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Saturday: Misogyny, Pissongyny

I don’t think this picture of Jon Favreau can get enough attention.  Jon Favreau is(was) Barack Obama’s Chief Speechwriter.  Actually, I think he’s been *promoted* now that the White House is secure.  Let’s look at the picture in more detail:

Whos that girl?

Who's that girl?

The first thing that comes to mind is that these are the same guys who were all over DailyKos like flies on, well, rice.  Last year at this time, while the recommended list was undergoing a hostage crisis with all those damn Obama conversion diaries, the place was awash in new users who were overwhelmingly male, aggressive, disrespectful, bullying and misogynistic.  They were the, ahem, Obamaphiles.  I was trollstormed off DailyKos by these creeps who screamed “RACIST!!!” at me because I dared to compare their behavior to that seen during a medieval Jihad.  Last year, if you didn’t convert to Obama-love, you were instantly persona non grata and the more aggressive of these hooilgans would haunt your posts, throwing flags until you started to lose your trusted user status.

In my mind, the picture above is exactly what these mindless idiots looked like: frat boys at a party.

But the person I find most interesting in the photo above is the Sig Pi Little Sister in the left side of the picture over the shoulder of Favreau.  High school and College never dies for some people.  I suspect that’s especially true for Greeks.  There is a bond made for life, forged by stupid tasks performed in the middle of the night.  Connections and networks are formed by ritualized drinking and community serivice projects and secrets never to be revealed (gag me, I never could stand them).  And then there was the female auxiliary, who may grow up to be one of the Teaparty Ten in the Senate, if they’re able to mask their ambition with a proper degree of deference.

Who is this woman hanging out with these swine?  And what does she possibly see in an Obama administration if it is being run by creeps like this?  How long will it be before they move from groping and humping a cardboard cutout to treating her like she’s just a stupid c&*t and a low level gofer?  And did her beer buzzed induced transcendence get the better of her?  Did she end up in bed with one of them?  He’s full of Obama empowered mojo and she’s basking in the reflected radiance of the Lightbringer ‘cos he’s going to change it all!

Obama’s going to change it, alright.  We can look forward to more disrespect, expected deference and discrimiation.  But the woman in the photo is completely oblivious to it even though it is right in front of her and she’s staring at it.  I’m sorry, but I feel the urge to smack this person.  I want to shake her and say, “Boys will be boys behavior is what we have been striving *against* for almost 50 years.  What the f^(% are you doing hanging out with these jerks?”

Why didn’t she stop and ask herself what it means that Barack Obama would hire Jon Favreau to write his speeches?  As I was reading some of the comments on the WaPo page related to this article, I saw one that extoled Obama for being able to deliver a speech that when read was not very inspirational.  I have yet to be inspired by Obama but maybe that’s because I actually listen to the words.  His speeches are full of theme words that are not much different from Bush’s.  Where Bush used patriotism and American exceptionalism in his speeches with over the top references to “freedom”, “democracy”, “liberation” and “god”, Obama makes an equally ridiculous number of references to “change”, “hope”, “inspiration”.  But just like any words, if you say them too often, they start to lose their meanings.  So, Jon Favreau is no magician.  He’s just using Bush’s speeches and substituting the buzz words.

But the woman in the picture believes in it.  Jon Favreau probably doesn’t.  He knows what he’s doing.  Ten years ago, he might well have been recruited by Rove.  But there’s no future in the Republican party right now so he went with Obama.  Why not Hillary?  The picture speaks for itself, which makes Hillary’s advisor, Phillipe Reines retort so refreshing:

“Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application,” he said in an e-mail.

Yes, actually, I think this would be the best solution regarding Mr. Favreau’s employment status.  There are a number of benefits for all parties concerned.  Obama can shift from campaign mode to presidential mode in his speeches.  Jon Favreau can find out what it’s like to work for a woman, likely not NEARLY as emasculating as he thinks.  And he can also improve his speechwriting skills, which Hillary will no doubt expect to be original and not cribbed from Bush’s Handbook of Nifty Speech Templates.  Plus, it keeps one more person off of the unemployment lines.

As for the woman in the photo?  Well, if the party above didn’t wake her up and she wasn’t offended by this:

or this:

or THIS, which sounds like it has Jon Favreau’s fingerprints all over it:

then I guess we have to conclude that for her, the orgasm really was enough.  But if you still have to put out to get any kind of recognition, then forget the Change!  That’s the LAST thing you’re going to get.

One more thing: If Barack Obama’s campaign ended up with a surplus, why am I *still* getting email from Bill and Dorothea Rodham asking me to help pay off Hillary’s debts?  This is inexcusable.  Hillary Clinton worked her ass off for Barack Obama during the general.  Pay off her damn debts, you fricking Simon Le Gree!

One more, more thing: It looks like Paterson and Caroline Kennedy spoke on Wednesday about replacing Clinton.  I just have to say that if I were Clinton, I wouldn’t resign my seat until I got a confirmation from the Governor that the person I wanted to replace me had been offered the job and had accepted- in public, in print, signed in blood.  It had better not be Caroline.  Don’t test us, Governor Paterson.

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  2. Great post, except that I belonged to a sorority, and you obviously did not ever meet my sisters. While we could have ( and did ) fake it at tea parties, they were far from theTea Party Ten. One is now a major Washington speechmaker. My sorority claims Mragaret Chase Smith, Susan Eisenhower, Rhea Siddons and Sarah Weddington (who prosecuted Roe v, Wade).

  3. What if that were mo , with her face in the picture as the one being groped ?? Hey it was just fun right?? Think someome would still have a job?

  4. swan: They would not have a job in private business, industry, or government. While I am not an attorney, this seems to meet criteria for hostile work enviornment and I have seen people terminated for much, much less.

  5. Caroline Kennedy. No. No! Let her be ambassador. I don’t care if she gets France – just not Hillary’s old job.

  6. I am so sick to death over this incoming administration that I lack the words to describe it. And the possibility of Caroline Kennedy simply being handed a plum seat in the Senate just because of her surname tells me more about this primary season than has been so far revealed.

    I am all in favor of more women taking their seat at the table but I insist that those who gain that seat have at least paid some dues along the way. Women who earn the votes and respect of the electorate are being bypassed because of a family name and the need for that one family to maintain power. Sickening.

    That “frat boy” photo still leaves me reeling. But why should the woman in the background come as any surprise? Women were more than willing to don a tee shirt with the word “cunt” splashed across their breasts and were more than willing to toss aside a female candidate who had done more to serve the feminist interests than the candidate who has shown none. Stupidity abounded during this election so it is of no surprise to me to see another woman take part in this obscenity. It goes with today’s territory.

    I ache for my own granddaughters who are poised to join a culture that is more than willing to treat them as objects.

  7. Thanks for posting on this again, Riverdaughter. This guy has been on my radar for several months now, because he is a graduate of a the same college where I studied and later taught. Fortunately for him, I never had him in a class, because I’m sure I would have decimated his writing for being vapid and cliche-filled. Anyway, a good post on this is at The New Agenda, too:
    I hope this twit gets the boot, or at the very least, a State Dept. job in outer Where-the-Fuck-am-I-stan.

    The young woman’s expression in the photo ticks me off, too. She looks amused.

  8. chatblu: I had three roommates who were members of a sorority. I still think it’s NUTZ and see no appeal in conformity and crazy hazing rituals. But they did a lot of community service work and I think they should be commended for that.
    However, you will have to admit that sororities and fraternities are two different things. The Sig Pi Little Sisters were real but they were not a sorority. They were the female auxiliary of a fraternity and serve a more junior role. I also had Little Sisters as roommates and I had a pretty good idea of what they did. The woman in the picture was not in a sorority. WE’RE a sorority of sorts, except for the hazing and conformity. No, the woman in the picture has chosen to be a junior in a fraternity. She will never be one of them because one of their reasons for being is that they are NOT female, don’t want to be female and think females are to be looked down upon.
    Now, you tell me: why would any woman in the 21st century want to do that?

  9. The face of the new Democratic Party. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid can be proud of themselves.

  10. Pat: The third wave of feminism appears to have failed to launch. They do not seem to realize how fragile these rights are as we have never been able to pass the ERA completely.

  11. If you add this incident to:

    – “Hillary is a monster”
    – “Hillary is a racist”
    – “Hillary clearly called for Obama’s assassination
    – the daily “Hillary is a fraud” press conference

    and you begin to have an idea how Hillary Clinton was talked about internally in the Obama campaign.

