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Fauxgressive Blogosphere 1.0

If you are a Hillary-hating “progressive” blogger who repeatedly denied the existence of sexism during the primaries, how do you deal with this?:


Simple – you ignore the story all weekend and then criticize someone who describes the photo as resembling the  “early stages of the barroom rape scene of “The Accused” with Jodie Foster.”  John Cole:

Just like a barroom rape scene. Except, you know, with a cardboard cut-out. And no rape.

I am not going to argue what they were doing was appropriate for public consumption, but calling this akin to the early stages of rape is wankery of the first order.

John Cole wasn’t concerned about the behavior of Barack Obama’s chief speechwriter, just the criticism of Mr. Favreau.  Kinda strange priorities for a progressive isn’t it?  And Mr. Cole only thinks it was innappropriate for “public consumption.”  I guess that means what goes on behind closed doors is okay?

This is the same John Cole who said this in regards to the RFK assassination fauxrage:

Hillary is breaking barriers alright, with yet another victory for feminism:

Hillary Clinton today brought up the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy while defending her decision to stay in the race against Barack Obama.

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing calls to drop out.

Sociopath. What else can you really say?


Pretty amazing. Hillary is now claiming that she is partially justified staying in the race because let’s face it- someone might kill Obama.

and this:

I have to confess- I am celebrating Hillary’s implosion today. I went out earlier and had two glasses of wine, a spectacular grilled romaine salad with avocado and a raspberry vinagrette, and then a splendidly rare filet mignon in an oyster demi-glaze on a bed of asparagus. Because, you know, I am an elitist. And then I had a fat cigar.

A few months back I was defending her, and was ready to vote for her, even after years as a Republican. And then I watched her campaign and I realized once again how repellent she is.
Yeah, I really wish I could be more graceful about this, but since dinner, I have had a couple more drinks and I keep getting more ecstatic. In my defense, you know what you get when you come here, so deal with it. All praise the Giant Spaghetti Monster, please give us another pervert Republican this weekend and the week will be complete.

Again, I wish I could be more tactful, but after watching her lackeys and her supporters spend the last three months with no real route to the nomination sniping from the sidelines hoping for an Obama disaster to propel OUR LADY OF INEVITABILITY to the nomination, you can consider this a pretty damned good day for me.

But John, you say- she was just talking about the timeline. Whatever. Bye, Hillary.

As a personal aside, I found that the self-immolation of the most narcissistic campaign ever washes down really fucking well with a Pinot Noir. Fuck off and good riddance.


PS- In pure Clintonian fashion, expect her to play the victim tomorrow. Why, she just made an innocuous statement about the election timeline and all these Obama supporters are trying to push the little woman out.

Fuck that nonsense. Buy some garlic and a wooden stake and tell her and her supporters to piss right off.

John Cole began his blogging career as a Bush-loving, Democrat-hating conservative Republican.  Can you tell?  But if you think what John Cole said was outrageous, here is one of his regulars from today’s comments at Balloon Juice:

Personally, I think Hillary would be flattered that a couple of young studs want to get her drunk and grope her. At her age, that is one hell of a compliment.

That was from a person who calls himself “ConservativelyLiberal.”  Using his logic, unattractive women who are raped should feel lucky somebody wanted to have sex with them.

114 Responses

  1. How do they manage to enrage me over and over again? Honesty, I haven’t hit anyone in years but this guy, this guy….

  2. OK — now we know where you’ve been.

    Good stuff — expose all the little men. Take “little” to mean whatever you think it means.

  3. that balloon is filled with flatulant hot air…

  4. Republicans tried to take over the Democratic Party disguised as “progressive bloggers.” They ended up getting f*cked by their own candidate. Maybe we should post each of their heads on the pic and let Favreau fondle them.

  5. Remember these are the losers that could not make out in a women’s or men”s prison with a fist full of pardons.
    The might be male but they are not men.

    See my comment below about *77 it is important.



  6. These are some of Obama’s most ardent supporters.

    What’s that tell you about Obama?

  7. BB:

    They aren’t getting f*cked – they wanted a Republican and they got one.

