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The Law of Unintended? Consequences

Trust Me!

Trust Me!

I’ve been doing a bit of research on Governor Janet Napolitano, and have read many contradicting things about her qualifications and ability to do the job of Director of Homeland Security. I just can’t get a bead on her, so I am adopting a “wait and see” attitude and hoping she will bring some fresh ideas, organizational ability, and competence to the position. I do like the fact that she is female, of course.

Unfortunately, her appointment may be a net negative for the population of Arizona – the pro-freedom population, that is (I use  the words “pro-freedom” and “anti-freedom” because “pro-choice” and “pro-life” are inaccurate and misleading, in my opinion.)

Should Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama’s pick for homeland security chief, be confirmed as expected by the Senate, Napolitano will need to step down from her current position as governor of Arizona.

The state has no lieutenant governor, and its laws dictate that the governor, who is a Democrat, be replaced by Secretary of State Jan Brewer – a Republican.

The Associated Press reports that Brewer, who would be governor through 2010, “had a reputation as a fiscal hard-liner and conservative on social issues while a legislator in the 1980s and 1990s, so her taking over the governorship would mean a new approach from Napolitano’s direction.”

Since governors are not members of a legislative body along the lines of the House or Senate, a shift from blue to red in the Arizona governor’s office doesn’t hold great national significance. There would be far more fanfare if a Senate seat was to switch hands due to an Obama cabinet selection, though such a scenario is extremely unlikely.

Hmmm…the new Governor, Jan Brewer, will be far more conservative with regard to “social issues.”  That sounds a bit ominous.

The CBS story doesn’t go into more details, perhaps because the story is not of “national significance,” or perhaps because the consequences of Jan Brewer’s ascendancy might be a bit more serious for pro-freedom advocates than the “news” outlet would like to admit. But hey – some folks are over the moon. Apparently Governor Napolitano has been a one-woman wall against a veritable tidal wave of anti-freedom state legislation, using her veto pen to protect womens’ rights time and again.

Now, that wall will be gone.

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Incoming president Barack Obama has picked pro-abortion Gov. Janet Napolitano to become his new head of the Department of Homeland Security. (MB’s Note: They’re using “pro-abortion” now instead of “pro-choice.” I’m seeing this new frame more and more, and we should not allow it to pass unnoticed or unchallenged. It’s absolutely disgusting how these people manipulate the language to demonize women.) Napolitano constantly chagrined pro-life advocates with her vetoes of pro-life legislation and the pick may help get pro-life laws on the books there.

Napolitano would have to survive a Senate confirmation vote, which isn’t expected to be difficult despite some criticism of her on other issues.

Should she be confirmed, pro-life Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer would become the state’s next governor — which appears to be good news for pro-life groups.

That would put pro-life advocates in control of both the state legislature and the governor’s seat and would theoretically make it easier to get new laws on the books.

Napolitano has been a formidable obstacle as governor. She vetoed every piece of abortion legislation that has come across her desk — seven pro-life measures in total.

The measures that Napolitano has blocked include a “partial-birth” abortion restriction, strengthening parental consent regulations, inundating women with propaganda and pseudoscience about when their fetuses can feel pain, attempts to allow pharmacists the right to “conscientiously refuse” to fill birth control prescriptions, and preventing taxes from paying for abortions for state workers.

Welcome to hell, women of Arizona. Welcome to being punished for daring to want to control your own bodies. Welcome to getting permission from a committee before you dare to terminate a pregnancy. Welcome to driving hundreds of miles just to get your birth control because your unfeeling asshole of a pharmacist smugly refuses to fill your prescription.

Welcome to your taxes paying for cluster bombs and “bunker buster” nukes and missile defense boondoggles and Blackwater mercenaries who rape and torture women and the Iraq and Afghanistan clusterfucks, but not for abortion.

Because the people who want this for you are “pro-life.” Well, they’re not pro-ALL life, just THIS type of life. 

A Zygotic American

A Zygotic American

And this beautiful vision of a “culture of life” for Arizona is made possible by none other than Barack Obama.

Is tearing down Napolitano’s wall something Obama intended by appointing her to his Cabinet? I don’t think there’s any way to know, unless we suddenly develop telepathic powers. Obama is so good at taking both sides of every issue that we can’t even tell if he’s pro- or anti-freedom.

 But regardless of how well Napolitano may do as Secretary of Homeland Security, I cringe at the thought of her successor, Jan Brewer, piously signing all those horrific measures into law, and what the women (and the men who support them) of Arizona will be going through as a result.

Too bad it’s not an important issue to the corporate media. After all, it’s only teh wimminz…and the law of unintended consequences.

Cross-posted at Partizane

159 Responses

  1. Arizona has been a conservative state since the beginning of time, but recent immigration from lbrul California and other blue states is changing things.

  2. Great Post!

  3. myiq – but the legislature is going to be all wacko fundiegelicals.