    PS: Isn’t it interesting that the other creep is actually wearing an OBAMA STAFF T-shirt?

  12. I am really trying not to get furious over this. It’s not going to get any better and enough heartache has been suffered.

  13. Okay, I am furious over this.

  14. RD: I joined my sorority in 1967 as an only child loose at a huge state university. We had no hazing rituals. The only time that we dressed even remotely alike was that we wore white for ceremonies. Actually pretty much everyone wore a lot of Villagers and Weejuns in those days, but that was Greeks and GDIs as well,. We each spent 4 hours per week on community service issues and to this day the sorority raises gobs of money for Alzheimer’s research. I was a fraternity pledge sweetheart and my only role was to have my picture taken for the yearbook, and show up at parties, which was not too hard to take. I have kept in touch with a number of my sisters who have all had great professional lives. And, yes, we are a sorority in the truest sense here at the confluence, and I believe that we were at my chapter house back in the day as well.,

  15. This photo is too egregious not to be furious over, and where is NOW NOW??

    and bo


  16. Yes Riverdaughter, please keep the picture up all week if you have to. Make it our logo! This is why PUMAS exist.

  17. chatblu: You wouldn’t have recognized Greek culture of the 80’s. I was woken up for weeks on end during pledge season to sign pledge books. And no, little sisters didn’t just show up to get their pictures taken or go to the parties. There was a very unpleasant undercurrent there. The little sisters I knew were not members of a sorority. Their whole purpose was to service the fraternity.

  18. Oh, to me, this pic is exactly the tone that was sat in cement inside the Obama camp all during the primaries, the annie oakley comments and all the other bulls hit things he read off the teleprompter, now we know who wrote the lipstick on a pig huh, but we also know who thought it was cool to say it about Palin.
    What a bunch of bullshit the people of this country have been sold. I will pray the Supreme Court demands
    proof and hears all the cases on obama’s eligibility, period.

  19. When Annie Liebowitz takes photos of a 15 year old girl practically nude and holding a sheet over her private parts in a national magazine it is considered “art”.

    When Madonna spreads her legs and simulates the sex act onstage while earning big bucks along the way it is considered “art”.

    When Britney slides her half clothed body up and down a pole while mouthing come hither lyrics it is considered “art”.

    When magazines display female models from the crotch up and wearing as little as possible to promote products it is considered “art”.

    When Paris Hilton dresses in nothing more than a scarf and a belt and drapes herself over a car covered in suds to sell a hamburger it is considered “art”.

    When most movies include the gratuitous sex scene for the pleasure of its audience it is considered “art”.

    When hip hop videos show women with their faces and asses gyrating against the male crotch it is considered “art”.

    The messages these young women receive along the way is purposely designed to further cripple their roles in society by suggesting that this behavior and portrayal is acceptable because it has been designated as “art” rather than porno, both sexes suffer.

    As long as the female sex is immune to this treatment and portrayal, the longer the male sex will view them as nothing less than objects.

    These are the role models they have before them. Is it any wonder they devalue themselves in this light? Popular culture holds much of the blame in the overwhelming disrespect that has emanated over the last 20 years. By carefully packaging this as “art” has eroded the feminist model to nothing more than a porn star.

  20. I saw this on TV, (must have been FOX News since that’s still pretty much all we watch) they had to BLUR out the hand!! It was so shocking that a hand on a photo of Hillary’s Suited-Breast had to be blurred!

    So at least (for once) people are noticing.

    This is a great post, Riverdaughter. The public face of the president is a very important position. And putting a guy like this in an important position shows (that Obama hasn’t changed his associates since the campaign)

    Also? The guy isn’t that great a speech writer.

  21. Just read on another blog that Campbell Brown has slammed Hillary for not making a big deal about this.

    Campbell Brown – time for a therapy sessions and a move to MSNBC.

  22. Something I just noticed about that picture. The guy on the right is holding Hillary’s hair back and forcing her to drink while the messiah’s idiot speech writter goes for the breast. Their whole purpose is to control her.

  23. Pat Johnson: I have to draw the line when it comes to “pornography”. Sometimes, it *is* art. I loved Miley Cyrus’s photos. The female body is beautiful. Madonna has never been a victim of sexuality. She’s made a point of seizing it for her own. That’s a good thing. I don’t like all of her music but the sex stuff was only shocking because she was not ashamed of it.
    Britney’s got some problems. Hip Hop is definitely misogynistic. But I think we have to be careful to not paint all pornography with the same brush. Sex is a natural thing between men and women. If we come down too hard, we end up with a very sterile culture. We need to give a little leeway for women to push the boundaries
    on their own terms.
    What is going on above has nothing to do with sexuality. It has to do with power and seeing women as a weaker beings. It is the advantage of upper body strength and the ability to force others to do degrading things. Degrading meaning “against their will”.
    All I can say to this is, learn to kickbox, aim for the junk and carry a taser and things will even out pretty damn fast.

  24. Jmac, on December 6th, 2008 at 10:49 am

    That is not the worst of it. She excused the idiot writer’s behaviour as just something stupid/silly and then went for Hillary. Why is she holding Obama accountable? Obama should fire this idiot.

  25. Here’s the link to Campbell’s rant. She’s putting all the blame on Hillary.


    Campbell Brown … STFU!!! God, I am livid.

  26. RD: You’re right, that’s not the Greek life that I remember fondly. While I do not claim that we were vestal virgins, nothing like that went on at my sorority to my knowledge, and I don’t recall any whispers about the others, either. The fraternities had some significant hazing in those days, from what we heard. I do not recall autgraphing pledge books. Those went back with the pledge pinswhen we initiated.

  27. Downticket – not only control her, but humiliate and abuse her – and have a good laugh while doing it. It is just beyond disgusting.

  28. katiebird, on December 6th, 2008 at 10:44 am Said:
    …..The guy isn’t that great a speech writer.

    That’s what I was thinking…the term ” Obama’s speech writer ” is an oxymoron ( as well as a moron) All of Obama’s speeches are a stew of speeches past . You just take the words and phrases, put them in a blender, & you ‘d get Barry’s speeches. No wonder this thug has time to grope cardboard.

    Thanks for the post , RD

  29. Why isn’t she holding Obama accountable? Obama should fire this idiot.

  30. all this shit has moved from the frat house to the White House….so where’s the change? Bush’s biggest life accomplishment was cheer leading. All we got now is younger frats….great

  31. Campbell Brown really does need to move to MSNBC! This is all Hillary’s fault? What a retard!

    When Hillary tried to talk about misogyny the media accused her of WHINING! She was WHINING!

  32. RD: Have I missed something here? Fifteen years old and it is perfectly okay to begin to flaunt sexuality by appearing half dressed on the cover of a magazine? This is the same kid who was judged a role model to 12 and 13 year old fans. Was this a signal that it is now acceptable to emulate their bodies in public to entice young men?

    I am not denying that the female body is a thing of beauty. I am suggesting that the exposure of these young minds to various displays of overt sexuality that only adds to the role model’s bank account while corrupting the morals of a young girls is what has led to a breakdown of standards set for women. How can one actually explain the mindsets of those 13 girls here in MA this year who, from one school alone, and under the age of 16, decided that getting pregnant was acceptable behavior?

    Two faced Madonna has made a crusade against permitting a tv in her own home in order to protect her children from egregious outside influence yet she has no compunction against promoting her own brand of onstage behavior for those kids who are buying into her act. That is hypocrisy in full flower.

    If studies show that boys adopt aggressive behavior by being exposed to non stop violence through tv, movies, and video games, it is not a stretch to see the same image of young women as objects coming through the media which leads them to believe that sexual objectification is the norm.

    Both sides are being fed the wrong message.

  33. Swannie – I think you’re right. If these folks don’t get what they are doing, I think a photoshopped picture of this one is in order – with a variety of faces to replace Hillarly’s.

    Don’t get it, guys? How about we put Jill Biden’s face on that cutout and you can show her how she’ll be welcomed in the WH.

    That doesn’t work? How about Michelle Obama’s face on that cutout and you can show her how she’ll be welcomed in the WH.

    Still doesn’t work for you? How about your mother’s face on that cutout and Obama’s face replacing your face? Will you get it then?

    I just want to slap the $hit out of these idiots.

  34. Just read on another blog that Campbell Brown has slammed Hillary for not making a big deal about this.

    I want to run Campbell Brown over with a car. She is NOW the voice for feminist outrage?! Where the f*ck was she when HRC & Palin were being eviscerated? Oh yeah–that’s right–she was pouring gasoline on the fire. I detest this woman.

