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Even Sully’s Own Staffer Thinks He’s Deranged


Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan’s assistant Patrick Appel writes:

While signing off, Andrew mentioned the months long argument he and I have had with regard to Sarah Palin’s fifth child. I am the only other person who has read all the obstetrician interviews, the interview with a reporter at the scene, and all the primary sources. I strongly believe that there is nothing to this story.


Forget about grainy inconclusive photographs: reporters saw Palin pregnant. This was one of the primary reasons Alaskan papers stopped investigating the story. Additionally, there is absolutely no reason to believe that Bristol Palin was pregnant during this time.


The easiest way to disprove these conspiracy theories is to consider what would be required for them to be true. Palin’s doctor, along with a good number of Mat-Su Regional’s doctors, nurses, and administrators would need to be in on the cover-up. On multiple occasions Palin would have had to pad her belly to make herself look pregnant. She would have needed to get friends to lie about seeing her breast feed. She would have had to silence an entire community – including two 17-year-olds and their friends – while the national media and the National Enquirer snooped around. Implausible to say the least.

I don’t believe Sarah Palin is capable of pulling off such a cover-up. And, like Alex Massie and John Schwenkler, I don’t understand what is being accomplished by continued investigation.

The real question is why The Atlantic continues to employ Mr. Sullivan.  My own theory is that he is the Howard Stern of blogging, a “shock jock” who generates web traffic with his insane ranting.


163 Responses

  1. While signing off, Andrew mentioned the months long argument he and I have had with regard to Sarah Palin’s fifth child.

    “months long argument”????

    Both men are insane.

  2. uuuugh…. what is the big deal?!!! Whose sperm invaded? Good lord! When are we going to stop the stupid sexism from people who don’t have any grasp of biology or humanity or compassion or even what the heck it matters if Sarah was pregnant or not?!! Are we voting on her pregnancy or (false pregnancy) or her ability to serve as president? (NOT the same.)

  3. I really do not read the guy, does he think that the daughter got pregnant with a downs syndrome child, had to let her mother raise the child, was hounded by the press about it and the daughter then got pregnant a second time?? No matter how not bright Palin’s daughter is , and I have no reason to believe that she is not bright, no one would do that!!! Or does Sullivan believe that the daughter is not pregnant now??

  4. poor andrew….kicked out of the log cabin republicans…dispised by most of his Bear Brothers….no longer in possession of “Rock Hard Glutes”!

    Middle age is not kind to bitter old english homosexuals who cant act their way out of a paper bag….

    Oral andy should probably just crawl under a rock until another “Clinton” Runs for something!

  5. What is it with hypochondriacs — people who are very suggestible and think they have every symptom of the “in” disease.

    I’ll bet that these suggestible trendy folk are the ones who were seduced by the 0bama teleprompter read speeches, written by that misogynistic frat boy.

    I have dial up so I can’t view the video with that guy who uses that face mask because he forgets to breath when he’s asleep. That snip of the video made me think of my sister in law who just happens to come down with nearly every “trendy” disease.

    She send email — all twitters for 0bama’s race speech — oh sigh — isn’t he just so magnificent — did you know he is against the war — he’s going to bring ALL US troops home as soon as he gives the oath of office. Oh and did I tell you that I have repressed memories — and also I use a oxygen mask to sleep, ’cause my primitive brain is too damned dumb to remember to breath.

    That was the executive summary of her email. (I added the bit about primitive brain. . .)

    Andrew Sullivan seems to be the kind of person who operates from his primitive brain — and all he can think of is that Sarah Palin has icky female parts — and that makes her so DIFFERENT — why she not a manly man, cause she has no penis.

    He is like a little boy who thinks the girl dolls are MISSING something.

    Thankfully I don’t watch TV and I have to wait until I get to a fast internet connection to watch a few YouTube vids.

  6. for 51 years I have believed that the myth of gay men hating women was just that, a myth. Unfortunately in some cases I am starting to wonder if there isn’t something to the theory. Not that plenty of straight men don’t hate women….

    But what the hell is it with some of these guys? And don’t let them fool you, they hate and fear Hillary Clinton just as much. It is just that it is easier to be more outspoken about hating Palin.

  7. Wow…that was a low blow.

  8. The guy deserves no credibility. But the big progblogs salivate at the chance to link to and discuss Sullivan. Occasionally, they criticize him, but they often use an “see, Andrew Sullivan thinks the same thing”. As if Sullivan’s opinion matters at all. “Progressives” gave Sullivan his position and are just about as responsible for his CDS/PDS as Sullivan himself.

