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Friday: Gov. Paterson, it’s CAROLYN, not Caroline

Carolyn Maloney, D-Manhattan

Carolyn Maloney, D-Manhattan

Lady Caroline Kennedy

Lady Caroline Kennedy

I have read persistent rumors that Caroline Kennedy is on Governor Paterson’s short list of replacements for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.  Now, I don’t live in NY.  I live in the next state down.  So, maybe Paterson doesn’t give a flying f^&* what I think, although our two states *do* share a common harbor and the WTC was a joint operation so you might say I am a concerned citizen.  Then there is the whole concept of the Senate itself, which is supposed to be a cooling saucer for hot blooded mob rule that is the House of Representatives (snort!).  The Senate is supposed to be a different kind of legislative body, one that by its very number and makeup is intended to transcend state boundaries.  So, the fact that we have only 17 females in this august body is very disturbing indeed and we can’t afford to lose even one.  Percentage wise, the Senate should be more like 52% female to 48% male and we are certainly going to work very hard to bring those numbers up.  But if the Governor plays a game where he appoints Caroline Kennedy because she meets the gender requirement, he might as well be sticking a fork in our eyes.

Why should he pass on Caroline?  Let me count the ways:

  1. She’s not a politician.  Never has been.  She’s never run for political office, never advocated for legislation (that I know of), never even expressed an interest.  If Hillary were close to an election cycle, one might justify appointing Caroline as a symbolic gesture.  But Hillary has four years left in her term.  That would make Kennedy a rather strong incumbent.  She hasn’t earned it.
  2. The Senate is not the House of Lords.  I know the argument against dynasties has also been made against Hillary’s run for president.  But in Hillary’s case, she did the whole campaigning thing.  She’s worked on health care throughout her tenure as first lady.  She went into the senate having *earned* her seat through a legitimate election and her own accomplishments.  We saw her on the campaign trail for president.  She is smart, tough, assertive, unflagging, eternally optimistic.  We *like* her.  Just because her husband was a president doesn’t mean we had to deprive ourselves of the best presidential candidate in the past 15 years.  But in Caroline Kennedy’s case, the name is everything.  She is the closest thing we have to an American princess.  She’s an aristocrat and nothing more.  Oh, sure, she’s a lawyer and she’s published books.  But for her, it almost like finishing school.  She chose to lead a more private life.  Good!  Let her enjoy it.
  3. There are other women who would be passed over who would be legitimately and righteously indignant.  Kirsten Gillibrand and Carolyn Maloney are perfect examples.  For the upstate vote, Kirsten is the way to go.  She’s young, intelligent, well liked.  She’s very much in the Hillary model.  For experience, go to Carolyn Maloney, who has been elected from her Manhattan district *eight* times.  She has a track record of championing women’s issues.  For either of these true politicians who have earned their way to be queue jumped by Caroline Kennedy is a real slap to the face.

Wake up and smell the Starbucks, Governor Paterson.  You have an opportunity to earn some major mojo by appointing a woman who has *earned* that right through hard work and accomplishments.  Appointing a woman because of who she is and not what she has done further undermines women in the eyes of the public.  A woman’s accomplishments are always held to a higher standard than a man’s.  Caroline Kennedy would send the worst kind of message about women in politics.  Women will once again be beholden to male benefactors and not merit to get a seat at the table.  Forget about Lady Caroline and appoint Carolyn or Kirsten.

Do the right thing.

[UPDATE by katiebird] – And please take a minute to sign MadamaB’s petition: Appoint a Woman to Senator Clinton’s Seat

76 Responses

  1. Great post RD! I’ve voted in the poll and even though I live in NJ I will additionally write a letter to the Gov. your point about earning major mojo is a good one and can prove to be strong motivation for him.

  2. (cough cough) Sign my petition which calls for Carolyn Maloney to be picked (cough cough)


  3. Hate to sound like a broken record but his name is Paterson-not Patterson.

    Regardless, You are right that it would be wrong to appoint her over the obviously more deserving candidates who are currently serving the state of NY. That would include men, too, though we all certainly hop that a women is chosen. I don’t think he could be seriously considering Caroline. That would just be outrageous and would cause him a world of grief. I can’t imagine that he would be so stupid.

