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Odds & Ends


Just a few things:

1.  Patrick Fitzgerald did not proclaim that Barack Obama was innocent.  Joseph Cannon at Cannonfire provides more details.  Expecting to find an honest politician in the Chicago Machine is like looking for a virgin in a whorehouse.  In Chicago, an “honest politician” is one who stays bought.

2.  Expect to see lots of trolls today.  Please ignore them.  We will dispose of them as quickly as we can.  If you feed them they will never leave and may bring friends.

3.  There are certain sites dedicated to hating PUMA.  They are essentially troll dens.  We do not refer to them by name because they crave attention and we’re not going to give it to them.  If you refer to them by name in your comments don’t be surprised if your comment is edited or deleted.

4.  Regarding comment moderation, some is moderated automatically and some is done manually.  If your comment is accidentally grabbed by Spammy the Moderator, please be patient and we will try to release it promptly.  Please keep in mind that The Confluence is a refuge from the kind of stuff that goes on at Cheetoville and other unhinged blogs. 

This is Riverdaughter’s soapbox and she shares it as she sees fit.  If you want to spread Obamanation talking points, misinformation or spam, or you want to blogwhore, post about fringe topics,  or abuse other commenters then get your own damn soapbox.

5.  December’s “Tin Foil Hat Tuesday” will be next week on 12/16/08 at 7pm EST.

Consider this an open thread.

(graphic courtesy of Cannonfire)

76 Responses

  1. Wasting away again in Markos’ Cheetoville?

  2. Someone should point the trolls to Cheetopia – where they can go with the delusion that Hillary will be under Obama’s thumb and avoid the pesky reality that Obama has hired more than a handful of ex Clinton admin folks. Clinton is onboard because she in all liklihood already has had a working relationship with these folks. This way Michelle can concentrate on being a fashion plate and Barack can continue the tradition of a the Presdient taking lots and lots of vacations.

  3. Too funny, John!
    o/t: check your email, Psst!

  4. since the new democratic party has it headquarters in Chicago, how much honesty can we expect in the future from them?
    This sounds like The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

    As I write backtrack threw blog under the bus.



  5. helenk, just enough honesty to fool you into believing their lies.

  6. reading Joseph Cannon’s take on this is really getting me into the Christmas spirit. It could be Fitzmas all over again. Although, all we got for Fitzmas last time was a Scooter.

  7. Geez, the Fox article about the arrest speaks of Illinois being the most corrupt state in the nation. When you read the whole thing you cannot help but believe that Barack is just as dirty. As if any honest person could make it to the presidency by way of Chicago anymore.

  8. I had the idea for that graphic while in the shower a bit earlier — and now, while my beard still feels slightly moist, I see it up on the Confluence. Happy day! Feel free to spread it around, because it explains why the Fitz indictment does NOT exonerate Obama.

  9. Although, all we got for Fitzmas last time was a Scooter.


  10. OT – Dr. Lynette Long is looking for 25 women willing to get arrested

    “I NEED TWENTY-FIVE COURAGEOUS WOMEN” (Dr. Lynette Long) Must Be Willing to Be Arrested!!

    I am starting a new group of women warriors, gorilla girls, female fighters…. call us what you will. Picking a name and a uniform will be the tasks of the first meeting. I want twenty-five women who are willing to fight beside me for women’s rights. Women who are willing to get arrested for women’s rights. Women who are not only willing to talk the talk but walk the walk. The group will make precision strikes at selected targets. Strikes might include sitting in the congressional gallery and holding up banners regarding women’s rights, picketing the White House, marching into Pelosi’s office single file, dropping bags of rocks off at an embassy after a woman is stoned, doing a visibility line on Massachusetts Avenue at rush hour or blowing up pictures of our nation’s currency and holding pictures of it outside the Department of the Treasury with sign that read, “where are the women?” We will take pages out of the playbooks of PETA, SEA SHEPARD, CODEPINK, and other groups that are at times annoying but very effective. Here is the job description:

