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In Honor of Clowns Everywhere

This was originally posted as a brief comment on Klown Haus, the blog of
myiq2xu, author on the Confluence and master of the midnight shift.
He and I seem to have in common a cold realism about how the world
can be.

I never expected to be writing a poem about clowns. Perhaps I was just intrigued
at the boldness of using the clown persona as a way to confront and communicate. Hastily editing these words, I see that affectionate comments are already coming in about myiq2xu. If they hadn’t, the poet
would be the one looking like a *clown* right now. Here’s to myiq and to *clowns*
everywhere. We’re all *clowns* tonight.

As children, we were entertained by a clown,
A smile on our face he’d coax from a frown,
But then we grew up, and became less enthused
At his act, and he stood discarded and used.

An artist once sang of the tears of a clown,
How sad the expression, how dreadful the noun,
That he who amusement to others once gave
For himself, and in private, his tears have to save.

Show me a man, who when he was down
Never once shed the tears of a clown,
If such a man, forsooth, could be shown
He’d seem unlike any I’d ever known.

If a clown says his IQ is twice that of yours,
Judge him not harshly, the poet implores,
For perhaps he had only spoken in jest,
And of nothing thought but entertaining the rest.

If he says he’s twice as smart as us all,
His interlocutor he’d still not appal,
With bravado his reputation he earns,
But then to his solitude he returns.

So let a clown’s tears be wiped from his eyes,
Let the sun set and a new dawn arise,
Let out the old and let in the new,
The night rains have fallen; behold morning dew.

Let an old era end and a new one begin,
Let out the past and the future let in,
When the clock strikes midnight, the old day is done,
‘Ere long, a new day will have begun.

35 Responses

  1. nice!! Very nice. Heres to you myiq2xu!!

  2. elderj is right — very nice — here’s to myiq2xu!

  3. thanks– I have to go back and add the introduction as this was posted in such a hurry.

  4. Awwww, john. That’s a great description of our lovely clown.

    I love the way he handles the night shift.

    I love his sense of humor.

    I love how he and angie flirt with each other.

  5. And it’s an open thread, obviously.

  6. Perfect poem, John. You sure know how to pen ’em.

    Gotta go, for real actually.

  7. Night Regency!

  8. Getting off work in a few but will check in from home a bit after dinner. Goodnight anyone who leaves and hello to myiq if he shows up. (I wonder if he heard angie’s sexy voice?)

  9. Night Regency!

  10. scrubs — he must have & he must be so bowled over with lust that he can’t bring himself to “face” me here! LOL 😉

  11. I’m turning in too gang.

    Good night all!! Thanks for all your support on the show!!

  12. I’m not going to bed but am going out a bit. an anyone protect against trolls?

  13. Here’s a little clown action for ya’ll.

    First, Placido Domingo singing the clown song of all time, “Ridi, pagliaccio” from the Leoncavallo opera.

    Followed by the final scene from the opera, as Domingo and Teresa Stratas go at it. Note at about 4:15 Domingo’s foot getting caught in a chair he’s trying to kick off stage and he falls almost flat on his face – and keeps singing without missing a beat.

    These clips are from a live performance at the Met in 1978; production is by Franco Zeffirelli.

  14. Johninca,
    your poems are beautiful.

    your posts are insightful.

    Thanks to both of you.

  15. My comment with 2 links is in moderation! Let me out!

  16. aw shucks JohninCA, miq2xu is even more lovable now after reading your poem.

  17. Awww.that was nice!

  18. Amazonia, on December 11th, 2008 at 1:30 am Said:

    your poems are beautiful.

    your posts are insightful.

    Thanks to both of you.

    This night owl says it’s great to have both of you guys around!

  19. Wow – thanks everyone.

    I’m taking your names off my list for the Festivus “Airing of Grievances”

  20. I’m taking your names off my list for the Festivus “Airing of Grievances”

    Oh keep the list. It’s such a stress reliever to get a really good rant going…

  21. Yeah, I want to stay on myiq’s list, too. (What exactly is this Festivus, though?)

    We really do miss you when you aren’t around, myiq.

  22. I think he looks eeeeeevil.

    He may not be cuddly but he’s a good mouser. Pesky bots.

  23. Nijma – you should see the other gravatar he uses sometimes. That one is bloody scary.

  24. The last avatar just needed a little personal hygiene, which is in-person scary, not cyber-scary. Now the one before that, THAT was an avatar.

    Now, I’ve changed my avatar too…

  25. ..and I’ll turn it on so you can see it.

    But no one has ever remarked on it. Maybe because I just made the color go from yellow to red.

  26. but now that I have found free Christmas carol downloads for my students tomorrow, time to turn in.

    this has some interesting stuff:

  27. scrubs: You’ll have to google Seinfeld and festivus to see what it’s about. The Google search will probably take you back to some youtube clips.

  28. Send in the Clowns! Pushing Daisies had a delightful plot twist involving a clown and an one eyed aunt brandishing a gun!
    And speaking of clowns

  29. Myiq it couldnt happen to a nicer guy…I am sure all the tr0lls that have been defeated by your superior intelect and fast finger on the edit button would agree!

    Kudos to the puma poet laurette

  30. Fuzzy:

    Superior intellect?

    I’ve got houseplants that are smarter than the ButtBurgers.

    And my goldfish?


  31. Great poem!

    To be honest, I’ve never liked clowns, but I loves me some myiq!

  32. When you listen to or read some of the statements being made by the players in this latest Obamadrama, parse the words carefully.

    If Obama says “I did not speak to Governor Blagojevich about this subject” his statement literally means that he personally did not have verbal communications directly with Blago.on that topic.

    It does not rule out written communications, indirect communications through staff, or communications on other topics.

    “I don’t believe I did anything wrong” or “I didn’t do anything illegal” is not the same as “I am innocent”

  33. Very nice poem johninca!
    I love myiq2xu’s style and you have captured it well.

  34. Cheers to MYIQ!

  35. lovely poem johninca.

    I have to admit I was scared of myiq.
    I used to put a strip of paper down the side of my monitor to block out his avatar-but it was probably merely some deeply esconced fear from a horror film.

    Knowing myiq better one can only like and respect him.

    I would suggest that all the males on Confluence should do a blogtalk radio show. 😉

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