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Et tu, James?

James Carville defends John Favreau on CNN (video & audio start after 15 seconds):

47 Responses

  1. I refuse to watch! And someone confiscate the PUMA shoes from this man’s wardrobe!
    Meanwhile, who needs qualifications when one is “the ultimate insider”?

  2. James looks like he has lost weight. And he wasn’t fat. He is being eaten away by the guilt and cognitivve dissonance. It must be killing him to have to support Obama.

  3. James
    It is ok to do this to your wife, your daughters, your mother, and female in your family?
    If not , why is ok to do this to females in someone elses family?
    Is the new face of the democratic party?
    Is that why donna brazile told so many women to leave if they did want to be treated this way?
    Along with you, I don’t any outrage from donna or meechelle.
    I guess the females in their family are fair game also.
    The new dim party rallying cry
    All no class and low class are welcome

    hey meechelle
    this bunch is around your girls, I guess that is ok with you.



  4. BB:

    There is a comment in moderation that needs to have the user’s IP address blocked.

  5. hey james
    I guess it is ok to have someone do this to your wife, your daughters, your mother, or any female in your family.
    If not, why is it ok to do it to any female in someone else’s family?

    hey meechele
    is it ok for the this to happen to your daughters, or you, for any female in your family?
    I don’t hear any outrage from you and these slugs will be around your daughters.

    hey donna brazille
    is the new face of the democratic party? is this why you told women to stay home if they did not want to accept this treatment?

    new rallying cry for the democratic party
    all no class and low class welcome, we give you a job in the white house.



  6. myiq2xu
    Window explorer is kicking me out again.
    i now have firefox but that has been funny too.
    I don’t know if it is ADAM ( a damn aggravating machine) my computer or if someone is playing around with the site.



  7. I just emailed CNN
    and explained that the disrespect shown to Senator Clinton is disrespect to all women and that I was offended that Carville and CNN do not get it. It’s not about Senator Clinton, it’s about how Favreau sees women.

  8. I am not taking this guys side because I think he is a low life.
    But they just had a commercial on tv for the videos of
    girls gone wild.
    How can we teach young girls to respect themselves and stop acting like sluts?
    Why should young men respect them when they act like that?
    Somewhere, somehow we have to get back to respecting ourselves and others.
    I don’t know how to do this.
    I taught my daughters to respect themselves but they are grown and have daughters who are in their teens and twenties.
    My granddaughters have been taught to respect themselves.
    A lot of disciplinary rights have been taken away from parents. Too many children left on their own too young.
    You have to demand respect and act like you deserve it in order to get respect.
    What these slugs did was totally wrong and they disgraced themselves and the country and it should not be excused.



  9. Good job R2D2. Every bit of noise will help stop all this.

  10. This is very disappointing. I think the majority of men still think that this is typical behavior of young men like Favreau and it shouldn’t be something that will ruin his career. I expect a lot of outrage from online male fauxgressives if Favreau is eventually canned. This is why Hillary didn’t demand that Favreau be fired because she knew that this would be turned against her as the wicked witch who destroyed the career of a promising young man. Hillary and women who have complained about this photo will be attacked as femiNazis if Favreau is fired. Which is why it is ultimately Obama’s responsibility to find a way to handle this and fire Favreau directly. This cannot come from a spokesperson. Obama needs to publicly state that this type of behavior and degradation of Hillary or any woman is unacceptable in the Obama administration.

  11. This is why Hillary didn’t demand that Favreau be fired because she knew that this would be turned against her as the wicked witch who destroyed the career of a promising young man

    Yeah, I remember the outrage over Schuster’s suspension (NOT demanded by Hillary). Free speech was brandished by B0bots a lot at the time.

  12. “How can we teach young girls to respect themselves and stop acting like sluts?” Ah, you must have missed out on the post modernist (pomo) briefing on this topic. They’re being *ironic* you see, and by *ironically* adopting the behaviour demanded by men, they are exploiting it in their *own* interest. It’s a useful argument. It means you can go on admiring actresses who pose virtually in the nude and women who promote raunch culture etc. Apparently consenting to be merely sexual objects is really empowerment for the ironically knowing woman who can thereby manipulate men.

  13. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  14. Hey ladies it’s time to move along. 3 men have just told you, and the New Agenda, that John Favreau did nothing wrong. Who are we to dare disagree with this collective wisdom? He’s apologized, she’s accepted and it’s time to move along.

    By the way James, fondling a “piece of cardboard” such as an old cardboard box would be nothing to apologize about. However, some of us think that fondling an “image” of a former First Lady, current Senator and soon to be Secretary of State is disrespectful and sexist.

    But evidently the boyz club doesn’t think so. Did ya hear Wolfie bemoaning the fact that you really have to be careful “these” days?

  15. get with the program James.

