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Friday F**ksticks



If the media hate her this much, she must be doing something right.  From the NYT:

Gov. Sarah Palin’s traveling makeup artist was paid $68,400 and her hair stylist received more than $42,000 for roughly two months of work, according to a new campaign finance report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Ms. Palin’s makeup artist, Amy Strozzi — who was nominated for an Emmy award for her cosmetics work on the television show “So You Think You Can Dance?” — was paid $32,400 by Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign between Oct. 16 and Nov. 24, the period covered by the most recent reports filed with the commission.

This amount came on top of the $36,000 she had already been paid in previous reports, dating back to September.

In addition, Ms. Palin’s traveling hair stylist, Angela Lew, was paid a total of $42,225, with $23,400 coming during the period covered by the latest reports to the commission, which were due at midnight on Thursday.

None of the news reports claims that Governor Palin requested any of the clothes or services that were paid for by the McCain campaign.

Meanwhile, in other less important news, Barack Obama raised and spent over half a billion dollars during the same period, and can’t tell us where it all came from.


193 Responses

  1. Andy Sullivan thinks he has found proof that Trig Palin isn’t Sarah’s child.

  2. myiq – What would he know about reproduction?

    BTW – I have a post scheduled for 20 minutes from now…

  3. should I reschedule it?

  4. I ended up on a really tin-foilly website yesterday reading creepy comments like “I won’t believe that Trig is Sarah’s baby unless I can see video of the birth” (can’t remember how I got there … maybe from Cannonfire, he was talking about conspiracy theories). Some lady has a whole blog dedicated to poring over photos of Sarah’s pregnant (or is she???) tummy.

    Is that the proof you’re talking about? God, Sullivan is such a filthy little assw!pe.

  5. Yeah!

    Andd we’re talking here about a campaign where one candidate spent $400 mio more than the other.

    Btw Myiq, it was $750 mio Obama spent, 3/4 of a billion. Half a billion wouldn’t have been enough to buy the election.

    PS: Oh, whatever happened to those media gas bags who used to whine about “too much money in politics”?

  6. Funny picture! The bloggerz and pundits that snipe at Hillary Clinton are about that size (intellectually and morally) relative to Madame Secretary-To Be.

  7. I really don’t care what was spent on hair/wardrobe (those fake pregnancy suits are pricey, dontcha know?). At least we KNOW! It’s out in the open … they’re not hiding anything.

    Obama’s blown through a billion dollars and we’ll probably never know where it came from or went to.

  8. Obama’s relationship with Ayers is off the table! Sarah Palin’s pregnancy is the really important issue of our time. I’m surprised MoDo hasn’t written a column about it yet. (Or have I missed it?) Maybe Gail Collins will! Here’s hoping…

  9. Post rescheduled, myiq…


    BTW, Obama spent $500 billion in three months. This is a guy who promised he’d take public financing.

    Somebody bought him – what’s scary is we don’t know who.

  10. DYB – The amazing thing about the Kos Kids is that they KNOW the story isn’t true, but they have infiltrated the Obamasphere with it anyway.

    NotYourSweetie was the one that caught it a while ago.

    Anatomy of a Smear

  11. Oh holy sheepshit, Batman, who gives a rat’s ass besides those clues ratf@$kers?

  12. sorry clueless

  13. Obama’s speechwriter manhandles a Hillary cutout:


  14. This is why I have almost quit posting altogether.

    People running around trying to dig up some dirt on whether or not BO has a birth certificate. Hell he is here, he must have one and quite frankly, I do not give a damn where he was born, or if his parents were married at the time of his birth.

    I do not care whose child Trig Palin is, he appears to be loved and cared for and that is all that matters.

    I care about whether or not I am going to have a job in six months. I care about when my son is coming home. I worry about healthcare and people losing their homes.

    All this other stuff, get a freaking, damn life.

  15. The Supreme Court decides today whether to take the birth certificate question.

    Rumor on blogs: Jeb Bush might run for the senate.

  16. So hey – I am way behind, and this is slightly off topic being about CDS instead of PDS, but has anyone posted this yet?


    I transgressed my boycott since my husband sent me this link and asked me “Why does she want to be a part of this?” Alas, it is the only game in town.

  17. err that is – my boycott on the WaPo…

  18. Thats the thing, Jmac, I don’t care. I really don’t think the supreme court should be wasting its time on matters like this.

    To all the Obama cultists: Your guy won and the thing you had better be worried about is not whose kid Sarah Palin has on her hip, but what your guy is going to backtrack on next.

