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Oh, WOW! Murphy burns the house down.

This post, The Personal is NOT Political, will sear a hole in your monitor.  Here’s a sample but I encourage you to read the whole thing:

And how enormously stupid are we to have bought the lie that only “I” am a woman. That only “I” have the authentic experience and the true understanding of what it actually means to be a woman. Because I was raped; because I was passed over for a job promotion; because I’m a lesbian; because my father abandoned the family; because I couldn’t go to college; because I’m a single mother; because I’m black, or asian, or from the third world; because I’m a success in a man’s world; because I had a sex change operation; because I am a mother; because I had an abortion. Only “I” define womanhood and feminism and right thinking. Well, me and all my friends in my pretty little corner.

Why is the statement “The personal is political” a lie? Because of what the word personal means. It means our bodies and our beds. Pregnancy, breasts, motherhood, weight, ugliness, sex, sex, sex, and more sex, rape, abortion, birth control, marriage, weddings, wives, ex-wives, dumped wives, pornography. It puts the bit of womanhood between our teeth and sets us on an endless loop around the bedroom bridle path where the yellow wallpaper is just as mesmerizing but the presence of a few sister horses beside us makes us feel less lonely. The personal is political is a lie because it limits the scope of politics to a world comprised of stirrups and orgasms.

No thanks. Not until we spit the bit out of our mouths and take up our rightful identities as PERSONS will we see a woman in the White House. Not until we leave our god-forsaken beds back in our bedrooms where they belong and put our never-ending FEELINGS in a big black box with the inscription “ONLY OPEN IN TIME OF GREAT NEED” marked in deep gold lettering on the lid and store that private box on a shelf in our private closets of personal experience will we be anything more than the pathetic bunch of losers that men want us to believe we are.

The world’s greatest SWINDLE sent us to our bedrooms to look at ourselves naked in the mirror FOREVER and tricked us into thinking that our only importance to the world is what we think and how we feel about the image looking back at us.

Get with the program, ladies.  If you want to have power in this world, if you don’t want the Jon Favreaus of this world acting like an adolescent male hooligan while he pens Barack Obama’s speeches,

Jon Favreau (left), Obamas speechwriter, keepin it classy

Jon Favreau (left), Obama's speechwriter, keepin' it classy

you are going to have to do like Lady MacBeth and unsex yourself, conjure the evil spirits and fill yourself with dire cruelty.  You need to harden your heart and practice cold blooded pragmatism.  You need to let the jabs and criticism roll off of you and learn how to run interference for each other instead of collaborating with the enemy.  And they ARE the enemy.  Not men per se, because there are a lot of women in on this, but the political system that has been created by men and custom.

This holiday season, go to that gender segregated party in your suburb, walk into the kitchen where the guys are all clustered around the keg of Sam Adams and express an opinion.  Hang out with the ladies in the family room who are talking about their menstrual cycles and their labor stories and say something completely unrelated, like, “Do you ever expect to see a woman president in your lifetime?”

Shake it up, baby.  It’s time.

90 Responses

  1. It is OVER time, RD!

  2. That photo of Obama’s speechwriter groping Hillary made me furious. So I did a couple of photoshops to make a point:

  3. YES!!!!!!

    It is about damn time!!!!!

  4. Wow! Murphy is on fire! Hallelujah! That post warms me all the way to my toes. And it’s 38 degrees out.

    Great commentary too, Riverdaughter. “Shake it up, baby. It’s time”. Woo hoo, I got to put that on my bumper sticker.

    It’s past time, way past time. Shaking things up is way over due. We need to make up for lost time and get this boat really rocking.

  5. I used to read the sports page so I could relate and have something to talk about when we had to go out. But it never went over well if I actually had an opinion, or knew too much info. I learned to say I’d read something and then ask whatever male was around his opinion. Bingo. Inclusion.

    Now the first thing I throw out is the sports section. Never read it.

