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Rezko Sentencing Could Be Delayed a Second Time!


Via The Real Barack Obama, Antoin “Tony” Rezko has apparently expressed interest in talking to prosecutors again:

On Thursday morning, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve canceled deadlines by which lawyers were to submit filings on the sentencing of the Wilmette businessman.

Rezko was to be sentenced Jan. 6 — a rushed date he recently requested as he seeks to be freed from solitary confinement.

The possibility of another change comes two days after Gov. Blagojevich was charged in shakedown schemes and the feds revealed they had secret recordings of the governor.

Now that he knows other members of the “combine” have been spilling their guts, Rezko might be feeling a little more talkative himself. Awhile back he was having “intense” conversations with investigators, but then he clammed up after his protege, Barack Obama, became the “president elect.”

From the LA Times:

Now, why would a judge extend the period before sentencing when the convicted prisoner expressed a desire to get on with prison? Without a new briefs deadline, the expedited Jan. 6 sentencing could now be pushed back further.

Because Rezko, in the hopes of reducing his sentence, is singing in his cell about Blagojevich and maybe others. He’s not done with his song repertoire and the feds haven’t fully checked out his information to determine how grateful to be in sentence-seeking.

A footnote at the bottom of one page in the 76-page …

… Blagojevich complaint confirms Rezko is cooperating with the FBI, news that could cause an increase in the pre-holiday consumption of Mylanta by other Chicago pols.

This could get interesting…stay tuned.

48 Responses

  1. It’s a perfect storm: Blago, Rezko, and Favreau. I’ll bet Barack and Michelle aren’t sleeping that well tonight.

  2. I like watching TV lately….

  3. I’m so excited!

  4. I always talk to myself when I’m excited, lol!

  5. And the whole economy thing.

  6. You do? What has been on?

  7. Oh, just watching them talk about the whole Governor thing. It’s very soothing. Did you KNOW that there’s corruption in Chicago or Illinois? It’s such a shock to everyone!

  8. Horrors! Corruption in Chicago? You don’t say.

  9. Hey, conflucians, long time no post. I took an extended break from all things political, spent Thanksgiving week in New Orleans, came back with a nasty cold, am working my buns off to open a small shop next month – just in time for the depression, and am offering the link that follows as an early Christmas gift to y’all. Any bets on how soon we’ll see Rahmen soup on our under-the-bus menu?


  10. Rezko was known as the money man or cashier to see about state jobs through the governor’s office. He’s known Obama since the early ’90s, tried to hire him, did hire the law firm Obama worked for, became partners with the owner of that firm, advised Obama on buying his Hyde Park home and sold him a slice of the adjacent lot.

    —LA Times

  11. I wonder if Reszko’s stories about Blago might have been more valuable to Fitzgerald before they busted him. And this isn’t the first time they’ve postponed his sentencing, right? I guess all that time all alone in a cell gives him plenty of time to remember “just one more thing.”

  12. Hi Kat5!

    Thanks for that link. They are really pulling out the nasty looking file photos of Rahm.

  13. Obama has no fears. He can simply do a hip-hop routine and throw the nation the finger. His supporters will laugh and cheer.

  14. DYB,

    How do you think Fitz got the warrants to wiretap Blago? Rezko was talking to him for weeks before the election. Then he clammed up. He already gave up Blago. Who’s next??

  15. Is this gonna happen after Rezko sings some more?

  16. Hey, BB! I had every intention of getting together with D’kat during our latest trip back to NOLA, but ended up w/no ‘Net connection at my MIL’s house (all I had was D’kat’s e-address). Long story, great visit, and a much needed break from the newz.

  17. I don’t know Fredster. We’re going to have to wait and see. At least it’s more fun than watching the crash of 2008.

  18. BB: Between the guv and Rezko, there have to be some Obama folks with some stained drawers about now. Just from the way business is apparently done there, I don’t see how he can be squeaky clean.

  19. Fredster> He’s clean he’s a miracle of nature! He’s holier than thou! He’s perfection itself! He’s the Messiah! Didn’t you get the memo???

  20. Didn’t you get the memo???

    Sorry, I knew it was b.s. when I saw it and just crumpled it up and threw it away. Did I miss something?

  21. I’m just basking in the Schedenfreude. We tried to warn the stupid Obots, but they just wouldn’t listen. Now they have to watch this.

