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Thursday: The Village, SIDS and everything

I’ve been searching for a plot summary of the 2008 election and the four years to come.  What explains the way things have played out?  What are the forces at work?  Who has the true power?  I can say with assurance that if the DNC had gone with Hillary Clinton, the party and the country would have been better off, even if the economy and government were in a shambles.  Instead, we have something that is dead before it begins.

But first, a little diversion.  Back in the day, when certain kinds of high powered workstations were new and groovy, they were also prone to failure within a few weeks after delivery.  The technical support specialist would come on site, open the sucker up, poke around a bit and say, “I hate to tell you this but your elunium pu36 explosive space modulator has SIDS and we’ll have to swap it for a different one.”  Hmmm, I would say, perplexed.  What happened?  The TSS would smile thoughtfully.  “It just left the factory that way.  It has a flaw.  Sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes it’s another.  It happens.  We test them before they leave but we don’t test them long enough to catch everything.  If the unit is going to fail, it usually does it within the first month and it’s probably a major failure.  So, we don’t even bother trying to fix it.  We just replace the whole unit.”

Conflucians, the Obama administration has SIDS.  It is already a failure.  It has a flaw in its design.  The flaw has been there since the beginning but the product was so shiny and new and promised to make our lives so much better that many people overlooked it.  The sucker is version 1 and no one in their right mind buys version 1 unless it comes from Apple.  And even then, you make sure you buy it with your platinum VISA with the extended product purchase warantee and a direct line to some geeky Genius.

The QC test for the Obama administration is the Villagers, that little bastion of political pundits and DC courtiers with the narrow minded collective conscious that is stuck in the fifties.  They are the status quo.  They are the power.  Piss off a Villager and your job is misery for four long years.  The Clintons know that the Villagers never forget.  Their memories are lonnnnnnng.  Their grudges never ending.  They pass judgement on everything: Your marriage, your clothes, your children, your interns, your policies that might cost them a teensy bit more in taxes or anything that might make THEIR lives uncomfortable.  You can’t do anything in DC without the approval of the Villagers.  They control the horizontal and the vertical.  Step out of line and your ass is glass.

Both Hillary and Obama knew that.  But where Hillary was willing to take them on and was actually succeeding, pressing forward inch by inch against the hurricane force gusts of Villager hot air, Obama decided to gain their confidence.  He bravely marched over to the Villager side and adopted all of their conventional wisdom.  Hillary was a monster, women should be seen, not heard, the new FISA law is good, telephone companies were viciously maligned, the Iraq War isn’t nearly as bad as we thought, Michelle will make a great “Mom-in-Chief”.

Obama bowed and dipped and flattered and danced a merry little Pavane.  All was cheery and delightful.  He was the perfect solution to their civil rights dilemma.  Why, he is just like them, except a little darker.

Meanwhile, David Axelrod and David Plouffe fluffed the nation’s nipples in extended foreplay, whispering sweet nothings into our ears about how good it was going to feel when Obama finally won.  There would be multiple orgasms across the nation.  It kept building and building and many waited in breathless anticipation for the next big thing, the new electronic gadget that we all had to have by Christmas time.

Well, we’ve got it.  But it will never work right.  Because in order to get the presidency, Obama had to play the Villager game.  And these people might be stubborn in their foolish consistencies but they aren’t stupid.  They know the creature that Obama is.  He’s b-b-b-bad to the bone.  He’s corrupt as all get out.  They know and he knows that Blago knows where all of the bodies are buried.

Now, Obama can make all kinds of promises and policies and have Jon Favreau insert “hope!” and “Change!” into every speech but Obama knows that if he proposes anything to displease the Villagers even one little bit, he’s going to be slung with a big, stinky albatross called Milorod Blagojevich for the duration of his four long years. And we have seen that Obama is very reluctant to court controversy.  He’s not a fighter.  He’s a “get out of town on the day of a tricky vote” kinda guy.  He will not stand up to the Village because he is afraid of them.  Before he can sign one bill into law, Obama is already a non-functioning unit.

So much for hope and change.

As for Hillary, well, we can’t look back.  We can only look forward.  It’s not a good year for her.  It seems like she’s got enemies everywhere but she actually had only one- sexism.  I’ve tried to figure out what it is that would cause her to lose so spectacularly and nothing else makes sense.  It can’t be arrogance because the powers that be tolerated a surfeit of that from Obama.  It’s not stupidity.  She outshined her opponents.  Ruthlessness was hailed in Obama but condemned in her.  I think we have to acknowledge that sexism is at the root of all evils that befell Hillary this year.  It’s the kind of sexism that emanates from political scions like Ted Kennedy, whose own family had issues with women who were a bit too unorthodox.

The Jezebel wore Scarlet

The Jezebel wore Scarlet

His own sister Rosemary was lobotomized, not for mental retardation, but because she was an angry young women who didn’t fit in with her wealthy social climbing family.  Think about that for a sec.  Women in Kennedy’s family were kept in a convent and parts of their brains were removed because they threatened to ruffle the smooth facade of the Kennedy mysitique.  We shouldn’t forget this.  The Ted Kennedy generation of his family is full of socialites with charitable causes, debutantes and women who married for titles.  Women were  definitely subordinate and objects of affection, or non-consensual sex for the likes of Ted Kennedy’s generation.  This is the man who put all of his lever pulling to work for Obama and to the detriment of Hillary Clinton.  This is his mindset.  It’s sexism.

But she nearly beat the old dudes.  Nearly wrested the power away from them.  Nearly banished the Villagers from court.  If it weren’t for the corruption, the flaw, that lies at the core of Obama’s meteoric rise to fame, she could have pulled it off.  Instead, we have a president who will be frozen in amber by that corruption.  Stray but a little from the edge of a knife and he will be the victim of Villager backlash. And they will be vicious.  Blagojevich will be blackmail that keeps Obama in line for the next four years.  Even if Obama had initially courted them with the intent of defusing them with legislation later, this latest scandal with Blagojevich threatens to make that impossible.  It’s already out there and the ties are there, like faint silvery lines just waiting for the press to do its job and illuminate them.  At its own convenience, of course.