  6. great post ! I’ve been getting calls from the Republican National committe for like the solid week about tomorrow’s congressional election … i’m in a quandry …

  7. I’ve always hung out with the men … i figured if i didn’t my life would be trivialized … what kind of statement does that make?

  8. Jmac, I was way into NBA basketball back in the day, and knew my stuff. But when I brought up the game or joined the “boys” conversation, they changed the subject to talk about some sports figures from their childhood or something else they could try to exclude me from.

    And Dak, yes, I wanted to be a teacher when I was young but didn’t want to be “marginalized” into a female profession… Ironically I went into the travel business which is overwhelmingly female! I am a teacher now and love love love it!

    And I finally have the pink bedroom I didn’t allow myself to have before.

  9. At an earlier point in my life, I would have whole heartedly agreed with this post. But after this election season, and until today even, I can’t. Seeing yourself as a person is kind of hard to do, when the rest of “structured society” sees you as simply female, as simply gay/lesbian, as black, as white. And treats you as such. When the people who are supposed to look out for you, use the same BS techniques against you. And for what? Is it jealousy? Honestly, can women admit that they can be jealous? Not all of us, but what is it? I just don’t understand the hatred that women often have towards each other.

    So I do think the personal is political. But I agree that we should not get so wrapped up in it to the point where female politics is “comprised of stirrups and orgasms.” We all have to see ourselves as individuals worthy of merit, when deserved. Not just “The first woman ____, the first black ____”. But sometimes people get so caught up in the designation, they forget what merits got that person to where they are- or not.

  10. Sexism and it’s default defense mechanism mysogyny will continue unless we continue to stand up and protest loudly at these types of actions.

  11. xax, i think there’s many group hatreds that reflect something of self hatred or self questioning …

    straight men can be very hateful (and violent) towards gay men, there is definitely racial hatred within the black community — the paper bag thing, the hair texture thing -there’s always been a hierarchy thing that gets expressed in negative terms… also, you can see it within immigrants in terms of accents and things … each group can express self-loathing like that

  12. “Not until we spit the bit out of our mouths and take up our rightful identities as PERSONS will we see a woman in the White House.”

    Might I humbly suggest, as a mere man, that this start by no longer fighting for your rights with hat in hand. Your equal rights are inalienable. They are yours. Stop asking for them Take them.

    I fully support the ratification of the ERA, but there’s something weird about having to fight for an amendment to the Constitution granting you the rights you were born with. Didn’t someone say something about human rights are women’s rights? I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere. So…spit out the frickin’ bit!

  13. Rather than siding with the extremes, such as Ayn Rand or Nietzsche, you have to find your own balance. It is more dangerous..imo to become obsessed with any particular issue to an extreme. Of course there are exceptions in my view, when it involves children, or a case of wrongful death.

    The secret to sanity is balance and moderation in as many things as you can handle at one time… rage and beating people up means nothing to people who have heard it all before,. It’s too easy… you accomplish things when you inspire… If you’re going to tear it down, it’s your responsibility to have the solution of rebuilding it in a way of becoming a motivated, functioning positive… Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself you can relight a match more than once.

  14. Women don’t need to be like men. Who wants a world full of men. Women just need to support each other.

    Evolve and Learn Ladies, Evolve and Learn.

  15. The dominance of patriarchy will continue unless we take a loud, persistent, and continuous public stand against its greatest weapons – sexism and mysogyny. This time we cannot back down. We need organized public protests to occur – demanding action EACH AND EVERY TIME.

    Those C*** t-shirts — and the idiots who wore them. The only good thing about those t-shirts is that they continue to make us angry — they are a symbol. McCain mentioned the t-shirts and 0zero dismissed them.

    Boycott the TV misogynists — both male and female and let the advertisers KNOW why you are boycotting programs. OR just give up watching ALL TV — just go cold turkey and walk away from the TV. You can still protest the misogyny — because there will always be addicted tv viewers who will post the sexist clips on YouTube — that way you can say you watched a clip of the offensive bits and will continue your boycott of tv until there is a change.

