job for us. 8 past years of dire incompetence is more than this country can stand.

  10. I’ll never get over it!


    What’s happening with Tinfoil Hat Tuesday?

  11. I’ll get over it on January 20th.



  12. BB:

    Tonight at 8pm est

  13. I’ll try to get over it when my son comes home, but I will never forget the Christmas I spent without him, because he was in some godforsaken shithole. This song makes me think too much about a war for no reason – none.

  14. Heidi Li,

    Why is Jon Favreu still working for Obama? I’m really really mad about that one, and I’m not going to get over it.

  15. They’re brilliant musicians; my favorite song of theirs is Cowboy Take Me Away, in which Martie’s violin solos are enough to make a man soar without wings.

  16. I’m not getting over it. I’m going to fix it, or die trying.

    Bravo Heidi.

    “Get over” injustice? What are they even asking? I think they are saying, “Get over it, because you’re making us uncomfortable with all these questions and confrontations.” Fantasists do not like facts or challenges–it interferes with the dream. Reality is such a downer to those that are intoxicated with magical-thinking.

  17. What is Tinfoil Tuesday?

  18. Heidi Li–that’s the right answer!!! I’m with you.

  19. Yes, me too, Heidi Li. You are one in a million.

  20. susan: doesn’t your son see the contradiction in his anger re: the injustice of 2000 vs. the exact same behavior in this election cycle? Let me guess–he denies it happened, and is unwilling to look at the evidence. I repeat: Obots hate facts–it interferes with the euphoria.

    It’s amazing to watch the same people justify and rationalize the same behavior they condemned in the Bush administration.

  21. fif:

    Denial is a river in Obotia

  22. Ben Stein has a column out saying Hillary has told her supporters not to impede Caroline Kennedy’s path to the Senate on her behalf.

    Okay, I won’t do it on her behalf. I’ll do it on my behalf.

  23. Jmac:

    It’s not about Hillary.

    Can’t they figure out the difference between Hillary supporters and Obama followers?

  24. Great minds do work in tandem. While wrapping this afternoon I had the Dixie Chicks playing on my cd!

  25. Maybe because Hillary supporters are a little dense – I meant Ben SMITH, not Ben Stein.

  26. Ben Stein

    Bueller? Bueller? Bueller???


    I have been thinking about this for a while and I am beginning to believe he is the one. I don’t think he is the “one” as in the savior but I think he is the one of something. Just think about it. Obama had/has his former opponents campaigning and defending him. Hillary campaigned hard for the “one”. She is going to work in his administration even though she knows he is corrupt and he will ruin her and continue to undermine her.

    McCain is busy telling the GOP to go easy on him and defending him against their attacks. I like both Hillary and McCain but I can’t pretend I haven’t lost some respect for both of them because of their behaviour towards this weak messiah wanna be. They know him for the person he really is and yet they are willing to follow him.

    The whole Democratic party bent its rules for him so obviously there must be something about Obama. He has managed to get well respected people to support him. One by one he is turning people who at least had some sense of integrity to follow his yellow brick corrupt road.

    He has to be the “one” for something. Maybe he is the Conman we have been waiting for. The most corrupt politician we have been waiting for.

  28. Am I the only one who thinks we are close to living in a South American style government? I am beginning to hear strains of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” lately.

  29. Downticket: Since there was never a strong or legitimate reason for those pols to climb onboard so willingly, you just may be onto something however vague. Other than skin color, he did not possess one iota of actual experience to lead anyone to believe he was The One for all intents and purposes.

    Whatever it is, I fail to see it. The man has the spine of a jellyfish and is lacking convictions. As soon as someone can accurately discover the “why” I will be more than willing to listen. So far it escapes me.

  30. I am spending today working with an excellent press release writer to get out the word to the MSM that a) 51 Percent is starting up and b) the Favreau incident and the failure to fire him epitomizes the pervasiveness of misogyny in the culture.

    Now, here’s something interesting: the press release writer, who I like and who is very competent, tells me that it is important that any mention of the Favreau pic and the issue of misogyny must be written up independently of what happened this election cycle – because otherwise everyone will just assume that concern about misogyny is just a veil for being a bitter Hillary Clinton supporter.

    Tactically, the writer is correct. But how sad a comment is that! It as if I founded an organization to educate people about r@ce hatred and people told me that I was never satisfied – we have a black President and I should think that means r@ce hatred is gone forever.

