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I’ve had this song on my mind all day.

Don’t ask me why. From Music Man, for Angie and Myiq2xu and any other young lovers reading this.

Here’s another version.

36 Responses

  1. I love this song.

  2. thanks bb — for the song & for thinking myiq & I are young — and that we are lovers (that part is only in my mind — so far!)

  3. You’re young from my point of view. I grew up listening to old musicals. Here’s another song I love.

  4. I have a feeling MyIQ is out hunting for another song…

  5. This version is amazing.

    Mario Lanza. If I loved you.

  6. I love this one from South Pacific.

  7. bb – I remember the first Beatles album. They looked the way they do in the pic above and our teacher denounced them for their long hair. lol. Said they were too ‘feminine’.

  8. trying to keep up with all the new threads…this reposted from several threads ago:
    That makes the most sense of anything I’ve heard yet. I thought the money was for Blago’s reelection coffers. When Gaddi Vasques decided not to run again after that Orange county bankruptcy thing there was several hundred thousand that went into Dubya’s reelection fund. Vasques got Peace Corps director. I suppose at some point someone went to him and said are you interested in this position. Merely rewarding the faithful though …not a quid pro quo, of course…

  9. Fran,

    In my high school the boys started growing their hair long after the Beatles hit. They would get sent home for it. That was probably 1964.

  10. Nijma,

    Give it up. The rest of us understand the crimes Blago committed. You don’t. Move on.

  11. Love the song, too, and have sung it with friends (who were Beatlemaniacs when young, Beatlephiles now). The guitar chords are really cool! (Especially Cmaj6 I believe at the end). Coincidentally, The Beatles performed this song, among others, for the Queen’s Concert (Royal Albert Hall) about this time 45 years ago, or before invading the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

    Saw the Beatles tribute band, “Rain” play this several weeks ago – wonderful job, too. We sang along with the song.

    Shirley Jones does a lovely version, too.

  12. Is that so. You’re starting to sound like a broken record, and as an administrator of this site, I’m asking you politely to talk about something else. Please.

  13. (brushing some dust off my hands)

  14. katiebird, goddess of weather, how’s your mother?

  15. Thanks, KB.

  16. Iraquis threw shoes at George W. Bush during his surprise visit to Bagdad.


    Maybe you all know about it already? Video is hilarious.

  17. BB, they were WMD’s (weapons of moccasin destruction).

  18. Ok gang — my shopping is almost entirely done (just one “impossible to buy for” person left), my tree is up, presents are wrapped, boxes packed for those that have to be mailed & my Christmas cards are written. I will stop buy the post office tomorrow! Woo Hoo!! I love Christmas.

    But, otoh, I am done in for the night!

    Good night all — be good!

    myiq — bon soir mon amour! 😉

  19. I just wanted to say there’s a new thread in honor of a new Poet at the Confluence. (Move over, John?)

  20. Hi Prolix, she’s having a rough time. She’s had a fever since going in the hospital and so they’ve kept her in. Also they can’t do the ultasound to break up the stone until she gets over whatever is causing the fever. I’ve got to be at the hospital before 7am tomorrow to be there when doctors stop by her room.

    She’s recovered from some deadly events but, she’s 84 now and very frail compared to where she was during those illnesses. So, I’m really worried.

  21. btw — that should have been “stop by the post office” not “buy” — goes that was a Freudian slip since I’ve been “buying” all weekend! LOL

    Be good — Santa Claus is coming to town.

    Night all!!

  22. katiebird,

    So sorry she’s having a bad time of it. I hope they are controlling the pain sufficiently. Indeterminate fever is always a bear to track down.

    She and you are in my thoughts.

  23. Don’t know what I said, but Spammy didn’t want me wishing Katiebird’s mom and well. I don’t like Spammy — he’s making me comb my hair like Blogo.

  24. Katiebird,

    I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope your mom didn’t catch something in the hospital. A hospital is nowhere to be when you’re not feeling well. I sure hope your mom will feel better in the morning. I’ll keep her in my thoughts tonight.

  25. Night, Angie!

  26. Whew, Spammy wanted me to wear a capybara pelt on my head to look more Blogo-like.

  27. Thank you very much Prolix & BostonBoomer. Mom’s a tough cookie and doesn’t admit to pain but, I think they’ve caught on to her because they are giving her something.

    BB, It’s going to be hard to know where she picked it up. They put in a stint on Friday and it could have been from that but it’s a huge stone and has obviously been in her kidney for a long time. And that could have any effect.

    I really appreciate all the good thoughts. It helps.

  28. Speaking from personal experience, being a caretaker is difficult to put it mildly. I don’t know about your experience Katiebird, but I’m still seen as a 7 year old and just about anything I suggest is met with the same type of admonition one would level at a 7 year old.

  29. One thing I learned as a caregiver for a long time is that when someone is in the hospital you sometimes have to raise hell to make sure they get the attention they need. You have to make yourself visible and show them you aren’t going to put up with your loved one being ignored. I’m sure you’re doing a good job of that, Katiebird.

  30. Prolix, I guess I’m lucky that my parents don’t treat me like that. Of course, they didn’t treat me like a 7 year old even when I was 7 years old.

    BostonBoomer, That visibility lesson is really important. Which is why I’m planning to drag myself to the hospital so early tomorrow. (6am…. yuck)

  31. BB, I agree wholeheartedly. Had I not pushed recently and I mean really pushed, my Mother would have probably suffered a catastrophic event. I believe that every hospital bed should have a bumper sticker, “Question authority.”

  32. Prolix, I’m going to tell my Dad that you said that. We really believe that attitude has saved my mother’s life several times. But the sick person can’t do it. It has to be someone who’s well.

  33. Good night everyone. I’ve got to get to sleep.

    {{Boston Boomer}} {{Prolix}}

  34. Night katiebird — hope tomorrow is a better day.

  35. Good night, Katiebird. Best wishes tomorrow.

  36. I played Marian the Librarian in our high school production of The Music Man. This song always brings back those very happy memories.

    Katiebird – hugs and good thoughts to you and your mom!

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