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Why Won’t The Stupid B**ch Quit?

John Favreau and his drinking buddy

John Favreau and his drinking buddy without the cardboard Hillary cut-out

This post is dedicated to the newest HillaryHaters.  These are people that were allegedly Hillary supporters but now feel “betrayed” because Hillary as agreed to serve as Secretary of State in the upcoming administration of Barack “King of Misogyny” Obama.  Actually the first batch of NHH appeared back in June when Hillary suspended her campaign and endorsed Teh Precious, but the single biggest group of converts seems to have been motivated by the SoS announcement.

We saw some new converts yesterday when some people thought Hillary didn’t react strongly enough to the stupid, drunken antics of Obama’s top speechwriter.  They were (intentionally or not) dancing to a tune sung by professional HillaryHater Campbell Brown who said:

I’m sorry, but this is the same woman who, during the campaign, pointed to example after example of sexism directed at her saying that, quote, “It’s been deeply offensive to millions of women”?

On a daily basis for the last few weeks we see comments asking when Hillary will be “held accountable” for agreeing to work for Obama.  I’m sorry, but I have to ask:

 What The F**k

What do they want Hillary to do, cry and go home?

Yes, Hillary was cheated out of the Democratic nomination for President by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party leadership.  In doing so, Obama and his supporters in and outside of the media unleashed some really vile misogyny.  So what are Hillary’s options?

She could do what she is doing: accept the position of Secretary of State on her terms.  It’s not the job she deserved or wanted, but it is a position of tremendous importance, with more power and prestige than the position of junior Senator.  It is a promotion, placing her fifth in the line of succession.

She could choose to remain in the Senate, where her eight years of experience make her a virtual rookie, and where she will never attain enough seniority to claim an important committee chairmanship unless she hangs around another couple decades.  (She isn’t even the senior Senator from New York yet) 

Not to mention that in the Senate she will be junior to many of the Democratic leaders that stabbed her in the back and endorsed Obama, such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Robert Byrd, and Jay Rockefeller, as well as Majority Leader Harry Reid who demanded that the superdelegates declare their choices months before the convention.

Or she could quit.  Leave the Senate, leave the party even, and become a private citizen again.  Her influence minimal, her power nonexistant.  Tweety and the rest of the CDS media would be ecstatic, gleeful, and delirious with joy if she did.

Which brings us back to Campbell Brown and a question no one has asked.  Why in the name of Koresh would the ObamaLoving, HillaryHating media run a politically damaging story about one of Obama’s inner circle?

Could they be hoping to provoke an angry reaction from Hillary, hoping she would change her mind about the SoS position, or at least hoping to drive a wedge between her and Obama?

Never trust the media.  If they seem to be on your side, keep one hand on your wallet while you try to figure out what you missed.

One last point – If women are expected to quit every time they are insulted or mistreated, they are handing the He Man Woman Haters Club a powerful weapon.

99 Responses

  1. I see that the madness continues. CDS may need a new name since it is going beyond derangement.

  2. Terrific post. The fact that Hillary always refuses to “cry we we we all the way home” is one of the reasons I love her.
    And, no, I ‘m not calling Hillary a little piggie. It’s just that the professional bullies always expect a woman to step off. Well, not this woman and not this time.
    And, lady, I got your back.

  3. Great post, myiq! BTW, did you know that Campbell Brown used to “date” Adel Al-Jubeir, PR spokesman for the King of Saudi Arabia?


    When the King visited Bush’s ranch, her boyfriend gave orders that there could be no women present on the tarmac when the then Crown Prince deplaned. Campbell reported on the event and said nothing about this. Let’s see, who has changed her mind about sexism?

    Remember when Hillary had to explain sexism to Campbell during the CNN primary debate. Campbell also favorably “covered” her current husband, neocon Dan Senor.

  4. I join you, SweetSue, in watching her back. Over and over again, she has proven herself to be one classy human being and I will always be behind her.

  5. I just want to add that there are some amazing threads on the home page right now. I want to comment in every one of them, they are that good.

  6. No, no, no, myiq. The last thing in the world the msm wants is for Hillary to quit. What they want, more than anything, what they’re writing in their little Dear Santa letters, is for Hillary to give them a show.

