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Tsk Tsk Tsk! Is This Really the Next Junior Senator from New York?

How do you like this photo, Barack?*

How do you like this photo, Barack?

Note: Thanks to Katiebird for the photo(shop).

This is an open thread.

Update: Obama thought this one was really hilarious (h/t Sugar, posted in comments yesterday).

I wonder if he’ll like the one Murphy posted?

158 Responses

  1. Nope, still pisses me off, even if you change faces.

  2. you go, boomer! 😛

  3. Has anyone seen the Patriot Room today?
    Dupray has the youtube of the Planned Parenthood setup.

    This PUMA will not be frequenting his blog in the future.

  4. Sorry scrubs57. It pisses me off too, and that’s why I think we need to show this using other faces than Hillary’s. I wish I knew how to use photoshop. I’d like to do one with Michelle being groped and Obama grinning in the background. Let’s see if Favreau gets off scott free when his boss sees that one.

  5. NOoooooooooooooooooooooo…………Caroline Kennedy!!!!!!!!!!
    We now have an Un-Qualified Pres. Elect isn’t that enough.
    Also, it would be a Nightmare to have another “Obama, Yes Person” in the Senate. Hillary was/is the only one that can “give-it-to-him-straight”.
    Carolyn Maloney or someone like her is what NY & the US Senate needs. Paterson can give Caroline the house job as a token.
    Please….Please everyone sign “madamab’s” petition.

  6. She is so beautiful that she just blows me away– please, Caroline, don’t take that appointment!

  7. To really make the point someone ought to doctor the photo so that it is the puerile idiot’s own mother.

  8. I am resposting this here.

    speechwriter’s sexism against Hillary

    by Nancy Kallitechnis, Fri Dec 05, 2008 at 12:01:32 PM EST

    A speechwriter for the new administration is showing he is a member of the old boys club. Jon Favreau posted a photo…”where he’s dancing with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of secretary of state-designate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and another where he’s placed his hand on the cardboard former first lady’s chest while a friend is offering her lips a beer.” There are a lot of levels of hate speech and each level worse than the last indicates how much a person hates an oppressed group. You know a hater is filled with extreme, visceral hatred when they use sex to harm the oppressed group. Click here to view the hate speech against women and girls: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-tra il/2008/12/04/one_more_question.html

    Favreau portrayed an image of himself in sexual foreplay with the image of Clinton in a public place. He is lowering Hillary Clinton’s status in a vicious, cruel, and extremely disrespectful way. Women and girls are the most oppressed group in the world. Men dominate women politically, economically, and socially. Women have a long way to go before we achieve political equality with men. Thus, harming women politicians by lowering their status in this way is morally heinous (http://journaloffeministinsight.blogspot .com/2008/11/women-and-girls-are-most-op pressed.html).

    A person who has used hate speech to lessen the status of a protected group, be it women, blacks, jews, etc. has no place working in the government.
    Per request of the administrator I will explain in more detail why the Favreau photo is hate speech. In the second paragraph of my diary I had explained why it is hate speech:


    The comments on this article are mostly of those defending the idiot writer’s behaviour. He was drunk. Are we even sure he was drunk and is that an excuse for what he did?

  9. Let him grope Obama instead.

  10. johninca:
    For cripes sake, call her, and reserve a room. The thought of you salivating over Caroline makes me puke.

  11. I’m sensing howls of outrage being suppressed, for the moment.

    As the cognitive dissonance sets in the grasping for rationale will start.

    “But, Hillary has more money, power” “But Hillary was mean to Obama in the primaries” “But HIllary asked for it?”

    I’ve seen the “get over it” meme was dusted off today.

  12. What’s to salivate over? Pretty is as pretty does. I don’t see Caroline as all that attractive.

  13. maddick,

    I’m right there with you. This post isn’t about Caroline Kennedy. It is about Barack “misogenistic pr*ck” Obama and his juvenile “yes we can” man.

  14. No, to really make the point, doctor the photo to Michelle Obama. It’d be offensive and wrong but it’d make the point.

