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Conflucians Say- Forcing Favreau

No, we haven’t forgotten.  Jon Favreau still has to go.  There are so many reasons for him to leave the White House that I really have to wonder why Obama hasn’t done it yet.  It almost seems like he is gearing up for a war on women, along with his slavish media whores.

So, here’s another good reason to add to the pile, which includes the very real danger he poses to Hillary’s role as Secretary of State: he creates a hostile work environment for his female co-workers.  If he acts this way at a party, that kind of gossip gets around.  And if he stays at the White House. he might as well be strutting with impunity.  He won’t be held accountable for anything.  Very, VERY bad situation for his female co-workers who may be subject to mockery and derision by the likes of Favreau and his drinking buddies.  It’s very hard for any woman to be taken seriously and deliver on the job when her suggestions and work are not given the attention or respect they deserve. Now, they will be faced with an extra degree of intimidation because as a gender, they are held to a higher standard than Favreau and his buddies.  Is this really the message Obama wants to send?   So, Favreau has to go.  I still think he would learn a lot at State working for a hard working, intelligent, disciplined, dedicated Hillary Clinton.  *Hint-hint*

Heidi Li of is raising money to buy an ad to call attention to Favreau.  If you want to get in on the action, check out this page at PUMAPac and let’s shove Favreau out the door and into Foggy Bottom.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

And join me tonight at 10 PM EST for Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio, PURrrrr

117 Responses

  1. Favreau is the Clarence Thomas of the Obama administration. For those who may not remember, Thomas was a political appointee (like Favreau), who thought that goofing off and sexual harassment were indistinguishable.
    The kicker was that Thomas, for part of the time that he was harassing Anita Hill, was the country’s top enforcement officer for sexual harassment in the workplace. I was taken aback when so many people (usually men) asked why Hill didn’t report Thomas’ behavior. I guess they thought that Hill could just call up the president and complain.
    Now, we have Favreau engaging in hostile behavior that involves a fellow “member” of the administration, the future president knows and he doesn’t give a shit.
    Yeah, we’ve come a long way, baby….

  2. He and Blago? They make Obama look like an ass.

    He has no idea.

  3. Shove Favreau out the door — but don’t leave him on Hillary’s doorstep to diaper train him. He sure doesn’t belong in the diplomatic corp either!


  4. This story has such legs not only cause it should, but also because the photo could not better illustrate what Puma has been talking about for months. If we could dream up a photo to symbolize all the Ofrat, he-man wemens hate coming from Obama HQ, we could not do better than this real one . I swear I thought it was an Onion staged photo when the story broke.

  5. This question has been removed from consideration by the Onuts:
    “Given the obvious inappropriate groping actions of Jon Favreau regarding the Hillary life-size cut-out; will he still be a part of the Obama administration?”

    Another simple question, “Why does Favreau still have a job?” has been marked “remove”.

    The Stalinist asses really want their weed to be approved but they just don’t have a problem with representations of sexual violence. Nearly every question on the topic has significantly more thumbs down votes than thumbs up.

  6. Parsing the Clinton official statement “Sen. Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application,”

    Translation: “Our attorneys advise us that this is not actionable since Hillary has not yet been sworn in.”

  7. bostonboomer — I just saw your request on the other thread to call into the show — I’m so sorry — I was away from the computer for the last hour & missed the show (and your message!) Really, really sorry!! I’m sure you did great.

  8. Angie,

    It’s was just RD, me, and boogieman. But I went off on a couple of rants so we filled up the time. I probably sounded like a complete idiot, but I don’t think anyone was listening…

  9. BB: no, I was fascinated by the Kennedy thing. It’s just not something I know much about.

  10. Just missed the show! Got on just as you all were saying goodbye. Who was that asking if someone wanted the computer now? 🙂

  11. RD,

    I’m hope you don’t think I’m a conspiracy nut. I’m not. But we have to understand that there are real conspiracies. I’m actually thinking of writing a post about this when I can–not about JFK per se, but about what the lying and covering up has done to us as a people.