  35. Wonderful post, RD. I’m so glad you’re not letting this go. I couldn’t believe it when I got home to see this last night. It is beyond disgusting, and if Obama doesn’t do something about it we should really join with other puma blogs and start a major stink about it.

    Is there any way to find out who the woman in the picture is and ask her about her reactions?

  36. I just posted the following on CNN’s web-site under Brown’s column. But since comments are moderated I’m sure they won’t post it:

    “Several things: First, Hillary Clinton has not released a public comment on this photo. The only comment so far came from a “senior advisor.” Clinton is in a precarious position of having to confront her boss in public. The boss who has also been remarkably silent on this issue, but Miss Brown is not concerned! Last time Clinton addressed misogyny the media accused her of *whining.* Where was Campbell Brown? Where was Campbell Brown when Obama told Hillary she was “likable enough?” When was Brown when Obama supporters wore t-shirts that read “Bros before hos” at the Iowa caucuses? Where was Brown when Jack Cafferty said that Obama wants to run over Hillary Clinton with a truck? Where was Brown when Chris Matthews said Hillary’s supporters were eunuchs and she only achieved what she has achieved because her husband cheated on her? Where was Brown when Keith Olbermann said that the only way to get Hillary out of the race was for a DNC delegate to go into a room with her and only he comes out? Where was Brown when the NY Times writes multiple articles on the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and make-up? Where was Brown when people wore t-shirts that read “Sarah Palin is a C….” (The C word is spelled out.) Where was Brown when Alex Castellanos said on CNN, referring to Hillary Clinton, that it’s ok to call some women “white b*tches” because that’ what some of them are? Ahh, but now Miss Brown has found her feminist voice! Except that she’s blaming Hillary Clinton? Shame on you Campbell Brown. It’s time for you to move to MSNBC. You’ll fit right in with your hatred of all things Hillary Clinton.”

  37. CNN was on this still this morning. However, the Saturday morning team got a laugh out of me. They held up that long Obama “will you embarass me?” application, and highlighted the appropriate points while discussing the picture. They were also discussing that my little congressional district is poised to send a Republican Vietnamese representative to Congress to replace Dollar Bill. There’s some speculation that turn out may actually do this since 96% of whites and others disapprove of Dollar bill and 62% of black approve of him … the scuttlebutt is that low black turn out may actually cause our gerrymandered district to send the first vietnamese American to congress…

  38. And I love the snide response from Hillary’s camp! Last night someone here was complaining that she took it in stride!!??! I love that response!!

  39. You are so right, Pat J. I have noticed that during the past several years, almost every mainstream magazine, when an actress, or even some journalists are photographed, there is some variation of the ‘crotch shot”. Usually the women are wearing pants, but photographed crouching, or sitting with the legs thrown over a chair, or spread in some way. In many of these photos, the photographer seems to aim the lense directly at the lower body. Is this degradation now required to publicize one’s book, film, or program? Some of these are powerful, intelligent women. Do they think this is ok? Have they no power to object?

    If anyone doesn’t see what I’m talking about, leaf through the magazines when they are shooting someone they can’t pull this crap on…like a First Lady or other government official. You will see a very different kind of photo. And Leibowitz is just out of control. She should be boycotted until the magazines get the message.

    Yes, PJ. the mistreatment of Hillary is the end result of the past fifteen years or so of the “soft-porn culture”. It began with the ridiculous crotch high skirts on Callista Flockhart in “Ally McBeal” and escalated with Harper’s Bazaar, which even ten or fifteen years ago was so graphic in its photography I stopped buying it for a long time. The new editor has improved things a bit, but not enough.

    I am going to be writing a letter to every fashion mag editor, beginning with Annat Wintour, to protest this pornographic photography becoming the norm. I like fashion, and I like to look at clothes, not vulgarity.

  40. Anyone heard of the 40% rule for achieving gender equality

    A system of gender quotas and the 40% rule

    Competence and gender-friendly attitudes are important. However, the Scandinavian experience indicates that the proportion of women in political institutions will not increase unless targeted measures such as gender quotas are employed. A system of gender quotas was first employed by the Socialist Left Party and the Liberal Party in the 1970s. Today virtually all of the major Norwegian parties apply a gender quota system in nominations to elections and to the make-up of party-governing bodies.

    The party quota system is voluntary and self-imposed. It is now practiced to redress any imbalance in representation on committees where men tend to congregate, such as economics, agriculture, communications, technology and defense, and not limit women to areas such as health and education.

    A quota system has also been introduced for publicly appointed committees, boards, councils, and state enterprises. The “40 per-cent-rule” was incorporated in the Local Government Act in 1992, which regulates municipal and county governments.


  41. At its most basic, that photo is a rape fantasy. Look at it this way: one frat boy holds a woman’s head down and shoves beer down her throat, while his frat brother sexually molests her.

  42. I’m reposting a comment from Sugar that got moderated on RD’s post on this yesterday. Check out her photoshops of the picture–they’re good.

    Sugar wrote at 6:28PM on Dec. 5:

    That photo of Obama’s speechwriter groping Hillary made me furious. So I did a couple of photoshops to make a point:

  43. BB: I seriously think she should hire him at State. Call it sensitivity training for Favreau. He’s a major macho asshole. He needs “correction”. I’m not so sure Phillipe Reines was kidding. It would be an ingenious way of handling it.

  44. But bb: didn’t you hear? Hillary’s response or lack thereof does not win Campbell Brown’s approval. Hillary has worked tirelessly for women’s rights for almost 40 years, but she needs to meet Brown’s standards! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR….I’m even angrier now.

    And as usual, WHERE is Obama? WHERE is the leader of transformation and change? It’s all such bullshit!!!

  45. somehow, those *alternate* images did not make me feel better.

  46. RD: You mean he really is interested in a state dept. job? I thought that was just a joke. If he isn’t, I vote that Obama sends him there as penance. Hillary could handle him with one hand tied behind her back.

  47. You only need to meander over to YouTube or Facebook to see the effects this marketing has had on young girls. Girls willing to have pictures of themselves half clothed or completely nude splashed all over the internet for public consumption. They are emulating what they have been led to believe as acceptable and fun behavior.

    Posed in a provocative manner, these young kids have no idea what they are inviting. But judging by the comments coming from the young men who visit these sites, it ain’t good.

    We ourselves have been astounded at the outpouring of sleaze and garbage that came from the mouths of those Obots who visited this site alone. Is it any wonder? It has been brewing right along.

  48. Catarina,

    They aren’t designed to make us feel better. They are designed to emphasize the fact that this is what Obama is all about. We need to get just as mad as we were before and pound him on this.

  49. Great bb! I agree with the other suggestion to superimpose other faces on HRC’s too–send them out over the internet. Use MO’s, Oprah’s, Caroline Kennedy’s, “your mother,” “your daughter” etc. Drive the point home.

  50. Hey, I didn’t know Clarence Thomas and Chris Matthews graduated from Favreau’s alma mater! What do they teach at that school?

  51. Obama will never address this-it’s above his pay grade.
    If women raise holy hell then maybe some peon will make a statement saying they don’t monitor the leisure time of staff members, or some other dismissive bullshit.

  52. fif,

    That is a fantastic idea! I have no idea how to do it. Do you? Do we have any photoshop experts here?

  53. My comment disappeared. Try again. Great pix bb! I also second the other suggestion to superimpose other faces on HRC’s: MO, Oprah, Caroline Kennedy, Rachel Maddow, “your daughter,” “your sister,” “your mother,” etc. Can we send them out via You Tube or something?

  54. Katiebird?

  55. bb I don’t want to see another of those images with HRC’s face.
    The face needs to be changed to MO and sent to Obama.
    If I could use photoshop I’d do it.

  56. Sorry for the repeat. No, I don’t know how, but I’m sure there are others. Regency? She’s a photo whiz.

  57. Pat: Sorry, I disagree with you about the Miley Cyrus photos. When I saw them last year, I thought they were beautiful. She just looked like what she was: a beautiful girl. They didn’t strike me as overtly sexual. It was more like looking at Tess of the D’Urbervilles. She’s a lovely May queen, untouched, virginal. I couldn’t get what the fuss was all about. I think they got a lot of attention because they popped up just about the time when Jamie Lynn Spears was in the news. Spears was also a role model but instead of posing with a sheet, she got pregnant. That was MUCH bigger news among the adolescent set than Miley’s pretty pics. I heard about it for weeks at home from Brook. I nearly blocked Zoe101 from the DVR, it made me so mad.