The Obama administration has SIDS.
Update: Kudos to Joseph Cannon for bringing us a little Fitzmas.  He’s done a stellar job following the Blagojevich indictment.  Today, he rewrites The Little Drummer Boy and Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel!  Deeelightful!

96 Responses

  1. Excellent Post RD!


  2. Now THAT’s a story. Thanks RD.

    It’s not just the election. It glares everyday at work.

    One male director among six female directors. All in a straight line underneath the executive director on the org chart.

    Guess who has the other giant office? Guess who is designated second in command? Guess who gets away with doing half the work?

    Jesus. We have a long way to go.

    I stay focused on the next generation.

  3. Wonderfully said!
    I also believe Obama was a Villager by birth. We do have a ruling class and you’re either born in it or you’ll be attacked by it. Obama’s relativity to Dick Cheney, as much as his ability to play along make him one of them. the skin color was just a gimmick to fool the naive.

    A look at the tabloids in day 2 of the Blagobamarama

  4. I never really believed Hillary could win. Sexism is too powerful in this country for a woman to be president, at least for a long time.

  5. Sexism is probably at the root of much that we see taking place in the Beltway, but it’s taking place outside of the Beltway as well. The Old Blogosphere–aka The New Village–is still blindly playing follow-the-blog-leader. Women like Jane Hamsher and Marcy Wheeler, who you’d think would have more sense, are among the worst at allowing criticism of Hillary to continue to pervade their sites. They think of themselves as staunch progressive Democrats, but so long as they continue to allow Hillary to be called a DINO by commenters on their sites, they prove themselves to be just as backwards as those they claim to criticise. If the Pumasphere can avoid falling into blind hero worship, we have the opportunity to be the phoenix of true journalism rising from the ashes.

  6. Insert smoking & SIDS correlation statistic here.

  7. I believe that Obama was a Village idiot by birth.

  8. Another brilliant essay, Riverdaughter! Just brilliant! You’re right, the Obama administration is dead before it even begins.

  9. joaniebone, I predict there will be a new type of feminism born in about 30-40 years. Young women today (and I am a part of that demographic) have for the most part had it easy. Those of us with education and money have access to contraception, abortion, and admission to the best universities in the country. Many women my age think that’s all they need, that everything will be peachy keen for the rest of their lives. They are wrong.

    Unfortunately, some of them will have to learn it the hard way. Some will unfortunately experience violence at the hands of a man they thought loved them. Others in corporate jobs will be slowly forced to leave once they decide to start a family. Some will voluntarily leave only to be cheated on or abused by their husbands and end up in divorce. It might take some of them 20-40 years to figure it out but life is tough. They’ll figure out that they are still second class citizens eventually.

    And those are the upper-class women. Lower-class women will continue to be the bottom feeders of our society who have to raise children alone without any health care because our male leaders really just don’t give a f*ck.

    And unfortunately selfish women like Arianna Huffington, Maureen Dowd, and Nancy Pelosi will be the only women to make it (nearly) to the top because they’ve spent their entire lives denying that sexism exists so they can kiss their male colleagues’ asses while stabbing other women in the back.

    Excellent post, Riverdaughter. You’re right. The Obama administration has SIDS. I recommend reading Falstaff. He said in a recent blog post that it’s already too late because Obama remained silent and it’s been a week since the Favreau photo was published. http://falstaff-falstaff.blogspot.com/2008/12/its-already-too-late.html
    And now the Chicago slime that Obama has been involved with for the last 20 years has followed him to Washington. Why should anyone be surprised? Obots knew about Wright, Rezko, and Ayers during the primaries. They knew anyone who succeeded in Chicago politics has to play dirty. Yet they chose to ignore the warning signals.

    The Obama White House already spells disaster and we’re not even including the real world disasters going on right now from terrorism to the economy and job loss. After 8 years of failed Republican leadership, the Democratic Party has screwed this country even more with their corruption, disenfranchisement, and backroom deals.

    The Democratic Party deserves to lose in 2012. They deserve to lose until they are willing to hold fair elections with real Democrats who will stand up for women, gay, and human rights.

  10. Or maybe Obama is one of the Village People.

    I can picture him and Blago, Rahm, and Axelrod in constructions hats and thongs.

    It’s fun to stay at the Illinois State Penn
    It’s fun to stay at the Illinois State Penn.
    They have everything that you need to enjoy,
    You can hang out with all the Chicago boys …

  11. This next administration will be subject to ‘corruption eruptions.’

  12. Afrocity,

    Yes, I can see them as the Village People too. LOL! And Jon Favreau will fit right in.

  13. Great post RD, I don’t think I have heard any talking head not preface their commentary on this without screaming “We want to be clear, here BO has not done anything wrong”. I wonder how long they can keep it up.

    Well looks like BO is “open for questions” only if they don’t ask about Blago….


  14. Violet Socks wrote a powerful comment yesterday about systemic sexism — http://www.reclusiveleftist.com/2008/12/10/its-the-system-stupid/.

  15. Yes, and meanwhile, the punditry is focusing on telling us about obama’s “approval rating” as tweety giggles uncontrollably about how obama hasn’t even “done” anything but make appointments yet! Huh. Imagine that!

  16. perries, on December 11th, 2008 at 9:35 am Said:

    “corruption eruptions”


  17. I agree in part but sexism does not explain the Villagers hatred of Al Gore. But what do Al Gore and Senator Clinton have in common? They are both exceptionally intelligent. More intelligent than the Villagers. Much more. I think envy is also a factor here.


  18. thank you RD for this brilliant post ~ I needed a clear view to start my day with…. now back to the salt mines. At least I have salt to mine.

