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Where is Our Common Consciousness?

Who Are You? Who Do They Believe You Are?

Who Are You? Who Do They Believe You Are?

Between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question: unasked by some through feelings of delicacy; by others through the difficulty of rightly framing it. All, nevertheless, flutter round it. They approach me in a half-hesitant sort of way, eye me curiously or compassionately, and then, instead of saying directly, How does it feel to be a problem?

And so begins the substance of W.E.B. Du Bois poignant and thought-provoking philosophical essay on the “double-consciousness” experienced by African Americans, “The Souls of Black Folk.”  I remember studying this work in college and what it imprinted on my soul was his premise that this group of human beings looked at themselves from two separate and distinct perspectives:  from their own perspective, as a human being, with talents and desires, deserving of equality and the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and from the perspective of others, specifically white people, who saw them first as African American.  Du Bois called this a “double-consciousness.” It was this ability to see themselves, albeit tragically, from the perspectives of those who discriminated against them, that tied their souls together in common bond.  It was this common bond that motivated their struggle to break free from the oppression of bigotry.

To the real question, How does it feel to be a problem? I answer seldom a word. And yet, being a problem is a strange experience,…

As women do we see ourselves from these two perspectives?  Are we cognizant of the second consciousness that informs us of the bigotry that exists to oppress our gender?  After the experience of this election, it is clear to me that we view ourselves differently than many others around us- men AND women.  We may see ourselves as strong, competent, women who deserve choices and equality of experience but we’ve learned that others view us as lesser than men; dependent upon men; beholding to men; valued for our beauty and our baby-making abilities but not taken seriously in “a man’s world” for our strength and competence.   Apparently for many, we are quickly associated with sex and stripper poles, but not so quickly with Office of the Presidency.  Why is this?  We are a majority of the electorate.  How is it that we find ourselves rated one step below the wearers of the penis?  The comparisons of “experience” between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama bear this out – it’s undeniable.  For some of us this was a revelation that struck us like a fierce thunderbolt.

Then it dawned upon me with a certain suddenness that I was different from the others; or like, mayhap, in heart and life and longing, but shut out from their world by a vast veil. I had thereafter no desire to tear down that veil, to creep through; I held all beyond it in common contempt, and lived above it in a region of blue sky and great wandering shadows.

What has been most disconcerting for me is the complicity of our own gender in sustaining this patriarchy.  Are there really that many women who are oblivious to this second consciousness?  How can they not see that calling Sarah Palin “stupid” or Hillary Clinton a “whore” or wearing a “Sarah Palin is a C*nt” T-shirt only endorses the sexism and mysogyny that is unacceptably pervasive?  Is it because these women remain oblivious to this veil…the veil that locks us out of equality but fails to bond us together?  What would drive NARAL and NOW to endorse a “penis wearer” when a more qualified woman was in the race?  The “Choice” issue?  The one that will never go anywhere but forever be held over our head like the Sword of Damocles?

We are the majority of the electorate, yet we were unable to bond with a common desire to break free from this oppression.  The African American community rallied their common consciousness on behalf of Barack Obama.  Many of us chided them for doing so, myself included; yet now I’m beginning to understand and appreciate their solidarity.

We should take a lesson from them. All of their gains have been due to their ability to unite in common cause to free themselves from their oppression.  Their community of action, driven by the awareness of how others saw them is what helped them break free.  It is why they have been a major force in electing the first African American president.  They are to be commended and we must now look introspectively at our own plight. It is this common consciousness that our gender lacks.

We do not experience the mutual bond of a common oppression.  We spend our time projecting and judging each other as if WE are the ones who are doing it right and the “other” women have it all wrong.  Hillary should have left Bill; Hillary should have stood up and complained loudly about the sexism; Hillary should have fought the DNC; Hillary should have left the DNC and ran as an Independent; Hillary shouldn’t have campaigned for HIM; Hillary shouldn’t take the Secretary of State position; Hillary should have taken a more public stand about the mysogynistic behavior of Obama’s speechwriter… and on and on and on we go.

