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Monday: Ruminations

At the fitness center last week, the zumba instructor asked everyone to grab a set of light handweights.  What weight?, we asked.  Nothing more than 5’s.  We quickly ran out of 3’s.  “Where were the other weights?”, she asked.  “The company’s other fitness centers have all of the other weights.  Heck, they even had adjustable thingies and whatnots.  How come this one doesn’t?”

We grinned bitterly.  Why indeed?  Maybe we shouldn’t complain.  We are lucky to have a fitness center at all with weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals and towel service.  But while the fitness center for the scientists is serviceable, small and exercise classes pretty basic, with the exception of the zumba class, the two business fitness centers were spacious, better equipped, had better classes and a more zen-like feel to them.

Come to think of it, the food in their cafeterias was better too.  They had a better selection of food and registered dieticians who will consult with you on your choices.  I’d been there and seen it with my own eyes.  The food was the same price but the quality was unmistakeably better in every way.  Where our entrees are suitable for lumberjacks (basic, carb loaded but, wow!, the portions are huge!), theirs are more suitable for svelte figures and discerning palates.  They have demonstration chefs who custom prepare composed salads and stir frys.  We have surly cooks who slap roasted potatoes on your plate whether you want them or not.  As it turned out, I didn’t want.

We’ve heard all of the excuses about why the facility services are so different, ie worse, compared to the other sites.  None of the reasons make any sense.  The stupidest one was that the business folks had be compensated because most of them had to work in cube farms instead of private offices.  Oh, whoa is they!  What kind of plush digs do they imagine the scientists work in, crouched under fume hoods or perched on a stool, pipet in hand, facing row after row of tiny wells?

Hmmm, maybe they’ve got something here.  After all, *we* work with our hands.  Gentlemen and ladies do *not* work with their hands, they work with their minds.  Nevermind that some of the PhDs in those fume hoods have dedicated a decade or more to their educations and know more in their pinkies than some MBA up the road.  Nevermind that we know how to operate a spreadsheet, have to learn to navigate the SAP and purchasing procedures and are subject to the same idiotic Sarbanes-Oxley Act training as our more genteel counterparts.  What it all boils down to is that there is a potential that our hands will get dirty.  After all, don’t we wear labcoats and gloves and run around in denim all day?  {{Sniff!}}  Denim or Dockers.  Farm hands and construction workers wear denim.  Oh, sure, it’s one of the safest things you can wear in a lab, natural fibers and all standing up better to acids and other corrosive substances better than polyester type materials that have a propensity to melt and stick to the skin.

But MBAs apparently don’t think about these things much.  We dress down therefore, we must be the manual labor.  I can almost hear the negotiations with the caterer over the contract. “The business centers will require 3 hot entrees, 2 demonstration stations, the complete salad bar station, deli station, full bistro with specialty pizza, four daily soups, garde manger and healthy options section with nutritionist on staff during the hours of 11-2.  The science group?  Meat and potatoes.  Some soup, lots of chili.  Throw in some salad for those damn fitness center regulars.  That ought to do it.”

So, why am I going on like this?  I guess it was this post at Anglachel’s that reminded me of the difference between the have and have nots.  It’s sort of like 18th century England.  The peers do not engage in work.  They live off their money.  The rest of us just live off the land or our hands, no matter what our professions happen to be.  If you have to touch what earns you a living, you can bet your butt some snooty elite is looking down his nose at you and figuring that you can just do without.

I guess I shouldn’t complain.   What I’m griping about would make most people green with envy.  I have it good.   Especially compared to the hispanic drudges who clean my desk area at night.

66 Responses

  1. Once you see the elitism, it’s hard to unsee it.

    Great post, RD! I have discovered that NJ Transit is far more complicated than I thought, and that if it’s not the subway or Metro-North, I am a mass transit moron.

    Never, EVER listen to the announcers at Penn Station.

  2. Well, soon the elites in DC and business will be serving up a mess to most of us when it comes to healthcare. You’ll have a lot of “choices” but it will be substandard slob in the end!!!!

    I wish there were a way to escape, but…..

    “Healthcare Reform” PR Blitz, Screw Job on the Way–And YOU Can Join In!


  3. You have it good because you have worked your butt off for it.

  4. I am used to the multi-tiered system because of health care. Nurses, despite university level education, are still referred to as “trained”, This conjures up vivid images of nurses bouncing balls on their noses.

