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If you come here, you’d best make nice
For I’m a man who has his price.
To me, it’s just a game I play,
If you want in, you’ll have to pay.

A senate seat you want? That’s fine–
I’ll wait for coin in hand to shine.
For me, it’s a commodity,
Not something to hand out for free.

The public I am sworn to serve,
But if from virtue I should swerve
I’m just a man who seeks what’s mine,
With pockets that I need to line.

Now if your senate seat be sure,
Then tempt me with a sinecure,
Show me a coin that I may hoard,
My spouse put on a corporate board.

What I seem to have failed to see,
Was that the feds were on to me,
So if you watched the news today,
You might have seen me led away.

So in the hoosegow I will be,
But not for long its walls I’ll see,
For me, I’ll let my money talk,
And in a moment, I will walk.

And so I go my merry way,
My lucre lost for just one day,
Unless in court they prove their case,
For then I would some trouble face.

So what if we’re in our last throes
When office to high bidder goes?
A pardon– wouldn’t that be nice.
I just hope Barry has his price.

159 Responses

  1. Poetry threads are open threads. Just be nice.

  2. ok I will say nothing mean about poor ol’ John Favreau!

  3. john, that poem captures the essence of this latest political debacle. Perfecto! It deserves a wide distribution.

  4. I don’t care about Favreau; just don’t let me flop with ten comments like that Markos Moulitsas poem did!


  5. People have been asking here how much Hillary’s seat is worth re: Teddy/Carolina.

    What I want to know, is what did B0 pay for his in 2000?

  6. johninca — love the poem as always.

  7. I believe his name is pronounced:


    hard to rhyme…I guess some one should say kaddish for his political carreer

  8. elderj — are you posting in code?

  9. john, that was not a “flop” poem. I think there was another posting that followed right on your heels. Usually there is at least an hour or two between and if memory serves one followed yours quite quickly that day.

    You put a lot of time and effort into your poems; don’t think they are not read and appreciated.

  10. I missed the Markos poem….darn

  11. yup…. but i don’t know what i’m doing. 😦

  12. Michael: You can always scroll back and look it up.

  13. Very schnazzy poem, dear John.

    The Democrats are going down.

    I am a textbook Scorpio. I even have the preoccupation with death and the afterlife. I need a Bill (and/or a Hill).

  14. t’s a great poem. If you don’t get alot of comments it probably because it is 11:30

  15. My ex husband was a Scorpio. I will say no more.

  16. I’m a Libra. We can’t stand injustice.

  17. Elderj,

    *i*hello*/i* — replace * with “less than” then “greater than” signs. Replace the “i” (for italics) with “b” for bold or the word “strike” for strikethrough.

  18. I’ve always said that I will be my future husband’s favorite ex-wife.

  19. i’m on the cusp of Scorpio. I was born in the afternoon on the 22nd of October.

  20. The Markos Moulitsas poem was here. People liked it but few commented. So I’ve been doing all this self-deprecating humor about how it was a ‘critical success, box office failure.’


  21. elderj — follow Regency’s instructions — the less than sign is the sign on the same key as the comma & the greater than sign is on the same key as the period. It is like you are surrounding the i and the /i with two little sideways triangles.

  22. John, you are uniquely talented to be able to take a headline and turn it into a poem that encapsulates the entire story. It is truly an amazing talent.

  23. Regency — I’m both my ex-husband’s favorite ex-wife — because neither one will ever be able to do better then me.

  24. since I mentioned it I thought I sould say it for the soon to be x-govenor of Illinois:
    Moorning the deathof his political career:

    Yit’gadal v’yit’kadash sh’mei raba
    b’al’ma di v’ra khir’utei
    v’yam’likh mal’khutei b’chayeikhon uv’yomeikhon
    uv’chayei d’khol beit yis’ra’eil
    ba’agala uviz’man kariv v’im’ru:
    Amein. Y’hei sh’mei raba m’varakh l’alam ul’al’mei al’maya
    Yit’barakh v’yish’tabach v’yit’pa’ar v’yit’romam v’yit’nasei
    v’yit’hadar v’yit’aleh v’yit’halal sh’mei d’kud’sha
    B’rikh hu.
    l’eila min kol bir’khata v’shirara
    toosh’b’chatah v’nechematah, da’ameeran b’al’mah, v’eemru:
    Y’hei sh’lama raba min sh’maya
    v’chayim aleinu v’al kol yis’ra’eil v’im’ru
    Oseh shalom bim’romav hu ya’aseh shalom
    aleinu v’al kol Yis’ra’eil v’im’ru

    May I be saying it soon over the grave they bury Obama’s career in!