That sky was bluest when I could beat my mates at examination-time, or beat them at a foot-race, or even beat their stringy heads. Alas, with the years all this fine contempt began to fade; for the words I longed for, and all their dazzling opportunities, were theirs, not mine. But they should not keep these prizes, I said; some, all, I would wrest from them. Just how I would do it I could never decide: by reading law, by healing the sick, by telling the wonderful tales that swam in my head, — some way.

By what “way?”  By attacking and accusing and judging each other? She’s “just” a stay-at-home mother; She works and has small children; She put her career first; She put her career second; She keeps having children; She didn’t have any children.  We judge, we project, we ostracize, we reject each other…and we fail each other.  SHE doesn’t owe ME anything.  I am the one who must stand up and fight; I must help other women recognize the common bond we share in this “double-consciousness” so that we-too can break the veil.  I must be the one to come to the aid and protection of other women.  Our gender needs to adopt a mindset of “I got your back sister.”

Until we find a way to raise and merge the consciousness of all women, regardless of race, creed, color, political affiliation, marital status, with or without children or sexual orientation we will be hopelessly trapped in a culture that pushes us aside so that the ‘wearer of the penis’ can get through.  We will remain in a culture that feels empowered to sexualize and degrade our gender for their entertainment.  We will continue to be divided by religion, ideology and political platforms.

We can blame ‘the wearers of the penis’ for our troubles, but we are spinning our wheels if we fail to hold our own gender accountable for the sexism and mysogyny we experience.  Where is our “double-consciouness?”  Let me help you — they see us as the lesser of two genders.  Wake up and inform your second consciousness.  It’s time to break free sisters.


An “epilogue” of sorts: We all saw the CNN video of James Carville telling “us” we’re stupid, silly, sick, and in need of psychiatric help for complaining about the Favreau incident.  This is the way THEY see us.  His colleague, Campbell Brown is apparently, in his view, one of those stupid, silly, sick, nutjobs for complaining about the sexist nature of Favreau’s actions.  Will SHE take him on?  Can she now see what we’re talking about; or will she remain blinded to the awareness of how SHE, and the rest of us, are viewed?

Campbell…join our movement.  Can you see it now?

121 Responses

  1. Oh, and just for the record, Susan B Anthony was Pro Life. 🙂
    Even though I am Pro Choice, I don’t oppose what she did for that single belief.

  2. We are all pro life. there is no such thing as anti life.

  3. Personally, I don’t care whether John is fired or not. Let’s face it, he won’t be. BO will get his way and get to keep his little man.
    BO will ALWAYS get his way…

  4. CWaltz:

  5. He won’t be fired. The news cycle is moving on. After today it will be Gov Blag and his shenanigans, unless of course those come too close to Obama.

    Favreau is yesteday’s story sad to say. The press has other fish to fry right now. Women’s issues and sensibilities?
    Forget about it! The press will be playing up Blag while exclaiming the “miracle” emerging from Illinois of the name Barack Obama who comes to us unscathed and untouched by the Chicago Machine.

    Ladies and gents, I give you our press corp at work! Pardon my cynical approach but we need to learn that this administration holds us in the lowest of regard. Favreau is here to stay for as long as he desires. The rest of us can go to hell.

    We just need to “get over it”.

  6. Chicago Tribune has filed for bankrupcy…
    Karma be a b*tch

  7. Women’s rights boil down to the ability of women to make choices. I support a woman being able to choose to continue a pregnancy. I also support a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. I support a woman’s right to enter the workforce. I also support a woman’s right to choose to stay at home. I support women being able to decide who they should be able to marry, whether that person be male or female. I support a woman’s right to plan her family and support her family even if hewr choices are not the same as mine. That’s what being a feminist means to me.

  8. “Just fondling a piece of cardboard.”

    Let’s say Hillary won and her top speechwriter poses beside a cardboard cutout of Obama strung up in a noose.