  19. Obama already has an approval rating???

  20. That was a great post RD. You constantly amaze me with you insight and effective writing skills. I am impressed.

    I agree 100%. I work for a tech company and there is very real sexism going on here. There are women in positions of real power, and you have to go several levels down to find the first woman with a management position. Of course that position is a non-technical position.

    We are in for a hard time, and frankly we are our worst enemies.

  21. afrocity, on December 11th, 2008 at 10:10 am Said:
    Obama already has an approval rating???

    Of course. Not only that, but he is already the greatest President in the history of the country.

    Didn’t presidential “historian” Michael Beschloss tell us Obama’s IQ was of the charts and Obama was the smartest guy ever to walk in the vicinity of the White House?

  22. Sorry, that was “no” women in positions of real power.

  23. New one from Grail Guardian….oh, the connections she offers……This is one great post!!!!!

    How Long Has This Been Going On? (”What They Want is the World”…The Roots of Our Current Coup d’Etat)


  24. yes, the approval rating buzz was all over MSNBC last night.

  25. They are polling on approval for his transition.

    Seeing as how the media has done nothing but genuflect before him, it’s not a big surprise that his rating are high.

  26. afrocity, on December 11th, 2008 at 9:33 am Said:
    Or maybe Obama is one of the Village People.

    I can picture him and Blago, Rahm, and Axelrod in constructions hats and thongs.

    It’s fun to stay at the Illinois State Penn
    It’s fun to stay at the Illinois State Penn.
    They have everything that you need to enjoy,
    You can hang out with all the Chicago boys …


    Afrocity, that was hillarious!

  27. If I could, I would ask Beschloss what is the relevance of Obama’s IQ. We need a president, not a university prof.

  28. And we have seen that Obama is very reluctant to court controversy. He’s not a fighter. He’s a “get out of town on the day of a tricky vote” kinda guy.

    Excellent post RD, and so true. All these proclamations of BO’s inspirational “leadership” and I have yet to see him exhibit a SINGLE act of true political courage–stepping forward and taking a stand that will be unpopular to some. The war b.s. doesn’t count–he was just pandering to a liberal district, and when it DID become controversial, he voted lockstep with the party. We had a fighter–they dismissed her. She kept telling everyone that you cannot accomplish anything without fighting the forces of self-interest, and that includes the Village Idiots. Now the Wimp-Elect will either have to grow up and take risks, or he will be completely ineffectual. The Favreau incident is just another example of his lack of courage and leadership. I am disgusted, but not surprised. Character is destiny.

  29. Sexism for sure , but also Hillary would help the little guy,and that was & is a big N.O. Right now the trend is to not even make gestures towards the lower financial orders … So let’s review: Hillary Clinton , A woman, a Clinton , wants to have good governance , brilliant, hard working …the list goes on and on .

    Hillary is everything they most emphatically do not want. The Upper Crust does not want things to work. There’s only a little looting potential if things work. Bush & Co was all about f-ing up into order to super size the looting. Obama continues that trend, indeed, speeds it up. He was always the Villager’s creature. They can heat up any ignored shit on him at any time and will….indeed, their biggest problem is choosing which issue! Chi-town politics alone is an unfailing fount of scandal.

    We saw Barry struggle at times even with the ass kissing press. They totally spoiled him and now he could not handle 24 hours of bad press . In short, as far as the Villagers can see , he’s perfect!

  30. plural: the second part of the Beschloss story is that Imus asked him, “What is his IQ?” and Beschloss responded, “I don’t actually know, but it must be really high don’t you think?!” Pathetic.

  31. I’m not sure they will ever reveal BO’s complicity in Chicago politics. His symbolism has become too “historic” for the country, and whoever dares to destroy that illusion would have a giant target on their back. From WAPO (of course, this is a Village paper, but the sources are Fitzgerald and lawyers):

    “I should make clear, the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever,” Fitzgerald said. “We make no allegations that he’s aware of anything, and that’s as simply as I can put it. . . .

    “There’s no reference in the complaint to any conversations involving the president-elect or indicating that the president-elect was aware of it. And that’s all I can say.”

    Legal experts said it was unusual for a prosecutor to make such a blanket statement while an investigation was continuing.

    “That carries a great deal of weight,” said Jan Witold Baran, a Washington lawyer who represents politicians on ethical complaints and campaign finance matters. “It is really unusual for a U.S. attorney to say someone is not implicated.

    “Could evidence pop up in the future to the contrary? Sure, it’s possible. Is it likely? I think that, based on what he said yesterday, the answer is no,” Baran added.


  32. It’s snowing heavily here in new orlean … that’s akin to hell freezing over …

    snow on the bannan trees, snow on the hibiscus …snow every where…

    last two times it snowed like this we had huge hurricanes like 8 months later (Katrina and Betsy)

    So, think of all those things folks said about when hell freezes over …and watch for them to appear before your eyes!

  33. “I should make clear, the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever,” Fitzgerald said.

    Fitzgerald didn’t touch Rove or Cheney either. Barry goes down only if the Powers that Be are though with him and they stuck with Bush to the end. I think Barry handlers are getting rid of those who are owed something. Like the movie “Goodfellas” It’s easier to get rid of accomplices than to pay them.

  34. “I don’t actually know, but it must be really high don’t you think?!”


  35. RD: The old democratic machine politics are still with us big time … Chicago wanted to stick one of their’s in washington … same with the Kennedy cult

    What is it about Obama that these guys think they can sell and control?

  36. paper: true. Why didn’t Fitz go after Cheney & Rove, the obvious sources behind Scooter? Even Rezko might keep his mouth shut rather than go into witness protection or be killed.

  37. If the MSM questions or investigates Obama, if they admit the possibility of his complicity in this corruption, they lose their own credibility and need to answer the question of why they did not properly vet him to begin with. It would mean admitting that they were wrong, or remiss, and a REAL MAN never admits to being wrong.

