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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me!
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Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

From the NY Post:

Powerful senator and family patriarch Ted Kennedy has been working back channels to promote niece Caroline as the replacement for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Senate, family sources told The Post.

The elder Kennedy (D-Mass.), who’s battling brain cancer, has sent word to Gov. Paterson’s office that Caroline Kennedy, 51, has contacts and family connections that would mean legislation affecting New York would receive prompt attention, family sources said.

Ted Kennedy – who forged strong ties with Barack Obama after backing him in the primaries – is the president-elect’s closest ally in the Senate. He is also leading the charge on health-care legislation, a pet project of Obama’s.

Caroline has never held elective office before, but there’s always room at the top.  This is wrong on so many levels.  As New Hampster said:

Damn, damn, damn.  I knew it, I predicted it awhile ago and people laughed.  Caroline will be the next Senator from New York and after 8 years in the Senate she will become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

How will the “no dynasties” progressive bloggers react?  I’m betting they will see no problem with the idea.  It’s not like she’s Chelsea Clinton or anything.

Ted and Caroline share a hug
Ted and Caroline share a hug


Don’t forget “No We Won’t” radio with Sheri Tag and our own Madamab as co-host

150 Responses

  1. I like her a lot but it’s an outrage if she becomes senator.

  2. Myiq – I’m sorry, but Ted Kennedy needs to leave New York the fuck alone. We can take care of ourselves and we don’t want a show horse, we want a work horse!!!

    So….can you update THIS post with a “No We Won’t” reminder? It’s on at 8 pm tonight and I’m joining Sheri Tag as co-host.

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. I agree. The Obama degressives will not have any problem with the Kennedy dynasty. Their distaste of dynasties or Washington insiders begins and ends with the Clintons. Nevermind that Caroline has no freakin’ experience. Neither does His Wonderfulness. Experience is meaningless in Omerica.

  4. One of my colleagues was loudly proclaiming how great it is that we didn’t have someone as inexperienced as Sarah Palin running the country for the next eight years.

    Luckily someone else jumped in, or I would have screamed “We DO, you fucking idiot!!!”

    Sorry – I’m a bit p-o’d today.

  5. Health care never was BO’s ‘pet project’ nor TK’s — they both stole it from Hillary to stop her doing anything critically useful for the people of this country.

    CK is a joke — she looks like a cardboard cutout even in person!!



  6. If they give this seat to Caroline Kennedy they are one step farther away from my support.

  7. why don’t we just go ahead and install an emperor and autocrat of all the US and be done with this whole “democracy” and “representation” business.

  8. I despise that worthless excuse for an “argument.” Palin was NEVER running for POTUS. Her running mate John McCain was. Obots are, quite simply, delusional.

  9. Gxm17 – But John McCain is 72. He might as well be dead!!!111!!!

    (sips Kool-Aid)

  10. Thank you myiq!

    Here’s the link for the show if anyone needs it:

    No We Won’t PURRRRR

  11. Damn I married into the poor side of the family.
    My husband told me his side forgot the d for dollar and spelled it kenney.
    I guess the good the the state of the good of the country don’t mean anything anymore.
    A senate seat now means take up space and collect a salary.
    What an insult to New York and to the USA.
    To replace a hard working Senator with a light weight because of name recognition is awful.
    New York is a great state and is an important part of this country and has been since it started. The state and the country deserve better.



  12. I still say we use our anger to mobilize. I’d like to see a task force set up to deal with misogyny. I’d like a task force to deal with the corruption. I think that while there are different reasons we became PUMAs that there was a “tipping point ” or trigger for each of us. We need to get in touch with that inner trigger.

  13. madamab, glad you’re here because I wanted to thank you for some exceptionally kind words you had for my work a couple of days ago.

  14. Thank you, helenk! We do indeed. I don’t want to replace filet mignon with steak tartare. Caroline needs a lot more seasoning before she’s ready for that responsibility!

  15. The thing that matters is Caroline’s pedigree and her impeccable manners. Everyone knows that civility outranks accountability in the “new and improved” democratic party.

  16. you’re welcome, johninca! well-deserved.

  17. why don’t we just go ahead and install an emperor and autocrat of all the US and be done with this whole “democracy” and “representation” business.

    Hail, Caesar!

    Not the form of government we’re supposed to have, but it is kind of catchy.

