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Worst Christmas Song Ever

AKA:  Why I hate Christmas reason # 167

53 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, this is an open thread

  2. That video is cute. Do we really want to have a competition for the worst Christmas song, ever? LOL, No, no, no…..

  3. Just as long as I don’t have to open “grandma got run over by a reindeer” again. Ick.

    On a musical note, thought, angie reminded us of a song from the past the other day: “Lime in the coconut”. She had a youtube of a good version of it. Now that it has been in my head for a few days, I realize I like it again.

  4. Oh so you hate dogs too, ya miserable bastard! 😉

  5. Let’s hope it wasn’t a Democrat:


  6. since this is an open thread
    check this out very interesting and a lesson on how small things can grow into great things




  7. Dogs drool, cats rule!

  8. Dogs drool, cats rule!


  9. well, at least it’s not country western music

  10. I’m planning on opening a live blogging thread for this on Greta:

    FOX News Investigation
    Greta hosts an inside look at the Gov. Blagojevich scandal Saturday at 9 pm ET!

    if any one is interested…

  11. “well, at least it’s not country western music”

    Since you asked:


  12. Well this is not the worst, but probably only a bunch of yats or ex-yats will enjoy this one.

  13. actually, my, I like blue grass and the early roots stuff … it’s the pop cw I can’t stand.

  14. did you go and post benny Fredster? lol

  15. Ahh, the spirit of Christmas through barking dogs. Coming to a mall near you soon.

  16. Dakinikat,

    Do you play? I used to play bluegrass mandolin.

  17. yeah I did kat! Started to put Santa used to live right here also but didn’t want to go for overkill!

    Also, I bought the CD he did with “not dere no more”.

  18. bb: yup, i play banjo, guitar and mandolin as well as violin

  19. fredster: that’s depressing any more, so many of those things don’t exist any more …it’s so SAD

  20. Wow! I’m impressed.

  21. Kat: the first version he did of not dere no more was mainly about the dept. stores/hotels, then K&B and other things. After K, he did an updated version with all the stuff gone from since Katrina. I don’t like that version.

  22. Do you have a good mandolin? I have two prewar Gibsons for sale–and F4 and A4.

  23. Kat: can’t wait for angie to get here and hopefully check out the vid of Benny and the bunch! I’m sure she’ll crack up.

  24. bb: I started playing piano at 3, my mom was a concert pianist … i also play flute and some other things too …

    bb: once I get the youngest outta school I’d love to have a better one …

  25. i just bought a dulcimer … that’s my latest thing to figure out

  26. hammered dulcimer

  27. I absolutely adore bluegrass and folk , banjo and mandolin , tub base, sweet harmonies etc etc have you all heard the Be Good Tanyas ??

  28. kat: do you remember Seafood City and Al can’t-spell-his-last-name?

  29. swan, that’s so beautiful … and it’s filmed all over new orleans!

    thank you so much!

  30. I like a wide variety of music – even some opera (The Anvil Chorus is teh awesome)

    But in every genre there is some I hate.

  31. have you all heard the Be Good Tanyas ??
    They are great !!! They were featured on an NPR show about this time last year.

  32. myiq2xu, on December 13th, 2008 at 6:59 pm Said:
    I like a wide variety of music – even some opera (The Anvil Chorus is teh awesome)

    But in every genre there is some I hate.

    That is my problem ; I love almost all music , no matter what genre , as long as its GOOD 🙂

  33. Swannie:

    Growing up I listened to Jazz, Big Band, Bluegrass C&W, Rock&Roll, R&B, and Gospel.

  34. Oh yeah, my sister was in a marching band so I listened to J.P. Sousa too.

  35. If any of you all have any music you have made , I would love to play it ,if you think it is radio ready ; just go to the website , the link is on my name ,

    and click on the button for bands and give us permission and tell us where to get the music 🙂

    A dulcimer is incredible , and another group you might like The Angels of Venice


  36. Fredster: yes! I do … gotta pull out my copy of Quintron and Miss PussyCat’s Nutria Christmas !!!

  37. I just love North Pole Nutria!

  38. I love everything you mentioned , and add reggae and Celtic , Native American , Sitar music, Classical Chinese Erhu , to some heavy metal .. the list goes on ……………………..

    I have even played a song titled “Spring in the Tibetan Grasslands ” 🙂 so you see my dilemma

    not to mention that spammy got my previous post waaah

  39. yes, folk musics are really wonderful …

  40. Tommorrow morning I’ll post some Bond

  41. (not 007)

  42. And maybe some Ferlin Husky or Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs for Dakinkat

  43. OT -but who would want to send Rahm death threats?

  44. any one who doesn’t want him to bring down the ONE?

  45. Dakinkat:

    You should sticky your live-blog post to the front page so it stays on top

  46. my, don’t know how to do that …

  47. can’t seem to get it done

  48. I dunnit fer ya

  49. ty sweetie … it wouldn’t take when I tried …

  50. My Tv is on a different floor than my PC so I cannot live blog but I will be watching, maybe Santa will bring a laptop for Winter Solstice
    I do believe I do …

  51. I don’t get FOX News so I can’t watch

  52. Fredster — OMG! thanks for making me homesick with the 12 Yats of Christmas — I confess I used to look down my nose at Yats, but now I miss their annoying accents & sweet souls — pre-Katrina, I complained so much about NOLA — the political corruption, the terrible public school system, etc. — but I am eating my words now — the good so out weighed the bad & I didn’t appreciate it enough at the time & I miss it so damn much.

    btw — my favorite part of the video (besides the cameo of Mr. Bingle) is the “before ya drive me nutz!” LOL

  53. got back late; sorry Angie sweetie. I know, I know ’bout da yats!
    I used to cringe hearing the accents but Gawd how I miss them, plus just about everything else from down there. I mean, who the hell knows about oyster patties up here in Alabama! (sigh) Maybe not much longer. My friend who’s driving the uhaul has a couple of weekends of overtime coming up and then Christmas at wife’s family in TN. Maybe oh maybe it’ll be right after New Years. I’d drive the uhaul down myself and get some help unloading and then come back to get the momster but it would be overnight and I won’t even have a bed set up for her.

    the good so out weighed the bad & I didn’t appreciate it enough at the time & I miss it so damn much.

    Hey we’ll have to have drink and a phone conversation and cry together! 😉

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