  4. I wonder if we will see some of the new voices from yesterday that popped up on this topic?

  5. I lived in Phoenix for three years. I was surrounded by Mormons.

  6. myiq – You mean the “women” who insisted on using the suddenly “neutral” term “pro-abortion?”

    I tell you, that made my meme antennae vibrate. When I saw it in this article on this huge “pro-life” site, I knew it was going to be the next big push from the anti-freedom folks.

    Be on your guard, peeps. “Pro-abortion” is going to start seeping into the language, just like “Democrat Party” did. It won’t be an accident, either.

  7. I hate hearing “pro-abortion” and honestly, I don’t think I know anyone, who would consider themselves to be pro-abortion.

  8. “She” also insisted that Janet N was lousy at securing the border – but governors don’t have anything to do with border security.

  9. TRK:

    We had a visitor yesterday who thought “pro-abortion” was neutral compared to “pro-choice”

    Then she acted young and ignorant when she was called on it.

    Then some other stranger popped up who wanted to know why “pro-abortion” was offensive.

    We had a nice little puppet show.

  10. Myiq – Check out her website.

    She certainly seems to be blurring the lines between federal and state responsibilities. Maybe just to sell herself?

  11. Gov. Napolitano was an ardent supporter of Barry O’Bama and so this is just pay off time. Her primary qualifications for Homeland Security seem to be that she was willing to turn a cold shoulder to a pro-freedom woman with a long record of such support, Hillary, and worship at the shrine of the new Messiah. What happens to the freedoms of all those women in Arizona is of no concern to me, as I think it is about time that all the yuppie women who adored BO learn exactly what it is like to live without the right to control their own bodies. But if Barry is all they believe him to be, then what could possibly be the problem.

  12. Katherine B. – I hear you, but I am afraid that the women who will suffer will not be the yuppies, but the poor and middle-class, who did not vote for Obama at all.


  13. “Deployed the National Guard at federal expense”

    When the feds activate the NG they pay them and they give them their orders.

    Immigration and Customs are federal issues.

    Crimes committed once people cross the border are state issues.

  14. Gotcha, Myiq!

    Yeah, “Karen” really didn’t have much to offer, did “she”?


  15. Pro-abortion is not neutral at all. I have always thought the term pro-choice was more neutral, you have the choice to be for an abortion or against one.

  16. California Governor Pete Wilson made a big deal about immigration.

    Most of his ideas were ruled unconstitutional, including one to pay recent immigrants from other states the lower Welfare payments they would have received in their home states.

  17. TRK – “Pro-choice” is cool, but people who are against abortion think it means “pro-abortion.”


  18. Well, at least we can say that Obama has no problem putting pro-freedom women in his Cabinet. Too bad neither of them will be in charge of HHS.

  19. I haven’t felt like doing more than the occasional lurking, because sometimes it seems like we are dealing with total juvenile idiots, who are clapping their hands and going oooo-weee, everytime they attempt to make a point. And the points they make are usually pretty stupid.

  20. I like pro-autonomy and anti-autonomy. That is really all I ask. Women should be free to control their own bodies. It has always seemed so obvious to me.

  21. TRK – Where is Pat to explain Obot logic to us?

  22. choice – decide, determine, to chose

    abort – terminate, end, cancel

    How could pro-choice and pro-abortion be anything similar?

  23. She is finishing up the tree and it is Friday, she has to clean the house.

  24. NM, AZ, TX and CA are on borders with Mexico which makes “border security” a state as well as national priority.The Southwestern borders states have been very active in driving the border security, immigration debate. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Napolitano has been working on that area.

    Also, I know some very religious people who are “anti-abortion” but liked Bill Clinton’s “pro-choice” record since, you know, abortions went down during his term. Pro-choice doesn’t carry that much of a negative connotation, but “pro-abortion” does. Folks who make millions from their churches conflate pro-choice and pro-abortion by claiming that there are people who run around trying to get pregnant so they can have abortions, or use abortion as a form of birth control. As with the “welfare queen” meme, I suspect the folks who really propagate those memes are trying to hide their own personal biases.

  25. Oh crap, we are talking Obot logic. Ya shoulda told me, there is none.

  26. honora – That’s because you are not allowing any outside influences to control your thinking on this issue.

    Autonomy = freedom (easier to spell)

    I guess I will have to try and figure out myself why being the Governor of Alaska is the same as being the Bronx Borough President because the two areas have about the same population.


    How long am I supposed to look at Obama’s picture again? It’s already starting to smoke a little.

  27. Is fundiegelicals the technical term?

  28. What gets me is that we can put up a post on almost any topic and within minutes we get a freshly spawned tro!! spouting the Obotian position.

    I picture a basement storeroom/office in Chicago:

    “Mister Axelrod! The Confluence has a new post concerning tax policy in Latvia and Estonia. What’s our response?”

  29. Nice post, madamab.

    Sorry I missed the puppet show yesterday. I love watching the idiots get zapped into hyperspace by our moderators!


