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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Sunday: Bright, shiny objects

We have spent a loooot of time on the Jon Favreau picture in the last several days. Now, I’m not saying that a picture like that isn’t important, provided it wasn’t leaked intentionally.  But what if the reason we are spinning our wheels on this issue because we have been distracted to keep our eye off of something else?

Like electoral colleges, eligibility, transparency, master poker players, calling people’s bluff, international politics, legitimacy, Saul Alinsky,  Supreme Court cases, standing.

There’s something out there that they don’t want us to be seeing.  Something on the fringes of our periphery.  What is it?

It’s not over.  It will *never* be over.  Obama will have to be purer than the driven snow and more honorable  than Lincoln, more responsible than FDR, more competent and successful than Bill Clinton.

We know what really happened during the primaries.  We know that Hillary won and that the nomination was stolen from her by Obama and his collusion with the DNC.  We will never be appeased by Hillary getting the Secretary of State while the Pretender takes her place.

So, what are they up to?  Who are they threatening and intimidating now?  Step away from the photoshop and start looking around.

I smell a rat.

120 Responses

  1. I agree with the person yesterday who said this was about the media wanting their soap opera at Hillary’s expense. That said, I suspect the ecomony may be why they are hoping to distract.

  2. I think we need task forces riverdaughter so we can multitask efficiently.

  3. I was surfing around looking for reactions to the picture of Alfalfavreau and Spanky with the cardboard Hillary cut-out.

    Hullaballoo, Feministing, Salon, Pandagon – nada

    TalkLeft finally noticed today, Shakesville noticed yesterday (by a “guest poster”)

    Conspiracy of silence?

  4. It’s the economy. Keep our minds off of the economy, and what is being connived to keep the top financiers still top, and everyone else on a down-swing in life style.

    So many companies are closing and so many people are being laid-off by companies that are trying to keep their doors open. And so many people are not being able to collect unemployment checks for weeks.

  5. Well, Obama was on Meet The Press today. (Where it was also announced that David Gregory will become the permanent host of that program.) Obama said that the economy will get worse before it gets better. At least that’s the AP headline. Don’t know what else it says.

    The media certainly wants more Clinton drama. Today on “Reliable Sources” Howard Kurtz hosted a panel (including Dana Milbank (!) and Jonah Goldberg) asking why the media keeps talking about Hillary’s supposedly evil ambitions and plans to sabotage Obama, and what will Bill do – instead of talking about the challenges facing the new Secretary of State and how she might deal with them. Milbank confessed that he loves Clinton drama and it’s so much more fun than that boring policy stuff. And that’s it in a nutshell – the Clinton drama is all about the media, for the media, by the media.

  6. Saw that about David Gregory. Him I can deal with.

  7. Obama is on tv right now in a presser

  8. “I smell a rat.”

    That’s what I’ve been thinking.

    Why is the media giving ANY attention to a story that is embarrassing to Obama?

    Is there something else that’s even worse they don’t want us to notice?

  9. The AP story about Obama on MTP goes into a number of areas where they say he is backing off campaign promises — leaving Iraq in 16 months and the tax increase on the wealthy are the ones I remember

    DYB, it’s so true that the “drama” is concocted by and is about the media.

  10. Unfortunately the boyz club is alive and well and they have made it standard to come up with excuses for men and their lapses. Alot of women, on the other hand, will stab a sister in the back rather than extend a hand or have their back.

    The number of women who will rise to Hillary’s defense when the media attempts to villify her will in all likelihood be few and far between. I plan on being one of them.

  11. nothing on FDL either … just checked

  12. although jane hamshear just had a thread on why Caroline Kennedy shouldn’t get Hillary’s seat

  13. Whatever happened to the lefty blogs’ promises to “hold Obama’s feet to the fire?”

  14. We probably should put a list together of women who should be supporting women – not just Hill, and email them all about how we feel about thier whimping out during the campaign andletting them kow that we expect them to step up in the future and stop being such jerks.

    Part of that should include that we believe women should earn what they get and be respected for their work.

  15. oh myiq pffft please, those slavish cowards?

  16. I was thinking of our own version of a games I saw on NQ:

    4 reason why everyone else MUST step aside and let Caroline Kennedy be the next Senator of NY:

    1 – …
    2 – …
    3 – …
    4 – …

  17. dakinikat, on December 7th, 2008 at 2:16 pm Said:

    Obama is on tv right now in a presser

    Thank God for Sunday NFL. I’m not looking at him.