  16. I mean JEEZZUS we are a MAJORITY of the American citizenry — why the hell are WE taking a back seat?

  17. That leaves me gasping in recognition! I have been trying to post a thank you to Murphy on her blog, but the site keeps rejecting my password. Beyond brilliant, Murphy. Thanks RD for posting it here so quickly.

  18. Hillary was fine with that picture. Why should we be outraged? Is it because the behavior — and her reaction of just laughing it off — effectually erases the whole notion of hostile workplace and sexual harassment? If it’s okay for the president’s employees to create a hostile work environment, then it’s okay for all men, right? And Hillary just laughs it off just like a “good little woman” with a “sense of humor” just as all “good women” of the pre-workplace-rights did.

    Yeah, I suppose I’m being repetitive. I’ve lost much of my respect for Clinton because of her endorsement of Obama’s activities. But this is the last straw.

    She either needs to get this guy fired — really, really, fired, not hidden deep within the White House — or she needs to withdraw herself from consideration and sue for sexual harassment.

  19. If women of all affiliations and ways of thinking don’t join together to combat sexism, then we’ll always be divided and at war among ourselves. We need to overcome our differences and realize our common ground to defeat sexism.

  20. Sod .. “Why the hell are WE taking a back seat?” .. .

    Because the majority of WOMEN voted for BO..!

    they do not agree with us – they are not outraged by the openly Cruel sexism .. they just don’t see it – they think we are making a big deal out of nothing …

  21. Briana — then we need to change their mind.

  22. I know Sod .. I just don’t know how in a big enough way . I have been like what RD/Murphy described my whole life … I did have some influence over a few women … They have definitely benefited from it . Of course – their daughters have also . It’s so incremental though … ..

    It’s like ‘bitching’ at the schools & even some bitch at the school teachers .. when OMG . .!!! – it’s the parents . The schools are not set up and they do not have enough money or time to be Mom /Dad/Policewoman .. etc.. YET .. that is what society asks of them and BLAMES them for not doing.

    How do we make someone give a chit when they just don’t even take it serious … Classes ..?? – People like us would attend – maybe a few others would .. it’s a plan that must be taken for the long run . Starting with Parents … !

  23. Murphy is getting some pretty fiery criticism over there, and they don’t look like trolls. Could it be because she has dared to name the current “problem that has no name”? The early second wave feminists, Friedan, Greer, Millett, never supported the idea of gazing into the mirrror helplessly. They were defiant and outspoken and never gave an inch. It was not until the Reagan era that women began to relearn helplessness. Faludi, Wolff, Steinem, et al became trapped in professional victiimhood…not a good strategy.

  24. Theresaa: you keep repeating that it was “fine” with Hillary. What’s your source? I asked you before. Did you talk to Hillary today? Do you know what she said to him when he called to apologize? You seem to delight in bashing Hillary. Wrong place for that.

  25. Wow! is right. Murphy’s essay is absolutely brilliant and inspiring.

  26. Hillary has not made an official response to the photo. The person who commented is not a spokesman for her; he’s described as a “senior advisor.” We know how that works. So let’s wait and see what happens to this story.

  27. Sugar,

    If you’re still here, those photoshops are excellent! I think your comment ended up in moderation because there were two links. That seems to happen a lot.

  28. Not until we leave our god-forsaken beds back in our bedrooms where they belong and put our never-ending FEELINGS in a big black box with the inscription “ONLY OPEN IN TIME OF GREAT NEED” marked in deep gold lettering on the lid and store that private box on a shelf in our private closets of personal experience will we be anything more than the pathetic bunch of losers that men want us to believe we are.

