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The Chipmunks Christmas

I think this was the first album I ever owned.

27 Responses

  1. This is the “good stuff” RD missed out on.

  2. Now we know why your taste in music is so delightfully eclectic , what a toe tapper 🙂

    heee heee I love them too dammit !!! those high pitched harmonies .. the swaying ……… the yelling and screaming

    wait a minute ….

    … you cannot hate christmas and love alvin and the chipminks , it simply isnt possible , your internal conflict would be unbearable and you would be forced to drink lots and lots of egg nog just to get thru the season … heee heee

  3. Whew, when I saw the subject line and author, I figured The Chipmunks were next in line for Xmas snark.

    Thankfully, you liked them, you really liked them.

    Me, too, LOL. 😆

  4. Sucks to be you myiq — The first album I ever owned was The Violent Femmes.

    re: Caroline Kennedy — can some please tell me if this woman has ever worked a day in her life? I know we are getting a president who never has either, but at least he has had “nominal” jobs. That the same people who attacked a woman who didn’t go to the “right” schools and who didn’t have any political connections but was, despite those facts, elected to a governorship as “unqualified” for VP are now supporting Caroline Kennedy for Senate would be laughable if it wasn’t so downright disgusting.

  5. “The first album I ever owned was The Violent Femmes. “

    Why am I not surprised?

  6. The first album I owned was Earth, Wind and Fire.

  7. I’m watching “Talledega Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby”

    I didn’t know it had a Puma as a co-star.

  8. The first album I ever bought was “Frampton Comes Alive”

  9. myiq — I don’t know — why aren’t you surprised? LOL

    Actually, though, I’m going to correct that — the first album I owned by myself was the Violent Femmes — my mom bought my brother & me the soundtrack to Grease after we saw the movie — it was several years prior to my buying the Violent Femmes album for myself & I don’t know if I should count that one or not since it was for both of us. Because my brother & I were so young (and my mom being ESL) we didn’t realize how “dirty” the Grease lyrics were. My mom still has no idea. As to the Violent Femmes it took my mom a long time, but one day, as I was listening to Add It Up one day (“Why can’t I get just one fuck”) she turned to me in shock and said: “What kind of song is this that you are listening to?”

  10. “we didn’t realize how “dirty” the Grease lyrics were.”

    I doubt that, you naughty girl!

  11. Angie,

    Valerie Jarrett had no business being on BO’s list of candidates. In fact I wonder why BO was handing out a list at all. It was really none of his business.

  12. myiq — LOL — maybe subconsciously you are right, but I swear to God I thought it was “the chicks will scream” not “the chicks will cream” and that “we’ll be driving on the rocks” not “we’ll be getting off our rocks”

    afrocity — in Obamalot what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander — or, as my mom would say “what is good for the goose is NOT good for the duck” (my mom has a problem with English adages).

  13. Angie:

    “You’re rock candy baby – hot, sweet and sticky”

  14. Montrose:

  15. myiq2xu, on December 14th, 2008 at 9:40 pm Said:


    “You’re rock candy baby – hot, sweet and sticky”

    Oooh, I like that — I think I’ll put that on my cards! LOL

  16. Nijma,

    The difference is who gets the money. Blag wanted to put it secretly into his own pocket. The money the Kennedys would bring would go openly to presumably worthy NY causes, not to Paterson himself. Of course indirectly Paterson might benefit.

    In either case it’s an unhealthy situation, too inbred and dynastic for me. (Tho to be fair, some did make this a point for Hillary in 2000, that her connections would be helpful in getting good stuff for NY.)

  17. Nijma: This was not about “discussing the Senate seat.” Blago was openly extorting cash in exchange for the seat. He wanted cash, or a paid position in a union or non-profit, and something for his wife too. The Senate seat belongs to the people, not the Governor to sell for his own personal profit.