  58. Sack his ass and send him packing. Send a message that this type of behavior will not go unpunished or unobserved. Has it only been 15 years since the Anita Hill hearings?

    Placing him on the payroll only reinforces the “boys will be boys” excuse. And it only begs the question of how many more of him are likely to surface in this anything goes atmosphere.

  59. The word is that Sen. Clinton will not resign from the Senate until she is confirmed as SOS. That could be weeks or months, depending on the mood of Reid, Pelosi and the CDS possee. I think they were expecting her to resign immediately, whereupon they could keep her or throw her under the bus again.

  60. Great Post RD!
    On the Senator Clinton seat replacement ; Caroline Kennedy is ALL WRONG.
    I have joined with “madamab” & her petition for Rep. Carolyn Maloney “or” another QUALIFIED / TESTED female to replace the “IRREPLACEABLE” Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Gov. Paterson can “give” Caroline Kennedy the spot left vacant by one of them. Caroline can then “RUN” for the Senate seat in 2010 if she wants.
    “A token woman in that spot just hurts or cause in the end.
    Finally we don’t need another “YES PERSON” to Obama.
    **PLease everyone “Help-Us-NYers-Out-On-This”!!!!!!!!!!

  61. PamFlorida,

    That’s good to know. I certainly hope that is what she does.

  62. As someone who deeply respects feminine beauty, and has quite a poetic paper trail to prove it, I can tell you that no good will come from women shoving their sexuality in our faces.

    We won’t respect them; we will consider them little more than lovely buffoons and fools. But poets will have a gentlemanly sympathy for them even in their misguided ways.

  63. Maybe we could send the idea to The New Agenda, Women Count PAC, or Together 4 Us and do an ad campaign. People do not get it: this is about ALL women. A picture speaks a thousand words, and these images would make the offense clear. Instead, people will just say, “Oh, it’s just Hillary, and she is a b*tch, so no biggie.” Yea? How about if it’s someone YOU love and respect? When your daughter gets date-raped by frat boys, it comes from this climate–do you see that?

  64. Put Campbell’s face on the pic with Obama’s hand on her chest.

  65. Why not put Campbell Brown’s face on the cutout and send it to CNN?

  66. Pat- I agree 100% with you. It relates to Murphy’s post last night. Women have to demand to be considered people first. By making women primarily sex symbols, society declares that women are here for men.

  67. Jmac,

    LOL! Great minds…

  68. BB: Oh, NO, I don’t think Favreau is interested in State. I think he would see it as humiliating. Like being sent down. But what is an asshat clown like him doing writing Obama’s speeches in the first place? Could Obama find someone more mature and less sexist? Hey, he hired the guy so I guess he feels comfortable with his work.
    But it would really be the best thing that could happen to Favreau. Because we aren’t going to let up until Obama gets rid of him. So, all in all, he could learn a lot at State and maybe Phillipe Reines isn’t kidding about offering him a position there. It would very pretty fucking clever and a good save. The last thing Hillary wants to do is whine about it. The *best* thing she could do is take him on.
    That’ll learn him.

  69. Pat Johnson, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:05 am

    I agree.

    I used to like Madona until she her adoption of that child. She was given special treatment. Why didn’t she find another child that was an orphan?

    Re- the girls from MA. I think it is because the celebs/media have made it fashionable to have a child.

  70. PamFlorida, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:22 am

    LOLOLOL who do they think they are dealing with???
    Thanks for the laugh. Hill is ALL about the bird in hand rather than two in the bush….she would never resign
    without being confirmed first .If they expected her to resign before then they are idjits . But we knew that.
    Hill knows when to hold them AND to fold them…..lord! …..l’m still giggling

  71. Pat,
    I didn’t think the Miley pics were bad I am also disturbed by the sexualization of children.
    There’s a pricey, “famous” children’s photgrapher in the next town whose work is so provocative she should be thrown in jail for making child porn.
    I’m afraid to look at my niece’s myspace page!

  72. If it was a cardboard cutout of Barack and Favreau was groping his balls (sorry for the hideous mental image), then Favreau would be fired on the spot. Because it’s disrespectful BULLSHIT!

    BTW, DYB, your response to Campell was perfect. I’m just so hopping mad here that I can’t put my thoughts into words. But just wait a few minutes and someone here does it for me. I hope your response gets posted.

  73. honora: I disagree. The picture has nothing to do with sex. It has everything to do with power. And sex has to be taken back by women. We have the right to dress as we want and enjoy sex. The body is a beautiful thing. Celebrate it.
    There is a difference between treating women like sex symbols and treating women like lesser human beings whose sex is not under their control. We need to be able to tell the difference.
    Madonna- good.
    Britney – bad.

  74. johninca
    that is some sexist shit. please.

  75. How about the face of Nancy Pelosi or Caroline Kennedy or Michelle? I wonder if the DNC or NOW would consider that sexist?? As for Campbell Brown, a real reporter would have called the Office of the President-Elect. They have neat signs, letterhead, email capabilities, God knows they hold news conferences every day, ask them for a response.

  76. Obama can’t fire this guy, he puts those hopey changie nonsense words in obama’s mouth … he can write all those nice code words to the old boys network and make their legs tingle!

  77. Apparently, Obama is so talented at preacher cadence that he can take ANY speech and turn it from mundane to inspirational.

    He doesn’t even need Favreau. Give him Peggy Noonan – then we could really gag on the syrup.

  78. Catarina – there was a group in SF that addressed those provocative pictures in fashion magazines. I can’t think of the name of the group – but their website was a great one with their wall of shame. The pictures of young girls in various suggestive pictures was sickening – like some of those of the Ramsey child.

  79. I think Favreau was toast regardless…..you don’t say the same stuff in the White House that you say on the trail…..plus the out right stealing from old speeches found on google doesn’t work so hot . This could be Barry leaking the photo for all we know.

  80. He needs to go!!

    But he can be easily replaced with any one of the brilliant writers who appear on this blog on a daily basis. Anyone of them would do as much justice or more in putting the words into The One’s empty head and making him look good. (I say this with a certain degree of skepticism since nothing he has said or done so far has made him look “good” in my eyes.)

    The writers on this blog soar with rhetoric, ideas, and sharp observations. There is not one who could not step to the plate and replace that sexist creep in a matter of seconds.

    Fire his ass!

  81. Oooooh, paper doll, that’s a bit tinfoilly. Maybe the image of Favreau is a cardboard cutout, too?

    The poor child’s been framed! LOL!!!

  82. I can do it as soon as my show is over , this pic put me over the edge and I FINALLY uploaded my graphics program cause i can do a lot 🙂 in the meantime it iskind of a Celtic Goddess Radio morning


    nice long Loreena Mckennitt set on now
    and Heather Dale coming up with songs from her holiday CD This Endris Night
    which she researched d and reproduced in their most authentic and original forms including original lyrics and the instruments with which they were first played

  83. I have no problem with adult sexuality but I think the messages kids (both sexes) get are confusing and unhealthy.

  84. darn moderation bot got me

  85. We still have to endure the inaugural address and the comments that will follow. Campbell Brown and Tweety will have to be hospitalized they will be in such a tizzy.

  86. bostonboomer, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:14 am

    That is so mean. Send to team messiah

  87. It’s really sad that on a post like this one someone can leave a comment like the one at 11:25 and nobody deletes it or says a word.

  88. Pat: Here is one of the photos from that shoot. It’s sweet and lovely.

    Miley- good.
    Jamie Lynn- Bad

  89. {{BostonBoomer}} ?

  90. this is about sexism and misogyny and a guy can throw his two cents in about how we can earn his approval?

  91. The Madonna thing is complicated. Like most gay men I’m a big fan. And I actually do admire her music. More than anything I’ve always admired her sheer nerve and gall and drive. When someone says Madonna in the Western world the first person we think of is the singer, not the holy religious figure. That’s quite an accomplishment! But I’ve also always been quite aware of the many hypocrisies that drive her. This “Love makes the world go ’round” singer who preaches for peace on every album did some pretty offensive things on her last tour. She talked to her 30,000 fans about kicking Sarah Palin’s ass and what a c*nt Palin was. Then there was a video montage comparing McCain to Mugabe and Hitler? And then Obama to Gandhi? That same montage showed us extreme poverty and the destruction of the environment. This from a woman who was charging us up to $350 per ticket and then drove away from Madison Square Garden in two huge SUVs. I lost a lot of respect for Madonna during that concert – for purely political reasons. But I still enjoy her music.