  12. I’ve gotten myself really worked up over this Favreau thing. It just makes me furious that Obama can completely ignore the whole thing and get away with it. And where is Favreau? His mother must be so proud. He grew up just a short distance from where I live, in North Reading. I wonder if he’s hiding there?

  13. Well at least Fox News is starting to headline the BO-Blago connections.

  14. They are? That’s good news anyway. I haven’t watched TV news in so long I have no idea what they are doing.

  15. BB,

    I’m furious about Favreau, too. It’s not just a replay of the last eighteen months, it’s a replay of my work life.

  16. Too bad — I would have loved to talk about the Kennedy’s — I loved RD bringing up Rosemary last night & on her post today — a lot of people don’t know about that — it seems all the dirt the men in that family do to women gets covered up and/or excused & then never spoken of again.

  17. It was a fine show, I don’t know if you can discuss the Kennedys’ without the JFK death coming up. Think of how RFK came up while Clinton was campaigning.

    Yeah BB the more I thought about Favreau the madder I got. And I was pretty angry to start with. There was such clear ringing consensus on Violet’s blog today. We all know that place.

  18. I’m slowly unwinding from an unexpected trip to the hospital with my mom (who has a kidney stone) and totally missed the show. I’m so sorry — I’ve been looking forward to it.

    BB, I’m getting ready to read JFK and the unspeakable: Why he died and why it matters.

  19. Darn .. !!!! … I missed the radio show .. crap .. .

    I was here many times today – in and out ..and I Missed it .. sheeeesh …. The next time this happens please try to post this at least in a morning post .. I caught ‘the view under the bus’ .. cause everyone brought it up .. now & then … . or did I miss it in an earlier post …..

    Anyway , I am positive YOU were both wonderful ..!!

  20. kb — hope your mom is ok! I’ve never had kidney stones but I know they are really painful.

    In a bright spot of news, the Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Rham refused to answer reporters questions today re: whether he was the “President-elect’s adviser” in the Blago indictment. Seedy Rham had the nerve to play the “father” card! {rolls eyes}

  21. Katiebird!

    I’m so glad to see you. I’ve been worried about you. I was afraid maybe something like that happened. I hope your mom is going to be OK. Those kidney stones can really be painful.

    I’m going to read that book as soon as I can too.

  22. Katie I’m sorry to hear about your mother, kidney stones are an agony, judging from my husbands experience.

  23. You can always listen to the replay, Briana–if you want to torture yourself by listening to me go off on two big rants! Ugh.

  24. Briana — next The View from Under the Bus show is Wednesday Jan. 7 at 9:30 EST — us big mouthed broads on that show will be sure to remind you! 🙂 One of the other girls will be moderator next time (we are going to rotate it). Also, you can get updates on:


  25. angie, she’s doing OK, I think. Not too much pain. In fact the doctor was shocked at the size of the stone. the doc didn’t think mom was in enough pain to HAVE a stone — much less a big one.

    The hospital is just a mile from my house so I can easily check on her again in the morning.

  26. You can always listen to the replay, Briana–if you want to torture yourself by listening to me go off on two big rants! Ugh.

  27. BostonBoomer & roofingbird, thank you — My mom’s a tough cookie. She never admits to feeling pain….

  28. Backtrack will do nothing about women hating in his administration. He can not deal with women.
    He really does not give a damn about the american people either. He got the title and does not expect to have to do anything. That is his mo. His handlers will keep on robbing the american people and bankrupting the treasury. He will have his minions write a speech and try to look good and hope the teleprompter does not break.
    He learned the chicago way, what makes anyone think he will change?
    Go all the way back to his mentors as a child, he has never been taught to love and respect this country.
    This spoiled brat never had a hard day and thinks he is entitled to take what he wants and to hell wilth anyone else.
    I hope spam is in a better mood as my last posts got lost in space



  29. I haven’t meant to disappear (by the way) I’ve been fine. Somehow I’ve been getting into cleaning the house. And it’s kept me very busy.