  25. depending on what you want to do. To close it do the same thing but put a / before the

  26. johninca — the poem is perfect — I hope you are able to add a a couplet using my all time “favorite” corrupt Chicago pol line from Emil Jones: “you call it pork, I call it steak”

  27. heh I think i confused wordpress. It took out all my symbols

  28. I always wanted to be a “trophy wife”. Maybe in my next life.

  29. let’s see if I can pull this off

  30. Angie: I believe it. You are a catch. Have they tried to re-catch you yet?

    CWaltz: Scorpio is by far the most volatile sign. We are pretty weird but we make it worth your while. When we love you, we love you but when we hate you you’ll never know–until we maim you. Then, you might have a vague idea of our feelings. Kind of a secretive bunch we are.

  31. elderj: If this is what you were going for you did it!

  32. I posted this @ the end of the last thread, but since we are still discussing astrology, here it is again:

    and since we are on the subject — I know I’ve said it before — I’m an Aries (best sign in the zodiac — & please, spare me the argument on that — it is a FACT we are first on the zodiac because we are #1) with my moon in Taurus — your moon sign has *almost* as strong an effect on you as your sun sign — so I have the best of both — independent, free spirited, outgoing Aries with reliable, loyal strong-as-steel Taurus.

  33. Trophy wife is a pretty insulting term.

  34. Alright elderj — you are a baller now! LOL

  35. well good night all tomorrow is anothe day for Obambi to screw it up!

  36. Great poem, John. Blago must be really stupid, because he did know the Feds were investigating him. He knew Rezko was talking and he had to know Fitzgerald would be wiretapping suspects. Did he think Rezko would cover for him?

    From what I’m reading, this could end up bringing down not only Obama, but Rahm Emanuel and maybe Dick Durbin. This is big!

  37. I knew I could!!! That’s why I struck through the earlier one. Or maybe I failed this this time!!

  38. Success, elderj.

  39. since we’re on the subject and i know nothing about zodiac… I’m a Capricorn, so what the heck is that supposed to mean?

  40. Heh

    My husband always threatens to spank me and I always tell him I’m not afraid because you’ll have to sleep sometime. Must be the Scorpio in me.

  41. Regency: You just described my ex. Not that he ever maimed me but the secretive part is him. Never knew what he was thinking. Then I found out, not much. Drop dead handsome but very little going on upstairs.

    Example: He thought Jerry Lewis movies were hysterically funny. And the S.A.L.T. treaties? He could not quite figure out what the fuss was all about since our oceans and shores were covered in it.

    Try having a meaningfuld conversation with that.

  42. Angie,

    My moon is in Cancer, Sun in Sagitarius. Which will win out, fire or water? Practically all of my closest relationship (male and female) have been with Leos and Cancers. But the Leos have been the most exciting.

  43. Capricorn is a pretty steady sign if I am not mistaken. I”ll see if I can find something on it.

  44. CWaltz: So spanking is…bad?


  45. The cherry on top of the sundae could be JJ Jr. According to the Chicago Trib, JJ Jr. had a long private meeting with Blago during the time he was being wiretapped, and the word is JJ was willing to pony up in order to get the Senate appointment.

  46. Since I loathe and despise JJJr. I am hoping this puts paid to his political career. He is a slug.

  47. BTW — in case anyone is wondering — my diabetic kitty BeBe is doing great — I haven’t killed her yet & she is much more playful — she is back to how she used to be before she developed the diabetes and started sleeping all the time.

  48. Pat Johnson, on December 9th, 2008 at 11:35 pm Said:

    And the S.A.L.T. treaties? He could not quite figure out what the fuss was all about since our oceans and shores were covered in it.

    That is the funniest thing I’ve heard today. I guess the Dayton Pepper Accords would have sent him around the bend.

  49. My ex was the male answer to Alice Silverstone. Clueless!

  50. http://www.astrology.com/allaboutyou/sunsigns/capricorn.html

    Regency- Apparently I am a pretty naughty gal. I will admit to being spoiled and liking things to be MY way.