    * Women — age 18 to 108, no minors allowed due to the risky nature of the operations.
    Willing to attend weekly strategy meeting in DC.
    Willing to protest at least monthly, maybe weekly in DC.
    We need two photographers who can take photos of our actions.
    We need one videographer who can video our actions and post on you-tube.
    We need two media people who can make contacts with local media and advise them of our actions.
    We need two communications specialists who can contact all the members of the group by text, email, phone, and coordinate communications.
    We need two writers who can blog about our activities.
    We need two lawyers who can advise us if our activities are illegal.
    We need three researchers who help identify targets, research who they are and where they go.
    We need two props people who can create and maintain props.
    We need creative minds, lots of them, to help think of ways to strike effectively.
    We need former military people who can help coordinate our activities.
    We need you.


  11. all we got for Fitzmas last time was a Scooter

    Damn, that would make a great title for a post.

  12. Joseph – that’s a great lead article you have right now on your site. Putting all the little pieces together. I hope mawm is correct and we get a Fitzmas present!

  13. Amazing article at cannonfire-thx for linking it myiq.

  14. The whitewashing has begun. From Blue Gal at Crooks and Liars:

    “Prog blogs being namby pamby about this because he’s a Democrat need to stop it. No one hates Blogo as much as the Democratic machine in Illinois does. He’s really a terrible governor. Never played team politics and was not invited to the Dem Convention.

    Cuz everyone knows that the rest of the Illinois Dems are pure and innocent.

  15. I posted on Blago about 20 minutes after the story broke but do we get any attention from Memeorandum?

    There are blogs I never heard of listed but not us.

  16. Ben Smith over @ Politico is speculating that Senate Candidate 5 could be either Emil Jones or Jesse Jackson Jr. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


  17. My IQ – prepare for history to be rewritten. it’s what Team Obama does.

  18. I just checked the news headlines and saw this … and of course you’re already on the story.

    This is so fuck!ng hilarious! I LOVE that he got caught red handed. What an ass.

    And, BTW, can’t wait for the next Tinfoil Tuesday because the last one was really great fun. And no one even mentioned George Soros. Plenty more to tawk about.

  19. I love, love, love this article.


  20. For a less serious topic…Oprah is upset because Palin is ignoring her.

  21. I hope Palin continues to ignore her. Oprah sucks.

  22. Heh, heh. I miss both Hillary and Sarah.

  23. Isn’t it convenient that now that election is OVER she wants Sarah Palin? But, she isn’t or wasn’t playing politics mind you? Either she’s dumb or disingenuous.either way Sarah is better off to ignore her.

  24. kenoshamarge, the comments over on Ben Smith are hillarious. They are furiously trying to explain why Obama couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this.

  25. It’s funny, I am learning that I am the epitome of a swing voter. Yesterday, I was so proud of the group of traditional GOP women who called Favreau out on his behavior. I may disagree with them on choice but I definitely agree with them on ettiquette.

  26. Yes…why was it okay for Oprah to snub Palin but not the other way around?

  27. Obama worked to elect Blago twice but he I’m sure it’s because he just wasn’t aware of what was going on……..LOL, just what the country needs, an oblivious idiot. Haven’t we already done that?

  28. You see Oprah wasn’t SNUBBING Sarah- She just didn’t want to get involved in politics- unless the candidate’s name happened to be Obama……….Oprah- the original Kool aid chugger……Everyone gets a glass of kool aid……..chug chug chug chug.

  29. Ick, mawm. I tried to read the Politico comments but started to fell very slimy by the end.

  30. From TGW:

    Psycho Reverend Wright has moved on from trashing Hillary Rodham Clinton. From the pulpit of his church, Reverend (sic) Wright used the language of a sexist thug in a bar-room brawl to insult The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    Reverend Wright called Hasselbeck a “dumb broad” and a “dizzy blond.” This was his sermon! And I thought right-wing Christians had problems.

