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Blago and the W.O.R.M.

Two Total Strangers

Two Total Strangers

After an internal review, Obama has cleared himself of any wrongdoing:

During a news conference in Chicago, Obama called the findings “thorough” and “comprehensive.” He also reiterated that “there was nothing that my office did that was in any way inappropriate.”

According to a spokesman for the presidential transition office, that internal review shows aides to Obama had no “inappropriate discussions” with Blagojevich or his staff concerning the search for a Senate replacement from Illinois.

Please note that “no discussions” has been WORMed* into “no inappropriate discussions.”  Obama held a brief press conference where he answered THREE WHOLE QUESTIONS before rushing off to finish a waffle or do something else of vital importance.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for the report, they aren’t releasing it until next week:

Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said that the office won’t release details of its review until the week of Dec. 22 at the request of prosecutors “in order not to impede their investigation of the governor.”

United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald confirmed that request in a statement: “After the President-elect announced an internal transition team investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office requested a brief delay of the release of a report of that investigation to conduct certain interviews.”

Again, please note that they said “the week of” meaning they could drop it on Christmas Eve at 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, Chis Cillizza says the GOP is trying a “guilt-by-association” gamble: 

National Republicans moved aggressively over the weekend to link scandal-tarred Gov. Rod Blagojevich to President-elect Barack Obama — a guilt-by-association tactic that represents a significant gamble for a party still looking to pick itself up off the electoral mat.

The Republican National Committee released a web video (read: electronic press release) over the weekend that dug up a series of pro-Blagojevich quotes from Obama — dating back to 2002.

Oooh, those evil Republicans are stooping to using Obama’s own words against him!

*What Obama Really Meant


370 Responses

  1. So it sounds like I made the right choice by watching “Tremors” in HD instead of the press conference.

  2. Well Teh Precious says he & his office didn’t do anything “inappropriate” then that is the end of the story because the msm is certainly going to take his word on it & will beat everyone else into submission.

  3. mainstream media says:


  4. afrocity: LOL! The msm reminds of those obnoxious parents who whenever their little “angel” does something wrong they get all indignant at the teacher, coach, etc. and their only defense is “NOT MY OBAMA!”

  5. I like the way the media are pushing the idea that Obama barely knows Blago despite evidence to the contrary.

  6. MSM:

    “MY BABY Oama AIN’T DONE NUTHIN. Make the mean people asking questions go away. Just because he campaigned for Blago, it does does not mean that Obama knows or spoke to him in any way shape or form. Leave my baby alone you right wing nuts.” (throws shoe)

  7. afrocity: LMAO — that’s what I’m talking about: “Don’t you dare talk about my Obama that way. Obama would never think of doing such things and he doesn’t have anything to do with people like Blago. I raise him right.”

    myiq — Obama is just one more rat jumping off of the Blago ship — unfortunately for the public the msm is helping him.

    Personally, I like how everyone in the msm is now obviously a medical doctor giving their diagnoses that Blago is crazy. Yeah, the man uses the “f-word” he must be nuts.

  8. Blago won’t beat M’ Naghten – he knew what he was doing was wrong, therefore he is legally sane.

    Has the media ever ran the insanity defense on behalf of a politician before?

  9. MSM:

    “You know that Blago is bipolar! He is mentally unbalanced. Why would anyone call a man that is as honest and decent as Obama a mutha f-er unless they were crazy? Obama has stayed above the dirty Chicagoans and they are just jealous.”

  10. Okay, OT, but nobody seems to really mind much that Caroline Kennedy thinks she deserves a LEGACY APPOINTMENT TO THE SENATE SEAT CLINTON VACATED.

    I am appalled, disgusted, outraged, and…have I mentioned disgusted…about it.

    Just sayin.

    This is a woman who never wanted to be in politics. I have nothing against her personally, but politically, this is PATHETIC! Does she honestly think she is owed a Senate seat because her famous Senator Uncle Ted will likely die soon of a brain tumor and there will be NO KENNEDYS IN THE SENATE–God Forbid!–to carry on?!

    What on earth is she thinking?! This is just pathetic. She hasn’t earned a Senate seat; she has no experience.

    I used to respect her. Now, I just think she’s another spoiled rich kid who thinks her family name gets her places without having TO WORK FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. afrocity — I saw in an earlier thread that you wrote that if Caroline Kennedy gets the NY Senate seat you were done with the DNC — I’ll tell you this — if Caroline Kennedy gets that seat I will never, and I mean never, vote for the Democratic Party again.

    And btw — has this woman ever worked a day in her life? Seriously — has she?

  12. Two missing words: on tape.
    “No inappropriate discussions” on tape.
    “Nothing that my office did (on tape) that was in any way inappropriate.”

  13. Angie,as far as the view from under the bus, I already have that Elizabeth Hasselback thing wrapped up. Btwn BO and Blago. I am leaning right more and more everyday.

  14. more years of Bush.. really, we were all sickened when Bush pulled this crap and now IOIYAO

  15. afrocity — LOL — we might have to fight over that spot!

  16. EIGHT more years of bush.

  17. Mainstream Media says:

    “Can’t we just move on from this Blago thing? It is a distraction. No one cares. shouldn’t we be discussing the economy? Can Zogby do a poll that will say that people don’t care about Blago? Wah, Wah”

  18. no “inappropriate” discussions… lol

    I will be the judge of that. Personally I think Rendell is full of shit and it is NONE of Obama’s business who replaces him. Furthermore I am certain there was quid pro- quo implied if not stated out loud. Why should now be any different? Obama’s whole career has been nothing but pay to play.

  19. If neither Obama nor anyone working for him did anything wrong, how would releasing that information interfere with Fitz’s investigation??

  20. MSM — Everyone knows Blago is crazy — lock up your children & pets crazy. Those people on the tape were just “playing along with his delusions” by pretending there was a quid pro quo when their wasn’t so he wouldn’t flip out. What about Rham? Rham was just playing along with Blago too — we told you he is a crazy man! And really, Obama doesn’t know Rham all that well either.

  21. Zeituni Onyango: I am Obama’s aunt and he doesn’t know me either.

  22. I can’t believe anyone and I mean anyone is letting Obama get away with this “internal investigation” crap — it is like letting the biggest cheater in the class grade his own test.

  23. afrocity — LOL! that poor lady! Is she back in Kenya — Obama threw her under the bus in no time flat.
    And when the hell was granny’s funeral? I bet that cheap (whe he’s paying) sob didn’t even send a sympathy card.

  24. afrocity: LMAO — that’s what I’m talking about: “Don’t you dare talk about my Obama that way. Obama would never think of doing such things and he doesn’t have anything to do with people like Blago. I raise him right.”

    Angie, like back home when some lil thug got shot and the mama was saying “Oh my baby, oh my baby!! He was a good boy, he didn’t no nuthing wrong.” Then they release his police sheet and you see he was arrested for attempted murder, selling crack, and so on. But hey, mama never saw that!

  25. Fredster — mistaken identity! they got the wrong guy!

  26. And when the hell was granny’s funeral? I bet that cheap (whe he’s paying) sob didn’t even send a sympathy card.

    Maybe his grand-dad didn’t want him there.

    When my Dad died, I asked my mom if she wanted me to call my two 1/2 brothers (her sons fm another marriage). She said why bother.

  27. Fredster — Granddad died a long time ago — B0 didn’t bother to go to granny’s funeral because like everyone else who isn’t HIM, B0 doesn’t give a sh!t about her.

  28. Fredster — mistaken identity! they got the wrong guy!

    They had a thing on tv couple week ago where poor baby got shot and killed and then the cops arrested “poor mama” cuz she was going after who she thought shot poor baby and mama had a .357 magnum. Yikes!

  29. Oh! I thought the grand-dad or someone other than grandma was still alive. Maybe grandma left instructions: don’t come knockin’ when my heart stops thumpin’

    Old people have memories and hers of Obie may not have been that great.

  30. When Obama goes to jail who will bring the cheese to the Obamabot whine fest???

  31. I expect Caroline Kennedy to get Hillary’s senate seat. Gov. Paterson is no fun of Hillary. He is an Obama supporter.

  32. Ummm, it’s Chicago. How and why did B.O. end up there in the first place? Why so drawn to Chitown? I mean since he’s just a biracial small town hick from Kansas and all. He JUST finished paying off his student loans you guys, leave him alone! And he’s gonna get a puppy, and decorate a tree and everything. How could a guy who does stuff like that have anything to do with the likes of Blago and icky politics and ew, it’s just impossible.

  33. afrocity- won’t be time. They will be pulling out their hair and rending their garments. (hope there is film at 11!)

  34. Mainstream Media says:

    “Leave OBAMA’S PUPPY ALONE!!!”

  35. Paterson was a Clinton supporter till the end, if an annoying one.

  36. But we LIKE the puppy! It’s the rest of the package that’s a problem.

  37. downticket: There is a lot of unfavorable noise popping up now about C.K. and that Senate seat and how she’s not really qualified for nor earned it.

