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    William on What’s in a Team Na…
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Tuesday: Jon Favreau Must Go

I was very disappointed in James Carville’s remarks last night.  He condoned, even praised the “boys will be boys” attitude of Mr. Favreau and his buddies.  I hope that Carville sits a minute in thought over this one.  Here’s why Favreau must go:

  1. Because Favreau is now the face of the Obama administration.  Everytime Obama opens his mouth, we will see Favreau and his frat boy drinking buddies acting like young macho thugs.  He is writing the words for the President of the United States.  Obama’s credibility is already compromised with us.  Every time Obama pulls out the hopey-changey shtick from now on, we’re going to know that it came from the mouth of Jon Favreau.
  2. Because it means that Obama has no real understanding of the kind of discrimination and behavior that women are subjected to in public, at work or in the family.
  3. Because Hillary Clinton is not the only one disrespected by it.  Jon might as well be groping all of our breasts.
  4. Because the longer it sits out there, the more it looks like Obama is insensitive to the disrespect shown towards women.  We already know this but we think it is time for Obama to get with the program and shows us that he gets it and will not tolerate male adolescent fantasies of degrading powerful women.
  5. Because dismissing groups like The New Agenda as a bunch of female whiners sends a strong message that women’s priorities are inconsequential to Obama.
  6. Because Obama stole the primary with hooligan idiots like Favreau and we want these idiots punished.

Either Obama is going to be the president for all of us or he’s going to be the president for only males.  He’s either going to respect all of us or only the people with Y chromosomes.  We already know that our primary votes didn’t count.  Keeping Favreau on as his head speechwriter is the biggest “Fuck you” I think he could be sending us right now. At this point, the best thing Obama can do is replace him and send Favreau to State where he can undergo some sensitivity training.

We are watching and we’re not going away.

Contact the obama transition team and demand that Jon Favreau resign.

copy and paste these email addresses into your message:




deanh@dnc.org; info@hillpac.com; donna@brazileassociates.com; tflourno@aft.org; germonda@dnc.org; griffinassoc1@aol.com; alicehuffman@sbcglobal.net; hickes@msek.com


202-540-3000 press option # 2 for a live person.

Item #2: What the Hell was Ted Kennedy implying in this message to Governor David Paterson?

The elder Kennedy (D-Mass.), who’s battling brain cancer, has sent word to Gov. Paterson’s office that Caroline Kennedy, 51, has contacts and family connections that would mean legislation affecting New York would receive prompt attention, family sources said.

Here’s how I interpret this: “Nice attention all your legislation is getting in the Senate.  You wouldn’t want anything to *happen* to it”.  This is extortion plain and simple.  “Hire my niece and you get attention and connections to make your legislative fantasies come true – or else.”

Now that I think back on it, there have been 2 times when the Democratic party has gone off the rails in recent history and in both cases, Ted Kennedy was involved.  The first was in 1980 when he initially refused to back down at the convention when he was far, FAR less entitled to a floor fight than Hillary Clinton.  Actually, Hillary Clinton won the primaries.  This is an easily proven fact.  She was denied her party’s nomination in large measure by Ted Kennedy.  But in any case, it was Kennedy’s machinations and temper tantrum which led to the creation of the superdelegate system.

But this last child and permanent baby of the Kennedy clan isn’t finished stamping his foot and demanding his way.  Now, he’s insisting his niece, who has never expressed an interest in national politics before, jump ahead of several more deserving women.  And it sounds very much like he’s willing to use extortion to get his way.  No Caroline, no attention to your legislative agenda.  Niiiiicce.

If you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all but it is past  time for Ted Kennedy to retire.

Let Governor Paterson know you want an experienced politician who has earned her right to be Hillary’s replacement.

To Write To The Governor:
David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224


To Email The Governor:
Click here to email the Governor.

Responses may be sent via the U.S. Mail.

For Information on Legislation:
Please access the New York State Legislative
Session Information page at

50 Responses

  1. Reposting from the thread below…

    The NY Times has finally seen fit to mention the Favreau story in its Opinionator blog. Not surprisingly, nearly all the comments are of the “boys will be boys” variety. If you’d like to add a comment, here’s the link:


    Now I’m really off to work!

  2. Democratic party leaders who formerly purported to represent their constituents … obviously have studied upon and have nearly perfected the spin Republicans used quite successfully over the course of the last 8 years. PEBO must still have a lot of good stuff to hand out for the loyal.