  31. Mawm, I read some of them. Isn’t it a hoot? And wouldn’t it be funny if Ben Smith was right? I’d like to see either JJ Jr. or Emil Jones do a perp walk. It is still against the law in Illinois to offer bribe isn’t it?

  32. Rev Wright is a hack. It’s a shame it seems like the standards to become a clergyman aren’t that high- and evidently you don’t even have to follow the BASIC tenets of Christianity. Ick.

  33. I searched for this for my own sake. More details about how Obama helped re-elect Blagojevich from The New Yorker article:

    That year, he gained his first high-level experience in a statewide campaign when he advised the victorious gubernatorial candidate Rod Blagojevich, another politician with a funny name and a message of reform. Rahm Emanuel, a congressman from Chicago and a friend of Obama’s, told me that he, Obama, David Wilhelm, who was Blagojevich’s campaign co-chair, and another Blagojevich aide were the top strategists of Blagojevich’s victory.

    Note that Blagojevich also ran on a message of reform. Unbelievable…

  34. I refuse to believe that candidate 5 is Jesse Jackson Jr. Why wouldn’t Obama not want Jesse Jackson Jr. to replace him in the senate? It is a stupid move since Jesse Jackson Jr. is the guy that helped in forcing some AA superdelegates to support Obama. Obama couldn’t do that because Jesse Jackson Jr. knows a lot about him.

  35. It’s final exams time, and these news are doing a great job at helping me procrastinate…

  36. let it be JJ Jr. I have a real hatred of that guy after the crap he pulled in the primary, calling AA politicians who supported clinton race traitors and threatening them with primary challengers.

  37. Downticket, Obama has no personal loyalty now that he has won. Look what happened to Kerry. He came out very early for Obama and helped him find early funding. Kerry is theone who picked Obama for the 2004 convention keynote speech he gave. Look what it got him: a big fat nothing.

  38. Mawm, on December 9th, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    I think the Kerry situation is different from JJJr. because Kerry was just an advisor whereas Jesse Jackson Jr. was more than that. He was both an advisor and enforcer. This is a person you don’t want to betray since they know your secrets. It would be a stupid thing for Obama to do. He has got to at least have thought of that.

  39. “helenk, on December 9th, 2008 at 3:10 pm Said:

    since the new democratic party has it headquarters in Chicago, how much honesty can we expect in the future from them?
    This sounds like The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight.”

    LOL..the apple dumpling gang! Where’s Don Knotts when you need him.

  40. Hot damn — I must have missed some fun around here today!

  41. Clueless or corrupt? Hmmmmmmmm weren’t those the same options we had to choose in 2004 when examining Bush and his decision on Iraq?

    Well, at least we’ll get to meet the 30% of the left who are Barack’s base early on and evidently they hang at Politico. Good to know.

  42. I’m reading the indictment, and I don’t think the issue is Obama’s antipathy toward Candidate 5, but the fact that five was being used as leverage so that Blago could get favors in exchange for picking Candidate 1 — Valerie Jarrett, most likely.

    Candidate 5 is almost certainly Jackson.

    You guys have got to read the paragraphs after 100. Obama is all over this thing. No WAY the Obots are going to be able to claim that he’s not involved.

  43. Obama said he is “saddened and sober” by the news…*Sigh*

  44. Candidate #5 is reportedly Jan Shavanesky or something who is a female and an Obama supporter. She is a congresswoman from IL.

    This is a story that has”legs” since Fitzgerald indicated that they were still looking to interview a lot of people. The only reason he went public was to prevent Blag from appointing anyone at this point and to help release 8 million dollars that Blag was holding back from a children’s hospital that Blag expected to receive a kickback from.

    Talk about sleaze! Fitzgerald kept urging the reporters to “read the 76 page indictment”. Must be a beaut! I love Patrick Fitzgerald.