    They want drama. They want a soap opera. They want As The White House Turns. … In our last episode, Michelle, claws bared, screeched at the evil Hillary, “Stay awaaaaay from my man!”…

    Or something like that.

    They need ratings, bad; economic news is so depressing that folks just turn it off, bombings in Mumbai might as well be on Mars, and the election is over. Can’t make fun of our newest preznit. So what’s left? Why, Hillary! With Special Guest Star, Bill Clinton, providing comic relief.

    Or so they hope. Four words: na ga ha pen.

    As for the haters, my Christmas wish is that they find a big pile of sand and a hammer under the tree. With instructions.

  7. I was so upset when I heard Campbell Brown last night I could hardly sleep. She was effectively blaming Hillary for the sexism sickeningly displayed by the Obama crowd. What class Hillary has shown throughout this whole “selection” process. Brown’s display of ignorance and utter hatred toward Hillary was disgusting. Hopefully, she’ll be removed from CNN very soon and put out to pasture, where she certainly belongs! What an embarrasment to journalism.

  8. Ugh, BB, Campbell is even worse than I knew.

  9. merciless: They want drama. They want a soap opera. They want As The White House Turns. … In our last episode, Michelle, claws bared, screeched at the evil Hillary, “Stay awaaaaay from my man!”…

    Hilarious! Sounds like something for a madamab playlet.

  10. merciless:

    I agree that the media doesn’t want Hillary to quit.

    They want her fired, tarred & feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.

    If she quits with her pride intact they would not find it nearly as fulfilling and seeing her shamed and humiliated.

  11. This whole business about Favreau– did he really grope her and what was the fallout from that? I never heard of this until like yesterday.

  12. ” If women are expected to quit every time they are insulted or mistreated, they are handing the He Man Woman Haters Club a powerful weapon.”

    A most excellent point!

  13. Scrubs,

    Please comment on my thread. I don’t think anyone read it.

  14. BTW – Just because Hillary didn’t hold a press conference or issue a public statement doesn’t mean she didn’t express her feelings to Teh Precious and Mr. Alfalfavreau.

  15. BTW – Just because Hillary didn’t hold a press conference or issue a public statement doesn’t mean she didn’t express her feelings to Teh Precious and Mr. Alfalfavreau.

    Oh, to be a fly on that wall…

  16. E. Kramer,

    I was really upset when I finally went to sleep last night. I think I had a nightmare about this episode. I mean I’m really starting to be frightened by the menacing misogyny we are seeing. Just a couple of weeks ago we were talking about the violent incident that Lynnette Long and her friends went through in a DC restaurant.

  17. John,

    If you don’t understand what happened, try googling “Jon Favreau.” It’s been reported everywhere.

  18. BB:

    I was going to comment on your post but decided to respond in my own post.

  19. This attitude reminds me of the idiots who, after the Lewinsky incident, were infuriated that Hillary didn’t divorce Bill, break up her family, lose all time, energy and work she’d invested into their lives & careers, and fade away into obscurity.

    Oh well. I guess she’s smart and strong minded.

  20. myiq2xu,

    That’s OK. But my post was about Iraq and the military industrial complex. I picked the wrong day to post it.

  21. Thank you, bb. From what I understand of it, he paarently had some sort of facebook picture of himself groping Hillary, which is reprehensible enough, but… being a bit nearsighted, I didn’t realize it wasn’t a real picture of this imbecile groping her until I looked a bit closer.

  22. paarently = apparently, sorry.

  23. John,

    The picture is posted in two recent posts by riverdaughter, including the one in which you made the sexist comment that a lot of people were offended by.

  24. I thought hillsrys response was great. She mocked and diminished him with sarcasm. I think the tone was just right. Is cambell brown stupid enough to think Hillary was seriously considering frat f*ck for a position on her staff? I guarantee if Hillary had tried a heavier approach the whole ‘bitter loser’ thing would come out. Ms brown never defended. Hillary during the primary. She has no authority to judge what the proper response is. They’ll whack at Hillary no matter what she says. I despise them all.