  8. To be fair, I don’t think John Cole qualifies in any sense as progressive.

  9. tdraicer:

    I don’t think so either but his blog gets listed that way, even though it’s part of “Pajamas Media”

  10. This guy is so horrible.
    Let me just leave you with this reminder: if you have not seen this and are willing to consider signing it:

  11. Wow. Just… no words.

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be douchebags.

  12. Using his logic, unattractive women who are raped should feel lucky somebody wanted to have sex with them.

    But this is exactly his logic — this is the same guy who wonders how an ‘attractive” woman (or, at least, one he finds attractive) could actually be a lesbian because she could get a guy.

    tdraicer — to be fair, John Cole was one of B0’s biggest boosters this election cycle & has been quoted and relied on extensively by the fauxgressive blogosphere since January — they’re stuck with him now.

  13. I’m sorry to be off-topic, but I was doing the “I told you so” to some Obama supporters on Facebook by talking about FISA, and they wrote back:
    “Now although we condemn Obama’s vote on the FISA bill, the very fact that we express dissent within our own party speaks VOLUMES about our collective moral character, as we refuse to blindly follow our leader, and that we dare to question our leader’s decisions.”
    Are they clueless or is it just me? If this continues, Obama will not face any consequence for anything he does, because his supporters are happy enough with symbolic protests that make them feel good about themselves.

  14. I’m telling you we need a male body part acronym. Jon Favreau is a PENIS(Pathetic, ethically-challenged, nerdy, idiotic scumbag).

    We all seem pretty unanimous on the P standing for pathetic and s ought to stand for scumbag.

    When they start wearing shirts calling woman body parts, it’s past time to launch a counteroffensive.

  15. Well, maybe Cole isn’t complaining–I’ve never read his blog. But they are up in arms at DK, Open Left, and even Americablog. They just can’t understand why Obama is looking more and more conservative. I guess they never read his book or listened to anything he said, or looked at any of his votes. All they cared about was the color of his skin. Now they have learned he used them and threw them away like a dirty kleenex.

  16. myiq2xu, on December 9th, 2008 at 12:24 am Said:

    These are some of Obama’s most ardent supporters.

    What’s that tell you about Obama?

    It tells me that the fish rots from the head — but I never drank the kool aid & have been screaming that this entire election — so, all in all, this picture doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is that Obama didn’t have the good sense to *pretend* he wasn’t “one of the frat boys” and fire Favreau immediately when this picture came out. Sadly, I’m only surprised a little bit.

  17. Personally, I think Hillary would be flattered that a couple of young studs want to get her drunk and grope her. At her age, that is one hell of a compliment.

    ummmm, if you’re a heterosexual women, men being attracted to you, at any age, can be complimentary if they don’t act like assholes about it.

    wanting to get you drunk and grope you………c’mon, not so attractive. really.

    “my friend and I would like to pour beer down your throat while we pull your hair and grope you” gee, what girl wouldn’t be flattered? the creepy thing on a lot of blogs is that men really don’t get that

  18. His act was so immature that I’d put I and S as (Inneedof Spanking) but anyone who gets his jollies fondling a cardboard cutout is likely to enjoy that. Isn’t it cute that this batch of neandrathals need to get their dates drunk to score.


  19. Kiki,

    Unfortunately, that is exactly the way a lot of men see us. We are nothing unless they desire us and we should be grateful if they do. Thank goodness I’m over 50 and have therefore become invisible.

  20. John Cole and fauxgressives- a match made in heaven. I’m just sad I’m stuck in the same country as these buttwipes.

  21. CWaltz: how about:


  22. Angie,

    All I know is that after this cycle, we need to start pushback and we need to start testing for stickiness now. It’s pretty darn clear that organizations like NOW are useless or less than useless.

  23. Hey, I have a very good friend who is a penis!

  24. oh, but CWaltz, since these asshats worship the penis so much, & myiq said the worst insult you can give to a man is to call him a p*ssy how about this;

    You betcha!

  25. This incident would make a very good litmus test.

    Just ask an alleged progressive or feminist how they feel about the picture, and judge them by their answer.