  16. Well? I’m waiting…

  17. WTF? If Favreau were doing something similar to a “piece of cardboard” with the image of Obama on it you’d better believe fucking MSM would be shaking its head and clicking its tongue about the awful monster racism. And you’d better believe Favreau would be fired, in a second.
    WHY is it “normal young male behavior” to simulate a rape? WHY don’t they get it?

  18. very respectfully MR Carville-

    If that is the case I would expect you to show no outrage when LGBT poeple in California go into a Catholic church in protest of the Churches support of prop 8 and at communion take “the Body of Christ” and crumple it up and let it drop to he floor…

    See its only a tastless piece of unleven bread…it really doesnt represent something worthy of note….

    yeah like that is going to happen

  19. excellent analogy fuzzy.

  20. Can you imagine Carville if a republican had done this? Guess behavior doesn’t count anymore unless it’s against obama. Can we expect more? We didn’t hear him speak up in defense of Hillary when she was being trashed during the primary election. To me it adds more sadness to this country. This country has turned into the national enquirer.

  21. Excellent post and comments. Interesting that the total focus is on Favreau. The other guy is demonstrating the violent nature of this playacting. Whatever female image was on that cardboard, it’s sexual assault. Favreau alone could have been wishful thinking on his part.

    Was Carvel admitting to sexual assault in his college years and projecting into his 60’s?

    Yes, Blitzer people do “really have to be careful nowadays” not to get caught simulating sexual assault. What is it about image that these guys whose jobs depend on it, don’t get?

  22. Thanks State when is the new show for the F’ing view again?

  23. I am egerly awaiting my Obama-Ofc of the Prezzie Elect-

    “Stop the Hate/Save the Males”

    requesting I hold a “meeting” to discuss why Favreau thing this is not a big deal and tell all my women friends to STFU…

    Obamabi it aint gonna happen

  24. As penance of your sin Mr Favreau you will be required to write speaches for 30% solution candidates for free …

    Oh and you have to say 12 Hail Hillary’s until your Penis falls off~!

  25. Betty, progressives and the Democratic Party has proven that they don’t give a rat’s ass about Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and women’s rights.

    Even those who supported her did not have enough courage to fight for a fair roll call vote nor did they demand that Obama make her VP. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if it were the other way around? If Hillary hadn’t chosen Obama as VP there would’ve been hell to pay and the MSM would’ve encouraged minorities to stay home in protest of the r@cist Clintons.

    So I no longer expect anyone in the Party including Carville or Rendell or anyone else to stand up for what is right anymore. They are all opportunistic and they won’t rock the boat as long as their political careers and $$$$$$$ is at stake.

  26. “Thanks R2D2” – for the link.
    I sent off a comment.

  27. Thank you for the diagnosis, Jimmy C. I had no idea how “sick” I was until you pointed out that those of us who were nauseated and appallled when we saw the picture are the sick ones. I thought I had a healthy attitude because I was deeply disturbed by the image, and that the two men acting out a faux assault on a United States Sentator and future Secretary of State were the sick ones. I guess I’d better get some help.

  28. The New York Times (you know…as in “All the News That’s Fit to Print”) has finally written something about this story in its Opinionator blog. The very first poster under the comments section begins with “Boys will be boys.” Typical.

    I’m rushing off to work in a few minutes, but maybe some of you would like to go over there and comment.


  29. I love how the story is set up Blitzer says “stuff like that can get blown up”. He sets up the story as something that is trivial and then ‘blown up’. I wish I knew what the woman at the beginning thinks!!

  30. For those who didn’t watch, some high (low) points.

    Wolf calls the fact that this situation was “blown up” a sign of the times.

    Carville calls the outrage “stupid”. Romney spokesperson says if there had been pictures at the end of the Romney campaign, they would have been worse.

    Romney spokesperson says it’s akin to “jaywalking” by saying if picture of himself jaywalking was on the internet, there would be a similar scandal.

    Romney spokesperson, and Carville, lamented that these pictures and videos can be found with the click of a mouse, and Carville suggested anyone who posts something of this caliber is mentally ill and needs psychiatric help.

    And….Blitzer jokes that it’s a good thing facebook wasn’t around during Carville’s LSU days, and Carville responds, “It wouldn’t have been a cardboard cutout, I can tell you that.”

    This from a man married to a strong, successful woman (whatever her politics), and the father of two girls.

  31. We can’t let these men frame the issue. Keep drawing the racial analogy. If someone white on Clinton’s or McCain’s campaigns put pictures of a cut out of Obama with a noose around its neck, you can bet they wouldn’t be laughing about it, and heads would roll. let’s not forget the news response to Imus referring to the Rudgers women’s basket ball team as “nappy headed ho’s” . You can bet that calling them nappy headed is what got him fired. Keep up the preasure. This culture of “boys will be boys” is what breads the rape mentality.

  32. The message of these “men” is “Quiet down, girls. We’ll tell you what’s important.” I don’t think so!

    It does show that our outrage is having an impact. That this really is no laughing matter.