  9. sorry me and andy go back aways…I beleive he is the root cause of CDS(Clinton Derangement Syndrome).

    Look Andrew I dont have to like your politics and personal habits but give me something to like about you besides that beard and accent….really Oral Andrew, did you have your heart removed in 1989 an replaced with a mini 3 mile island class 2 reactor?

    You give a new meaning to the word toxic

  10. I don’t know if I’m being overly sensitive or there really is an uptick in the amount of mysogyny occurring in everyday life, but I overheard 2 men today saying really offensive things in public about women — one involving a stripper pole and the other included the use of the word “whore.”

    Was it always there and i just ignored it?

  11. North west Rain have you seen the GI Joe Dolls talk about missing something!

  12. Sullivan is a special breed of detestable human beings. No generalization should be drawn from him or his views.

  13. Wait most gay men do not hate women-like me we adore you for what is between your ears and not anywhere else!

  14. right like tom cruise and senator larry craig we gays just dont claim him!

  15. I don’t believe Sarah Palin is capable of pulling off such a cover-up.

    Please note, the main reason this a$$hat doesn’t think there is any story here is because Palin isn’t smart enough to pull such a cover up off and NOT the fact that he & Sullivan are misogynistic morons.

    Meanwhile, this country is making its first steps toward fascism (uniting industry & government) but Sullivan is hard on the trail of the trig-gate.

  16. Andrew Sullivan…AKA Rock Hard Glutes AKA Oral Andy…Ladies please don’t ask!

  17. BTW — I see Shtuey did a memorial post for John Lennon; he did however forget one of the most beautiful tributes done by Elton John:

    “Empty Garden”

    For trivia buffs the “garden” is Madison Square Garden, the last time John joined Elton on stage was there in 1982…”hey hey Johnny…can’t you come out to play.”

  18. Hey Angie-As someone who has had to live with Andy for a long time…a real long time let me tell you I avoided the mens room at union station in DC when ever we were in towm at the same time…good thing I could have run into Larry Craig there too!

  19. OMG fuzzy!!! You have the goods on Andy!! LMAO!!

    TeresainPA’s mistake is that she thinks andy is a “gay man,” as opposed to a “gay moron.” Big difference.

  20. Yes that was a beautiful tribute from Sir Elton…State Those were terrible times…like Gandi John saw away out of the madness of his time…he was killed for it by a madman

  21. Angienc– part of fascism was misogyny, although that is not talked about much. We have seen it coming and it seems to have arrived! So tragic that some of us see it, but most do not.

  22. Angie at the time I was making numerous trips back and forth from DC 1989-1991 because of my job in the Navy…Seems MR Rock Hard Glutes/Oral Andy had a thing for men in uniform….

  23. OMG!! Fuzzy knows Andy in the biblical sense!!! Don’t worry, I still love you fuzzy!!

  24. Andrew has never dealt properly with his internalized Homophobia….the self loathing is evident.

    Lets lay off the sleep apenea folk ok I have friends who have been living with it for a long time before it became “Trendy”…this is not like the Epstien Barr thing in the 80’s there are alot of causes of this condition!

  25. NO I do not know Andy in the biblical sence but I have friends…who did…sorry to say. I have a strict policy of not sleeping with Log Cabin Republicans~!

  26. Thow if hitting Andrew over the head with a COE approved copy of The KJV bible counts as knowing someone in the biblical sence!

  27. fuzzy — thank god! Honestly, I was going to have a hard time getting over you stooping so low (although, I’ve got no right to judge if you ever saw some of the losers I’ve dated! Still, non of them was as bad as Andrew Sullivan LOL)

  28. that’s it, fuzzy- I am ROFLMAO
    re: your policy glad to hear it
    you are too much

  29. I think it was there but you probably never really paid that much attention to it. I think many are so used to it. This explains why some still don’t think any misogyny happened in the primary or GE. It is one of those things that you don’t notice until something happens(in this case the primary) or someone tells you and after that you begin to notice all the things you wouldn’t have before.

  30. Funny thing when I was in the navy my stateroom mate was Chuck Carpenter…was Treasurer of the Log Cabin Republicans…he nor I were out then….He would later win a republican seat in the Oregon state house he lost re-election. I f I am not mistaken He and Andrew were great friends….