    Come to think of it, Rome used to be a republic too…

  18. And I’m sure Hillary being “promoted” to State was not part of this at all. Damn us “New Hillary Haters” who felt that Hillary going to state was to benefit Obama and/or his supporters. We’re no better than Cambell Brown, I tells ya.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodus… and never trusted Obama to do something in Hillary’s (or the country’s) best interest. I come from Texas and we don’t get fooled again. (OK, I don’t come from Texas, but this obvious abuse of power was noticeable from the get go and pointing that out got me ridiculed.)

  19. Not only that, Palin wasn’t “inexperienced”. She had executive experience. She has already proven she could make decisions unilaterally and had no need to have a mentor put her name on bills that someon e else put forward..

  20. SOD

    I don’t think so.

  21. John in Ca,

    You are far to hard on yourself. I read your poem the other day,it was beautiful. I didn’t comment because I thought it summed my feelings up without any additions, not because your poetry was substandard.

  22. Can a link to the petition Calolyn not Caroline be added

  23. What an insult to all women.
    Even if you work hard it doesn’t count you will be replaced by a female who just exists.
    She doesn’ have to work or have experience just her father’s name.
    The Senate or the office of the President are just figureheads that collect a salary.
    Anyone in them does not have to really do anything.



  24. For the record, I was always against Hillary going to state for this reason. Caroline may be great, but she is part of the Kennedy patriarchal “we are your savirors and you better love us” system that worked so hard to get rid of Hillary. New Hillary Hater or not, I won’t pretend to be happy about losing the only Senator I wasn’t invisible to. Hopefully Al Franken wins, and then I might be visible again.

  25. The elder Kennedy (D-Mass.), who’s battling brain cancer, has sent word to Gov. Paterson’s office that Caroline Kennedy, 51, has contacts and family connections that would mean legislation affecting New York would receive prompt attention, family sources said.

    The article I posted yesterday was about how Caroline Kennedy would get weathy democrats to contribute and how that would make it easy to re-elect her. Is she going to take credit for some of the work Hillary has done since she is just replacing her before her term is over? Money money money

  26. Is there a noCaroline petition somewhere?

  27. GQ
    She ain’t installed yet(Caroline Kennedy). Do what you can to change what you can. I feel pretty confident in stating that Hillary is going where she feels she will be able to make the most impact. You don’t have to like it but you do have to accept it.

  28. I knew it wasn’t Obama’s idea to offer Hillary SOS. He is going to undermine her, just wait and see. Kennedy had him offer Hillary this job to get his niece in the senate.

  29. CWaltz, you were kind as well. I was having fun with some self- deprecating humor because generous infusions of humor are part of my way of getting through this.

  30. Here’s a petition for Carolyn Maloney. Perhaps if the Gov. gets enough signatures then he’ll do the right thing.


  31. Downticket: when has Obama *ever* acted in a way that was friendly to Hillary (or Bill)?

  32. why don’t we just go ahead and install an emperor and autocrat of all the US and be done with this whole “democracy” and “representation” business.


    We pretty much did that in 2000. Obama isn’t going to reverse what Bush/Cheney have done. We don’t live in a representative republic anymore. Our Constitution is ignored by the people in power.

  33. If Teddy wants Caroline to have a Senate seat he can arrange for her to take his.

  34. gqmartinez, on December 7th, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    He never did.

  35. We pretty much did that in 2000. Obama isn’t going to reverse what Bush/Cheney have done. We don’t live in a representative republic anymore. Our Constitution is ignored by the people in power.

    BB, I agree. I used to be the most optimistic person I knew. Now I’m the most pessimistic because of what you said. My question is: what can we do about it?

  36. myiq2xu, on December 7th, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    He already has plans for that one. He wants his wife to take it. I read it somewhere.

  37. downticket, that’s exactly why I’ve been pessimistic about Hillary’s “promotion” to state, a place where she has less autonomy than in the Senate. I blame myself as much as anyone for not expressing enough support for her political career. She really was my last “hope”, and I’m not prone to deifying politicians.

  38. Hillary isn’t going to resign until she is approved by the Senate.

    Once she is installed at SoS Obama can’t afford to fire her for frivolous reasons, and he has to worry about firing her and having her replacement flop.

    She won’t fail.

    But if he is reelected in 2012, she’s toast.

  39. “He wants his wife to take it.”

    Is that to make up for all the mistresses?

  40. P(eople) U(nited) M(eans) A(ction)

    We need to want it badly enough and be willing to work hard enough to do something about it.

