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Oh my. Obama’s head speechwriter and his friends have been busy!

That guy on the left is one of the young people who provide the words for Barack Obama to read off his teleprompter. That’s Obama’s head speechwriter Jon Favreau groping Rachel Madnhow’s breast. John Favreau’s “friend” is pouring beer down Rachel’s throat while he pulls her head back by the hair. The other Obama speechwriters are Ben Rhodes, Adam Frankel, and Sarah Hurwitz. Are they the other people in the picture?

Rachel Madnhow (photoshop by Swanspirit)

Rachel Madnhow (photoshop by Swanspirit)

UPDATE: This just in. Favreau and his pals have now given Campbell Brown something to complain about.


How about that, Campbell? Now you can talk to Barack about it yourself. You no longer have to wait for Hillary to do it for you.
And what have we here? Nancy and Fav just having a little frat-boy fun!


Who’s up next? Claire McCaskill looks like she’s having a good time!


237 Responses

  1. Nancy”there is no sexism” Pelosi needs to be next.

  2. Most of these heads don’t look yanked back. They look poised and calm. Couldn’t the face image be sort of slanted?

  3. fsteele,

    If you can do it better, go ahead. I’ll post.

  4. Thank you for the credits 🙂
    My pure pleasure , cause if little frat boy Favreau can play with cardboard cut outs , I can certainly play with photoshop 🙂 this is under a Creative Commons license so anyone can feel free to pass it on, post it whereever etc etc , because I am grateful to be able to help.

    You see, IMNSHO , Favreau and friends owe more than a weak apology to Hillary , they owe an apology to all women . Misogyny has got to stop being the accepted cultural norm .
    If he can write those lame ass speeches for bo; he can certainly come up with something more for the women he has so cavalierly insulted .

  5. fsteele

    the original pic doesn’t have a head yanked back.

  6. I think we drove everyone away with our tasteless humor. Or maybe they all have active social lives.

  7. F- yeah swanspirit.

  8. Awe BB- We’re just a bunch of frat girls with too much estrogen blowing off some steam……..

  9. Swanspirit, I know you’re probably worn out with all your artwork, but maybe tomorrow you could do Oprah or Donna Brazile?

  10. Exactly, C Waltz. I can’t believe how much calmer I feel now than I did before we went on this binge of frat-girl fun.

  11. Pelosi- Pelosi- Pelosi- Pelosi

    Have I mentioned I think Pelosi is next?

  12. With 79% reporting, US Rep. Bill Jefferson is behind challenger Joseph Cao 53% to 43%

    Keep your fingers crossed!

  13. Associated Press is calling election for Joseph Cao!

    Bye bye Dollar Bill!

  14. I love this idea. Believe it’s effective.

    Do keep it up!

  15. Oooh! Oooh! Oprah and Brazile with o-man in the middle and kinda tall…. you guys are sooooo bad. What’s next, Obama’s little kids? They’re the one’s who will have the fallout from this Brave New Obot World.

  16. (Or we’re too lazy to type)

  17. I finally got logged in to facebook.

  18. I’m gonna remind everyone why Nancy should be next…….


    It’s no big deal to her. She’s a “victim” all the time.

  19. New Orleans,

    That’s fabulous!!

  20. At least you got the beer bottle in the nostril that time.

  21. No to any kids.

  22. Hi Katiebird!

    You did a fantastic job on Lady Caroline.

  23. But wait guys, I don’t think it’s okay to portray someone being victimized just because you don’t agree with them politically. I mean, that’s what these speechwriters are doing and it’s not okay. But I do think the “are you offended yet” one IS okay.

    So what’s the difference? Under what circumstances is it okay to show a woman (or anyone else) being victimized?

  24. mwaaahhhaaa

    I forgot all about donna “we dont need you ” brazile

    right after pukelosi ..and actually…. I used to frequently do artwork while sitting up listening to music …. nice to be getting back to it 🙂 this is one of mine from some time ago

    A Goddess

  25. Did you ever TP a frat house?

  26. Nij

    Those little girls are exactly why we should be doing this. For that matter, ALL little girls. We need to be teaching them this isn’t excusable or allowable behavior. If men have that much darn testosterone, I suggest they seek medical help because the rest of us should not be subject to their perversion.

  27. This doesn’t have anything to do with politics. It has everything to do with decency.

  28. Nijima,

    I think it’s OK if the woman in question went along with the horrifying misogyny displaced this year by the Obama Campaign, Chris Matthews, David Shuster, and Keith Olberman, among many in the media.

  29. the mod bot got me
    .. and the difference is , to me anyway , is using the victimisation to make the point and teach the lesson , because honestly sometimes unless the victimisation is generalised ; some people actually do not get the full impact . And the point here is that some people need to SEE other women they would never consider in these circumstances , so they can actually SEE how offensive it truly is .

  30. I’ll get you out.

  31. Nij

    The difference is one act was completely thoughtless and the other is meant to provoke thought.

  32. Hi BostonBoomer!

    Thanks — Mister did it. He’s great. I think.

  33. The “it’s no big deal” meme is exactly how you can tell that he put little to no thought into his behavior or the consequences.