  38. Paterson will succumb to the pressure. This has been the plan all along. Get Hillary out of the Senate with a Cabinet appointment and replace her with a Kennedy (RFK. Jr. or Caroline, it matters not). Continue the dynasty at all costs.

  39. MSM:


  40. If I am not mistaken he was the same person that said Hillary should quit because she wasn’t going to win and was embarrassing herself. With supporters like that who needs enemies. Lets also not forget that the NY delegation said they weren’t going to vote for Hillary at the convention.


    Bad choice of words on my part.


  42. Michelle Obama will take Obama’s package.

  43. Hillary should stay in the Senate if it means Caroline gets her seat — I mean it. If she doesn’t I will slap the first Obot I run into — so Hillary — if you want me not to end up in jail for assault & battery, which will lead me to lose my license & my ability to earn a living & donate to your campaign — don’t allow this to happen. Stay in the Senate & give up being SoS if that is what it takes.

    My mom called me today (I’ve told you all that with Obama being elected she is looking for “signs” that we need to move to Greece — she doesn’t know what these “signs” are yet, but she will “know them when she sees them” because they will be so ridiculous). Caroline getting Hillary’s seat would be sign #1 that we need to get out. Two more & we are on that plane.

  44. There is a lot of unfavorable noise popping up now about C.K. and that Senate seat and how she’s not really qualified for nor earned it.

    Does anyone really believe that he will care about whether she is qualified or not. All that matters is that she will bring in big fundraisers. Money talks.

  45. lets see berrys internal investagtion come up with nothing like we didnt no news there some i think everyone already new he was going to say that
    has anyono got a link to that rep attack vid?

  46. Just when I thought Princess Caroline was no longer a contender – she pops back up again. I think that inside the party it’s already been decided that she should get the seat. It’s now entirely up to Paterson. But I just don’t think there’s any way she’ll win an election in 2 years. I certainly won’t vote for her – no matter who her opponent is. And I won’t vote for Paterson either if he anoints Caroline…

  47. I don’t speak boogie talk.

  48. boogieman, good seeing *you* here.

  49. afrocity — allow me to translate:

    Lets see, Barry’s internal investigation come up with nothing — like we didn’t expect that. No news there. I think everyone already knew he was going to say that.
    Has anyone got a link to that Republican attack video linking B0 to Blago by using B0’s own words against him?

  50. Now I understand how Joe (plugs) Biden got the VP slot – he bought it.

    I have been SO disappointed by the stupidity of American voters and the complicity of the MSM.

    I enjoy coming here and reading what ya’ll are up too but when I get online, look for me on POGO (lol) the news just doesn’t interest me anymore but I’m sure that will change………..

  51. Thanks Angie: Here is my reply to boogie

    BO is wuppy dubba. opeak no kidding ..

    Come on and zoom, zoom, zoom-a zoom!”
    “We’re gonna zoom, zoom, zoom-a zoom!”
    “Everybody’s doin’ it, everybody’s movin’ it,”
    “Everybody’s having a ball, yeah!”
    “So would you zoom, zoom, zoom-a zoom?”
    “Come on and zoom-a zoom-a zoom-a zoom!”
    “I’m AFROCITY!!!”

  52. The most surprising thing to me re Princess Caroline in the Senate is that posters here predicted that many months ago. Oddly enough, no MSM has mentioned Caroline’s endorsement of Obama as a cynical & easy way to get rid of Hillary so that she can do an easy power crap. Good grief, but Hill was up against a lot of a**holes, wasn’t she? I’m developing a real dislike of the Kennedy dynasty.
    And a tip of the hat to those of you here who were on the mark with this prediction.

  53. LMAO! I LOVED Zoom!!

    When we were little we were only allowed 1 hour of tv a day — I got to choose what my brother & I watched for 1/2 & my brother got to choose the other 1/2. I always choose Zoom! (My brother always choose Speed Racer).

  54. during the elec barry walked on water no matter what he did the DNC & the media where there to save him if on form or other/
    but this time pelosi & reed wont be there to save him even Mathews & chill going up his leg wont be enough . because this time hes dealing with THE F.B I
    & those guys play hardball .lets se how long it takes for the hopychange train to derail.

  55. Just for the record: I just did my own investigation and cleared myself. This should end the speculation.

  56. POE — my mom called it the day Princess Caroline came out with that “a President like my father” crap — not getting Hillary’s seat per se — but something BIG — she said — “this woman has kept herself out of the public eye all this time & she is coming out now to endorse this punk for what? You watch, she is going to get a very important position if he wins.”
    And has anyone seen this woman’s posture? She looks like the hunchback of Notre Dame — my mom thinks she should be embarrassed of herself. LOL

    The Kennedy dynasty is full of shit — yeah, I’m saying it — JFK was a total womanizer, Joe was a bootlegger for crying out loud who had his daughter lobotomized because she wouldn’t obey & Ted killed a woman. Yes, they’ve had more then their fair share of tragedy, but how anyone can pretend they were some “great leaders” is beyond me.

  57. At least Bobby Kennedy supported Hillary.

  58. Angie,


    We need to call up Letterman from Electric Company and ask him to correct the work of the Evil Spellbinder:

    Take the “R” out of Crook County and change it back to “Cook County”

    Take the “O” out of ONC and put the “D” back to make it DNC again.

    Take the “OB” from Obama and put in “LL” to make him a “Llama”

    Faster than a trolling Obot
    Stronger than the silent Media
    Able to leap the capital in a single bound
    It’s a word
    It’s a plan
    It’s Letterman

  59. aw I am in moderation…

  60. Not an admirer of the Kennedy dynasty, but the assassination of JFK was like the assassination of the US. I feel like it’s the last time we had a president except for–

    never mind, I’d get in big trouble for saying that here.

  61. angie: Hear, hear! And we from MA can take the blame for consistently sending his ass to DC every 6 years. These people like to think of themselves as “royalty” and as much as those tragedies they suffered are not to be dismissed, that reasoning alone should not be a ticket to entitlement. One should first pay their dues with the voters before a plum role like that of a sitting Senator be handed over just on name recognition alone.

    Nepotism must be Obama’s idea of “change”.

  62. Pat J — I don’t need to conduct my own internal investigation — just ask my dad what a pure little angel I am — I’ve never discussed it with him, but I’m confident that despite my two marriages he would swear on his life that I’m a virgin

  63. I tried to say that at least Bobby Kennedy supported Hillary, but it doesn’t post and says duplicate posts, already said that.
    Why does this happen

  64. The tragedy of JFK and RFK happened over 40 years ago for crying out loud. How much “tribute” must be paid in the long run to assuage those deplorable actions?

  65. badtothebone, I’m afraid we have more than just another 8 years of Bush cuz that’s not counting the Jeb years. And, mark my words, they’re comin’ up right after the placeholder gets taken down.

  66. angie: Are you up for a lie detector test??

  67. My posts don’t post. Why?

  68. Pat J — the only women with balls in the Kennedy family got their through marriage — that is why Jackie was attracted to Ari — the Kennedy’s wanted to control her & force her into a reclusive, submissive “widow of the sainted President” role — Ari had enough $ and power that she could tell them all to fuck off. Good for her.

  69. BTW, you folks are on tonight! Thank you. It really picked up my spirits, temporarily. We just had a bloodletting at my office. I’m very grateful that I still have a job. So thanks for the larfs. I needed ’em.

  70. ????

  71. Separate JFK out of the bunch (liked many things about RFK too, maybe some other exceptions) and I’m down for trashing the Kennedy dynasty.

  72. You guys are cracking me up. Um, through my tears.

  73. Someone help, I’m in limbo and I don’t know why.

  74. Angie, I’m with ya on the Kennedy rant. For their tragedies, they have my sympathy. But as a political dynasty they just need to go away.

  75. Pat J — I’m not, but I bet my dad could take it and pass swearing about my virtue.

    Oh, and my mother said that if Jackie was alive she would have endorsed Hillary — no one knew better then her (except maybe poor Joan) what a$$holes the men in that family are.

  76. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am just waiting for the Bush twins to be appointed to something down the road. Only fair as this “appointment” seems to beg parity. There must be a vacancy waiting to be filled somewhere.

    This stinks!

  77. Can i get out of moderation?

  78. Just 35 days to go before W hits the Happy Trails and I still have yet to find one nice thing to say about him after 8 long years.

    Does being able to duck two shoes aimed at one’s pointed head count?

  79. angie: Forgive me but I think you and your “virtue” rank right up there with Obama and his “leadership”.