    I do not believe it was a coincidence that last night, on CNN, when the main topic was Blagojevich, there was also a soft feature piece about the fact that the White House was built partially with slave labor. Why, even the architect of the White House was a slaveowner, and he paid the slaves very low wages — which they were required to remit to him — for their hard work.

    It was an obvious act of propoganda and brainwash to remind us of the history of slave-keeping in our country and to point out that the house in which Precious & Family will soon was built by slaves. This is clearly meant to give us the message: “dont even THINK about linking Obama with Blagojevich. Even the very thought would be racist.”

    We must remain ever vigilant. We must question every word of every “authority” and of every “information source”. Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.

  38. Fitz played it like a honest scientist explaining his data. He doesn’t have enough evidence or data to make a conclusion. No more, no less. And that’s as simply as he can put it. He may have leads, he may see trends, he may have the network carefully detailed on a big pegboard on his office wall with all roads leading to Rezko and Blagojevech. But he doesn’t have the magic bullet yet that ties it to Obama. Maybe it’s carefully buried under layers of third parties and decoys and “emissaries”.
    I have no doubt that it is there as sure as the sun rises in the east. Maybe the scope of his investigation doesn’t extend that far but I’m betting it’s vibrating some of the threads of the web that lead to Obama. He’s as crooked as they come.
    On another note, the contractors are in my basement framing the walls as we speak! It’s actually starting to look like the entertainment center and art studio I dreamed about. Cool!

  39. The guy’s poetry– there are two minutes of life I’ll never get back. On the other hand his nickname for Rahm Emmanuel,
    Seedy Rahm— that’s a keeper.

  40. Of course MSNBC is all over the “approval rating” of Obama. Nothing else good to report about him since Gov. Blago’s arrest. Need a distraction to promote for the sake of Obama. MSNBC to Obama is like Pravda was to the Soviet Union. Just more and more propaganda.

  41. fif, on December 11th, 2008 at 10:39 am Said

    For months, Many were dream weaving a vision of Rove and Cheney being taken away in cuffs, but it didn’t happen. They nailed the messenger and Bush pardoned him shortly thereafter . End of story .

    Fitzgerald most likely does as much as can be done. But this group is simply above the law . The gov of Ill, is not part of the higher ring , hence, the law appears to be working . But in this Post Bush era , If the law appears to work on the top group , a decision has been made else where. JMO.

  42. Powerful post, riverdaughter. I liked the SIDS analogy. I keep hoping that this part will happen, though: “We just replace the whole unit.”

    If Rahm can be implicated, that’s got to be bad for Obama.

  43. The NYTimes says Obama will have a press conference today at 11 am.

  44. Grail Guardian’s new article is apparently caught in SPAM…

    It’s up now at IA…

    New one from Grail Guardian….oh, the connections she offers……This is one great post!!!!!

    How Long Has This Been Going On? (”What They Want is the World”…The Roots of Our Current Coup d’Etat)

  45. riverdaughter, on December 11th, 2008 at 10:44 am Said:…the contractors are in my basement framing the walls as we speak! It’s actually starting to look like the entertainment center and art studio I dreamed about. Cool!

    That is very exciting . We just found out my husband won’t be canned ( oh happy day) and so will go ahead with a re-do a pit of a powder room. I love the smell of new construction in the morning ! lol!

  46. grayslady, on December 11th, 2008 at 9:18 am Said:
    Sexism is probably at the root of much that we see taking place in the Beltway, but it’s taking place outside of the Beltway as well. The Old Blogosphere–aka The New Village–is still blindly playing follow-the-blog-leader. Women like Jane Hamsher and Marcy Wheeler, who you’d think would have more sense, are among the worst at allowing criticism of Hillary to continue to pervade their sites. They think of themselves as staunch progressive Democrats, but so long as they continue to allow Hillary to be called a DINO by commenters on their sites, they prove themselves to be just as backwards as those they claim to criticise. If the Pumasphere can avoid falling into blind hero worship, we have the opportunity to be the phoenix of true journalism rising from the ashes.


    You are so right. This is why I no longer go over to FDL. I loved Christy’s stuff but Jane built up FDL to use it like Markos uses the Cheeto place.

  47. I have no doubt that it is there as sure as the sun rises in the east. Maybe the scope of his investigation doesn’t extend that far but I’m betting it’s vibrating some of the threads of the web that lead to Obama. He’s as crooked as they come.

    I agree RD, but I don’t think Fitz will go that far. He didn’t with Rove & Cheney and everyone knows Libby didn’t do it without direction from his boss.

  48. Could you fix the font?

  49. The NYTimes says Obama will have a press conference today at 11 am.

    Oh, I can hear it now. He is going to come out like some Knight in Shining Armor, declaring that the Gov should step down!

    Everyone will cry about what a courageous and visionary leader he is!
    (Of course, he wasn’t the first to suggest it, and it’s obvious, but that doesn’t matter.) Then, he will deflect any real questions, saying it is an “ongoing investigation.”

    “W” hatever.

  50. dakinikat: I have no doubt that everything you say is true. So, I think we can finally dispense with the notion of a primary. It’s expensive and the results easily discarded. Why make everyone go through the motions if it doesn’t count? Just pick someone and be done with it. Voters be damned.