  18. Well, I posted about the Iraq policy and the Military-Industrial complex yesterday. I thought it was pretty important, but the post mostly went unnoticed. I thnk it’s highly significant that Obama is planning to keep around 140,000 private contractors in Iraq long-term, as well as around 50,000 combat troops who will simply be redefined as something else.

    The mainstream media has completely ignored a huge story that came out on Monday. I have been planning to write about it, but haven’t found the time to pull it all together. That is the story of Robert Gates’ plan to eliminate the National Guard and take them completely out of the control of the Governors. The elimination of the posse comitatus law was already signed into law on the same day as the Military Commissions Act. It give the President the power to order National Guard troops anywhere in the U.S. to deal with “emergencies” without the approval of the governors.

    Gates also announced that by 2011 there will be 20,000 combat troops garrisoned inside the U.S. for “domestic security.” I wrote about this in October. There is already a brigade of Iraq veterans assigned to this duty at Northcom in CO. They are being trained to put down domestic uprisings with the latest “non-lethal” weapon. This isn’t tinfoil hat stuff–it’s really happening. It was reported in the Washington Post and the Military Times–otherwise downplayed or mostly ignored. I find it extremely disturbing that Obam is holding Gates over. It’s the first time in history that has happened when the presidency changed parties.

    However I haven’t stopped focusing on this stuff. We had some fun with the photo late last night. I apologize if we went overboard.

  19. I was thinking of our own version of a games I saw on NQ:

    4 reason why everyone else MUST step aside and let Caroline Kennedy be the next Senator of NY:

    1 – …She’s a Kennedy
    2 – …She’s a Kennedy
    3 – …She’s a Kennedy
    4 – …She’s a Kennedy

    5 – …It was her Uncle’s Senate seat at one time so she’s entitled. Sorta like that legacy thing at Ivy League colleges.

  20. My guess is the media is trying to build another St Raygun. It will be tricky – why with the reality and all. I noticed a cheap trick in fiction writing: any baddie can be made sympathetic when pitted against another baddie. I think the Clinton drama that Millbank and comp enjoys so much is the trick they use to make B0 look good when nothing else can (you didn’t expect them to blame W, didja?)
    Milbank to me is always the guy who said: “Gore makes you feel he’s better than you – and he isn’t. W on the other hand, never does this – even though he is” (not a direct quote). It’s probably symptomatic for lots of pundits.

  21. If that BC petition is in front of the USSCt, maybe that’s the reason for sudden distractions. I think Pelosi et co were trying to turn John McCain’s BC issue into a legislative vehicle by which Congress could prospectively cure any defects or alleged defects, and McCain somehow put an end to that, but I can’t remember the details.

    If this is the issue, then I think the solution is to start reading all the fine print on everything that goes up for a vote or a motion in either the house or the senate between now and the time the electoral college meets — Dec. 20th?

    Or maybe BO just used some of his campaign fees to buy the rest of that lot from Rezko while Fitzg. is trying to figure out what to do about that?

  22. We know what really happened during the primaries. We know that Hillary won and that the nomination was stolen from her by Obama and his collusion with the DNC. We will never be appeased by Hillary getting the Secretary of State while the Pretender takes her place.

    Thank you for this reminder. Just today I started to think that maybe it all didn’t happen like we think. Maybe he never cheated, maybe we are all just anti-Obama and just can’t see the good in him(I have tried and fail to see any). We fail to see the man who gave the greatest anti-war speech evah! The greatest president evah! The man that is so pragmatic! The man that cares about everyone(8-10% said they voted for him because they believe he cares about others). I want to go to denial land.

  23. Actually, bb, you may be right about the switch re authority over the national guard. Is that an anti-Palin change specifically, or part of BO’s apparent desire to have vast domestic armed forces at his beck and call? I suppose it doesn’t matter, really, since either is equally frightening.

  24. kalll,

    Get over it. That is not worrying Obama one bit.

  25. bb — so it may be the national guard? or just trying to keep Hillary targeted?

  26. Actually, TalkLeft now a post up on Favreau, linking to our very early post here. Just to set the record straight on coverage.

  27. The Supreme Court thing just never struck me as a happening kind of proposition– but today you never know.

    One thing that really kills me for sheer naivete is these proposals for primary reform, as if the very man whose campaign stole caucuses is going to reform them. A bit like appointing Dillinger to a task force on bank robbery, I should think.