  30. Plainjane, we aren’t much into the BC thing here.

  31. Could I ask, I don’t know him than other from this blog, but I felt a sort of connection with Gary. Did anyone ever find out what happened to him?

  32. Angie,

    It sounds like Rahm is verrrrry nervous. Poor dear.

  33. kb — I’m glad. It is also so good to have the hospital near by — people don’t think about that much when they buy, but when my dad had a heart attack this summer it was such a blessing that the hospital was only a mile from my parent’s house too — my mom refused to leave his room & slept there (she talked the ICU nurses into it) but she had to leave at the shift changes at 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. & from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day, so it was easy for me to pick her up in the morning so she could come to the house, eat, shower, etc. We would go back at 8:00 a.m. & I would stay with her (and him) during the day then take her back to the house at 7:00 p.m. for her to eat & then drop her at the hospital at 8:00 p.m. That was a terrible 5 days. Thank God he is doing fine now.

  34. My husband was curled in a ball at the hospital for hours, until it passed and then he just sat up looking foolish. Your Mom is tough!

  35. Gary was upset at something RD posted about Obama getting elected. I wish he would come back, but maybe he just wanted to branch out on his own. He still writes really good stuff.

  36. I love holiday parties! Just got back from another one. However, my feet are killing me, the bra is cutting into my skin, I think I have a case of indigestion, and I have gravy stains on my dress.

    Other than that, looking forward to another one over the weekend. Just hoping to survive! Ageism is also alive and well.

  37. We ARE going to change the MSM narrative on Favreau, we are. I’ve been conferring with Murphy, we’ve raised a chunk of money – we could use a bit more but we are not desperate. I am taking every measure I learned from retiring Clinton’s debt and The Denver Group and turning my attention to the general problem of misogyny and why Favreau is the poster boy for it at the moment.

    I update people at this post and also put up an idea I had before about a job/service providing bank for Conflucians, readers of my blog, etc. We can help each other by being our own market. If you are so inclined, have a look: http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/contribution-to-the-white-house-made-and-an-update-on-51-percent-initiative-regarding-jon-favreau-an.html

  38. roofingbird — you can catch up with garychapelhill at his blog ElectricBlues — it is on the blog roll call on the right of the home page here.

  39. BB – every good radio host needs to be able to go off on a rant. Stop saying “ugh”! I was working and missed the cry for callers or I would have phoned in.

  40. Pat J — if you don’t spill something on your dress it wasn’t that good of a party! LOL

  41. It is one of the things to consider when you get older and don’t have relatives nearby, or friends that could check in on you.

  42. I’m glad your dad is doing OK now, Angie. It is nice to be near a hospital. I don’t have one that close–but there are a few within 30 minutes or less from here.

  43. And there is a reason for calling them “push up” bras.

  44. JeanLouise, on December 11th, 2008 at 11:17 pm Said:

    What was particularly horrible about the Blitzer-Carville exchange was that it was watch Favreau-grown-ups being as obnoxious and infantile as Favreau ahd his friend.

  45. {{angie}} we’ve been through sieges like that with my mom. I’m so glad your dad (and mom!) came through that horrible experience ok.

    Roofington, a few years ago mom had double knee replacement surgery. 3 days later they sent her to a rehabilitation hospital. The admitting nurse asked her to rate her pain from 1-10 (10 being the worst) she said, “3” — I’m not sure she knows what pain is.

  46. Rahm, the seedy, is fearing the wrath of IL5. First to get a government vacay was Rostenkowski, then came Bag-o-moneyvich, and now Rahm. It’s the seat of the damned.

  47. Pat Johnson, on December 11th, 2008 at 11:32 pm Said:
    Sounds like you had a fun time – you have the party scars to show for it!

  48. Women never give in to pain. One, because we don’t have time and two, because nobody listens anyway.

  49. Prolix, on December 11th, 2008 at 11:35 pm Said:
    seat of the damned – funny

  50. Heidi Li,

    Thank you so much for sticking with this Favreau thing. We just can’t let it go. RD was saying tonight that it sets up a hostile working environment for women in the administration. And she’s right.