  18. Nijma — conspiracy to solicit a bribe is a crime. Asking people to raise give you $ to appoint them/their “guy” to the Senate is solicitation of a bribe. NO MONEY NEEDS TO CHANGE HANDS for “conspiracy to solicit a bribe” to be provable in the same way that murder doesn’t have to happen for a person to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. I don’t know another way to say it.
    Paterson talking to Ted Kennedy about possibly appointing Caroline is not soliciting a bribe. (Although I do believe that in those discussions Kennedy was making veiled threats to Paterson re: how much attention — or not — NY was going to get from the Senate depending on his appointment. However, that would be extortion by Kennedy, not solicitation of a bribe by Paterson. Further, Kennedy has way more finesse than Blago so proving that against him neigh impossible).

  19. In either case it’s an unhealthy situation, too inbred and dynastic for me. (Tho to be fair, some did make this a point for Hillary in 2000, that her connections would be helpful in getting good stuff for NY.)

    No no no no no. Hillary Clinton worked her a*s off to be elected. I am in NY, and she went to every single county at least once. She got elected BY THE PEOPLE. She was not handed the seat because of her last name. Since then, she has worked just as hard, and won reelection by 67% because New Yorkers recognize it. Besides that, HRC had 3 decades of detailed public service work behind her, including the fields of education, health care, veterans’ affairs, human & civil rights, and economic development. That’s not even including her years traveling the globe as First Lady. These are all directly tied to Senate responsibilities. Caroline Kennedy has done volunteer work in the field of education on a part-time basis, & served on Boards. Even the people she worked with said she was “thoughtful and interested” but hardly a full-time team member. This appointment is an insult to voters–a gift to Ted Kennedy and his brothers. Our state is not a token for their legacy fulfillment. We need a passionate and assertive public servant. It should go to someone who has already been elected by the people, and has shown an ability to get results for the state.

  20. angie: if you haven’t visited the new thread, myiq has a present for you waiting…

  21. atrocity,

    The voters of NY chose Hillary twice. Imo it’s totally appropriate — the only democratic thing — for her successor to be someone Hillary chooses to carry on her work for the rest of her term. Isn’t that what is happening with Biden — his replacement being a staff aide he requested?

    If Ted Kennedy can’t finish his current term, imo someone close to him would be an appropriate choice.

    Same with Obama. The problem is the Ilinois governor wanting BRIBES. (And Obama presumably offering bribes.)

    I hope the bribery scandal does not keep Hillary and Biden from getting legitimate input on her own successors.

  22. I think this whole practice of one person choosing replacements for open seats is inappropriate. It should be a mixed panel of party officials to avoid these special favors. The emphasis should be on what is best for the state, not who gets a plumb position based on nepotism, money or influence.

  23. First allbum bought was Deja Vu by CSN and Y.

    Played over and over and over.

    Christmas reminiscing, my mother bought me The White Album because the record store person told her that the kids (I was 9 or 10) loved it.

    Best Christmas present ever for a pre pre teen. Oh, and she also bought me “Hair”. Again, as steered by the record salesperson. (she didn’t mind it when I played it on the family stereo.)

    She was a classical pianist with great admiration for music.

    My mother is some kind of all right. 🙂

  24. fif,

    I agree with everything you’re saying about Hillary vs Caroline Kennedy. What I said was that SOME people in 2000 had made a point that Hillary’s connections would be beneficial to NY. (Iirc that may have been included in some major newspaper’s endorsement of her in 2000.)

  25. fif — thanks for the heads up!

  26. Imo it’s inbred and dynastic that the Kennedy’s not only want Ted’s own seat to go to his choice (reasonable imo) but also want Hillary’s seat to go to Caroline Kennedy strictly on grounds of family influence. This is spreading, increasing the Kennedy dynasty power, bypassing the voters. (Also the Kennedy Maria having some power in CA, and TK recruiiting Obama as an adopted Kennedy, etc.)

  27. fsteel,

    I don’t really care who is doing it. Obama was our senator for 141 days. He does not care or have a clue about what is good for the people of Illinois.Valerie Jarrett is a slum lord along with Rezko. She has ZERO political experience.

    Good we will have a special election. Illinois has had an absentee senator for 2 years now. BO does not deserve to have a say in who gets it.

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