  34. Look what someone wrote on Favreau’s site:

    (either man or woman) or someone you care about were sexually degraded by a colleague (again, either man or woman). It would probably feel humiliating. It *does* feel humiliating. And I certainly don’t want to make men out to be the sole perpetrators, or women the sole victims (women can be pigs, too!), but please consider that many women across the nation suffer from sexual harassment daily and often feel silenced because they are not in a position of authority, or do not know what to do. Just as it is important for men and women to have equal pay for equal work, so, too, is it important to have equal respect.

    If Favreau remains a key figure in Obama’s administration (he is quite literally responsible for the words that come out of our esteemed president-elect’s mouth!), imagine the message this sends to people who perpetrate sexual harassment in the workplace and their victims.

  35. Katiebird,

    Thank Mister for me. Caroline’s head was placed so perfectly that it looked like a real picture.

  36. I was too busy serving my country to TP frat houses. By the time I was 27 I had served 9 years and had three kids and I never used my estrogen as an excuse ofr any of my behavior.

    It’s a darn shame that maturity isn’t a requirement to get “the one’s” ear.

  37. Who should be next?

    Nancy Pelosi
    Donna Brazile
    Campbell Brown
    Maureen Dowd
    Ariana Huffington
    Sen McKaskill (sp?)
    Gloria Steinem
    Leadership of NOW — or NOT Now
    Leadership of Naral
    Barrack Obama

  38. Do you see what it says on Favreau’s facebook groper photo?:

    Stick it to the man Jon!
    Added yesterday
    Added by Jay
    to the group “Jon Favreau”

    Good ole’ Jay, sure does know how to take a picture. And CAPTION a picture.

    Exactly what does “stick it to the man” mean?

  39. Who should be next?

    Nancy Pelosi
    Donna Brazile
    Campbell Brown
    Maureen Dowd
    Ariana Huffington
    Sen McKaskill (sp?)
    Gloria Steinem
    Leadership of NOW — or NOT Now
    Leadership of Naral
    Barrack Obama

  40. ot: i would just like to announce that New Orleans has just sent the first Vietnamese American to congress and has defeated William ‘Dollar Bill’ Jefferson

    he’s also a republican believe it or not

  41. Well I’m glad NOLA said no to corruption. I’m reserving judgement on his replacement.

  42. Nijima,

    I think maybe someone put the photo back on Favreau’s page. I can’t figure out how to navigate facebook. It’s very wierd.

  43. That’s great, Dakinikat! I’m glad Dollar Bill is a private citizen once again.

  44. Dak, isn’t Cao an immigration attorney? Someone who finally understands the issue from the inside.

  45. yup, prolix, he’s a republican, an immigration attorney and prof here … he immigrated here right before the fall of saigon

  46. Our immigration process is a cluster. The clue is that you NEED a lawyer to navigate the system.

  47. bb: if it’s on his page, it’s because he was tagged

  48. Yeah, let’s keep this going!

    I’m sick of it, myself, and am going to do everything in my power to make this go viral. I suck at photoshop type things but I have the power of e-mail.

  49. Donna Brazil Please oh please!

  50. What does “tagged” mean, Dakinikat?

  51. I found Adam Frankel’s page, but there’s no picture and no friends. It just says “Obama for America”

  52. Well, I reported the picture to the facebook authorities. As they are likely Obots, nothing will probably happen except that I’ll lose my facebook access for some “mysterious” reason.

  53. Hmmm, my posts are going to cyberspace. Strange.

  54. I’m back and refreshed from dinner.

  55. I found Sarah Hurwitz’s page, but you can’t really see the picture of her.

  56. i want pelosi … the mo i put on facebook earlier is really making the rounds … keep going swan and katie!!!

  57. SOD,

    LOL! That’s a wonderful idea. You are just filled with the Christmas spirit.

  58. bb: tagged means some one else identified you in a picture on their profile, it shows up on yours too

  59. Dakinikat,

    What do you think about putting your post on Real Clear Politics. According to Heidi Li anyone can post something there. Then we can all go recommend it and it will get more attention.

  60. SOD! Great damned idea. I am personally sending a link to Dak’s page to my favoirte bots. Maybe NOW they will get the picture.

  61. Scrubs,

    I don’t know what happened to your comments. I didn’t find anything in moderation or spam.

  62. I definitely want Pelosi too!!!!

  63. I’m looking at that page, and it’s a group page. Favreau’s not even the moderator. There are some 200 members and it’s open to anyone.The photo was apparently not loaded by him. But someone sure did take his photo. Some firefighters here got into some very deep doodoo having a booze party at a firehouse and making a bunch of r@cist comments.

    I took a couple of screen shots–something tells me that one might not stay up.

    And read the comments! It sound like none of them would mind being in a picture like this!

    As far as who goes into the picture next, where are Angie and myiq..and wwmyiq2xud? What about photoshopping Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama watching the action?

  64. This link to Facebook is not a link to Favreau’s personal profile. This is a public profile. A lot of people in the public eye have one and they’re usually created by others. Frequently fans and admirers. This profile is one of those public ones created by someone else, and you can upload photos to it yourself.

    By the way, I love these photoshopped pics! Oprah, Donna Brazile, Joy Behar, and MoDo definitely must be included!

    And these four names are definitely the other people in the picture?