  30. Joanelle – It’s my term!


  31. Ha! I just read what you wrote above me, myiq! I can imagine the same basement room. They probably already have canned responses and specific people picked out to discuss the particular issue.

  32. Obot logic and muskrat love, can’t figure either out, both baffle me.

  33. myiq – The response is one of the following:

    PUMAs are hypocrites

    Hillary would have done the same

    Get over it


    Hillary sucks

    Obama 4-evah


  34. gqm:

    Border security is not a state issue, despite grandstanding by some governors.

    Our visitor yesterday kept insisting that Janet N. “failed to secure the border” and used the term “pro-abortion” so we guessed “she” was a wingnut tro!! rather than an Obamanational.

  35. do we really have to have teleprompter Jesus’ portrait at the top of this post? Some of us might spontaneously be converted by looking at him

  36. I think of fraternity kids with hardhats that have the tubing for beer, when I think of the obot first responders (myiq-not that there is anything wrong with beer).

  37. I always wanted to create a t-shirt that read: Choice, what a beautiful life!

  38. Nah, elderj, most of us would spontaneously combust, rather than be a bot.

  39. elderj – Oh, I think you’re safe. If we haven’t converted by now, we’re immune to the Obola Virus.

  40. I suspect that most of the tro!!s pushing the birth certificate issue are really Obotians trying to make us look bad.

  41. Ugh!!! I want to scream every time I hear the bc issue brought up. Do they really think we would prefer Biden? Or do they think we believe there would be a whole new election?

  42. I used to think the Obotians were really Freepers in disguise. Some PUMAs are just nuts. Every movement has its fringe elements.

  43. Also, I think some PUMAs are “bitterly clinging” to hope that somehow, some way, Obama will not be inaugurated.

    Some days, I can’t believe it myself. How is the economy going to survive? The guy has no clue!

    We lost 500,000 jobs in November. OMG!

  44. Hello madamab and all other Conflucians. Been a hectic couple of days, so have been lurking rather than posting and frankly lurking very sporadically.

    I think Obama appointed Napolitano for geographic reasons and to get another Democratic Governor into HIS camp.

    Now apologies for going OT but I have a beef (for a change (smile)): I just posted about it – so if you are interested, go here: http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/another-sun-myung-moon-moment-from-my-barack-obama-aka-the-dnc.html

    Actually that post and the couple earlier ones are all related to the more general beef: the DNC is a disaster and I have very little idea about how to fix it. So I’m just bearing witness.

  45. Yeah, regarding the birth certificate thing: I feel the same. It sounds like, constitutionally, Biden would take over now if BO gets disqualified. Ugh.

  46. I bet they have an alarm bell that sounds when bad news breaks:

    “FOX News is reporting that they have a witness that saw Obama doing cocaine in college.

    Everyone hit their assigned blogs and hijack any threads that try to discuss the topic while we dig up dirt on the witness and wait for official talking points from Mr. Axelrod.

    Be sure to mention Bill Clinton’s drug use in college too!”

  47. Madama, I must use one of my fave quotes:

    “Our trip was different. It was a classic affirmation of everything right and true and decent in the national character. It was a gross, physical salute to the fantastic possibilities of life in this country—but only for those with true grit. And we were chock full of that.”

  48. Heidi – I am very glad that you bear witness the way you do. Please protect your site.

  49. Napolitano leaving her governorship (leaving aside her qualifications or lack of qualifications to be director of Homeland Security) has very direct consequence for women in her state. But the only Napolitano story Cafferty and Brown want to talk about is Rendell’s “she has no life?” *This* is the important women’s rights story they should be covering. I’d like to see Napolitano discuss this issue and explain it to her constituents.

  50. I would prefer Biden…..: (

  51. Heidi Li: That message is just scary and should set off alarms to anyone who reads it.

  52. If something happened to the winner of the election between election day and December 15th when the Electoral College votes, it would be interesting to see what happened.

  53. Heidi Li – I’m afraid the DNC is dead. It’s Obama for America now.

    We must go at reform in a different direction.

    TRK – what is that from – True Grit?

  54. Uh-oh…Times is hawd in St. Benawd.

    Spam sales skyrocketing!


  55. Firelight – I would too. I think he’d pick HRC as his VP.

    Yes, I’m a dreamer.


  56. I think if BO were disqualifed because of the bc issue before the electoral college vote, they wouldn’t be able to cast their ballots for him and McCain would win. That being said, I think its a dead issue and a dead horse. The scary thing though is that even if it were proven that he was not a US citizen or otherwise ineligible, I don’t think anyone would do anything about it.

  57. No that is Hunter S. and he was talking about a different kinda trip, but this was has been exceedingly long and strange.

  58. “plan the next steps for this movement”

    1. Flush

    2. Wash hands

  59. elderj: I don’t think anyone would do anything about it either and it would open the door for “Ahnold-I’ll be back Schwarzenegger”

  60. elderj – I don’t think so either.