    Small Gay world aint it?

  31. Wonder where chuck carpenter is today?

  32. Downticket — agreed. I’ve experienced the pinpricks all my adult working life when it became particularly important. But this election season truly brought into ugly focus. Sexism is daily tyranny. We know if for sure now and we have to fight harder than ever to stop it.

  33. being a big fan of the disney/pixar animated flick….I thought this thread was about the energy shortage in monsteroplis….imagine my disappointment!

    Sulley where are you?

  34. fuzzy — outhistory.org has a little interview with him, but it doesn’t really say what he is doing now.


  35. lol, I love me my gays, but what is what with this guy? He be smokin somethin…

  36. Angie funny thing he looked exactly like that on the ship(shorter hair) sort of looks like a young Al Franken…

  37. Thanks fuzzy!!! You always know what to say to clear the subject up!!!
    I think Andy is one of those self loathing, homophobic gays…
    Like fuzzy said, a “Log Cabin Republican…”
    = blegh!

  38. little isis — I love my gays too — heck, all of my mother’s male friends are gay, so I came by my “f*g hagness” honestly.

  39. littleisis-I think andy is bitter because he hasnt been smokin’ the one thing he wants to….sausage!

    sorry ladies…a resent article in Bearslife magizine has him happily partnered and living in CapeCod….

  40. Fuzzy, you are my hero! Makes me laugh!

  41. Log Cabin Republicans were often thought of as the consumate “Oxymoron”

    Today we in the gay community know differently, thay are the worst case of masochists out ther the kind that never get to enjoy a “happy ending”

  42. angie:

    I am a fag h*g by nature. At my graduation party, my thirteen year old cousin asked me, “where did you get all of these gay men?”
    I am just a f*g magnet, I explained to her. The gays just come naturally.
    Fuzzy, you’re right! Andy be needin some sausage to smoke.

  43. SOD-too much cheap sex on the Internet and on tv. It screws up their teeny minds.

  44. not that I have anything against BDSM…between to concenting adults that respect there predetermined “safeword” ….any questions will have to be discussed aabout this subject by direct e-mail dont want to scare away the prudish lurkers or Obama-bots!

  45. Of course with all the dissappointment the obamabots have had shoveled their way this week and last….I am wondering if thay are not turning into Masochists also…

    With Obambi as the Marquis de Sade

  46. Little Isis — I guess I was lucky — I grew up in NOLA (with a large population of gays) with very non-prejudice parents — we have always socialized with gay people who were co-workers of my mom or dad. Not because they were gay, per se, but because my mom or dad became friends with them at work, so naturally invited them to our house for dinners, parties, etc. I tell you nothing shocked me more then the first time I watched that moronic “The Real World” (ok, I was young) and some idiot on there said they had “never met a gay person before.”

  47. fuzzy — I think B0 is more of the submissive one, not the Marquis de Sade — you know that the narcissistic assholes are the first ones who “need to be punished” in the bedroom.

  48. I loved the real world…NOLA danny was so sweet and the real world San Fran introduced most of America to Pedro Zamora…who was HIV positive.

    This was for many it was the first time the faced their fears of AIDS and and Gay people. There were many Americans who came to realize the true depths of thier own compassion. Minds were changed and understanding was established with that cast.

    Pedro’s death at the end of the show was truely sad. For many if us who have knwo and loved our HIV/AIDS brothers and partners it was a reminder that HIV is not alwas a cronic illiness.

  49. Angie-True I think “Michelle” is the “Top” in that relationship….

  50. Hey PUMAS! One of our favorites, “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” is on ABC right now!

  51. fuzzy — I missed Pedro — my first Real World was the NOLA one — because it was filmed in NOLA I was interested in it. It still shocked me when that one guy (David? the black guy that thought he was a “singer”) said he had never met a gay person before.

    Basically, for me, it was normal for us (my brother & I growing up) to know that some people were gay — that is just how they were born — and it was normal for us to know that John and Joe (not real names of any of my parent’s friends) were a couple.

    and for any homophobes who may be lurking here: NO none of the gay couples who came to my parent’s home when we were growing up ever acted “inappropriately” in the same way that none of my parent’s straight friends did.

  52. ruh roh, “Boo Hoo Hoo” Andrew has lost his mind. He knew he was promoting and voting for a Republican again in Donkey clothes, but apparently the idea of voting for someone with a D after his name has caused what brain matter was left to turn to jelly.