  92. I am about to take my life into my own hands by venturing out to the mall. I love these debates as it displays such a divergence of opinions and allows the generational gap to be laid out for inspection.

    But I cannot resist:
    Madonna = crap
    Britney = crappier
    Paris = both
    Miley = in the making

    As for Favreau, he needs tar and feathering. Literally.

  93. Catarina, sometimes it does take us some time to clear things out. But we do our best. This blog has always been carefully moderated. But, sometimes life gets in the way and there’s a bit of a lag.

    I don’t see anything offensive. Is the comment that bothered you still here?

  94. The frat boy didn’t really apply to the state department. Clinton’s retort was meant to emasculate him and to cut him down to size. I think with in the innner circle, the point was made and it was amusing. A strong personal retort, but not one that addresses the social issue of how misogynistic the frat boy’s jestures were.

    Why Clinton has chosen to address him with this tongue and cheek response, is not so puzzling when you think about it. I think with all the sexism in the campaign, she grappled with how far to go in addressing it. I sense that she did not want to be perceived as a victim, and therefore felt constrained in her ability to address it. No one wants a weak president who is perceived as a “victim”.

    I think her response was a bit of a power play on words that was meant to exert power over him, albiat sexual power or not. She made it clear that she was the one to call the shots. He may be able to grope a peice of cardboard, but she was the one who in control. It was clever from this perspective, but I still think that it is out of line when a woman’s razer tongue and wit is all she has to defend herself from this type of sexist behavior.

  95. johninca, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:25 am Said:

    sure is katiebird. thank you.

  96. “At its most basic, that photo is a rape fantasy. Look at it this way: one frat boy holds a woman’s head down and shoves beer down her throat, while his frat brother sexually molests her.”




  97. KendallJ, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:42 am Said:
    The frat boy didn’t really apply to the state department. Clinton’s retort was meant to emasculate him and to cut him down to size

    Exactly. And they HATE that ! lol!

  98. I can tell you that no good will come from women shoving their sexuality in our faces.

    cat: I agree. I was reading quickly, and it struck me as off, but I didn’t focus on it. john is a regular poster, but he needs some education re: this comment. It reminds me of the common refrain re: gay public displays of affection: “I don’t have a problem with them, as long as they are not SHOVING IT IN MY FACE.” In other words, be who I want you to be–do not infringe on my comfort level, my idea of femininity/sexuality. Too bad about you and your ideas of women/gender–it’s a civil liberties issue. Women and their various forms of sexuality do not “invite” abuse of power, as this Favreau incident illustrates. Another example: sexual assault victims “asked for it” because they were dressed seductively.

  99. Johninca: I think the point is that women shouldn’t care whether you approve or not. When women have the same economic power as men, they will also likely have the same mojo. Power is the great leveler. So, it is very likely that madonna doesn’t care whether you think she’s a slut or not. She’s enjoying herself and she has the means and the money to pick and choose who she wants to sleep with. The fact that you may disapprove doesn’t phase her in the least.
    And, really, that’s as it should be. The ancient customs that kept women’s sexuality in line and made them subject to men’s disapproval are very outdated these days. Genetic testing will keep all parties honest so there’s no need to confine women to the custody of men. The Pill made it possible for women to escape biological destiny and education means they can fend for themselves.
    john, you are super sweet and a true gentleman. But I would rather have the freedom to make my own choices irrespective of your opinion of me. I have the same right to use my sexuality as you do but the male gender has yet to learn to take the same amount of responsibility that women get saddled with from the very beginning. When that happens, we won’t be having this conversation. It will be irrelevant. Grown ups will truly be grown ups with all of the rights and responsibilities that entails.

  100. fif

    wtf how about a misguided foot up his ass.

  101. is college of the holy cross a jesuit institution? They’re like the demigods of misogyny in my book

  102. “At its most basic, that photo is a rape fantasy.”

    okasha: Exactly. And RD’s point about sexual assault is accurate–it’s a power issue. These “boys,” have to demean HRC, because her power threatens them. Same as Chris Matthews with his mommy issues.

  103. Isn’t Johninca at 11:25 saying the same thing Pat has been saying? I agree with them.

  104. good luck RD. maybe if john had written a poem about me I’d have a bit more patience.
    This was the wrong fucking day and the wrong fucking post to drop crap like that.

  105. is college of the holy cross a jesuit institution?

    daki: two other graduates of College of the Holy Cross? Chris Matthews & Clarence Thomas–no joke.

  106. gimme a sec catarina I am still doing my show lOL

  107. Jmac
    I think it’s one of those madonna/whore things. We are so misguided.
    Have a nice day, all-this is too much for me right now.

  108. Kendall: I don’t think Phillipe Reines was intending to emasculate him. What it might have been is being above it all but it could also be an invitation.
    From what I understand, people who have not met her see Hillary Clinton as some kind of Grendel’s monster. Then, they meet her and find that she’s a human being. A hard working, smart, clever, diplomatic, disciplined human being. And who wouldn’t want to work for a person like that? I think it would be a good thing for Favreau to work for Hillary.
    It wouldn’t be emasculating at all. it would be like filling in a piece of his missing conscience. No time like the present. Get’em while they’re young!

  109. riverdaughter, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:46 am Said:


  110. DYB, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:19 am Said:
    Hey, I didn’t know Clarence Thomas and Chris Matthews graduated from Favreau’s alma mater! What do they teach at that school?

    It is an unfortunate coincidence that these three came from the same undergraduate institution. I can attest from my own experience as a student and instructor there that most of the male students are kind, respectful toward females, and intelligent. Those morons would have been assholes no matter which college they had attended.

  111. bye cat. I hear ya. It’s infuriating.

  112. DYB, when I was in college back in late sixties, Favreau’s alma mater was colloquiallly known as “the still on the hill”. That should give you an idea of what they teach, I had no idea Matthews came from here, but now it adds up. There is no misognyny greater than that of the Boston Irish male establishment.

  113. If this girl shouldn’t hang around these guys, how do you justify Hillary hanging around these guys? Shouldn’t she come out against this? I know some people say she’ll be called “shrill,” but isn’t that what she’s always called?

    Why is it okay if Hillary remains silent about this? Doesn’t that make her a sorority girl too?

  114. fif, on December 6th, 2008 at 11:49 am Said:

    is college of the holy cross a jesuit institution?

  115. If Hillary had appeared in some of the outfits Madonna shows up in, done a book of herself nude, and said some of the things Madonna has said, I would not be defending her is she appeared in a cutout like the one featured with Hillary.

  116. Gotta get some things done today. Check in later. Thanks for addressing this RD. You said we will “keep after them about this” if Obama does not respond. Any ideas about how that will happen? The New Agenda has confronted them, but I haven’t been watching MSM, so I don’t know how loud an issue this is. Campbell Brown focuses it on HRC–unbelievable. It’s always Hillary’s fault. Where is her rant about Obama’s silence?

  117. seems to me post feminism for years now has been about pole dancing and such….. With Obama it made main stream , but it’s been there and taught to young girls for years now . That stripping and posting photos etc. was ” owning your power ” or some such non sense Made them perfect ground for Obotfrats.

  118. Catarina, I think I missed you but, I’m not going to delete John’s comment just ’cause I disagree with it. He’s a regular commenter (and an author even) — he wasn’t attacking anyone here.

  119. anyone wanna hear a jesuit joke ?

    just as well you probably already heard plenty of them 😉

  120. i still can’t believe I’m going to go vote republican again (sigh)

  121. Why is it okay if Hillary remains silent about this? Doesn’t that make her a sorority girl too?
    Hillary controls her life..if she spent time responding to this crap, she wouldn’t be able to do anything else…She has been the target of misogynist attacks for her whole public life.

  122. So, Jmac, Madonna would be asking for it and would deserve that treatment because – what, men can’t control themselves or she needs to be punished for flaunting her sexuality or both?