  51. Axelfraud apparently said not too long ago that BO recently talked to Blagojevich, but now he’s taking it back.

    Liar, liar “pols on fire”

  52. That’s great about the kitty angie.

  53. bb — sun sign always trumps moon sign — you are a Sag. with some Cancer traits — not the other way around. (And, like all us fire signs — Aries, Leo & Sag — Sag’s ROCK). That explains why you are able to be compatible with Cancers (when typically, Fire & Water signs don’t mix) but, of course, you would be really great with another fire sign (Leo).

  54. BO and his team are liars? Color me shocked. NOT.

  55. My daughter is a Capricorn and this description fits well. Also, Richard Nixon was also a Capricorn and I can see him in there too.

  56. Glad to hear the kitty is well, Angie.

  57. elderj — being a Capricorn means two things: 1. You don’t believe all this astrology junk (but secretly think your sign MUST be the best one) and 2. You are the most attractive men in the zodiac (at least to this Aries gal — but it could be due to the fact that Aries girls and Capricorn men are NOT compatible — I keep on falling for the “opposites attract” forgetting that eventually they will repeal).

  58. so i’m supposedly industrious, efficient, and stubbornly persistent to my goals without making waves and being practical — or something like that

  59. AxelRod is as repulsive as Rove is

  60. We are moving out the Bush Crooks and Liars in preparation for the Obama Crooks and Liars come January 20th.

    Change we can believe in for sure. Repeat after me: another 4 years of a special prosecutor investigating wrongdoings.

  61. I am glad to hear that Bebe is doing well, Angie!!!

  62. angienc – I laughed as soon as I read your description. I guess the astrology stuff strikes me as impractical and odd…. and I do think I have the best sign. LOL!!

  63. Pat J:
    I heard that! Anywho, I am off to bed folks. Night night! 😀

  64. nite LI

  65. elderj — LOL — I knew I could peg you! I have far too much experience with Capricorn men but even though I haven’t proven to be compatible with them for the “long run” they all usually are great guys — “stand up guys” as the old saying goes. 🙂

  66. Night little isis!

  67. BTW — I announced in the previous thread, but am stating it again in case anyone missed it: Patrick Fitzgerald is MY FUTURE LOVER.

    And I just looked up his birth date: 12/22 — of course he is a Capricorn! Every guy I am attracted to always turns out to be a Capricorn!

  68. Night, LI.

  69. angie; Hands off! I called him at least 3 threads back. He is my “trophy husband”. I lost Eddy to Carol but I am holding onto Patrick for dear life this time.

  70. anyboby know what BO’s sign is? Or is that locked in a vault along with his birth records, college records and long list of accomplishments that every keeps talking about but no one has ever seen?

  71. “No Quarter” has an interesting post placing Michelle as one of the people mentioned in the tapes. This thing could grow!

  72. elderj: Birthdate is August 4th I think.

  73. Pat J — I love you, but if I have to sneak around your back I’m having my way with Fritzy (see, I’ve already given him a pet name). If he can’t be my LOVER he will be my SECRET LOVER. 🙂

  74. what sign is that and what does that tell us about him?

  75. angie: He and I are “Pat” and “Pat”. Adorable!

    elderj: I think that makes him a Leo.

  76. Great poem!

    As for BO’s Senate seat–It was the Tribune of Chicago, which owns the L.A. Times that revealed the sealed divorce records of BO’s opponent so he could win without opposition.
    Both BO’s Dem opponent in the primary and his Republican opponent in the General were brought down by having their sealed divorce records exposed. Wonder who did that…someone owes someone big time!

    Time to study up on your Evelyn Pringle–remember her? About the ONLY investigative journalist who actually investigated BO.


  77. elderj — he is a Leo — with all the bad aspects and none of the good (usually Leo’s are great but their pride if left unchecked can easily become arrogance & narcissism — and I think we know the direction B0 took)

  78. http://www.astrology.com/allaboutyou/sunsigns/scorpio.html

    I can’t decide if this more characterizes me or HRC.

  79. I see Hillary in that description and possibly Regency. But I am more familiar with Hillary so I would say it fits.

  80. Pat — “Pat” & “Pat” are adorable — but angie & fritzy rhymes. So, you can have the “public” Pat — I’m taking the private Fritzy — don’t worry, our relationship will not last long — as I said, I’m always attracted to Capricorn men, but I’m just not compatible long term with them.

