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Blago Blogging

A bunch of total strangers

A bunch of total strangers

Obamnesia:  When you forget you ever knew old friends, associates and spiritual mentors the instant they become embarrassing or inconvenient due to arrest or scandal.

If the Intertoobs look all spiffy and shiny the last few days it’s because Obamanation has been busily scrubbing traces of any connection between Obama and Blago, including news reports and even photographs.  That’s not exactly the behavior of someone with nothing to hide.  In criminal law the concealment and/or destruction of evidence is called “consciousness of guilt.”

Digby refers to BlagObamagate as a “trumped up scandal.”  I guess she thinks Patrick Fitzgerald just made it all up.  The complaint filed by Fitz mentions some pretty incriminating stuff, and I kinda doubt he’s lying.  Even if the evidence was illegally obtained and Blago got it all excluded from court it wouldn’t make him innocent or the charges bogus.

Is it just me or are the sippy-kup kidz from the kool-aid kingdom a little off their game since Tuesday?  Could it be a crisis of confidence?  Within hours of the governor’s arrest they rushed out to proclaim that “Obama said he had no contact with Blago since the election and Fitz exonerated him.”  First came a steady drip, drip, drip of contradictory information, including a video of Axelrod, news articles and photographs.  Then came stories linking Rahmbo and JJJ to the scandal.

Maybe they’re just lost because they can’t blame this on Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin.  They handled le affaire Favreau in classic Obamanation style, stonewalling while surrogates blamed Hillary, hoping to ride out the news cycles.  But that story was the kind single-event that could be stonewalled, especially with the frat-boy perp hidden from sight. 

The television and print media are fools for scandal but they need new developments to keep their interest,  and other than some stupid and offensive comments by Obama surrogates Gropegate didn’t have any.  But this latest Obamadrama has all the juicy elements of a good scandal except illicit sex.

Patrick Fitzgerald isn’t a partisan hack like Ken Starr and just a year ago he was the hero of Left Blogistan for successfully prosecuting Scooter Libby.  Blago makes a great villain with his big ego and hair helmet, and the corruption is easy to understand.  Rahmbo’s “no comment” stonewalling and JJJ’s cry and deny are great theater.  And with a criminal case pending the story won’t go away anytime soon.

The guy who isn’t getting much attention  is John Harris, Blago’s co-defendant.  From the news yesterday:

John Harris resigned this morning as Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s chief of staff, his lawyer said.

Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

I don’t want to read between the lines but it would be irresponsible not to speculate on whether Harris made a deal with Fitz.  Harris knows where the bodies are buried and who buried them, and he’s the kind of little fish you let escape so you can catch the big fish.  If I was gonna roll over on my boss to stay out of jail I wouldn’t want to look him in the eye every day either.

The holidays are starting to look pretty good.  As Mawm said “All I got last Fitzmas was a Scooter.”  Maybe this year we’ll get a pony after all.


52 Responses

  1. myiq you need to write your own dictionary. Because your Obama words are so perfect.

    Obamadrama? perfect

    But even better, Obamnesia. I think that is the most accurate term I’ve read or heard for the poor little Obots. Do ya think it’s caused by toxic levels of kool aid in the system?

    And also have to wholeheartedly agree that not being able to blame something on the “wimmenfolk” is throwing the misogynists off their game.

  2. All I have to say is youriq2xme

  3. OT

    I belong to an organisation called Support Women Artists Now or S.W.A.N.
    ( how could I NOT join ??)
    and i just got this email from them

    Tell the Golden Globe Awards Committee
    To Recognize Women Directors!

    Dear Swan,

    The Golden Globe Award nominations have been announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and once again, no women have been nominated in the category of “Best Director.”

    This year the omission is worse than usual. Danny Boyle was nominated for an award as “Best Director” of “Slumdog Millionaire”, but his female co-director, Loveleen Tandan, was not mentioned in the awards list. “Slumdog Millionaire” has been nominated for “Best Picture, Drama”, “Best Screenplay”, and “Best Score”, in addition to “Best Director”.

    Chicago film critic Jan Lisa Huttner interviewed Danny Boyle as part of her review of “Slumdog Millionaire” for The Fund for Women Artists at: http://www.womenarts.org/reviews/SlumdogMillionaire.htm. Huttner specifically asked Boyle if Tandan was his co-director, and he said, “Yes, she deserves it! She’s a proper director.” (See http://www.womenarts.org/reviews/SlumdogMillionaire.htm#co_director )

    In the 65 year history of the Golden Globe Awards, Barbra Streisand is the only woman to ever win in the Best Director category (for “Yentl” in 1983), and only two other women have ever been nominated – Jane Campion for “The Piano” in 1993, and Sofia Coppola for “Lost in Translation” in 2003. The people nominated for Golden Globe Awards are often nominated for Oscars as well. Only three women have ever been nominated for Oscars in the “Best Director” category and no women have ever won.