  19. oh Jmac, I should have read the comments – sorry!

  20. Hey Gov. Palin’s hair and makeup looked great. They were worth every penny. Now, how much were the other candidates’ stylists paid?

    Oh we will never hear about that.

    Beyond tired of the msm’s bullshit.

  21. I can’t imagine that the Supreme Court takes the case.

    OJ got 15 years. Maybe we can get Cheney/Bush on tax evasion ten years from now.

  22. Obama supporter diversion tactics so people won’t focus on Obama’s mistakes.

  23. Jmac: Confirmed out of Dade Co. repubs. Martinez was told to step aside and make way for Jeb.

  24. Oh crap, so when backtract makes a mess of things, there is the possibility of another Bush as POTUS in a few years.

  25. TRK – I know what you mean. It’s so sad what some of us have become.

    The picture of the Obots treating the Hillary cutout with so much respect? I hope Jane Hamsher, Digby and all the lovely female luminaries of the Obamasphere fucking choke on it.

  26. Jeb Bush will SO be the next Senator from FLA. Those voting machines will make sure of it.

  27. Bush versus Clinton. Can’t wait.

  28. I am truly afraid that he could be elected. Florida has not yet recovered from his stint at governor. However, if things do get messed up, I fear a republican landslide in 2010 could bring Jeb right back to us.

  29. Jmac, on December 5th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    I find that very disrespectful to Hillary. I knew she made a mistake joining that circus.

    So that is the 27 year old idiot that wrote “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. I still don’t undersand how many thought that was inspiring 🙄

  30. Thank you madamab. Much may they enjoy the company of those losers.

  31. It’s only too likely chatblu. I don’t even know what to say. I’m tapped out on fear and loathing. lol!

  32. not just run of the mill obots making sport with a Hill cutout, …but the incoming POTUS head speech writer ( on the left) Actully I bet that was the “nice” picture in the group

    Why is Hill part of this? Partly because it would be even worse if she wasn’t . The MSM would not be going after Palin as much if Hill was still in the Senate and” fair game” …also this idjit would not have apologized to Hill for this picture if she wasn’t the SOS to be …like he has .

  33. Jmac, on December 5th, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Sorry to break the news but she won’t run again. I believe believe believe it won’t happen but the universe is free to prove me wrong.

  34. Downticket – I think that now too…but heaven knows that things can change.

  35. A message to Sarah!

    Hang in there, we can all learn from you — far more than anyone can learn from the liberal elites (read lawyers)…

    As the country tanks?

    Your skills are going to be the valuable ones, and many of us know that — you see, the whole country will be in the same boat — that is happening now.

    The place where you abide is like my childhood was — where neighbors could ask to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar.

    People who are generous will be loved, people who are selfish will be the ones who will suffer — when a dollar is worth nothing.

    It’s true!

    Because, as any educated liberal knows — History ALWAYS repeats itself — it does.


    love that art miq2xu — c’est parfait for this moment.

  36. britgirls – My point exactly. The whole reason the expenditures came to light is because the McCain campaign reported their expenses. The Obama campaign did not have to. Who knows how they spent their money?! Michelle has certainly had a lot of work done on her (and she is not a candidate). We don’t know who paid for it. According to the Obamas, they can hardly manage with paying off school loans and dance lessons.
    Even the men get makeup to go on TV. So how is that expense accounted for? OK, now how do you decide what is the correct amount to spend? In any business where you appear in public, like entertainment, clothes and make-up, etc. are considered a business expense.

  37. What never gets mentioned is that campaigns hire top professionals who have to follow the candidates on the road for a couple of months.

    Take an hourly rate, multiply by 24 x 7 x 60 and the total will be a lot more than what someone else might pay for a weekly visit (r x 1 x 8.5 ) during that same period.

    Then you have to consider whether the total includes travel and lodging costs.

  38. Downticket – I never believed in a million years that George W. Bush could be elected for a second term. He had lied us into war; his VP outed a CIA agent, he’d flown to DC at midnight to save Terry Shivo. (sp), etc, etc.

    Nixon came back after his loss to Kennedy. Nixon. Anything is possible.

  39. I think Sarah has more to worry about from the Jeb Bush and Romney wing of the GOP , than any Dem.

  40. Exactly myiq – those stylists are working 24/7.

    I think to prove a point and show their principles, the ladies of The View should film a complete season with no makeup or hair styling at all. I know Barbara will step up and lead no this, being as principled as she is.