  81. Obama is a Leo.

  82. angie: You will just use him then lose him where I will feed, nurture, praise, and elevate his soul. He loves to be mothered after a long day in of ferreting out corruption. My way is steady. Yours, not so much.

  83. Senator Obama’s date of birth and location are shown as August 4th 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii in this Wikipedia article. His moon sign is Taurus, a sign of stability and balance. Saturn and Jupiter were both in retrograde in Capricorn at the time of his birth. Mars was in Leo, Sun and Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Gemini.


  84. Leos tend to be arrogant and full of themselves if they are a-holes like Obama is.

  85. Obama could be born under any sign. He is still an a-hole.

  86. Applause for the poem. It takes talent, and then guts, to post a poem.

  87. My point exactly.

  88. Meanwhile, I promised this downstairs: As promised http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/10/what-is-the-quality-of-your-intent.html
    Re: intention and why it matters – which is why Favreau’s act was so disgusting.

    Actually, this is relevant to the poem too: the venality of the governor’s intention is part of why we are disgusted by him.

  89. so is it possible or likely that BO is tied to these shenanigans in some way?

  90. Pat J — I never denied that I only wanted to “use him & lose him” 😉
    You can have him — I’m only going to borrow him for a few hours. LOL

  91. The Obots are in their usual spin mode. Nothing is Obama’s doing. His hands are clean. Axelrod made a mistake in saying Obama spoke with Blago and has retracted. Jesse Jackson Jr. should be named to the Senate owing to his loyalty to Obama. Obama never liked Emil Jones. All these questionable characters in Obama’s life were merely typical of those whose ships passed his in the night.

    You get the idea. Obama is “pure” and how dare the press intimate otherwise!

  92. Heidi– thank you for the kind words. Besides, it’s an open thread so you don’t have to worry about being relevant, doll.

  93. angie: NO!

  94. edlerj — it is likely — Joe Cannon on cannonfire.blogspot.com (who actually read the whole indictment) draws a point by point analysis on it all. There is a problem with some board B0 lobbied hard for (which job it seems was only to generate $ for Blog & pals). Plus, it seems that Rham & Blog discussed B0 getting Blog’s wife a lucrative cushy “job” in exchange for Blog giving B0’s Senate seat to B0’s “pick” — sounds like a bribe to me — Blog wanted nothing to do with it because he wanted something “up front” to give away a “valuable Senate seat” (his words, on tape!)

  95. I am off to bed. Have to fight my way through traffic and crowds tomorrow to get to Target for a Barbie Doll Case that my 3 year old granddaughter just has to have from Santa.

  96. Heidi — you are always relevant.

  97. Elderj: “so is it possible or likely that BO is tied to these shenanigans in some way?”


    Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Read my earlier comments.

  98. night Pat J — and don’t worry your “Pat” is safe from my evil clutches (for now! Bwahahaha!)

  99. angie; *&*&&^^%$^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *&^&^%$%$##!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Pat J: ROFLMAO!!

  101. I’m a Leo.

    If JJJr is taken out in cuffs – you know he’ll say it’s racism. He’ll play the race card big time!

    I see Pat fighting over Fitz. What happened to Lou Dobbs?

  102. You folks amaze and honor me. Halfway to the first benchmark to do a an economically responsible but effect press release about the Favreau matter: see http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/51-percent.html

  103. well if BO is tied to it (and I think it’s likely he is) why did the feds move so quickly on Blago? Seems to me they should’ve waited till they caught the bigger fish, unless maybe they had some reason they thought they had to do it quickly.

  104. Axelrod’s statement that Obama spoke to Blago seems pretty definitive to me. I mean, when one misspeaks one might use a word incorrectly or something. But to misspeak an entire sentence which is an answer to a direct question seems really odd.

    Also, the idea that the President Elect who is vacating a Senate seat is going to have nothing to do with who fills that seat is preposterous!!!!

  105. Heidi,

    Will it just be a press release or will it also be published as an ad?

  106. DYB,

    Obama is in this up to his neck! This is going to be just like Whitewater, except this time with real crimes and corruption. Obama was the one who got the infamous law passed that allowed Blago to do the play for pay scheme in the first place. And Obama got payoffs from every on that Blago got.