    We think it is time to give women directors credit where credit is due. We are asking you to please send the letter below to Ms. Chantal Dinnage, the Managing Director of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to let them know that we think Loveleen Tandan should be recognized for her work on “Slumdog Millionaire.”

    You can cut and paste the letter below and send it to Ms. Dinnage at: info@hfpa.org Please remember to sign the letter before you send it!!

    You can send a snail mail to:
    Ms. Chantal Dinnage
    Managing Director
    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association
    646 N. Robertson Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

    You can also send a copy to Michael Russell, who has been the publicist for the Golden Globes for the past eleven years: MRussell@MichaelRussellGroup.com
    Michael Russell, Publicist
    The Michael Russell Group
    1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 509
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    Thanks for your help with this. Please feel free to forward this message or include it in your blogs, Facebook pages, MySpace pages or elsewhere online. The people who make these nominations need to hear from us.

    Martha Richards, Executive Director
    The Fund for Women Arists

    Jan Lisa Huttner, The Hot Pink Pen
    The Fund for Women Artists


    Dear Ms. Dinnage,

    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has nominated Danny Boyle for a Golden Globe award as “Best Director” for his work on “Slumdog Millionaire.” Why has the HFPA ignored Boyle’s co-director, Loveleen Tandan? Since he acknowledges that she was his co-director, shouldn’t she be a co-nominee for the “Best Director” award?

    Boyle was recently interviewed by Chicago film critic Jan Lisa Huttner. She asked him if Loveleen Tandan was his co-director. He replied, “Yes, she deserves it! She’s a proper director.” (See http://www.womenarts.org/reviews/SlumdogMillionaire.htm#co_director ) Also, according to the Internet Movie Database, Danny Boyle is the director and Loveleen Tandan is the “co-director” of “Slumdog Millionaire.” (See http://us.imdb.com/title/tt1010048)

    In the 65 year history of the Golden Globe Awards, Barbra Streisand is the only woman to ever win in the “Best Director” category (for “Yentl” in 1983), and only two other women have ever been nominated – Jane Campion for “The Piano” in 1993, and Sofia Coppola for “Lost in Translation” in 2003.

    It’s time to give women directors credit where credit is due. Please include Loveleen Tandan as a co-nominee in the “Best Director” category for her work on the film “Slumdog Millionaire.”

    Thank you.


    The Fund for Women Artists
    3739 Balboa Street #181
    San Francisco, CA 94121
    Phone: (415) 751-2202
    Website: http://www.womenarts.org
    Email: info@womenarts.org


  4. MyIq, this is one kick ass post — very nicely done. There’s no better way to start the day than a little vitamin c(ynicism).

  5. You can only imagine how furiously the gov. worked to put our little man in the White House….and this is the thanks he gets. That’s why he used choice words on obama…barfy didn’t live up to his end of the bargain.

  6. Betty:

    An honest politician stays bought.

  7. myiq2xu,

    Obamnesia is one to remember! It’s perfect. John Harris’ behavior is very interesting. Maybe he made a deal with Fitzgerald even before the arrests? If not, it certainly looks like he may be spilling the beans now.

  8. myiq2xu,

    Did you see the post at Hillbuzz about the Obamatrolls? I was thinking you might have a response.

  9. “Trumped up scandal”? The investigation has been going on for five bloody years. Any defense of these mobsters is unconscionable. Entire families are in this sewage up to their necks. A lot of them are the child, spouse, cousin, etc of some old crooked pol. It is generational and they gravitate to it like a magnetic field. Am I wrong to observe that none of them seems to actually work? Like a real career. They all work for the city, a board, a nonprofit, real estate from home, public slum construction, 60 day a year state rep jobs, etc. They just run around in a circle appointing, electing, raising money, lecturing poor people, scheming, and getting themselves the next job. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Blago to go get a real job after public office, he just wants to sit on his ass and draw a check like the rest of them.

  10. I tried posting a comment at Hillbuzz but it was Obamafied out of existence.

  11. They probably moderate all their comments. But I was thinking more about a post at The Confluence. It is interesting that we haven’t had many trolls at all since this thing broke.

  12. If it’s a slow news day I might do a round-up of Blago Blog coverage.

    Cannonfire has been cranking out really good stuff.

  13. This Blago thing is going to be the holiday gift that keeps right on giving and giving and giving….

  14. Not since Wednesday morning/early afternoon.

    The troll den sites like ButtBurger are just nonsensical the last couple of days, like a junior high class when the teacher leaves the room.