  15. Check out Murphy’s photoshop.


  16. I am in moderation……….

  17. Actually

    I was thinking why not photoshop Michelle and then start an email campaign to President Elect Obama’s office with it as an attachment asking if it would be appropriate had Michelle been the target?

  18. Swanspirit did the photoshop with MO-there’s a link on an earlier thread.

  19. So now he decides to pay tribute to granny.


    President-elect Barack Obama, returning to his home state of Hawaii for the holidays, plans a beachside vacation at one of Oahu’s most exclusive properties, according to an islander involved in the planning.

    Arrangements are being finalized for the Obamas and the families of two or three friends to stay at a Kailua beachfront location with three modern, multi-million-dollar homes. Each wraps around a lagoon-style swimming pool, with palm trees, grassy lawns and retractable glass walls for postcard views of the white sand and windsurfers.

    Obama and his friends plan to rent the privately owned homes for several days including Christmas, said the islander, a Democratic activist who spoke Thursday night on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to reveal the details.

    The property is located across the island from metropolitan Honolulu, in a residential section of trendy Kailua. The 2.5-mile beach is popular with local families as well as tourists, and has been rated by travel magazines among the best beaches in the world.

    The property also has a sweeping view of the Koolau Range, a lush, forested ridge that forms the backbone of East Oahu.

    Obama’s spokesman would not comment on his holiday travel plans.

    Gov. Linda Lingle indicated this week that that Valerie Jarrett, a close Obama friend and adviser who is co-chair of his transition office, would accompany Obama to the islands. Lingle said she intended to meet with Jarrett.

    The governor also invited Obama to meet with her, her spokesman said.

    Obama was most recently in Hawaii in October to visit his ailing grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who raised him for much of his youth. Dunham died Nov. 2 at the age of 86, two days before Obama won the presidency.

    While in Hawaii Obama also is expected to pay tribute to his grandmother, who was cremated, with a private family ceremony.

  20. Cool, thanks.

  21. Perhaps a series of a couple hundred doctored pics each with another woman titled “The Public Face of Obama” would say it better.

  22. I had a nice little comment that just got zapped into netherspace on the thread that was just closed down. I hate it when that happens. 😦

  23. Please post the link of the Photoshop photo with MO. I’d love to have it to annoy people with.

  24. Evidently “no, he can’t”. Not unless he gets the girl he is with drunk first anyways. The fact that he shows himself holding a beer to her mouth. Evidently, in his experience in order to get to second, the girl has to have her beer googles on. What a pathetic little boy this guy is.

  25. More links in update to post.

  26. It’d be a good ad. Photoshop him with a picture of a female teacher, a female doctor, a female firefighter, a female soldier, a female grandma, etc, etc. Let each and everyone ask if it had been their mother, sister, spouse, daughter photoshopped in would they have found this to be appropriate behavior.

  27. gxm17 — Right click the photo.

  28. In light of everything that has gone on this year, I’m about at my saturation point

  29. For the idjits trying to advance the argument that “it’s just a piece of cardboard.” Well, I ask them this: Then why aren’t they groping a BLANK piece of cardboard? Yeah, boys, and Playboy is just a piece of paper but you wouldn’t masturbate to a blank piece of paper now would ya? Men are “very visual” or so I’m told. So apparently the image on the paper, or the cardboard, is in actuality VERY important to them. MORE important than the pulp it’s printed on.

  30. CWaltz, great idea!

  31. CWaltz, on December 6th, 2008 at 7:28 pm Said:
    It’d be a good ad. Photoshop him with a picture of a female teacher, a female doctor, a female firefighter, a female soldier, a female grandma, etc, etc. Let each and everyone ask if it had been their mother, sister, spouse, daughter photoshopped in would they have found this to be appropriate behavior.

    Exactly! I would donate to seeing that ad run!

  32. I don’t think Obama’s mother deserves that. How about Favreau’s mom? BTW, he was born in Winchester, MA and grew up in North Reading. I wonder if his mom is getting phone calls about this?

  33. CWaltz,

    That is a fabulous idea! And they should run the photoshopped version with Obama laughing in the background.