  107. elderj> I personally think Fitzgerald felt the need to move quickly because he did not want Blago to appoint a Senator because then they’d be bringing down a governor and a senator, plus whoever else. That’d be pretty big…

  108. and for the record, I do believe B0 never liked Emil Jones that much, because I believe B0 doesn’t like black people in general (outside his little family circle) that much — when questioned about some of his associations with black people who were questionable he said that “black people can’t be that choosy with whom they associate” as if the black community is filled with nothing but drug dealers, thieves, etc — when I read that I thought WTF? Yes, black people can be choosy about their black “friends” because the majority of the black community are honest, hard working citizens — Emil Jones isn’t corrupt because he is black, he is corrupt because he is a corrupt pol. (and don’t even get me started on his condescending speech about black fathers on Father’s Day or his failure to attend the State of the Black Union after he didn’t need the southern black vote).

  109. elderj,

    They moved quickly on Blago before he sold the Senate Seat or appointed himself. Now he will have no choice but to talk to the Feds or go to jail like Rezko and Gov. Ryan. Fitzgerald always starts with the small time crooks and moves up the food chain. Obama is the last link in the chain and the only one left.

  110. But let’s not forget that Fitzgerald’s investigation into Valerie Plame only brought down Scooter Libby (and temporarily at that.) The big fish got away. This is why I’m cautious about where this case will go.

  111. Fitzgerald has brought down some very big fish in the past, including the former Gov. of IL, who is currently in prison. It was up to the Democrats in Congress to investigate Rove and Cheney. They chose not to follow through.

  112. elderj — that is how my Fitzy plans on catching the big fish — he started off indicting some knucklehead (I forget the name) to get him to “roll” on Rezko. He has now gotten Rezko to “roll” on Blago. He will then get Blago to “roll” on B0.
    Also, word on the street is that Rezko stopped talking once B0 “won” the GE (which I will never concede that the did because he did not win the primary plus I believe there was voter fraud in OH, PA, NC, VA & FL). Moving on Blago now on conspiracy puts pressure on Blago to roll on B0 & also shows Rezko that he isn’t “safe” just because B0 won — so he better keep talking.
    Also, as DYB pointed out — Fritzgerald could not just sit by while Blago actually appointed a Senator he was bribed to appoint — conspiracy is a crime in and of itself — so he can (and should) stop him now before it gets worse. It is like arresting someone for conspiracy to commit murder — you shouldn’t say “nah, let him commit the murder so we can get him for a higher charge)

  113. bostonboomer, on December 10th, 2008 at 12:26 am Said:

    Strategy is simple: first a press release and see if we get free press coverage as a result. If necessary and advisable, raise money to fund ad buys – probably utilizing Marc Rubin’s talent in that department. (Marc’s a bit under the weather so will have to see if he’s available…)

  114. DYB — the Plame investigation stopped with Scooter only because the Bushies closed ranks — this group of Chicago thugs will sing like canaries to save their own skins.

    And, it wasn’t Fitzy’s fault that W “communed” Libby’s sentence.

  115. Fitzgerald is a superb attorney and a superb U.S. attorney. He acts with good judgment and in good faith. I do not think he’s grinding any axes; he’s prosecuting in a responsible manner. My two cents…

  116. hmm… I wonder though will BO bring any pressure to bear for him to resign. Fitzgerald I mean. Don’t US attorney’s usually resign when the presidency changes hands? Do they have to or is that just tradition?

  117. I honestly do not yet have an opinion on what, if anything President-elect Obama knows about the Governor’s conduct and if he does know, when he knew it. But I am happy I wrote a post long ago saying that Obama was CREEPy (as in Committee to Reelect the President) and that The Denver group ran ads comparing Nixon and Obama – not for the content of their views but because of the similarity of their tactics.

  118. It would send a bad message for BO to fire Fitz. It could definitely be seen as retaliation.

  119. No way can Obama accept Fitzgerald’s resignation, elderj. Yes, all U.S. attorneys tender resignations at the start of a new presidential term – a custom, not required by law – but think how it would look if President-elect Obama accepted Fitzgerald’s now!

  120. Hey, I just realized tomorrow night is the first of the new radio show–The View from Under the Bus!

  121. BB – what time does the show air? Number to call?

  122. If Obama fires Fitzgerald, it would be like when Nixon fired Archibald Cox.

  123. Regency: great minds and all that, eh?

  124. I don’t know the details, Heidi.

  125. Thanks BB – I’ll check in then.

  126. Heidi — I agree totally about Fitzgerald — that is why he is my future (secret) lover.
    I just hope he keeps himself safe — I am friends with a former US Attorney who prosecuted NOLA mob boss Carlo Marcello in 1981 on bribery charges — he got repeated death threats, windows on his home shot out, etc — even though he does white collar defense now, he is still nervous going into Italian restaurants! LOL

  127. Angie,

    I thought you left. When is the radio show tomorrow night?