    Why did they want Obama? My best guesses:
    1.) They were sick of losing and they thought that Hillary would be pursued by locusts in the media for the duration of the campaign and her administration. Very, VERY short term thinking.
    2.) Democrats were in their heyday during the Civil Rights Era. They should be proud of that but some of them are still living in the past. AND they know that the nation’s schools have been in the PC biz for several decades now. Social studies textbooks tend to romanticize and appeal to emotion as much as the media does. Heck, even I’m not immune. I cut my teeth on this stuff. Seeing the first African American president is thrilling. Just not THIS African American president. Nevertheless, the country was primed for it.
    3.) Obama convinced them that he could deliver. Maybe it was the Chicago Machine. Maybe it was the ‘cool’ factor. Maybe it was his lack of paper trail that he carefully cultivated. He laid it all out: He was their AA savior and the time is right (see point 2).
    4.) Ted Kennedy. I’m sorry but all roads lead back to him. He is public enemy number one. I can’t believe I used to sing his praises. Think about this for a sec. He’s supposed to have been the liberal lion in the senate with all the legislative accomplishments. And yet, he never challenged Hillary Clinton’s version of events regarding SCHIP. If he really wanted to level her, all he would have had to say is, “She didn’t really do any of the work on this and I have the meeting schedules and proposals to prove it.” He never did. What I suspect happened was she used his office to get a bill introduced and legislation passed. She knew he was the go to guy to sponsor it but she did the heavy lifting when she was first lady. Then she goes on all the TVs and tells everyone that she was responsible with his help. That must have stuck in his craw, being upstaged by a woman who was justifiably proud of her accomplishment. And why not? There were precious few things the Democrats have to be proud of in the past 15 years and that was THE premier piece, the star on the top of the tree. Kennedy is trying to complete the prophecy of Nostradamus or something. His brothers were cut short and his own run for president was derailed by his own insufferable arrogance. And he wasn’t going to let some pushy woman accomplish what he never had the opportunity to do. His “family connections” were left at the feet of Barack Obama to fulfill the Kennedy ambitions that were murdered in their cribs.
    5.) The Kennedys have made use of the Chicago machine before for JFK’s run in 1960. Oh, and they are not above consorting with organized crime. Great Gatsby! They made Obama into their own made man watching the shimmering green light at the end of the pier. And we have our own Daisy Buchanan whose voice is “full of money” in Caroline Kennedy, a woman who has never taken politics seriously until now, who can deliver the goods for Obama in the Senate.
    It’s all a seedy and disgusting American saga of social climbers and money and we should have seen it coming.

  51. I never knew that about Rosemary Kennedy. Wow and holy sh*t. That poor woman.

  52. RD: didn’t Cook county deliver up a bunch of votes in boxes in the middle of the night that gave the election to JFK? Didn’t Nixon resign after a couple of boxes in cook county magically appeared and gave JFK Il?

    Seems like I remember that from my history classes … I was in first grade when it happened, may remember hearing my dad talk about it

  53. The really bad thing is that when you buy your workstation from a heavily tattooed guy named “Shank” who operates from the back of a van parked in an alley you can’t get the extended warranty with 24/7 tech support.

  54. ot: the snow here has my old dog freaked out I couldn’t take her for a walk, she just stood there freaked ! it was so funny… the big snow flakes coming down here and she’s standing there looking like Chicken little

  55. can’t believe I just got a snow day off of work here in a tropical zone …

  56. myiq: But when you buy a $40,000 top of the line graphics workstation of the brand used in doing the special effects of the Terminator movies back in the early 90’s, the last thing you expect is that the POS breaks down 2 weeks after it is delivered.
    Not that I’m complaining or anything. I loved the Flight Simulator freebie software that came with it and the hardware stereo graphics.

  57. Obama is taking questions in a presser right now

  58. RD, please don’t get me for saying this.

    Of course Democrats marched and risked their lives for civil rights. But the oppressors were… other Democrats: George Wallace, Ross Barnett, Orville Faubus. Even Sam Ervin, whom we knew as the hero of Watergate, in an earlier era had signed the infamous Southern Manifesto– but nobody told us.

    These are truths I just can’t forget, and which some have perhaps never learned.

  59. Blah blah blah.

  60. RD:

    The people that paid to put G-Dub in the White House don’t think he’s a failure. They got exactly what they wanted.

    They are the same people that bankrolled The Lightbringer, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

  61. Dkat– yeah, I was taught in school that Cook County won it for JFK “the Chicago way.” Nixon in that instance was actually the good guy and didn’t try to contest the election. I wonder if events like that did not harden him into taking a ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy’ attitude which for him proved fatal.

  62. votermom: Yep, if you read that wiki piece to the end, it shows that at the age of nine, she was doing complex multiplication and division problems, which, let’s face it, is about all most Americans have to deal with everyday. Everything after fractions to most people is a big blur. Based on the evidence, she probably had a normal IQ. Not brilliant. Just sort of average. She would have made a good secretary or housewife back in the 40’s.
    The problem seems to be that she was neglected by her family. She wasn’t one of the bright young things that her siblings were and it appears that she acted out to distinguish herself. Perfectly normal behavior for an adolescent. But back then, she could have gotten preggers. Couldn’t have that or a young woman who was supposed to be demure ruinng the chances for her other sisters by her fits of inappropriate behavior. I suspect she was rather like a Lydia Bennett type, horrifying her family. So, they had her reined in- permanently. It seems the operation went a bit too far and they ended up turning her into the mentally disabled person they told everyone she was.
    Nice! What a family. Well, what do you expect from a bunch of shanty town MIC noveau riche social climbers?

  63. RD – I enjoyed reading this. As with anything I enjoy, I don’t agree with every last word, but where I disagree is as interesting to me as where I do. Love the SIDS/work station metaphor.

  64. myiq: Oh, I agree completely! George W. Bush was fantastically successful. He exceeded their wildest expectations. I’m sure he doesn’t lose a wink of sleep at night.
    There were a lot of people involved in the election of the Lightbringer. There was definitely Big Money involved but they used some uniquely modern American narratives to get him there. I think there was initially a lot of support for Hillary but it was diminished overtime by relentless pressure and withdrawal of funds for downticket races.
    For sure, no one is going to get Change! Rather, Barack Obama has solidified the status quo. From now on, only the little people will have to sacrifice and we’ll all be made to feel guilty if we don’t feel good about it.

  65. Sorry John. That is what Nixon claimed, but it was a myth. He would have had to win a couple of other states that Kennedy won.