  65. is the link correct?

  66. Why don’t you send it to drudge before it gets taken down? Did drudge do it yet?

  67. Somebody on one of the old posts suggested Susan Rice.

    Nijima–I read a lot of comments that were negative.

  68. bb: i don’t know how to do that, I’d have to check it out

  69. I don’t think the other people in the picture can be identified.

    You certainly don’t want to make a mistake with that.

  70. Nijima,

    One of the pictures was of Favreau and Obama in a private setting. I don’t understand how facebook works obviously.

  71. who is Adam Frankel?

  72. You know, I have always wondered why Obama’s speeches were such crap. Now I know.

  73. OT: I got a $50 refund today from Hillary’s campaign because apparently I donated over the $2300 limit. And there you have Hillary and Obama in a nutshell – Hillary refunds me $50 back because it’s against the law to accept it. Obama keeps tens, if not hundreds, of millions that are against the law!

  74. Mr J:


  75. afrocity — are you back or still hitting the stores in NYC?

  76. Have you forgotten Howard Dean so soon–don’t you love him anymore?

  77. I edited the post so it doesn’t identify anyone in the picture.

  78. SOD,

    Adam Frankel is one of Obama’s speechwriters, along with Jon Favreau, Sarah Hurwitz, and Ben Rhodes.

  79. wonder if that’s sarah over on the left … did you check for pix of her bb?

  80. “DYB”
    Same thing happened to me.
    Now I want to go to the Dec 15th NYC event; but I can’t unless
    I can get 10 others @ $100 each to go.

  81. DYB
    Same thing happened to me.
    Now I can’t go to the NYC event.

  82. I have just got home from a hard days shopping in NYC. In my hotel room. Round two tomorrow.

  83. hmm my posts are disappearing into thin air with the links

  84. darn my posts are disappearing

  85. swan … the MO pic you gave me is viral on facebook right now 😉

  86. oops there they are

  87. seriously ??? wow maybe a picture IS worth a thousand words 🙂

  88. I love these pictures!!!

  89. hi, myiq, welcome to the land of the living.

    Here’s the main page of the “Jon Favreau” group.


    The main photo would be Favreau with BO, not a private setting at all they appear to be in an office and working. Probably some sort of official photo from the BO campaign organization. You have to scroll down for the other photos and the Hillary one is in plain view below the fold.

    And oh lookie, if you right-click on the photo you can save it as a 454px × 331px jpg. Your own souvenir. What a treat.

  90. Swanspirit, was that Donna Brazile?

    Try posting just one link at a time, they might have a limit.

  91. I think anyone can upload photos to a public group. So we might be able to upload the photoshopped ones!

  92. I don’t know what I’d do without everyone to cheer me up.

  93. afrocity – nice seeing you on line !!!!

    SOD, I can hardly wait !!

  94. It’s an honor.

  95. Nothing would make us happier.

  96. That was Donna we dont need you Brazile indeed … I wonder what SOD is up to 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion …

    I dont belong to facebook so I cannot alway see all the pages ..but I hope the pic with mo does go viral so some thick heads can get the point 🙂

  97. This is Sarah Hurwitz of Washington, DC.

    Here is another picture of her when she worked for Hillary.


    She graduated from Harvard Law, so maybe that’s why Obama thought she was up to his standard. She used to be Hillary’s chief speechwriter.

  98. LOL Buffalo Dung oh my SOD

    you flung dung heeehheeee

  99. Mr. J.– Take it elsewhere. If and when Obama is found to be ineligible, we will discuss it.

  100. SOD,

    LOL! I wish I knew how to do that.

  101. DYB,

    Are you saying we could put those on Favreau’s page?

  102. From pumapac:


    Here’s a head shot of Oprah

    BillieJo 12.07.08 at 12:29 am
    Head shot of Katie Couric

  103. OMG! Taylor Marsh is pushing Caroline for the Senate. She is disgusting!

  104. Looks like I’m all on my lonesome…..

  105. “kiss the baby!!”

  106. bostonboomer> Not on Favreau’s private page. Only the owner of that page can do that. But there are public profiles (Hillary has one, Madonna has one, etc.). These are typically created by fans and admirers and they usually allow people to upload photographs. So if you took a picture of Hillary at a rally you can upload it to her public group/profile. The Favreau page that’s linked above looks like the public profile. The other photos were uploaded by some woman, not by Favreau himself. So other users might be able to upload photos as well.

  107. Can anyone photoshop?

  108. Dear hearts and gentle photoshoppers
    … while this is more fun that shopping for presents 🙂 I need some sleep so I can get at this fresh in the morning 🙂 Been lovely and fun 🙂 more fun than I have had in a while when discussing this issue , and if this helps make a point to ONE person I feel gratified 🙂 , even if I am still stunned at the crassness .

    Sweet dreams …

  109. DYB,

    The photo that is on that page right now was uploaded by someone else. In the caption it calls Favreau a “moron.” It’s facebook group started by some fan of his.

  110. Oh, SOD, that’s priceless–the kiss the baby and the Kerry one.

  111. The flurry of posts on the absurd and adolescent sexism of the Obamaites in the past couple of days is astounding! I was away for a couple of days and so much has come to the fore. Revolting and unbelievable. We truly must rebel against this shocking frat boy stuff.