  51. {{Pat}} So true!

    Except my mother-in-law — she LIVES for pain!

  52. katiebird: LOLOL

  53. KB, I’m holding your mom in the light, and BB, I do share your outrage. I just never get a chance to see all this until late at night.

    I am also about to read the JFK book. please remember if you want your copy signed or if you have a question for the author, I do know him – he’s awesome and I’m honored to witness for peace and protest with him, but he’s not some celebrity, he’s just a guy and very accessible. I also am close to and love his wife Shelley – here’s a little known fact about the book – for years one of his xmas gifts to her has been one or more chapters to read and edit if she chooses or feels it’s necessary…..she told me a couple of years ago how much she has looked forward t it and on the other hand how maddening it is to have to wait a year for the next chapter 🙂

  54. My sister is like that…

  55. bostonboomer, on December 11th, 2008 at 11:37 pm Said:

    I am working a post about that – I teach Title VII (workplace discrimination) and in the private sector this would not be tolerated given that FAVREAU himself put it on his facebook page.

  56. Living for pain, I meant. Living to complain actually.

  57. kb — LOL!! How many kids did your mom have & were they natural child birth? cause if so, I’m sure the pain from the kidney stones and double knee replacement together doesn’t compare!

  58. BB, that sounds like my MIL — it’s all she thinks about.

    (shaking it off) OOO – TMZ is on!

  59. Thanks, Kiki. I may take you up on that. I don’t think I’ll be able to start reading it until after Christmas though. Do you know when his next book is going to come out? I don’t know if the next one is about Bobby or MLK/MalcolmX, but I know he is supposed to be writing an “unspeakable” trilogy.

  60. Kiki, I got my copy of the book from the library. But, if I buy a copy, I might take you up on that too.

  61. katiebird, on December 11th, 2008 at 11:38 pm Said:

    {{Pat}} So true!

    Except my mother-in-law — she LIVES for pain!

    Very funny! I need these chuckles.

  62. Can’t wait to read your post, Heidi Li. I don’t see how Obama can get away with keeping him. Don’t they have sexual harrassment rules in the WH?

  63. Angie, she had 8 kids so you’re probably right.

  64. My sister actually does have a lot of pain issues, but I wish she would talk about something else occasionally.

  65. Hey, I think my last comment went to moderation!

  66. Oh, there it is.

  67. Pain and a pain in the ass on one blog, nice! Heidi Li, is someone had posted that on a computer at my worksite, I would have thrown them off the swingstage.

    The senate just rejected the auto bailout 52-35

  68. I am beginning to realize that women are actually the “enemy” of the piece more so than men.

    Just before I retired last year my female boss hired a male director for the department. Both are in their early 40’s to put it into context.

    Within weeks he was draped over the booths and desks of the 20 somethings, touching, laughing, giggling and stroking. Many of these young women were eating it up with a spoon. It was then made known that he had 2 ex wives, was living with someone, and left his former job because of some “inappropriate” behavior. However, his boss, the female, found this all to be most amusing and added a comment that “he added color” to the department.

    Since I left I understand that his actions have become more blatant and that he is now “secretly” dating one of the young female’s in the department while going home each night to the live in girlfriend.

    The female boss considers this to be “his business” and should not be discussed within the office. So actually this woman has given her stamp of approval to the shenanigans going on under her nose which can only lead to major problems looming on the horizon.

    The tone has been set by the one at the top (female) and that is to overlook the behavior of her male underling.

  69. kb — lol — I thought I remembered either you or jb mentioning coming from large family. 🙂

  70. BB, I don’t know, but I’ll ask. I haven’t even read the one that’s been published, so…….

    you’d love these people. I moved here, to Birmingham, from Washington DC, and it’s weird that I seem to meet so many more interesting people here than I did there. I guess it’s because it’s easier to travel in *progressive* circles here than in D.C. unless you’re a VIP. it’s been a little eye-opening and definitely fulfilling.