  3. James is a hack. To be disappointed at a hack for being a hack is like being disappointed at grass for being green.

  4. Anglachel has a good post on Jon Favreau that went up last night.

  5. This actually IS a “teachable moment”. I’m going to sit down with my boys after work tonight and write these protests together.

    I am going to ask them to take a stand for the girls and young women around them. Truman, Quincy, Brooke and others are going to help us change this crap. Not only are we preserving feminism, we’re going to need to grow it.

    another note:
    I have been absent so much, but try to read posts late at night after work. Our building opens next week after years in planning. Things are wild, but I miss you all and will hopefully be back soon to comment.

  6. Had meant to front page this, but after the Markos debacle I’ll just drop it in comments…

    I hear you’re to be Secretary of State,
    With his response, the Poet’s been late,
    No counsel for this poem I sought,
    Leave me a moment; I’ll reach for a thought.

    I said a senator has proven her fame
    If she could be known just by her first name,
    A word your admirers proclaimed to be true,
    They understood I was thinking of you.

    Hillary, you have been larger than life,
    Your world be politics, campaigning and strife,
    I doubt not your intellectual heft,
    If only you had not stood to my left.

    How we right wingers once hated you,
    But change in our thinking began to ensue,
    When we heard of caucuses where you were jobbed.
    And witnesses who affirmed you were robbed.

    Hillary, a bold note will I strike,
    If we could meet, and each other we’d like,
    I’d ask, in a soft voice, if your heart leans
    Towards serving him who won by such means.

    Hillary, you’d be one of the boys,
    You know what sort this supervisor employs,
    If one posts an inappropriate touch
    In a fake photo, can you protest it much?

    Hillary, you’d be out on a limb,
    If he saws it off, your fate would be grim,
    This warning you’d need not find absurd,
    Recall what to Mr. Powell occurred.

    Hillary, Hillary, what have you done?
    For your concessions what have you won?
    Your mind, I know, can meet any test,
    Your admirers in mind, I’m hoping the best.

  7. Here’s how I interpret this: “Nice attention all your legislation is getting in the Senate. You wouldn’t want anything to *happen* to it”. This is extortion plain and simple. “Hire my niece and you get attention and connections to make your legislative fantasies come true – or else.”

    I agree. This is what Ted was implying. Welcome to the new Democratic Party.

  8. Re John Favreau

    7. Because his speeches totally suck.

  9. Actually, I hope that Favreau remains the “face of the Obama administration” If he stays, I think it will be a big wake-up call to millions of women and men who voted for Obama. Maybe people will realize who Obama really is. Obama will further lose the support and trust of the people. Then, come 2010 or 2012, we’ll have a much easier time getting who we want into office.

  10. We can’t let them make this about Hillary – as in “Hillary said it’s ok cuz he apologized”

    It’s not about Hillary, it’s about misogyny.

  11. My reaction to Carville’s dream of having fun with cardboard (h/tmiq2xu)

  12. Karen
    He won’t remain “the face”. The Obama media will bury this the same way they buried ‘the bestest speech on race” because of the double whammy of sticking by Wright and trashing grandma in the opening sentence. He will simply remain.

  13. It’s not about Hillary — it’s about Obama.

  14. Sign the petition too:


    Thanks RD!

    Hillary is to represent America to the World!

    How is she to do that when the POTUS doesn’t give her the respect of America.

  15. I would still like to know the id’s of the other folks …

    bb and I think that it’s the obama speech writing team:

    Adam Frankel … kissy guy on the right
    Sarah Hurwitz in the back left
    Ben Rhodes in the back right

  16. Thuggery pure and simple on the part of the Kennedys. To me this latest debacle from Obamanation proves that the Democratic Party is beyond redemption. Makes me glad that I am no longer associated with it. Threats, bullying, sexism, misogyny, r@ce baiting, disenfranchisement, stealing. Yes, more change we can believe in courtesy of President Eddie Haskell.

  17. If Teddy wants Caroline to be a Senator perhaps he should giver her his seat?

    Of course the voters of MA should be allowed to express their opinion about it first.

  18. FLVoter – true. The Democratic party can nolonger be saved.

    Blagojevich’s Senate selection process investigated

    UPDATE: Source: Feds take Gov. Blagojevich into custody

    A source said today that Gov. Rod Blagojevich was taken into federal custody at his North Side home this morning. The U.S. attorney’s office would not confirm the information, and a spokesman for the governor did not immediately return a phone call for comment. Click here for the latest updates.