    I don’t know if I agree with this theme. I was born a feminist. Maybe it’s because I had such a strong, independent mom. She lived a traditional life, but she did not compromise her “masculine” qualities of being outspoken, assertive, skilled, and neither did I. I was an accomplished athlete who not only kept up with the boys, but beat most of them. Same in the classroom. Did that cost me in ways I recognize in HRC’s run? Absolutely, but I didn’t stop being who I was. Having said that, I do not think we have to compromise the personal aspects of ourselves. I reject the notion that to compete and succeed we have to “put that in a box.” That’s the argument that was made re: HRC in NH. It was ok when Reagan cried. We are human beings, for God’s sake, not robots. Why can’t we embrace both? Of course, we can’t indulge “never ending feelings,” but I don’t think we have to deny important aspects of what make us women and human. Instead, why not fight to INCLUDE these elements? Otherwise, “they” are setting the terms. The post is an extreme swing of the pendulum IMHO.

  29. What I have to KEEP reminding myself is, in spite of all the hateful attacks on Hillary, Sarah, and women in general in this election is that Hillary still WON MORE VOTES. People WANTED her!

    And we know that after Bush, people weren’t going to put anyone with another R after their name into the WH unless it was Jesus himself, and even then I’m none too sure.

    The point is, but for the DNC rule breaking, backstabbing ways, the media’s hit job and Obama’s (if you don’t vote for me you’re a racist) mantra keeping Hillary out of the nominee spot, we WOULD have a woman Pres. Elect right now.

    People are ready and willing to put a woman in. They’ve proved that. It’s those who are running things in DC and in the media that’s the problem. Some will argue it was just “that woman” they banded against to keep out, but they wouldn’t do it with any woman. Maybe, maybe not. But they shouldn’t be doing it to anyone period! It’s not THEIR choice to make, it’s supposed to be ours. THAT is what needs to be changed!

    BTW is there any petition to keep that a-hole in the pic from getting his dream job? Hillary can play the game if she wants, but we don’t have to. We can and should hold Obama’s and his underlings feet to the fire, until their toe nails burn off!

  30. Not sure what I said, but I’m in Moderation. 😦

  31. fif,

    I don’t agree with that part of what Murphy wrote either. I think we need to own our anger and our other emotions. Men are “allowed” to be angry. We really won’t find acceptance as “persons” if we have to repress all of our emotions. However, I do admire the way Hillary stayed strong in the face of the abuse and refused to knuckle under. What I really admired though, was that as she dealt with the challenges she faced, she seemed to grow more comfortable with her feelings, not more repressed.

  32. Sod .. “Why the hell are WE taking a back seat?” .. .

    Because the majority of WOMEN voted for BO..!

    Briana: I agree. Prominent women like Oprah who have made a BILLION dollars “empowering women,” Caroline Kennedy, Susan Rice, Sebellius, Napolitano, and the many “feminists” who railed against Hillary. If we are not united, how can we act as a powerful force? The responses to incidents seems very fragmented.

  33. A bit of herstory is in order here. During the second wave, when feminists raised issues of rape, battering, sexual harassment, and all the other ways that men oppress women, we were told, “That isn’t politics, i.e., it isn’t important like class and race, that is just personal.”

    Our response was, The personal IS political. Meaning, the political power structures that oppress women are different than the power structures that oppress on the basis of race and economics. What men say is personal or about feelings or intimacy is in fact about power.

    As the women’s movement got watered down and younger women came along who didn’t know the herstory, the phrase began to be used to say, anything I do that is about me is political. The true meaning was lost.

    It is important that we regain that original understanding. In fact, the indifference to the gross sexism of the primary and election is rooted in the belief that sexism is just fun, just personal, not political.

    I applaud Murphy’s fierceness. But she is accepting the idea of the public/private dichotomy. What goes on in “the family,” particularly the rape, intimidation and indoctrination of girls from infancy, is a huge part of the male power structure, which is by far the most effective system of oppression ever devised.