  26. And it should be written like this:

    Favreau is a P.U.S.S.Y.!

  27. myiq — little myiq is excepted from our criticism.

  28. Get this: James Carville is defending Favreau and really attacks The New Agenda. See video:


  29. I’m done with James Carville.

  30. Angie– I like it!

  31. I’d like to see this not die. I’d love to see Obama have to take a stand, publically, for once in his life because this just will not go away simply because he wants it to. I’m sure he envisions a complicated maze where everything people want an answer for is a “distraction” from something else people want a answer for.

    I’ll give Obama this – he understands (or maybe his speechwriter understands) our ADD society…….if you can ride something out for 12 hours everybody will be onto something else.

    we’ve gone through this for 8 years of the Bush administration – just as you started to digest something outrageous, smething else came up and you never really absorbed the previous outrage.

    Obama has of course seen this and his theme is anything he doesn’t want you to spend much time thinking about is a “distraction”…..I expect many distractions over the next four years. the word has already been redefined as something Obama would rather you didn’t spend much time mulling over.

  32. I’m kinda tired of female genitalia being an insult. I’m ready for the male genitalia to get it’s due.

  33. myiq2xu,

    Maybe you should add that CNN video to your post? Wow, that guy is no friend to Hillary or to women. I’d like to have seen Bill’s reaction when he saw the picture. I doubt if he thinks it’s no big deal.

  34. I also still say we need to adopt task forces to be able to address more than one issue effectively and have certain groups of people be the pit bulls that don’t let the ADD crowd forget.

  35. I think I need another thread to curse in MYIQ.

  36. bb — I never thought I’d live to see the day but FUCK JAMES CARVILLE!!
    How dare those three — Wolfson, Carville & that Romney staffer try to pretend the problem here isn’t that Favreau did it, but that “in this digital age” he got caught! Total criminal & 2 year old mentality! No, you asshats — it isn’t the people who are talking about it who have the problem, it is Favreau for doing it & you all for defending it.

  37. How about B.A.L.L.S.?

    B eknighted (need a better word)

    A ssholic

    L ightweight

    L oser

    S cumbag

  38. Anglachel has a really good take on the topic, notwithstanding the fact that she ignored us in listing blogospheric responses:


  39. Wolfson did it too?!!

  40. CWaltz — I agree with you that it shouldn’t be female genitalia being the “insult” but in one way we would be redefining the word and, in another, we would be, as myiq has pointed out, giving him the biggest insult you can give a guy.

    Besides, I like the U for “Unfuckable” and the “You betcha!”

  41. Anglachel hates us because we have so many more readers than she does….

  42. bb — at the beginning of the sound Wolfson says (after the female reported ends) how it is “fascinating how now days people have to really be careful” — I take that to mean because he got “caught” not because he did it.

  43. CWaltz — why do you need a thread devoting to cursing? hasn’t fucking stopped me! LOL

  44. I just went to the MSN smart spending blog and they used what he did as a no no(although for different reasons). I was disgusted that so many people at the opinionater seem to think this kind of behavior is acceptable. Most see it as a non issue since it’s a cut out. There seems to be an inability to connect the dots. Sigh.

  45. wow, I really liked James Carville back in the day.

    this has been such a sad and shocking year

  46. BB:

    I’m not sure what Anglachel’s issue is with us. I can understand her problem with some of the PUMA sites that were going crazy on the BC thing and the “Whitey” tape, but why us?

    She likes Mandos though.

  47. Post updated with video

  48. Wonder if Cole supported the arsonist’s petition on the beatification of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow?

    If there is one common universal characteristic of fauxgresives, it has to situational ethics — meaning I’m still waiting to find a situation where they have some.

  49. After reading how NOW doesn’t have time for dealing with this I don’t think just the F bomb will do. MFing Mfers – how dare they call themselves defenders of women? If there is a contest for Most Worthless Organization- I think they’d tie with the 109th and 110th Congress. Have I mentioned that they are MF- ing MFers?