    A three-year federal corruption investigation of pay-to-play politics in Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration has expanded to include his impending selection of a new U.S. senator to succeed President-elect Barack Obama, the Tribune has learned.


  19. Holy Shit!

    “Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff were arrested today by FBI agents on federal corruption charges.

    Blagojevich was taken into custody hours after the Tribune reported that the investigation into allegations of pay-to-play politics within his administration had been expanded to include his pending choice of a Senate replacement for Obama.”


  20. holy shit is right myiq2xu

    Obama is going to be the first president who’s act will be to pardon a ton of indicted and convincted felons –all of which are related to his career …

  21. his first act ….

    he’ll be rushing back to his office after taking the oath to sign the pardons so they dont’ all sing on him

  22. Yes, this is about RESPECT!

    If the cutout had been of Favreau’s sister, mother or girlfriend what would his reaction have been if the laughing fool sitting at the back table had molested and demeaned a cutout of one of them?

    Hopefully Jon would have stopped this nonsense because he RESPECTS these woman. This is the point, the Obama campaign taught their supporters and campaign staff not to RESPECT a former First Lady and sitting Senator.

    Men (and some women) are defending Favreau because he is just a “boy”, when do boys “grow up”?

    Are boys no matter what they are taught in church, by family, with education, who they work for, what job they have, what stratus of society they spring from, still allowed to be “boys” at 27 years?

    When the hell do these boys grow up? At 35? At 45? At 55? Using our employees Washington politicians, as an example it seems never.

  23. Yikes.

    What did Benjamin Franklin say? “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” ?

  24. I didn’t realize how readily I had accepted sexism as part of daily life as an American woman until this elex season. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn how imbedded, how ingrained sexism is in our culture. How readily it is accepted and shrugged off. I am also grateful that so many also had the same “awakening” that I did.
    That is why this blatant attack, by individuals who were offered a job to work for the highest office in all the land, seems so much more demeaning. It was done to a person, albeit a cardboard cutout, of someone I highly respect. That is the only reason they did it. Because it was Hillary.
    Yes, I am aggravated that it seems, once again, to be ‘no biggie’ when it comes to the degradation of women by that camp.
    I have had it up to my eyeballs but if it is not pressed in the media, nothing will happen. It will be dead news.
    I am not surprised by this reaction as it has been readily occurring throughout the elex season. What is surprising is the lackluster support by women’s groups for women. It is sad. One could say that even women’s groups are sexist.

  25. “Change” we can believe in? You betcha!

    During the Bush tenure we were treated to reports of how his cronies, donors, and members of the Evangelical community were chosen to fill key posts within his administration based on nothing more than those qualifications. Those who signed up for the post Iraq rebuilding answered questions based on their positions about abortion, their party affiliation, and if they had voted for Bush before they were assigned postings. Mattered not if they were qualified to rebuild this country, only that they were party loyalists.

    The possible appointment of Caroline Kennedy bears the same signature criteria. Obama’s chosen cabinet are many of those who sold out Clinton and have now been rewarded using the same standards. It appears that “old scores” are being settled and back room deals are once again in fashion. The will of the people has been interrupted for a game of political chess that goes to serve the players. Again, the public be dammed.

    I have little faith in this incoming administration. Obama has managed to use craven political stands to assure the public he says one thing but means another. His supporters are doing backflips to qualify these moves.

    Had we shown any backbone back in the late 60’s, we would have done the right thing and sent Teddy Kennedy packing after Chappaquidick. Instead we let sentiment and the Kennedy mystique to cloud our reason and the result is he now is in the position to call the shots. We, the people of Massachusetts, are to blame. Had we had a 24 hour press back in 1969 this event would have dominated the news and not been swept under the rug. Shameful.

    I am in no way critiquing Caroline Kennedy. She probably has much to offer. But “selecting” her above other potential candidates based on her name alone is the epitome of arrogance and only underscores the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign. It sickens me to admit that my once beloved Democratic Party has sunk to the level of the GOP in its move to gain power.

    I no longer consider myself a member. Independence of party label is a release and provides time to examine how I could have ever thought otherwise.

  26. I knew that Favreau’s speeches sounded like a school boy’s boilerplate but until we stop excusing boys on the premise that “boys will be boys,” we cannot teach adult men to ever treat women any better. I agree with Joanie that this is a teachable moment. (It is also an actionable moment when we all must speak up — as we are here and in public places.)