    Now is it nothing?

    That a bright man like Carville doesn’t even understand the offense, good old boys having fun, only demonstrates the depth of the insidious nature of the sexual exploitation of women through symbolism. Not only does he recognize it as wrong, he sees it as right.

    Rumors of our progress indeed have been greatly exaggerated. And at this moment I can’t imagine ever quite seeing Carville in the same respectful light I once did.

  9. Isn’t Carvilles attitude that of “the good ole boys club”?
    Honestly, you sure can tell he’s from the good old south and that mentality of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s.
    Time to grow up Carville, just because you’re a n asshole.. doesn’t mean it should be condoned today. Besides, that kind of behavior.. belongs at a college frat party..not a speechwriter for the future POTUS!!
    And shame on you for saying other words!!

  10. Carville is on the record as saying he’d step it up a notch. I feel for any female subordinates he might have.

  11. Should read “Not only does he not recognize it as wrong …”

  12. Come January 20th, is anyone points out to me the tenderness rendered by the black community in having Obama sworn in as president, I will ram a pencil through my eyeball.

    The only “greatness” in this debacle is the size of the con.

  13. Last call…

  14. The boyz make excuses for themselves. It’s okay to be pigs, we’ll blame it on our testerone or beer or the fact we’re young etc,etc.

  15. Pat Johnson:

    Sadly, I agree with you. BO will get his way. We all have to work hard to just keep ourselves out of the grasp of his thugs for the next four years. As do the rest of the people working with this guy.
    Of course, Obama is involved with this indictment. How could he not be? Chicago Politics everyone. But the man has thirty mill or so at his disposal. Plenty of hush money to buy himself from any illegal activity.
    I don’t go to Hillbuzz for most of my news, but when it comes to Chicago Corruption, Hillbuzz is the specialist. Those gays got it going on.
    However, they seem to be under the hilarious impression that Obama will not get away with this and justice will be served! They cite Whitewater, a mere bad real estate land deal, as the source of a decade’s worth of phony scandal, and note that the skeletons in Obama’s closet will probably lead to much worse for his administration.
    HA! As if! Obama will get away with all, and do you know why? He is untouchable. Because of the color of his skin, he will always play the victim, and it will never end.
    Welcome to the next four f*cking years.
    And, news flash-
    it won’t be much different than the last four years.

  16. Cwaltz:
    exactly. I agree one hundred percent. That’s what I always thought feminism was about…
    Like Tomato Nation’s YES, YOU ARE says…

  17. I have cramps today so I intend to go about and kick a man in his cojones just for laughs.

    Just overlook this behavior. I am having “one of those days”. Tee hee!

  18. hey hey!! enough of this kickin’ the cajones talk. For some of us, these are the only family jewels we possess

  19. I signed the petition and my response was:

    As a man I am appalled that you would even consider not firing this person. If it were a cardboard cut out of Mr Obama’s two young daughters there would be outrage…it is at the very least sexual harrassment at the worst a simulation of a rape scene.

    Mr Favereau showed more that “poor judgement” he sets a very poor example for young men everywhere. I am sorry he chose this road. He should be dismissed and barred from writing speeches for pay from any democratic candidate.

    If this is the change you and Mr Obama are pushing for include me out. If it were my daughter on that cardboard cut out I would hog tie Mr Favreau and teach him to respect women with the end of my shovel.

    very respectfully,

    Michael P Varvel

    I wanted to say gun but hey I am for non-leathal punishment of male chauvanist pigs….truthfully I would have allowed a few of my aquaintences to work out their castration fantasies on Mr Favreau!

  20. fuzzy, as usual, you are my hero.

  21. sorry ladies I am a little steamed here…they are treating this guy like a martyr…what is wrong with these people….

  22. elderj: And I am wearing 4 inch heels. Just to give you a preview. Nothing personal, like boys will be boys, I have no control over my behavior during days like these. I am only a girl.

  23. hey elder some men dont deserve to retain possession of the “family jewelry!”