    OH! “Boo Hoo Hoo” Andrew may never again be able to appear in public. What will we do?

  53. It still shocked me when that one guy (David? the black guy that thought he was a “singer”) said he had never met a gay person before.

    Not that he knew of Angie…1 in 10 at least.

  54. fif — LOL — I thought the same thing when he said that — but I also thought, wtf? have you been living under a rock? Unfortunately, in the subsequent 3 seasons of Real World that I watched (I stopped after Vegas) the producers were always able to find one idiot who said he had never met a gay person before & another who said he had never “known” a black person before — I stopped watching mainly because the show was such a sad commentary on the state of the young people today.

  55. Fuzzy:

    Well, I always thought Hillary was the “top” to her and Bill. Regency and I have discussed the fact that Hillary is likely a Dominatrix. But in a good way.
    Not like Michelle and Barack. I can’t imagine anything exciting happening between those two, and I always got the impression that BO cheats on her A LOT.

  56. angie-
    I grew up with prejudice all around me. But I’m the rebellious type, so it’s no wonder I’m so different from my parents.

  57. yeah I forgot about him…he was a total moron at times I still love the mormon girl and danny’s friend Julie and Michelle the 1/2 Fillipino 1/2 African American girl who ended up in boys town in west hollywood…she was crazy and the night that she and danny and julie spent the night together was hillarious…

  58. little isis — make NO mistake — Bill is the TOP — even with Hillary. That man is no one’s bottom.

  59. michelle said (in the confessional)of that night to my one side I have a naked gay guy to the other side a horny mormon how am I supposed to work with this?

    I really felt her pain and she was beautiful…inside and out~

  60. I liked that Michelle too!

  61. Poor andy Sleep Apenea on top of everything else wrong in his life…Karma is a real B*tch..hugh Andrew?

  62. Se was also an artist Iloved her paintings….the gay guys and the girls were the most interesting cast members…the str8 guys not so much!

  63. Angie: He only bottoms at his behest. Of course, one cannot underestimate the Mighty Hillary and her wiles.

  64. well all night time now see you all in the morning….tomorrow is steaknight with the Obots!

  65. fuzzy — I forgot about her paintings — those were great.

    Yep, the straight men are always the boring ones on the Real World — they are also the ones who “never met a gay and/or black person” before. {rolls eyes}

  66. Night fuzzy!!!

  67. Andrew Sullivan drips with CDS. I have completely boycotted and instantly ignored any statements by that person. Toxic is the perfect word. His life is filled with poison, and it just oozes out of him. He’s right up there with Maureen Dowd and Ann Coulter. They live for attention–negative or otherwise. He’s a leech, a parasite. Hillary’s ability to continue and thrive is the best revenge for his ceaseless hatred.

  68. Regency –not to get too graphic here but a man who wants the woman on top every so often so he can look at her while they are . . . doesn’t make that man a “bottom” — he is still in control of the situation — if you know what I mean.

  69. I agree with Regency.
    Of course, for Regency, I read several combatability reports for Leo’s and Scorpio’s (eg: cuz Bill is a Leo and Hill is a Scorpio) and they all seemed to have a general concensus:
    the relationship is hot, but is always a test of wills. Both the Scorpio and the Leo fight for dominance in the relationship, but in a kinky way, they both enjoy it. They both like the live wire lifestyle or some such thing.
    Is an odd relationship, that is for sure. Regency, I will send them to you.

  70. I was really glad to see that someone there at the Atlantic sees the PDS for what it is. I mean, if Sullivan really does think that Palin faked her pregnancy to cover for Bristol, does he think that Bristol is now faking her current pregnancy? Maybe this will just be an ongoing thang and Willow is actually pregnant and so on and on ….

    He’s a raging f*ckin nut job!

  71. Ok, I’m going to confess one last thing to you two little young minxes — I’m a woman who in my professional life is very domineering/in charge — while that same attitude and type “A” personality bleeds over to my personal life in the living room, kitchen, etc, it stops at the bedroom — the last thing I want in the bedroom is to be in charge & accordingly I am only attracted to men who are the aggressive ones in the bedroom. I believe Hillary is the same way — sure, she & Bill wrest for control in all the other aspects of their lives, but trust me, I can see it in both their faces — in the bedroom, the Big Dawg is in control & Hilary lets it be that way willingly.