  34. How do you fight this?

  35. BB — that’s the point.

  36. I got you out, Downticket. Sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

  37. Our culture allows this public endorsement of offensive behavior.

  38. Katiebird did mine, but I think she’s busy right now. The only other photoshopper I know is SM and she’s not available either.

  39. Jon’s been a busy boy …

  40. How can anyone defend this?

  41. i want Pelosi and Huffington on there next 🙂

  42. I agree SoD and expressed that sentiment in my disappeared comment. For me, being a PUMA and remaining outspoken about the sexism and misogyny is a way to continue my support of Hillary, Palin and all the women who will come after them. We can not let this go and return to complacency. At this point, complacency IS complicity.

  43. dakinikat — LOL

  44. I’m running a series … does it offend you now?

  45. It never stops

  46. Don’t forget MkCaskill. Who else is on the record of minimizing sexism?

  47. Can anyone photoshop obama’s mama onto it? talk about put a hurting on him. Maybe that will hit home.

    Please lets not do that to a dead woman. We gotta have a limit.

  48. This is great — these should go viral!!! Really gives perspective, not that an Obama worshiper would comprehend. Love the one, also, with Obama looking on from the side, as He is the lead instigator of the misogyny.

    Change we can believe in indeed! Ha!

  49. It’d be great if we could get this to cross party lines as well. It wouldn’t be bad if we could approach a group like Feminists for Life with something like this. We need to make sure that we make this clear this isn’t about “party lines”, this is about appropriate behavior and respect.

  50. I just want to cry.

  51. Hillary is Chelsea Mom’s ……………………………..


  53. “…does it offend you now?”

    Is that the title for the series, because it would be spot on.

  54. Favreau is a jerk. To prove he’s a jerk, is it now seriously proposed to do the exact same thing that made him a jerk, and do it to Obama’s mother on top of that?

  55. Sorry Downticket.

  56. Why do we have to have a limit? She (Obama’s mom) should be fair game in this sexism as well!

    Not a bloody word about this in the mainstream news, either.

    Dak – start the series. Maybe a youtube video that we get to go viral?

  57. how do you make the point?

  58. yes, that’s a title for the series …

    and swanspirit did the MO that’s up at the top of it 🙂

  59. scrubs57 –already done, click my name

  60. SOD — I am so with you !!!!

  61. i’m posting to them to facebook too … i know a few folks that should be seeing them in the liberal blogosphere

  62. I like the idea of getting it to cross party lines. For that matter, let’s photoshop in some world female leaders and get the world pissed off about it as well. (Since they love Obama so damned much.)

  63. {{{{ grrrrrrr! }}}}

  64. We need them to realize how offensive this is

  65. It’s to show that it’s more than just “cardboard” to the idjits who are insisting otherwise. And the true irony, lest it’s lost on anyone, is that the person whose image we’re having OUR fun with is that little twit Favreau.

  66. [[[[ high-fiving SImofish ]]]]]

  67. Dakinikat,

    A series is exactly what I think we should do. This guy needs to have this in his obituary when he dies.

  68. SOD, I like you and enjoy your comments. That’s exactly why I’m demurring right now.

    Remember those execrable t shirts that said a disgusting thing about Palin? To show that they were disgusting, would have made up the same t shirt about Obama’s mother?

    I beg you, SOD, fight a thug but don’t do it in a way that would make you a greater thug than he is.

  69. gxm: unfortunately sloppy drunk women fondly Favreau would make him feel tingly in his leg … we could put his face in the middle and have his friend grop him … he’s probably homophobic

  70. We have to find someone who knows how to do the photoshopping.

  71. dakinikat, on December 6th, 2008 at 7:50 pm Said:
    yes, that’s a title for the series …
    and swanspirit did the MO that’s up at the top of it

    The title is superb and the idea better! 🙂 mucho respect!

  72. suppose we could dress him up in drag …but again … i find it almost more offensive that he’d be bugged by that … hate to drag gay men into this

  73. We agree to disagree.

  74. I know we are all angry regarding this picture but using a dead woman to prove a point is going too far. We aren’t Obama. We must have a limit to how far we can go. Dead people should be off limits. The dead should be respected.