  28. fredster:

    You’re brilliant. You’ve even given a bonus.

  29. No, it has nothing to do with Palin. It has to do with the Bush’s executive power grab. They tried out using the military during Katrina, and that is the model. If we do have a complete economic collapse, the President will be able to use combat troops to put down protests and uprisings. Bush already has a “terror watch list” of more than a million names. And those are mostly not names of “terrorists.” The WP had a story this week about thousands of nuns and peace groups with files on them. Bush has reinistituted the domestic spying and violations of civil rights that we fought against in the ’70s. Even the CIA has been involved in domestic spying, which is completely illegal.

  30. MABlue, on December 7th, 2008 at 2:44 pm Said:


    You’re brilliant. You’ve even given a bonus.

    [taking bow] Thank-ye, thank-ye! After all, #5 works as well or better than any other qualifications she has.

    If she had wanted to start with a House seat that would be one thing, but you don’t just ask and expect to get the Senate just because you want it.

  31. Thank goodness we still have the ACLU, CCR, and Amnesty International. But they are pretty much fighting for our civil liberties on their own. No one in Congress seems to care about it. Lahey and Waxman have made a lot of promises, but almost nothing has actually been accomplished. In fact it has gotten much worse since the Dems won control of Congress two years ago.

  32. “However I haven’t stopped focusing on this stuff. We had some fun with the photo late last night. I apologize if we went
    overboard. ”

    Everyone having fun, and a bunch of women taking the shi*-canning. Our side, their side, doesn’t matter. They are all WOMEN in those photoshopped pictures.

  33. BB – I like your idea that this is what they are trying to keep us from focusing on. I would love to read a full post on the subject if you put it together.

  34. Sis,

    The point was to show that it is about all women being treated like this–not just Hillary. The women in the photoshops all aided the misogyny of the Obama Campaign. Without them, he couldn’t have gotten away with it. It was “fun” only in the sense that it was a way to get some really serious rage out. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. I’ve never even seen you here before, but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion like everyone else.

  35. Lambert’s comment is hung up in moderation, but in response I already mentioned that TalkLeft has a post on the subject.

    The TL post was made today, 2 days after the story first appeared.

  36. BB – I think you guys did a great job last night and didn’t go overboard at all. People don’t get it, and they need some didactic teaching tools because it is going to take all kinds of help to make the flipping lightbulbs go on in their craniums.

  37. Well, I posted about the Iraq policy and the Military-Industrial complex yesterday. I thought it was pretty important, but the post mostly went unnoticed.

    Hey bb, I looked at your post and at least you got twenty-two comments, twice as many as my poem which bombed a couple of days ago.

    I think some of us may suffer from a certain fatigue about reading about this war, however well written the post.

  38. I’m guessing that if SCOTUS actually makes a ruling on the BC issue it will rule that private citizens have no standing.

    IOW – it’s none of our business.

    Anyone who thinks they will declare Obama ineligible is smoking some bad hopium.

  39. scrubs,

    I really don’t think it’s just one thing. But it’s very interesting to me how Obama first made sure the FISA bill was passed; next he made sure Congress took care of Wall Street and didn’t do anything to help struggling workers or homeowners. This week he put the Defense Dept. fears to rest.

    In the article I quote in my post yesterday, it said the defense establishment “breathed a sigh of relief.” He’s keeping Gates, which is a clear signal that he will continue Bush’s policies. If we really do have significant domestic unrest over the financial crash and job losses, Obama can take control as a “benevolent leader” and blame any violations of civil rights on Bush and Cheney.

  40. Maybe they are trying to distract us from asking how someone who cannot account for his own campaign funding ; and cannot even account for the sources , and the seeming surplus ; all the while asking the recipients of the bail out funding to account for ever dime
    can deal with the world economy in crisis?

  41. With my tinfoil hat on – since many have speculated about Obama’s bundle of cash and how he might have been getting foreign donations. Here is my theory – what if the reason Obama is still collecting contacts is because he wants to use those names to replace his foreign donors. Is it possible for him to do that?

    OT – did anyone here read Evelyn Pringle’s “Barack Obama: Operation Board Games For Slumlords”?

  42. BB:

    I’m still working on my response post.

    Maybe if I get drunk first.