  72. I prefer the bottom but that’s cuz I’m lazy

  73. Ahkay, Regency, I sent them to you just now

  74. You just like the view myiq2xu — you’re not fooling anyone! 😉

  75. Britgirls: I second that!

    fif: I second that as well!

    Angie: minxes? US?
    Look angie, perhaps you are right, but take a look at this gem before you decide completely:


    It is a Fire + Ice/Water = STEAM thing

  76. Angie: *nods* That’s very interesting actually. I can definitely see that.

  77. exactly SOD! 😉

  78. Oy!

  79. Little Isis — I’m not arguing against the “astrology” of it — I”m speaking from my own personally experience & what I see in Hillary & Bill’s faces only.

  80. myiq, you lazy man!!!
    And yes, SOD is right! (and all she has to do is ask her hubby to drop his pants when she is in the mood!)

  81. Angie:
    Possibly, but I am still sticking by my dominatrix theory.

  82. Little Isis — I’ve already revealed too much so I’m not saying anymore about it! 😉

  83. What a naughty bunch we are!

  84. Regency — yeah, and it is still prime time! LOL

    btw — are you & SOD getting nervous? I admit — I am!! Thank god we can don’t have to leave our houses or I don’t know if I could make it! LOL

  85. I have a final that day so I’m much more nervous about that.

  86. But, since I’ve gone there — don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying me (or Hillary) are “passive” in the bedroom — we are NOT — we are firecrackers & active participants — we just like the really “in charge” guy as our partners.

    OK — that is ALL I’m saying on the subject.

  87. good for you Regency — keep your priorities straight. lol

    you’ll do fine, I’m sure.

  88. ohhhh, Angie. All right. I’ll shut up.
    Yes, we are naughty. I hope SOD has not run away like a startled fawn.

  89. I myself find aggression very attractive. By that I mean assertiveness. By all means, take charge. Then again, I’m more the seducing type. Maybe that a male/female distinction for me. I want a man to take charge but a woman I can seduce.

    Who says I can’t have both?

  90. Angie:
    I seeeeeee….

  91. SOD a started fawn? HA! No need to worry about her — she’s been around the block.

  92. It’s that damned speaking final–9 books. Are they crazy? They may in fact be, yes.

  93. Nope…still here

  94. Hi angie!!

  95. Regency, or perhaps both and vice versa?

  96. I think it’s myiq2xu that ran away….too much heat in the kitchen?

  97. Regency — LOL!! I guess you can.

    For me, honestly, it makes me feel more “feminine” when the guy is the one who takes charge in the bedroom — and my life is so full of me being in charge, that that excites me — but, as I said, that isn’t to say I’m passive — it is just that I can’t be with a guy who is — at least not for too long — I get bored with that type.

  98. Regency:
    Damn, girl! The more I think about it, the more I feel exactly the same way!

  99. SOD — it’s cause he wants me, but doesn’t want to admit it. 😉

  100. angie — lol!

  101. Angie: I definitely follow that line. If he’s passive, then there’s sort of the awkward since that you’r molesting the fellow and that’s not exactly romantic.

  102. I’m working with 4 extreeeeeemmmmeeely talented, funny, intelligent, and interesting women!

    See, it’s when you say that kind of stuff that makes me nervous!!

  103. Typo: “sense that you’re molesting the fellow”

  104. LOL, Angie!!!
    BTW, I have a special post on my blog for Caroline Kennedy and “Dynasty”

  105. LI: Isn’t it an interesting feeling. I’d never really thought it through before. Commanding men are sexy–the Big Dawg is a prime example but what I love about women–at least some–is the sense you get that they may melt if you look at them the right way. On the other hand, a commanding woman has a similar effect on me though not necessarily a man that melts with a look.

  106. Regency:
    I like to think I can seduce a woman. I did seduce a woman once and she liked it a lot.
    But I always like to think of a man tying me up or doggie style, chocolate syrup, ect. Sort of animalish, but I am still, as Angie says “an active participant”. Like you know, the sort of caveman/cavewoman thing.
    For some reason I can imagine Bill throwing Hillary over his shoulder and dragging her off.

  107. little isis! I”m blushing at your last post! (not that I disagree LOL!!)

  108. Well, we all think it, Isis says it, that be how it goes…

  109. LI: I love the whole Caveman/cavewoman business. I’m a believer in letting it roll. Active participation is the watchword of my predilection. (FYI: Bill is the size of a gorilla, I have no doubt he could fireman carry her across frozen tundra to the nearest Hilton if the urge smacked him ‘cross the fanny.)