  80. Obama doesn’t have a “package.” The kids look like the milkman (IMHO).

  81. johninca — sorry but why separate JFK from the bunch? He was a womanizer, he probably had Marilyn killed (yeah, I said it) when he was done using her & she wouldn’t go away, he CAUSED the Bay of Pig disaster & the Cuban Missile Crisis & the Berlin Wall was erected & we went into Viet Nam on his watch. Name something good he did? JFK talked a good talk but it was Johnson who committed career suicide by signing the Civil Rights Law — something I honestly don’t believe JFK would have ever done.

    Now, RFK — by no means perfect — was the best of the bunch, but I’m not in the mood to excuse any of their sh!t anymore.

  82. Pat Johnson, on December 15th, 2008 at 9:22 pm Said:

    angie: Forgive me but I think you and your “virtue” rank right up there with Obama and his “leadership”.

    ROFLMAO!! You got that right.

  83. Pat – … “There must be a vacancy waiting to be filled somewhere ” – ROFLMAO .. ! 🙂

    You are good Pat J. , Really , really excellent … I appreciate your trenchant communication ..

    learned that word somewhere yesterday .. maybe here .. . can’t keep track of it all .. LoL …

    Was it You John ..??? – trenchant ..?

    trenchant – it an adjective only – as far as I can tell .. incisive welllookhere

    1. incisive or keen, as language or a person; caustic; cutting: trenchant wit.

    2. vigorous; effective; energetic: a trenchant policy of political reform.

    3. clearly or sharply defined; clear-cut; distinct.

    sarcastic, scathing

  84. Each family is dysfunctional in its own way so that puts the Kennedy’s and the Royal Family on par with the rest of us serfs. Adulterers, cheats, drug users, spouse abusers, it runs through their veins.

    But to constantly put them onto pedestals and, like with that sorry Royal Family, expecting a curtsy, goes a little overboard. These people must bathe daily and they poop just like the rest of us. (Exception being Obama of course.)

    And you can add the Bushies into that equation. Barbara Bush in my estimation was a pain in the ass.

  85. angienc2– Not minimizing the bad things JFK did, but I just want there to be *one* Democratic president I don’t hate.

    Johnson signed civil rights– I’ll give him that.

    I doubt seriously that we would have had the same Vietnam tragedy had JFK not been killed. My own belief is that the assassination threw us into the whole Vietnam/Watergate nightmare in which I came of age.

    I don’t know about your Marilyn Monroe accusation or how he caused the Berlin Wall. Gave a great speech at it though.

    True, JFK could screw up. But he admitted it. I feel he was a tragic flawed figure that was still *our* pres for all his flaws.

    Even if he bungled into the Cuban missile crisis, he got out of it without a nuclear war. He cut taxes. His SCOTUS appointment was pro-life.

    He didn’t fit the stereotype Democrats are supposed to fit today. I’ll grant you, though, that he was deeply flawed.

  86. Trust Me(in Obama Speak) means FU!

    I cannot believe this guy where is the oversight where is the external review and audit?

    This stinks as bad as any Bush tactic!

    Or AM I Just Crazy?

  87. Briana– yeah, I called Afrocity trenchant. It’s amazing what people remember here. I think trenchant actually means ‘cutting’ but it’s a compliment.

  88. Yes .. John I knew it to be a compliment .

  89. Michael: You are not crazy. Just as disillusioned, discomfited, disconcerted, and disgusted as the rest of us. If this makes us crazy than many of us will be sharing padded cells.

  90. Like Pat, I have conducted an internal investigation and have cleared myself of any wrongdoing, so if anyone notices anything I’ve done its because they’re racists and don’t believe in hope & change.

    OT – until I listened to the “View from Under the bus” I always pronounced afrocity like af-rocity, instead of afro-city. Random I know

  91. Is that why I am in moderation? Because I am trenchant?

  92. Hello all, have been lurking for days. Posting sometimes makes me start the head banging against the walls. With this post, I think I am safe to say, let Caroline have it. Why not?

    We are all pretty much f!*ked anyway aren’t we? So let them all have their little cushy seats, because BO is gonna take them down. No one will come out of the next four years without some serious nasty scabby little infections. So I say put all of them in a nice little post and let Barry himself, bring them down. The only problem is with Hillary as SOS, she will not come out unscathed either.

    The DNC wanted this and they are committing their own sick twisted form of suicide. It won’t be painless, the citizens will be the ones to pay, but the little Obots just had to have him. So we may as well sit back and watch the show.

  93. Why can’t I post?

  94. Boo

  95. Because spamy has a mind of his own.

  96. Hello in there

  97. hello all what did I miss today?

  98. TheRealKim, watch the show. dont you mean the circus

  99. Well to heck with it all then; let’s just appoint BO as president for life, abrogate that whole outdated “Constitution” thing, and call up ole’ Rev Wright to conduct the coronation ceremony in January. snark

  100. Angie, JFK did not cause the Berlin wall to be built .. also – He did not ’cause’ the Cuban missile crisis .

    Now the bay of Pigs .. well YES .

    .. a womanizer Yes

    I just don’t want trolls reading us and thinking we are history ‘lite’ ..

  101. elderj!

  102. Speaking of Hillary, where is she right now? Anybody know?

  103. Afrocity, don’t worry about it.

    Bostonboomer once said she even found one of Riverdaughter’s comments in moderation once.

    I thought that was funny. “Hey, I disapprove of my own comment.”

    (slightly modifying an old Paula Poundstone joke there)

  104. THe RealKim…are you say that Obama is little more than Political Herpes to everyone he comes in contact with…

    that is a real wicked thought…I like it!

  105. I don’t think JFK got the US out of the Cuban missile crises. Kruschev did. It was Kruschev who decided that a nuclear war was not an option – and that’s when he blinked.

    Same with Reagan being somehow responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev almost single-handedly did it. And became the most despised man in Russia as a result. (Well, maybe not so much now because they got oil money, but up until Putin came along Gorbachev was public enemy number 1 for destroying an empire.)

  106. Kim: They do not listen to us anyway. It matters not what we think. I have nothing against Caroline but I do believe that having a seat in the Senate needs to require more than just waking up one morning and deciding that this is the next thing on my “to do” list. She has to earn it and that comes about when the voters take the chance, not simply having a famous name.

  107. DYB, how popular or unpopular is Putin over there right now?

  108. johininca — no offense, but your own personal belief about what would have happened in Viet Nam doesn’t mean shit — we don’t know, true, but we do know that JFK started our involvement there & left Johnson in a tough spot about what to do there — I’m tired of history being re-written to minimize JFK’s stupid & arrogant foreign policy & put the blame on Johnson. I’ve listened to the tapes — the man knew he was doing something unpopular but actually thought it was the right thing to do — I give him credit for THAT — not worrying about being popular but doing what he believed was right — whether I agree with that decision or not. JFK wouldn’t have done that; Obama certainly will not.
    And Johnson did a hell of A LOT more then sign the Civil Right Act — he used EVERY political chit he had to get it through Congress. He threw away the South for the Dem. Party because he thought it was the right thing to do — would JFK do that? Would Obama. Furthermore, Johnson is responsible for the Great Society which started federal funding for education, the war on poverty, Medicare & Medicaid. Johnson did a hell of a lot more for the average and poor American then JFK.

  109. “No one will come out of the next four years without some serious nasty scabby little infections”

    My last was in reference to the above quote…sorry

  110. Alan Colmes:


    Sean Hannity:

    “Shut up Alan. I can find a fake liberal anywhere..”

  111. Regency: She is overseeing the packing and moving of the Obama clan from Chicago to DC.

  112. Didn’t Kruschev only do that because Kennedy agreed to, and this is purely from memory, remove either troops or something out of Turkey? Am I confusing one crises for another?

  113. Yep, fuzzy that is pretty much what I am saying. We have screamed and yelled and no one will listen and now well, I guess the “chickens are coming home to roost”. All we can do is watch and I believe it will be one helluva show.

  114. In Russian Putin is public friend number 1. He brought the country prosperity and peace – his methods are being overlooked.

  115. He threw away the South for the Dem. Party because he thought it was the right thing to do.

    That was the other thing I liked about Johnson.

  116. DYB — you are right — Kruschev is responsible for stopping the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  117. Regency; Bingo! That was part of the agreement.

  118. But Pat it obviously doesn’t matter. We have a rock star in the White House, undeserving little twit who pushed, bought and bribed his way in. Why not have a few princes and princesses in the senate?

    If the POTUS doesn’t have to be qualified, then surely a Kennedy princess can have a little ole senate seat.

  119. DYB–

    very interesting. I always found Putin to be a thug but also something of a tsarlike figure (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you have legitimists in your family like many do).

  120. JFK was an idiot. I worked in his museum. During meetings for the Cuban missile crises he was doodling on paper instead of taking notes. He wrote the word BOMB with a cloud surrounding it and some other stupid stuff.

  121. Angie Right On Johnson will go down as one of those presidents that will never get the credit they deserve.

    Also Johnson sent his wife Lady Byrd to ever southern Senator and Congressmans house to talk up Civil Rights….Se Johnson knew no southernor who wished to remain a Gentleman would ever not recieve a Southern Lady…it was brilliant strategy.