    Unless of course someone wants to change the acronym to PUMW(people united means whining)

  41. myiq,

    How could Teddy arrange for her to take his seat? She would have to establish residence in MA. Even Bobby and HIllary had to live in NY for awhile before they represented the state in the Senate.

  42. If she goes to SOS, she’s out on a limb and BO could saw it off whenever he liked.

  43. i>Hillary isn’t going to resign until she is approved by the Senate.

    She will be approved. No doubts about it.

  44. I would have thought that Obama couldn’t afford to let his top speechwriter virtually molest Hillary Clinton. But apparently he can. He seems to be coated in more teflon that Reagan was.

  45. BB:

    He’s not retired yet. If she wants to be a Senator, she’ll have to make the sacrifice of living in Massachusetts.

  46. Why did Bobby, jr. get out of the way? It was common knowledge that he wanted that seat some day. To push an unexperienced socialite for that seat is just incomprehensible to me. It’s not like there’s a shortage of Kennedys if Ted’s determined to get one in the Senate.Maybe Patrick would like to move to Chappaqua. There might be a nick place coming on the market.

  47. Most of you are starting to sound like we’ve lost the fight before we’ve even gotten in the ring.

    I love all of you and this is an intervention. Stop it!!!!

  48. gqmartinez,

    There isn’t much we can do other than support the ACLU, CCR, and Amnesty International; support any candidate we think will defend the Constitution and prepare to deal with fascism if necessary. Personally my motto will be the same as New Hampshire’s: Live free or die.

  49. inexperienced. nice place. sorry.

  50. I want a female to replace Hillary and I don’t want it to be Caroline.

  51. John:

    If Obama appoints her and then turns around and fires her he’ll look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    He can’t afford that.

  52. Sacrifice? Boston is a very nice city, I’ll have you know. A first class city. I thought you meant he could just turn it over to her tomorrow.

  53. CWaltz:

    I live in California.

    Why would the governor of New Yawk care what I think?

    The only thing I can do is raise hell, which happens to be a hobby of mine.

  54. I don’t think Obama will fire her. I’m more inclined to believe he’ll keep her in place as the fall gal and as media deflection from his own failures. They love them some Clinton drama.

  55. Obama getting rid of his speechwriter would be like the Jets getting rid of Favre.

  56. myiq

    He might be interested in your green stuff if he is politically ambitious. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  57. Obama on FISA: I say yes, I say no, I say goodbye and I say hello.

  58. BB:

    If he wants to retire tommorrow, he can discuss his successor with Gov. Patrick.

    But New Yawk is none of his business.

  59. One thing I have learned about politics is it is all about who is willing to scream(or roar) the loudest.

  60. CWaltz:

    I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention

  61. BTW – I’m not sure I could legally contribute to NY state races anyway

  62. Once again, because it is an idea we hate, it will probably fly. I am so friggin’ sick of this bs.

  63. MyIq- You don’t have to tell him that. Who knows- maybe you’ll be the next publishers clearing house winner.

  64. I sent heaps of money to Hillary when she was running for election, then reelection as a NY Senator, myiq. I don’t think she saved it for the Presidential run but she may have.

  65. Myiq- He’s a governor- it’s likely his next step will be federal, not state.

  66. Well scrubs57, I won’t be suffering the decision silently.

  67. If Ted Kennedy steps down before the end of his term. Massachusetts law requires that his replacement be decided by a special election. Gov. Patrick would have no direct involvement in naming his successor.

  68. OT – I have an overweight and emotionally needy cat that jumps in my chair everytime I get up and doesn’t want to move when I get back. She’s not the type you pick up and move against her will.

    Any suggestions?

  69. Cwaltz:

    If he’s appointing Caroline then he can’t run for the Senate unless she gets elected President (in 2016) or Schumer retires.

    He already admitted some stuff that is kinda embarrassing. I’m guessing he’ll retire.

  70. Caroline would only be appointed until 2010. She would have to run then and then run again in 2012. She might not actually get elected. The people of NY may not care what her name is.

  71. I have a new post up. It’s not about politics, but it’s about something important to me that I wanted to share.

  72. MyIq

    Get another chair? Overweight and needy cats are pretty stubborn in my experience.

  73. bb

    It’s a beautiful post.

  74. There would be a special election in 2010 and then the regular election in 2012, to clarify. She will not be running unopposed.