  25. I’m curious whether this incident is a sign that the media are finally starting to treat Obama like a Democrat.

  26. myiq2xu,

    We can only hope. But I think it’s getting all the attention mainly because it’s Hillary. The funny thing is that the story is being played in such a way that Favreau really looks the fool. I’m working on a post about it. He is going to live to really regret this. And I think Hillary is coming off very well. I’m glad she didn’t say anything.

  27. I am one of those disappointed in her taking the SOS job. I still think she would have done more in the senate especially on domestic policy.

    Never trust the media. Great warning but I also think it should be extended to Obama who is ready to undermine Hillary by having the special envoy to Israel report only and directly to him and not his SOS.

  28. I wish I had Senator Clinton’s strength and knowledge.
    She is a great lady and is a class act.

    The msm doesn’t get it.
    The backtrack bunch now represent America because of the msm. They pushed him on the country and did not care if he was good for the country. This is the new face of America.
    Shouldn’t they and axis sally and lord haha be so proud.
    Isn’t backtrack’s team “fresh”

    On my homepage I have dogpile there is a story about a Dallas hockey player being suspended for making nasty remarks about an ex girlfriend.
    Pretty bad when the NHL has more class than the team of the incoming president.



  29. BB:

    If this had happened two months ago the reaction would have been:


  30. In sexual harassment cases, the victim should be willing to push for the firing of the culprit.

    Barring that, the woman often leaves the position and sues.

    The very notion that Hillary went to work for this man in the first place is offensive. By doing this, she has officially endorsed his positions in the primary.

    Now, some obviously VILE sexism has occurred, and she, by her male spokesman, is laughing it off. She’s being a good sport cuz all little women should know how to take a joke. This sets a terrible example for women.

    I don’t hate Hillary Clinton, but I have noooooo respect for her. She obviously wants her position. She doesn’t mind sacrificing the principles of all women to get it.

    And I am confident that at some point, you’ll figure this out too.

  31. according to CNN he’s the future Director of whitehouse speechwriting and he’s 27 …

  32. Downticket:

    In the Senate she can’t even get a committee chairmanship.

    And I don’t believe her presidential ambitions are finished, so the SoS job fills out her resume quite nicely.

  33. Teresaa – Yawwwwwwnnnnn.

    (hi everyone!)

  34. Teresaa, we respect and admire Hillary Clinton on this blog. If you feel otherwise, you might want to check out taylor marsh’s website or talkleft or the huffington post.

  35. BTW – Everyone’s posts were great today. I’m just catching up, since I’ve been out.

    I’m glad this picture is getting the attention it deserves. I showed it to my husband and he was speechless.

  36. myiq2xu, on December 6th, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    But she didnt have that during Bush’s terms and she still managed to accomplish some things.

  37. Teresaa:

    Who would Hillary sue in this instance, and for what?

    “Drunk and stupid” isn’t a cause of action. It’s not sexual harassment because she doesn’t work for Obama.

  38. Fredster – She knows. She doesn’t care. She cames here every day and says the same thing.

    It’s incredibly rude, IMHO.

  39. Hillary Clinton’s coterie of ‘attack dog’ aides has Obama’s team worried

    The former first lady has indicated that she wants to rebuild “Hillaryland”, her coterie of controlling, defensive and at times paranoid circle of admirers and supporters at the heart of US diplomacy.

    Three members of Mrs Clinton’s inner circle have already been told they will get top State Department jobs and the Sunday Telegraph has learned she would like to recruit other advisers bloodied during the bitter primary campaign.

    Maggie Williams, Mrs Clinton’s longtime confidante, who was called in to overhaul her dysfunctional presidential campaign, compared by some to a circular firing squad, is being signed up.

    Other advisers will include Cheryl Mills, the no-nonsense Clinton impeachment lawyer, who negotiated Mrs Clinton’s terms for accepting the job with Mr Obama’s top team.

    Philippe Reines, her Senate press secretary who spent the campaign trying to keep the media away from Chelsea Clinton, is expected to take on a senior communications role, a move that has been taken as a sign that Mrs Clinton will seek to personalise the coverage she gets.