  24. *gives Pat high five*
    Fran Drescher wants Hillary’s Senate Seat! The Nanny!
    *jumps up and down, squeling*
    Better her than Caroline Kennedy!


  25. *jumps up and down*

  26. Of course Mr. Penis would proclaim that the New Agenda is silly — because the Dems have used the appointment to the Supreme Court for years to divide and conquer women. The New Agenda is calling the bluff of BOTH political parties.

    Women do have common ground — and that is where we need to stand together.

  27. I’ll be sure to wear my cup next time I visit here.

  28. Wait a minute. “More than a cardboard cutout.” If James is implying what is sounds like he is, I kind of want to take him on right now. That’s even more inappropriate than what actually happened. Bad game James.

  29. Ohhhh, Elderj.
    We are just joshing you, no one is REALLY after your equipment.

  30. REGENCY!
    Forget stupid Carville for a second! FRAN DRESCHER WANTS HILLARY’S SENATE SEAT!!!!
    Regency! Help me write a joint letter to Gov. P and Hillary!
    *I WANT FRAN!!!*

  31. LI: I was just discussing this with Mom. Said the same thing, “Better Fran than Caroline.”

  32. We should all practice saying this every day, “I got your back sister”!

  33. It’s too bad there aren’t any cardboard cutout of James Carville. We can blame it on the estrogen.

  34. I thought it was a joke because I hadn’t heard much about it. Now I’m all for it. It may be time to pull up roots and head to NYC.

  35. Right on! I support New Agenda. I don’t agree with them on any number of issues but I am proud to stand with them and call bad behavior what it is in regard to Jon Favreau.

  36. I want Carolyn Maloney!

  37. Regency- It sounds like James supports sexual harassment. When you say that if it were you that it would be “alot more than a cardboard cutout.”

  38. Can someone clean up aisle 5:43? Someone wants their mommy.

  39. James Carville used to be somewhat civil. Now he is behaving like the remainder of the democrats. See what happens when you are around obama. ..or didn’t obama talk to Carville either?

  40. Regency: I have a new post up on my blog about it, as well as a previous post about why Caroline does not deserve that seat, no way, no how.



    From now on, I am using my Blog to promote Fran as New York Senator. Time to head up to New York to campaign!

  41. I used to love James Carville. Now I think the Obama juice has poisoned him. This is really disappointing, what he did.
    But now I don’t care. Because of FRAN!

  42. SOD
    What an insightful post.
    Divide and conquer seems to have worked for generations.
    Unless we respect ourselves and each other, we lose every time.
    We need to start when children are young.
    Respect is the most important lesson a child can learn.

    An unlikely source to learn about each other is the show Wife Swap .If we walk in each others shoes for a time might learn understanding and respect for each other.
    Those who do not stand together will fall separately.
    We each have so much to contribute to the world and should have the opportunity to do so.



  43. CWaltz, sounds like he ws saying he would have the real-deal, not the cutout. That pisses me off. Was it not offensive enough.

  44. TR0ll @ 543pm Polo go back to Chri$tina’s Playhouse where you belong…

    Oh and for fun Obama for America sent me an invitation to “host a house meeting here is my reply should I send it?

    David Plouffe,

    Are you out of your mind, sorry, out of you fucking mind. As long as a persons home is their castle no Obama supporter nor will Obama, pampers himself, will cross my threshhold. If an Obama-bot comes to my door he/she will get the business end of my tire iron.

    I have to deal with doing the work of o-bots in the office who spend 1/2 the work day chatting about how great he is, this will never happen in my home! In fact if an obamabot comes within 5 feet of me I will excersize my rights under Florida’s “stand your ground law.” I will leave it up to you to interpret this.

    I am not a person who resorts to force easily, but the thought of any Obama supporter in my home makes me want to puke. Mr Obama like Mr Bush will never be my President.

    Again go to hell, and take Mr Obama with you.