    Johnson is one of my Heros

  122. NO .. not totally – Kruschev .. our Navy had one heck of a lot of influence on his decision ..

    “The U.S. Navy played a pivotal role in this crisis, demonstrating the critical importance of naval forces to the national defense. The Navy’s operations were in keeping with its strategic doctrine, which is as valid today as it was in late 1962. The Navy, in cooperation with the other U.S. armed forces and with America’s allies, employed military power in such a way that the president did not have to resort to war to protect vital Western interests. Khrushchev realized that his missile and bomber forces were no match for the Navy’s powerful Polaris ballistic missile-firing submarines and the Air Force’s land-based nuclear delivery systems once these American arms became fully operational. Naval forces under the U.S. Atlantic Command, headed by Admiral Robert L. Dennison (CINCLANT), steamed out to sea, intercepting not only merchant shipping en route to Cuba, but Soviet submarines operating in the area as well. U.S. destroyers and frigates, kept on station through underway replenishment by oilers and stores ships, maintained a month-long naval “quarantine” of the island of Cuba. Radar picket ships supported by Navy fighters and airborne early warning planes assisted the U.S. Air Force’s Air Defense Command in preparing to defend American airspace from Soviet and Cuban forces. Navy aerial photographic and patrol aircraft played a vital part not only in observing the deployment of Soviet offensive weapons into Cuba; but monitoring their withdrawal by sea.”

    Regency – Yes .. we made a deal …

  123. Oh Afrocity, you are a card. Love it.

    Then again, if he doodled and kept us out of war, maybe there’s a case that Bush should have done some doodling before deciding about Iraq.

  124. Many believe that Johnson was in on Kennedy’s murder.

    (Disclaimer: this is a tinfoil moment)

  125. so is Lady Byrd…a brilliant polititian in her own right in a paralell Universe she was President and Lyndon was the First Gentleman….I believe.

  126. afrocity, on December 15th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said:

    JFK was an idiot. I worked in his museum. During meetings for the Cuban missile crises he was doodling on paper instead of taking notes. He wrote the word BOMB with a cloud surrounding it and some other stupid stuff.

    LMAO! I fucking KNEW it!

    I love being affirmed.

  127. Someone on Alex Jones who said she was LBJ’s mistress.

  128. Johnson was certainly the more qualified gentleman who ended up tking backseat to the preschooler without a clue. I’m not saying he did it, I’m saying I understand the suspicion.

  129. Let’s not be ‘history lite’ here .. I said this in another comment which is in moderation.

    It’s important for TC to not try and rewrite history also or leave out important facts that contributed to our (America’s ) decisions ..

  130. An idiot who doodled and kept us out of nuclear war (nukular, for some presidents)– I don’t dislike that.

  131. JFK did not cause the Berlin wall to be built .. also – He did not ’cause’ the Cuban missile crisis .

    Now the bay of Pigs .. well YES .

    .. a womanizer Yes

    I just don’t want trolls reading us and thinking we are history ‘lite’ ..

  132. fuzzy — LBJ is one of my heroes too — mainly because he did so damn much but is vilified because he wasn’t “young & charismatic” like JFK.

    johninca — I’m not going to argue this point with you any more but I’m going to say, for the last time — it was because of JFK’s stupidity and arrogance in meeting with Kruschev “without preconditions” that started the f*cking Cuban Missile Crisis in the first place — how is that justifiable? If he wouldn’t have been such a naif there would NOT HAVE BEEN A WAR TO GET US OUT OF.
    Sorry, I’ll take the smart guy out the gate any day of the week then one who “lucked out” that the other guy (Kruschev) came to his senses.

  133. Briana –

    Yes that is true the Naval blockade was the defining moment the russian bear had not yet learned to swim she was still a continental power no ability to project power at sea in 1962.

    We removed the “listening Posts” inTurkey they were really obsolete at the time see we had othe rmore valuable means of Intel (sorry still classified) so the removal of radar from Turkey was a face saving gesture for Kruschev.

    Unfortunately Kruschev the Gorbachev of his time was diposed buy the Stalinist wing under Brehnev(sic)

  134. Angie is right on this one John.

  135. Angie– I’m just having fun now.

    Even my father who was unbelievably ‘right wing’ and barely to the left of Mussolini voted for JFK.


  136. Going back to lurking

  137. There wasn’t a war Angie – that’s the deal.

  138. afrocity — I believe the mob did in JFK — they helped him “win” & then RFK got all noble & started going after them. Rudy was obviously some low-level mobster who knew he was dying of cancer & volunteered to kill Oswald to end the story there in exchange for the mob “taking care of” his family.

    That’s my tinfoil theory & I’m sticking to it.

  139. johninca> Putin is a thug with fascistic tendencies. And that’s what I mean when I say that his methods for bringing the country peace and prosperity after the catastrophic years following collapse of the Soviet Union. The country was destitute until he came to power. Putin is a hero to much of the Russian public.

    I think if you look into Putin’s eyes – you’ll see Obama.

  140. John,

    actually I think you give Johnny K. too much credit. JPK jr. was actually the brains and he was killed in a plane explosion. That was who JPK SR. wanted to be prez.

    RFK pulled the strings during the Kennedy administration. The archives show this.

  141. Kruchev was a anti stalinist we screwed up by forcing his hand in a way that the USSR lost respect it lead to a return to Stalinism and the heavy handedness of the russians in Chezslovakia in spring 1967….

    very sad!

  142. Briana — I know there wasn’t a war — johninca was the one who said he “got us out of a war” — I used the same war, but I’m pretty sure everyone here knows we are talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis without any help from teacher correcting our papers. Lighten up.

  143. I don’t have a theory on JFK assasination. I pretty much believe the “lone gunman” simply because no one in Washington can keep a damn secret, especially one with a price tag this high.

  144. JFK was a careless novice who lucked into the Presidency. (Maybe Barack is him after all.)

    I wish we could have seen what Bobby could do.

  145. There were two major reasons for the building of the Wall:

    1. Economics. Too many well-educated people moved from East Germany, and some worked in West Berlin and lived in East Berlin (it’s cheaper there), so DDR lost money on this.

    2. Political. The West side interfered with the East side (the Russian sector).

    After the 2nd World War Berlin was divided into 4 sectors. The largest sector was the Russian sector. The Western sectors belonged to France, Great Britain and USA. After Nazi Germany surrendered, the 4 allied countries signed a treaty called “the Potsdam Agreement”, which determined the borders for Germany and Berlin.

    Between the years 1954 -1960, East Germany suffered a “brain drain”. During that period, 4,600 doctors, 15,885 teachers, 738 university teachers, 15,536 engineers and technicians moved from East to West Germany. Altogether this came to 36,759 people with academic and professional qualifications, plus 11,705 students. These highly qualified people were educated at the expense of East Germany (and former Nazi Germany). So West Germany benefited from East Germany’s investment. Of course such a situation was untenable for East Germany. Being a new state East Germany needed its educated people to re-build the country after the ravages of the 2nd World War.


  146. 🙂

  147. afrocity — “the archives show this” LOL Like any one cares about anything that might take the shine off of JFK! LOL

  148. True, Angie. We scrubbed everything with the “N” word in it that his father said.

  149. Briana — interesting about the reasons the Berlin wall was built — but does your research show that it was NOT built during JFK’s watch? Wouldn’t a great leader have been able to use diplomacy to prevent that wall from being built?

    I don’t know what discussion you are in but we are talking about the “great” achievements of the JFK presidency.

  150. afrocity — no way! really? Jesus Mary & Joseph.

    Sadly, it doesn’t surprise me that that social climbing, criminal, sexist pr*ck Joe Kennedy would use that word.

  151. I too, believe JFK was a novice – as Bill Clinton reminded us – just this year .. ” No one is ready for the job of President” ..

    something like that ..

  152. Gee I just realized that wordpress has given out new temp avatars–the snowflakes instead of those goblin looking things. I went to see what Briana looked like and I saw that flake, and then I noticed. I am so daft.

  153. night all early day tomorrow breakfast with the boss and all!

  154. Did you know that JFK publicly referred to his two young, attractive female secretaries in the WH as “frick and frack” — he couldn’t even be bothered to learn their names.

    This is the guy the Dem. Party worships.

  155. afrocity — are they snowflakes? I thought they were quilt patterns.

    Night fuzzy!!

  156. The one good thing for me that has come out of not watching the so called news on msm, I have found the documentary channel.
    So many things I did not know and so many things I get to enjoy and not get heartburn.
    I just had the pleasure of watching a film on Roy Orbison and before that a film on the free masons.
    I always said I wanted to be 97 and still learning something

    I had a lot of respect for Johnson. He did not have it easy.
    All the things he accomplished he did while a lot of people resented him for not being JFK.. It is not easy trying to follow a martyr. As far as his involvement in Viet Nam I thought he was lied to by the military and the CIA



  157. Good luck fuzzy! No Mimosas

  158. Hey everyone…I believe Obama is just as innocent as Bush is of leaking Valerie Plame’s name to the press.

    TRK is right. It’s gonna be a crazy four years.