  75. How about using this picture and putting Favreau in place of the turkey?

  76. Pray for the Dead but Fight LIke Hell for the Living — Mother Jones.

  77. That’s a great idea. We probably should start adding men to the lineup. The idea being that we can make the “pixel” Favreau fondle whoever WE feel like.

  78. BB — ha!

  79. John,

    You really do need to get a sense of humor.

  80. I have a friend who is a Photoshop genius… but he’s an obot.

  81. John,

    This is about speaking in terms that a bully can understand.

  82. Downticket,

    I agree if you’re talking about Obama’s mom. I do think she should be off limits. Obama has already disrespected her enough. He didn’t even visit her when she was dying of cancer.

  83. I”m outta here — too angry.

  84. It should be a picture of Obama and the guys groping him

  85. We didn’t start the fire.

  86. SOD: that’s the point … it’s an infinite regress, at some point, it should offend every one …. and it shouldn’t take an infinite regress t o do that …


  87. If Swanspirit shows up, maybe she will agree to make some more. I’d like one with Rachel Maddow.

  88. bostonboomer, on December 6th, 2008 at 7:59 pm Said:


    You really do need to get a sense of humor.

    or something.

  89. I think Michelle is enough to get the point across. No need to drag his mom into it. I do agree with the poster that mentioned world leaders.

  90. SOD,

    You’re exactly right, and we should keep pounding it. Write an angry post about it. It will be great, I know.

  91. Has anybody else noticed the deafening silence of the “Progressive” Blogosphere 1.0 and those desperately begging to the club over this picture?

  92. SOD … I feel the SAME .. truthfully – I just can’t take much anymore …

    I’ve had it .. all day I have been trembling .. tears dropping .. etc… fuck them .. fuck them FUCK THEM ALL .. dead or alive ..!!! .. and btw …………

    Gov. Sebelius drops out of Cabinet consideration

  93. I said it the other day .. I will repeat it now . To other women it is NO BIG DEAL… ! .. quite obviously to ‘some’ men it isn’t ………..

    that is why this chit happens .. CAUSE if’s NO bigdeal !

  94. This guy’s behavior crossed the boundary of decent behavior and it needs to brought home that this guy could do it again if there aren’t consequences. It isn’t enough for us to sit and wait for Hillary to save us. One woman should not be responsible to speak out on the behalf of woman kind. It is each of our responsibility to ensure that the boundaries of decency aren’t crossed.

  95. Hell – when Hillary , God forbid passes on .. I wonder what will come up then ..???

    it will be something very , very ugly – COUNT on it ..!

  96. that’s why I suggest Huffington next, MABLUE …

    i wouldn’t do obama’s mom… the MO one should get to him …

    huffington or some one else like Maddow gets the progressive press …

    the only thing I wonder is if we flip it to him doing Kos, or something like that …

  97. It’s okay to be angry. Channel it. Use it. Don’t let them win.

  98. Johninca: you may want to sit this one out. Our behavior in the next couple of days is likely to be unladylike and provocative. Anger isn’t pretty and there is a very important point to make. I don’t think you are going to be able to stop us.
    As for Caroline, I think it is time we stopped idolizing her just because she was a little girl in the Whote House during the term of a very romantic president. I’m pretty sure that the women of this blog would prefer a hard working, intelligent replacement for Hillary instead of a woman who never practiced as a lawyer after she earned her law degree. Caroline is not a role model for us. We do not wish to be placed on a pedastal and admired. We want Carolyn Maloney or Kirsten Gillibrand or Louise Slaughter or Nidia Valesquez. Caroline belongs under a bell jar where her memory will never fade. Keep her out of the Senate where real work, not symbolism is important.

  99. but like i said, i hate to bring a lot of straight guy’s homophobia into the sexism complaint … on many levels


    But how far are we willing to sink? I am with you as long as it isn’t a dead person. After reading the comments on the MyDD article I posted above and some of Obama’s supporters’ thoughts about this picture. I know that there are many who don’t understand how offensive it is. We need to make apoint that it shouldn’t have happened but that doesn’t mean we should target anyone (dead or alive).