  50. I do not nor hve I ever cared about Anglachel. I just don’t. Don’t get the scary smart. Don’t care. Hillary was all the scary smart I could take. Really, I’m done with that.

    Carville–the holy fuck man?

    John Cole can [insert insult likely to get me investigated by FBI]. Hillary is an intelligent, GORGEOUS, accomplished woman. Trust me, I’ve seen the way REAL men look at her. She doesn’t need a bunch of frat boys groping her likeness to feel desireable. Have you seen her husband? He puts those 3 year olds to shame in the moonlight.

    Need an insult? Insuffereable dick always worked for me.

  51. Yeah, we can still friggin’ swear in this thread!

  52. excuse me while I choke on the hypocrisy of TL taking Favreau to “task” for his sexism in this picture — seems to me most of them didn’t seem to mind the Sarah Palin is a c*nt t-shirts.

    The fact that Obama didn’t fire Favreau the minute this photo came out is all we need to know about B0 — his spokesperson actually said today that “Favreau has apologized. Hillary has accepted. The matter is over.” Nothing to see here folks — move along.

  53. Now that he is a “progressive” Democrat Cole has purged his archives of some of his more egregious posts.

    He was a vocal supporter of Bush, the war in Iraq and all things Republican.

  54. According to MSN money everytime I swear I am potentially losing a job opportunity if my future employer visits cyberspace. Oh f-ing well.

  55. Regency:

    When Cole switched parties, he brought his CDS with him.

    Just like Andy Sullivan

  56. I ain’t moving nowhere.

  57. CWaltz,

    The test would be if they reacted the same way if it were Michelle Obama being groped. I don’t believe they would have the same nonchalant response.

  58. That’s exactly what I mean angie…….at what point do we, as woman say enough is enough. Do we have to wait for this pervert to dry hump some REAL woman’s leg? Seriously,

  59. angie:

    TL didn’t post anything until Sunday morning – two days after the story hit the news.

  60. bb — Anglachel hates us because a well thought out, well-cited post by dakinikat — an economist who actually teaches economics — on the economy & the mortgage/foreclosure crisis had a cite to an economist whom Anglachel believes has written some things (note, not the thing dakinikat cited to) that could be seen by some if they are willing to really stretch it as r@cist — so, by extension, we are all r@cists here too.

  61. All the degressives need to go back to the Republican party. They are fouling up the water over here.

  62. We could use D.I.C.K or P.R.I.C.K. I’m too tired to think of words for the letters though.

  63. Couple this with the fact that the male mfers on the economic team want to kick of the sole woman because she isn’t just being a “yes MAN” and it seems like I am destined to be terminally pissed for the next 4 years. Same story, different president.

  64. myiq — surprised they had the audacity (that really is the best word to describe this entire election isn’t it?) to post anything at all (but in fairness, it was posted by BTD, speaking only for himself — and he was the “better” one over there during the whole PDS meltdown). Of course, I’m sure if the whole thing had blown over (as everyone in the fauxgressive blogosphere had hoped) BTD wouldn’t have even posted that.

  65. Doing





  66. BB – it doesn’t all have to be done tonight. I think we should just think ahead.

  67. Angie,

    Oh yeah, I forgot. In other worlds Anglachel has issues.

  68. And we have so MANY BETTER writers than She does … 🙂

  69. angienc2, on December 9th, 2008 at 12:45 am Said:

    myiq — little myiq is excepted from our criticism.

    [sniff, sniff] Does Fred the 3rd get an exception too? He’s been my long time companion. 😦

  70. I believe we should document the blogospheric reactions to these kinds of things – the lefty side anyway – so that later on no one can claim ignorance or deny responsibility.

    There are a lot of bloggers who seem to have forgotten their support for the war in Iraq now that it’s unpopular.

  71. Fred the 3rd is also excepted. I’m sure Angie will agree…

  72. and let’s seriously consider that this country just actually elected an empty suit based on this frat boy’s words – obviously he’s a talented writer – but if we now know he’s also an asshole, we can’t let the world revolve around his words and phrases. he needs to go.

  73. Degenerate


    K is a difficult one in both.