    My biggest problem to date is all the people I want are (a) married; and (b) in position of power over me which– might be why i like them but–is not a good idea. Vice-Principal. Math teacher. Professor. Just not a good idea.

  110. But yep, I like a guy to be a caveman in the bedroom — but if he tries that shit in any other part of the house he’ll be out on his ass — it’s a fine line, I admit, but I know right were it is — so maybe that kind of makes me in charge in the bedroom too (in a weird kind of way) LOL!!

  111. hmmmm….myiq2xu is still avoiding this dialog like the plague!

    He drops his little comment earlier and runs. It”s like he slid it under the door after business hours on a Friday. 😉

  112. Weeeee, a naughty thread!

    (Totally started by fuzzy.)

  113. SOD — always with the perfect analogy! LMAO!

  114. You are in charge, bb, in charge. You tha boss–at least until you hang up your hard hat.

  115. scrubs — no kidding — fuzzy did start it with his Oral Andy tales!!!

  116. And it isn’t even 2 in the morning.

  117. Directed to Angie.

  118. I could bring this discussion back down to earth by making you guys scroll up to that picture of Sullivan again. Yuck, what an unattractive man.

  119. LOL — yep, I guess it is “pretend charge” in the bedroom — but you have got to give a guy something! Killing cockroaches, taking out the garbage & lighting the barbeque can’t be his “only” responsibilities! LOL

  120. Too funny, angie. I just told my 11 year old son the other day that those were is prime responsibilities in our house! (I’m trying to teach him how to cook a good steak, too.)

  121. his, that is.

  122. Scrubs: Now why would I want to do that when I have beautiful pictures of Meryl Streep at Miranda Priestly I could peruse instead? That is beauty.

  123. Big Dawg is a very HUGE man. I’m sure he could drag her across several continents if he wanted it bad enough… Hillary egging him on…
    Their horoscope says that when he acts brainy she gets turned on. Like, he’ll start talking about tax policy and…
    Is it hot in here or is it just me?
    OMG, Regency, your MATH TEACHER? GIRL!!!!! You crack me up!!! I am having enough problems letting this guy my age seduce me…

    angienc2, on December 8th, 2008 at 9:35 pm Said:

    But yep, I like a guy to be a caveman in the bedroom — but if he tries that shit in any other part of the house he’ll be out on his ass — it’s a fine line, I admit, but I know right were it is — so maybe that kind of makes me in charge in the bedroom too (in a weird kind of way) LOL!!

    You see, angie? We women are the superior sex.
    *now waits for myiq to pop up again*

  124. Do share, Reg!

  125. Eeeeewww….
    Andy sullivan kills my caveman musings…
    Thanks a lot scrubs!!!

  126. scrubs — you should see my mom & dad — they are the cutest thing ever because my mom is so totally in charge of that house but my dad totally thinks he is in charge– and how does she do it? by making him think she “needs” him to do those 3 things — plus a few others: for exampe my mom has NEVER filled gas in her car (at least not to my dad’s knowledge) — he takes her car to the station every Sunday to fill it up. Once, about 7 years ago, he went out of town for work & forgot to do, so she called me at 10:00 p.m. Monday night & told me that she didn’t have gas, “your father forgot to fill the tank before he left. What am I going to do?” I said, incredulously “Do you want me to drive over to your house, get your car & take it to get gas?” (I still lived in NOLA at the time). To my surprise she said “Oh, would you! That would be wonderful!” So, I did. She told me dad about the “tragedy” that was narrowly averted and “wasn’t it lucky that Angie came to fill my tank?” My father NEVER forgot to fill her tank with gas again. LOL!!!

  127. We missed Angie here the last couple of days.

    I can tell she was swamped with work and is in the process of exhaling.

  128. MABlue — thank you for missing me. Yep, I’ve been swamped at work, but actually had some fun out of the house this weekend too.

    all work and no play makes Angie a dull girl!

  129. LOL! Angie! That story is adorable!

  130. Your parent do sound cute, angie. They must be great to have raised someone like you, though.

    Sorry LI.

  131. scrubs — LOL — I will shameless accept that compliment.

  132. scrubs & little isis — and keep in mind, my mother has a PhD in Math — and my father is not a dumb man — he has a master’s in Engineering — yet, she plays him like a fiddle — & they both LIKE it that way.