  101. Hi RD 🙂

  102. I prefer using the living.

  103. It’s really too bad that not ONE famous politician or movie star or anyone will take this cruel rampant sexism on .. You KNOW like OPrah .. or SEAN PENN .. hell – anyone that gets the camera in their face all the time .. .. that is respected .

  104. Johninca, for me, this isn’t about “humor” it’s about political speech. By taking that little twit’s photo and showing different world leaders in Hillary’s place, it makes the political point: This is Obama’s wordsmith. Do we really want the POTUS to have a “frat boy” setting the verbal tone for his administration?

    Further, it’s unfreakin’believable that the obots are actually referring to this as a “frat boy prank.” Didn’t we just have 8 “frat boy” years? Isn’t that EXACTLY what we were hoping to be freed from? You’d think ObamaNation would at least be up in arms that we are looking at another four years of immature, boneheaded farce! But instead they lockstep excuse it.

  105. dakini

    I’d like to see us start an email campaign to his office too asking how would he like it if it were Michelle or God forbid, his daughter’s pictures instead of Clinton. This is about putting someone in the WhiteHouse who doesn’t seem to understand respect, decency or boundaries. Is this really someone we want the chancellor from Germany subjected to? Is this really the kind of behavior he wants his daughter’s to believe is appropriate?

  106. Dakonikat: I’d go with Ahriahnah too except I’m pretty sure she would enjoy it. How about Samantha Powers? Obama might not be offended but I’m betting Samantha would get the message and think we’re monstrous.

  107. These photoshopped pictures are like therapy–lol! Here’s one where Obama is the groper:

  108. lol, yup Samantha … that’s a good one

  109. Samantha Powers or Nancy Pelosi

  110. Sugar, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    That is just sick.

  111. Please do not use the images of deceased women. Limit it to pictures of the women who have supported Obama. They’re alive and they made a choice to support the incometent boob. I have no sympathy for them.
    For us to slam the deceased is not a political statement, imo. It’s abuse. We can’t become the dregs of society in order to overcome the dregs of society.

  112. If you really want to drive home the “inappropriate” point, use a PhotoShop of one of Obama’s daughters. After all, if they’re successful in life, this is the kind of behavior they have to look forward to.

  113. Downticket,

    The point is to drive the point home how offensive it is.

    Want to get Markos’ attention. How about photoshopping Markos’ wife in there? Let’s see if they are giggling when it is their loved ones who are getting fondled. Make some noise.

  114. Sugar,

    Can you make one with Favreau’s mom in it if I find her picture?

  115. Other suggestions: Kathleen Sebelius, Gloria Steinem, Mika Brezhinski, Baba Wawa, Claire McCaskill, Alexis Herman, that woman with the bug mouth during the roll call vote.

  116. Yes, by all means put Markos’ wife in it! Great idea, CWaltz.

  117. How about Obama groping Caroline Kennedy?

  118. Jean Louise,

    I think it needs to go beyond people who supported Obama. People need to understand that this kind of behavior isn’t appropriate and the way to drive that home is to personalize it.

  119. not Obama’s kids, no kids!

  120. greta is a hero.

  121. CWaltz, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Feel free. I think that will get his attention.

  122. ok…so I’m back from lurking…still have steam coming out of my ears.

  123. nah, kids are off limits to me …

  124. RD, lets not forget Oprah.

  125. I would save mentioning his daughter’s to an email to the good President Elect’s office. These little girls are going to be subjected to this creep. Appealing to him as a parent could be effective in obtaining the result we desire. I wouldn’t photoshop it though with the girls, not at this point.

  126. No kids. Of course not. I think Cinie was joking.

  127. I have no problem showing Favreau groping a man. Use Andrew Sullivan. If Obot homophobia works for us, use it. They need to understand what uninvited sexual contact feels like.

  128. I don’t know how to photoshop or I would.

    I believe in speaking softly but carrying a big stick.

  129. Cinie:

    Obama’s kids are minors. We may be angry, but we’re not degenerates.