  43. John,

    I don’t have any big issues with whether people commented on my post. I was just trying to defend myself. The fact is I did post something substantive yesterday, but the picture was what drew people’s interest so I joined in. I don’t feel neglected at all. I love you guys.

  44. Sometimes it’s hard for people to talk about a poem–even harder if the poem was deeping moving. I have that problem myself.

  45. johninca: LOL! Loved the Dillinger thing

  46. myiq2xu,

    LOL! I’m looking forward to your response. I hope it involves zombies.

  47. The photoshopped images featuring Obama’s chief speech writer groping a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton are all Obama enablers who did not say a word about misogyny of the primary and the campaign. And I’m not seeing outrage from Obama supporters over the image of Hillary Clinton being fictitiously sexually assaulted. If Favreau and friends had done that to an image of Michelle Obama – the noise from the media and Obama supporters would be deafening. But considering that it’s only Hillary Clinton in that photo – it’s just a couple of drunken boys being boys, it’s a joke, lighten up! Sometimes fire needs to be fought with fire. Michelle Obama, Claire McCaskill, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Caroline Kennedy, etc. need to say something about that photo and the continuing employment of Jon Favreau and friends by Barack Obama. But funny thing is: In the third day since the story broke I haven’t heard a peep.

  48. How about this:
    AP IMPACT: How Freddie Mac halted regulatory drive
    “Now Freddie Mac and its sister company, Fannie Mae, are in financial collapse and under government control. Congress is investigating how it all happened. Lawmakers have planned a hearing Tuesday”
    Not likely that a Dem Congress will do much,still.


    BB you’re scaring me.

  49. sis said; Everyone having fun, and a bunch of women taking the shi*-canning. Our side, their side, doesn’t matter. They are all WOMEN in those photoshopped pictures.

    I’m usually defending the underdogs, but I think photoshopping those particular women is fine. The purpose is to wake people up — particularly those women who supported Obama who were old enough to know better.

    Hillary can’t say any more than her camp already has. It’s up to OTHER women to speak out against that behavior. These women who supported Obama (backstabbing Hillary) need to be waked up and/or put on the spot.

    We’re all used to seeing Hillary caractiatured in cartoons etc, so it’s easy to dismiss this. When women like Sibelius and NARAL officers see themselves in such pictures, maybe it will strike a nerve. And will Campbell Brown go after THOSE victims for not protesting loudly? (Well, no, she will go after us and Hillary. But some people may get the point.)

  50. Laurie,

    Don’t be scared. This has been building for decades–since WWII. Eisenhower warned us and nobody paid him any mind. The best disinfectant is sunlight. This information needs to be out in the open. Unfortunately, our economy now depends on war.

  51. RD, thanks. You know, if I were a cartoonist I might do a cartoon of Barack and Michelle as Bonnie and Clyde whose campaign robs caucuses instead of banks.

    Or it could be a poem, but not if it bombs again like the markos one. Come to think of it, though, I presume your bff would be happy now that I’m back to writing poems about men.

  52. My two cents on the Kennedy dynastic claims to Hillary’s seat

  53. John,

    Your poem didn’t bomb. For one thing it has been a lot slower here lately. Our posts aren’t getting 300 comments in two hours anymore. Recently there have been lots of posts at The Confluence that haven’t gotten many comments. As I said before poems are difficult for people to react too, because it’s hard to put those kinds of feelings into words.

  54. Thanks bb. But this election being what it was, going from gallows humor to self-deprecating humor is a step up– perhaps even a sign of healing, dare we hope.

  55. John, you’re poem was great …the holidays have got the traffic down. also, it may not elicit a post, but if you look at the number of people that read it … it got read

  56. Cannonfire points out that Obama isn’t helping any other Democrats retire their debts–not even the DNC. He’s like King Midas.


  57. Could it be they are really really really afraid to embarrass the messiah

    CHICAGO (WLS) — A group of laid off workers continues a sit-in at a Chicago factory Sunday.

    Sunday is the third day for the labor action at the Republic Window and Doors company on the city’s North Side.

    “We’re not going anywhere. We are committed to this,” one man told ABC7 Chicago.

    More than 200 employees occupied the factory and warehouse after company officials didn’t show up at negotiations brokered by Congressman Luis Gutierrez between Republic Windows and Doors and its bank, Bank of America.

    By law, companies are obligated to give employees 60 days notice and 75 days severance pay and health benefits to laid off workers. In this case, the company notified employees Tuesday that they would shut down Friday, and that no severance pay or benefits would be paid out.