  4. Amen. Caroline Kennedy is also a boring speaker, not a good thing in a politician. And didn’t she say that she decided to support Obama because her children told her to?
    I have nothing against the woman, but this is ridiculous. If she gets the job, I am afraid she be unable to win upstate, giving the seat to a Republican in 2012.

  5. RD, I’ve taken your post and modified it, as I feel strongly about who gets Hill’s seat.
    If you don’t object I’d like to send the following to Gov. Paterson. This is how I’ve “taken your words” and modified them to my use. He needs to see how many women are watching him – not just NY women.

    I realize that I am not a constituent, however as a neighbor and one who is affected by what the Senate does and the importance of its direction I am writing to voice my opinion on the replacement for Senator Hillary Clinton.
    Clearly, from my vantage point, Sen. Clinton has been a great advocate for New York as well as for women and children in general. I would hope that you would take those facts into serious consideration when putting forth a name to fill Sen. Clinton’s seat.
    I heard recently that you are considering naming Carolyn Kennedy to this position. If you do so, there are other women who would be passed over who could be appropriately indignant. Kirsten Gillibrand and Carolyn Maloney are perfect examples. Kirsten is the most logical way to go for the upstate vote. She’s young, intelligent, well liked and very much in the Hillary genre.
    But, for experience, New York has Carolyn Maloney, who has been elected from her Manhattan district eight (8) times and has a track record of championing women’s and children’s issues. For either of these true politicians who have earned their way being passed over by Caroline Kennedy would be an absolute slap to the face.
    Appointing a woman because of who she is and not what she has done further undermines women in the eyes of the public and would make you appear less sincere in the thought process necessary for a sound and appropriate replacement.
    You have an opportunity to earn some major mojo by appointing a woman who has earned that position appointment through hard work and accomplishments.
    We know that a woman’s accomplishments are always held to a higher standard than a man’s. Appointing Caroline Kennedy would send the worst kind of message about women in politics. Women will once again be viewed as beholden to male benefactors and not merit to have a seat at the table.
    I pray you do the right thing.

  6. At madmab’s urging I read Carolyn Maloney’s book and she is the real deal. She has campaigned and legislated and has championed the rights of women over the years. This lady has earned her stripes.

    Nothing against Caroline Kennedy, hell, my son and daughter in law named their first child after her, but she has not shown any reason, outside of her vaunted name, to ride in the same carriage as Carolyn Maloney. Because she was once First Daughter offers no more qualifications to be named as a replacement than Obama. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    The problem with the Kennedy mystique is that they carry a sense of entitlement to reach out and grab whatever they want based on their historical relation to history. That alone is not enough. Let Caroline put a campaign coalition together, go out and meet the folks, at least offer a sketch of what she has accomplished and plans to do going forward just as Carolyn Maloney has had to do.

    Name recognition, as we all have so painfully come to discover, is not enough. Once must first prove that they are up to the job as well as paint a vision of how they intend to govern. Qualifications and experience do count.

  7. Pat, you are always right on the money with your comments, I love reading them – thanks

  8. This would be token appointment, a payoff if you will for Kennedy’s over-the-top praise where she “valdated” the whole business about Obama being like her father–Camelot, redux.

    I wrote an “Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy” at the time (it’s in the archives).

    Today, I’m back at the Obama “aura”…with a fascinating bit on our vagus nerves and the psychological condition known as “elevation.” This really is something to read about…
    and more…particularly the video, if you are in a jumping mood lately….

    The Scanner–Politics 12/5/08 (Obama…Vagus Nerve “Elevation” Superstar?; Obama-Clinton Contemplate a Jump (see awesome video!); Hands Like Butter; “Conscience”; Politically-Motivated Abortion “Science” Blasted by Johns Hopkins Researchers


  9. Sorry, that VALIDATED…..

  10. RD, please– if you’re going to argue against Caroline Kennedy, please don’t post a picture of her. I have a little crush on her, and even I would have trouble standing my ground if I have to look.

  11. JohninCa – awwwwww….that’s kinda sweet.


    I’m sure RD has nothing against her, but I (as a New Yorker) do NOT want to replace a workhorse with a showhorse.