    Furthermore — is a 27-year-old still considered a boy?

  27. If images don’t matter, why are 2 U of KY teens facing charges for their Obama effigy, an effigy that they clearly stated was in direct response to the image of a Palin effigy?

    Oh, I forgot, images of women are the domain of men; they can do whatever they want with those images without recourse, even if those image imply disrespect, exploitation, or violence. IMO, the cardboard one of Hillary implies all 3.

  28. New thread up!

  29. It sickens me to admit that my once beloved Democratic Party has sunk to the level of the GOP in its move to gain power.

    Exactly Pat. Both the Kennedy discussion and the Favreau incident underscore everything we witnessed during the primaries. Democratic fundamentals, ethics, integrity etc. is ALL disposable if it does not serve a specific agenda (ie: getting what you want). This has become the party of the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Anything can be explained away, spun, manipulated, or ignored. Karl Rove would be so proud. The Dems have learned well at his knee. Gain the world and sell your soul.

  30. Dakinikat,

    I think it’s very odd that no one has yet identified the others in the photo. They have to be the other speechwriters. The guy in the back looks like Ben Rhodes as shown in other photos. Don’t tell me there aren’t press people who can give their names. The response to this is shocking and disgusting!

  31. So, Carville thinks it’s only cardboard? What does he think about those 2 young men who hanged a cardboard cutout of Obama in effigy? Boys will be boys? If so, why were they arrested if it was only cardboard? Oh, that’s right – THAT was a hate crime. Sexism and misogyny are not hate crimes…..

    Ignorant ba$tard.

  32. “It sickens me to admit that my once beloved Democratic Party has sunk to the level of the GOP in its move to gain power.”

    Well, look, if you’re talking about the Kennedy letter/threat, come on…that kind of rough-elbowing and power-play is the coin of politics. Do you honestly think Hill & Bill never did any arm-twisting? Come on; they’d tell you about it with pride!

    If you think the Democratic never, ever, ever engaged in such shenanigans you are just being naive. The Democratic Party didn’t magically go from pure to corrupt just during the Obama election. The primary just stripped away the curtains and exposed the corruption for all to see–laid it bare and made it clear that these guys are in it so deep they didn’t even give a flying f*** that we could see it and do nothing about it.

    Where I do agree is that this is the first time–to my knowledge–that the Democratic Party used the time-honored Republican tricks of election-rigging, vote theft, and outright lawlessness during an election, and that sickens me. That they did it for someone like Obama only adds to the sick feeling.

    But politics is and has always been a rough game, not for the fainthearted or the pure of soul.

  33. Blagojevich getting arrested right now because of Senate seat extortion might impact on Ted ‘s extortion. on behalf of CK…interesting timing.

    bb, they have been identified, I forget where I saw it… but they are all Barry speech writers! And they aren’t kids either. He’s 27 !

    IMO James is looking for work within the “new” Dem party. . You can always tell which party is in power by who is carpooling the kids. James , as he has done for 8 years, or his wife.

  34. Oh and when did Ted, dying of a brain tumor, become Ted, battling brain cancer? At the time that story broke, A nurse who posted on TM ( yes it was that long ago) said if the info was correct , he had 3 months . I am not wishing Ted would die…I’m just tried of being lied to about everything.

  35. From Anglachel’s blog–good points:

    But this isn’t a campaign and we are talking serious, high-stakes politics. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not an electoral adversary, nor is she just another senator. By virtue of her appointment as Secretary of State, she is the representative of the United States to the world. She embodies American policy and reliability to other sovereign nations. To allow this image of her being treated with disrespect by a close associate of the president, someone who appears to be on track as a member of the administration, says two things to the nations and diplomats she will engage:

    1. Go ahead, piss on her. We do.
    2. We don’t respect you enough to send someone we respect to treat with you.

    Had this photo come out during the campaign, it could have been kept an individual matter, dimissed (however disingenuously) as the unfortunate side effect of a highly competitive contest. But now Hillary has been named Secretary of State and the revelation of the contempt under these circumstances carries a different meaning. This image is no longer about her. This is not a situation of her making. It is an act of denegration towards her. She cannot respond to it politically because, while it is a personal insult, it is not her political predicament.

    It is about defending the dignity and authority of a cabinet officer, which is identical with defending the dignity and authority of the administration as such. It is about Obama’s ability to maintain order and enforce discipline. In this case, the president is responsible for defending the nation, as represented by a member of his cabinet, from violation and degredation. That the acts were perfomed on a cardboard cutout should increase awareness of the symbolic import of an assault upon a representation of the country.