  34. What a pathetic little puke Jon Favreau is. But it doesn’t surprise me that he is BOs choice. Regarding Murphy’s post, I think it is brilliant. I am really proud of the new leaders of women who have emerged from the 2008 democratic lefts wallow in misogyny. For a long time I have thought that women will probably need to get violent against the systems that hold them back in order to break free of the effects of them. After all you can not state you case nicely as to why you should have your share of power and expect the current set of liberal morons to listen to you. I agree with Sojourner Truth “If women want any rights more than they’s got, why don’t they just take them, and not be talking about it.” and I think it will need to come to violence. We need a group of sneaky old broads who have lived good lives and are up to a few sneaky hits.

  35. An example. Is rape about sex or is it about power?

    Of course, it is both, it is about sex as power.

  36. The only good thing about those t-shirts is that they continue to make us angry — they are a symbol. McCain mentioned the t-shirts and 0zero dismissed them.



    This is not about Hillary and it’s sure as hell not about you and your perpetual demand that Hillary be Joan of Arc. This is about Obama and his appeal to the kind of person who thinks that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

  37. Teresaa,

    I doubt Clinton is o.k. with this picture of her being sexually assaulted by these punks! Show me where she is quoted laughing it off. I want to see the quotation marks!

  38. I personally do not ascribe to the idea of “waves” of feminism. I was lucky enough to be around in the 60s and to be part of so-called “women’s lib” but unless I missed something, it was not called or considered second wave.

    as far as I know, that came about when Alice Walker and her daughter Rebecca had a falling out, and Rebecca basically decided to diss her mom’s brand of feminism by naming it “second wave”, pronouncing it dead, and declaring that going forward “third wave” would be the way.

    honestly, I first heard about the wave concept from a young man who told me he was a feminist of the third wave and directed me to his blog, which featured a Hillary nutcracker and WWTSBQ headlines every day.

    I knew then….the so-called “third wave” was something, but feminism wasn’t it.

  39. where is it?

  40. However, I do admire the way Hillary stayed strong in the face of the abuse and refused to knuckle under. What I really admired though, was that as she dealt with the challenges she faced, she seemed to grow more comfortable with her feelings, not more repressed.

    Absolutely bb. I am not advocating victimhood or weakness. There is just a tone of negation about parts of who we are, and instead of becoming something else to succeed, I think we need to educate and enlighten AS we use ferocity when necessary. HRC is a great example, she just didn’t have enough institutional support to make it official. The convergence of elements–BO’s methods, his “historic” candidacy, the media, the DNC etc. were a tsunami of forces she could not overcome. But damn! She won respect on all fronts for her amazing example. The problem was NOT that she teared up in NH, but that it was considered weak or wrong. John Edwards a*shole reply drove that home. How has the whole masculine paradigm worked for us so far? Time to integrate the feminine, not deny it to succeed in the barbaric patriarchal world.

  41. “We need a group of sneaky old broads who have lived good lives and are up to a few sneaky hits.”

    I remember saying something like this when I was younger. Now that I am an old broad, I find I value my days just as much as I used to do.

    What we need are a group of feisty young women with nothing accumulated to lose yet!

  42. Murphys post is brilliant , and i would venture to say that anyone having a problem with it probably has issues with women expressing anger …
    and one other little thing …men continue to perpetrate sexism so they CAN CONTINUE to act like the asshole in that picture; who needs to be fired..because if they had to stop treating women like sex objects or demeaning them , they would have to take them seriously as people, and what fun would that be??

  43. Kendall: Theresaa just drops in occasionally to firebomb Hillary and then doesn’t back up her insults with sources.

  44. I agree with trist, The People were ready to elect a woman President, the problem is the sexism of the east coast that is seen as normal and the sexism in the media. I think one of the main goals of the new womans movement should be to overthrow the corporate media. Right now they have constructed things so no one but the MSM have a voice, there are no consumer rights and in order to get any cable channels you must subscribe to and subsidize all the chosen channels which are all owned by the same 5 companies. Sites like this need to show women the way to rejecting this system. Like choose a few shows and download them to keep from subsidizing garbage like MSNBC and even the crap the MSM thinks is women’s content (Victoria’s Secret fashion show). Do it women, say NO to the corporate media and their lies.