  45. Heh

    I’ll bet he’s saddened or sober. What I want to know is will he be culpable. We need to dethrone Nancy pronto. She wouldn’t even hold Bush accountable. The last thing we need to do is replace their crooks with our crooks.

  46. The last thing we need to do is replace their crooks with our crooks.

    Isn’t that what elections are for?

  47. I think we all want to dethrone Nancy. But how?

  48. “I love Patrick Fitzgerald.”

    Me too. What a hero! And he just keeps plugging away.

  49. You guys are being to hard on BO!! He’s such a prodigy that his administration has begun to be scandal ridden before he’s ever taken office.

  50. Do not overlook Dick Durbin’s connections to this either. He was the one who originally introduced Obama to the nation by supporting him from the beginning. Both are from Ohio. Now Durbin is petitioning Obama to lighten the sentence of former Gov. Ryan, a Repub, who was convicted and sentenced to serve 6 1/2 yrs in the slammer.

    Ryan has only served a little more than one year. Why and where did all this love for a rival candidate come from? Ryan was also convicted for corruption. Are we now being asked to override the jury and the sentencing judge in favor of political ties?

    This is getting murkier and more interesting as it plays out.

  51. Of course I thought the same thing about Eliot Spitzer, and look what happened to him.

    (Understand: I don’t give a rip that he hired prostitutes, I think he was foolish to do so given his position and the number of enemies he created.) I’ll go back on topic now!

  52. I meant to say “both are from Illinois”.

  53. Yes, it is what elections are for partly. That said, if people didn’t cede responsibility for our government solely to just the election cycle, we might actually be able to affect change.

    Democracy is participatory and it shouldn’t be something that you only participate in every 2 years.

  54. Spitzer is no different than this jerk Blag. He too ran as a “reform candidate” rather than as the pig he really was.

  55. “Democracy is participatory and it shouldn’t be something that you only participate in every 2 years.”

    Every 4 years for many people…

  56. LOL, elderj @ 4:38pm!!!!!!!!

  57. Sorry, but all this information was readily available for the pickings during this primary but the MSM refused to connect the dots. It was much easier to crown Obama as some sort of Wonder Child, Messiah, New Kind of Politician, Saintly, JFK like, another Lincoln, Mr. Uniter, a Transcender, Historical, a Savior of the World, ad nauseum rather than the shady, inexperienced clown he really is.

    Now as the dominoes begin to fall and the sleaze begins to spill out, it is a little late in the game to pretend otherwise. To think for one minute that Obama “escaped” Illinois politics and remained a “virgin” is asking a little too much of credulity.

    The press failed once again as they were too busy making up stories about nothing in their quest to elect this “historical” man. It was bullshit then, bullshit now, bullshit to come. Keep your waders on.

  58. Now we can truly say this is bipartisan corruption- just like they always wanted it……goody. I’m sure all this will be great for rating though, don’t you?

  59. The question we are all failing to ask though is…….How is Hillary responsible for this? /snark.

  60. Any constitutional scholars here? What would happen if Fizgerald indicted Obama before he was sworn in?

  61. I just finished reading the indictment (I just scanned the last 6 or 7 pages). It seems to me that Senate candidate 1 and Obama’s pick is definitely Jarrett. I agree that the indictment in no way indicates that Obama is innocent in all of this.

  62. Mawm, I have no idea but would not that then be the role a VP would assume OMG, Biden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Joseph Cannon .. Excellent research & reporting on this .. thank YOU ..

    Anyone here who hasn’t read cannonfires piece on this needs to go over there now … top notch job ..


  64. Fitzgerald was very careful how he chose to express his words regarding Obama. Neither in nor out. Fitzgerald knows more than he is saying.

    And whoever gets the nod from IL to replace Obama will be held suspect. They need to hold a special election. Better yet, let Obama go back to the seat he hardly sat in from the beginning.

    The nation will survive.

