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K.C. & The Sunshine Band

Disco is why those of us old enough to remember the Seventies don’t want to.

13 Responses

  1. Flapping my arms I began to cluck
    Look at me..
    I’m the disco duck

  2. oh i dont know they had some ok tunes back then

  3. Dr. Seuss would have admired KC’s parsimony — there’s only about seven words in that song plus the gutterals of course.

  4. Eric Carmen and Boz Skaggs were OK. But some of the other stuff was bad. It was music for the young and drunk such as myself back then.

  5. here’s my contribution to the string of holidays: Halcyon Days

  6. I used to disco Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, for five years, until the music got awful!!!

  7. I was mostly drunk during the seventies, and when I was sober I was playing bluegrass. I missed out on the entire disco craze.

  8. Boy, what a grouch–no xmas music, no disco, now entire decades are pronounced unworthy.

  9. Bah humbug!

  10. I wonder – Are you aware that K.C. is a Republican?

    BTW, he lives (or did live) in central North Carolina. One night he came into a local gay bar with an entrourage of men that were all young enough to be his children. One of them started a friendly chat with me while waiting for his drink. We started discussing the presidential primary race in the runup to the 2004 elections. The young man was very much a Democrat (as was his friend standing next to him who had joined in our political conversation) and I made a remark about K.C. raising money for the Republicans and K.C.’s appearance (and supportive speech) at a fund raiser that had just been shown on C-Span.

    The boys were shocked and went over to K.C. to discuss the allegations. K.C. then rushed over to me and started screaming at me that I needed to shutup or whatever. His only defense was that he had not agreed for the event to be shown on C-Span. K.C. then yelled at me that he would cause me to be banned from the bar. The entourage just stood around with their mouths hanging open. I left.

    In short – K.C. is a total ass.

  11. I love disco music, especially the stuff with horns — it has a lot more depth than most of the crap that passes for music now. For me, it raises the energy level and inspires creativity.

  12. Janet, you’re right. When I see people trying to dance to rock music it just looks ludicrous. Nothing gets you moving the way that disco beat does (or some of the good current dance music). I adored disco, and still do. Yes there was much dreck, but that is true of any era in music, or any style of music. And KC may have been a “total ass,” but the Sunshine Band had a sound unlike anyone else’s, a kick-ass combination of funk, disco, and R&B that nobody else was doing. Yeah, it was dance music and nothing more but so what?

  13. I’m trying to catch up, too. Had to put in my two cents here: I loved Disco and am not ashamed to say so! LOL Truly. Uh, yeah, Hip Hop – much better. Rap even better. Not! (We lost the melody somewhere along the line.)

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