    I still like P.U.S.S.Y.!

  74. I mean no insult to Fred the 3rd. I do realize there are MEN out there that don’t have terminal stupidity and their malehoods are exempt.

  75. Here was Anglachel’s take:

    The stance Obama takes towards Favreau will have repercussions. To say “Sorry, this behavior does not measure up to this administration’s standards, can’t have this around,” would clearly communicate some serious expectations for executive staff performance and workplace environment. To fail to do so will damage the administration.

    90% of the time Anglachel is a very good writer. But every tenth post or so she makes you go WTF?

  76. Fred the 3rd is also excepted. I’m sure Angie will agree…

    Thank-ye, thank-ye! As you see I’m very populist with him; no Roman Numerals here! 😆 I’m Jr. and he’s 3rd.

  77. bb is correct — of course Fred the 3rd is excepted.

  78. angie, hopefully Karmic will emerge as a concept

    nite all

  79. Just read Regency’s comment about how real men look at Hillary — No shit — she landed the Big Dawg, for fuck’s sake. Are these morons completely out of touch with reality? (stupid question).

  80. Night kiki!

  81. night, kiki

  82. Well I’m gonna take a nice warm bath and try to settle down. I’m generally good at channeling my anger but right now I think I am on outrage overload.

  83. Kool Aid zombies! D’oh — the “k” word was right there in front of me the whole time.

  84. Night CWaltz!

  85. o.t. but: Did any of you see the end of Boston Legal? Denny and Alan get married! It’s to preserve Denny’s money but it was hilarious! I just started watching the show on Ion and have gotten chuckles out of what I’ve watched.

  86. Night, Kiki! Sleep well.

  87. I’m going to bed in a second too — I’m giving y’all a warning so I can see all of your “good nights” to me! lol 🙂

  88. Key words- REAL MEN. At 27 Favreau can only hope that SOMEDAY he will grow up to be a REAL MAN. It’s pretty obvious that he’s got a looooooooong way to go.

  89. I just had a comment at Klownhaus from someone using ther alias “JennyTX” who has the same IP address that has been used by trolls.

  90. P retentious
    R idiculous
    I mmature
    C raptastic
    K oolaid slurpers

  91. I don’t do Boston Legal. Anyone who doesn’t bother to research who they are depicting doesn’t get my spare time.

  92. g’nite Angie.

    CWaltz: If Favreau ever goes to real jail he’ll see what a real man is; and he’ll be worried about picking up the soap!

  93. Night, Angie!

    I need to get to bed too, but I’m not sleepy yet. I’m going to eat a brownie first.

  94. I like that Boston Boomer

  95. myiq — when did Anglachel write that post (I read it from your link, of course, because I always do what you tell me — ha, ha) but I didn’t notice the date. Because the word from the B0 camp today (per cnn) was “Favreau apologized. Clinton accepted. It is over.”

  96. Night, Angie!

    I did not see the end of that ep of BL. I was watching it too but changed the channel to a repeat of Top Chef. Damn it. That seems like a scene for the books.

    Ah, the nature of Real Men. Hard to define what they are, but man is it easy as hell to see who they aren’t.

  97. P retentious
    R idiculous
    I mmature
    C raptastic
    K oolaid
    S lurpers

  98. (sigh) Microsoft has been telling me I have some files to download so guess I’ll get to that in a minute.

  99. I’m so glad they think his private quasi-apology was sufficient. I’m not half convinced that Hillary took it with less than a restraining order but since the account leaves the entire thing open to interpretation, I concede.

  100. Regency it was hysterical. Candace Bergen and John L get married with Alan and Denny, with the ceremony conducted by either the C.J. or a Justice of the Supremes!

  101. myiq — no good night for me? I’m off to cry in my pillow. 😉

    Good night all!

    be good — and if you can’t be good, be careful!

  102. angie, why you cryin’ ?

  103. Oh, never mind…I see.

  104. Fred: That sounds hilarious. Gotta look that up when I’ve got a spare moment (which will not happen for some time sadly).

    Off to bed myself. Good night everyone.