    Sexism is tyranny, and the battle against it must be fought fiercely and won decisively if we are to really succeed in achieving the American dream. Otherwise, “with liberty and justice for all” is a meaningless pledge.

    American women: we must rebel against the insulting “kings” in our lives! This stuff cannot stand!

    Let’s turn our backs on the alleged future president who has spawned such base behavior!

  112. OMG!! I’ve been out all day and just checked in before bed, and you guys took our conversation from this morning and RAN RAN RAN with it! This is why I luuuuuv the Confluence.

    Perfect. Thank you.

  113. The profile linked above was started by someone named Marcella Kornikova – obviously a fan. And she uploaded 3 of the nice pictures. Someone else uploaded the photo with Hillary’s cutout. (The interesting thing is that this uploader, Jay something, calls Hillary “The Hildabeast,” but he calls Favreau “MORON” and the other guy “Moron’s friend.” It seems like Jay doesn’t like anyone.) In any case, in theory anyone should be able to upload photos there, but I just tried and couldn’t find a way. It’s possible that feature was disabled by the moderator of the group (which would be Marcella Kornikova.) Or maybe I’m just not finding it…

  114. Oh, wait, I just realized. In order to post comments and upload pictures you have to join the group! That’s why I’m not seeing the upload option. I’m not a member of that group.

  115. swan … the MO pic you gave me is viral on facebook right now 😉

    awesome! Is it the one here?

  116. fif,

    How can you see what is happening with the MO pic?


  118. That’s great, SOD.

  119. Here’s McCaskill with a funny look on her face:

    And Sibelius looking really appropriate:

  120. SOD,

    I updated the post. Thanks!

  121. Who is McCaskill? Are these all women who didn’t speak up about the misogyny? Or are they just Obama supporters?

  122. LOL!

  123. I don’t know. How bad is it?

  124. check your mail!

  125. fsteele,

    Those are really good. Sibilius looks like a vampire and McCaskill looks like she’s enjoying it.

    Nijima–They are Obamabot women who stabbed Hillary in the back.

  126. I read the Campbell piece otherwise I wouldn’t know who she is. You guys should really use some links instead of just namedropping like that or assuming everybody knows what these guys look like. It would be educating people and would sound so insider.

  127. use the 2nd one — with Fav’s face uncovered.

  128. I mean *wouldn’t sound insider* I like to think I know something about politics.

    The McCaskill photo made me spit–imagining it photoshopped and all–and I don’t even know who she is. I guess the 30% solution is on the back burner for a while, huh, while the match gets closer to their toes.

  129. Nimja — Campbell called Hillary every name in the book and now blames HER .

  130. i wrote to speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, demanding that she request favreau’s resignation as there is absolutely no excuse for this nor is there any place for this in government today. i encourage you to do so.

  131. Okay, what do we SAY to Sibelious and McCaskill when we send them their photoshops? Challenge them to speak out for firing the guy, or we’ll spread their images publically?

  132. I just read the Campbell piece at CNN, everybody’s linking to it, –she deserves every bit of it.l And she has a bully pulpit she could have used herself to denounce what she thinks others should be denouncing–she is is the best position to speak out against the misogyny right now and where is her voice?

  133. I think you have to consider that BO is now the head of the party, and even the kingmakers won’t go against him right now.

  134. bb: How can you see what is happening with the MO pic?

    I can’t. I just saw her post on a previous thread, and read her comment saying her pic had gone viral on Facebook. I was wondering if it was the MO pic.

    Great job everyone. Really makes the point.

  135. check your mail BB

  136. I just read the Campbell piece at CNN, everybody’s linking to it, –she deserves every bit of it.l And she has a bully pulpit she could have used herself to denounce what she thinks others should be denouncing–she is is the best position to speak out against the misogyny right now and where is her voice?

    Nijma: who are you talking about?

    You guys are too entertaining–it’s frickin 1:45 a.m., I have to go to bed.

  137. Here’s Pelosi with her head back and her teeth clinched:

    Here’s Pelosi objecting:


    Like the title says:

    Pelosi is too easy!

  138. fif — can you believe this?

  139. Do you think they even get it?

  140. Nijima,

    I added a bunch of links. Are you happy now? I can’t believe you don’t know who Campbell Brown and Claire McCaskill are? Weren’t you paying attention during the campaign?

  141. fif
    she’s disgusting:

    Hillary is now State Department, not in charge of circuses. And the press release from Hillary’s camp was diplomatic , understated, and icy.

  142. SOD,

    The Claire McCaskill one is the funniest of all! I can’t stop laughing!

  143. oooh, bb, snark.
    Do you know who …never mind

  144. LOL

  145. FSteele,

    We just did circulate them publicly. Tennesee Guerilla Women linked to us and Murphy. We are getting hits. We’ve had nearly 4.5 million page views. We just celebrated 4 million a few weeks ago.

  146. Nijima,

    What do you mean, “never mind.” Don’t leave us hanging.

  147. Here’s the question I have yet to hear asked: Why was the cardboard cutout of Senator Clinton present at this party in the first place? Was it there to honor her or disrespect her?