    Mr Reines, who has been described by journalists as “power hungry” and “highly controlling”, had one reporter suspended after he made a disparaging remark about Miss Clinton during the campaign.

    Huma Abedin, Mrs Clinton’s ferociously loyal traveling aide during the campaign, and her former White House chief of staff, Melanne Verveer, are also likely to sign up.


  40. –that would be, “comes”

  41. set me free because I am in moderation.

  42. Bravo myiq2xu – I’ve been trying to put this into words myself.

    I cannot imagine my own hubris in expecting Hillary to do something I myself would not have the strength to do — stand up and throw her career away on a principled stand. That is what some are expecting of her. i have much respect for her staying in the game and attempting to out-maneuver the vicious machine that continually seeks to push her and Bill to the appendices of history all in the name of a “new Camelot.”

  43. Downticket:

    I’m assuming Hillary knows what she’s doing.

    You’re assuming she doesn’t.

    If she doens’t know what she’s doing, she doesn’t belong in the Senate either.

  44. It all depends in your perspective. I am not a “Hillary Hater”. I think she is going to be a wonderful SOS, and if she wants the job, I’m glad for her. But if you’ve had a friend come to you and tell you that her marriage of 25 years has been an abusive one, but for her to leave, she would have to give up all she has worked for so she is staying in the relationship, you might feel differently. My friend spends every day watching her back to make sure that she isn’t saying or doing anything that might provoke her spouse’s anger, but that may not be enough to prevent him from putting her in the hospital – or worse. She has made the personal decision that her financial well-being and position in the community is worth the risk. It’s her decision, but I wish she’d run away as fast as she can. I know many of you resent it when someone suggests that Hillary is the victim of abuse. But what do you call all of the sexism and misogyny that has been directed at her? It’s abuse. She may be fighting it by refusing to “just quit” as many of you believe. But it could also be that her political career is too important to her to fight it so she just moves through it and says little or nothing – like my friend does. I would like to see Hillary have a stronger reaction to what’s been directed at her before I give her credit for “fighting back”. So far I think she’s been rather silent. The latest incident is a case in point. While the rest of us are calling for Favreau’s resignation, Hillary has responded through a surrogate with a joke that sounds like “I must have bumped into a door while I was sleepwalking.” It’s her prerogative to “choose not to be a victim”. but that doesn’t mean she isn’t one.

  45. samanthasmom:

    If she quits, they win.

  46. Samanthasmom – Can your friend help solve the Middle East peace crisis?

    Sorry, the rules are different for public and private people, IMHO.

  47. myiq2xu, on December 6th, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    I never said that I think she didn’t know what she was doing. She knows what she is doing. She wants the SOS job. It is just my opinion that she can do more on the domestic front in the senate.

  48. Downticket:

    She has a different opinion.

  49. As for the attack on women overall, that is OUR battle to take up.

  50. And BTW I don’t buy that surrogate response one bit.

  51. I think that as a public person Hillary Clinton is a bad role model for my friend. She may solve the Middle East crisis, my friend may end up on a slab in the morgue. If Hillary can’t risk speaking out against Favreau and still be SoS, then she is going to be impotent in her new position.

  52. That means that we would expect Hillary to sacrifice her own choices for someone else…I just can’t wrap my head around that.

  53. When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, he had racial epithets directed at him from fans, other players and even his own teammates.

    If he reacted to them by losing his temper or quitting, the haters would have beaten him.

    He ignored the insults and won.

  54. Samanthasmom – I understand you are very upset about your friend, and I’m very very sorry, but don’t you think you are being a little over the top here?

    Are you really blaming Hillary for your friend’s 25-year abusive relationship and her refusal to leave her husband?

    And with all due respect, you have absolutely no idea what she is and isn’t doing, nor can you reasonably apply her response to anything she might deal with in the SOS position.