  133. all work and no play makes Angie a dull girl!


  134. Well, keep going you all. Don’t stop on account of my presence! 🙂

    ( I have no love life to speak of these days but agree with you all about strength as an attractive thing.)

  135. Ah, brilliant parents, to boot. I’m getting aroused now.

  136. Scrubs! Down girl!

  137. Angie, dear, you could never be dull.

    LI: Shut up, I was in middle school! (nothing happened! Though when I saw her again this past May, man did I want something to happen.)

    Scrubs: My friend, do you have the time?
    This is gonna take a bit so I’ll post links later.

  138. Regency:
    Huh? Wait a minute…
    I remember now! I had a crush on my math teacher in middle school too! Whaaaooooo…
    how did that happen?
    are you my secret twin? Like… were we separated at birth? Like in Sistah Sistah?

  139. Yeah, Reg, I’m at the hospital on call and check in throughout the day. Hit me with some hotties!

    LI – sorry, couldn’t help myself for a second there. No harm intended. 8)

  140. I had a crush on my college English Professor — he totally looked like Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady — he was married & I worshiped from afar (and took absolutely every class he taught my four years there! LOL — that’s how I ended up with a B.A. in English).

  141. Hey where did Mikey and SOD go?

    (myiq always shows up when I call him mikey – maybe I can draw him back into this discussion.)

  142. I’m here!

  143. myiq is too shy to talk about these things. lol

  144. Angie… naughty girl!
    … I feel a photo spree coming on…

  145. LI: Separated at birth–seriously. I mean it. It’s clear. We are very nearly the same person, with you being the wiser and I the impish one.

    Angie: He’s like the chief English lecturer for Alpha team. The angry Irishman, I like to call him. I am going to be killed. It will hurt but there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a hawt intellectual. He usually teaches philosophy.

  146. Well, the conversation DOES make one blush at moments but I thought myiq, the stud, was up to it!

    Hey SOD!

  147. “…..there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a hawt intellectual…..”

    That’s for damned sure.

  148. Regency:

    Yes, and both betrothed to Hillary. I in Ohio and you in Texas…
    both of which she won an the same day.
    It must be a parallel type thing.

  149. you speak words of wisdom scrubs

  150. Hi Scrubs!

  151. LI:

    It is parallelism. *nods in a Pantsuity Way*

  152. Scrubs: This describes my feelings about the cast of the Devil Wears Prada: Curves

  153. Scrubs: This describes my feelings about the cast of the Devil Wears Prada: Curves

  154. oops. Double post. Sorry.

  155. Ok — anyone else here going to cop to watching Scream Queens on VH1?

    If they let Michelle win instead of Tanedra I’m going postal.

  156. I’m watching right now.

  157. Regency — don’t tel me you want Michelle to win — because I’m totaly behind Tanedra — she’s been the best one since day 1 imo I’ve been waiting every week for Michelle to get the ax — remember when she told that one girl that she looked “so ugly & jewish?” I can’t believe they would let her win after that (plus, the girl really cannot act).

    And, she has a bad nose job.

  158. I haven’t actually watched it that consistently. I have no idea who is who. I just like watching them scream like well-oiled lunatics.

  159. Thank GOD!!

  160. Damn, now I’m going to have to buy a ticket to see Saw 6!

  161. angienc — I am TRYING to write a BRIEF and you are making me HOT for BILL. My clients may not be getting their money’s worth.

  162. My my my — you all have been busy — I left with a rant about hypochondriacs and missing parts — and come back to a hot discussion of sex. Which reminds me — the way men and women writers (novels, mysteries etc) write sex scenes — women aren’t afraid to talk (write) sex — the guys — well it very rare for a male author to even write a semi decent love making/sex.

    Angie – interesting insight about strong women — I’d never thought of the way you expressed it.

    And yes the guys just sort of evaporate when gals go off on this topic. Hopefully they will lurk and learn!!

  163. Jadzia, on December 8th, 2008 at 11:56 pm Said:

    angienc — I am TRYING to write a BRIEF and you are making me HOT for BILL. My clients may not be getting their money’s worth.

    And to bring us back to politics — Obama??? yeck — I can not even imagine him and ???? My face is in a grimace while writing that — husband asks why I’m making such a face (disgust).

    Clinton (Bill) Smile — yes he oozes — lots of traits that women want — sexiness but also — safety and security.

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