    And BernieO is right. The upstaters are hard to win over here. Hillary has done so, and I’m sure Maloney can too – she is an excellent politician as well as an extremely committed public servant.

  12. If Obama want to reward Kennedy he will pressure Paterson to name her. One thing we’ve absolutely seen this election cycle is that the peoples wants are not relevant, its all politics. I don’t expect the Gov to do the right thing. Look how many elected officials backed Obama for the money. The Gov will do the same if there is something in it for him.

  13. WoW! Isn’t Caroline Kennedy’s husband a banker? Is he involved with any of these banks that were just handed, by mostly DEMOCRATS, a trillion dollars without strings attached? This could very well be the parasite at work that Janice, a blogger here, talked about several months ago. Plutocracy, where the elitist aristictats move their influence from one political party to the other, albiet the parties social agendas being moderately different. At the end of the day, their economics are designed to keep the wealthy, wealthy at the expense of the masses..

  14. madamab, we’ve seen that people can be led like sheep. Look at PA. With enough media support, the folks in upstate NY will support Kennedy if thats what Obama wants.

  15. Is ‘Lady” a snark. I haven’t heard that Kennedy has that Britsh title.

  16. Carolyn Maloney is the best candidate. She has been in congress for a long time and has definately earned her stripes. She is a wonderful advocate for women.

    Gillibrand has only been in congrass for 2 years. She’s smart and denately a clinton soldier. I like that about her. But Maloney has the experience.
    I’d be happy with either, but Maloney would be my pick!

    KENNEDY? NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!

  17. Now that Jeb Bush has made it known that he will more than likely run for the Senate in Florida come 2010, thus paving the way for a possible presidential run in 2012, what more do we need to say about “dynasties”?

    People salivate over name recognition, whether the person involved is qualified or not (think GWB as an example) and are more than ready to cast their ballot based on something as slim as that.

    If they could, the Kennedy’s would be all wearing crowns and the Bush’s would have us indentured.

  18. If you like Maloney, sign the petition, here is a link:


    She really deserves the utmost consideration, imho.

  19. I can’t believe that Paterson is seriously thinking of appointing Caroline Kennedy to the Senate! It used to be you had to pay your dues in the House before moving up to the Senate. I guess in Obama world, experience is no longer a requirement for anything. If I were Caroline, I’d turned it down out of embarrassment. The whole idea of her being a Senator without doing anything to earn it is completely inappropriate.

  20. never even expressed an interest.

    Well, apparently she has to her Uncle Teddy, though not for this particular position but to get her back into politics and power. It must have been gnawing at her all these years as her other more conscientious cousins have given so much to public service. Now she wants a short cut with Uncle Teddy’s help. But like you said this is not the House of Lords and she is not a Lord, not even a Lady. She has not earned it. God, I hate her sense of entitlement.

    Appointing a woman because of who she is and not what she has done further undermines women in the eyes of the public.

    Didn’t they just elect a man to the highest office using this rule of course without the consequence alluded to there?

  21. taggles, on December 5th, 2008 at 9:50 am Said:

    If you like Maloney, sign the petition, here is a link:


    I hope Paterson does not use such petitions and demands for a woman as cover for appointing C. Kennedy.

  22. NH – I doubt there are many Obama supporters in upstate NY. It’s pretty red.

    Eliot Spitzer, d*mn his horny soul, was the first Dem governor we’ve had in many years. Usually we go Repub for mayors and Governors.

    Also, I don’t put much stock in Obama’s appeal for anything but Obama. He’s a cult figure. Look at Jim Martin in Georgia. Chambliss is a horror, but he was re-elected.

    I know exactly how HRC won those upstaters. She listened to them and was there when they needed her. I can’t imagine Caroline Kennedy doing the same.

  23. This is the holiday season and it is high time that I get onboard and pledge myself to my New Year’s Resolutions. So beginning in the year 2009 I am declaring that I want to be an Obot!

    Yes, I know it his hard to believe, but I truly feel there is something missing in my life. I have tried to make sense out of this man’s qualifications to lead the country and have come up cold. It is my belief that what others so blindly see and have so insistently enforced that I have failed to recognize is simply my fault.