  65. Any constitutional scholars here? What would happen if Fizgerald indicted Obama before he was sworn in?

    Not a thing, in constitutional terms.

  66. If candidate # 5 was JJJ would that mean he couldn’t get the senate seat then ..??

    I despise him particularly for his nasty comments to Hillary and his truly despicable behaviour of turning on his own Father for teh scum 0 man … he didn’t have to say anything .. but NO.. he injected himself right in the middle of it & put hiw own Father down .. .

  67. I am ready to throw in the towel. I have lost my party affilliation. I have no faith in the press. There is at least a monthly pol being led off in handcuffs. Obama is an illegitmate primary winner. The economy is on its knees. Wall Street is a pack of thieves. The US Treasury has been emptied. The war goes on. Religious fanatics are intent on murder.

    What is left to believe in?

  68. To be indicted is not a crime. It does not in any way prevent the swearing in of Obama, to the strains of Hail to the Thief.

    The only thing that matters is the reaction of the people, much as in the Clinton impeachment. An indictment *would* make it harder to fire Fitzgerald, as it would bring back memories of Nixon and the Saturday Night massacre.

  69. I do NOT want Biden. i know that’s illogical, but I don’t want him. Didn’t want him when he was running under his own hood; sure as hell don’t want him as sloppy seconds. Don’t want Nancy either. Who’s after Nancy?

    (Can the top 4 get indicted please for something?)

  70. Mwahahahaha! I think the spell might be starting to break. Wake up zombies!

    Long live PUMA and Conflucians!

  71. Check it out before they take it down!!!!

    On e-bay, “Obama’s Senate Seat for Sale”!

  72. As soon as I started paying attention I could see that he’s a slime bag. But THIS is unbelievable. This much sh!t is hitting the fan and he hasn’t even taken office yet!

  73. ROTFL! I made screen shots of the two eBay auctions for Obama’s senate seat. One of them is already up to $62.61. The seller says the money will go to charity and notes that the Senate seat is not actually for sale so it might stay up.

  74. Pat Johnson, on December 9th, 2008 at 4:47 pm Said:
    “The press failed once again as they were too busy making up stories about nothing in their quest to elect this “historical” man. It was bullshit then, bullshit now, bullshit to come. Keep your waders on.”

    Thank you!

    Can’t wait to read the whole indictment, which I’ll have to save for tomorrow. The office obots were tremendously amazed about Blagojevich, but don’t yet grasp that there could be further implications.

  75. His statement that he didn’t have contact with Blagojevich about the Senate seat seems to conflict with that of top adviser David Axelrod, who told Fox News Chicago on Nov. 23: “I know he’s talked to the governor, and there are a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them.”

    Obama transition officials say Axelrod misspoke.

    It also appears that Obama friend Valerie Jarrett, an incoming senior White House adviser, is the person referred to repeatedly in court documents as “Candidate 1.” That individual is described as a female who is “an adviser to the president-elect” and as the person Obama wanted appointed to the Senate seat. Court papers say that “Candidate 1” eventually removed “herself” from consideration for the Senate seat.

    In a Nov. 11 phone conversation with an aide, Blagojevich talked at length about “Candidate 1” and said he knew that Obama wanted her for the open seat but “they’re not willing to give me anything except appreciation. (Expletive) them.”

    Obama’s circle of major Illinois political allies and supporters is largely separate from Blagojevich’s, with two major exceptions. Both Obama and Blagojevich got extensive money and support from Chicago businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who is now under federal indictment. And Obama is close to Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, who has been the governor’s staunchest legislative ally.


  76. Is this the October surprise we were waiting for? Or is this the good news a numerologist said we were in line for after December 1st?

    I’m cautiously optimistic, but Fitzgerald’s investigation into Valerie Plame’s outing stopped with Scooter Libby. We did not get the big fish: Cheney and Rove. Let’s not get carried away with glee… Teflon Barry might get away with it – perhaps not unscathed, but a get away is a get away.

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