  71. my ex-MIL lived for pain too — unfortunately it wasn’t her own,, but causing it for others — I was on the top of her list. I left my ex because he was such a jerk, but even if he hadn’t been I probably would have left him anyway, just to get away from her!

  72. Pat J — it is sickening what some women will do/allow for a pat on the ass isn’t it?

  73. Well, here is a thought, with so many women who are molested and abused, its not hard to imagine that boundary establishment might be a little uncertain for many. Women probably need as much training as men. Girls who don’t get grow up but still have the same problems. Ask some one who is the adult child of an alcoholic.

  74. angie: Yes, the testosterone can be equally applied as long as one adds “color to the office”. As good an excuse as any I suppose.

  75. angie: Yes, the testosterone can be equally applied as long as one adds “color to the office”. As good an excuse as any I suppose.

  76. angie: Yes, the testosterone can be equally applied as long as one adds “color to the office”. As good an excuse as any I suppose.

  77. roofingbird — I don’t have any documentation on this, but I do recall hearing that most women who go into the “sex” professions (stripping, prostitution, porn) were sexually abused when they were younger. I believe it.

  78. Hey Pat — why are you stuttering? LOL!!

  79. I am off to bed. Need to “rest up” for my next weekend party.

    Just call me “Cinderella” from now on.

  80. Good night Pat!

    I’m going too all — good night!

  81. Hmmm, something wrong with Heidi’s link above. I’ll see if a different one is linked to on her Potpourri.

    Regarding kidney stone: I have had patients who have had them and who have also been in labor. About 1/2 say that the stone is worse.

  82. Night guys.

  83. night everyone

  84. I think WordPress hiccuped or something, Pat.

    That’s a sad story about the woman boss. Unfortunately a lot of women are their own worst enemies, and roofingbird makes a good point. You have to be brought up to have boundaries. A lot of women are brought up to think they can’t say no or object to being disrespected.

  85. December 11th, 2008 at 11:25 pm Said:

    …us big mouthed broads on that show…
    …One of the other girls will be moderator next time…

    If we are going to expect to be treated with respect in the workplace and in the public sphere we need to start by treating ourselves with respect.

    Do you think any of The One’s bot-minions would for one nanosecond accept him being referred to as a “boy” with the word’s connotations of immaturity or unimportance? Yet it’s all too easy to internalize the dismissal of all women that the above Favreau picture implies.

    Take yourselves down first so they can’t do it? Not good. We need to build each other up with expectations of the importance of the tasks in front of us and our own capabilities in dealing with them.

  86. If I ever see Favreau (his home is near where I live), I will call him a disgusting little boy, and I don’t care if he accepts it or not. Angie calling herself “a big mouthed broad” isn’t a putdown, IMHO.

  87. woo boy — I’m glad I didn’t go to bed just yet –no offense Nijma, but I wear the fact that I’m a “big mouthed broad” as a badge of honor. I’m not going to apologize for it.

  88. oh and bb — thanks for having my back sister! 🙂

  89. Angie,

    Did you read Hillbuzz? They are hinting that Rahm is gay.

  90. We get to talk about ourselves in a lighthearted way. And big-mouthed broad can be a compliment for lots of people. I like that expression.

  91. OT for a good cause: send a Christmas card or two to:
    Recovering American Soldier
    c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
    Washington,D. C. 20307-5001

  92. They have implied that Emmanuel is gay before, citing that he was a ballet dancer and not his family’s favorite son.

  93. thanks bb — that is how I meant it — I would never call a woman I didn’t like a “broad” — it is a term of affection as far as I’m concerned — for those of us who don’t sit down & shut up and act like “ladies.” In fact, I find the term “lady” to be MORE sexist — it is an elitist term that denotes the “Angel in the House” stereotype of the proper, upper class “lady” who stays safe in her gilded cage (the house) doing only “lady’s work” (needlepoint, etc — no cooking and cleaning though, as that only for the lower classes & may roughen the “lady’s” hands) and relying on the big strong man to take care of her material needs.
    I’m no lady — I’m definitely a broad.