  45. swanspirit: whoa whoa whoa–I DEFINITELY do not have a problem with anger. My problem with the post is that it seems to dismiss women as whole beings. We have to deny the personal and emotion to be effective?

  46. By the way I am going to confess, I am a feminist and I love the Hillary nut cracker. As far as I am concerned it says more about the men in media and government than it does about Hillary and there are a bunch of them who need to have a good nut cracking.

  47. I can’t figure out why Obama has a movie director/actor for a speechwriter. Isn’t that a little bit strange? He certainly looks like the same John Favreau from “Swingers.”

  48. OH fif, I should have said some people , but I don’t think Murphy meant we have to dismiss women as whole beings . Actually it totally amazes me that there are no laws regarding mens sexual reproductive organs on the books . The fact that there are laws governing something as personal as our bodies , Continues the paradigm of women as chattel as far as i am concerned …

  49. Swanspirit,

    It’s Murphy who is saying that women have to conceal their emotions in order to make it in politics–unless I completely misread her essay.

  50. Constance: I agree re: the media. One of the biggest problems is that good people do not take the time to do their own independent research, and they are expertly manipulated by these propaganda machines. If people had know the truth about the Obama campaign’s methods–including the fraud, intimidation, suppression, hypocrisy and lying–and the truth about HRC (instead of the media cartoon they have successfully pedaled for 3 decades), I think it would have made a difference. Most people I talk to think BO is a swell guy, noble even, and HRC used Rovian tactics.

    How do we take on that monolith though? The PUMA movement battled intensely with the limited resources we had, and did make a difference, but the MSM is pervasive and relentless.

  51. wow!

  52. Foxx, OK how about a group of mixed age broads who live for thrills and who are up to some sneaky hits? As an old broad I don’t trust the young ones to be clear enough in their choices and ruthless enough in their execution.

    At least could we get a good novel about some sneaky old deadly and highly political broads? I would write it myself but as you may have noticed although I have many talents, I can’t write.

  53. bb: are you kidding about the Favreau look-alike? It’s not the same guy. The movie fellow is at least a decade older. This guy is only 27.

  54. Constance: I beg to differ. I think you write quite well.

  55. I didnt read it that way; that we should shut down our personal feelings, but that we should stop using them as identifiers of femaleness and woman hood, and as ameans of separating ourselves from other women who think and feel differently that we do ; and empower ourselves as people

  56. bostonboomer> That is NOT the same Jon Favreau who wrote and starred in “Swingers.” In fact, google him and you’ll see that Favreau (who is also not 27) has gained a lot of weight and is on the heavy side these days.

  57. SOD: I had yet another person complain that “Hillary is too polarizing’ to be SOS. I thought afterward: so, the person who won more votes than any other candidate in primary history, and would have reportedly beaten McCain by at least 7 percentage points more than BO is polarizing how exactly? Confirms my point about the propaganda effects: they are very lasting. This has been repeated for years, but millions of people admire and respect this woman–including people around the world.


  59. Here’s a link with a few pictures of the writer/director/actor Jon Favreau (who was born in 1966):


  60. fif: There are cheap ways to take on the media. You go after their monopoly. The current FCC chairman favors “cable choice” and conservatives have already started strong movements to make it happen. Women could push the Bush administration to have some “midnight” rules passed giving us consumer rights to choose and pay for only the cable channels we want. That would shake up the whole system, make channels like MSNBC go out of business and give a chance to new voices that actually reflect our culture. Parents television Council has info up on their website on Cable Choice. They want it because the current set of channels don’t reflect their religious views, we want it because the current set of channels don’t reflect our political views. But the point is none of us should have to subsidize content we find offensive in our own homes.

    Alternatively we could post on all women’s blogs how to cut your cable bill advice…..chose your shows, download only them and save the cost of cable.