  33. THAT’S IT.
    As I did with Retire the Debt, before The Denver Group, I am going to take this to the media. I have contacted RD and Murphy and Shtuey and I’m adding a donate button at Potpourri to cover the cost of a first rate press release (between two and three thou). Please consider giving five bucks if you’ve got it.

  34. […] a piece of cardboard, stupid Jump to Comments I had resisted watching this video posted at the Confluence only so long – eventually I had to give in and ruin my […]

  35. I would have the photo shopped version of the cardboard cutout with Michelle Obama’s face made into a postcard with the words “does it offend you now, James?” sent to James Carvelle in care of Wolf Blitzer CNN-News. Thousands of them

    I gather Riverdaughter has been shamed by her hypercritical sisters into taking down the pictures with MO instead of Hillary. This is how we stand in a circle and shoot ourselves.

  36. Greenconsciousness, at 9:22 am Said:
    Why not Mary Matalin? She’s a public figure.

  37. Because only Michelle Obama is their sacred cow — the other women are all meat to them regardless of who they are — but Michelle would hit the boys on the left where their Ps are – stuck on Obama

  38. So I no longer expect anyone in the Party including Carville or Rendell or anyone else to stand up for what is right anymore. They are all opportunistic and they won’t rock the boat as long as their political careers and $$$$$$$ is at stake.

    DV: it’s repulsive. I am so disgusted by Carville’s response, I am stunned. These “boys” need comprehensive sexual harassment training.

    Heidi Li: I’m in. Let us know when the donate button is up. I would like to suggest that the ad include very clear statistics about the daily ravages of sexual and domestic assault on women in this country.

    I cannot believe after all we have witnessed, that this is their response. Notice they didn’t have any women on the panel. Let’s ask the guys what is or isn’t offensive to women. How ignorant can you get. And the entire focus is on “poor Jon got caught, and people have to be careful.” He is not just a “person,” he is the HEAD SPEECHWRITER FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This just goes to show: Obama will never stand up. Not if it costs him anything. I hope his daughters are careful around the fun-lovin’ frat boys in college.

  39. One more point (guess I wasn’t speechless after all!): Carville disdainfully says The New Agenda should be focused on battered women instead. Is he really so obtuse that he doesn’t see the connection between this kind of “joking” and sexual assault?! Or is he just lying, because he wants to keep his big fat consulting fees? Which is it James–dangerously stupid or greedy and devoid of conscience?

    I will never look at him the same way.

  40. Maybe they need a cardboard cut-out with Carville’s daughter’s face on it. I am sure he is not allowed to diss his wife and would do so only at his own peril, so it is easy to take the low road to make himself feel better.

  41. This really shows the misogynistic core of Team Obama at its finest and ugliest. What were the women staffers thinking and doing while this frat-boy nonsense was going on? And how do you *not know* that as a member of a presidential campaign, you are in the spotlight constantly, and everything you say and do WILL be made public, and will be scrutinized?

    Can you IMAGINE if it were a picture of Michelle on there??? Or Caroline Kennedy?? Oh my, the vapors we would be hearing from the prog-bloggers and women’s groups!! Not if it were Sarah Palin, though. Interesting, that.

  42. Ok. We’re starting. See http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/51-percent.html

    The first step is a professional press release by an agency with expertise in the area – there is one I have used with success for both Retire the Debt and The Denver Group. If we raise 2000 dollars I can hire them.

    Murphy is going to help. Off to email her now.

  43. I put this on the last thead but I’ll put it here too:

    Symbols matter.

    I was thinking also, what if some one put a noose around a cardboard cut out of barack obama … would that be not offensive, because it wasn’t really lynching because there wasn’t a real person inside the noose?

    what if we used a cardboard cutout of Joe Lieberman, and put a swastika tatoo on his arm or a number of pinned a felt yellow start of david to it? Would this not be offensive because it was just a cardboard cut out?

    Would it just be considered lame, drunk, frat boy humor under these circumstances?

  44. no, jamesy, the “really sick people” are the people like YOU who excuse this kind of psychic and psychological violence against women!

  45. if this obot had been doing this molesting on a cardboard cutout of anyone but hillary, there would be hell to pay. i wonder what james’ wife had to say to him when he got home. she doesn’t spare words.

  46. I have lost all respect for carville! How would he feel if the “piece of cardboard” had his wife’s face? or one of his daughters’? Would that still be just a stupid piece of cardboard? Or as some have said whaty if it were Michelle’s face or Barack with a noose around his neck or even worse as someone else pointed out what if it was a stupid piece of cardboard with an under-age child’s face?

    These guys are the ones who are sick! He says the people who posted the photo are sick but the idiots posing are apparently “good ‘ol boys” and it is “to be expected”! Bull! Fire the assholes and make sure they have to flip burgers FOREVER!


  47. One Word.


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