  55. I’m still really worried about the prospect of Caroline Schlossberg becoming senator from New York. I just noticed how all the stories about Sunny von Bulow refer to her as a socialite. It kinda diminishes her as a person and a victim of an attempted murder but I’m just a bit picky. Anyway, I am going to refer to Mrs. Schlossberg as a socialite from now on. If people ask me if I support her, if will tell them that my children don’t like her and therefore I will not be supporting her. Now I just have to hang around and wait for someone to ask for my opinion . 😉

  56. No, I don’t want Hillary to cry and go home but her response was inappropriate; she should have said :
    “Jon Favreau’s (Barack Obama’s Chief Speech Writer) behavior was grossly innapropriate, and while I condemn his lack of judgement, having met with him and accepted his apology I know it won’t happen again”

  57. Teresaa,

    Grow up. It’s hard work, but if you try really hard, even you can do it.

  58. honora – LOL!

    Later all!

  59. BAJ:

    No – they could have done that before the election but not now.

  60. For the information of all the CDS commenters here, Hillary has not yet *said* anything publicly about this episode. She has been silent. Now she may have had plenty to say behind the scenes, but none of us can know what that might be. Now please STFU up until Hillary actually says something about it.

  61. I hope you’re right, myiq. It would be nice if there were some kind of check and balance system again.

  62. BAJ, Feel free to repost your comment at No Quarter. Not here.

  63. hi:

    Hillary reacted publically to one insult this year – when David Shuster said she was “pimping out” Chelsea.

    99% of the time she has been insulted (on many occasions far worse than this) her public reaction (if any) has been to laugh and deny she was even the least bit offended.

    IOW – “They never laid a glove on me!”

  64. Madameab,
    I don’t blame Hillary for my friend’s choice, but I do see a strong parallel between my friend’s being unwilling to say or do anything that might upset her husband and Hillary’s public silence. If she is working in the background to have Favreau fired, and she succeeds, great! However, it is not unreasonable to assume, giving her past history of dealing with Obama, that Favreau’s apology will be all that happens. Candy and flowers. I know that you and I disagree on this, but it’s difficult to work hard against misogyny and sexism directed toward female political candidates when they shrug it off themselves. All of the people who were “let go” by the Obama campaign for saying and doing inappropriate things are back in his administration. There is no accountability – and Hillary seems to be OK with that. I do respect her, as I still respect my friend. It doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed in both of them.

  65. Wasn’t Campbell Brown the person who asked Hillary in a debate if she was playing the “woman card”?

    This Oreilly wannabe is starting to give me the cooties.

  66. samanthasmom:

    If Favreau had physically assaulted Hillary the two cases would be analogous.

  67. So women have no right to expect respectful treatment as long as they are not physically assaulted?

  68. Hi

    Why in the world would she say she knows the putz won’t do it again? The guy is a putz and I’d be darned if I’d make excuses for him or even accept his apology. Personally, he’s lucky it wasn’t me because I’d have made it a point to say that there was no guarantee the guy wouldn’t do it again, because being a putz comes so natural for him.

    My son had a good idea. Photoshop Hillary out and put Obama in there so it looks like Favreau is groping his idol.

  69. “So women have no right to expect respectful treatment as long as they are not physically assaulted?”

    That’s not what I said.

  70. Samanthasmom

    I feel your pain and I’m sorry for your friend.

    But your friend staying in a marriage with a batterer is not the same
    as Hillary staying in her life.

    And re: HRC’s reaction or lack thereof to the Favreau pic..I’d like to see the Obama people step up and address it-they’re the assholes here!

  71. Can you say “hostile work environment”?

    Go look at Murphy’s latest post–she’s got Favreau groping Michelle.

  72. Catarina: Exactly! And not only that, the people who are hanging around here whining about Hillary not saying anything should get busy and do something about it themselves.

  73. When Hillary was First Lady she was insulted far worse than this.

    Did she hold a press conference every time and demand an apology?

  74. Nijma:

    Politics will always be a hostile work environment for Hillary.

    But if you’re going to use legal terms make sure they mean what you think they mean.

    Hillary does not work for Obama.

  75. samanthasmom,

    Myiq is saying you are comparing apples to oranges. There is a huge difference between a long standing abusive relationship and someone being disrespectful and having a joke at another person’s expense once. There is a difference between a pattern of behavior and a single incident.