    It is not easy for me to be one of the few left in the nation who does not understand the appeal. So from now on I am going to immerse myself in the editorials, bring back my canceled publications, renew my blog bookmarks, support HuffPo, and keep my tv tuned to nothing but MSNBC.

    Truth be told, I am tired of thinking for myself. My brain goes limp arguing against Obama and his empty promises. My life would be so much easier if I would just learn to accept all that Obama is. I am putting on the blinders and maxing out my credit cards while ordering books, plates, coins, and other Obama commemoratives.

    I just had to say it. I know you will wish me luck and send best wishes that the knob on my head from continually banging it onto the wall disappears along with the hair loss I have suffered from pulling it out by the root.

    I want to be an Obot!!!!!!

  24. pm317 – If he does, I don’t think the petition can be blamed, with all due respect.

    I do use the word “qualified.” Caroline Kennedy has no experience whatsoever and is thus not qualified to serve as Senator.

    BTW – a special election will be held in 2010 to confirm HRC’s successor, then again in 2012 at what would be the end of her term. Just FYI.

  25. pm317, Maloney is mentioned in the petition.

    Also, I believe a decision has already been made.

    Our job is to make sure he sticks to it, if it’s one we like.


    Make him change his mind.

  26. Pat, five years on a couch with a good shrink should cure that.


    I know what to get you for Christmas…;-)

  28. I am really looking forward to the day when the Kennedy silver spoon dynasty is gone from politics. will that day ever come?

  29. There are thousands of Kennedy’s and Bush’s out there. The cycle will never end. Thank God Obama only has two girls or we would already be discussing their chances in 2050!

  30. In case you did not think they were serious, read on. And the comments too:


  31. Ah yes, PJ. The MTV, paper-thin, vote-for-a-symbol generation weighs in.

  32. madamab: Can you stand anymore of this blather? I am going back to decorating this damn tree, put on a few cd’s, and clean the refrigerator. There must be more to life than Obama 24/7.

  33. madamab, on December 5th, 2008 at 10:01 am Said:

    pm317 – If he does, I don’t think the petition can be blamed, with all due respect.

    and Taggles
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to discourage your efforts. Nevertheless, demanding for a woman might give him cover — so we should probably specify clearly who we want as her replacement (Yes, I saw Maloney’s name) and who we don’t want. This is our turn to say “NOT THAT WOMAN.”

  34. Good for you PJ! Go do that vacuuming!

    Working on a post right now.

  35. pm317

    If we do not pick someone and support that person, nothing has a chance of happening.

    He must pick a woman for many reasons. There are 17 women (including Hillary) in the US Senate. That is despicable. The Democratic Party should be ashamed.

    I will not use any reasoning that prohibits my demand that he replace Hillary with an accomplished, qualified, capable woman.

  36. Taggles, my goal here is simple: to convey to him that we DON’T want Caroline Kennedy. (I do want a woman to replace Hillary but not that woman.)

    I am going back on my own word here because I have said all women, any woman is good for democracy. But I just can’t stomach this woman waltzing in here just with her name and trying to have a glorified retirement now that all her children are grown up and that she has nothing much to do.

  37. pm317 – I know what you mean.

    The thing with the 30% Solution is that it is not just about voting for any woman. It’s also about getting more women candidates on each Party’s slate, so we have more choices. It has to come from both the grassroots AND the government.

    We voters can help with our advocacy, but the Parties have to give us real choices. They can’t just nominate one unqualified woman and 17 qualified men so that we have no choice but to misuse our franchise.

  38. I have a friend who is very involved in NY state politics (I am in Gillibrand’s district). Kirsten is fantastic. I just sent my friend a WSJ article about the Treasury’s complete lack of oversight re: the bail out and she discussed it with Kirsten. Gillibrand voted against the bail out TWICE, because of her concern for the lack of oversight and the lack of attention to the housing crisis. Kirsten’s response to the WSJ article is that a group of Congressman are worried about the continuing lack of oversight and have formed an advocacy committee to pressure Barney Frank to address this. She is a fighter, and an independent thinker who follows her principled instincts and takes the heat. She just defeated Sandy Treadwell, a businessman who spent a boatload of money trying to buy the election, but Upstaters have come to really respect and trust Gillibrand. I met her at a Hillary event–she was a staunch supporter til the end.