    Meanwhile, HRC’s salary as SOS will be cut so that she will not benefit monetarily from her Cabinet position. They will make sure SHE complies with the rules, of course.

  61. Must go sing in temple. Later, everyone!

  62. I agree. The DNC is dead.

    The one thing that bothers me about the bc issue is that Obama won’t produce it. Kinda like his school and health records. Obama likes to hide things from his past. I don’t like that in a President. I believe there should be as much openness, especially regarding such mundane records, as possible.

  63. If Obama was disqualified by SCOTUS before the Electoral College voted then they would not be obligated to vote for Biden instead.

    If a VP becomes President because of the death or resignation of the President, the House of Representatives chooses the new VP (but historically they always choose the person nominated by the new President)

  64. Thats the only thing that bothers me, if he isn’t open and forthcoming about little trivial things, just how the hell can you trust him. Any lie is still a lie, words I have used many times in all my divorces.

  65. What difference would it make? We would be trading one goofoff for another.

  66. I think that anyone who runs for President should submit proof of eligibility along with their nominating petitions.

  67. We would not have any problems regarding pro choice, pro life anti abortion, if people would stop having sex! I equate that along with the statement that guns are not dangerous, it is the bullets that create the damage.

    It is so easy to figure these things out when you decide to empty your brain of reasoning.

    Just wait until January 20th when Obama explains all!

  68. I agree. Having Biden as President wouldn’t be an improvement.

  69. Sorry off topic:

    Obama speechwriter gropes cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton.


  70. And a financial accounting of almost a billion dollars in campaign donations. Those are the records that need to be produced and thoroughly examined. It literally turns my stomach that the presidency was bought for that amount of money. Just think of all the good that haul could have been spent on! It would make a nice little dent in our ever expanding deficit.

  71. Ha, Pat!

    You know what my job is, right? EVERY SINGLE DAY on the job, I say the same thing but worded differently: there is just TOO much DAMN sex going on!

    Of course, it has different implications in my job than in what you speak of, but I agree with you anyway.

  72. If BO isn’t eligible, the DNC could put forth another candidate for the electors on Dec. 15 (e.g., Hillary) and that person (e.g., Hillary) would be elected President.

    If it’s after Dec. 15 and BO is found ineligible, then we would get Biden.

  73. The person in this picture is Obama’s new director of speechwriting (REALLY, and TRULY).


  74. UGH!!

    Here’s one huge unintended consequence: I am going to be miles away from BO at Christmas!

    My family is going to Hawaii for Christmas. My brother lives there and we have been so excited about our trip.

    I just read that Obama will be on Oahu for the holidays. I can’t believe it. I am so turned off. No daytrips to Kailua for me this time.

    I have not had such a visceral reaction to a simple fact in years.

  75. I am just jumping on after work, so I apologize if this has already posted, but I am THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED by this latest insult to HRC.


    John Favreau, Obama’s head speechwriter, groping a cardboard cut-out of HRC at a party. What’s worse: HRC’s spokesperson lightly brushes it off as “evidence of bonhomie between the two former rival camps.”


  76. From madamab’s article

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement this week. “Barack Obama should select someone who is eligible for the position of Secretary of State and save the country from a constitutional battle over Hillary Clinton’s confirmation. No public official who has taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution should support this appointment. And aside from the constitutional issue, Hillary Clinton’s long track record of corruption makes her a terrible choice to serve as the nation’s top diplomat.”

    Corruption! where has this fool been during the past two years when Obama was running? Why doesn’t he do something about the DNC and Obama corruption?

  77. BAJ – I don’ t think they could do that since the election is already over. For legal purposes, BO is just another candidate like McKinney, so the DNC wouldn’t get any special treatment. I agree though that candidates should have to submit eligibility paperwork when they file for election so we can avoid this. These lawsuits show up every election year because there is no one overseeing that process.

    But it would be a crazy miraculous hoot if BO was disqualified and Palin got a phone call on Dec 16th saying, “c’mon down to Washington.”

  78. The Arizona conservatives I have met have been the low taxes libertarian variety, not religious nutjobs. Wonder how they will take to all this “social conservative” legislation? Probably not very well.

  79. Clearly O is anti-freedom hence the corrupt way he acquired the presidency.

  80. fif, even more depressing are the idiots who are defending the behavior.

  81. Technically speaking, the electors in the Electoral College can vote for anyone they want.

    Even if their state law said otherwise, they could choose to vote for someone who wasn’t even on the ballot.

    If the person elected by the EC died or was found to be ineligible prior to swearing in, the VP would have to swear in as VP then “succeed” to the office of POTUS.

    After VP comes Nancy P, Harry R and then (hopefully) Hillary.

  82. Re Hillary’s eligibility for SoS: Isn’t it amusing that the same Republicans who stood silently by while the current administration trashed the Constitution are now sticklers for abiding by the rules?