  123. If Hillary had appeared in some of the outfits Madonna shows up in, done a book of herself nude, and said some of the things Madonna has said, I would not be defending her is she appeared in a cutout like the one featured with Hillary.

    jmac: you are missing the point IMHO. Assault is assault. As I said above, that’s like saying, “Madonna is asking to be raped.” That’s ourtageous. I am not a big Madonna fan, but she OWNS her power, and explores sexuality. That is very different from inviting assault. You are basically saying that women should not act in certain ways, dress in certain ways–as johninca is suggesting. See RD’s post. Who made up those rules? Why can’t women be anything they want to be, to express themselves in all ways as long as it is not endangering others. Or is it that you are suggesting that Madonna’s hyper-sexualized image has created the Britney generation? Even so–none of that excuses sexual assault. That’s the old excuse that men just can’t control their libidos. Are we animals?

  124. the creighton prep/creighton university boys haven’t changed in Omaha … they were predatory in my day, they’re predatory now with my daughters and their friends … jesuits are the ultimate he man woman haters

  125. I agree, paper doll. And look at those so called reality TV shows. From ” Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” to the “Real Housewives of…” on down to the truly bizarre “Flava of Love” and its offshoots, these shows exist to make women look and feel like morons.
    Shake your groove thing girls and claim your bling.

  126. The gleeful portrayal of sexual assault by an Obama aide should immediately result in his removal from any position in the new administration. And that it was directed against our incoming Secretary of State is relevant, but no more offensive than directed at any female.

    Mr. Obama, is this the image that your incoming administration wishes to be associated with? If so, you have only telegraphed how closely you must be watched and how little trust you have earned.

  127. Jmac: I don’t think they are saying the same thing. Pat is saying that portraying women as sex symbols is degrading. I think it depends on who is doing it and why. Johninca is saying that it is his male preogative to pass judgment on those women who would portray themselves in a sexual manner. I think if a woman is in control of her own sexuality then what John thinks is of no consequence.
    There is a difference though. A prostitute with a pimp or a strung out porn queen can hardly be said to be in control of her sexuality. 16 year old girls who accidentally get pregnant because their parents aren’t paying attention to what they are doing are susceptible to negative expressions of sexual behavior. 15 year old girls who pose for a bust shot of perfect shoulders and creamy skin with their parents all over the set aren’t doing anything really out of the ordinary. Check out the portraits of ladies from the Jane Austen days. Lots of shoulders and decolletage. And they were pretty young.
    Madonna took back sex for women. It was initially shocking but no one was going to stop her from having multiple orgasms even if she had to do it herself. Britney pole dances in a video like she is trying to regain her lost sexuality from motherhood and still appeal to men, like the Jon Favreaus of the world. Definitely not a good message to send about your sense of self.
    So, no, I don’t think Pat and John are saying the same thing. Pat takes a defensive posture and is a bit too general, IMHO. And john is simply from a more courtly age but one that I completely disagree with.

  128. What is remarkable about this picture is not just that this idiot Favreau, in a state of drunkenness, might have posed for it.

    It is that he put it up, apparently some days later, on his own Facebook account, and took it down presumably only after receiving criticism.

    Ordinarily, if you have a picture taken of you while doing something deeply embarrassing in a state of intoxication, you do everything you can to keep that photo from circulating. Instead, Favreau instead took steps to get it out amongst all his “friends” — and, if he weren’t an idiot, he would know it would naturally find its way into the public domain, given his own very public visibility.

    What does it say about Favreau’s own values, and those he has imbibed from the Obama campaign, that he didn’t immediately recoil at the prospect of how this might play out? What does it say about him that it was only feedback from outside sources about what he had already done that made him realize there was a little “issue” here? What has the little creep internalized?

  129. frankly0: i think it’s possible it popped up in his profile, not because he put it there, but because a friend tagged him… if you’re tagged in a photo, it pops up on your profile there … it’s one of the ways i keep track of my daughter … she’s in the greek system at LSU and her photo pops from all kinds of greek events …she knows i watch for them too…

  130. Hey, I went to Holy Cross then I taught there for several years. No one is “teaching” this stuff there. Holy Cross does not produce misogynists. Yes, the school is Jesuit. Jesuits are actully known for being more liberal than many of the other orders that run colleges. I encountered no “predatory” Jesuits in my time there. In fact, there are very few Jesuits on the faculty and in the administration now. Most are laypeople — and a good many feminist, female professors.

  131. SweetSue, on December 6th, 2008 at 12:01 pm Said: . Shake your groove thing girls and claim your bling.

    lol! oh yeah the money maker! …also we have seen Hooters called a ” family ” restaurant! and Las Vegas turn into Disneyland….this shit’s been out there for some time .

  132. Teresa: AFAIK, Hillary has only just seen the pic. She can do a couple of things: ignore it, speak up about it and demand the resignation of Obama’s speechwriter or hire the dude.
    Of all of the options available, I think hiring the dude is the best.

  133. I don’t think Clinton is making an issue because she knows that Obama would not fire this guy and to push the issue without getting results would just be another public humiliation.

  134. All:

    If I had made an analogous comment about men, would I have gotten the kind of reactions I did just now?

    It’s not meant as a polemical question at all; I’m genuinely curious what the reaction will be. I’ll step off this thread completely and listen.

  135. BTW, a lot of us who were female students during the Thomas hearings were against his confirmation and were very vocal about it on campus.

  136. Sorry to be myterious, KB. I meant maybe you know how to use photoshop?

  137. If Hill gets into a big twist over this nitwit , how she gonna handle the world stuff? Outrage is for her surrogates and the pros ( hello… NOW?? ) ….

    What Campbell says Hillary should do is always the exact opposite of what she should do ….bank on it . And doesn’t Hill know it.

    Off to make the donuts, later kids

  138. I think we can all agree that Campbell Brown getting all outraged about misogyny is like a football player having a problem with violence. She has no credibility on the subject. None.

    However, being in the minority I can see, I do not think that the response from the Clinto camp was appropriate. I do think they should have denounced it for the vile, disgusting, sexist act that it was. Just brushing it off seems to send a message that it wasn’t all that bad.

    I realize most of you here do not agree with my take. Just gotta call em the way “I” see em.

  139. I like the idea of “hiring the dude,” RD. PUt him under Hillary’s thumb and make him stay there or resign and go back to whatever he was doing before Obama scooped him up. It is ludicrous that this creep is the leading speechwriter for a President-in-waiting.

  140. dakinkat,

    Thanks for the comment.

    It would be useful to know just how this particular photo was removed from Facebook, if what you say is true. Apparently all but one of the photos of Favreau were removed from his Facebook profile. If the source was another person, I’d think it would still be available on that other person’s account — I don’t see how Favreau could control that.

    In any case, the source of the photo should be knowable — presumably it would have been known at the time it was posted. I don’t really know much about how Facebook is organized, but I would expect this would certainly be true: it makes no sense that photos could be published anonymously.

    So who would the other person be? You’d think we would all know who it was if there were another person –indeed, you’d think that the Obama camp would be the first to use this excuse if there were such an excuse.

  141. ok here we go ..my take on the comment by johninca

    Women are not a homogeneous group who decide en masse to throw their sexuality in anyones face. We are individuals who decide on a daily basis what to with our own sexuality . There are no RULES , we make them up as we go along because we are in control of our own bodies . Some of us are more outgoing than others and we all have individual standards . Some women show their naked sensual sexual selves as the GODDESSES they are , others are more hidden as the GODDESES they are as well… because we are all goddesses in light and shadow , and every shade of gray in between the worlds in which we live .

    On the other hand when throwing our sexuality is done FOR US by someone else , that is exploitation , pure and simple .
    Children need special care and consideration because they are too young to decide for themselves.

  142. kenoshamarge,

    The thing is, Hillary is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Look at all the outrage when she complained about her own daughter being likened to a prostitute on MSNBO. And all that followed was a two-week paid suspension (i.e., vacation) for Shuster.

  143. I just posted this under the comments on the Washington Post site where the photograph appeared in response to some idiot Obots who think those of us who are outraged should just lighten up:

    “Let’s take the fact that the cardboard cutout is an image of Hillary out of the equation for a moment. The photograph depicts two young men sexually assaulting a woman–grabbing her by the hair, forcing a beer bottle into her mouth, and groping her breast–still think it’s funny?”

    We all know this guy should be sacked, but then we’re preaching to the choir, and nothing we say or do will influence the Misogynist-Elect to banish this scum from his staff.

  144. BB – email!

  145. On John’s comment, I’m with RD also. I don’t care what he thinks or about getting his respect. I’m just fine with who I am. I think that is how Hillary feels too.

  146. Campbell Brown is a hypocritical idiot. I have always found her comments to be inane. She has no understanding of politics, no insight , no journalistic integrity. I guess that makes her pretty much one of the gang.