    “This is not fair what the company is doing to its employees,” said Lalo Munoz, who has worked 34 years for the company.

    Republic has blamed Bank of America for not extending a line of credit so they can pay up. Bank of America points the finger right back at the company.

    Representative Gutierrez says he’s concerned that there is something more going on.

    “What we’ve seen in the past is that when they don’t want to show their books, it’s because they’re moving operations to another


  58. there’s some posts that folks read and reflect on and then there’s some posts that folks read and react to …

    both are valid, the amount of conversation can also depend on the time the posts go up also

  59. Since when is publicizing demeaning sexist-misogynist behaviors toward 51% of the population a distraction?

  60. Can you history buffs find out please,
    Is the same kind of thing as when McArthur fired on the bonus marchers ?
    During the depression they had tent cities in Washington and the WW1 troops had been promised a bonus which they did not get.
    What I am trying to find out if this is new when the government has troops suppress marchers or if there is a precedent for this.
    My country is changing and not in a good way.
    Will our children have the same freedoms we had?



  61. Or the NY Post’s 10 political scandals of 2008:
    (7 out of 10 are Dems.

    Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – D
    Former New York Goverrnor Eliot Spitzer – D
    Former Senator John Edwards – D
    Rep. Charles Rangel – D
    New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn – D
    Staten Island Rep. Vito Fossella – R
    Newark Mayor Sharpe James – D
    David Kernell, son of Tennessee Democrat Mike Kernell – D
    Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens – R
    Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey – D

    note: includes Palin who was exonerated, as acting within her authority on Troopergate, But does not include BO’s campaign finances.


  62. Exactly, Dakinikat. For example, I sometimes have a hard time formulating comments on your posts, because I’m completely math-phobic. But I read them and try my best to learn from them.

  63. Yeah, john. I like your poetry. Keep in mind that we are all still going through a mourning process of sorts and are reacting differently at different speeds. Posts that stir up the anger tend to be the most successful right now – I, myself, may not ever get to the acceptance stage of things.

    bb – I loved this line: “The best disinfectant is sunlight.”

  64. john and bb: It’s slower on all of the blogs lately because a.) The election is over and b.) it’s holiday season. It happens everywhere, trust me. It will pick up when there are newsworthy things going on and some of our readers identify with us. As long as we don’t let up, we will still have a place in the blogosphere.

  65. helenk,

    There have been terrible abuses in the past–especially during the early days of the labor movement.

    What is new is that since the Civil War, the posse commitatus statute has forbidden the President to have a standing army on U.S. soil for domestic use. The National Guard and reserves are under the control of each state governer. It’s part of the checks and balances system so that the executive can’t use the military to become a dictator. Bush has changed this and the Democratic Congress helped him do it.

  66. Please read this bullshit. Sitdowns have happened before how can this be because of Obama 😯
    How has this —– empowered people?

    There should be absolutely no question that Barack Obama’s election had a good deal to do with this. As with JFK, we know that he will stir passions, hopes, excpectations and a sense of empowerment that will take people farther than he himself would (or, as President, even could, if he wanted to) go. And this in turn will create space for him to go farther himself.

    This is why, in the end, I supported him rather than Clinton, despite the fact that ideologically they aren’t that much different. Because where he ends up as a result of this process could be much, much farther down the field. And we will all be that much further downfield with him.


  67. RD,

    We’re still getting a lot of hits though. We are almost up to 4.5 million, and we just hit 4 a short time ago.

  68. I am in moderation

  69. myiq2xu: I bumped up your status to rescue people from moderation or squash trolls like the little roaches they are. Enjoy!

  70. BB: Yep! I hope to hit 5 million by our one year anniversary in January. Let’s get to it!

  71. RD, what’s the anniversary of the Confluence?

    I had meant to spring my last one for that anniversary but never found out.

  72. BB:

    I posted that story here a couple of days ago with a small snarky comment. The whole post disappeared in the censure hole where I finding myself confined more and more these days.

    WTF is going on?

  73. MABlue,

    I don’t understand. What story? Your comment disappeared?

  74. I’ve never ever deleted one of your comments, MABlue!

  75. The media lives for Clinton drama. When this is old news, Campbell Brown and friends will start fishing for more “news” that they can pin on Clinton and criticize her with.
    myiq2xu, I’ve written about Feministing several days ago. That place is an embarrassment to feminism. I don’t even want to bother going over there to do research but I said this before: They mocked older women who voted for Hillary and wanted their daughter to vote for Hillary in the primaries. Um, why didn’t they mock black people for expecting the same thing? Because that would be r@cist yet they couldn’t even see through their own sexist attitudes at “Feministing”.