  61. How can we find out for sure?

  62. Just for the record I think that becoming more like men or taking on their characteristics to succeed in a “mans” world is a mistake as well ,because women are much too much individual to try that as a group ; but we have to learn to unite as women , no matter what our belief systems , because other wise we will never throw off the mantle of oppression , And make no mistake there is a mantle of oppression. .

  63. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©, on December 5th, 2008 at 10:32 pm Said:

    huh??? HRC supporters endorse torture now? Well, that’s a new one. “Hapless middle easterners” like who–Hamas? I guess we should all get out our guitars, gather around the fire and sing Kumbaya. Fortunately, despite his arrogance, BO knew he better get a very strong, brilliant, pragmatic negotiator as SOS instead of some naive blogger who doesn’t understand the realities and dangers of foreign policy.

  64. fif, Thanks! however I only observe well and I can not write fiction at all. I have tried and it comes out all over the place and I can’t construct characters. I will be able to retire in a few years and writing is one of my goals.

  65. I can’t keep up with you all, but I am going to just jump in for a minute. Women need to stop allowing men to define ‘normal’ as male. We do not have to say we are 52% so normal is female- we have to push for the realization that men and women are equally the norm. Shuey is right, why are we asking for or demanding ‘equal rights’ we are Americans they are our rights.That is why Hillary’s speech in China is so powerful. The statement ‘womens rights are human rights’ sums it all up.

    We need to start being offensive and stop being defensive. Obama can not fire the little frat boy, the little frat boy IS OBAMA . The little frat boy has written every word that Obama has ‘successfully’ articulated since Iowa. What we can do it refer to him as ‘little frat boy’ everytime we refer to him. The fact that someone so lame is so important to Obama that he can not be fired should be pushed.

    I’m rambling, so I’ll stop.

  66. we have to learn to unite as women , no matter what our belief systems , because other wise we will never throw off the mantle of oppression , And make no mistake there is a mantle of oppression. .

    Agree swan, but look at what happened this time. Maybe that’s a good idea for a post. Why do/did women turn on women? Many answers to that question, but the reason Obama won is because he united the AA population. Women, however, split. There is the generational aspect, but many of HRC’s peers rejected her candidacy. Will these complicated subconscious reasons always interfere with unifying as a forceful voting block? I mean, we are 51% of the population and only have 17% representation–WTF?

  67. Thanks for clearing that up, folks. Are the two related or something? I do think they look alike. Whatever. The guy is obviously an asshole.

  68. They have no backup plan.

  69. Clean up…aisle 7

  70. We need to start being offensive and stop being defensive. Obama can not fire the little frat boy, the little frat boy IS OBAMA .

    not rambling at all honora. Excellent point. I thought about that earlier. This “invention” was elected mostly because of his stupid speeches. Is the presidency now a speech contest? The irony is, THEY AREN’T EVEN HIS WORDS! We’ve all seen how well he does away from his teleprompter. He brought it to a rodeo!! Not being an MSM watcher, is this getting much coverage? It would be great if this story exposes the man behind the curtain, pulling the levers for the BEST ORATOR EVAH!

  71. Please don’t engage trolls.

  72. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©, on December 5th, 2008 at 10:43 pm Said:

    Oh we all know: HIllary is an evil evil witch!! Now go talk to someone about your mommy issues.

  73. sorry bb, couldn’t resist. I will cease and desist.

  74. we need to stick together

  75. compartmentalize
    separate into isolated compartments or categories; “You cannot compartmentalize your life like this!”

    compartmentalize or -ise
    to put into categories or sections

    Verb 1. compartmentalize – separate into isolated compartments or categories; “You cannot compartmentalize your life like this!”

    compartmentalise, cut up
    disunite, separate, part, divide – force, take, or pull apart; “He separated the fighting children”; “Moses parted the Red Sea”


    I remember them saying this about the Big Dawg … . that he was an expert at doing this …

  76. Constance: maybe you could write more about this so we can all learn about it and pass it on. I have always thought boycotting is critical. The only thing they will understand is MONEY!