  147. frankly0> You’re right about Facebook. There is no way to post a photo anonymously and only the person who posted a photo can remove it (aside from moderators, of course.) The WaPo article said that after two hours of this photo being up all photos of Favreau were gone, except his single profile photo (one can assume a head shot). Favreau would be the only person to do that. And why would he remove ALL photos from his profile when this one started making waves?

  148. johninca
    not from me-men certainly don’t seem to be needing defending if you read the fucking post.

  149. oh and john-
    fuck you and your curiosity you clueless asshole.
    you just don’t know when to quit, do you?

  150. I agree, Catarina.

  151. I agree with Riverdaughter:
    John, shut up.

  152. Katiebird
    So men we *know* can be sexist and in our faces about it?
    It’s seems abusive to me to allow a comment like that on this thread.
    Even more disturbing that everyone ignored it.
    When is enough enough?
    Wonder wwdd (what would Darragh do?)

    HELL YEAH!!!!

  154. I’ve been reading the excuse for Jon’s behavior is that he was drunk……how the hell does anyone know IF he was drunk and HOW drunk he was?? Excuses, lies, distortions, disrepect towards those who disagree…typical of Obama and his supporters.

    Those of us who have been taught to respect others simply would NOT whether sober or drunk , engage in such demeaning behavior towards another person.

    Where are the hollier than thou Senators who always address one another as “My respected colleague.” yet are so willing to watch while Hillary is trashed again and again?

    Come on Senator Biden, defend the woman you said was more qualified than you to be President!!

  155. Frankly, I don’t think Hillary needs to be defended. She has more dignity in her little finger than Barack Obama will ever have. She hasn’t done anything to be ashamed of, and I’m sick of Teresaa’s whining about how Hillary should speak up about it. Why should she? All women should be speaking up!!!!!! This isn’t about Hillary. It’s about the misogyny that got Obama elected and that is going to continue throughout his term in office. WE need to speak up.

    And Teresaa: if you’re upset about it YOU do something. Hillary’s job is to be Secretary of State or Senator if she doesn’t get confirmed. She needs to rise above it. The rest of us need to call attention to it. She won’t get anywhere doing it by herself. We women have to stick together to stop this shit!!!!!!!

  156. I think it would be a good thing for Favreau to work for Hillary.
    It wouldn’t be emasculating at all. it would be like filling in a piece of his missing conscience. No time like the present.

    So you want to reward him for his bad behaviour. I say he should be fired.

  157. Downticket,

    Did you even read the quote you posted? “filling in a piece of his missing conscience” doesn’t sound like a reward to me, and I doubt if the little creep would experience it that way.

  158. apparently we will not be getting an apology from John or Favreau.

  159. cnn has picked up Favreau story.
    It’s also on the home page as a headline:

  160. bostonboomer, on December 6th, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Yes, I did and I think the WH isn’t the right place for him to be learning how to respect women. Let him do that in another place and let someone else that is more qualified and respects women to fill his place. The place you want him offered in Hillary’s department can be filled by someone more deserving than this so called great speech writter. He needs to learn that what he did was wrong being given a job in the State department isn’t punishment. Firing him is a better lesson.

  161. Catarina, I just e-mailed you….

  162. Downticket,

    Then we need to make enough noise so Obama has no choice but to get rid of him.

  163. Can someone photoshop this to have Michelle O’s head instead of Hillary’s??

  164. Has anyone e-mailed these to nancy and harry?
    This is what you gave the country.
    Axis Sally and Lord Haha have nothing on you.
    Nancy has been a disgrace as a speaker and has set women back at least 50 years.
    Besides enabling bush she did everything in her power to inflict backtrack on this country.
    How will Senator Clinton be able to do her job when backtrack’s bunch publicly try to humiliate her and therefore humiliates the country.
    The point that no one in this bunch seems to understand is they represent this country.
    This country is so screwed.



  165. I am so p*ssed off I can’t even express it.

    Leave brown your comments here:


  166. I just sent this to Campbell’s e-mail:

    “Dear Ms. Brown,

    Hillary Clinton has not released an official public comment on this photo. The only comment so far came from a “senior advisor.” Clinton is in a precarious position of having to confront her boss in public. The boss who has also been remarkably silent on this issue, but you are not concerned! Last time Clinton addressed misogyny the media accused her of *whining.* Where were you, Miss Brown? Where were you when Obama told Hillary she was “likable enough?” Where were you when Obama supporters wore t-shirts that read “Bros before hos” at the Iowa caucuses? Where were you when Jack Cafferty said that Obama wants to run over Hillary Clinton with a truck? Where were you when Obama said that Hillary’s claws come out when she feels periodically down? Where were you when Chris Matthews said Hillary’s supporters were eunuchs and she only achieved what she has achieved because her husband cheated on her? Where were you when Keith Olbermann said that the only way to get Hillary out of the race was for a DNC delegate to go into a room with her and only he comes out? Where were you when the NY Times wrote multiple articles on the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and make-up? Where were you when people wore t-shirts that read “Sarah Palin is a C….” (The C word is spelled out.) Where were you when Alex Castellanos said on CNN, referring to Hillary Clinton, that it’s ok to call some women “white b*tches” because that’ what some of them are? Ahh, but now Miss Brown you have found your feminist voice! Except that you’re blaming Hillary Clinton for the actions of Jon Favreau and Barack Obama’s silence? Shame on you Campbell Brown. It’s time for you to move to MSNBC. You’ll fit right in with your hatred of all things Hillary Clinton.”

  167. johninca: I think you just come across as coming from a different era. You may not even be much older than most of the people on this blog but it seems like the sexual revolution skipped over you. I came of age at the end of the 70’s, beginning of the 80’s. I’m more like Madonna. We had quite a bit of fun before AIDS harshed our mellow. My attitude about sex is probably not much different from a male of the same age or the Sex and the City women. It’s part of who I am. I didn’t ask for permission and I didn’t cotton to anyone disapproving. What you might have thought of me or my behavior wouldn’t have phased me in the least. I’m not being mean. I simply don’t think your opinion on the matter is more important than mine nor do I see you as more moral.
    To each his or her own.

  168. Just scanning before the game.

    If Caroline Kennedy wants the Senate job that would alone would be enough for me to NOT take the S.O.S. job.

    Screw drunken, murdering Ted Kennedy, Caroline and the other drug/alcohol addicted Kennedys. Caroline Kennedy has done nothing worthy of being “annointed” to the Senate seat.

  169. riverdaughter, on December 6th, 2008 at 2:44 pm Said:

    johninca: I think you just come across as coming from a different era.
    with all due respect and thank you for commenting.

    I didn’t get that johninca was from a different era.

    what I got, on this and on other posts, is that he is MOCKING.

    It doesn’t seem to faze him if people find his comments inappropriate.

    What does his “era” have to do with him dropping judgmental and sexist comments into a discussion about misogyny and sexism?
    Women have been raging about this Favreau thing, and especially about how we cannot ignore it. But john can do this and that’s ok?
    Does anyone else see the irony?

  170. That pic is really bad. Really bad. Didn’t our greatest leaders write their own speeches? Hmmmmm….

    My life is ditto RD’s above — we were pre the whole scary AIDS thing — so — I think I was dancing around to Prince or The Talking Heads or…?
    Not Madonna — but Madonna represents a whole HUGE segment of tail end boomers — our lives are free–that way. This part of the “feminist” movement doesn’t take any lip from types like the above. In fact, they get called on it, no?

    Hahahahahaha! Fab job RD.

    We don’t hate men in this era. We have had lots of relationships with many, I’d guess — on these two coasts.

    We grew up expecting equality — it was never an issue–and we got it — mostly because we were respected — not just on the job–but in our fields. We grew up knowing we were going to go to college, didn’t we?

    This makes us different from our mothers — who probably didn’t.
    Being just a mom was probably not enough for MANY of the girls who came of age in this era.

    ps: RD, that writing I have done was a feminist act…
    hahaha! and O is OUR GEN. He will get away with nothing that way — like the sweetie or the finger. Not with this gen of women. Not ever. This gen knows itself. We really know ourselves. Deeply.
    We were coming of age right when John Travolta was disco-ing his way across Sat. Night Fever. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Remember “Looking for Mr. Goodbar?”


  171. Hey does anyone know if there are any pics of Jon-boy’s momma out there that could, ya know, be altered? Let’s see how funny it is when the shoe’s on the other foot!