    “Feminists” over there told Geraldine Ferraro to f*ck off and called her part of the old generation of r@cist knitter bitters. Right. You mean the generation of feminists who actually went out there and did something instead of making a cute little website where they can join in on Campbell Brown type of “feminism”? Give me a break.

  76. BB:

    The story with Obama’s $30 mio stash while the Dems are standing on the street with tin cups.

  77. Btw it wasn’t you.

    I think Myiq even censured me for mocking Obots with “I told you so… Assholes”.

  78. The continuing degradation of Hillary Clinton even by her own “side” is textbook medieval morality; selling off indulgences to the empowered (besides which, on HRC it’s also okay ’cause it’s only the town slut that’s being degraded.)

    It’s all about how having a new, black BFF means it’s ikay to indulge any other bigotry, particularly that of the new BFF.

    Want to put it in perspective for the oBoiz and camp followers chomping hard on the crickets? Photo-shop in Barack Obama about to get it in one end and suck the beer bottle poking out of the “Obama Staffer” guy’s fly.

    See if Favreau’s enablers maintain their sensayuma. Crude, but it would distinguish where the lines of acceptable political humor are with

    (Free clue: No, men sexually degrading a non-consenting man isn’t about being gay. )

  79. MABlue– is this the missing comment? I found it in the spam filter. I don’t know why it ended up there. –BB

    Whoever said “No man is an island unto himself”? Obama is saying “Oh yes I am”.

    Broke shmoke. Obama doesn’t give a damn about the Democratic Party as institution, so these guys can go suck it.

    Obama campaign mulls what to do with $30M surplus

    Democrats carrying significant campaign debt after winning a string of House and Senate races are grumbling about President-elect Barack Obama’s financial reserves, saying the party’s leader is sitting on a pile of cash while Democratic leaders are broke.

    Obama’s organization retains some $30 million after his successful presidential bid, but it’s unclear how the Democratic president-in-waiting might use the money. Members of his party are doing their best to appeal for the funds without appearing greedy, ungrateful or hostile to their new leader.

    Nice going Barry!

  80. BB:

    Yup. What was wrong with it?

  81. edge: Personally, I don’t give a fig who Ted Kennedy wants in the Senate seat. He is not even a resident of NY state, as I am. Is this now the new norm–blatant selection of candidates by party leaders without even the pretense of the will of thevoters? As a resident of NY, I’d like to think, Ted, that the selection should actually be from a pool of people we actually ELECTED! I am on the phone tomorrow–this is yet another imperial insult & dismissal. I can’t believe they are even considering it, but then I can’t believe most of what I’ve witnessed in the Dem Party this year.

  82. MABlue,

    I don’t see anything wrong with it, but sometimes things end up in moderation or spam for no apparent reason. Yesterday I even freed one of Riverdaughter’s comments!! And I couldn’t figure out any reason why it would be moderated.

  83. helenk: no it’s not new, during the infancy of the labor movement it was not unusual for troops to be called out to supress strikes

    also, remember the national guard was called out during the 1960s to intervene in antiwar demonstrations and now for things like when the WTO meets in the US … most of the time, they use the national guard but not always

    also, Hurricane Katrina is a good example of when they used both, Cynthia McKinney got the number wrong, but I know folks here that wrote for the Picayune that witnessed people with bullet wounds being certifed as dead of other causes and I also know that there are folks that simply disappeared if they didn’t leave the city after about 10 days … like I said, it wasn’t a huge number, but even on of them to me is signficant .

  84. let me guess: they didn’t even ask Obama about Favreau on MTP this a.m.

  85. I think Myiq even censured me for mocking Obots with “I told you so… Assholes”.

    Oh hell no!

    Cheer – yes

    Censure – no

  86. Are there new appointments so we are being distracted by the photos? Riverdaughter is right, watch out for the sparkly distractions or smoke and mirrors.