  75. I think it’s entirely possible that Governor Paterson is not going to appreciate being bullied by Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama. I think it’s likely he’ll get input from Hillary too. He supported her throughout the primaries. I think it depends a lot on what Hillary thinks.

  76. I believe strongly that Caroline is being “groomed” to be Obama’s successor.

  77. You can contribute to any race. You don’t have to live in the state.

  78. Caroline would face sexism just like Hillary did. Don’t kid yourself. The Republicans would crucify her with stuff about Ted and other relatives. She would be attacked for having no experience, etc. I don’t think Caroline will ever run for President. Maybe those are famous last words, but I don’t even think she’d win election to the Senate.

  79. I don’t have any problem with the idea of politicians being identified as “rising stars” with their parties.

    But annointing them as successors like the voters have no say is bullshit.

  80. BB:

    If she has two years with a Democratic majority and establishment (Uncle Teddy) support in the primaries, she should win “reelection” in a blue state.

  81. Joan, on December 7th, 2008 at 8:57 pm Said:
    Caroline would only be appointed until 2010. She would have to run then and then run again in 2012. She might not actually get elected. The people of NY may not care what her name is

    That’s another reason this stinks. One would be handing the seat to the GOP in 2010….where as a REAL Dem NY politician could hold it. @010 is gonna be a blood bath…why not hand this seat to Giuliani now?? Ridiculously bone headed. They think cause Hillary won it, they can get it…but she worked her ass off….they forget that part .

  82. bostonboomer, on December 7th, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    One would think. But this year we saw that the swift boaters never got into the water . CK , like Barry are of the Celberity Party , far more than the DEM party. Seems rules are different for them . But CK has never faced what even Michelle has, much less Hill. I doubr she would have a taste for even the press’s kid gloves

  83. paper doll:

    Uncle Teddy would make sure she got her name on important legislation and if the media play along, Caroline will look like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  84. paper doll:

    She may not have experienced it personally, but she is Jackie’s daughter and John-John’s sister.

  85. Of course, there weren’t any swift boaters- the swift boaters were for the Obama camp. I have no doubt they’d be just as kind to Caroline as long as she promised to contribute to the political kabuki and keep status quo.

  86. myiq2xu, on December 7th, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    I thought Ted was dying?? What happened to that? lol!
    There is always upstate NY, which is more impervious to media smoose than most places. Hill won them with her usual answer : Hard Work. But certainly it greatly depends on the media. However it also depends on how bad the economy will tank too.
    I would much more respect Robert Jr. than this…this is pissing in the voters faces IMO

  87. Actually, if you look at it from the perspective of a political consulting firm, Caroline Kennedy is a wet dream.

    She’s a Kennedy, the daughter of a nostalgically popular president, and a survivor in a family filled with tragedy. Plus she has money and establishment support.

    So what if she has no experience?

  88. NY post is saying that Caroline is 20-1 and that Paterson does not think she is ‘tough’ enough, for what it is worth. I hope that the odds are not even that good.

  89. hey, myiq, the no experience thing seems to have worked for them in the past. In other words , they have experience with no experience.

  90. I agree with CWaltz, Caroline is going to be the next “selected president”

  91. Honora:

    No experience means no votes that can be used against you.

  92. I guess Robert Jr. was a no go because he might try to DO thing beside stand around as a legacy . I would much rather it go to the other for real, NY women pols…but the Powers that Be want to remove governing from government , not add it . I bet CK can’t wait till Chris Matthews gets in . Whoopee

  93. I expect the media will lurve them some Caroline.

    They loved her dad, her mom and her brother, and a couple of her uncles too.

  94. earth:

    That would be three in a row.

  95. I didn’t have any problem with Caroline until she supported Obama. I have a big problem with her now. Maybe she will work hard but she hasn’t broken a sweat for the little people to date. She’s written two books that barely made a ripple and probably wouldn’t have been published if not for her name. (Does that sound familiar?) If she had done anything besides be born a Kennedy and help to fix an election, I wouldn’t object to the idea of her nomination.

    I agree that this is a set-up for a presidential run. It will be just another in a long line of efforts to turn this country into a monarchy.

  96. Unless the election process is completely fraudulent by that time….instead of such mostly, by 2010 , I ‘m thinking people won’t give a shit for all that legacy or for what the media says either , as they dumpster dive for dinner . Barry will stink . And unless they have been lying , Ted will be gone….. I think she would be toast.. &The NY Gov has a point, …..I can’t see CK facing even a kid glove public life.