  5. It’s all relative I guess. I try not to think of all those who have it better than I. I have to eat my own cooking for heaven’s sake. 😦

  6. Further, little effort is made for nurses who work off shifts. Usually the cafeteria closes at 6, leaving night staff to fends for themselves out of vending machines. One administrator timed all of the holiday meals for the day before the holiuday, closing the cafteria down on bthe actual holiday Apparently, if he wasn’t there, no need for anyone else to be hungry either, Go figure.

  7. Haven’t heard a whole lot of political good news lately, but today… it said on RCP that Tom Tancredo is retiring. I had this feeling that the folks here would be cheered by that even more than I am.

  8. john, that is good news. Ding, dong, the witch is dead.

  9. Obama’s ‘Yes we can’ man left red-faced – US Election, World news …
    In another picture, the 27-year-old Favreau (credited with inventing
    the ‘Yes We Can’ ..
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    15 hours ago – Funy Photos of Jon Favreau Hillary Clinton – Mixx
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    Dec 6, 2008 – Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau Embarrassed By Facebook Photo
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    Dec 6, 2008 – Obama speechwriter takes sexist photos – Jon Favreau
    (Speechwriter …
    Yeah, that’s Favreau with his hand on Hillary’s chest, while his
    friend feeds her … Be the first to leave a comment! Add a Comment:.
    Already a member? …
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  10. Good morning everyone! I see we passed 4.5 million page views during the night. Your setup sounds pretty good to me, RD. But I take your point. At my university, the School of Management is has the nicest, brightest, airiest, most modern building. Their cafeteria is pretty swanky for academia. They probably get the biggest donations from alums.

    The Psych Department is dark, dingy, and we’re lucky to have classrooms. The big name profs have turned most of them into labs. The good news is they finally got some cut- rate “new” computers for the grad students that are at least functional.

    All the materialism and disrespect for labor is a sign of an empire in steep decline. But I’m still happy just to be doing something I love. I’ll probably never be a “have.” I could win the lottery, I guess, but I never remember to play it.

  11. Unless we can look down our officious noses at those who have not attained “white collar” success, we just can’t feel good enough about ourselves.

    The “elitists”, much like the poor, will always be with us.

  12. Have thought for many, many years that the elite including those in Washington whom we voted into power, float around on a golden cloud above us raping our treasury while throwing peanuts down to those of us who fund that treasury.

    What a country we would be if there was a glimmer of honesty and fairness among the elite.

    The public is disgusted with the Wall Street bailouts but seem to have forgotten that during the campaign when the bailout legislation was pending in the House Pelosi forced the legislation to the Senate where changes were made when Obama stepped in to negotiate with senators.

    Remember…Pelosi then announced because of Obama’s superior abilitiies in working with senators the legislation was so improved it would pass the House. She was practically drooling when she made this statement.

    Obama owns this legislation as does Pelosi and the democratic senators who went along with this charade to boost O.’s weak credentials.

    Do any of them, including Obama accept ownership of this legislation which didn’t even throw “peanuts” to those of us below the “elitist” standard?

  13. I gotta tell ya, having any type of cafeteria or fitness center sounds a little Whole Foods. Kind of sounds like complaining that your Benz isn’t as good as their Porsch.

    Meanwhile, with my advanced degree, I brown bag it. And our company’s fitness program is walking upstairs for the coffee machine.

  14. Some years ago a critic from the Great White north made the comment that the only industry soon to be left in the U S of A would be yard sales and selling each other insurance.
    Some where we went from making goods to making money as our chief industrial output.

  15. Calypso– We would have entered into a far better world in the 60’s if the Weather Underground hadn’t started killing people and bombing. The U.S. was headed left in a wave of “power to the people” politics that would have eventually addressed all these issues. But alas, fear swung us hard right into the economic anarchy we are facing today.

    It appears that the only solution at this point may not be the American Revolution Part Two, but the French Revolution Part One.

  16. Churl,

    You are so right, and that is why I think Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were CIA infiltrators.

    But it all began with the coup on November 22, 1963.

  17. The hypocritical MSM is falling all over itself with the possibility of a Caroline Kennedy in the Senate. The same press who found it laughable that Sarah Palin was unqualified to be vice president even though she was and elected official from the state of Alaska.

    Caroline has never run for office, managed a campaign, shook the hands of voters, faced the opposition, spelled out her vision, or walked the walk. I am sure she is a very nice woman who has managed to carve out a life for herself in a meaningful way, but entitlement is not enough.