    That being said, however, the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution is clear that a Senator or Representative cannot be appointed to a position which has either been created or the salary for which has been increased during his or her term. Since the SoS salary has been increased since Hillary became a Senator, she is technically ineligible. There is precedent for reducing the salary back to its previous level so that the appointee can serve (this is known as the Saxbe fix).

  83. I’m not going to use up any outrage over some drunken Obama staffer’s stupidity with a picture of Hillary.

    It’s going to be a long four years and I don’t want to run out of outrage too early.

  84. fif, on December 5th, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    I saw it. I am guessing Hillary’s spokesperson is a man.

  85. madamab, on December 5th, 2008 at 4:47 pm Said:

    A couple of points:
    If the DNC is dead and we want to go at reform in a different way we have to prove to lots of Democrats that the DNC IS dead. The people here are SO MUCH more aware of the non Democratic Democratic party than even fairly informed voters.

    And upon exposing the rot in the DNC, we still have to create a viable alternative to reforming it. Third party? Voting bloc? I’m not sure yet whether either of these will work effectively.

    I’m not being argumentative or even saying that the best way to go is to fix the Democratic Party. I’m saying that if we are to do better than either of the current major Parties (and I’m not thrilled with either, you can be quite sure of THAT), we have to convince all these millions of people about to pour into D.C. for the inauguration that the DNC is not an independent organization nor one one answerable to most “rank and file” self-identified Democrats let alone anybody else. And then we have to have a real alternative.

    TheRealKim, on December 5th, 2008 at 4:47 pm Said:

    Yes, it is scary and I think we have to keep exposing this stuff.

    Similarly, we have to start demanding that Favreau be disqualified from working in the executive branch based on that picture.

  86. It’s going to be a long four years and I don’t want to run out of outrage too early.

    I don’t think you can run out of outrage when it concerns Obama. He won’t let that happen. He is the messiah.

  87. Has the topic of Obama’s speechwriter groping a cardboard cut-out of Hillary been discussed?

    Hillary’s spokesperson made a joke out of it. I think that’s really inappropriate.

  88. JeanLouise, on December 5th, 2008 at 5:36 pm Said:

    I don’t mind if Senator Clinton makes a joke out of it. If she did anything anything else they’d all be howling that she’s a prima donna.

    But WE have to insist that Favreau go.

    Time for another petition, friends?
    Those with blogs, how about posting a demand?

  89. The CDS and the braying go on and on and on

  90. Downticket:

    I don’t know, I find it hard to muster any outrage at G-Dub anymore.

    I just want him gone. I wish I could believe that Obama would be an improvement.

    I used to think anyone except Dick Cheney would be better than G-Dub. Not anymore

  91. I’m not outraged over that photo of a drunken child molesting a Hillary cut-out. I’ve done things to Mr. T’s cutout at one of my jobs for the amusement of my co-workers. But, of course, I have no connection to Mr. T. While this immature schmock whose writing would probably piss off his English teachers should have known better. Certainly should have known better than post this picture on frigging Facebook! (I proudly display my picture with Mr. T’s cutout in my profile.) It just goes to show what level of intelligence and maturity you need to work for Barky. The article says this joker has already “reached out” to Hillary over this incident. But I am disappointed her advisors are downplaying it. I’d rather they just responded with a “no comment” followed by “Senator Clinton is reviewing his job application.”

    Incidentally, I’m confused by what job application they’re talking about. What does Hillary have to do with this guy’s position as Obama’s chief speech writer?

  92. myiq2xu, on December 5th, 2008 at 5:38 pm Said:

    You know I thought I was done being outraged and now suddenly it is back. Maybe this is something that is going to ebb and flow.

  93. Heidi:

    But he won’t “go,” he’ll just work from a different location for a while.

  94. So Hillary (via her rep) goes from being a representative of women to thinking Favreau is funny?

    Um, when is Hillary going to be held accountable for going to work for the masters of misogyny?

  95. This is why I stopped going over to Feministing:
    I stopped going over to Feministing long before I stopped going to Taylor Marsh because Feministing is a bunch of weaklings who complain about stupid sh*t like this and place hacks like Campbell Brown on a pedestal but said very little about the sexism aimed at Clinton during the primaries. They also had posts mocking her and older women for supporting her. AND they had one of their posters tell Geraldine Ferrarao “FUCK YOU”. That site has gone way downhill but I decided to go over there for the first time in months to see what kind of b.s. they’d say about Gov. Ed Rendell. I knew they’d be apart of the mainstream media stupidity. Too bad they never held Obama accountable for any sexism coming from his campaign.

  96. Yes Heidi Li! I just sent the link to The New Agenda, though I’m sure they’ve seen it.

    Myiq: this is not “some Obama staff person.” This the uber-kind speechwriter that everyone has been fawning over for months. He is the one who has been putting all of his words in his mouth for these much lauded speeches.