  15. myiq2xu

    I guess this time around people who saw the obamination for so long should push hard for this story and variation of it to stay conistantly in front of the public’s eye. I have a feeling we missed the ball some how during the election. We lost. This time we to need to be more ………better(you can define that) and unified in dealing with this. I always thought Hillary’s appointment have an element of rounding the troops in anticipation of legel trouble. This was confirmed by comparing what Fitz is doing to white water. This was done by people who during the primaries and after used white water to attack Hillary. We need to stay firm on this and find more ways to get the word out.
    I will be back later

  16. ownaa:

    I’m blogging as fast as I can!

  17. John Harris is patient zero in the Blago STD (scandal transmitted disease) and come next week Fitzgerald’s office is going to look like the free clinic after Fleet Week.

  18. Trolls do go silent when something unfavorable to Obama is going on.

    I notice Obama supporters also can’t seem to find their keyboards right now. I belong to a political group and suddenly they’re all posting about Oprah’s weight gain and the horrible child homicide in Florida. It’s kind of like sticking your fingers in your ears and humming.

  19. What is Buttburger?

  20. I don’t think there will be any problem keeping this story front and center, ownaa. We knew about it during the primaries too–any one who did the slightest amount of research on Obama knew about it.

  21. “Maybe they’re just lost because they can’t blame this on Hillary Clinton ”

    Apparently they’re trying to claim that Rahm is a Clinton Mole.

    from madamab’s post on fascism

    Delle, on December 12th, 2008 at 4:45 pm Said:

    I’ve read on other blogs and news sites that Rahm may be a mole.

    He is and always was loyal to the Clintons.

    Anyone believe that?


  22. Another Obamaism according to the New Yorker article “Making It”, by Ryan Lizza:

    Money replaced bodies as the currency of Chicago politics. This new system became known as “pinstripe patronage,” because the key to winning was not rewarding voters with jobs but rewarding donors with government contracts.
    E. J. Dionne, Jr., of the Washington Post, wrote about this transition in a 1999 column after Daley was reëlected. Dionne wrote about a young Barack Obama, who artfully explained how the new pinstripe patronage worked: a politician rewards the law firms, developers, and brokerage houses with contracts, and in return they pay for the new ad campaigns necessary for reëlection. “They do well, and you get a $5 million to $10 million war chest,” Obama told Dionne. It was a classic Obamaism: superficially critical of some unseemly aspect of the political process without necessarily forswearing the practice itself. Obama was learning that one of the greatest skills a politician can possess is candor about the dirty work it takes to get and stay elected.
    At the time, Obama was growing closer to Tony Rezko, who eventually turned pinstripe patronage into an extremely lucrative way of life. Rezko’s rise in Illinois was intertwined with Obama’s.

  23. Terrific post. Terrific.

  24. It is absurd for Obama supporters to be blaming anything on Senator Clinton. She sealed Obama’s victory, she accepted a position in his administration. You may wish she had done neither but there is just no credibility any moe to the claim that she is prepared to see bygones as bygones. Whether Mr. Obama chooses to fire his speechwriter or covers up his associations with the Illinois governor and the Chicago machine is HIS prerogative: HE is about to take office as President of the United States of America.

  25. myiq2xu: what is the source for the photo?

  26. Personally my favorite part in these sorts of follies is when Barry has to make a speech about “the notion that somehow…”

    However, unless the feds have Rahm on tape clearly discussing a bribe (and I can’t believe he’s that stupid) Barry has at worst slipped on a banana peel. Naturally I hope it’s much worse than all that.

  27. Heidi:

    Partizane (click on the “photograph” link)

  28. I think it’s hilarious that New Hampster thinks you can only find the source of photos with a Mac. I can do the same with my PC.

  29. myiq,

    Asking again….what is Buttburger? You guys keep using that word, but I am clueless as to what it means?

  30. BB:

    Check your email

  31. OK, thanks!

  32. Yes, they look like total strangers to me!!! Such great friends, but only when all dressed up!! Oh, is that Teddy in there, too, taking lessons on how to install Caroline???

    If you want to muse on less crass things….Politics free, something about the soul…

    These Gray Days of December


  33. As for Rahm…go to Logistics Monster to see how Rahm is hiding from the press…literally! OBAMA CIRCUS is in town!!!
    (Remember, we couldn’t have Hillary because of the Clinton Circus……)

  34. New thread up!

  35. Good pragram on this at NQR blogtalkradio, “the Warrior” 10 (9?) dec-with warrior/truthteller/larry johnson….

  36. Blagojevich criminal complaint (pdf)
    http://www.latimes.com / news / nationworld / nation / wire / sns-il-gov-pdf,1,2098730…

    The criminal complaint is in pdf, large print, double-spaced, easy to read. It contains only enough information needed to arrest the Gov. and Harris. What else will be revealed?

    As I read the complaint what was astonishing to me is the ease in which Blago and cohorts spoke about what the President Elect could and would do to help them.