    The Senate itself has become a swamp of career politicians who will stoop to any level to maintain their seats. Public service has become passe. It has been replaced with corporate fat cats and special interest groups who have the ear of these elected officials who have shown little regard for us. As the system continues to collapse under this weight of indifference, more of their mishandling comes to light.

    This “appointment” brings it all home. It is not what you know but who you know and conferring this honor on an untried, unknown candidate for all intents and purposes, reeks of entitlement.

    We have all come to know and expect that being a Kennedy comes with its own sense of elitism, but this will only bear witness to another nail in the coffin of democracy. One must earn their place in this world and being born into one of privilege should not be the criteria of leadership.

    No to Caroline Kennedy. This is still a democracy, not a dynastic rule.

  18. I don’t think we’re still a democracy or even a representative republic, unfortunately. We are an oligarchy with heavy fascist overtones.

  19. Here is the last email I got from Teddy, after I wrote him to tell him what a total asshole he is and request removal from his mailing list for what must be the hundredth time. I said nothing about Iraq.

    Dear Mrs. X:

    Thank you for your letter on the situation in Iraq. I appreciate this opportunity to share my views.

    The Bush Administration and Iraqi government have just reached an agreement that U.S. combat troops will be removed from by next summer, and from all of Iraq by the end of 2011-three full years from now. It’s a significant step forward, but I hoped it would be more rapid. I am sure that the Obama Administration will reassess the timing. Obviously, we must continue to work with the Iraqi government to strengthen its forces and enhance its ability to bring security and vital services to the Iraqi people.

    I and all Americans strongly support our troops. They continue to fight with great skill and courage, and we owe them an extraordinary debt of gratitude.

    We have lost over 4,000 troops in Iraq and over 20,000 have been wounded. We need to make sure that we support all our brave men and women when they come home. I intend to do all that I can to see that the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs have programs in place to make sure that these soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen have the best possible benefits and care.

    Thank you again for contacting me on this fundamental issue.

    Edward M. Kennedy

  20. I don’t think we’re still a democracy or even a representative republic, unfortunately. We are an oligarchy with heavy fascist overtones.

    Much as I would love to disagree, I fear you are correct. We have been drifting along this path for a long time. The problem is, few see it.

  21. catarina: He is an asshat!!

  22. Doctors work with their hands, so why do they get so much prestige here? They certainly didn’t have it in Middle Age Europe. I guess they all standardly now have nurses to do all of the real dirty work, so that’s one subservient group (of mostly women) to lift them higher on the prestige ticket.

    However, honestly, in times like these, all people in the medical field should be counting their blessings, because they will certainly not be losing their incomes like so many others. As times get more difficult, there are more patients needing medical help.

    BB—”oligarchy w/ heavy fascist overtones” is exactly correct. And Hillary would have started the long road toward solid democracy, hence all of the tricks of 2008.

  23. an asshat a mile wide.

    last time i requested removal from the list he sent me some shit about the economy.

    I was born in 62. I’ve had to hear about the Kennedys my whole life.
    If Caroline gets that seat I will lobotomize myself, I swear.

  24. Is there some reason that I am awaiting moderation?

  25. Well it’s sad to know that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting shafted. The sad part is Caroline Kennedy no more understands the plight of everyday Americans than most of our elected body.

    Why is it that we continue to accept and allow the rich elite to make policies about our lives. When do we stand up and say, “Your birthright does not include a seat in the Senate.”

    I get angrier each day I hear of Biden saving his seat for his son and now Ted Kennedy trying to get a Senate seat for Caroline. Why don’t they have to EARN it like everybody else. Like Hillary had to do.

  26. From Will Bower
    Maloney4Senate facebook group


  27. Catarina:

    All that response indicates is they don’t read your fraking e-mail.

  28. Doctors work with their hands, so why do they get so much prestige here? They certainly didn’t have it in Middle Age Europe. I guess they all standardly now have nurses to do all of the real dirty work, so that’s one subservient group (of mostly women) to lift them higher on the prestige ticket.

    However, honestly, in times like these, all people in the medical field should be counting their blessings, because they will certainly not be losing their incomes like so many others. As times get more difficult, there are more patients needing medical help.

  29. BB—”oligarchy w/ heavy fascist overtones” is exactly correct. And Hillary would have started the long road toward solid democracy, hence all of the tricks of 2008.