  36. Where I do agree is that this is the first time–to my knowledge–that the Democratic Party used the time-honored Republican tricks of election-rigging, vote theft, and outright lawlessness during an election, and that sickens me. That they did it for someone like Obama only adds to the sick feeling.

    But politics is and has always been a rough game, not for the fainthearted or the pure of soul.

    Dancing O: respectfully, I really disagree with this argument people are making–that it’s “just politics, and it’s a rough game.” What we have witnessed, as with Bush in 2000, violates the very foundation of democracy. That is not just the rough and tumble of politics. It is blatantly unethical and anti-democratic.

  37. No.

    A 27 year old is not a boy.

  38. Is this a new democratic party? That’s the question that is haunting me. Is there anything new happening, or is it just that for the first time, I am seeing behind the curtain?

    Maybe there is nothing new at all going on here.

    I don’t think these old dogs are learning new tricks. The idea that Rove introduced the dems to all this, while attractive, doesn’t really pass the plausibility test. No I think we are seeing how the sausages are made, so to speak.

  39. Perries, I am affraid you are right. The fact that the boyz are still in charge is what makes me sick.
    So I have decided, I just won’t vote for them anymore. From now on I only vote for democratic men when there is not a woman of either party running.
    Are the women a big part of the problem? No, only a small part.

  40. fif, I think we agree more than disagree. I’ve been very troubled by much of what Team Obama has done and I think the Favreau incident and the Blagojevich arrest coming on the same day should spell big red “Trouble” signs for anyone who is paying attention.

  41. Boys will be boys? Shouldn’t they hire adults to set the verbal tone for the President?

    The sad fact is that we are now ushering in a “new” age of sexism and misogyny that will be well represented by President Obama and his administration. It’s not only hip to hate women, it’s entertainment.

  42. Shouldnt you guys let Clinton decide how she wants to proceed on this? That would respect her autonomy. People who experience discrimination should have the authority to decide how to proceed. She is not a minor. Instead, she is a very strong advocate for all of us. She has decided that this brat does not harm her. She probably even gave him a stern lecture. I would leave it at that.

  43. Tony:

    Obama will be our next President. Favreau would be working for him.

    That means our tax dollars will be paying that little f**kwad’s salary.

    We don’t need Hillary to tell us we don’t want to pay for misogyny.

  44. (sarcasm) Of course, 27 is still a boy! The age at which people finally reach maturity and begin acting like adults keeps going up! Soon, 35 will “still be a boy.”

  45. Americans who still believe in Democrats and Republicans have clearly lost their minds. It doesn’t seem like there is really any hope. We’re all going to hell in a handbasket together. Why do politicians employ drunks? Why do politicians employ thieves? Are they unaware of the very dire situation the world faces or are they truly soulless gits? Why do Americans keep pretending we have any control over what the corporations WANT? These men, their religion, their culture, their hooch, the way they hate their moms. Why do they hate their mothers so much? Seems like they’d hate the men who abandoned them. Makes no sense to me. I thought I was innoculated to further disappointment from Obamabutt I was wrong.

  46. […] 60-year-old woman gets her picture taken, fondling the moose knuckle of a cardboard cut out of President Elect Obama. You can tell she is having real fun with her friends that big creepy […]

  47. Karen, on December 9th, 2008 at 8:44 am Said:

    Actually, I hope that Favreau remains the “face of the Obama administration” If he stays, I think it will be a big wake-up call to millions of women and men who voted for Obama. Maybe people will realize who Obama really is. Obama will further lose the support and trust of the people. Then, come 2010 or 2012, we’ll have a much easier time getting who we want into office.

    Right. Protesting this, keeping this alive, is a win/win for us. The longer it drags on, the worse damage for BO.

  48. myiq2xu, on December 9th, 2008 at 9:08 am Said:

    We can’t let them make this about Hillary – as in “Hillary said it’s ok cuz he apologized”

    It’s not about Hillary, it’s about misogyny.

    It’s also about judgement — and being right teh FIRST time. IN the real world, an apology doesn’t make eveyrthing all right.

  49. If he’s a boy, he belongs in a frat house, not teh White House.

  50. […] already late.” Unlike N.O.W., The New Agenda, Hillary’s Village, the Pumasphere, The Confluence, Tennessee Guerrilla Women and a multitude of various and sundry Democratic and Republican women […]

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