  159. Angie, I guess they could be quilt patterns too.

  160. helenk — good going you! I love hearing from people who were actually THERE.

  161. I gave myself a lie detector test.

    I scored an 83

  162. Hi madamab!

    It’s going to be a crazy 4 years if B0 lasts that long.

  163. myiq — alright you fooled it 83% of the time!

  164. angie, I did reply to you about ZOOM. It is now out of moderation.

  165. afrocity — I’ll go look — I meant to tell you before that myiq is the “moderator” of this thread — & he was obviously asleep at the wheel for a while there.

  166. Obama repeated:
    I had no contact with the Gov.’s “office”!!
    He didn’t say the Gov. he said his office!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Angie – “Wouldn’t a great leader have been able to use diplomacy stop Viet Nam sooner . Pres. Johnson could have done that.

    I am not critizing Johnson – I really , really respect his memory . just saying.

  168. It is just madness. The entire situation. Meanwhile, I’m going back to write about parallels between Mre.Nixon’s self-clearing, self-serving conduct and Mr. Obama’s.

    And, I have a friend who wants to WORK in this administration and asked if *I* could put him in touch Podesta (who I do know) – but obviously my friend has NO idea that Mr. Podesta is unlikely to be overly interested in my suggestions these days (if he were I’d be suggesting transition team party’s on the problem of misogyny, not health care – did anybody else get the latest bulletin on the new round of scout meetings?

  169. myiq, ask for a recount.

  170. afrocity — LOL — I loved your response to Zoom — why did it go into moderation? I don’t understand how wordpress works.

  171. Kim — I missed you having my back upthread — thanks!

  172. “RFK pulled the strings during the Kennedy administration. The archives show this.”
    JFK was a medical “basket” case. I think that your are right…RFK was functioning more as a co-president then he was as an AG. RFK has been short changed in history by the Teddy White/Jackie fantasy of the JFK Presidency. JFK was quite ill when he met Krushchev in Vienna. The Russians felt that JFK was weak and that lead directly/indirectly to the Berlin Wall and IRBMs in Cuba. JFK’s response to the Russians was to show that he was tough and say “We will stop them in Vietnam” and we know how well that worked out.

    I lost all respect for JFK after I heard the White House tapes of JFK talking to Ross Barnett during the integration of U of Miss.

  173. To all those ppl that think BO didn’t know about this, I have to ask, “Would you rather he be duplicitious or oblvious?”

  174. Hi angie!

    Well, I think the Repubs are gonna sit back and let the Dems destroy themselves. They are going to out-crony and out-spend Bu$hCo.They will let their elitism trump experience and practicality and good government.

    After Obama, unless something changes radically, we will not have another Dem Pres for quite some time.

    This is why I’ve been sick to my stomach since February. My beloved Party is no more.

    When the holidays are over, we MUST get our acts together and do something about this. We must!


  175. Going out for awhile but I thank the Conf for getting me through another day of you know whom (and he’s not even president yet).

  176. elderj, on December 15th, 2008 at 9:44 pm Said:

    I LOVE this method. I have just conducted my own internal investigation and cleared myself not only of any past wrongdoing but for any future wrongdoing, forever and ever, in perpetuity.

  177. Regency, on December 15th, 2008 at 10:33 pm Said:


    But should you not be prepping for finals? How’s that going?

  178. Briana — history hasn’t re-written Johnson into a saint. That is what we are talking about here. The fact that other people made mistakes doesn’t excuse JFK’s despite popular belief. Keep up. You sit here & write that I said JFK “caused” the Berlin Wall to be erected (which I did not, I said it was erected on his watch) then you start talking about LBJ’s mistakes for what purpose? You are doing the same spin on JFK that the Obots do on Obama and I’m not buying it. JKK was a disaster on foreign policy & pointing to LBJ’s foreign policy mistakes doesn’t change that.

  179. Heidi Li: I only had two. I took one of them last week and have one Thursday. I just need to go back and clean out the dorm room for the break. So mostly done.

  180. SHV– you’ve got it all right.

  181. Rasmussen: 45% Suspect It’s Likely or Very Likely Obama or His Team “Involved In” Blagojevich Scandal

    Obama conducted an internal poll, and only 27% of his staff think he’s guilty.

  182. Regency, on December 15th, 2008 at 10:37 pm Said:

    Congratulations on one down!
    Do you not get to stay in the dorms over break?

  183. myiq — and I have to ask — are the other 55% on crack?


  184. myiq2xu, on December 15th, 2008 at 10:39 pm Said:

    I’m telling you I need the yuks today…the buildup to the inauguration here in DC is just getting disgusting.

  185. he answered THREE WHOLE QUESTIONS before rushing off to finish a waffle or do something else of vital importance.

    lol! 3 whole questions. Wow. Such stamina.

  186. Heidi Li: Nope most of the dorms close. However, they do have a particular residence hall for those who need to stay over break. They also use it for the winter session which doesn’t start until Jan.

  187. myiq2xu
    You are teaching me new things about music.
    The video Bond- Explosive that you posted last night was very good. I had never heard of them.
    When I learn something here about music I pass it on to a conductor at work.

    As far as Johnson and Viet Nam, he acted with the information he received at the time. He paid a high price for that war.
    Nixon came to power promising to end it and lied like a cheap rug.
    The Peace Movement was right about the war and wrong on how they treated returning military.
    There was a draft at the time and a lot of kids did not have a way to get out of going. A lot of young people were damaged by the war and are still paying a great price for it.



  188. madamab, on December 15th, 2008 at 10:34 pm Said:

    You capture my feelings EXACTLY.

  189. I thought we were having a coronation instead.

  190. As an archivist, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my historical knowledge. If you’re unconvinced that a particular historical fact I’ve presented is untrue, then tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion.

    The price you pay for bringing up Obama or JFK and my use of archives and artifacts to question their status as so called great presidents as a negative .. I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here (afrocity holds up avatar of (insert name)). Now, if any of you sons and daughters of b@tches got anything else to say, now’s the fucking time!

  191. Myiq – 27% is a little high, I think. Obama passes around a lot of Kool-Aid at his staff meetings.


  192. I support country over party.

  193. I’m sorry .. didn’t you say Kennedy could have stopped the wall from being built through diplomacy ..?? – So .. my response was ” Couldn’t Johnson, through diplomacy, stop Viet Nam?

    if you didn’t say that – forgive me, I read YOU wrong . My point was simply we, the US had, along with Russia, England maybe France too .. made treaties and ‘stuff’ slicing up Europe after WWII … Kennedy could have broken those treaties I guess ..

  194. Afrocity, are you really an archivist? That is so cool.

  195. This will be my only rant tonight

    But seriously, I am so upset. I am at the point, where I just cannot understand anything. Are we in the twilight zone. This, Caroline, Richardson, its all getting ridiculous.

  196. helenk — not to be too cynical (because I do think the Peace Movement was right) but viewing it from history books & news clips it seems to me that the Peace Movement only gained strength when the draft started sending middle class white kids over to Viet Nam — before that, it looks like most of the country was pretty ok with the war.

  197. Their glass table are probably “dusty” from the lines of dry kool-aid they sniff.

  198. Ana — that was your rant? you need so lessons on how to rant — come over to my house, my Greek mother will teach you all you need to know! LOL

  199. Only when rich kids are sent to war do campaign donors protest. Do you think Michelle Obama’s kids will ever serve?

  200. (Hugging Heidi Li)

    Hmmm…must be bedtime cause I’m not speaking afrocity.

    Night all!

  201. madamab:

    27% think he’s guilty.

    The rest are certain of it.

  202. Afrocity – Has anyone here said that JFK was a great president ?

    Please don’t collect heads .. it’s just not the ‘done’ thing.

  203. Briana — I’m done arguing with you — I did NOT SAY JFK could have “stopped the wall from being built” — go re-read what I wrote — I said the wall was built on his watch & he gets a pass & is called a great leader — where exactly was that leadership. You don’t seem to be able to actually read what I wrote & answer questions I’ve never asked so I have no desire to have any more discussions with you about the subject or hear your justifications for your responses.

  204. .. To me, the HUGE downfall started with Reagan.

  205. afrocity — if I was a man I would ask you to leave your husband and marry me! LOL

  206. That’s another thing. I really believe the Kennedy assassination helped cause the social upheavals of the sixties like the hippies. If JFK had lived he could have given them a cool speech or something and they wouldn’t have felt so anti-establishment about everything.