  66. In no lifetime was Richard Nixon ever a “good guy.”

  67. johnica: I’m with BB here. Nixon was a bad guy. Just because you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean you have to resort to being a crook. He had a choice. We don’t condone bad behavior.

  68. why oh why do we have to deal with him
    instead of clinton or even mccain?

  69. I have a new post up.

  70. bb, I looked it up and in 1960 Nixon had 219 electoral votes; so it’s true that the Illinois vote would not have changed the results.

    No, I did not mean that Nixon was a good guy, but only that he seemed to me gracious about conceding in 1960, without raising voter fraud issues, much as McCain conceded this year.

  71. RD,

    I’m glad your basement is just about finished. When will we see the photos?

  72. He wasn’t gracious behind the scenes, John. This is the man who won his first race for the House by labeling his female opponent a commie. Red-baiting was his favorite passtime.

  73. Prediction:
    Incompetent is to W’s admin as Corrupt is to BO’s admin.

  74. This is a great essay. And riverdaughter is absolutely right that at the end of the day all roads lead to Ted Kennedy. I’ve written about it before: the idea that somebody like the Clintons would take control of the party from the Kennedys was unacceptable. And they’ve spent years trying to wrestle it back. To back Obama so early and so forcefully was Ted Kennedy’s way of taking control. The Clintons had to be destroyed. Remember Kennedy’s endorsement didn’t just sing praises of Obama, he was bashing the Clintons from that podium. And he opened the floodgates for other big names to back Obama and for the bashing of Bill Clinton and his presidency.

    Republicans are looking at this Blago thing and I want to be a fly in the room where they discuss it! Anyone trying to say that Fitzgerald has exonerated Obama are too partisan to realize that Blago’s arrest is only the beginning of the story. Now the investigation truly begins, with the main culprit being asked to sing. How much he sings will determine how far things go, but this arrest is only the beginning. And even though I personally expect Obama will not be brought down – some pretty big names close to him will be. Names he won’t be able to distance himself from. And this cloud will hang over Obama for his entire administration. I don’t know when the Villagers will turn on him; I suspect some never will. Their pride won’t let them. But none of it bodes well for the Democratic party. Obama has already destroyed the Democratic brand as we’ve always known it by driving away millions of formerly loyal Democratic voters. All those new Democrats who were supposed to replace us don’t care about the (D), they only care about Obama. Obama has done greater damage to the (D) than Bush has done to the (R.) I’m not aware of Republicans who have fled the party because of Bush. They may not like Bush, but they still like their party. This is not the case with many Democrats.

  75. Perfect.

    You reminded me of the years that the new machines were coming in every year or two. You cannot imagine what that meant at daily newspapers when the stuff failed. But, like you — there was a Systems dept– and the guy always (sometimes women too — it was a glass ceiling thing) would come out and help.

    Methinks this isn’t even a beta version, per se. I mean there was that boredom in the Senate deal where a note was passed that said “get me out of here” or something like that.

    It will be the Blago-ster, perhaps. He doesn’t sound like the type to go down all alone. At NQ they were predicting Biden as Pres.

    Geez. Maybe it was a Villager set up all along. AT THIS RATE RD?

    It sounds like it.

    Brava, again.

    It’s just slimy at this point. Slime.

    Ugh. Make that GGGRRRRRRRR at the sign of the paw!


  76. ps: DYB above. You said it. Driven away, long ago. This was the Dem’s biggest year to shine, and instead?


    About six months ago I decided to look at the Republican camp, not knowing anything about them. Martin Luther King was a Republican!

    He was. And, Ronald Reagan left the Dems to become a Republican — can you believe that? So, maybe the Dems are leaving for the same sorts of reasons. Corruption perhaps?


  77. Vbonnaire: You’re right about in-house IT people. They just assume women are as dumb as a box of rocks. But I have found out that all of the predictions I made about turning the admin of our high end workstations to the flunky desktop support group turned out to be correct. Deadly accurate in fact. And it’s a good thing I have the predictions on paper- from two years ago.
    But the vendor support guys are a different story. Usually, their extremely helpful. I got to the point where they were showing me how to replace SIMS and fans and nifty little shortcuts. This was back in ’91, ’92. I guess familiarity breeds contempt but it’s a totally different thing if your livelihood depends on you keeping the confidence of a customer.

  78. BB: My basement is nowhere near finished. They’re just finishing up the framing today. Then I have to have it inspected before the electrician comes in and puts the recessed cans up. Then I have to have it inspected. Then they have to put up the insulation before it can be drywalled. then I have to have it inspected.
    see where I’m going with this? I was aiming for Christmas but I don’t know if we’re going to make it. The building department was supposed to take 20 days to approve my permits. They took 40. Lots of money and I expect my taxes will increase by about $1000 next year. Yes, a finished basement is that expensive. But Brook will have her art studio and I will be able to stash all of her arts and craft supplies down there. Thank God. I will finally be able to ditch the clutter. There will be a huge storage closet made from two narrow unusable closets that I have now. A place for everything and everything in its place. The value of the house should increase too. Good all around.

  79. “bunch of shanty town MIC noveau riche social climbers”

    plenty of MICs have done us good, few nouveau riche social climbers have

    Mother Jones aka Mary Harris Jones comes to mind. An amazing woman. labor agitator, organizer of the International Workers of the World, the “Miner’s Angel”.

  80. When Ted Kennedy made his comments ” BZero was ready on day one” is when I said this is a coup d’etat – was that March? When Caroline Kennedy said “BZero reminded her of her father” I said to myself that she had lost her fr’gging mind and I lost all respect for her. When I read here people asking “when is the press going to do their job” I pound my head on the wall.