  30. Would be nice if the “Lion of the Senate” had more competent staffers.
    I think they play dumb to keep me on their stupid list. I get constant requests for money.
    Maybe I have to physically show up at Teddy’s office and light my hair on fire to get my point across.

  31. BB: ”oligarchy w/ heavy f*scist overtones” is exactly correct. Hillary would have started the long road toward solid democracy, hence all of the tricks of 2008.

  32. BB: ”oligarchy w/ heavy fascist overtones” is exactly correct.

  33. Hillary would have started the long road toward solid democracy, hence all of the tricks of 2008.

  34. Lighting your hair on fire would only get their attention if you were doing so while clutching a few dollars in your hands. The reaction would be astonishing. Otherwise, prepare to bring your own bucket of water.

    These people just do not care!

  35. Hill was going to take us the other back toward solid democracy, and we saw what happened there.

  36. Please don’t print what is in moderation now…I managed to get it all on in sections.

  37. BB -ITA re oligarchy

  38. I’d love to see Teddy and Caroline spend a month in downtown Washington with the homeless and destitute. They couldn’t have any staff or any luxuries and see how long they last. I don’t think Hyannis Port prepared them for that kind of living.

  39. When our vote can be nullified as easily as it was we have lost the essence of democracy. After that, anything goes.

    I hold Al Gore as much responsible for the “Bush win” back in 2000 since he failed to demand a recount of all votes cast in Florida. I hold Obama responsible for those votes lost in MI and FL during the primaries and the Rules Committee arbitrary decree. The “roll call” vote in Denver only added to the frustration that the voter is insignificant.

    When the will of the voter is that easily dismissed we sadly come to the reckoning that a democratic nation no longer exists.

    I only wish to have a “special interest” representing me.

  40. You have to remember when Old Joe Kennedy was alive. He always had a “replacement” waiting in the wings. First Joe Jr., killed in service was replaced by John who was to be replaced by Bobby who was to be replaced by Ted. This family feels this to be their birthright.

    We are now faced with the second generation being asked to step up and take their place. Kennedy’s abound! John Kennedy, Jr. was this generations next big thing but sadly he lost his life. Next up: First Daughter!

    Give me a break!

  41. Yes, Caroline Kennedy is another example of “elitisim” power.

    I suspect Ted Kennedy is on a short list to heavenly oblivion. Although he has served 40 years in the Senate he has no “Kennedy” legacy to leave behind.

    RFK.Jr who has earned the right to continue the Kennedy influence in Congress and lives in N.Y. , declined to fill Hillary’s seat although he was a Hillary supporter.

    Ted Kennedy’s son Patrick, has served in the House representing Rhode Island since it seems he was a teenager. Shouldn’t he carry on the Kennedy banner, why hasn’t he? Don’t know for sure, but can’t recall any accomplishment on his part. In fact ,I doubt most of the public is aware Ted K. has a son serving in the House.

    Who is left, Caroline. She has led a very private life and has no political experience. Her background is serving on various boards of charities in New York, all of which she CHOSE. And of course while participating in these activities she has had umpteen servants doing the drudgery of daily life for her, yet she DESERVES this seat over consideration of two N.Y. female Congresswoman who have actually earned the right to replace Hillary?

    Ted Kennedy led the effort among democrats to destroy Bill/Hillary’s health care plan. Why would he have done that? Perhaps he wants whatever health care plan passes Congress to have the “Kennedy” name attached to it, like Caroline’s name?

    The “Kennedy” mystique is unknown to many younger citizens however in the elitist political arena the family connections bring in big bucks. Is that all the democratic party is about anymore…$$$’s?

  42. Ted Kennedy’s son, Patrick, a congressman from the state of Rhode Island, has many, many, many problems which, if highlighted, would not serve him well.

    When you talk about “frat boy” behavior, Patrick Kennedy comes immediately to mind. This guy has lots of issues. Women, booze, drugs, to name a few.

  43. Is that all the democratic party is about anymore…$$$’s?

    The new Democratic party is about money. This is the reason given for wanting to have Caroline Kennedy as the Junior senator from New York.

  44. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of RFK, is a public servant the old fashioned way. She has served as I believe, Secretary of State from MD. However, she lacks charisma in the Kennedy vein.

    Teddy made the leap to Caroline because of the NY vacancy left by Hillary, which in my own conspiratorial mind he helped create.