    *rushing out the door before parting shot can be answered*

  207. Yes, it started with Reagan.

  208. sod — and Briana was backing up that JFK worship-speak by intentionally “answering” questions that I did not pose & then pretending to misunderstand me.

  209. “angienc2, on December 15th, 2008 at 10:38 pm Said:
    SHV– you’ve got it all right.”
    About the only advantage of being old…I was in college in DC in the early ’60’s and the JFK of popular mythology isn’t the person that I remember as a weak President. The severity of his medical problems wasn’t know at that time but became better known after his death. The 25th amendment resulted when Congress found out about his disabilities.

  210. Look in my eyes, what do you see?
    the Cult of Personality
    I know your anger, I know your dreams
    I’ve been everything you wanna be ohhh…
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    Like Mussolini and Kennedy
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality

    Neon lights, Nobel Prize
    When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
    You won’t have to follow me
    Only you can set me free

    I sell the things you need to be
    I’m the smiling face of your T.V. ohh…
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    I exploit you; still you love me
    I tell you one and one makes three ohh…
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi ohh…
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality

    Neon lights, Nobel Prize
    When a leader speaks, that leader dies
    You won’t have to follow me
    Only you can set you free

    (Afrocity does face melting Guitar solo)

  211. Has Carolyn Kennedy ever had a job?

  212. Yeah, because “a cool speech” has saved the worshippers of the new JFK from being assholes.

    Sonme things are timeless.

  213. OK — I have to say this — and really I’m not trying to be a Ms. Priss here — but G.D. Michelle Obama — your screen name really offends me. I respectfully ask that you change it.

    Of course, I’ve got no stroke on this site, so you can completely ignore this request.

  214. They still burn down churches. Speeches are also incendiary.

  215. What is wrong with my name? 53% voted for Reverend Wright.

  216. anbienc2
    My neighbor”s son had a scholarship to the college of his choice and went to Temple.
    There was a professor there who told his class ” I will give you an A for the semester if you go to Washington a march again the war.” He walked out of class and joined the army.
    The idea that kids could be bought so cheap sickened him.
    My husband’s nephew was a medic in the Air Force and was in places that the government still says we were not there.
    Both of these fine young men had their lives ruined by Viet Nam and are still paying the price along with thousands of others.
    They were both from working class families and went to college on their brains not wealth.



  217. “As far as Johnson and Viet Nam, he acted with the information he received at the time. He paid a high price for that war.”

    Johnson escalated the war based on the Tonkin Gulf incident. Then he was caught on tape laughing about the fact that no one actually fired at us. At least he had the dignity to retire.

  218. afrocity — dayum girl! You are on a roll tonight! First Zoom, then taking f*cking heads & now Living Colour! You’ve got the sh!t!

  219. I don’t like it either

  220. It doesn’t offend me but I can see how it could. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to look at that heifer’s name anymore than they would have to. It is bad enough that MO now wants a salary for being 1st lady. I am not against it totally but she is going about it all wrong.

  221. Suggest a name and I’ll use it.

  222. helenk — I’ve already said I love hearing your perspective because you were there — I don’t doubt a word you say on the subject — I was just talking about how the growth of the Peace Movement looks when looking back on it in the history books only.

  223. I third the motion on the floor. I’m sure you are a wonderful human, but I don’t care for the use of GD anywhere, anytime.

  224. “Suggest a name and I’ll use it.”


    Then you’re just shortening it.

  225. LOL — It is the G.D. part that I find offensive — every time I read it I cringe — but afrocity has a point about MO’s name as well — I cringe less at seeing her name, but I do cringe at it as well.

    But as I said — I have no stroke on this site — so you don’t have to change it. It is probably just me who doesn’t care for it. And I’m not the boss of you.

  226. Yay! thanks Prolix!!

    And thanks SOD — I missed you having my back up thread.

  227. My new name. Satisfied?

  228. Can Hillary, Rosalind, Laura, Jackie, Lady Bird, and Eleanor get retroactive paychecks if being someone’s wife now qualifies as a paying gig?

  229. It isn’t very PUMA like either. GDMO

    It would be like having the name

    “Colin-cleansing” or the GOP needs to have a “Powell” movement.

  230. SWEET HOLY MOSES! Is this real? MO wants a salary for being first lady? How did I miss this?

    Those two really are greedy noveau riche sumsofbiches aren’t they?

  231. IDHAN! LMAO — a vast improvement. Thank you!

  232. SOD — LMAO!! Her Klingon mug!

  233. myiq, I am in moderation.

    Yep, Angie. MO wants a salary since she gave up her seat at U of Chicago.

  234. LOL — IDHAN, I was going to suggest “I heart lava lamps”

  235. Is it true? Where is the news story? MO wants a salary?

  236. Hell, can *I* get a paycheck for being someone’s wife? Since he is not interested in pulling one in on his own?

  237. afrocity> Loved that rant! “Kill Bill” is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I’m not a big Tarantino fan in general. Lucy Liu’s delivery was note perfect!

  238. Now Bill Clinton…HE was a great president. But they didn’t want history to remember him as such because HE wasn’t from the “in” crowd.” He snuck in the back door and showed them how it was supposed to be done and both parties have despised him for it. Hillary paid the price for their jealousy and spite in this election.

  239. Do not insult the real Klingon, B’eLana Torres. (forgotten how to spell that, damnit)

  240. afrocity — God have mercy on the USA. I know we aren’t perfect, but what did we do to deserve this?
    This is completely unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE!!
    Besides, I thought she was going to be “Mom in Chief” anyway — so, she isn’t really going to be doing any of the “usual” first lady duties (you know, drinking teas with leaders’ wives and such).

  241. angienc2
    I was not trying to argue with you. I just saw and knew so many kids that their lives were ruined by Viet Nam. Guys I worked with later in their lives still had some problems.
    I could never forgive or forget how these kids were treated when they came home.
    The peace movement owes these guys an apology big time.
    Even now a lot of young men and women that volunteered for the military did so to get a college education which the government is trying to get out of paying for if they were wounded before their enlistment was up.
    They are brave, loyal Americans and maybe our government should respect them a hell of a lot more.



  242. night guys I was still lurking, now I am going to bed/

  243. hear hear SOD — if anyone wants to “worship” a president (and I don’t advocate it for anyone of them) then it should be Bill Clinton.

  244. night Kim!

  245. Pay or Nay?

    AZUZ: Before she was first lady, Laura Bush worked as a teacher and librarian. Former first lady Hillary Clinton was a lawyer. Betty Ford even a theatrical dancer! When they moved into the White House thought, they all left the professional world to take on a new role. Some folks question whether that position should be paid. Alina Cho examines the issue.


    ALINA CHO, CNN REPORTER: She’ll make history as the nation’s first black first lady. But even before her husband’s historic win, Michelle Obama was a powerhouse in her own right: an Ivy League-educated lawyer with a six-figure salary. In a month, she’ll be moving into a new home and a new full time job, working for free.

    ROBERT THOMPSON, PROFESSOR, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY NEWHOUSE SCHOOL: I think most Americans, when they hear the phrase “first lady,” still think china patterns, tours through the White House.

    CHO: Jacqueline Kennedy won an Emmy for her TV tour of the White House. William Howard Taft’s wife, Helen, attended Cabinet meetings, but she said only to keep her husband awake. Nancy Reagan had her “Just Say No” campaign. Then, came Hillary.

  246. Mainstream Media Says:

    Leave JFK alone!!!!!!

  247. helenk — I agree with you about the government needing to treat the men who served this country better — you should see the sad stories that walk into my office to file bankruptcy — they come back from Iraq completely unable to work because of injuries they’ve sustained and the government only classifies them as “20% disability” and pays (or, more accurately) doesn’t pay them accordingly so they can’t make ends meet & have to come to me.
    Don’t tell my full-paying clients (because they are in hard spots too), but I always give those men & woman a 50% discount on legal services.

  248. I worship no one – Angie . . ‘if’ you are talking about me.

    also – where are we getting this information about Michelle receiving a salary ?

    I have checked google news, yahoo news – memorandum and I can’t find it .. .. Help ..! .. I post on another board and they would be hysterical with this news .. except without links I would be laughed off the board …

  249. “I was just talking about how the growth of the Peace Movement looks when looking back on it in the history books only.”
    The 50’s and 60’s were very interesting times. I think about the “Cuban Missile” crisis and the fact that total nuclear war could have happened. People went about there business and there wasn’t any panic. Now we have “terrists” who pose no real threat to the survival of the country and the response is a proto-police state and “be very afraid”. I can still remember the smell of tear gas from demonstrations in DC.

  250. I’m happy y’all love my new name.

  251. helenk — btw — I didn’t mean to imply you were trying to argue with me — sorry if I gave you that impression.

    Briana — I wasn’t talking about you — I don’t even think about you.

  252. IDHAN — what name? LOL

  253. Afrocity says:


  254. afrocity — THANK YA Honey — see that — watch out or afrocity will have your f*cking skull!