    I’m losing my battery–gotta run folks.

    Great discussion, have a good night.

  77. It’s OK, fif. The loser is gone now. Actually if it hadn’t been for your comment, I might have missed his.

  78. ‘night Fif. See you soon, I hope.

  79. the man should be fired

  80. until we use the economic power we have we will not win.
    When Rosa Parks started the boycott of public transportation and cost them money, things started to happen.
    If we boycott the sponsers of the msm so called news shows and let the sponsers know why we are not buying their products maybe things will change.
    Fif asked me the other day about organization.
    My reply was if each one here who decided to boycott told 5 friends and they told 5 friends look what we could accomplish.
    in other countries they have city wide strikes when people get angry and want something changed,
    I believe in peaceful ecomonic strikes.



  81. Both comments, Murphy and yours are fantastic. And both speak to me.
    I guess playing identity politics games has as a side effect that some people find their identities.

  82. Thanks, RD – this is the crux of it.

    It reminded me of the Queen Bee Syndrome

    The Queen Bee syndrome is actually based on the fact that most companies for years allowed limited number of women in management and at the top – look at the your company’s Board of Directors, or senior management group, etc. there’s about 2% of women on Corp Boards.

    The “boys” control things and consequently women protect their individual jobs, roles and position to the extent that they resent other women, keep other women out – the “boys” are very good at setting us up against each other – women have developed a belief system that actually has us believing that I need to stay away from other women in the workplace, “don’t get too friendly.”

    They’ve gotten so good at it that many women will tell you they don’t want a “woman for a boss”

    The “boys don’t have to do anything anymore, women have been brainwashed – they have us protecting their turf for them and keeping more women out of the corporate leadership!

    We’ve seen that affect in this election, with women buying into the belief that men can do it better, that a woman doesn’t belong in the White House and that Hillary/Sarah were just not capable no matter how much brighter or more experience they have.

  83. Helen – you’re on to it – but we must let them know we are boycotting them – we need to write to them and tell them we can no longer support their product sales because of their support for…….

  84. Tried to get on at PUMA PAc but couldn’t, so, even though late, let me just say that Murphy is right. Until we start seeing that small differences are used to divide us, we will never be a force.

    I can’t agree with all of Palin’s stands, but she is a fighter, with a hard core ability to move things. You know, it isn’t always that politicians change their followers, sometimes support can move a politician. Lets start supporting more women, whether they have a D or not, and whether they are perfect or not.

    If we don;t, we will be seeing more Hillary flame-outs and the idea of a women in the big office will move further and further away.

  85. helen, on December 6th, 2008 at 12:49 am Said:
    talking about the economics of the situation and “economic stikes”

    ….and economic shifts…

    I have started tipping women waitresses, haircutters, baggage handlers, cab drivers etc… double/ triple (20% becomes 40%).

  86. […] having watched he primaries as a voter, not a campaign operative, I shall post a photoshop of the photo in question by sugar. The changes to me tell the full […]

  87. That was the beauty of this election. With the nomination of Sarah Palin I realized that there is not one way to define feminism. Gloria Steinem thought she had amonopoly on the term feminist.

    Obama acted as if he had lived the black experience and unfortunately black people believed it.

  88. I agree and have been a broken record for 12 months now – let;s just keep harping until everyone gets up and starts to march to the beat of the same drum!

    Read this too while we are at it.!

    And also please have the readers listen to this broadcast – please! Please download and save this broadcast from 11/17/08.
    You will find it most enlightening. Have your friends listen to it also. Download takes a minute, then listen right from this online site directly. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freemenow/2008/11/18/free-us-now-mavericks

  89. Now I know another reason why I was never impressed or inspired by Obama’s speeches. As a former speech comm professor, I can’t deny the good delivery (although Obama’s impersonations of Dr. King were annoying, as was his fake southern accent at times).

    I am absolutely repulsed by these frat boys and all the other boorish dolts who comprised Team Obama. Gah.

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