    Having said all that, she is young, and Maloney has earned the position with her years of dedicated service. She is another great model for women in government. I would be happy with either one, or Nita Lowy, who was planning to run when Hillary came along, and she graciously stepped aside and supported her.

    Caroline Kennedy? Give me a frickin’ break. Why don’t we just make Brad Pitt Senate Majority Leader, and Tom Cruise can take over at Education and spread Scientology throughout the land? Madonna for DEP, since that position hasn’t been filled yet. Of course, Clooney, Affleck and Will Smith also have political aspirations, so we’ll install them somewhere too. Obama has proven, once again by lowering standards in this country, that experience is irrelevant. If you are famous, “charismatic” and can raise the dough–you’re in baby!

    Is Caroline even interested? I suspect this is just a rumor. She has led a deliberately private life, using her name and position to serve as her mother did–on cultural boards etc. Her books on Privacy and the Bill of Rights were well-reviewed, but you do not get a free pass because your name is Kennedy. Enough!

    I will check with my NY politico friend and see if there’s any substance to the rumor. She did mention that Kirsten is a possibility.

  39. pm 317,

    Do that all you want. do you have a woman in mind you do want to replace Hillary?

    If so, I suggest you do everything you can to get that woman into the Senate.

    If your only goal is to not get Caroline Kennedy, then you missed the boat on getting a woman into that seat. Because you will be giving him an out. He can choose who he wants as long as it’s not Caroline. Using your logic. Good Luck with that.

    Carolyn Maloney is a fine choice. Support her if you can. Or support some other woman you feel is qualified and capable.

  40. There was also a rumor that Robert Kennedy Jr. was being considered for the Interior position. I like that idea–NOT because he is a Kennedy, but because he has been a tireless advocate for the environment, and is a leading voice on the green revolution. In other words: HE IS QUALIFIED! I still become agitated when I argue about Obama’s profound lack of experience. I still don’t understand how he became president with 200 days in the Senate and little to show for it. I know all about the “reasons,” but cannot comprehend, fundamentally, how he got past Stage I. Since when is knowledge and proven application irrelevant?! ESPECIALLY after the inept Bush era. It makes me frickin’ crazy.

  41. That was has teed me off so about Caroline this election — her book on the Bill of Rights doesn’t square with her over the top support of the guy who voted FOR FISA.

  42. Look at Gov. Paterson’s comments re: appointing a top judge. I really think he gets it.

    I will also write a letter to him today about appointing Rep. Maloney to take Hill’s Senate seat.


  43. Fif – RFK has said he is not interested. I’m happy about that because I want him at the EPA!!!

  44. Ooops – I meant RFK Jr.

  45. Talk about dynasty building. They used that dynasty thing on Clinton, even though both her and Bill came from modest beginnings. What bullshit! Know they want to ordain this do nothing aristicratic princess Clinton’s NY senate seat. Hillary always scratched and clawed her way. Yah she had a few advantages, but by no means was she part of a dynasty or was ever a princess!!!! What a mess. The democrats are becoming more elitist by the minute.

    No FDR spread the wealth in this crowd. They’d rather have the control to decide when to be charitable to the little people. The Kennedy’s are the Dem dynasty in this country, not the Clintons!!!

  46. If Paterson considers Caroline Kennedy – why not Chelsea Clinton?! Chelsea for Senate! Yay!

    Caroline should just wait for her uncle to drop dead; she can try to get his seat.

    Incidentally, Caroline isn’t the only one who backed Obama because of her kids. Claire McCaskill said the same thing – her kids made her do it. I wonder how their kids feel about the economic meltdown, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. As long as their kids make the decisions for them, then we need to start vetting their spawn.

  47. angienc said: “That was has teed me off so about Caroline this election — her book on the Bill of Rights doesn’t square with her over the top support of the guy who voted FOR FISA.”