    Very Respectfully,

    Michael P Varvel Jr

  45. What Polo ment to say is:

    I am so appalled by the actions of Mr Favreau that I can nolonger support Mr Obama gosh you guys were so right….Obama Sucks in so many ways…he is like Bush III, who would have thunk it?

    Moderator please correct mr polo’s remark

  46. PBS on, and Obama clearly lying as he says he knows “nothing about” Blagovich.
    This is so…
    *is disgusted*

  47. where is myiq2xu when we need him to clean up that A$$hat @ 543pm…its like a bad hemroid on an otherwise lovely blog.

    Elderj I am a guy and I want Mr Favreaus cajones too I will fry them up and then feed them to him hannibal lecther style-LOL

  48. SOD — check your mail please!

    I can’t stay long (I’m still at work & will want to head out soon so I’ll be wrapping up) but great post.

    I got your back sister!

  49. Is polo back?

    He must be done masturbating to the Obama commemorative edition.

  50. SOD – you know I got your back.

  51. I know now what buttburgger is…

  52. LI: U read my mom’s lips. She is so over his bull.

  53. Where is Our Common Consciousness?

    Long ago Hillary Clinton showed the way —

    Women’s rights are Human rights.

    That is our common ground — women are human beings (damned it) and we deserve human rights.

    I remember as a very young child I asked my mother (a fundamentalist Christian) — why girls were treated as if we were inferior to boys. My mother said — “It is God’s will”.

    Well then — WHO decides if we will be boys or girls?

    My mother said: “God does.”

    At that point I decided that her God hated women — because I was seeing women treated as creatures with far less worth and importance then the boys. I also decided that there much be a cult of the penis worshipers in charge — because I thought that the penis thingy was very ugly. Boys at that age were NOT better at much of anything — and yet they could do so much more. Yet I NEVER wanted to be a boy — because I felt that they were not as capible as girls. It was the boys who seems to be helpless and really very dumb.

    I was 8 or 9 when I made these observations. I didn’t hate boys then, nor now. On an individual bases there are many capable and intelligent males.

    My observations way back in the stone ages — that the cult of Penis worship had to go — still holds today. (I didn’t use the world cult — but something close.)

    Sarah Palin gets a great deal of credit for breaking new ground and highlighting the fact that the old “feminist” clubs are DEAD. We need to have a ceremony, a burial and then a rebirth of women’s rights are human rights.

  54. Cwaltz I have dealt with Polo before he accused me of stealling my own Identity once….what a moron and I doubt he was masterbating as I have hidden his magnifying glass and tweezers, he must use thes because his right and lest hand reject the merchandise!

  55. Northwest Rain:
    I second that

    I have been over Obama’s bull for a while but have accepted the fact that he could get away with murder if he so wishes, and it is sad and sickening to the point of revulsion.

  56. I agree that it’s a lack of this common consciousness that keeps women separate and unequal. The lack of compassion and empathy women often show for other women stuns me. I remember back during the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas debate. I worked with a woman (my boss) who insisted that sexual harassment didn’t exist because she, personally, had never been harassed. It’s an odd perspective but she seemed to think that only her personal experiences constituted the female experience in America.

    Conversely, I used to argue with one man in particular who always insisted that men were athletically superior to women. He was not in any way, shape or form athletically inclined and I have do doubt that any female college basketball player would soundly thump his a$$ on the court but yet he identified with the experiences of professional male athletes despite the reality of his limitations. The same phenomenon holds true when barely literate men boast that “guys” are smarter than women. It’s as if they can’t see that these are skill sets they completely lack because as long as they have a penis, they’re included.

    Men see themselves as a group. Women don’t. As a matter of fact, despite the supposed “truth” about female bonding, we often try to avoid being lumped in with “other” women. This is one reason that I’m still signed up with Team Sarah. It’s my goal to keep my heart and mind open to women of all political persuasions. I figure that’s a good start.

  57. sorry edit my last to:

    “his right and left hand have rejected the merchandise!”

