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Why I Hate Christmas Reason #417

This is an open thread too.

36 Responses

  1. For the love of Jeebus!

    I Hate That Song! LMAO

  2. are you sure this isn’t just another reason to hate country western music?

  3. I LIKE C&W music.

  4. I was hoping bostonboomer would read my mind and do the post I’m thinking about cuz I’m feeling too lazy to write it.

  5. Give me a hint.

  6. I love Christmas. I hate this song. This is not the original video though.

  7. The only better Christmas story is the one from Gremlins – why Phoebe Cates’s character hates Christmas

  8. Oh look, it’s beer-thirty!

  9. I love the sparkly lights and some of the music.

    But it reaches toxic overload very quickly.

    And I’m allergic to the trees, and getting more so each year.

  10. Let me know what you think

  11. Ya’ll know that in Italy they place celebrities in nativity scenes with Baby Jesus? I just found out. Guess which ones are selling like hotcakes.

    1. Barack & Michelle
    2. Nikolas Sarkozy & new bride Carla Bruni
    3. Italian President something or other.

    Barack, Michelle, and the Baby Jesus. Will wonders never cease? (Sorry, Sasha and Malia, you’ve been downsized. Daughters of God is above your allowance grade.)

  12. Regency — you mean like this?

  13. I don’t have anything SOD. Can’t wait to see what you wrote.

  14. oooops!

  15. I have something I want to put up, but I have to write it first.

    Before I write it, I have to find the energy.

    I think I’ll watch “House” instead.

  16. well myiq2xu — feel free to post when it’s ready…I’m never much good past 10:30pm anyways!

    House is one of the best shows on TV BTW.

  17. That’s about how I feel too, myiq2xu. My semester just ended tonight and I’m wiped out.

  18. I’m with afrocity — I hate this song but I love Christmas. I’ve got carols playing in my car, in my office & my home. I’m doing my tree & other decorations tomorrow. I’ve already written my list of presents I’m buying and will start shopping tomorrow. My Christmas cards are all ready to be mailed on Monday (when I go to the post office to mail out of town gifts & buy my Bette Davis stamps). I’m so excited!!

  19. I remember when I wasn’t in the sandwich generation.

    I had more energy and enthusiasm this time of year:)

  20. Obama as baby Jeebus in the manger?

    Isn’t that pushing the impoverished childhood thingie a little far?

    I’m pretty sure Teh Precious was born in a hospital, and Hawaii ain’t got no shepards keeping watch over their flocks by night.

  21. We haven’t decorated yet…no parties this year either. It’s been a crappy year all around.

    One neat thing we look forward to is our nieces (4, 10 and 13 years old) visiting Christmas week. The house is full of laughter and energy. Maybe it will perk us up.

  22. myiq2xu — I heard that.

  23. I’ve spent the last two hours downloading amazing instrumental music. Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel (but particularly the version by the Tango Project) is phenomenal. So is the Lily Was Here by Dave A. Stewart. Then of course, anything from the X-Files ages by Mark Snow. Some of that stuff was epically fantastic.

    I already wrapped most of the gifts I personally bought for friends but there’s still shopping to do. I have the most gorgeous wrapping paper. Shiny and glittery and deliciously distracting.

    Speaking of distractions, did MyIq say House was on? Off to watch!

  24. Digby refers to BlagObamagate as a “trumped up scandal.”

  25. new post up

  26. If Digby thinks an elected official saying on tape that he is giving a Senate see to the one who wants to “pay for play” is a “trumped up scandal” then she is the one who needs meds, not Blago.

  27. So in the catalan region of Spain, and surrounding areas, a traditional member of the nativity is the caganer:


    Nowadays they have celebrity caganers, including heads of state.

    Our friend’s mom is Catalan and he was kind enough to send us a caganer last time he went to visit family in Barcelona. Now my toddler shouts every day, “poo-poo man!”

  28. Oh my – before I leave you, must share http://www.caganer.com/

    featuring Angela Merkel, the pope, smurfs and -new for 2008 – Obama caganers.

    Merry Christmas.

  29. Angie, Digby and the rest have protected Obama for so long, I’m sure they can’t stop. I stopped by Salon.com for the first time in nearly a year and their front page stories all agreed with Digby.

    Well, a lot of people thought that EVERYONE did the stuff Nixon did. I guess things are flipped around now.

  30. How is your mom, Katiebird?

  31. New Post up.

  32. If you aim to torment us, at least do so with the original – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPaGQEskSKM

  33. Actually Hawaii (the BIG Island) DOES have sheep — so there must be some shepherds. The sheep are on the Big Island — and may also be on Maui in the higher elevations.

    But since the ONE was a city lad — he wouldn’t know about the rural parts of Hawaii — snobs like him never get out of their comfort zones.

    And I am not a fan of Xmas either. It is a season to GET over.

  34. She’s pretty fine, BB — they put in a stint and then they’ll bust the stone with ultrasound on Monday.

    I’m sick of hospitals. And this one’s a mess. They’re doing a huge addition that splits the hospital so that you can’t get from the surgery to the rooms without going all the way back to the hospital entrance every trip.

  35. Updated to make Seth happy

  36. Obama in Naples presepe/nativity scene!!!!


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