  128. Heidi: Great minds indeed. (Yours greater than mine, of course.)

    The show is tomorrow at 9:30 est. An hour long. Me, Afrocity, SOD, Angie, Madamab, –am I missing anyone?

  129. BB — yes tomorrow is the first The View from Under the Bus show on PUR — we start at 9:30 EST. We have a jammed packed show but I’m already nervous!

  130. Fitzgerald’s conduct in the Plame investigation is a testimony to his being a prosecutor’s prosecutor. He indicts when he has a case nailed downed airtight. That is what he has done to Blagojevich — he’s so done he’s not toast he’s charcoal.

    An irony that hasn’t been pointed out that I’ve seen is the IL House Seat 5. It was held by Rostenkowski until he was given an all expense government vacay. Then IL5 went to Blagojevich until he won gubernatorial bag man. Who holds IL5 now — none other than Rahm.

  131. Nope Regency — you have got it covered.

    We are doing the results on our poll (which you can find at theviewfromunderthebus.worpress.com) of the Top 10 Misogynist Moments of the election, RD is our guest to discuss same & we are going to “dish” on the current sexist events.
    Unfortunately, due to the holidays (we are only going to do shows every other Wednesday) our next show will be in Jan. 7 where we will induct women who hurt other women this year onto our “Wall of Shame” and women who were heroes this year into our “Hall of Fame”

  132. You’ll be great, Angie. Just talk on the phone like you would to a friend. You’ll forget anyone else is listening.

  133. Angie: Your puma is so mysterious.

  134. Pat

    My husband and I are Chris and Chris.

  135. Prolix,

    Rahm was apparently the go-between on the Senate seat negotiations. God, I hope he goes down!

  136. Regency: well your PUMA is so darling I had to pick one to get some of the attention! LOL
    Actually a black cat with green eyes suits me — my Monty (whom I’ve had for 14 years!) looks just like my PUMA pic.

  137. OK, I have to get some sleep. See you all tomorrow! Fitzmas is finally coming!

  138. I hope so too…

  139. Night BB.

  140. bb — I hope so — but when I get nervous I start to talk too fast & stumble over words — for example, I will not be able to pronounce aluminum or cinnamon — not that I will need those two words tomorrow, but still (and that is why I like bankruptcy law as opposed to litigation — you just write it all down in briefs to the Court — little to no oral arguments).

  141. night bb!

    I’m turn in too gang. Good night all!!

  142. Night Angie.

  143. Angie,

    Just remember that the audience are your friends. We will all be pulling for you.

  144. Regency, on December 10th, 2008 at 12:50 am Said:
    Excellent line-up. You will all be great.

  145. bb — I know — thank you! I’ll just picture you all in your underwear! 🙂

    btw — I popped in because I forgot to mention the best part — with all the coverage on Blog’s indictment, the msm isn’t mentioning that Fitzy issued grand jury subpoenas today on the Rezko/Obama land deal!!! OMG For the first time this year, I truly have “hope” that justice will prevail! (you can read the story on cannonfire)

    Ok, night for real guys!! Love ya!

  146. I’m going to sleep too. But for the record: State of Disbelief’s PUMA avatar is the best – it is the tinfoil hat of course!

  147. night all

  148. Good night everyone. Off to study the final.

  149. Well I wanted to go to sleep, made the fatal mistake of checking my email, and ended up writing this http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/hey-mr-plouffe-do-you-realize-how-fascistic-you-sound.html

    G’night for real.

  150. Brilliant poem, john!

    (Now I’m off to read all the other comments.)

  151. Thank you, scrubs. If I had had another “flop”– well, let’s just say there was once a culture where I’d be expected to commit hara kiri, and leave it at that.

  152. Tom in Paine has a new post up.

  153. Ok, off to check out Tom in Paine. Usually good posts there.

  154. Also, if anyone has a Yahoo account, log on and recommend the Blago/Obama story. We want to keep this on the front page of Yahoo and Yahoo News for as long as possible.

  155. morning all breakfast time!

  156. Blago’s approval ratings are at 4%, a lot lower than Bush!

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