    Amen to Northwest Rain….keep on speaking truth!

  58. fuzzy- I’m sure he could use a cardboard cutout of his penis to make sure he wasn’t rejected- a la Favreau. He might have some problems with getting it drunk though.

  59. He “knows nothing”

  60. Hi fuzzy — I saw your question this morning and answered

  61. OK every one please should I host an obama-bot house meeting this weekend? think of the havoc I could cause?

  62. yeah cannot wait!

  63. Cue the “I had no idea- who ever could have imagined chorus!”

    Polo, here’s to you being that 30% of apologists for the left. It’s amazing hoiw much you have in common with the Bush base.

  64. The cardboard cutout incident was unacceptable.

  65. The problem with my view is I believe Mr Favreauis about to be tossed under the bus and I will have to spend the next 4 years looking at his scrawny ass!

    Of Course I could throw poor Mr Favreau into a nice prison “a la shawshank redemption” and see if after a few time being some lifers “prag” he would have a different veiw on sexual harrassment~!

  66. I am excited about tomorrow night’s show! *is happy*
    Oh, gm, I do believe you are right. Women need to start seeing themselves as a group…
    I am still on Team Sarah too, now that I’m an independant, since I refuse to become a Democrat again until the party goes back to the Third Way, and reforms itself, because it is no longer my party.

  67. eewwww yuck….cardboard fun with Pampers?

  68. I’m a frat girl and I’m always game for fun. Polo has P.E.N.I.S envy.

    When he grows up he hopes he can be a (P)athetic, (E)thically challenged, (N)arcissitic,(I)inconsiderate,
    (S)cumbag just like James Carville and Favreau.

  69. LI: Team Sarah right here.

  70. I’ve said it in other threads but I’ll say it here too

    What if it were a cardboard cut out of Obama and a noose instead of a bottle of beer?

    What if it were a cardboard cut out of Joe Lieberman and some one was putting say, a felt star on him, or a tatoo’d number on his arm, or they were doing the same thing and we’re wearing swastikas instead of Obama team tshirts?

    What would your reaction be? This is strong symbolism for women… we know that most men can outwrestle us and we are one moment of trust from butalization.

    Symbols matter.

    Would these two cardboard ‘fratboy’ antics be taken seriously or would they be considered hate crimes?

  71. The only two situations that it would be considered frat boy fun is if they are doing it to women or GLBT or possibly some one homeless or poor. That is because it is still acceptable to victimize women, GLBT, and the poor.

  72. I support Sarah Palin if she runs again. Earlier I posted an article from reverse spin. It’s amazing how such a “dub” woman managed to catch the men with their pants down and blow the whistle on them.

  73. Oh poor polo was frightened off by the ladies and the fuzzybear…good riddence to bad rubbish….

    State cannot get the taste of carboard pampers out of my mouth not to say the least out of my mind!

  74. The only cardboard “fun” I could have with Pampers would be with a paper shredder.

  75. I’ll say it again “Why should we place this guy in a position where he may have the ability to harass REAL women?”

    Why is it we have to wait until he does it to real women for this to matter?

  76. CWaltz: Don’t you know? That is why she is so “dumb”. She caught the penis cult being baaddd, therefore she is just a silly bimbo.
    Regency: I have a friend who is an Obama supporter, and she says one thing she agrees with me on is that a threesome with Hill and Sarah would be Mmmm-Mmmm…

  77. Would you trust a guy who has kiddie porn on his computer with your kid? I wouldn’t. So why should we trust that this jackass wouldn’t act like he did with a real woman?

  78. gxm17-my fun witha cardboard cut of “pampers” includes my trusty ol’ Zippo lighter and some lighter fluid!

  79. I not only entirely agree with dakinkat, I think the time has come to act. Let get the cardboard of Michelle, Obama, maybe father Pflager and take pictures of one of us fondling, hanging, whipping AND LET’S SEE IF “IT’S JUST A PIECE OF CARDBOARD” IS ACCEPTED AS AN ANSWER. I’m prepared to volunteer!