    Quite obviously they were all connected, knew what could be expected even though there could not be an overt direct connection at that time.

    They KNEW the President Elect would be available to cooperate with their wishes as soon as O. found a way to put some distance between himself and the deed.

    After reading the complaint I don’t think Blago and friends had a clue they might be taped.

    It is well worth reading to learn from participants themselves how we citizens have been duped by politicians and their elitist friends.

    The electoral college meets Dec. 15. Obama has already been untruthful about meeting with Blago. Obama supported Blago politically. In the complaint Rezko is deeply involved with Blago in demanding bribes from contractors before they receive state funding. How can O. be close to Rezko and not be involved?

    For some unknown reason the Ill. State Legislature has refused to reveal Obama’s voting records. Is O. connected to some of the Ill. political corruption?

    Seems Jessie Jackson, Jr. is candidate 5 who offered to raise funds for Blago in return for the senate seat. Jackson is an Obama Deputy Campaign Manager.

    There are too many unanswered questions regarding Obama for the electoral college to vote at this time, the vote should be postponed.

  37. Maybe the posters at the leftblogistan sites haven’t blamed this on Hillary but good ole Rush was speculating on her involvement.

  38. OT–Swanspirit, is S.W.A.N. only for women in film or for all women artists? How does a woman artist join?

  39. Miq2xu–

    I came across this series some months ago. When all the names began to fit and I kept seeing them over and over. Creepy that they lie and lie all the time. Then scrub and scrub.


  40. The media will protect Obama – ” He’s too BIG to fail.”

  41. Joe Conanson tries to link BlagObamagate to the BC issue as right-wing whacko conspiracy theories.


  42. Can someone please get this photo to Hannity /Greta or Geraldo??
    They all have shows this weekend maybe they will show it?

  43. Okasha here is the link for S.W.A.N. and yes it is for everyone!!!!! Artists Supporters and also anyone can host an event 😉


    THANK YOU so much for asking

    and you can imagine my reaction when I saw the first email !!!!!! talk about synchronicity !!!

  44. my link to SWAN for okasha is in mod mode 😦

  45. On the current IL Follies, I would be less surprised by evidence of corruption on Obama’s part than I would be by the MSM actually pursuing such evidence. He’s their product, and as long as he doesn’t try and govern like an actual Democrat, I don’t see them going after him. (That may not protect everone around him though.)

    For myself, I don’t care if Obama is personally corrupt, since he has already proved himself politically corrupt: what’s the 4th Amendment compared to getting AT&T to pay for your coronation?

    I’ve always objected to Obama on two grounds. One is ideological (he is the GOP’s favorite Democrat) but the other is character: if Nixon or W. had been liberal Democrats they still wouldn’t have been fit for public office, and what I see in Obama is more than a little of both those men.

    Having said that, and though I can point to much evidence to support my view, character is harder to judge than ideology, so I could be wrong about that. He could yet prove a reasonably able center-Right President (unfortunately at a time when we need a very able center-Left one).

  46. The connected: DeLeo/Rod/Rahm/Obama

    It gets better and better…


  47. swanspirit> I agree with you completely (with a caveat regarding “Slumdog Millionaire”) about female directors. It’s not just the awards and nominations – it’s getting gigs as well. There are some terrific women directors who hardly work. And when they are offered projects they tend to be so-called “chick flicks.”

    I have not seen “Slumdog Millionaire” and I do not know if Loveleen Tandan is listed as a co-director of the film in the credits. Posters for the movie only say “A Film by Danny Boyle.” There are all kinds of contractual shenanigans in the movie industry and they always favor the establishment. If Tandan is not listed as the film’s co-director in the credits – she can not be nominated, regardless of what Danny Boyle says. Awards have fairly strict rules about who qualifies for a nomination and who doesn’t. There was some controversy a few years back over Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” for example. The producer Brad Grey essentially put the project together before handing the reins to Graham King as Grey left Warner to run Paramount. When time came for Oscars the Academy refused to nominate Grey saying he did not do enough. Both King and Scorsese sided with Grey, saying his participation was essential. But the Academy refused their appeals and Graham King alone took the Oscar when the film won Best Picture. There is an argument to be made that female directors don’t get the award recognition they deserve, but “Slumdog Millionaire” might not be a good example. If Tandan is not listed in the credits – it’s too late.

  48. Laurie> I wrote a few days ago that Obamabots will blame the Clintons because they gave Rahm his start in Washington! And right on cue…voila!

  49. Obamnesia

    Does this mean that he will eventually have to forget who he is and throw himself under the bus becuase to admit knowledge of Obama would be to admit guilt?

  50. Ok, I LOOOOOOVVVVVE this!! And, MyIQ, where did you get the graphic “We told you so”? I love it!! I would love to put it on my car but some bot would probably beat the living crap outtame….or my car.

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