  148. I can go to sleep happy after seeing that Claire McCaskill photoshop. I can’t wait to see what Dakinikat says about it.

  149. And … NOW … ta-da….

    I thought of her first….

    Taylor Marsh

  150. Nell,

    I know which of those I think is true. What do you think?

  151. Teh pelosi link I like, and now I understand why she got photoshopped.
    The McCAskill official webiste makes her look like a hero.
    Here is one link to a generic story about the cutout:

  152. FSteele,

    That’s a good idea, but it will have to wait. I’m too pooped to post another one, and SOD must be ready to drop.

  153. Someone please make it stop. 😦

  154. FSteele,
    We just did circulate them publicly

    You already phptoshopped Sibelius and McCaskill and circulated them? That was fast!

  155. I like this link from the Chicago Trib Swamp better as a generic one for the story.

    Their comments are also more well tended and don’t have the obvious bots on them, also they make a lttle funny:

    A transition official said that Favreau had “reached out to Senator Clinton to offer an apology.”

    Considering the photo, I don’t think I would have used the phrase “reached out to Sen. Clinton” in that statement.

  156. Apparently this idea has legs

  157. I posted about that earlier. I saved up all the stories. I might write a post about the coverage. Anyway, I switched the McCaskill link.

  158. SOD,

    How did you find that? I’m so excited. It’s going viral whether we started it or not. The Donna Brazile one is hilarious.

  159. OMG! That Campbell Brown picture is priceless!!

  160. boomer — it was in the comment section of the link Ninjma had above

  161. alrt Boomer — I’m done for tonight. Thanks for the chuckles.

  162. By Monday this is going to be a big problem for the O-man.

  163. Thank you for the pictures, SOD. I just hope I can stop laughing about the McCaskill pic.

  164. All these photos should be blasted everywhere, including the women who helped enable this sort of thing!

    They are just so perfect and BLUNT!

    Frankly, we have SCUM in Washington now.

    Speaking of which–NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood…let’s all send them these pics!!!!!!

  165. BB: You said it. The weekend has only given it time to grow.

    Way to go, O-man. You administration is off to a glowing beginning.

  166. I read a comment at the jerk’s Facebook site….which was right on the money..
    Samantha Powers was kicked out because she called Hillary a monster…when does this pig GO???>

    We need to mount a campaign for the broader public….!!

  167. PS—imagine that Inauguration Party….with the police being forced to suspend the hours for drinking at bars…
    What the hell will be going on there?????

  168. Regency,

    Check out the link that SOD found. It’s at 2:11.

    Now I’m so wide awake I don’t know if I can get to sleep. I should never stay up this late.

  169. BB: I hope you know my question was rhetorical. I may not post too often, but my sentiments have always been clear. I have been carrying on a one-woman argument on the WaPo site against a poster calling herself PhDiva–a black woman whose powers of logic are, shall we say, sorely lacking.

    The boyz at the Alpha Gamma Obama frat party depicted in the photo would have a Hillary cutout for one purpose and one purpose only. It is for this reason I don’t accept the drunken boys-will-be-boys excuse.

    Not that I’d accept such an excuse in any event…this cretin needs to be sacked, and NOW!

  170. FSteele,

    What is your problem? We posted them on our blog, which gets about 20,000 page views a day. Murphy posted one on her blog. If you want to sent the pictures to other places, please go right ahead. You can copy them and send them to anyone you want.

  171. Nell,

    Of course I knew that. Sorry if it didn’t sound that way. It’s a very good question, and I’d like to know the answer myself.

  172. I love the Donna Brazile pic! I’d like it better if she were naked.

    Gawd, I had that lard-assed bitch!

    Yes, no need to remind me these remarks are totally sexist–I don’t care! It’s nearly 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m suffering from insomnia. So sue me!

  173. BB: Saw it. Good. I hope it goes crazy out there. This is unacceptable. It pisses me off and frankly makes me fear for HRC’s physical safety in proximity to these guys. I know she’s got the SS but these bastards have access and this is how they act with a mere cardboard cutout. I wonder how they plan to face her knowing she knows. I hope she “accidentally” drops coffee on someone’s lap. Maybe that would help that “boy” be a little less boyish.

  174. Nell, on December 7th, 2008 at 2:35 am Said:
    I have been carrying on a one-woman argument on the WaPo site against a poster calling herself PhDiva–

    If that’s still going on, you can post a link at
    and maybe some Pumas will join in.

  175. Good night, folks. Back to the grind.

  176. That should read: Gawd, I *hate* that lard-assed bitch.

    Doesn’t make it any nicer–just more grammatically correct.

    BB: We’re cool. Sorry if I seemed overly sensitive. Sometimes it’s tough to be an outsider here. It’s one reason I post less often than I might otherwise do. Let’s just say I’d post more often if I didn’t feel the need to pull my punches.

    Best regards…

  177. Nell,

    You’re not an ousider. You’re just another Conflucian. Please comment more. But even if you don’t, you’re one of us.

  178. I’m reposting this from above; I think it’s from the PumaPAC

  179. Went away for a while and there are even BETTER pictures. This is great!

  180. Look at the picture-those are the people behind the slogan “Change”…

    behind the hype about a post-racial, post -partisan society….

    behind the spin about the creative class.