    I know Bu$hit was in office for these long 8 years but really, if you have been paying attention, you know we have not had government nor real press for all these years. You know the media selected him as well as this DOA candidate and you should know why. We are under the control of a cartel and their objective is to make money – not govern and has no allegiance to either party. The DNC is what brought this to us – the ‘leadership’. We have no laws nor enforcers. Our votes do not count. Unfortunately, we also have some voters who are little more than sheep.

    Hillary made a statement early on regarding BZero’s short history and his associates – I am only surprised that she was not assassinated physically instead of just a character assassination. Nothing will happen to derail this phoney from office.

    I don’t post anymore because I am a tiny little bit negative. I really appreciate this site and the posters – I have completely weened myself from the MSM and trust what is commented on here. This way I don’t count as a viewer to the MSM – saves me some ‘acid flux” suffering and my mind is not ruffing through words like a$$hat, swine, vile, criminal, baffon, LIAR – words I used to use toward R’s. I love reading Angie’s gratuitious f words. – she can’t say them enough for me.

    BZero is nothing more than a willing tool – the cartel will switch parties but the DNC made it all happen for them. JFK was my first president that I was old enough to acknowledge(teenager) – I have read every book written about Kennedys – I have always been told I sound exactly like Jackie. I admired Jack and Bobby for their support to MLK and the civil rights movement. This is back in a time when people really did have enough money that they did not sell their souls for more and more. I have no respect for any Kennedy that supported BZero. Caroline is pathetically unqualified to hold any political office – it goes to judgement.

    With Bu$h’s gutting of all things democratic, lawful, the media’s child like words praising all things Bu$h then treating BZero the same way – how could any adult not see? For people like Tom Hanks, SS, Will Smith, Opie(RH), Oprah – how can they be so shallow? These are people who have some education but no thought process or moral compass. These people have supported BZero even knowing how he came into office each time. I gag now when viewing “stars” and media pundits. There are good people – they just can’t get traction from all the stinking sh@t they have to wade through. ‘Fritsmas” last time was a little too late and a little too little(Scooter) – Blagojevich was so brazen because he felt comfortable and he is stupid. Most criminals are. He’s just small potatos. Teddy is not being subtle about pushing the niece – no need to – they are entitled. So many are going to be collecting their pay to play with nothing to stop it.

  81. They tell us that Obama’s IQ if off the charts and that he graduated at the top of his class but as far as I know neither is backed up with any documentation. And what the hell is “off the charts” anyway? 1 million billion zillion? What a bunch of BS!

  82. Oh, sorry RD. I misunderstood. Well, I hope you still get to see the superbowl on your new TV as you had planned.

  83. gxm17: Good question about the IQ thingy. You might be interested in Macolm Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers. It’s all about what makes people leaders. It turns out that after a certain IQ is reached, it really doesn’t matter how much higher it goes. One of the most significant contributions to a person’s success is opportunity. This is where sexism can be most critical. If you are male, you get a whole hell of a lot more opportunities than a female. I have yet to see it proven otherwise. That’s why if we want to turn this whole thing around, we have to start in elementary school. Heck, we have to start in Daycare.
    The IQ you need to have is about 130. Anything beyond that may be unnecessary.
    Oh, and the OTHER thing you need is creaivity. Super smart people who can’t think creatively are a distinct disadvantage to those who can.
    I don’t know what my IQ is. Never wanted to find out. My Dad’s was > 130. My Mom’s is 125, which would just qualify her for gifted and talented. My ex had an IQ of 160+ and you could tell. He is brilliant at math and engineering. My Brook is smarter than either of us because she’s got that math thing combined with artistic talent. Creatively, she can make art out of navel lint. No joke. And you would say, “Oh, wow! How did you do that?” Her art teacher this year noted that she was an outstanding student even though the two of them didn’t get along. Brook’s art is always chosen for art exhibitions and has been since second grade. But generally, she’s a pain in the ass to her teachers so I doubt that she’s going to get many opportunities to shine in other subjects unless she learns to zip it, zip it good.
    So, what was my point? My point is that if what Gladwell says is true, Obama probably doesn’t have a genius level IQ. Bill Clinton did. But Obama probably *did* have a lot of family connections and was most likely raised to believe that he was the best thing since sliced bread. He had a lot of people who mentored him. AND he had to have had a degree of creativity, though I have yet to see it. What I suspect is that he learned a lot from his mother the anthropologist and he used that knowledge creatively to learn how to be an alpha male.

  84. brilliant, riverdaughter, absolutely brilliant!

  85. djmm, on December 11th, 2008 at 10:09 am Said:
    I agree in part but sexism does not explain the Villagers hatred of Al Gore. But what do Al Gore and Senator Clinton have in common? They are both exceptionally intelligent. More intelligent than the Villagers.

    And they get things done, for the middle class, that disturb the entrenched interests. Gore said he was a ‘raging moderate.’

    Palin too. DailyPuma calls it the ‘Radical Middle’ iirc.

    Maybe Goldwater too, I remember he was treated badly by the press and was a sort of maverick and did get some things done.

    It’s not ideology, it’s … effectiveness? Rocking the boat competently?

  86. As to Kennedys and sexism, Jackie Kennedy was once quoted as saying “In our family, we leave politics to the men.”

  87. Hi RD, Thanks for the informative and lengthy reply.

    I never wanted to know my IQ either but my dad told me once and all it did was freak me out. It’s well over 130 and, as you point out, has not done a thing for me. Really the only thing it’s good for is recognizing other “smart” people. Your daughter sounds a lot like my son. I noticed his artistic ability at very young age. Wish he’d pursued it but he wanted to got into a field that he could make money in. Being raised around musicians and artists I guess he realized that it was not something one pursues for the paycheck. (sigh) But if your daughter wants to pursue her creative side let her know that she’ll have a blast in art school. It’s a much different experience than the conformity demanding environment of the average high school. And, contrary to my son’s assumption, you can even make a decent living with an art degree.