    If Caroline gets the nod, the fix was definitely in from the get go.

  45. Ted Kennedy led the effort to bring down Bill/Hillary’s Health care plan? Really?

  46. I hear you RD. This reminds me of when I worked at a paper — only the Christmas Party — because I always ate lunch out, myself — or dinner.

    But, editorial had the swankiest party — just the swankiest.
    Advertising had lobster dinners at the best place in town.
    But? The boss we had was just like the person choosing the meals at your place. It was always sort of troughs. Of stuff. This was after the NYT bought the place. Before that? We had the loveliest Christmas Party in the world — just the loveliest. For all! Including the employees who cleaned the place.

    It was something.

    Later, working for an agency who served the poor– there was so much food there you wouldn’t have believed it. All the time. But it wasn’t good food, or gourmet food. It wasn’t exactly healthy like we know what is or isn’t.

    And, when I was out at a site — the food that was served to the people there?

    Oh, Awful. I mean, you just wouldn’t eat at all. At all. It is definitely a tiered system skewed to the business end — but– they have messed up. Really messed up the infrastructure in the country.
    The business (heartless) departments are actually unethical and inhuman at the same time.

    In the end though? It’s a domino thing. All the dominos tend to fall because of momentum — like today’s news.

    I wonder if the people at Dow will be like the Window makers in Chicago — in that factory?

    It may well have been the MBA’s who have been responsible for tanking the place, RD. Really.

  47. Teddy made the leap to Caroline because of the NY vacancy left by Hillary, which in my own conspiratorial mind he helped create.

    I believe so too.

  48. ps: The Trib owns the LA Times. This is VERY bad news, for Americans. And the people who work there. It was a 401k type deal. Raided.

    By a Chicago guy.

  49. Karolina: You are correct., Nursing pays the bills. Sadly, one of the reasons for the constant supply of jobs is that the average nurse practices for 3 years and bolts. So salaries continue to rise.

  50. Pat, I second your comments about Patrick Kennedy. I almost wish NY would take him off our hands. And your supposition about Teddy’s role in the SOS appointment makes a lot of sense. The possibility that Caroline Kennedy might be handed a Senate seat based solely on her parentage is simply appalling.

  51. vbonnaire-What other papers does the Trib own and why?
    Inside info always welcome 😉

  52. You can follow this lead– sometimes TV, sports places, sports teams and so forth. You would be amazed at what is owned — mogul wise–


    It makes me very sad. Especially about LAT and what has happened there. Very sad.

  53. Campbell Brown is creditted for her courageous act of blaming Hillary for that photo. This woman who said nothing during the campaign is now a feminist hero!!!! She did even blame Obama for not firing him. She protected Obama and the idiot writer and put all the blame on Hillary.


  54. Heh

    Don’t feel bad RD. I don’t even get paid for my job. I’m a full time wife and mom. According to all the stats I should be making hundreds of thousands but I get nothing other than the hopeful satisfaction of raising 4 young citizens who will care. Not only do I not get paid but because I do not get paid, I am making my retirement years that much harder. I have watched my SS numbers from BK(before kids) dwindle down as I have been out of the work force. i suspect I will end up like my mother and find myself taking a low wage minimum wage job to make ends meet if I am fortunate enough to live beyond 65.

  55. Seems Patrick Kennedy has the same problems his father once had.

    Remember not that long ago when Ted Kennedy was the drunken philanderer of the senate always in the news with accompanying photographs of him looking like a fool? The Kennedy family is far from “hollier than thou.”.

    Although at one time I admired and respected the K.clan, I no longer do, except for RFK, Jr. and his environmental work with the National Resources Defense Council.

    I too believe that before the convention Obama at Ted K.’s insistance, made a deal with HRC that if she campaigned in Ohio, PA and FL for O. and he became the nominee, SOS would be hers.

    On NPR this AM they were discussing O.’s cabinet nominees and how none suggest “change” in government.

    A participant supportive of O. said that O’s choices were a stroke of genius because it takes so LONG for nominees to be vetted and approved that choosing those who have already served means they will pass through quickly and there will be no delay in O.’s governing.

    Rather than fixing the problem of too much time to vet. cabinet nominees we must choose those who already served? When will O. supporters choke on the Kool-Aid?