    Yes Nell, that cut-out was there for that purpose.

  181. And the officers of NOW

    Kate Michaelman of NARAL who bashed Hillary about a debate:

    Mary Alice Carr
    V.P. for Communications
    NARAL Pro-Choice New York

  182. Thank you for this! can’t see enough shirt ironing bots in this position!

  183. […] The Confluence goes all out with a whole photoshop entry […]

  184. I guess I am just tired as I just got home from work.
    I was reading the comments and posts all I could think of was the democratic party put these low-lifes in a postion to represent the country.
    They want to replace Senator Clinton who has worked her heart out for the people of this country with a light weight in Caroline Kennedy.
    They inflicted us with a man who would not walk away from a church that preaches “God damn America” and whites are evil.
    They have sat on their asses in congress and did nothing for the country just collected a salary.
    They made me ashamed that I was a demcrat for 50 years.
    It is almost like the democratic party today is an inside enemy of America.
    They would hurt her before they would help her.



  185. I guess I am just tired as I just got home from work.
    I was reading the comments and posts all I could think of was the democratic party put these low-lifes in a postion to represent the country.
    They want to replace Senator Clinton who has worked her heart out for the people of this country with a light weight in Caroline Kennedy.
    They inflicted us with a man who would not walk away from a church that preaches “God damn America” and whites are evil.
    They have sat on their asses in congress and did nothing for the country just collected a salary.
    They made me ashamed that I was a democrat for 50 years.
    It is almost like the democratic party today is an inside enemy of America.
    They would hurt her before they would help her.



  186. sorry about the double post
    I really am tired.

  187. What I’m taking from this is that the Democratic Party is not safe. That Hillary will need to go the route of Bill and create something positive on her own. The “end of her political career” may not be the bad thing we think it is.

    I’m not for giving up on politics entirely, but we are definitely going to have to create alternatives to the parties that exist.

    Thank you bb and others for making the case against Favreau’s degrading behavior. Degrading to Clinton, women and himself.

  188. Good morning – these newest pictures are great! I hope they do go viral and wake some people up.

  189. purplefinn, on December 7th, 2008 at 6:51 am Said:

    What I’m taking from this is that the Democratic Party is not safe. That Hillary will need to go the route of Bill and create something positive on her own. The “end of her political career” may not be the bad thing we think it is.

    You are right. I think it might be good for her to leave politics.

  190. What i want to see is a pic of BO with Favreau’s hand a bit lower, let’s say in the groin area.

    If I knew how to do photoshop I’d have it up.

    Anyone brave enough to do that one?


  191. The articles from yesterday have been the most beautiful pieces detailing the difference between sexual confidence and sexual exploitation I have ever read. Unfortunately, – and I know this from conversations with a family member – self-proclaimed feminists have confused exploitation with confidence. They think it is perfectly fine for a woman to be exploited as long as she exploits herself such as all the famous women who pose nude in sexualized ways just so that they can “feel like a woman.” No one is forcing them to do this; they have been raised in a society with a distorted belief about what womanhood means. They don’t realize the damage this is doing in our society to women as a group.

  192. I loved SOD’s 2:05 find of an Obot blaming Clinton for hanging out at a party where beer was being consumed. They really are that stupid

    “Why is Hilary Clinton at a frat party which is obviously overflowing with booze? Shouldn’t we call her judgement into question? Obviously the guy shouldn’t have put his hand there, but it takes two to tango.”

  193. IMHO, the reason this pic has gone viral and is so powerful is because it is a perfect snapshot of what HRC went through during the primaries.

    In this case that old saying a picture is worth a thousand words is spot on.

    What makes it even more troubling is the fact BO’s main spokesman, the person who writes what BO thinks, his primary counsel, is the one doing the groping.

    Favreau’s molesting a cardboard HRC cut-out mirrors the psychological battering she endured during the elections.

    And just as BO gave his implicit approval of Favreau and all his idiot frat-boy advisors during the elections, his silence now sends the message that woman-bashing is fair game in his administration.

  194. basil, well said. This photo symbolizes what we saw, felt raged against and are motivated by even now. It seems that the treatment of Clinton and Palin in this election are kicking off the Fourth Wave of feminism.

  195. I don’t know if any one suggested it or not, but how about putting Obama in the same pose with some mean looking men. and make it real nasty and circulate it.
    Since we now know the quality of the person who wrote Obama’s speeches may be a suggestion will be to go back and READ them without the benefit of the tall hansome man with good voice. I bet it will sound as hollow as the writer’s character. For some reason I was never impressed with the speeches even when he said some I normally agree with, may be because it sounded like cut and paste job, now I know who wrote them I am sure that what it was.

  196. Apparently Hillary is in a soap opera

    Is Clinton’s star power an asset or a liability? Not even Colin Powell among recent secretaries can match Clinton’s celebrity. That wattage, notes one former adviser to Bill Clinton, means that Obama can signal “very high-impact U.S. engagement” by sending her to trouble spots, rather than only by visiting himself. Clinton’s international fame also ensures that she’ll wield a huge megaphone in the global war of ideas.