  130. It might be time to dredge up the misogyny archive and raise holy hell.

  131. Apparently, Sen Clinton’s image is just A OK to appropriate for a variety of either deeply insulting or overtly threatening messages, but any other current “darling” (of the female variety) of the MSM is off limits.

    And, we can expect that Gov. Palin also will be under relentless attack, because she has been tagged by the MSM as someone who might question them and people might listen.

    For women in general, I guess it’s situation normal,we are either desirable or no, as dictated by the current cultural norms.

    Happy Holidays, all, :-))

  132. >>>Downticket, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:17 pm Said:

    Sugar, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    That is just sick.<<<

    What’s sick about that, all in good fun don’t cha know?

  133. Swanspirit is good with photoshop if she comes around later.

  134. Kids are definitely off-limits.

  135. Make a photoshop of the guy groping Oprah and post it to her website.

  136. I still wanna see one with Jon-boys mama being the subject of those actions and see how much he likes it and how funny it is then.

    Or better yet, show the Jon and his buddy there doing it to each other.

    This little turd needs to be ostracized and publicly shunned.

  137. So, there is “appropriate” inappropriateness? Every woman, of any age, should be off limits. That’s the point, or there is no point.

  138. I’m really going now. My hubby is taking me out to dinner to calm me down.

  139. It’s interesting to me that’s it’s mostly men who don’t like the turnabout aspect. Maybe they’ve never been groped? And I always thought turnabout was fair play…

  140. Deja Vu,

    Who is saying that everyone but HIllary is off limits? Did you see the post you are commenting on? Some people are really going nuts over this thing.

  141. bye SOD

  142. The Robot, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    The image of Obama gropping ………. just makes me sick.

  143. Cinie:

    Yup, in this case there is. We shouldn’t even be arguing about this.

  144. Hey, we’re just a bunch of”frat girls” dontcha know. Having some fun and blowing off some steam……isn’t that the excuse the cretin was using.

  145. >>> Downticket, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:29 pm Said:

    The Robot, on December 6th, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    The image of Obama gropping ………. just makes me sick.<<<

    Ha, me too!

  146. CWaltz,

    I understand your point but I don’t want to victimize people who haven’t participated in this farce of an election.
    It would be like the race-baiting that Obama engaged in to achieve his ends. You and I, all of us, are better than that.

  147. MA Blue, why?

  148. ((((((SOD))))))))

    Deep breaths, don’t let these guys get a rise out of you.

  149. ok BB: I put the “does it offend you now?” up for you!


  150. Yay!

  151. JeanLouise,

    This is about making sure this guy isn’t around to victimize anyone else. It’s about grabbing the attention of people and making them think of this as more than a “frat boy joke. If we make the experience personal, people will understand that he crossed the boundaries of decency. There should be no “boys will be boys” behavior going on.

  152. If it’s Senator Clinton being portrayed as burned at the stake or having her breast groped while beer is foricibly poured down her throat, the silence from the MSM and the Obama team is deafening.

    The fact that a high level member of Obama’s administration thought that this picwas so awesome it should be on his Facebook page tells us that there is some kind of norm to viewing Sen. Clinto as an object and not a person).

    Substituing another woman highlights the vile sexism on display by one of Obama’s highly placed staff members.

    That’s how I see it in my tiny corner of the universe, anyway.

  153. One of the aspects of the cardboard meme the obots are trying to spread that’s so frustrating (and painful) is that’s exactly what they want to do: Turn us all into ineffectual cardboard cut-outs that they can have their way with.

    I think the people who aren’t understanding our anger haven’t been treated in the way those two creeps are treating the “cardboard.” I have. And it is NEVER funny. Do Favreau and his pal pull wings off of flies for kicks too?

  154. jvsp, It’s “A Modest Proposal.” It’s showing where Favreau and the ObamaNation mindset lead. Hopefully, it highlights the undercurrent of hate that this mindset shares with sexual harassment, sexual inequality and, ultimately, sexual violence. Hopefully the thrall in Omerica will wake the hell up and shake the hate off.

  155. I vote for a picture of Susan Rice.

  156. I added a photo)shop) of Obama at Favreau’s party. I thought he ought to get in on the fun. Come have a look.


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