  172. Bostonboomer I do so agree that Hillary Clinton will be damned no matter what she does. I also didn’t realize that she had no herself commented. I thought the “comment” from the Senior Advisor was from her.

    That said, if you are gonna be damned no matter what you do or say, might as well call the bastards out when they get our of line. This photo is not only out of line, it is waaaaaay over the line. It makes me furious. It is not just about Senator Clinton. It is about the pervasive disrespect of women in this society. Cheer-leaded on by nitwits like the female fool in the background. And that angers me most of all.

  173. Oh, come on… I’m sure Hillary will have a say in what happens to this guy. I trust she should and will be the main voice in this. I’m a middle aged woman and I don’t like this either, but all of you seem to be creating a lot of crap on this site that is anti-Obama and pro-Hillary. What’s the point?

  174. Chris you must be new here.

  175. No one but Hillary and her camp should be paying off her debt. Get real about this, she chose to carry on when she didn’t have the money and after it was obvious she had lost the nomination. And, how many candidates can make a personal loan of those magnitudes to their own campaign.

    Furthermore, the woman int he background of the photo does not have the same perspective the cameraman has. How can you put another woman down claiming she is doing something you do not even know about? That’s sexist and why hold her to such an utterly beyond perfection standard – women shouldn’t have to be perfect or be superwomen to try and please others. Isn’t that part of feminism?

  176. fredster wrote: Screw drunken, murdering Ted Kennedy, Caroline and the other drug/alcohol addicted Kennedys. Caroline Kennedy has done nothing worthy of being “annointed” to the Senate seat.

    I could not agree more Fredster! Get lost Teddy and stay there.

  177. you are a freakin maroon.

    Hillary was joking in her reply about reviewing his application.

    btw you were banned from kos for overt raci$m.

    You tried to pretend you were just showing people what it felt like, but it was disgusting.

    Anybody can search kos very easily for Goldberry.

    You might need to fool some people all of the time to sleep at night.

  178. Catarina: I think John is more conservative than we are and it *does* seem like he came from another era. Buy he can be taught. I’m sure of it. So, try to see him more like a Rip Van Winkle than an asshat jerk like Favreau. John is pretty brave to be hanging out here. He’s an opportunity, not an enemy.

  179. Polo; you ought to be careful that someone doesn’t drop a house on you.
    Think what you want. I’m not ashamed of my record as either Riverdaughter or goldberry. But I’m afraid there’s very little you can do about your stupidity. Favreau did not apply for the state job but if he gets transferred there, it would be the best thing that ever happened to him.
    Gee, aren’t you proud of Jon? He wrote all that hopey changey stuff that you fell for hook, line and sinker. And then he turns out to be a total jerk who cynically led you like the Pied Piper. This is the guy Obama paid to write his speeches on inspirational transcendence, presumably because he couldn’t write them himself. Oh, you’ll say he didn’t have time. I’d say he didn’t have talent but that would make me racist.
    BTW, what are you doing here? Don’t you have some celebratory party to attend?

  180. Great bb! I agree with the other suggestion to superimpose other faces on HRC’s too–send them out over the internet. Use MO’s, Oprah’s, Caroline Kennedy’s, “your mother,” “your daughter” etc. Drive the point home.

    extremely good idea …

  181. Chris, I was following this election season religiously.
    I was in Denver. I got passed notes from delegates and superdelegates about the ibtimidation of Hillary’s delegates by Obama’s droogs. I know how corrupt his org is. You don’t yet. I don’t care if you don’t like it. It is my job to call him on every underhanded, fraudulent, cynical, corrupt, sexist thing he does. I will never let you rest easy. Obama lost the primary and colluded to steal the nomination with the DNC. You don’t have to believe it. We were there every step of the way.
    So learn to accept it. Get over it. We’re here and we’re not going away. Before we’re done, we are going to show you what a complete fraud Obama is. If it makes you uncomfortable, GOOD.

  182. Chris, on December 6th, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Oh Chris, let me enlighten you. She never lost. Obama with the help of the DNC stole the nomination from Hillary. You can pretend as much as you like but that fact is never going to change. Your guy is a fraud, liar and corrupt. Get used to it.

  183. polo,

    Before you lecture anyone about “overt racism,” you might want to look up what the word “maroon” refers to. It is a term that was historically used to refer to a fugitive black slave.


  184. BTW, I’ve seen people troll-rated at DK for using that term. I guess that was before the influx of Obamabots reduced the quality of the writing at that place to National Enquirer level.

  185. […] been on roll about this and I suggest you check it […]

  186. And, how is this different than the cardboard cutout of BHO used as a Halloween decoration? That guy was arrested. Yet, here are two speech writers who – most likely – will not have a damn thing happen to them – fired or otherwise.
    The ONLY reason they did it was BECAUSE it is a HRC cutout and for no other reason. They need to be fired to set an example that a school-boy attitude will NOT be tolerated.

  187. Wow, the freaks sure came out on this thread.

  188. Yeah, scrubs, and I say we leave the trolls here to show what we’re dealing with. Can you imagine attacking someone for “overt racism” and using a racist word to do it?

  189. johninca wrote:
    “As someone who deeply respects feminine beauty, and has quite a poetic paper trail to prove it, I can tell you that no good will come from women shoving their sexuality in our faces.

    We won’t respect them; we will consider them little more than lovely buffoons and fools. But poets will have a gentlemanly sympathy for them even in their misguided ways”

    I resent your ambition to speak for anyone else but yourself – what’s that “we” bs? Do I know you?
    “Lovely buffoons and fools”? wow – I never considered anyone to be a “Lovely buffoon” – what the hell is that anyway?
    What does it matter what reaction you would have “gotten” if the comment was made about men. The issue is that you’re making the comment about women. Men don’t comment like that about men – women don’t comment like that about men – that’s the point.
    Some of us are just a bit slower than others – it’s ok john …

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  191. Why the vicious attack on the woman in this photo? Your post conjures a fantasy of her sleeping with one or both of these men … “the orgasm was worth it …” WTF? Talk about misogyny. She is not miming an assault. She is not pretending to pull a woman’s hair while shoving a beer down her throat. She is standing behind the cutout and perhaps didn’t even know exactly what these assholes were doing.

    Unfair and gratuitous. You know nothing about her except that she was at this party, and you’ve created an entire persona for her and then derided her for it! How can you possibly hold her responsible for these men’s behavior? I’m really astonished.

  192. tinfoil – it seems that all those in the picture just might be the entire Obama speech writing team. If so, I kind of think that the woman just might know what these fools are doing.

    From Dakinikat’s site:

    We think we’ve identified the entire Obama speech writing team:

    Adam Frankel … kissy guy on the right
    Sarah Hurwitz in the back left
    Ben Rhodes in the back right

  193. Doesn’t matter if the woman is on the speechwriting team. This post claims she’s sleeping with these guys.

    Is it not likely she’s struggling against patriarchy the way all women are? Is it not likely she’s unversed in feminist theory, and that’s why she even works with these jerks? I think the attack on her was completely out of line.

  194. I am so glad to have found other individuals who are just as outraged about this photo as I am. I have been looking at comments about this subject on Facebook, news sites, and other blogs and I have been disheartened by some prevailing attitudes of, ‘So what? Why should we care? There are more important things like war, genocide, a failing economy . . .’

    I am not sure why people–men and women alike–are under the impression that the status of women in society is not important. I’m a firm believer in equal pay for equal work, but I also think that equal respect is important. This doesn’t mean that because I’m a woman you can’t disagree with me, it just means you cannot degrade/disrespect/belittle, etc. me or my body BECAUSE I am a woman.

    I am a recent college grad just joining the workforce (I’ve had jobs before, of course, but this is my first *real* job), and I am concerned what will happen to young women like me if Obama does not fire Jon Favreau. What sort of message will this send? That you can violate a colleague in a sexual manner, even if in likeness? Moreover, how will we ever believe that Obama is as in favor of women’s rights as he claims he is if Favreau is the one responsible for the words coming out of Obama’s mouth?

  195. Crazy bitches

  196. There is only one woman (live) in that picture and yet she is the one you are upset with.
    I have seen that expression on women’s faces a million times. It comes right before the woman says “cut it out assholes” and are told to lighten up.
    There is a whole unseen audience off to the right which the head speechwriter is also playing to. They all now know that their boss thinks sexual assault is a fun game. And so do we.

  197. Maybe Sarah Hurwitz is the one who posted the photo on the head writers’ fan site. She used to be Hillary’s head speechwriter.

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