  22. Fredster: LOL!

  23. BB: I tried to keep it nice and not say bullshit.

  24. Oops…

  25. The really ironic twist in all this is most Presidents get a honeymoon. All the chattering heads were saying that BZero’s honeymoon had already begun and now it’s done. He’ll be sworn at before he’s sworn in. Now that’s a change I can believe in.

  26. OK, I have to get to bed. If anyone is interested in this story, The Real Barack Obama has lots of juicy details. I wish I had read it earlier, but I had a busy work day.


  27. That’s a good one, Polix: “he’ll be sworn at before he’s sworn in”

    Good night all!

  28. Night BB.

  29. Prolix: The same thoughts were running through my mind.

    The stink and slime of Chicago and Illinois politics was already surrounding him and now, even before he’s sworn in there are going to be these questions.

  30. OK, I’m really going to bed now, but check this out from Oct. 31. Note that the Gov. says he has had discussions with Obama about his successor. Obama said he never talked with Blago about it:

    Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Thursday cited the potential for bad “karma” and avoided discussing potential Senate successors to Barack Obama should the Democratic nominee win the White House, but acknowledged he has a process in mind for making the most important appointment of his career.


    “I just don’t want to jinx him and I don’t like the karma of me thinking that far ahead,” Blagojevich said of Obama’s prospects in Tuesday’s election. The governor added, “We have had some discussions about a process which we’ll share … if all goes well.”

    Sources close to Blagojevich, who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to speak for him, said one issue would be to consider who could most help the governor politically.

  31. BB: Obie excuse: “Oh I forgot about that since it was before the election.”

  32. haha

  33. If the MSM (male street media) were doing their jobs — this would not be surprising AT ALL!

    However, just as we knew — Obama is in fact dirty.

    Check out NQ — EXHAUSTIVE ANALYSIS: More Questions about Obama and Blagojevich in the Wake of Obama’s Latest Gambit at Transparency »

    Obama and Blagojevich were in contact — just not DIRECT contact. Truthteller has indeed written an exhaustive analysis.

    Isn’t it special — we are getting an inside look at how the pay to play — Chicago style is played.

    WE told you so — 0bots.

  34. All this and he hasn’t even lifted that presidential pen yet. How special.

  35. katiebird, nice point about TV lately. Along with Rezko and the IL govener (the slimenator?), and with what’s looking to me like a Clinton cabinet, TV is much more fun to watch I have to admit, watching all my Obot friends squirm is fun too.

    I think it may be time for popcorn. 🙂

  36. Yup. Rezko is talking. The words “scandal” and damage control” crop up in the Obama media

  37. You know all this in Chicago is being done because of racism. I am surprised we haven’t heard that yet.

  38. I bet that nancy’s daily “impeachment is off the table” announcements will begin on January 21st 2009.

    On the lighter side the Automotive industry bailout is DOA as reported by Yahoo news feed!

    GM Crysler and Ford are looking for new lifelines.

  39. wonder if you will find this name on Obama’s list of donors?

    Bernard Madoff, a quiet force on Wall Street for decades, was arrested and charged on Thursday with allegedly running a $50 billion “Ponzi scheme” in what may rank among the biggest fraud cases ever.

  40. What is that on the back of Zero’s head? Looks like a big black spider – alien controller?

  41. It’s Michelle’s paw print.

  42. delurking because:
    Prolix, that is the funniest comment , and you owe me a new keyboard. Fortunately, the coffee didn’t reach the monitor!

  43. rofl fuzzybear and prolix – damn funny first thing in the morning. Can’t wait for those daily ‘impeachment off the table announcements.”

  44. Anyone else notice that the wording of Obama’s responses are identical to those Dubya was making during the Plame, U.S. attorneys, and all the other five million assorted scandals that cropped up during his regime?

    — I am conducting a full internal investigation of my staff
    — I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation (that was the favorite Bushie line)
    — I am confident that nobody on my staff was involved
    — I will have a full response in a few days

    To the latter, of course, the question arises: Why? Why not just answer it now if there’s nothing there?

    Did you see Rahm Emmanuel ducking and weaving a simple question in Chicago? When a Sun-Times reporter approached him at a concert Emmanuel’s children were performing in and asked him if he was the adviser mentioned in the indictment, he started yelling that he was “just a father being a father” and couldn’t spend any time answering their silly questions. When the reporter asked him why he couldn’t do both–attend his children’s concert and answer a simple yes-or-no question, he just got frantic again and refused to answer.



    OBAMA IS GOING TO THE FEDERAL PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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