    Let me thank those here who have helped me, via moral support and tangible support, to gear up for 51 Percent.

  31. Rumor is Rahm is on 21 of the FBI tapes.

    Must have been talking about the weather.

  32. Heidi Li

    Thanks for the update re: press release.

    I agree that the election and the Favreau issue must be separate.

  33. Jmac, on December 16th, 2008 at 4:01 pm Said:

    But nohow no-way was he saying anything untoward. The internal investigation has cleared him!

  34. Just posted a comment on pajamamedia:

    “The other people in that photo are Obama speech writers. Why is there a cadboard cutout of Hillary Clinton in Obama speechwriters’ room?

    How does anyone know that these guys are drunk? Because one of them is holding a beer? That doesn’t mean anyone is drunk.

    If the people molesting the cardboard cutout were Jon Doe and James Dough – one can say, hey what’s the big deal? But these people are not just regular Jon Does. They are quite high up in Obama’s inner circle. And Favreau posted the picture to his Facebook account when he was no longer under the influence of alcohol (if he was even under the influence of alcohol when the photo was taken.) It is the height of stupidity for someone in their position to not only take that picture, but to share it with all of their friends on the internet!

    If that cutout had been of Michelle Obama – Favreau would be out of a job before you can say “fired.” But it’s Hillary, so that’s ok!

    Comparison to someone hanging a Barack Obama cardboard cutout is quite apt. Or how about someone in McCain’s campaign posting next to an Obama cutout wearing a white hood? Still laughing?”

  35. Heidi Li, let me thank you for your work! You’re an inspiration.

    Urgh, what that PR writer said… Another sign of the disease.

  36. Yep, he’s cleared just like Bush has cleared himself of any wrongdoing in Iraq.

    Apropos of nothing, in my mind’s eye miiq looks like Ben Bernanke, NOT the banjo player from Deliverance.

  37. I disagree with your writer Heidi. It’s important to push that Overton window and you don’t push it by rewriting or ignoring history. Sure, it would be EASIER to pretend that this cycle didn’t exist but I didn’t think this was about easy. I daresay Susan B Anthony got called names and ridiculed, personally I would be just as happy to wear the “bitter Hillary supporter” label as “crazy feminazi”(which is what you will get called for pushing back at a system that favors males). JMO, of course.

  38. Help I’m still stuck in moderation.
    And I’ve been so good today, no vajay-jay words or anything!

  39. old dem left this link at the end of the princess Caroline post-it’s to a poll at msnbc re MO’s salary as first lady-I’m sure everyone will enjoy voting!!!


  40. I agree with the PR writer, Heidi Li.

    If the immediate goal is to bring attention to the Favreau picture and get him fired it must be brief, focused, and to the point.

    That doesn’t mean the other things that happened during the election cycle don’t get addressed..

  41. Excellent, DYB!

  42. I will get over it when my great-great-great-great grandchildren can live in this country without being attacked because they are female and have a brain.
    Now since I guess I won’t live to see this happen does that tell you I will never get over it and will never forgive or forget.
    Females are not second class citizens and some never will accept being treated as such.
    I was born in a city that help start a war due to not getting equal representation.
    Do you really think I will accept this today for my family?
    I think not.



  43. The first lady gets a salary? Why?

  44. bb: Because at long last she is proud of her country. What else?

  45. I just wanted to inform everyone here that I have conducted an internal investigation of all the Conflucians and cleared us from any wrongdoing, real, imagined, past, present or future and anything said here cannot possibly mean what it actually seems to mean unless and until we say something that entirely contradicts what was said before because it is now unpopular. Having said all that, I am willing to answer any and all questions about the non-existent and impossible to occur wrongdoing that r@cist people are alleging has occurred here.

  46. ::waiting for questions…..::

    Since there are no questions, can I please go back to eating my waffles in peace. Thanks sweetie!

  47. Anyone down for a little satire thread on Caroline Kennedy? I think I may have something here.

  48. Laurie that was wiked fun
    what else have you got?

  49. FYI, there is discussion here in MA that if Teddy is unable to carry out his duties or dies while in office, HIS WIFE Vicky will move into that seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. elderj: LOL!