  80. LI! Beware the virgin eyes and fingers of our audience.. The hour is early and you know how sensitive they are. That said, your friend appears to have some sense then.

  81. gxm17-my fun witha cardboard cut of “pampers” includes my trusty ol’ Zippo lighter and some lighter fluid!

  82. But ehere to demonstrate. What the media doesn’t want seen thy don’t cover.

  83. they are so obsessed with the COLB at YTD and butt burger man I wish MyIq was here!

  84. CWaltz: The sad thing is, I wasn’t shocked at all by that stupid photo, even when I first saw it. I understand very clearly why young women have no sense of feminism. Because I am a member of this generation. I get it.
    My brother was the President of his fraternity at Kent for several years. His frat was always a “nicer” frat than most, but I am still almost not even phased by seeing a photo of a couple of unattractive guys who think they’re hot sh*t f*cking around with a cardboard cut out because they can’t get the real thing.
    It’s called living in this disgusting world. Regency, I’m sure, agrees with me. Sexual harrasment? Yeah, it’s EVERYWHERE. It is saturated into our culture. It’s living. We live it every day. Especially if you’re my age. What’s shocking to our mothers and Grandmothers is just every day b*ll shit for us.
    Those guys in that photo are like all my sisters friends, all my brothers friends, my brothers themselves.
    And believe me, the stuff in that picture is NOTHING compared to what happens in fraternities all the time, every day, a gazillion times a day.

  85. Regency: yes, in that sense at least. I got her to vote for Hill in the Primaries. O
    h yes, well, I know the night is young, but I couldn’t help myself. Need to lighten up this thread!

  86. Gotta agree with LI. This stuff is common and it shouldn’t be. I’m self-aware enoug hto say that I put a stop to some of it when it’s happening in front of me but not all of it. It’s just so much that life would never move forward if at every event you put your foot in it. I wish it wasn’t so common but it is.

  87. WOW! Beautifully stated! I do so hope that Mr Carville sees your brilliant post, not to mention pampers Favreau.

  88. Great post, SOD!

  89. http://www.reversespin.com/?p=880

    Posting this for polo, you only wish your guy was about REAL reform

  90. Oh almost forgot. Remarkable post, SOD.

  91. We need to teach our daughters to pushback and we need to pushback.

  92. {{sigh}}

  93. dakinikat, I’m with you all the way.

    The problem is that gender crimes are not considered hate crimes in most states. Maybe this is one avenue a PUMA task team could follow, working to have gender crimes added to the list on all states. It’s part of the underlying problem within our culture that crimes against women are treated as “normal” and not seen for the hate crimes they actually are.

    Misogyny is so deeply rooted, just look at the idiot obots vandalizing the petition to fire Favreau. Those folks have serious issues.

  94. Didn’t Sinead O’Connor almost destroy her career by ripping up a PHOTO of the Pope? People flipped sh!t when she did that.

  95. gxm17: yup another good example

  96. Yup. Regency got my back on this one, ’cause she knows it’s true. If some of the posters on here saw the sh*t we likely see every day…
    you would know what we mean. It is impossible to stop all or any of it when it appears because it is all around us.
    It’s not just about politics. It’s about how we think as people and it is so ENGRAINED in our brains… because it has been going on for thousands of years. There is no way to stop this stuff because you have to completely change how people THINK.
    Civil Rights, slavery, ect, has not been around for nearly as long. It’s like what Dr Violet Socks says, the word “slave” actually has it;s original meaning in something like “woman from the mountains” or “woman from the hills”.
    That is why I always got so upset with women who degenerated Sarah Palin, They simply did not get the “divide and conquer” mentality of the Patriarchy.
    Slaves have been around for thousands of years too, and still are. Today they show their faces in women sold into prostitution against their will. Sex slaves, concubines, you name it.
    For mellenia, slaves have not only been African American, but have come in all colors, and all of them have been women.
    Just open up a random page of the Bible: old or even new testament: you’ll likely start reading some story about how a patriarch with three hundred wives is warring over livestock, or some such thing.
    Even Esther, my favorite book of the Bible, doesn’t make strides for women that are all that significant. Esther manages to save her people by cooking a dinner. And while it is an inspirational story, why not include something about Mary Magdalen, a woman we all know clearly know to have been very close to Jesus?
    Because, she likely was powerful, and the Roman Patriarchy edited her out, much like the machine that exists today wishes to edit out Hillary and Sarah.
    Like I said, it goes way beyond Politics.