  56. Nice article on elites in the WaPo yesterday:
    Academic Elites Fill Obama’s Roster:
    Critics Worry About Intellectual Insularity


  57. Caroline Kennedy. What has she done with her life, so far? Written a couple of books. Didn’t she work in a Museum?

    Does she have anything at all on her resume that shows her to be inside the Kennedy legacy of serving the people of the country? What charities and community groups can she boast membership/leadership or any level of participation in?

    What a joke. Yahoo news this morning said that the liberals are not so happy with Obama right now with the picks he has made, and the immediate change of stand on most of the policies he ran on.

  58. When I was still working for the Feds before Katrina, we were located on a NASA facility in NOLA where the external tank was built. We Fed employees and the Lockheed Martin employees, engineers, scientists, bosses, etc. all ate in the same cafeteria or you went off the facility to eat. The food wasn’t bad when we had a company from Jackson MS running the place. Then L.M. got a new company from the North that came in. They did not know how to cook for Southerners (locally grown and transplanted). We all laughed our asses off at the “steamed this and that”. When we had green beans we wanted some meat cooked in with them, not steamed.

    We all knew they were in trouble, when, on a Friday, they came up with the idea of the fried clam po-boy! 😆 Employees started either brown-bagging or ordering from one of the local restaurants that delivered in front of the bldg. After about 4-6 months, this group voluntarily pulled out of the contract with L.M.

  59. Buyer’s remorse starting to show up:


  60. Calypso, on December 8th, 2008 at 11:32 am Said

    Calypso, Ted Kennedy has done nothing except use women’s groups to further his own power and status in Washington while doing nothing for us in return. After decades of doing nothing, he feels compelled to diss Hillary Clinton so he can take credit for whatever bs legislation he’ll push through before his death. What, like he’s going to implement universal health care in a year? Give me a break. After doing nothing, he has around a year or less to establish his legacy and he wants Caroline to continue the Kennedy legacy because she’s the only living person left who is directly related to JFK and Jackie. I’ve never heard of Ted’s son until now and didn’t even know he had a son in politics. RFK Jr. is great but he keeps a lower profile than Caroline and doesn’t have that star quality or the public sympathy.

  61. Not to take anything from this fantastic post, but from my past life, the exception to your rule came to mind: in the medical profession, the specialties where you touch with your hands and blood comes out are considered the most lucrative: obstetrics, dentistry and surgery.

  62. continue the Kennedy legacy because she’s the only living person left who is directly related to JFK and Jackie. I’ve never heard of Ted’s son until now and didn’t even know he had a son in politics. RFK Jr. is great but he keeps a lower profile than Caroline and doesn’t have that star quality or the public sympathy

    Vote for me because my Daddy died? Hardly a reason for support. Caroline Kennedy has done nothing to merit the Senate seat. When was she involved with politics until this election? Being the child of a politician (dead or alive) is not a reason to be appointed to a seat in the United States Senate.

  63. I’ve heard it all now.
    “The Nanny” wants HRC’s senate seat.
    I’d prefer her over Princess Caroline..

    from popeater:
    (Dec. 8) — Move over, Caroline Kennedy, there’s a new contender for Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat – the TV nanny with the braying laugh. Fran Drescher has gone public with her bid for Governor Paterson’s appointment as the replacement senator from New York.

  64. there’s a new contender for Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat – the TV nanny with the braying laugh. Fran Drescher has gone public with her bid for Governor Paterson’s appointment as the replacement senator from New York.

    I want a Cadillac Escalde or a Mercedes “S” class. I don’t think I’m going to get either one though.

  65. Here’s my letter to Paterson

    As a voter I would be deeply insulted if Hillary’s senate seat would be dispensed as a privilege of the Kennedy dynasty – to an inexperienced, barely willing legacy. We had this in Washington for the past 8 years.
    My congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney would make a superb senator – as would other experienced, dedicated non- Kennedy New York women.
    Please make the choice based on merit.
    Otherwise, not only will I never vote for the “niece” – ever, but regretfully, I wouldn’t be able to get myself to vote for you either.
    I was looking forward to voting for you in your re-election, since the days of Draft Wesley Clark.
    I trust you will display now the same sterling judgment you displayed in 2004.

  66. Fredster
    if I had to vote between Drescher and Caroline, the Nanny wins hands down. She has just as much experience, but at least she doesn’t have an uncle calling to demand her birthright. Uncle that screwed my kids already with NCLB and is ready to screw everyone else with a health insurance law written by the insurers

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