    I agree with your assessment of Obama. He probably has a high average IQ but he’s not brilliant. His real strength, I believe, lies in evasion and manipulation. But I’m not convinced he can pull it off at this level. I just don’t think he’s got the chops. We shall see.

  88. RD – I’ve been pretty sick with an awful headcold this week and have only been sporatically lurking – I’ve had thought about how contaminated the new administration is already and here you are with it all layed out clearly and so, so logically. Thank you.

    Indeed, Uncle Teddy has once again screwed with the system

  89. (APPLAUSE)

  90. Yes, gxm – I was wondering earlier today, “When is this house of cards going to collapse”
    I have a sense that O is well out of his league and it’s only a matter of time till we see some interesting headlines, or an incredibly well defined book – but for now I think there just isn’t anyone who is that brave or stupid depending on your view.

  91. As I mentioned in the thread about HD the other day, I was in gifted/talented – and I have primarily-inattentive ADHD.

    I’m nearly 40, and I realize ADHD wasn’t the topic in schooling it is now, but I’m at least moderately convinced nobody thought to screen me for it because I’m a girl. Who got As in art class but “wasn’t good at math,” and nobody thought anything about it.

    Wasn’t until I got to college and – thanks to a great teacher – started getting As in astronomy that I realized something was amiss.

    Thanks for the tip on the Gladwell book. Gonna go check it out. You all are the best of the Internet, as always – wish I had more time to add comments but usually it takes me so long to read all this insightful stuff that I don’t quite get there. 🙂 Y’all rule.

  92. Eleanor A – I LOVE your new screen name! I’m guessing this is because Barack Hussein Obama has now decided his middle name can be spoken?

    I tell you, nothing makes me more incredibly annoyed than the idiotic credulity of the Obots. First they were all signing everything with Obama’s middle name. Then, they decided using Obama’s middle name was r*cist.

    I’m sure they’ll be revising history once again on this matter, now that Obama has “Changed” his mind again…they are so ridiculous.

  93. “They are polling on approval for his transition.”

    True, and I wonder how many of those polled actually know anything about the Obama appointees. My guess is about 10%.

    As for Fitzgerald’s statement regarding Obama, he very specifically stated that there is “no reference in the complaint” about anything to do with Obama. On page 7 of the complaint, the agent explicitly stated, “Because this affidavit is submitted for the limited purpose of securing a criminal complaint and corresponding arrest warrants, I have not included each and every fact known to me concerning this investigation.” They very carefully limited their statements to what is included in the complaint while at the same time noting that there are facts known that are not in the complaint.

    Fitzgerald is continuing to pursue that Rezko/Obama land deal and that means that he will be targeting Rezko’s wife, Rita, since she was the one who has her name on the bank loan that was required to purchase that lot next to Obama’s mansion. Tony Rezko was claiming to be broke at the time the loan was made and (I believe) Rita’s income mostly came from the $38,000 she received as a Cook County Board appointee. Tony may have stopped cooperating, but I wonder how Rita will take to the idea that she might be going to the Big House.

    Fitzgerald has put down roots in the Chicago area. He has married a local woman and lives in a suburb not far from me. Should he be dismissed from his post by Obama, I would love for him to run for governor, especially if he made that run as an independent. I think he would win in a landslide.

    A good article on the 1960 election and recounts (Nixon did press for recounts) is at Salon:


  94. gxm17 2.20pm

    “And, contrary to my son’s assumption, you can even make a decent living with an art degree.”

    Can you??? My son is studying Art but I have no idea where he can make a living.

    Any suggestions welcome-tho it may be too late at the end of this thread. 😉

  95. johninca,

    Before the Civil Rights Act, the parties were different than they are now. The Civil Rights Act caused a lot of Southern Dems to leave the party, becoming Dixicrats, and then eventually taking their guns and Bibles into the GOP camp.

    Condi Rice’s father was GOP, going back to the Civil War.

    I don’t like Obama’s kind of ‘Democrats’, but it’s not correct to count Faubus et al among them (tho technically he was ‘a Democrat’). Wallace was third party (though former Democrat).

  96. Coming in late, walked in the woods today here — it was great collecting pine cones and things– we had you know 19th cen fun.

    I would imagine Brook is incredibly creative RD. That means you did a really fab job up to age 9 — when that develops in children. The imaginal.

    Ps: just weighing in on the IQ deal as a therapist. In my training for assesment by a clinical psychologist (I’ll never forget the various tests) she said the most valuable thing was that people really worry about this — but don’t! Because you cannot measure quality of life by an IQ test. You could have someone with less than 100 who had the most marvelous life in the world. Friends, happiness and so forth — where if you have someone up at 160+ you might get a genius who lacked the ability to make friends and who was miserable! It’s totally true.

    ps: my BA was Art — it is a great degree because you usually learn a language as well as a lot of History. It’s a Liberal Arts degree. Worth it, bigtime and you really have to learn composition — because you have to “write” the finals in blue books. I bet they still do it that way.

    The world needs its artists. I’m so happy for Brook RD. As a child I was like that too. It makes for rebels! Hahahah!

    I have to try and hook up the camera to this again so I can show you what I make at my place….

    ps: RD I think the LAT might be reading the Conf and saw your marshmallows, gf. They were running that in food on Thurs — cinnamon ones cut into stars.

    pss: the smartest person in Systems was A WOMAN! A man ran it, but he was a user and bluffer — she was intellectual and “heady” about things — there were two women in that dept. Boy was it ever a glass ceiling for them in those days — late 80’s into the 90’s.

    They had to figure out how to make all the software work. Nothing like now. It’s so easy now. It was hell back then. Ugh. Many nights I stayed until the wee hours just to get that paper out the next morning. Ugh. I don’t even want to remember! But all papers went through it, they did.

    Anyway —– Art leads to Graphic design, Architect, Anthropolgy, Archaeology, Museums, Antiques and so forth….all the goodies!

    hugs and don’t worry — it’s a FAB education…….

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