    Agreed. We need to restore democracy and our rights or none of our issues matter.

  48. Pat Johnson, on December 5th, 2008 at 9:59 am Said:

    I want to be an Obot!!!!!!

    Blimey! Pat’s losing it! This is like the end of 1984 when Winston, weeping tears of gin, finally breaks down and and says “I love Big Brother”

    Here … quick drink this eggnog. It has a shot of rum in it.

    Feel better?

  49. britgirls, Can Pat be saved?

    Will laced eggnog do the trick?
    Something stronger?
    Is this a ploy to get Ed’s attention?

    Pat, it’s not worrrrtttthhhhh it.

  50. I understand that an Obot Kool-aid hangover is the worst kind. Better to face the pain of an American corporate election. : (

    Hmmmm maybe Pat has the right idea.

  51. Where is Pat anyway? Off decorating and cleaning … again!

    Bah, peer pressure. I might have to get off my a$$ and get my house in order.


  52. Are you sure that Dick Clark didn’t get a hold of our government and turn it into Hollywood? Things keep sounding more and more strange.

  53. dear ted kennedy, give it a rest. we don’t want caroline as senator in new york. let her earn it and work to get elected if she wants it. i am sure caroline is a nice person but that doesn’t mean she deserves special consideration. as i recall our ancestors fought for the right not to have royalty rule us.

  54. OT but just saw this on GarychapelHill’s site. The GE is over so why does Obama need more people’s contact information? He now has the Clinton donor list and his own. What more does he want and what is he going to use it for?

    Obama team plans grassroots meetings for next weekend

    “You can connect with fellow supporters, make progress on the issues you care about, and help shape the future of your community and our country,” wrote Plouffe. “Learn what you can do now to support President-elect Obama’s agenda for change and continue to make a difference in your community.”

    The message contains a link to Obama’s Web site, where supporters can list their event and access a swarm of documents and suggestions, including a host guide; a “Plan for Change Form” to guide discussion; and more than a dozen flyers plugging Obama’s stands on the issues, along with a directive to limit flyers for any event to 500 or fewer to avoid having to register with the Federal Election Commission.

    A sign-in sheet is included to record the names and contact information of all attendees, with instructions to upload the contents to the Web site or mail it in for addition to the massive database of campaign contact info.


  55. Obama doesn’t have the Clinton donor list, does he? I haven’t ever gotten anything from him.

  56. New thread, about Markos.

  57. Pat can either be like Winston at the end of “1984” (I love Big Brother) or like Sam Lowry at the end of “Brazil” (lobotomized, but not conquered!)

  58. DYB … it’s Obotomized, not lobotomized.

  59. It’s not the house of Lords and one would be HANDING the seat to the GOP come reelection time. I don’t see CK campaining too well in upstate NY. It would be giving it to Giuliani down the road… While the real NY pols could make a go of it

  60. Paper doll,

    You are so right!!! Much of up state is made up of those working class whites who those aristocrats hate and spent this whole camapign season insulting in PA and Ohio. Likewise, those upstaters don’t care much for the wealthy liberals who think charity =economic justice, rather than empowerment.

    They would definately go with Giuliani first. He looks more like they do and will be better able to talk their language. Kennedy is a dud in this position. It would be giving the seat away to the GOP for sure.

  61. You guys think Giuliani has a shot?

    He will get 0% of the New York City vote.

    I don’t think so. Another contender, maybe.

  62. You know RD, this reeks of something.

    Like shopping all day for rings n’ things, no?

    Remember that tea party picture you had? Umm, hmmm……


    I hope your candidate gets picked. People shouldn’t be in politics unless they serve some kind of “internship” right?

    Another non-exactly-feminist from the baby boom’s tail end.

    Meanwhile the country keeps on tanking. I can barely watch the news it’s so sad.

    At the rate things are going, I sense a French Revolution just around the bend. Damn.

    Good for you, Rd.
    Oh ps: Our Hillary’s debt? —- she sure got a royal shafting, no?

    You know, It just makes me like Palin all the more, I swear. And the more the press savages her like the above — the more people will shift parties, just because…

    What a snake pit it must be. There. Yuck…………..
    (now to read that next poem!)