    Don’t put words in MyIQs mouth either just because he isn’t condemning Hillary for not publically denouncing Favreau’s behavior does not mean he does not believe women do not have a right ot respect beyond that of a physical nature. It’s wrong to insinuate otherwise.

  76. Yes..how else should HRC respond? It’s not up to her, she is the victim, it is an attack on all women ..and that goes for that imbecile Cambell Brown.. what was wrong with her saying something like,”once again HRC is being demonized by the Obats…where is BO on this one?” Shame on you, BO for not calling this kid out and teach by example, that we won’t tolerate this anymore. But CB is too much of an adoring syncophant..(?) to put that together. Besides who listens to her anyway…her voice is so hard on the ears, I tuned her out many many months ago.

  77. HI samanthasmom,

    “It doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed in both of them.”

    It doesn’t not mean what, again?

    Hey, politicians, what are you going to do? Disappointment comes with the territory.

    Personally I pick a couple that seem to get it, and Sen. Clinton tops that list, and listen to what they have to say.

  78. The problem is that “out in the world” when a woman criticizes Obama for running a sexist campaign, a standard response is that if it didn’t bother Hillary Clinton, then why are women so upset? We need to get over it like she did. And my friend did use Hillary’s taking the SoS position although Obama couldn’t be trusted as an example of “making the best of a bad situation”. Look, I admire and respect Hillary just like the rest of you, but I didn’t drink “Clinton Koolaid”, and I don’t always agree with what she does. I think she’s making it harder for women to speak out against the misogyny and sexism in the Obama campaign and future administration, and I think she may be sending a message about staying in a bad situation to women – a message i don’t think she wants to send.

  79. Oho, dusting off the “get over it” canard.

    Full circle and all that.

  80. Personally, I don’t think she should address it publically. Let the little putz squirm. Let him worry on whether or not his little “joke” will have consequences. Personally, if I were Hillary I’d be looking to make his life as uncomfortable as possible.

  81. I know that you and I disagree on this, but it’s difficult to work hard against misogyny and sexism directed toward female political candidates when they shrug it off themselves.

    I think it is because they have seen or experienced it too often that it no longer affects them like it does the rest of us. Its like Hillary and the media haters. They have been treating her like crap for years and writing rubbish about her that she has developed some kind of defence system against it all. She has become immune to their insults.

    This reminds me of Elaine and Sue Ellen Mishky from Seinfeld. Sue Ellen was this carefree woman who was used to being bra-less. Ellen gives her a bra and she decides to wear it like one would wear a blouse. She didn’t see anything wrong with while Ellaine did.

    We are Elaine in this story. We are shocked at what we see while Hillary has seen it all and just got used to it and therefore handles it differently than we would expect someone to. Maybe we just need to remind the female politicians that it would be great it they spoke up about sexism more.

  82. I really like Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, but that doesn’t mean she should be a senator just because she’s a Kennedy. For me it would be disappointing if she were named and accepted. Please, Caroline, don’t do it.

  83. One last point – If women are expected to quit every time they are insulted or mistreated, they are handing the He Man Woman Haters Club a powerful weapon.
    Exactly…IMO, the most symbolic picture of Hillary confronting misogyny is the picture of the Wal-Mart board ~1986. A lone young woman among a bunch of good ‘ol boys, breaking another ceiling and then getting crap for doing it.

  84. Cwaltz,

    I think the problem is that the “little putz” knows that there won’t be any consequences. Like the 13 year-old who tells his teacher, “Go ahead and call my dad. He’ll call the principal, and you’re the one who will get in trouble.” Unfortunately, the kid is probably right.

  85. New open thread up.

  86. Samanthas mom when did she say sexism didn’t bother her? That was the media who came up with that, after they failed to get under her skin and she called them on her behavior. I also agree with MyIq and suggest you not buy into the media narrative that women should get over it because Hillary did. They are tacking this narrative for a reason.

    There isn’t a single person here I can think of that drinks “Clinton Koolaid” and it is insulting to suggest that because we aren’t going to pillory Hillary for not making a public spectacle out of this incident that we are drinking “Clinton Koolaid.” The leadership courses I attended always suggested criticizing in private and praising in private. Generally, speaking most businesses don’t publically counsel people on poor behavior, they do so in an office behind closed doors. My position on Clinton has less to do with drinking “kool aid” then it does on everything I have been taught on how to conduct oneself in a professional manner.