  51. Thanks elderj!

  52. Pat Johnson, on December 16th, 2008 at 4:36 pm Said:

    FYI, there is discussion here in MA that if Teddy is unable to carry out his duties or dies while in office, HIS WIFE Vicky will move into that seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IIRC, Mass is one of the few states that require a special election to replace a Senator. The law was passed prior to the ’04 election inorder to prevent Gov. Romney from appointing a Repub to Kerry’s seat.

  53. SHV: That makes me sleep better at night. But this is MA. Kennedy country so to speak. With them and the sentiment that follows their every move, don’t put it past them.

  54. Thanks a lot elderj! Now if you’ll all excuse me I’m going to step away for a little while to do completely inoffensive things to the Obama cardboard cutout I have in my livingroom.

  55. And now for something completely silly:

    Will there be a cocktail post sometime soon:

  56. SHV
    MA is trying to “switch back” to senate appointment by the governor! I kid you not-those motherfuckers!

  57. I will always be curious about who the authors of Hillary is 44 are but I just wanted to give out their link to anyone who has forgotten that they are still there writing regularly:
    I’ve always found their posts to be very professional which makes me wonder if someone who was originally a staff person inside Hillary’s campaign started it.

  58. Tony Rezko’s sentencing date has been indefinitely postponed.

    I guess he decided waiting for a pardon wasn’t such a good idea after all.


  59. catarina- It says there are TWO goals. Favreau is not the sole purpose of the press release.

  60. Myiq2xu,

    That is great news. Now we will have Rezko and Blagojevich fighting over their potential reduce sentences. Watch out Rahm.

  61. Fredster@4:49p
    When tv first came out to the public they did not have enough programing to fill the air time.
    They use to fill in with short musical clips like the one you linked to.
    Who would have thought that years later MTV would make billions on the same thing.
    I think the Kennedy’s have run there course. Enough in enough.
    My First vote was for JFK and I really believed we could help the world.
    Guess what reality bites.



  62. Myiq2xu
    Can we add Judas Richardson to the list? He is being looked at by a federal grand jury in New Mexico for the same play for pay schemes.
    It really would take 27 searchlights to find an honest man in backtrack’s bunch.



  63. Definitely – hang onto the anger.

  64. helenk: I was just searching over at youtube for something silly to put up and voila! thought of Spike Jones. They had a TON of things up by him!

  65. DisenfranchisedVoter: I am curious as well as to who writes these articles. I have become an even bigger fan of this site then I was during the campaign season.

  66. Fredster.
    If you ever get the chance to hear Patti Page sing
    I went to you wedding and then hear the Spike Jones version of it ,do so.
    You will laugh yourself silly. Some days we need all the laughs we can get.



  67. PUMA-SF, there were articles written since last year about hillaryis44. They reference to one in the uk times: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article2801000.ece
    Many people have tried to guess who the writers are. I still believe that the writer(s) are professionals who work in politics as campaign staffers or have at least interned in Washington. They don’t seem like ordinary Clinton supporters. Their writing, analysis, and knowledge goes much farther than the average PUMA. Maybe we’ll find out someday.

  68. As a Jane Austen novel would say, such admirable condescension…


  69. Some one asked me on another thread if i heard from SM no I have not will email later if I can find her address.

    Is it take no shit tuesday still?

  70. Fuzzy — it sure is!

  71. Fuzzy:

    Every Tuesday is take no shit Tuesday

  72. Fuzzy: I just left SM a voice mail and hopefully she will call back. I’m worried about her as well.

  73. What is tinfoil tuesday all about? Must have missed the explanation.

  74. haven’t posted in weeks, but have been lurking, because i’ve seen no evidence of any push for constructive action to ensure that what the corpmedia did during the election – and are still doing now – does not continue. i have previously stated that one way to begin the process would be to force the cable tv industry to offer packages according to what the customer WANTS. that is all it would take to force higher standards in the media.

    obviously, some in the corpmedia would NOT like that.

    from a philadelphia inquirer editorial demanding BO replace the FCC Chairman Martin:

    16 Dec: Editorial: Failure at the FCC
    In one instance, the FCC issued a report in 2006 that found that a-la-carte programming could be good for consumers. That reversed the findings of a 2004 FCC report released before Martin arrived.
    Martin supports a-la-carte programming, while the cable industry opposes it. Under a-la-carte programming, cable customers could pick which channels they want rather than pay a flat rate for a bundle of stations.
    At first blush, the idea sounds like a good one that could give customers more choice and allow for lower bills. But in reality the logistics of customizing every subscriber’s cable package and bill would likely drive up prices. At the same time, many of the smaller niche channels would disappear for lack of subscriber interest, resulting in fewer choices.
    Comments by reader below article:
    1) I think you are missing the point, concerning a la carte programming. There are fixed costs, for items like billing, maintenance and advertising. For this, I will gladly pay a fixed monthly fee. However, I greatly resent being asked to support channels that I would never, under any conditions, watch. The current pricing is like going into a grocery to buy cereal and being told that you must purchase milk. Use it or not, you are paying for it. If some channels do not interest enough people, then let’s find some different channels…
    2) A la carte works in other countries. But this is the big bad USA that never seems to want to adopt or take the cue of the successes of other countries.

    how to lobby for what should be the right of customers to choose? any ideas?

  75. noep, I agree with you but the best thing people can do is boycott corpmedia as far as feasible.

  76. Hi folks –
    Just read the thread after finishing productive conversation with the PR writer. We are getting there. Let me add, with a wry smile, that however we write the thing, if any MSM pay attention they will be quick to infer and imply that I am a bitter Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter.

    That’s why I made a mug, in honor of my friend Camille, that has printed on it: Bitter: The New Brave.

    I also see that a number of people hopped over to Pajamas Media to put in their two cents and I got a nice email from the writer of the Favreau piece thanking people for speaking up.

  77. johninca – tinfoil tuesday is about giving space for all the random secret conspiracy minded themes that float around in our head to be expressed.

    i.e. Obama is really a robot mole married to a Klingon whose goal is to take over the world.

    Although you won’t hear anything quite as outrageous as that (or is it outrageous????)

  78. Puma-SF, on December 16th, 2008 at 5:36 pm Said:


    I have received an email from SM. She’s been going through some tough times and just hasn’t had time to be online or, I think, even to take calls. But, and I quote, she writes: “I’m getting back on track again. I love you all & will be back in rebellious mode once again!”

    I asked what if anything I/we could do for her, but I think she mostly needs to concentrate on her stuff for now.

  79. elderj,

    That’s great. I’d love to do one about secret societies and Freemasons and Illuminati, maybe even a bona fide
    declension of novus ordo seclorum.

    It’s because my father made me read all these conspiracy books since I was like nine years old (I’m sure you can relate). Always fun to put it you use.

  80. sorry, “always fun to put it to use.” always meant to get around to learning how to spell.

  81. elderj:

    John could do the research and check last month’s THT


    Or he could be patient and wait a couple more hours.

  82. BTW – MO really is a Klingon, right?

  83. has anyone ever seen the documentary of the chicks and their experiences after saying what they said in England.

    It’s called Shut Up and Sing. It’s a fantastic documentary

  84. In the next few days OPEC will meet and make another production cut of about 2 million barrels a day in an attempt to shore up Oil Prices.

    The purpose is to put Oil at about $75.00 a barrel this is what they feel is a “fair” Price for Oil. They base it on being 50% of the record price for Oil set in June-July of this year of $ 147.00 a barrel.

    OPEC is willing to allow a maximum short term price of $ 50.00 while the world works its way out of the current global recession. The Current Price is of $40-$45 per barrel is too low for OPEC.

    Hugo Chavez cannot at that price support his clientele states of Bolivia Peru and Cuba. At that Price Iran cannot support the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq and its mischief makers across the globe.

    Truthfully; they can at that price keep up their mischief making. What they cannot do is support their “international initiatives” and provide for the basic needs of their people…or at least the folks that keep them in power.

    So to ensure Iran’s so called Islamic Republic continues to stand and Hugo continues to prop up his fraternal socialist allies….we are being told that we need to pay more for oil.

    Unfortunately, at the prices that OPEC wants there is only so much demand. Dakinikat will tell you that even Cartels must succumb to economics. They can set the price for the controlled commodity as they wish but they cannot will their customers to consume the amount they want to sell at that price.

    In 2006 the price was rising past $ 60.00 per barrel and production was 85.5 million barrels per day consumption was so close to that any disaster like a hurricane in the Atlantic or Nigerian rebels attacking oil fields in the Niger Delta set prices soaring.

    Today OPEC has “cut” production 1 million barrels, 1.5 million barrels and now they are about to cut another 2 million barrels…total 4.5 million barrels per day.