    The job application is a very stringent evaluation that ALL potential Obama staffers are being required to submit.

  97. From Heidi’s site. Someone needs to tell Obama that it is time to be specific about the change he wants to bring. He “won”. He is no longer competing with anyone. No more campaigning!

    But as a Democrat and a democrat, I shy away from messages that sound cultish or invoke the style of Sunday morning TV preachers to “encourage” everybody to “plan the next steps for this movement”. What movement? Mr. Obama: you are the President now. Your job is not to lead a movement, if it ever was. Your job is to lead the country, the entire country, not just those who supported you or voted you. You are the chief executive officer of the United States of America. Form your cabinet, staff the executive branch, and lead the country.


  98. Teresaa:

    Now that you have done your daily Hillary bashing do you feel better?

  99. Hillary’s spokesperson made a joke out of it. I think that’s really inappropriate.

    Jean Louise: me too. Of course, her spokesperson is a man.

  100. Teresaa, on December 5th, 2008 at 5:41 pm Said:

    What’s your source re: Hillary’s response?

  101. I don’t think Hillary herself would have made a joke out of it. Neither would the former President.

  102. fif:

    Like I said – Favreau won’t “go” he’ll just do his job from another office.

  103. The disrespectful woman bashing keeps on coming, just as we knew it would.

    It’s no laughing matter and the little prick Favreau should be canned.

    I will gladly sign and help circulate a petition.

    Hillary’s spokesperson who made the joke should hear from PUMAs too.

    Just imagine the fauxrage if a likeness of Obama was involved.

    But we’re supposed to laugh?

  104. I am waiting, as usual, for Obama to condemn his staffer’s inappropriate behavior.



    Such a strong leader.

    Even Barney Frank is speaking up about his lack of “assertiveness.” Well, Barney, where have you been? When has he ever stepped forward to take an unpopular stance at an inconvenient time that does not promote or save his own career? On a good note, I heard Hannity on the radio on the way home from work talking to one of Hillary’s won-over former enemies–Newt. Hannity was skeptical about the new defense team, and Newt said, “I think you are going to be very surprised Sean. Hillary Clinton is very tough, and very pofessional, and I think she is going to do a much better job than either of the SOS’s in her husband’s administration.”

  105. Just imagine the fauxrage if a likeness of Obama was involved.

    But we’re supposed to laugh?

    Oh c’mon catarina! Just silly pranksters, having a bit o’ fun at the Secretary’s expense. Don’t be so uptight–what are you, frigid or somethin’?

  106. O christ Newt is sucking up to us so we vote for him when he runs against Obama!

  107. An editor at the Dallas Morning News blog is in a moral snit because Indiana Planned Parenthood is offering gift certificates for Christmas (covering any service PP offers). He’s calling them “abortion stocking stuffers”.

    So cancel your negligees, your viagra and that UZI you have on your Christmas list – only politically correct gifts this year.

  108. cat: I hope you know that was snark…

    it will come though: the boys will be boys excuse.

  109. Jmac I was trying to promote the idea of vasectomy certifs yesterday but no-one was interested..men are sort of funny about that stuff..

  110. myiq — I posted this yesterday but I don’t know if you saw it, so I’m posting it again. You are right about what you have been saying re: Governors & immigration. However, the msm is selling Napolitano as great choice by B0 for Sec. of Homeland Security by talking up all the immigration/security issues she has faced due to the fact that her state is a “border state.” I heard a report like this myself on NPR. So, while I’m not defending that sock puppet yesterday I’m not going to blame most people who think governors do have something to do with immigration — 99% of them are probably being misinformed (again) by the msm.

  111. fif
    if someone did that with an O cutout
    the f***ing secret service would be pulling them in for questioning.
    but yeah, boys, haha..
    We can add it to the archive of filthy, dirty, sexist smears of 2008.

  112. I tried to find contact info on Phillip Reines (HRC spokesperson) and called HRC’s Senate office, but the mailbox is full. I’m really pissed about this. It has GOT to stop. Each incident needs to be addressed.

  113. ObamaNation is steeped in misogyny. It is an inherent part of the O-machine. The O-machine simply can’t run without it. It’s not going to go away and it will only get worse.

  114. catarina — I apologized yesterday for misunderstanding your remarks re: childless women on that thread yesterday. Hope you saw it.

  115. catarina, on December 5th, 2008 at 5:53 pm Said:

    The disrespectful woman bashing keeps on coming, just as we knew it would.

    I didn’t think it would start this early from his administration to be.

  116. fif, I’m with ya on this one. Just post links to any petitions and I’ll sign ’em.

    I keep pointing out on the Washington Post site that if the image had been of Michelle, and not Hillary, then this idiot would have already been fired.