    The downside will be if Clinton’s star power encourages her to see herself as an independent power center, a debilitating delusion in this job. “She’s potentially a groundbreaking secretary at a time when we need one,” Miller says. “Alternately, she’s the star role in a soap opera. You can call it ‘As the World Turns.’ That would not have a happy ending.”


  197. ownaa – please! Obama is neither handsome nor does he have a good voice. His ONLY best speech was the one he gave at the 2004 Democratic convention.

  198. You brilliant photoshop wizards!
    Great job, PUMA’s.

    and SOD-I love that Christmas card idea-you’re a genius!
    My Obama supporting friends are in for a special treat.

  199. purplefin,

    A poster upthread (I think) said today’s 20-something women don’t have a clue about the horrible significance of what was done to HRC and Palin and they’ll have to experience woman-bashing themselves before they ‘get it.’

    Right now they’re operating under the assumption it’s not them targeted by sexism nor do they yet recognize the misogyny. Either they’ve been so brainwashed by the fluffization of women as anchorettes, sit-com bimbos and rap-song ‘hos’ or they’re so confident they’re beyond ‘all that’ they have simply ignored what is so obvious to those of us who HAVE been there, done that, and are all too aware of the continuing prevalence of women-hating as a US policy.

    Sickening, isn’t it?

    BTW, ownaa,
    I mentioned this above.

    ‘What i want to see is a pic of BO with Favreau’s hand a bit lower, let’s say in the groin area.’

    Agreed. I HATE the sound of BO’s voice. He’s just a typical below par pulpit-preacher without the resonance or eloquence of many ‘hood’ reverends.

  200. who gives a rat’s ass about Babs

    Can someone photoshop Barbara’s head into the Favreau pic?

  201. catarina,


    Might give her a heart attack! 👿

    I’m still waiting for BO’s pic photoshoppedthere.

  202. basil

    Barbara practically fucked Obama when she had him on the View.

    Told him how “sexy” he is-she is so disgusting.

    I will never watch the View again. After Meredith Viera left it went straight downhill.

  203. The number one reason for watching the View is a reinforcment that there are people out there who are ten times dumber than you! Watching it makes me feel as if I were a member of Mensa!

  204. They still won’t get it with any of these picture, because they’re all still women, and as we know from this year, you can do whatever you want to a woman and it will not register as immoral in a misogynist. What you want to do is replace those females with pictures of Obama himself, or Joe Biden, or the Rahminator. Homophobia they get; misogyny they do not.

    I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to photo shop that breast-cupping arm down low, if you know what I mean…

  205. anna belle,


    I said that upthread a couple of times.

    Bet no one is brave enough to do it, though.

  206. Missed that Basil. Good idea. I wonder if anyone will have the guts to do it. I would, if I had the skills, but alas, I have none and no photoshop.

    I triple dog dare those who do, though. 😀

  207. Back in the day, the moment you , as a woman, really understood the misogyny was called ” the click” .
    When some event , and it could be seeminly minor, causes your brain to “click” and you got it. These young women, some still need the click….but a good number had it during the primary when they saw the hate on thier boyfriend’s or brother’s faces….the click is the realization it’s meant for all women who “step out of line” , not just the supposed target ….and it inculdes you. If we could “get” such things before we realize it’s ment for us too….it would be nice . But as with most things, it’s not until it bites your own ass that you get it .

  208. just checked his facebook … it’s still out there, it is on his profile and Jay Seibert posted it and Hillary is tagged as the Hildebeast … Jon’s tagged as “the moron” kissy guy on the right is just tagged “the moron’s friend”

  209. and the face book is a ‘group’ so it may or may not be ‘his’

  210. Dak and bb — these are brilliant. People can keep acting like they don’t see the big deal, but this wouldn’t be going viral if it wasn’t saying something important.

    Do BO please. Let’s see how they like that one.

    I am in awe.


  211. Also, does anyone know how to contact that woman in the pic and get details about when the party was, how the Hillary pic ended up there, and what the other people in the room were saying/doing? Obviously there was someone eagerly taking pictures, but this calls for some investigative journalism, and since the msm is dead —


  212. the other guys are out there on facebook but their profiles are all private

  213. Wow thanks for the history lesson, paper doll. I was not familiar with the phrase “the click.” Interesting little tidbit. Hmmmm…a campaign for “click awareness” sounds like a good idea.

  214. The woman in the picture is probably Sarah Hurwitz. She actually looks sort of disgusted. She was Hillary’s top speechwriter during the primaries. To me this doesn’t look like a “party” at all. I think it’s just the speechwriters in a room. They don’t look drunk to me either, but who know. The fact is someone took this photo and Favreau posed for it. He needs to be fired and so does the guy on the right.

  215. dakinikat> That’s not Favreau’s private account. It’s a public profile started by some fan, Marcella Kornikova. It’s more like a group. Anyone can join and then upload pictures and comments.

  216. I have another one.

  217. State — let’s have it please!


  218. Ohh! Me! I want to see!

  219. The obots say: “It’s just a joke.” Really? People who find sexual harassment or assault “funny” are not well. Further, these idjits would have never behaved that way with an image of Michelle Obama, drunk or not. And even further, Favreau (or “Favs” as he says he is called) would have been fired by now if it had been Michelle’s picture.