  97. I have been saying for months that something was up with the whole Caroline coming intp the arena (complete with fake columns) and suddenly “really interested in politics” after avoiding it for so many years. Not to mention the wonderful PR of dubbing O the next JFK (or FDR or whoever suits the day).

    I received a couple emails today from colleagues who are amazed that I saw the play for Hilary’s seat from the moment Caroline stepped into the spotlight. They thought I was nuts – now – they think I have a crystal ball. No – just the elitists grabbing everything they can get while the country is so enamored with the Grand O that they are not paying attention.

  98. myiq,

    I wasn’t clear, but I was actually responding to someone who talked about Caroline running for President. I just don’t believe that will happen. And I still think Gov. Paterson is going to resent being ordered around by Kennedy and Obama.

  99. I’m sure “they” are trying to find someone to stop Hillary if she decides to run for President in 2016. They’ll need someone who could possibly match Hillary’s “star power”.

  100. The media hasn’t always loved the Kennedys. Not by a long shot. They don’t like Ted one bit. He has been subject to nearly as much disrespect and ridicule as the Clintons. JFK was absolutely hated by the powerful, especially after he started talking about peace, detente, and stopping nukes. IT was just the people who loved JFK.

    Bobby Kennedy was the object of rage and derision from the moment he was made Attorney General. When he ran for the Senate from NY, the media were outraged. Ted has been treated like a joke from day one. The Kennedys aren’t even popular with the Boston media.

  101. BB:

    But JFK and RFK are long dead.

    The current media grew up worshipping “Camelot” and thinking Jackie was the hottest First Lady evah!

    They cried over John-John’s death and the news of Teddy’s brain tumor.

    Caroline won’t have to deal with the Beantown media, she’ll get the Rotten Apple crowd.

  102. We’ll see. I think you live a little too far from the East Coast and your perspective is a off. Caroline may be appointed, but if she is a lot of New Yorkers won’t like it.

  103. BB:

    I hope I’m wrong, but us left coasters have a low opinion of New Yawkers.

  104. I just read NH’s piece over at NoQ and it made me LIVID! He(?) actually seems quite taken with the idea of Caroline being chosen as a set up to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. It makes me sick to my stomach. This is just such despicable nepotism I cannot stand it. It confirms everything we witnessed in the primaries, about the party leaders rigging the entire election process for their own personal agendas.

    News Flash Ted: our democracy is not your personal frickin’ playground. I am so mad I could spit!

  105. bb: I am a New Yorker, and I HATE IT! There are a LOT of conservative upstate voters, and Paterson is going to look like a fool if he does this. He is only in this position because of Spitzer’s implosion. It will look highly unprofessional and insulting to NY voters.

  106. Caroline may be appointed, but if she is a lot of New Yorkers won’t like it.

    This New Yorker certainly won’t like it. I hope Paterson is smarter than that…. but who knows what NYS is being promised in Federal dollars if she is selected as Hillary’s replacement? With the Wall Street collapse, NYS is in a fiscal crisis and the state can no longer afford to be a donor state and now needs some of the excess dollars it plunked in the federal coffers the last 50 or so years.

  107. NY post is saying that Caroline is 20-1 and that Paterson does not think she is ‘tough’ enough, for what it is worth. I hope that the odds are not even that good.

    honora: thanks for that. It calmed me down. It just seems like voting is completely irrelevant now.

  108. I live a loooonnnnng way from New Yawk and its internal politics.

  109. New Yorkers liked Mario Cuomo and would like Andrew Cuomo as their senator. Of course he’s divorced from Caroline’s cousin.I’d like to see him over Caroline.Don’t live in NY now but my relatives won’t support her there.They like Bloomberg because he’s effective and Caroline is not a dynamic personality which is certainly needed in a NY politician. I mean, seriously. Uncle Ted must be freaking out because of his diagnosis. We’re getting way ahead of ourselves thinking Caroline is going to be our first woman president. Obama has a bit of proving of himself to do despite his darling status. The honeymoon will be over if a depression hits. A bit tone deaf of him to be spending Christmas in a mansion in Hawaii if you ask me. That kind of insensitivity when so many Americans are suffering will not benefit him.Not exactly feeling our pain.