  63. If anybody should be in politics it’s RIVERDAUGHTER!

  64. Plural, I don’t know if Obama got Hillary’s list. I get emails from them all the time, but I was also on the DNC’s list, unfortunately.

    Hey all, we got an Insta-Prez, so what’s wrong with an Insta-Senator–except that the name isn’t so catchy.

    You’ve all seen them; you just soak them in Kool-Aid, wait until they puff up full of the stuff, then prop them up in any position you want.

    It’s way more Kool than learning your craft, working years to gain experience, and then going through something as annoying as a fair election.

  65. Pat Johnson, on December 5th, 2008 at 9:59 am Said:

    I want to be an Obot!!!!!!

    Blimey! Pat’s losing it! This is like the end of 1984 when Winston, weeping tears of gin, finally breaks down and and says “I love Big Brother”

    Re: Britgirls’ response–

    Truly, this was her finest hour…

  66. Even if she is appointed she will be running again in 2010 and then in 2012 – an appointed Senator can only serve two years and then must follow the established cycle.

  67. As I watch O collect all those contact points via the internet it reminds me of the movie, The Net with Sandra Bullock – the bad guys goal was to control all communications – sound familiar?


  69. Sorry, hit by mistake.


    Wait for Chris Mathews (the spitting idiot who said Hillary only got elected b/c her husband messed around) to hail C. Kennedy’s selection.

    Wait for bloggers who talked of dynasties in the case of a woman who had earned EVERY f–king thing she had, to say NOTHING.

    Wait for Ms. Has-Been, Gloria Steinem, and Has-Been Inc. (i.e. NOW) to applaud the appointment of Caroline Kennedy despite her utter lack of experience, and call it something good for women.

    In other words, be ready to be DISGUSTED and have a bucket handy.


  70. Dear Pat Johnson, as a man who just had the worst argument with my best friend in the world that lives across the country with regard to Obama’s fate as savior and Palin’s evilness, I am with you. I’m worn out from thinking too much. Becoming a brainless Obama zombie has become a matter of survival for me to handle my day to day stuff. I’m joining too. Do you have the number for that painted and actually real coin collection with Obama’s likeness on top of the Seattle Tower?

  71. Sorry, hit “enter” by mistake.


    Wait for Chris Mathews (the spitting idiot who said Hillary only got elected b/c her husband messed around) to hail C. Kennedy’s selection.

    Wait for bloggers who talked of dynasties in the case of a woman who had earned EVERY f–king thing she had, to say NOTHING.

    Wait for Ms. Has-Been, Gloria Steinem, and Has-Been Inc. (i.e. NOW) to applaud the appointment of Caroline Kennedy despite her utter lack of experience, and call it something good for women.

    In other words, be ready to be DISGUSTED and have a bucket handy.


  72. sorry, sorry, sorry, …..

    my last post of the day! seriously!

  73. Thank you. Yes, indeed, WHY Caroline??!?? Sheesh. I would much prefer RFK Jr He he been doing incredible work for the people AND HE WAS A HILLARY SUPPORTER…ALL THE WAY…he even did tv ads and videos.

    Which is why I can’t sign the petition for a woman. I don’t want just any ol woman, Caroline even fits that criteria. I didn’t settle for Any ol Democrat (BO), and I won’t here either.

    Next thing I know, they’ll be talking Charlie Rangel’s wife ‘cauz she endorsed BO.

  74. This is so true, as a New Yorker I am very upset that she is even being considered and that more qualified candidates can get passed over for someone who doesn’t even deserve or has earn the job.

    If she gets it, I am probably going to vote against her in 2012. And you are right, a Republican will unseat her.

  75. The funny part, now that I think about it, is that Clinton’s seat would probably have been John Jr. seat had he not died. And he probably would have been the one running for office this year or against Bush in 2004. Oh well. We’ll never know.

  76. No, Caroline Kennedy’s husband, Ed Schlossberg, is not a banker. He’s involved in the art world, although what he does escapes me right now. I think I’ve heard him described as a “conceptual artist”, whatever that means.

    Here’s his wikipedia page


    I don’t think she’s qualified to be Senator, either.

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