  255. angie i rant in tidbits.

    I am so mad and drained at this point, i have no energy to rant.

    So i read here, that Michelle wants a salary. Please people tell me that is a joke.

  256. War is a tragic occurrence.

  257. Who’s bothering angie? Don’t do it!

  258. I second the motion: please leave Angie alone.


    Jackson, Jr. may have been working with feds to investigate gov. BLAGO


  260. I guess “thirded” the motion – so it is passed. I have completed an internal investigation into parliamentary procedure on this matter, taken three questions from myself about the inquiry, and the case is closed.

  261. Thank you Heidi & Seriously — y’all are bringing tears to my eyes (for realz!)

    Seriously — where the heck have you been? I was about to break out the Barry Manilow!

  262. angienc2
    Thank you for trying to help them.

    I remember the air raid drills and what to do if there is an attack and you are in school. Looking back on it none of the drills would have helped a bit.
    During world war 2 In grade school we did all we could to help the refugees with our recess money. My mom went to work in a factory packing radios to send overseas. I remember making Christmas decorations out of the foil packaging.
    I remember hearing on the radio when they tested the A-bomb at the bikini atoll.
    Remember we had just come thru a world war and many were trying to celebrate life and peace. To do that you could not live in fear the the world would end. But a lot of people that could build bomb shelters.



  263. Hmmm, i just made egg nog cheesecake and it tastes delicious.

  264. That was bad…very bad…

  265. Hmmm…how come? He wants to be governor? He’s not corrupt? The feds have something on him?

  266. afrocity, on December 15th, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:

    Thanks for the news update.
    The thing is, what all these people need to do is step waayyyy back from the entire situation. People sometimes cooperate with a prosecutor in an investigation because the prosecutor has something else on them; sometimes they cooperate because they are well-intentioned whistle-blowers. We are not going to know who is who for a looooong time in this Blago affair; and anybody who is caught up in it cannot be appointed to the Senate without being suspect.

  267. helenk — those air raid drill tapes are pretty funny (in a dark way) — did people really believe those cheap little desks were going to protect anyone from a nuclear attack?

  268. OT, has anybody talked to SM lately? Can someone drop her an email and let her know we’re worried about her? My email is fairly unreliable right now. Just tell her Regency asked about her and just wants to make sure she’s all right.

  269. Now, can somebody tell me just why Michelle Obama would get a salary?
    If it is for serving as official hostess, etc. the job should be posted and a person chose on merit, not just because s/he is the wife/domestic-partner of the President.

  270. afrocity — egg nog & cheese cake — 2 of my all time favorites! It’s a good thing I don’t live close to you or I would gain about 40 lbs. (and I would be that annoying friend who always “happens” to drop in around dinner time).

  271. SM??? Is that the woman from Florida?

  272. Here was the question I always had…why the heck would you want to go to a “bomb” shelter in the case of a nuclear attack ? You could never leave? or at least not for, what…1000 years or so? Can you imagine?

    I would just walk out and let the plutonium rain down on me.

  273. Regency, on December 15th, 2008 at 11:37 pm Said:

    Send me SM’s email , if you can, Regency, and I’ll relay the message.

  274. Reg — I have and have not rec’d any answers.

  275. Aw, thanks angie. I think i have carpal tunnel, I have these shooting pains up the arms–however, since it hurts anyway opening windows and pushing buttons is actually more distracting than not. lol

  276. “Shv
    I remember the air raid drills and what to do if there is an attack and you are in school. Looking back on it none of the drills would have helped a bit.”
    I remember watching the A-bomb tests on Tv where they would build faux towns and blow them to sh*t with an A-bomb. Then on Tv they would have public service ads with duck and cover turtle and duck and cover drills in school. Even in the second grade I knew it was stupid.

  277. Heidi who knows? In Chicago they are making jokes about her being the 1st black woman in the white house that will not be scrubbing floors. They also said the Obama’s will have sex in every room.

    This is all a nightmare to me.

  278. Seriously — go to the doctor — s/he can get you some braces for your arms — they don’t help much but they do help.

  279. Afro: Yeah, that’s her.

    Heidi, will do. I’ll also TRY to send one myself. Stupid dial-up *kicks it*

  280. Regency,

    I’ve e-mailed SM a few times, including after the last update you gave. No response.

  281. Reg, wasn’t sm a front pager? The site admins probbaly have her email.

  282. Seriously — find a good massage therapist with a nursing degree. They can do wonders non-surgically with loosening up adhesions and applying heat. I’ve done this about 1 / year for 5 years and have avoided surgery for CTS

  283. I grew up near a SAC Air Force Base – we would have been on the “first strike” list.

  284. SOD that tinfoil hat would keep ya safe. And your kitty too!

  285. As for all these new found BFF’s of Fitzgerald, I would remind him that arsonists like to hang around firefighters.

  286. SOD & Regency — I think it is time to get Pat J & load up the car for a road trip down to FL.

    I’m worried about SM — I knew she was sick for a while but now I’m concerned. Hopefully she just got a new job that is keeping her busy.

    afrocity — yes, SM is the one from FL.

  287. True as it gets Prolix

  288. Thanks SOD. Ugh, I don’t even wnat to think about surgery. I have like the cheapest insurance you can buy what with it being state mandated here in MA. Luckily, I have a high pain tolerance.

  289. I don’t believe JJJr was working with Fitzy –not after his “cry me a river” denials — I think he broke & agreed to fully cooperate & they are going to let him pretend that he was in on the sting to save his own a$$.

  290. I checked and the last email I rec’d from SM was Nov. 6th

  291. No, not working with Fitz. Fitz would have busted his ass, but the Trib. leaked the story early.

  292. Seriously — also, try to find a good (and trustworthy) acupuncturist — my friend has always had bad back problems & it got to the point where the doctor finally recommended surgery — she didn’t want to go down that road & found a really good acupuncturist (she did a lot of research) and that guy has performed miracles on her.

    I’m sure the same principles would apply to carpal tunnel.

  293. It’s official. there are no more black men left I can trust. They even say Michael Steel is a rat.

    (Ho Hum eat more cheesecake)

  294. Good night, Conflucians.
    The world is scary. Fortunately this piece of it rarely is.

  295. Rahm leaks worse than a service station condom if there is any doubt where these stories originate.

  296. Night Heidi!

    Prolix — ewww & LMAO at the same time! I need one of those B0 bibs stat!

  297. Thanks, angie.

    What’s Michael Steel doing, afrocity?

  298. Seriously, for an inexpensive massage, check out the local massage schools. Ask if there are any former or current nurses taking the class. You can usually get a massage for 10-20 bucks. Just ask them to focus on your forearms and the nerve that runs up through your elbow to your upper back muscles.

    They (if they are nurses) are already anatomy experts.

  299. Wait, Rahm EManuel has a hole in his head? Gross.

  300. Angie — LOL.

  301. I just heard that Steel can’t be trusted. He seems like a nice guy to me but when I have Chicago politicians as a measuring stick, everyone looks decent to me.

  302. stop SOD, you are turning me on! 🙂

  303. Afrocity — Michael Nutter from Phila is a good guy!

  304. afrocity — LOL! 🙂

  305. How much extra for the “happy ending?”

  306. myiq2xu


  307. And FYI – -my massage therapist actually healed a torn miniscus in my knee non-surgically.

    I avoid the knife whenever possible.

  308. I have SM’s email. I’ve just sent her a message. Hopefully she’ll write back. I gave Heidi the address in the hopes that she’d be more moved to respond to a couple of people.

  309. Just cover up your face first Captain Spaulding!

  310. SOD — I agree — I love Michael Nutter! I even like his last name — just like Nutter Butter — those were my favorites when I was little. Heck, I would probably still like them now if I “allowed” myself to eat them.

  311. Well, afrocity, let’s face it, no politicians can be trusted. 🙂 That is what I learned over this election cycle.

    So what do you guys think Caroline Kennedy’s chances are? Little kids I asked don’t find her inspiring, so I guess their parents can’t vote for her…

    Wow, thanks SOD I didn’t even know there WERE massage schools. I’ll check it out.

  312. You don’t eat nuts, Angie? I LOVE nuts. Eat em all the time. YUM YUM.

  313. myiq — depends on what you are offering.

  314. When I was in jr high our class had to go into the hallway and sit against the wall. The only problem was there was a large trophy case that took up most of the wall and if the bomb did not kill us the flying glass would.
    i think they hated kids.



  315. He offering you some nuts Angie. 😉

  316. Afrocity, I like the poem, is it yours?

  317. Seriously…check the yellow pages.

  318. I dont have a name:

    Do you like big salty nuts? Ha ha ha

  319. IDHAN — oh no, I eat nuts — I love them all — almonds, cashews, pistachios. I don’t eat the Nutter Butter cookies (they are peanut butter cookies in the “shape” of a peanut & are chock full of sugar). I loved them as a kid, but the older I got I realized that my body wasn’t processing the sugar the same way it used to when I was younger. I remember being 18 & able to eat a steady diet of chocolate shakes & french fries — if I tried that now they’d have to wheel my around!