  87. I”m not wrapped real tight sometimes. 😉

  88. Makes you wonder how long have they known about the economy and have they been making plans to suppress the American citizen.
    I do wonder if there will be an uprising?
    Voting used to be one way we differed from 3rd world countries.That is no longer true with the last three selections.
    Bread and circuses are no longer affordable for a lot of people and the government is almost bankrupt.
    What happens now?
    The few real leaders are now vilified and the lightweights are in charge.
    Sorry I sound so down but how much real hope is there right now? Not backtrack’s kind of hope but the real thing.



  89. Maybe they’re trying to take our minds off Princess Caroline getting the Senate seat? I saw some aide of Paterson’s say that because of her lack of experience she’s not in the running, but I won’t put anything past Obama and Ted. After all, Princess Caroline did back Obama very vocally; she must get something in return, no?

    If she gets it I will not vote for Paterson when he runs (for his first election.) And I predict Dems lose the seat when Princess Caroline is up for reelection. No way will this outwardly cold barely smiling Kennedy win over upstate New York. If Rudy runs for Senate (and I must say right now, I’ll vote for him if the other option is Princess Caroline) he’ll destroy her.

  90. LS has a new book?

  91. MIQ2XU
    Thank you for the article.



  92. In the “I could’ve told you that for 25 cents” dept., NPR has a story, “Far Left Getting Nervous About Obama”: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97920808

  93. “ugsome, on December 7th, 2008 at 4:30 pm Said:

    In the “I could’ve told you that for 25 cents” dept., NPR has a story, “Far Left Getting Nervous About Obama”:
    How do they define far left?? If people who want to end the Iraq war, roll back the Bush proto-police state, stop corporate socialism and work for UHC are considered far left, then this country is truly f*****.

  94. DYB:

    Quite often, Obotian tro!!s unintentionally prove our point for us.

  95. dakinikat@355: Dade County lists the number of dead from Andrew at 18. Those of us who worked in during medical rescue in the aftermath know better. Large refrigerated trucks were brought into the Homestead area. Large colonies of migrant workers near the edge of the ‘glades disappeared. I might buy 18 claimed bodies, but they will never admit the truth.

  96. Lenore, Girl Commando,

    I see that your distain for undergarments also carries over to your commentary — no visible support.

  97. Personally, I still think Jon Favreau should be fired.

  98. BB:

    While I fully agree he should be fired, or at least forced to publically apologize to Hillary (specifically) and women generally (as should his buddy in the “Obama staff” shirt) that would allow Obama to look as though he was not in any way responsible for the tone of his campaign.

    Favreau’s continued presence proves that misogyny was a feature, not a bug.

  99. bb> I think most of us agree with you (if not all of us.) But now in our third day since this story broke and not a single word from Obama. It may be the weekend, but he’s been doing the rounds in the press. Did any morning political shows mention this? It seems like Obama is trying to ride this one out with the help with much of the press; he’s trying to save his chief writer. I don’t know what will change on Monday…but it doesn’t look yet like Favreau will be called to account.

  100. To me .. if ‘he’ names that ‘special envoy’ to the ME ..

    It would be extremely demeaning plus it takes all the teeth out of Hillary’s new position as SOS … if he does this . he just chits on her – one more time .. ! .. the ME is where all the action is along with SE Asia … but the ME is it.

    If this has all ready been discussed forgive me ..

  101. Oh, and has anyone contacted Greta yet? I’ve never seen her show…never turned on Fox…but I’m considering starting DVRing her show.

  102. Oh, and we have to get Pat’s boyfriend Lou Dobbs. He was always quite defensive of crap thrown at Hillary during the primary.

  103. You smell a rat.

    I’m going to get my BB gun.

  104. myiq2xu — I agree.

  105. Hi Conflucians. I am one of those down in traffic folks for all the reasons you cite above. But I am with you in spirit and thoughts. A thought I have been turning over lately. Where Hillary is really going: Something I have been thinking about. on HRC’s SOS position. I think her long range plan is to eventually head up the United Nations. The SOS position would be great positioning. With the Democratic (and Republican) Old Boys death grip on Sen. leadership—it is a very long range plan to get any real policy leadership in the Sen. plus you have to spend your life fund raising. I think HRC put in for SOS at the meeting with Obama at Feinstein’s. WJC identified heading up the UN as a “dream job”. Tough for him to position for that; easier for HRC. After a spin as SOSUS, she could be a very primo candidate for UN Sec. Do any of you think that might be in her thinking?

  106. I’ve been smelling something for a while.

  107. Looking for a new and fantastic way to honor the President-Select? You could buy the new commemorative coin being issued by the Franklin Mint (no, I’m not kidding), or you could follow the Pampers Principle.