  110. When asked about Hilary as VP, Caroline said “he’s gonna need her in the Senate” The question was about Hillary, but the answer was about Obama – how he takes his shirts ironed

  111. A New York Observer article yesterday said that the DSCC is broke, so they are pushing CK because of her ability to raise significant funds for NY. This issue of money in politics is even more out of control now, after BO’s billion dollar bonanza. Meanwhile, state candidates and HRC’s debt are ignored.

  112. SOD: experience means nothing–look at who they just carried into the presidency!

  113. SOD

    The Presidency has been about selling a narrative. I’d gamble money they’ve got the perfect narrative set for her.

  114. Those books CK allegedly ‘wrote’ are co-authored, and I think she was given first position out of courtesy. When she made the talk show rounds I was amazed at how little actual knowledge of either book she seemed to have. So those turned out to be celeb-type books, really not worth the paper they are printed on unless one is into Kennedys.

  115. Obama and the new coalition are experts they are practically synonymous with pretzel twist.

  116. fif – you are sadly correct

  117. fif,

    I still don’t think it will happen. I’m glad to hear the odds are against her. A lot of resentment is building against Obama too, because he didn’t help down ticket Dems and won’t share his money. As for Ted, he simply isn’t popular. I don’t know where myiq is getting that idea. Maybe he is liked in CA, but CA voters aren’t going to decide this.

  118. Well I live in NY, and I gotta tell you if she is the pick I am voting against her in 2010. I want her out.

    If Ted wants her to get a seat, he should have asked Obama to pick Kerry as his SOS, and then have Caroline take that one.

  119. And if they want a Kennedy, they should have gone with another one, not just the one who is related to JFK. This is pissing the heck out of me.

  120. SOD:

    As far as experience is concerned, the Kennedy name is better than having a penis!

  121. It must be great living in the land of Obama. Where experience only applies to the other team, not to the one’s team.

  122. All this talk of fundraising capability, Hillary has been quite a good fundraiser herself, and has been able to tap into very wealthy people.

    This Kennedy entitlement is sickening,and stems from the ambitions of Joseph Kennedy. He wanted Joe Kennedy Jr., to be president, but when he was killed, the task fell to JFK. When JFK was killed, RFK picked up the mantle, and Ted tried to, but he had too many negatives against him.

    Joseph Kennedy had presidential aspirations for himself, but he had too many nefarious past deeds, that made running for president, out of the question. FDR called Joseph Kennedy one of the most “evil” person’s that he knew. He made him ambassador to England, to get him out of the country. Since he couldn’t be president, he transferred his aspirations to his sons. Sick family.

  123. Murphy should do a PUMA Action phone/fax blast to Paterson’s office. I signed the petition, and will call myself tomorrow.

    Did Obama ever say a THING about Favreau? Silly me for even asking. How does he justify firing Samantha Powers for calling her a monster, but can ignore the garish disrespect for his new SOS? Of course, we know he must be petrified at the thought of losing his “voice,” and staring at a blank teleprompter.

  124. We should do another burst of “letting off steam” tomorrow. I was thinking(dangerous proposition) the boyz were pretty clever with C.U.N.T. I’d like to see us do something with the maleparts for them. I think Favreaux could be our posterboy for the frat boyz.

  125. Ana,

    Caroline wouldn’t win here. LOL! Ted would lose if the Democrats ever ran someone against him. Myiq is mistaken if he thinks Ted can just commandeer a seat in the senate for her. Now if Obama is using some kind of thuggish threats against Paterson… but what would they be? Paterson already publicly admitted that both he and his wife have cheated.

  126. birdgal,

    In my opinion the Bush family is a lot sicker than the Kennedys. Most of the Kennedy kids haven’t been interested in politics, but a lot of them have been involved in public service. The Bush family has deliberately corrupted and bankrupted our country. Beginning with Prescott and on down to George W., they have treated the U.S. Treasury as their own personal piggy bank.

  127. I think the Caroline talk is a lot of media hype. Talk about a distraction! I’m a lot more worried about them figuring out a way to let Schwarzegger run for President. Thanks for electing that moron, CA!

  128. Q: myiq–I have an overweight and emotionally needy cat that jumps in my chair everytime I get up and doesn’t want to move when I get back. She’s not the type you pick up and move against her will.

    Any suggestions?

    A: Getting another chair won’t help you any–she sits in it because it’s warm.

    The cat will sit in the same place a 300 pound gorilla will sit–wherever it wants.