    The obots say: “But they were drunk.” Really? Was “Favs” drunk when he posted the photo on his Facebook page? Did he remain drunk the entire time the photo was posted? Further, I have found that people are their true selves when they’re drunk. Mean drunks are mean people underneath all the civility and anger suppression. And sexist drunks are sexists at heart. Obama and his circle of friends have always been obvious misogynists to my eyes. Unfortunately it takes them getting drunk, and behaving naturally, for it to become apparent to a wider audience.

  220. Sorry to be sort of OT, but I feel that the issue of sexual exploitation is alive and well in our culture. There was some interesting dialogue yesterday about the difference between “art” and sexual exploitation.

    Firstly, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that Mily Cyrus is being “groomed” for what’s to come. However, I can see calling the photo shoot art – but Mily is too young for this IMO.

    Recently, a 3 year clinical study was done with 2000 teenagers both boys and girls re the viewing habits with overt sexual dialogue and risque sexual situations; the results were published in the Medical Journal of Pediatrics. (I think sometimes we forget that our teens are still children!) The results showed that teen pregnancy was TWICE as common in the kids who watched the more sexual shows.

    Lead author of the study, behavorial scientist Anita Chandra says that t.v. shows that portray sexual activity as an endless romp of fun with zero real-world consequences (as we all know they do not) often prompt teens to become sexually active “before they’re ready to make responsible and informed decisions.”

    According to Dr. W.C. Douglass, whom posted the results of this study, our culture has become blase about sex and accepting of casual sex. It is the norm and it is reflected in our T.V. shows. He asserts that one can take a “study” with a grain of salt, but we need to only look around at our culture to see what has become of our morals. Our teens and young children are extremely influenced by it and we cannot always be at their side of every single moment of the day – especially when they become teens and hit that glorious time of puberty!!!

    The Nat’l. Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy agrees that “media helps shape the social script for teenagers.” This (the study) is just good research to confirm that.”

    Our music, our magazines, T.V., movies and above all the Internet, have changed things drastically. We can call some of it “art” – but we have museums and art galleries to view the beautiful form of the female human body. The art through our media basically is sexual exploitation. To me, this is why much our youth do not see the “sexism and mysogeny” going on right now in the political arena.

    Just my Two Cents.

  221. Thanks for the information on teens and sexual exploitation, Sheri.

    I’ve always found it interesting that there is sort of a hierarchy of acceptance of images of the human body. Painting and sculpture are almost always considered art; photography, depending on whether it’s considered “tasteful,” is sometimes considered art; and film/moving pictures are almost always considered as somehow shameful, dirty, and pornographic. This may be why we have no problem taking our children to an art museum but not to an R-rated movie.

    Not sure what it means, it’s just an observation I’ve made.

  222. Great point — like, how could they ‘see’ it as inappropriate when they get zero feedback saying that it is inappropriate?

    I think the clock just moved back to the 1940s here.

  223. To me, the difference between art and porn depends upon how the nudity is portrayed. The naked body can be beautiful and appreciated without being sexualized. That is how I view paintings of Aphrodite or the sculputre of David. The problem is our society is our society interprets nudity in wholly sexual terms so that when there is nudity, it is always in context of sex.

  224. Karen–have you ever seen the painting by Edouard Manet called “Luncheon on the Grass”? It depicts a nude woman seated on the ground between two fully clothed men. When it was first displayed in 1860’s Paris, it was considered positively scandalous. Nowadays, Manet is viewed as the father of modern painting and “Luncheon on the Grass” is a masterpiece.

    Take a look at it and see if you think the context is sexual and the woman is being exploited.

    Just some food for thought…

  225. gxm17 said: Was “Favs” drunk when he posted the photo on his Facebook page? Did he remain drunk the entire time the photo was posted?

    Is it confirmed that it was first posted by Faveau himself? Or on a Facebook site that he controlled?

    Some Facebook sites are ‘about’ a celebrity but built and controlled by others.

    (Not defending him, just a reality check.)

  226. I haven’t seen or heard of that one before, but from what you’ve described, I do call it exploitation. I can’t look it up right now ’cause the computer is in the lviing room, and my parents are watching television. There are a lot of things I watch and listen to that I don’t want my parents to watch or hear.

  227. I know we are being distracted, but I found the photo disturbing enough to do one last night of Obama at the party. Pop in an take a look at it if you’d like a moment of distraction and humor.


  228. From the original Washington Post story:

    “The photos were quickly taken down — along with every other photo Favreau had of himself on the popular social networking site, save for one profile headshot.”


  229. I find the nudity in British movies and tv shows much less exploitive than the American version. (Noting that page 3 girls are whole ‘nother story.) In Britain everyone takes their clothes off, male and female, young and old. In America only the young women do which, IMO, proves that it’s directed at one segment of the population for the sole purpose of titillation. If nudity actually has something to do with the plot line and adds to the story then fine, but 999 times out of 1,000 it’s completely unnecessary.

  230. Someone elsewhere thinks the Michelle Obama version was taken down. If so, this hypocritical sister says put it back up!

    I gather Riverdaughter has been shamed by her hypercritical sisters into taking down the pictures with MO instead of Hillary. This is how we stand in a circle and shoot ourselves.
    Posted by: Greenconsciousness | December 09, 2008 at 06:24 AM

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