  94. I feel the same way about “lady,” Angie.

  95. bb — no, I haven’t been to Hillbuzz in a while — I’m not surprised though because I’ve heard those rumors before as he is constantly referred to as a former “ballet dancer.” I have no idea if it is true, but these people must never have heard of Baryshnikov! LOL

  96. OMG!! It looks like they are going to delay sentencing for Rezko again. He must have decided he had more to tell Fitzgerald!

  97. thank bb! Ok, I’m going to bed for real now!

    Night bb!!

    Night everyone!!

  98. bb — OMG!! That IS good news!! Glad I caught it.

    Good night now for real real! LOL

  99. !! Wow. Is it common to delay sentencing like that?

  100. Night Angie!

  101. I’m putting up a post.

  102. Oh, this is charming. NOT.

  103. Wonderful. Where do you find these things? I still think about that video you put up with the guy swinging over the top of the huge swingset.

    Post is up!

  104. Hey, don’t try to push Rahm on the gays. (Though he is kinda cute.) I know one or two straight ballet dancers. Well, technically straight. They’re equal opportunity…you know. But they swear that they’re straight.

    What I predict is that if Rahm goes down (no pun intended) it will all be Bill and Hillary’s fault, since they got him his start. Obamabots will say: what do you expect from a Clinton person?!

  105. BB, I just stumbled on that image. Mister found the swing thing. I don’t know how that happened. That was good, wasn’t it?

  106. Hey DYB,

    I have a new post up.

    I’m not trying to push Rahm off on anyone. I was just surprised to see that story. I don’t care who sleeps with who.

  107. I’m no lady — I’m definitely a broad.
    While I share distaste for white glove activities–they’re never any fun-the word “broad” conjures up visions of B&W gangster flicks with gangsters” molls playing dumb and hanging on their bully-boy sugar daddies with ten pounds of makeup on their faces. That’s not my style either.

    BTW, did you know the n-word is a “term of endearment”? Just ask the View (at about 1:55):

  108. bostonboomer, on December 12th, 2008 at 12:13 am Said:

    If I ever see Favreau (his home is near where I live),

    Can you get a photo of his mother, sisters, girlfriend?

  109. Heidi Li siad: I teach Title VII (workplace discrimination) and in the private sector this would not be tolerated given that FAVREAU himself put it on his facebook page.

    Hi, Heidi! {hugs}

    At some point you might want to verify:

    1. Was this a page controlled by Favreau, or just a page about Favreau controlled by his fans?

    2. In either case, did others besides Favreau have posting priviledges?

    Iirc CNN carefully said something like ‘appeared on Facebook’ and other journalists have raised these points.

    Apparently the photo was taken down but later reappered and stayed up quite a while, which would suggest someone else posted it at least on the second time. I’m not sure it’s established whether the second appearance was on the same ‘page.’

    Still, it’s clear that Favreau was posing for the photo, and he must have known the chances of it being published somewhere, somehow. If he didn’t know that — then that’s another point for him being unqualified for a WH post.

  110. The most telling aspect about this is that it proves Obama does not like to get his hands dirty. He never stands up to any of this cr@p. At the first sign of troube, he’s nowhere to be seen. I have never seen a such a wishy-washy excuse for a world leader.

  111. fsteele, IIRC this is at least the second time you’ve posted asking for verification. I gave a link to the original source at one point. If this concerns you so much perhaps YOU should research it.

  112. I’m not defending Favreau: he needs to be fired ASAP.

    I’m suggesting to Heidi and others concerned with their own credibility, that before they SAY ‘Favreau posted it’ and other such detailed statements, they should check them out. The truth is bad enough; no point in giving the bots such errors to attack us on.

    If I come across confirmation I’ll try to put it at my catchall Favre site, http://fire-jon-favreau.blogspot.com/
    But I don’t think there will be any on that point. Favreau and the Obama camp are on the alert and even if he did post it himself, they won’t admit it.

    In the meantime, I’m warning credible PUMAs when I see a possible pothole they need to avoid.

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