    Go up to the NEW THREAD to find out more!!!!

  108. ME envoy. I think the impact on HRC of such an appointment will be dependent upon what her input to it is and who that person is. Given the ME and all its issues, having a high level person focused on that area as a strategic region makes some sense. There are major foreign policy issues bubbling all over the place and they correlate significantly with security and economics—China, India, Russia, the Americas—these are huge and the stakes right now are enormous. Not to mention all the clean up that needs to be done in Europe and the ever dark continent with its oceans of pathos.

  109. Jangles,

    The Secretary General of the U.N. can’t be a national of any of the permanent members of the Security Council.

  110. Jangles doubt it. UN Sec is a very delicate position , which requires a lot of maneouvring in order to obtain a nomination. It is not usually available to anyone from a powerful and leading nation like the US, or Russia.

  111. It took several days before Samantha Power was forced to step down. At first Obama thought he could get away with having her apologize. Favreau hasn’t even said anything publicly at all. If we let this pass and don’t continue to protest, it will be one more message to Obama and the media that misogyny is OK and women aren’t going to raise hell as long as it comes from Obama. I don’t have any illusions that Favreau wouldn’t continue to work for Obama in some manner. He (and his boss) must be shamed into doing something.

  112. Jangles – well, they will be directly reporting to Obama.

  113. I really really believe we need specific task forces to deal with specific things. That way we can have people who can maintain a laser focus and push on misogyny even while others are pushing or reviewing evidence of corruption or attempts to bury democracy. If we collectively try to do too many things at once we risk not doing them well enough to make an impact. However, if we had subgroups that could maintain a focus it might help us get the traction we need when we need it.

  114. Could the picture have been leaked to try to set up Hillary to take herself out, so to speak… and she didn’t bite?? (Same with the special ME envoy.)

    (Lose the battle, win the war.)

  115. finely, I can’t imagine that Hilary would let a nasty little p*ick like Favreau to keep her from the SOS job.

    I’m really interested to see how Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert handle this picture – if they do. I lost a lot of respect for both of them. Calling out this A**hole in a comic way would go a long way towards redeeming themselves.

  116. CWaltz — Did you get my email this week?

  117. every once in a whie I step out of my post election cocoon and remember why I hate those fuckin bastards so much. I hope i never meet this favreau Asshat, fucking dickwad blowhard asshole bastard that he is
    stick it in a socket buster til light comes out of your ass

  118. Had to put this here. The comments on Pearl Harobr were closed and there’s more that should never be forgotten.

    There American people wanted out of the war after the Battle of Tarawa. They had their very own Cindy Sheehan movement with a mother who began to cry, “The Marine Corps killed my son”. At the Battle of Tarawa 4,000 Americans died for an island 1 sq. mile of questionable significance.

    1945 the American people wanted peace with Japan and believed that the government had really already won the war and was only trying to forge an empire. This was before VE Day.

    Many Americans did not support the war in Europe b/c they did not understand what Hitler had to do with the Japanese attack.

    Never forget. If the American civilian populace had had their way, the war would have ended in 1943 in the same manner it ended for the Russians in 1917.

    400,000 American dead
    600,000+ American wounded

    It’s funny that Eisenhower talked about the military industrial complex, but if not for it, people today would say, Eisenhower who?

    Never forget. Eisenhower spent much of his presidency trying to abolish the Marine Corps. Where would we be today without the Marines?

    Never forget. There was a play among Eisenhower and top generals that he appointed to consolidate almost all the power into the army under ONE man who would take orders direct from the president (Eisenhower). Sounds familiar to what Bush wanted to call the “war czar”. This would have effectively eliminated the Joint Chiefs and Congress in decisions regarding the army (which by then would have included the Marine Corps and half it’s air assest, since the other half were to be given to the Navy). This move was almost single-handedly defeated by the Marine Corps.

    Yes, let’s NEVER FORGET.

  119. The fact that it took TalkLeft 2 days to even comment on the Favreau picture is disgusting.

    The fact that it was BTD, and not Jeralynn, who bothered to comment, is infuriating.

    But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Jeralyn really hit the gutter with all her Palinpalooza (BTD’s own term for it), and she probably knew she would have absolutely no credibility on the Favreau thing.

    Arianna’s free massages at the convention spa were much more important to Jeralyn.

    Dah-ling. 🙂

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