  320. Helen…I was up against the wall quite often in school.

  321. okay. sorry for the confusion.

  322. John that is a song by Living Color. What part of the 90’s were you in a coma?

  323. Angie — don’t you love how myiq2xu slips a provocative comment “under the door” and then runs off?

  324. afrocity — chocolate salty nuts too!

    Speaking of which, have you all tried the salted caramel hot chocolate Starbucks is selling? OMG — they were giving away free samples & I tried it to be “polite” thinking it would taste horrible — it is heavenly! It tastes like you are drinking a chocolate covered almond. I’m addicted — I have to actually make myself NOT stop at the Starbucks on my way home to get one — some days I loose that battle.

  325. I don’t…

    I was kidding.

  326. huh?

  327. angie,

    I am actually allergic to nuts. All tree nuts.

  328. SOD — yeah, ’cause I make him blush. LOL

    He did post another song dedicated to me though — last night it was “You’re the One that I want” & “Montrose” tonight it is “Summer Loving” — please note that he posted it & didn’t alert everyone to the new “thread” — he’s a sly one, Mr. Myiq!

  329. “I Don’t Have A Name, on December 16th, 2008 at 12:02 am ”
    How about calling yourself…”Innominate”..Latin for “having no name”

  330. John is caught in the 60’s. He sees my avatar and he starts hearing “Black Magic Woman” playing in his head 🙂

  331. afrocity — you poor, poor dear — I don’t think the salted caramel hot chocolate has any nuts though — so you can enjoy the flavor of a chocolate covered almond without the “nut” part.

    I do like how you qualified it as “tree nuts” though! LOL I’m sure your hubby is glad for that!

  332. johninca is still licking acid-laced stamps mourning JFK’s death. 😉 — someone smack him upside the back of the head and tell him it’s the 21st century!!

    Why my dear SOD– what a deplorable lack of respect for a colleague and fellow writer on the Confluence!


  333. John:

    Expand your mind

  334. John,

    SOD “owned” you.

  335. afrocity — oh you are bad! LMAO

    SOD — you got in trouble at school for attitude? NO! I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  336. angie, that salted caramel stuff is fantastic! They put peppermint whipped cream on it today and that was salted as well, mmmm…

    afrocity, tree nut allergies are as serious as ground nut allergies?

  337. SHV, close.

    latin for no name is innominatus, although technically you’re correct if you want the vocative, which is used for direct address.

    Thanks for the kind words last night, btw.

  338. angie…more than attitude my friend.

    And then I met my future hubby and straightened out at 15.

  339. All I know is that I can’t have peanuts, pistachios, Brazil Nuts, macadamia nuts etc. For some reason some give me worse reactions than others. Almonds get to me but not like walnuts.

  340. SOD — I don’t think anything you did was ever “too bad” BUT I don’t believe you’ve been a good girl since. LOL

    I love that song Cult of Personality — always have — but thank god the 80s love of neon spandex is over.

    btw — how fucking apt is that song for today & Obama?

  341. Hey lets have a PUMA calendar!!! I want to be February or July.

  342. Angie, the Chicago radio stations have been playing the hell out of that song lately. I wonder if that is why.

  343. alright –I have to go to bed. I’ve been fighting pneumonia and I’m supposed to get some rest.

  344. Seriously — it really is! they should make that salted caramel hot chocolate illegal — if only to save the size of my a$$!! LOL

  345. I really like those cult of personality lyrics.

    I thought living color was like a TV from the sixties though. That’s what all the shows used to say, it’s in living color.

  346. take care SOD! Night.

    I have to turn into. Good night Seriously, afrocity, johninica, helenk & everyone else who is still here!!

    myiq — bon soir mon amour!

  347. afrocity — I call April for the PUMA calendar — the best month, because that is when I was born.

    Ok — good night for real!

  348. Arrggghh, I was buying toys to donate earlier, and now my recommendations are full of Obama stuff because I bought an african American Barbie for President doll. Anyone know how I can stop the recommendations?

  349. okay, i need to feed my cats. goodnight all.

    i live you johninca.

  350. Hasta los huevos!

  351. seriously,

    just buy a Kristy KKK doll. I am sure that will stop them 🙂

  352. I call November!

  353. Good night everyone. I’m off to watch “Inside Man” on USA. Jodie Foster is so cute.

  354. SOD
    that is why Rebel Rouser is one of my favorite songs.
    I swore when I turned 18 years old nobody would ever tell me what to do again.
    I still do not take orders well. Someone can ask me to do something but do not ever tell me or order me to do it.
    Like I said upstairs I believe we are all rebels here and do not fall for the bs that is being broadcast now.



  355. For late night fun..”Build a Squid”


  356. afrocity–I’m going to buy the new member of the Barbie line, random boy doll that Democratic establishment annoints to protect the world from barbie’s girl cooties. Ken was considered but rejected because he doesn’t have the correct equiptment.

  357. Sarah on Greta being interviewed about the church.

  358. awww I got here just after everyone left

  359. How did I get to this fantastic thread so late? The entry and comments – all gems!
    Self-investigations – W did it after Plamegate – and …fired the responsible parties…Umm, maybe not, but all went well, right? It’s how things will go from now on.
    The Kennedys: Carolyn didn’t have to personally announce her intentions – she had people to do it. How low do you people expect her to go? Audition err – interview for the job?

  360. […] some B0bots smell the Blagobamarama (68%) Jump to Comments He might have found himself innocent and the media sure trumpets up that he was not named in the complaint, but 45% Americans know a bit […]

  361. […] He might have found himself innocent and the media sure trumpets up that he was not named in the complaint, but 45% Americans know a bit about endemic corruption. remarkable, considering the coverage – or lack of it Forty five percent (45%) of U.S. voters say it is likely President-elect Obama or one of his top campaign aides was involved in the unfolding Blagojevich scandal in Illinois, including 23% who say it is Very Likely. […]

  362. “I can’t believe anyone and I mean anyone is letting Obama get away with this “internal investigation” crap”

    This is EXACTLY what Dubya did in response to the Plame investigation. “We have conducted a thorough investigation into ourselves and found ourselves blameless! Now go away.”

    Remember the frothing and moaning that accompanied those classic Dubya moments? Now, not so much.

  363. I think if you look into Putin’s eyes – you’ll see Obama.

    Putin may have his flaws but he is nothing like Obama. Obama is weak which Putin isn’t. Just push him enough times and he finally gives in. That’s what Obama has always done.

    Putin also cares about his country. Russians benefited from the high oil prices, what did Obama do for his state? Putin is a nationalist while Obama is just for Obama.

  364. Caroline Kennedy was part of the rabid bunch of New Yorkers that keep stating during the primary that we cannot have a Clinton dynasty. What a hypocrite! There are SO many more qualified New York democratic politicians who would make great Senators and have earned it.

  365. Mountainaires said: “Okay, OT, but nobody seems to really mind much that Caroline Kennedy thinks she deserves a LEGACY APPOINTMENT TO THE SENATE SEAT CLINTON VACATED.”
    Well, on NPR yesterday I heard (verbatim) that Caroline shoud get the senate seat “because she’s pretty”.

  366. I always come to these things too late and end up talking to myself…sorry if I’m a bore!

    So: team obama has investigated itself and has found that there is nothing wrong.
    This reminds me of another story in the news today: Siemens was busted because its executives were carrying around cases of cash to use in bribery for contracts. Their punishment? a million bucks (drop in the bucket — a blip on the computer screen).

    Oh yeah and — get this — Siemens will PAY FOR an “independent investigator” to watch the Siemens’ financial transactions for the next four years.

    Am I the only one who finds it completely whack for a corporation that was busted for bribery to “employ” its own oversight cop? I guess so. Because MSM doesn’t seem to find it whack that Barky’s team has cleared itself of any wrongdoing, either.

  367. Have the Kennedys really experienced so much tragedy? Or is it only that they are obscenely wealthy, and have assumed in the Amerikan landscape the status of demi-gods and so the bad things that happen to them only **seem** worse than the bad things that happen in our own lives, and to the family next door?

    I mean, there’s no one in my immediate circle who was assassinated in an open limo while in a motorcade, but then, there’s no one in my immediate circle who’s ever PARTICIPATED in a motorcade while riding in an open limo, either.
    Is it really more tragic for a young man and his wife to die while flying a private plane into Martha’s Vinyard than it is for a young man and his wife to die because they got hit by a drunk driver on the freeway?

    I was 8yrs old when JFK was assassinated, and in some of my nostalgic, romantic moments, I too believe that the world, the country, was different after that day.
    But then I don’t know if the nostalgia is really about that, or if it’s because I’m no longer a child.

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