  97. SOD: No worries, that Obot will undoubtedly be crying a few months from now, when the world is not changed and the red sea has not parted.

  98. gm:
    Wonder if anyone will take female hate crimes seriously?

  99. I left a poopoo at buttburger

  100. littleisis — those are not hate crimes.

  101. well all its time to eat steak with the Obamabots at my weekly steaknight!

    wish me luck!

  102. Yahoo all ready out with the spin.

    The first headline reads…

    Analysis: Blagojevich Scandal Will Test Obama’s Leadership

    I will say for the umpteenth time how utterly creepy it is, the reverant, worshipful attitude the Elite has towards Obama. It is positively frightening.

    The spin is in folks. BTW, I like Hillbuzz and their analysis that Chicago is the closest thing to Gotham City this country has.

  103. what is “buttburger?”

  104. good luck, Fuzzy!
    *gives hug*

  105. Test his leadership? he’s neck deep in Blagojevich. What is this malarkey?

  106. i can’t believe that chicago is making new orleans look clean, of course Jefferson will be in court soon…

  107. SOD: Do you have the link for the show tomorrow so I can give it to ma so she can listen?

  108. I think the reason that we see this disconnect among women is that as girls we are raised seeing women through the lens of patriarchy, through men’s eyes. Those of us who see the sexism and misogyny, men and women alike, were probably raised by independent thinking women. Unfortunately, it appears we’re in the minority.

  109. Enjoy yourself fuzzy. Don’t let the obots spoil your dinner!

  110. let me get it regency….BRB

  111. great post SOD.

    (and we are not allowed to talk about buttburger-ssshhhhh!)

  112. gm:
    Lol, I wasn’t raised by any independent thinking women or anyone remotely intelligent or thoughtful.
    *is white trash*
    I figured out it was messed up for myself. Which is why I could never got why no one else could.

    Regency: of COURSE he is!!! But, where in the word did you get the silly idea that the media would actually SAY that???
    Btw, fitzgerald, love him though I do, is even avoiding any mention of Obama in the scandal. I’m sure he is thinking of his family when he does this. And also his reputation, everything he owns, his life, ect.

  113. I went there … new thread

  114. Reg — I have to check with Sherry.

  115. gxm

    Actually I was raised in the polar opposite environment. My mother’s dysfunctional relationship was one of the reason I chose to establish independance. It wasn’t until much later I learned that having a good man in my life could bring out the best in me and vice versa.

  116. Dave, I think if Bill Clinton publicly displayed a photo of himself groping a woman then there would be an outcry.

    Many “liberal minds” believe that the accusations against Clinton were the product of a Republican smear campaign. IMO Bill Clinton is a man with an abundance of magnetism. He also clearly likes the ladies and has had trouble maintaining his wedding vows in the past. But he’s not a serial molester.

  117. infidelity is not sexism — it’s a breach of trust between a couple, but not sexism.

  118. Fredster,

    If you’re still reading this:

    Press the Control key and the = key at the same time. This will make the font bigger (or “embiggen” it as the Simpson’s Springfield mayor would say).

    To “enlittle” it, press ctrl/- (control key along with minus key)

    On a nerdly note, the embiggening key is usually listed as “+” bu I believe folks stayed so persistently lazy it just became the unshifted + or “=”. If you’re reading PDF in Linux, though, we stay true to our roots and demand all three key presses: ctrl/shift/=.

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