  87. samanthasmom,

    There are already consequences. This has made both Favreau and Obama look very bad. I’d like to find out the names of the other in the photo too. I’ve been looking, and this is being framed as extremely embarrassing to Favreau and his boss, not Hillary. She didn’t do anything to be ashamed of.

  88. Its ludicrous to equate those of us who don’t want Hillary to leave her Senate seat with Cambell Brown. This chief speech writer epitomizes the view of Hillary within camp Obama. Hillary is demeaned this way and called a “monster” because they don’t value her. Hillary is a big gal who does what she wants/needs and doesn’t have to justify her decisions to me. But I’m not gonna jump up and praise her decision. Camp Obama has never respected Hillary and has been big on that “why won’t you go away” thing.

    Some of us don’t believe Hillary is gonna have much autonomy at State and that the little guys/gals lost our last true champion in the Senate. Those who say she can’t be effective haven’t been paying attention. She’s been one of a couple voices on Plan B and FDA meddling in women’s lives, almost single handedly killing the nomination of the FDA chief until demands were met. She’s sponsered some good legislation and gotten it passed. She may be “junior”, but she’s been effective–which is why I supported her in the first place.

    Ultimately its Hillary’s decision, but aren’t we allowed to voice our preference without being called Hillary Haters? Many of us “NHH” feel the SoS nom is a way to silence her. She may trust Obama, but I don’t. This speech writer’s pic gives me more reason to be skeptical of Obama’s intentions. And that has nothing to do with hating Hillary–nothing!

  89. Samanthasmom:

    Nobody said there shouldn’t be any consequences, nor are we prevented from protesting what Favreau did.

    What do you want Hillary to do?

  90. You don’;t know that. For all you know every time Hillary sees him she treats him like a bug or asks him,'”squeezed any good boobs lately pervert.” There is absolutely no way whatsoever to know what is and isn’t occuring outside of the public eye. Hell, maybe Hillary has had her assistant photoshop him and is passing it around her staff office. We have absolutely no way of knowing anything other than she hasn’t addressed it in a public manner. I wonder if Favreau has a mane. Rove was Turdblossom. If I were Hillary, i’d suggest Fav be referred to as “Juvenile.”

  91. I was not suggesting that anyone here has consumed Clinton Koolaid. I was saying that Hillary is not above criticism. Conducting oneself in a “professional manner” does not mean that one has to accept sexism and misogyny, and if one gets no results behind closed doors, then one has choices. Some choose to suffer in silence, some fight back in the workplace outside the closed door, and some go to court. Hillary has choices, too.

  92. myiq2xu,

    It seems they want her to quit. I don’t think that would be helpful myself. I also think Hillary has a better idea than anyone else what she can get done in the Senate. From what I can observe as a complete outsider, I can see that they have her pretty well bottled up. Without support from other Senators, Hillary won’t be able to accomplish anything. The offer she did get from Kennedy was an insult: study insurance companies? Give me a break.

  93. gqm:

    This thread was not directed at you, or anyone who would have preferred Hillary remain in the Senate.

    It is directed at people who have angrily denounced Hillary for agreeing to work in the upcoming Obama administration.

  94. samantha’s mom,

    How do you know Hillary is not fighting back? In the story that Downticket posted upthread, it said that Obama people are worried about her attack dog staff, including Philip Reinnes, who already got one reporter fired for writing something insulting about Hillary. I have no doubt that there is a lot of hell being raised about this behind the scenes, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Obama is forced to take action. HE is the one who needs to do something.

  95. Samanthasmom
    come up to the open thread
    there’s a guy up there who needs his ass kicked

  96. I’ve pulled all my hair out and there are very few eyebrows left.

  97. There is a new thread up, and I can’t hang around to moderate comments in this thread, so I am closing the comments now.

    Please move to the new thread.

    Thank you.

  98. myiq I’m not going if your not 😦

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