  117. madamab, on December 5th, 2008 at 4:49 pm Said:
    Firelight – I would too. I think he’d pick HRC as his VP.
    I agree, MadamaB

    myiq2xu, on December 5th, 2008 at 4:59 pm Said:
    I think that anyone who runs for President should submit proof of eligibility along with their nominating petitions.
    Myiq – isn’t that why they’re suppose to vet every candidate? – I can’t believe the DNC – duh 👿

  118. I worked in a an almost all-male environment for decades. I know that stupid stuff gets said and done that should be ignored. Rendell’s comment falls into that area.

    A picture of Jon Favreau, the chief speechwriter for the PE, grasping a life-size likeness of Hillary Clinton by the hair and appearing to squeeze her breast is beyond the pale.

    Heidi, I understand that Hillary can’t register outrage but her spokesperson should’ve said “no comment” and waited for Obama to do the right thing which is to fire this immature idjit.

    I’m all for a raising nine kinds of hell about this. If it had been a picture of someone on Hillary’s staff groping Obama’s testicles or Michelle’s breast, that person would already be on the road.

  119. Fif: Me thinks many folks already saw the statement and made a call or two.

  120. I keep pointing out on the Washington Post site that if the image had been of Michelle, and not Hillary, then this idiot would have already been fired.

    gxm: excellent point. Why is HRC always either a “b*tch” if she speaks up or expected to “be a good sport?”

  121. I seem to be a beat behind everyone else but it goes to show how really offensive this Favreau thing is.

  122. Heidi, I understand that Hillary can’t register outrage

    Why can’t she tell Obama and gang that she is angry at what his idiot of a speechwriter did?

  123. angienc

    No-I didn’t see it your comment-thanks for telling me.
    I’d hate for you to think I was one of those “motherhood is fulfillment” freaks-gag!

  124. I think WE should definitely raise hell, to the Obie admin and with Hillary’s people. Obie’s wrong if he desn’t admonish this guy and Hillary’s people need to come out and say that Reines was wrong to diminish the significance.

  125. Frankly, I’m done with the “good sport” sh!t. No one is being good, or sporting, to ask someone to chuckle along at her own degradation. I’ll show them a good sport. Give me a cardboard cut-out of that little jerk and a pair of scissors!

  126. If I’m not mistaken the Hillary person who responded to this incident isn’t her spokesperson. I think he was described as a “senior advisor.”

    Okay, I take it back – I’m pretty outraged. (And no, I won’t remove my pictures with Mr. T’s cutout from Facebook.)

    It’s true that had they been doing this to Michelle – or somebody from Hillary’s staff was grabbing Obama’s unmentionables – that person would have been gone.

  127. Why can’t Hillary register outrage?
    How much shit does she have to put up with?
    Obama would have had a fucking public fit-that’s somehow OK?

  128. I just could not resist writing about Favreau and his boss, President elect Obama – if you are interested here’s the link. (I’m loquacious today, sorry).


    I better take a break or else I’ll just end up reading and posting and reporting posts in some horrendous vortex of dudgeon.

  129. Hillary can register outrage if she wants to. She can also show her displeasure in other ways. She has a rare ability to do that well. Like how she conveniently forgot to introduce Robert Gates the other day.

  130. DYB, on December 5th, 2008 at 6:12 pm Said:

    or somebody from Hillary’s staff was grabbing Obama’s unmentionables – that person would have been gone.

    Wroooong! (Doing my best John McLaughlin impersonation)

    That staffer would have been laughed at because he would have found nothing. Jesse Jackson Sr tried to cut his nuts off but there were none to find.

  131. I’ll show them a good sport. Give me a cardboard cut-out of that little jerk and a pair of scissors!


    & you’re quick Heidi! I’ll pop over and read that now.

  132. go Heidi Li

  133. Downticket, on December 5th, 2008 at 6:09 pm Said:

    I should have said that I understand why Senator Clinton would not register public outrage. A) The object of bigotry is in the worst position to object to it. B) Senator Clinton can, presumably, contact Obama and tell him privately what her position is. C) Politically it is better for her if others express the outrage and the demand that the person goes.

    I’m writing from personal experience with being sexually harassed in the workplace. I did speak on my own behalf when the event happened and I would again, but it was always more effective when the objections came from others.

  134. Downticket,

    She can’t publicly embarass Obama by calling out Favreau unless she’s willing to give up the SoS position. She has to give Obama a chance to handle the issue appropriately but it’s important that she not give him cover, either. That’s what Reines did when he treated it as a joke.

    This is one of the times when we have to stand up for women and make it about sexism and Obama, not about Hillary.

    Favreau’s actions would be offensive no matter what woman was represented in the cut-out.

  135. Regency, on December 5th, 2008 at 6:18 pm Said:

    Yes. Exactly.

  136. Sob. :*(

  137. That would be a step toward taking a leaf from Governor Paterson, who has just refused to accept a proposed list of replacements for a vacancy on New York’s highest court because the list did not contain a single woman. Good for Governor Paterson.