  105. G’night Guapa!

    I was tracing an IP address, sorry

  106. Carville was really disappointing…actually, totally awful.

    Did he say anyone who has a problem with this…blah, blah, New Agenda….blah, blah…has psychological problems, needs mental help?

    I have stopped watching CNN. When flipping channels recently, I saw they were talking about Palin campaigning for Chambliss in GA. They had a little graPhic in the bottom right of the screen that said “She’s back” and they were speaking rather dismissively of her. Why didn’t they just write it like, “Sheeeeee’s Baaa-aaaack!”

    I wonder though, is the future for the Democrats a sleazy party made up of men and women, whom dismiss PUMA-types as too sensitive and create their own new social “norm” or will they really end up, with the sexism and the selaze, being male-dominated again?

  107. Barky says Favreau apologized, Hillary accepted, it’s over? When exactly did it begin for Barky? How can something he never noticed be all of a sudden over?

    I’m really pissed that Hillary’s camp is burying this and no major politician or pundit on TV has come out against this. More than pissed, I’m stunned. Maybe i shouldn’t be, but I am. If we thought people were going to start waking up – we were too optimistic. It ain’t happening.

  108. Angie: The fact that Obama didn’t fire Favreau the minute this photo came out is all we need to know about B0 — his spokesperson actually said today that “Favreau has apologized. Hillary has accepted. The matter is over.” Nothing to see here folks — move along.

    This is just another clear example that BO is NOT a leader — I have yet to see any real leadership — he is a passive aggressive and he uses his brownshirt thugs to intimidate and harass anyone who refuses to drink the kool-aid.

    From the very beginning BO’s hatred of women was so apparent — generally I thought it was the Republicans who hated women — but everything has been turned upside down.

    Thankfully there are so many mature guys who understand — you guys are the real men!! I just wanted to add this about every 10th rant or so. We don’t hate all males — just the sexist pigs who need a radical intervention (like a kick in the +++++s).

  109. P athetic
    E nvious
    N namby pamby
    I insufficient
    S ubstandard

    P athetic
    R edundant
    I nsufficent
    C allow
    K itsch



  110. I moved the video to give James his own post.


    Hillary shouldn’t have to be making a big deal out of this.

    She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

  111. myiq2xu> I agree and I’ve said that before myself. But Hillary also doesn’t have to be giving Obama cover and she sure seems to. I think people like Carville and Wolfson are pretty good barometers as to which way the Clinton camp leans. If Hillary wants this to be a bigger deal, I think she’s doing a pretty good job hiding it.

    Incidentally, DeeDee Myers’ column shouldn’t be a surprise. Myers defended Hillary quite a bit during the primaries on MSNBC and CNN. It was her husband who wrote that nasty piece in Vanity Fair. I assume she is not her husband’s keeper.

  112. This is akin to what we used to hear in the 70s about feminists having no sense of human. It starts at with letting ‘boys be boys’ and then some how it escalates to it’s your fault if you’re raped because you wear something too sexy, it’s your fault if you can’t get a promotion because you’re not a team player when team player is defined as having a penis, it’s your fault if we don’t pay you equally because you have a uterus and it just might get used on our watch ….

    when does this stop ?

  113. I was thinking also, what if some one put a noose around a cardboard cut out of barack obama … would that be not offensive, because it wasn’t really lynching because there wasn’t a real person inside the noose?

    what if we used a cardboard cutout of Joe Lieberman, and put a swastika tatoo on his arm or a number of pinned a felt yellow start of david to it? Would this not be offensive because it was just a cardboard cut out?

    Symbols MATTER. Would it just be considered lame, drunk, frat boy humor under these circumstances?

  114. Yes, I know that I sound like a broken record because I keep repeating it: There is NO humor in what these two twits did. The only people who would find “humor” in it are people who enjoy the degradation of women.

    If the substrate that Hillary’s image is printed on were more important than the actual image then “mens” magazines wouldn’t exist. It’s not about the paper. And it’s insulting for anyone to try to use that as an excuse. Obots might be stupid enough to buy it but the rest of us aren’t.

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