    When you return to your chair and want to sit down pick her up, sit on your chair, and put her on your lap. Wear long sleeves. Pet her to death. Encourage her to be a lap cat. Give her even more attention than her neediness can possibly tolerate. Lay it on thick. She will probably either purr and become a lap cat, in which case you get a warm lap, sometimes with little kneading claw marks in your thigh, or she will assert her independence and leap down to check her food bowl after accepting a brief amount of homage.

    You have to be firm. Whether she sits in the chair while you’re gone is negotiable (and unenforceable), but it’s your chair, you’ve got dibs.

    If it’s a yellow cat, don’t wear black wool slacks.

  129. The substantive issue when it comes to representing NY is fund raising and what Teddy wants?!?!

    Boggles. The. Mind.

    Hillary really cared. NY had a friend in her. I guess we will see if we have a friend in Gov. Paterson, which is rather dubious given that Albany is a friend to no one but itself. hooray.

  130. “Did Obama ever say a THING about Favreau? Silly me for even asking. How does he justify firing Samantha Powers…”

    Samantha Powers is on the transition team. She didn’t stay fired. And in my opinion, she’ a bit of a flake.

    So if the question is whether you can use the b-word in public, call a female contender a “monster”, and get away with it, you have your answer. And if the question is whether you can ack like groping women is funny and get azway with it, you still have your answer.

    A feature, not a bug, yes, they should be photoshopping BO’s face onto the speechwirters’–that’s who is really behind it. The speechwriter is just going along with the culture of misogyny that everyone on Team Obasma already takes for granted.

  131. I heard on the news that Gov. Paterson called Caroline ‘a long-shot’ due to her lack of experience which ‘troubles’ him. That’s probably why reports of Ted Kennedy working behind the scenes is now leaking out. They’re turning up the pressure on Paterson because he hasn’t caved to the Kennedy plans…yet.

  132. Teddy would do better to put someone qualified into the senate seat and give Caroline the rep’s seat that opens up as a result. Then she won’t screw up quite so publicly and will have a chance to see if she can actually do the job–or wants to. Or maybe the Kennedy’s just do as they’re told. Is that what Teddy had to do?

  133. Can anyone imagine Princess Caroline visiting upstate farms and looking like she cares and is enjoying herself? I can’t.

    I think if Paterson is foolish enough to give her the Senate seat now – a) he’ll be destroyed by the Republicans when he runs for his (1st) election, and b) she’ll be destroyed by Republicans when she runs for her (1st) election. And you know what – as a NYer, I’ll vote for the Republicans!

  134. The folks at Third Estate Sunday Review are keeping an eye on Caroline Kennedy. See http://thirdestatesundayreview.blogspot.com/2008/12/whore-is-fitting-word.html and http://likemariasaidpaz.blogspot.com/2008/01/caroline.html. They call her Princess Brat. She sounds nasty.

  135. CWaltz @11:20p
    Can you work with this?

    P oor
    E nvious
    N erd
    I s
    S h-t



  136. Poor envious nerd is really good. I have mixed feelings on the end.

  137. Poor

    In what? What’s a good S-word they can be In?

  138. How about Poor envious nerds intellectually stunted?

    The ners may or may not fit with the intellect part. I do think that his little frat boy prank definitely falls in the intellectually stunted department.

  139. or how about Poor envious NOBODY intellectually stunted?

  140. We could have fun with this.

    P oor
    E nvious
    N erd
    I s
    S poiled goods



  141. Pathetic
    Ethically challenged

  142. bb

    Good one



  143. Regarding the overweight cat…mine is on a diet! Being overweight is as bad for them as it is for us. Gradually reduce the amount of daily food and get the cat moving more. The wand toys seem to work. Oh, that and flies.

  144. There is no way in Hell I’d ever vote for Caroline Kennedy for President. No way in Hell.

  145. I don’t want to upset your strawman argument, but the progressive blogs have been lukewarm – at best – to the idea.; Jane Hamsher at FDL, for example.

  146. Kos weighs in, and agrees that this is a bad idea:


  147. Kos agrees?! Holy smokes Batman! Now we have reason to exist!!! Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this day for so long!! Thank you mighty Kos!!!!

  148. Yea, you can replace BO’s name for Kennedy’s in kos’s piece…. screw him.

  149. If you’re going to make the implication that the naughty “progressive blogs” would fall into the Kennedy camp on this one, at least be gracious enough to acknowledge that that is not the case.

  150. “How will the “no dynasties” progressive bloggers react? I’m betting they will see no problem with the idea. ”

    Well, you lose that one.

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