    Heidi, is this true? Who composed such a list, and how could they possibly overlook so many qualified women? Oops…I just read what I wrote…I forgot that how medieval we really are.

  138. fif,
    Yes – there’s a link to the news coverage on the post.

  139. Murphy had a post up about this earlier today.

    Hopefully she’ll organize a prowl that will send a blizzard of emails to Obama.

    If HRC lets others handle this that’s fine but the spokesperson joking is bullshit. Not acceptable and hurts us all.

  140. What were you saying Myiq about outrage? Obama can not be trusted. I don’t agree with Hillary in regards to Israel but what Obama is doing is showing that he doesn’t trust her. I thought she was the SOS.

    Obama mulls ex-ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, as special Mideast envoy

    President-elect Barack Obama is considering the appointment of Daniel Kurtzer, former American Ambassador to Egypt (1997-2001) and Israel (2001-2005), to become his administration’s presidential envoy to the Middle East, a senior Israeli diplomatic source said this week.

    Obama’s decision to appoint a special envoy reporting to him directly, rather than to the secretary of state, indicates that the president-elect attaches special importance to the regional peace process. Reportedly, several of Obama’s advisers recommended the appointment.


    I knew she made a mistake joining the messiah’s administration.

  141. Obama would have had a fucking public fit-that’s somehow OK?

    No, he let other people have the fit for him which is why it was always so effective. We, as women, are used to standing up for ourselves because so few people were willing to stand up for us but, sometimes, it’s just better to appear to be above the fray.

    It’s not about what’s right. It’s about what works.

  142. Yours is a good segue from this one.

  143. Did the list Paterson received really have not one woman on it? WTF? Thank goodness he sent it back.

  144. What happened to the new post? I was going to comment that yes, we have lots to be thankful for and things are looking up –

    According to The Times of London, Fidel Castro has offered to meet with Obama.

  145. well-Obama should run right down and spark up a stogie with the old commie-what an opportunity!

  146. And that, my dear Fighter, is how itfeels to be undermined.

  147. Sorry about the confusion!

  148. SOD: didn’t you say there’s a new post? Didn’t show up for me.

    Heidi: the link you have is for the WAPO story about Favreau. I meant the story about Paterson refusing the Senate suggestions because they are absent any women candidates. Do you have any other background on that (I’m in NY too)?

  149. gxm17, on December 5th, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    It didn’t but he can’t do anything about it except say that there should have been at least some women on it.

  150. Incidentally, AP is just reporting that Caroline Kennedy is interested in Hillary’s Senate seat!!!

  151. I just added the link to the story about Paterson and the woman-less list: here it is http://feminist.org/news/newsbyte/uswirestory.asp?id=11420

  152. fif, on December 5th, 2008 at 6:34 pm Said:
    I’ve added the link to my post at Potpourri (I thought it was there), but here you go: http://feminist.org/news/newsbyte/uswirestory.asp?id=11420

    Ok I’m going upstairs.

  153. Caroline cannot have it. This feels like she’s positioning herself to be some sort of frontrunner in a future Prez. election and I’m not having it. No, Caroline.

  154. Unlike MyIQ, I have no worries about running out of outrage.

    A good friend yesterday asked me how I was feeling about the election now that it’s over. I said I was happy that kids could see the US “elect” a black president, and I’m glad that it’s meaningful to those who thought it would never happen. But I added that because of what I know about the primary, I would never see him as a legitimate candidate or president, and I fear for our daughters who will now be living with “misogyny unleashed.” And I believe we will never have a legitimate presidential election again. So, no, I am not joyous about the outcome and I blame him for the decimation of democracy.

    Her deadpan reply: Yeah, joy has not really ever been your response to this election. My dear friend of understatement.

  155. Fif — there it is.

  156. I’m already up there SOD, beautiful job 🙂

  157. Incidentally, AP is just reporting that Caroline Kennedy is interested in Hillary’s Senate seat!!!

    No frickin’ way!! I thought that was just a rumor. There is NO way that Paterson would dare hand it over to her with so many dedicated polls waiting in line. He only became governor by default–he will look like a fool if he makes this blatant act of nepotism. This country is losing all sense of integrity.

  158. EricaLeigh

    I agree that we may never have a legitimate presidential election again.
    The voters have been cut out of the primary process and I seriously doubt they’ll be invited back in unless the Democratic Party is overthrown.

    I continue to avoid my Obama-supporting friends. Surely they must know what they’ve done.

    Every sorry excuse for a Democrat who voted for Obama should hang their head and cry.

  159. catarina:

    By and large, they don’t know what they’ve done, and they’re not hanging their heads to cry. What I’ve encountered is the opposite, and those of us who are not jubilant are definitely the pariahs. But I haven’t lied about what I think, and I walk away when the praises start.

    It’s my way of being on the record. I’m also thinking of putting together a “Greatest Misogyny Hits” email to send to friends who voted for him.

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