    Even if that amount of production (5% of total 2006 production) is removed the capacity is still there.

    I doubt it will actually happen because members of OPEC are notorious cheaters on their Quotas. Currently only 65% of the previous quota reductions have actually been realized.

    Almost all of these have been absorbed by Saudi Arabia. Other Members have yet to make much of their quota cuts. Even the Saudi’s will only be able to cut so much…they have mouths to feed and bills to pay.

    The market crash has affected the value of Saudi and OPEC Sovereign Wealth Funds…so they cannot provide the cushion that a stream of revenues from Oil sales does.

    Saudi Arabia has reduced its production as much as it can. I doubt that anything close to a 2 million barrel reduction will be realized by Jan 2009.

    It’s going to be an interesting year….in energy! I think someone should have told the members of OPEC that they are also subject to the whims of economic fortune.

    Sorry so long and so off topic but I wanted to share!

  85. DYB, on December 16th, 2008 at 4:10 pm Said:

    Thanks DYB. Well explained.

  86. Heidi Li-I get paid tomorrow and will be making a call to your sight to make my next contribution. How are we doing on the fundraising?

  87. I am in moderation on my Opec OT post Myiq could you release it please….

    It is pretty wonkish and doesnt mention the R or T word or even Pampers….

    I think the references to Opec nations and the mischief they can make caused the moderation!

  88. love the dixie chicks I want to rewrite “Earl had to Die” but I am sure my version would end up in moderation!

  89. I’m covering at least half the start up costs. We’ve raised half of the rest. Today we received articles of incorporation. Qualifying as a tax exempt entity will take a bit longer, but once that happens donations can be made to the entity and people will get tax deductions for donations.

    One thing I really need: a good graphic for the organization’s logo. If anybody can computer generate one and is willing to donate it, that would save a ton o’ money. The phrase 51 Percent (just like that) has to appear and it should be simple, possible something that can be used with a variety of color schemes. I’m happy to give credit to anybody who comes up with anything that gets used.

    Send any ideas to HLFblogger at gmail dot com.

  90. new thread– just a little harmless satire about Caroline.

    Open thread of course.

  91. great Hiedi I dont Itemize but still believe in supporting your hard work-I am so proud to tell my friends the Obats that we are still working at our task of keeping politics as honest as it can be….

    specially since the fourth estate seems to have capitulated to the charms of the american Evita…

    MR Pampers!

  92. woohoo-tax deductions!
    thanks again, Heidi Li

  93. Thx Fuzzy-I love it when you share your professional expertise.

  94. Cannot we all donate a Christmas gift to SM?

    I would like to do that if someone can put up a paypal button. We Pumas should be taking care of our own.

  95. what’s up with SM-is she ok?

  96. Heidi Li: Thank you so much for the update on SM. Also, I’d like to say this again “I am a big fan of yours”. Please keep up the awesome work. You are truly appreciated.

  97. Laurie we had breakfast with the boss this morning I work for a municipal Utility that generates electicity with Coal, Natural gas Nuclear…we are expanding into Biomass and Solar and wind.

    OPEC is always part of our discussion.

  98. Oil JP5 or DFM (Deisel Fuel Marine) is used in our “Peaking Generators” and we are always concerned what OPEC will do next!

  99. SM lost her job a month or two ago. She rents her house, and has an autistic child, and an aging mother with something like alzheimers, to care for. She was also ill with flu. Last time I heard she was counting cents to pay for gasoline to drive the kid to school…

  100. DisenfranchisedVoter, on December 16th, 2008 at 4:56 pm Said:
    thanks for reminding us that that site is still going.

    I just read this post from a couple of days ago, which I enjoyedhttp://www.hillaryis44.org/?p=812

  101. Let’s send SM an amazon gift certificate. They sell so many things on Amazon now, even groceries…and we can simply email it to her.

  102. REPOST for those who missed it:


    I have received an email from SM. She’s been going through some tough times and just hasn’t had time to be online or, I think, even to take calls. But, and I quote, she writes: “I’m getting back on track again. I love you all & will be back in rebellious mode once again!”

    I asked what if anything I/we could do for her, but I think she mostly needs to concentrate on her stuff for now.

  103. fyi, new thready!

  104. is it possible for us to start a fund for SM? I like the idea of us taking care of our own.

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