  41. paper doll – good point.

    Just like HRC, Sarah has a lot of elitists in her Party that won’t want her to succeed.

  42. If I had to choose between Jeb and obama…it would be Jeb..hands down. Jeb is not like his brother….shifty but very smart. His wife is a recluse. Jeb once said politics did not include his wife. His daughter was arrested for a forged precription…and was in drug rehab. His son I believe was arrested for drunk driving. I don’t want to see another bush…but eight years of the obama’s could drive me over the edge. Frankly…I don’t think the country would allow another bush anywhere near the White House..

  43. myiq – You are correct. My niece is a stylist. She is flown out to concerts to dress the band, etc. (My brother says it looks like they just pulled their clothes out of a laundry pile – haha – well, we’re the old fogies.) Anyway, it sounds like a lot of money that she gets for the work, but it is contract work. Plus, you don’t walk in off the street and get that kind of money. You have to make a name for yourself.

  44. isn’t the Washington Post owned by the moonies, the ones that lent Jerry Falwell the money for his school?
    We will have at least 4 years of idiocy while American people are hurting.
    Is anyone really surprised at the actions of backtrack’s team?
    I am also sorry that Senator Clinton joined the circus but maybe someone with a brain can make a small difference.
    As for the attacks on Governor Palin, the people who attack her have done nothing useful in their lives and cannot stand that a real person can succeed in helping the people of her state.
    My question to them is ” Hey moron how many other states are the people getting money BACK from the oil companies.
    Most of her detractors are stuck on stupid and I don’t think there is any hope for them



  45. perries – LOL!

    If Barbara ever stopped troweling on the makeup and filming through cheesecloth, she might actually look her age. That would never do!

  46. Helenk – That’s the Washington Times, although with some stories, you cannot tell the difference!

  47. paper doll, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    ITA. They are gonna pull a Hillary on her if she decides to run.

    Jmac, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    None of them are the messiah who is still collecting contact information. It is like he is still in the campaign mode. Obama will get a second term. I have no doubt about that.

  48. Downticket, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:16 pm Said:
    paper doll, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    ITA. They are gonna pull a Hillary on her if she decides to run.

    They already are.

  49. The story about John Edwards $400 haircut doesn’t mention that the stylist billed for travel and waiting time.

    How much would you pay a stylist to clear an entire afternoon to come visit you and cut your hair?

    And we ain’t talking Supercuts prices either.

  50. Anyone else think that the Clintons might run as Governor of Florida?

  51. As a newly adherent Obot I just want to register my shock at her use of stylists on the campaign trail!!!!!!!

    At least Obama spent his money for the greater good and shared those million dollar pillars with a vast tv audience as one example! Shame, shame on Sarah and her greedy relatives.

    As a matter of fact, I insist on a post election commission to investigate this outrage. I will not rest until it is formed.

  52. Like I said on TalkLeft, and how much did Obama pay for those little pieces of card stock that I threw in my recycle without reading? And how much did my city have to pay to recycle all of them?

    Obama spent nearly a billion dollars on this election. Only a fool would worry about a measly $150,000. Oh, now I get it ;-).

  53. madamab, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Exactly. I can easily see GOP candidates depending on her as a campaign rain maker, ( like Hill) beg Palin to come and help them get elected and then push her aside for the elite pick….jeb or Mitch

  54. Henry Kissinger is tripping over himself to praise Obama in the Washington Post:

    President-elect Barack Obama has appointed an extraordinary team for national security policy. …

    Between Karl and Kissinger, the economy, terrorism, sex, who knows, anything can happen in four years. I’m keeping an open mind!

  55. I am so sick of trimming this tree that I am at a point now of just tossing the ornaments head on and letting them choose their own places on the branches.

    If it weren’t for grandchildren, I would buy something along the lines of the tree Charlie Brown uses. Three branches, two bulbs.

  56. Marching Kissinger out for commentary is akin to Charlie Manson discussing the OJ verdict. Unnecessary.

  57. Jmac, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:21 pm Said:
    Henry Kissinger is tripping over himself to praise Obama in the Washington Post:

    must be looking for a job! lol!

  58. I’ll bet The View employs a team of hair and make-up people, including one of each for each regular and others for guests.

    I wonder what they get paid for what is basically part-time work?

  59. PJ – Welcome to Obotia. Please register your family, friends, and any homeless people you might encounter on your daily commute, at your local “Obama 2012” campaign office.

    You will be rewarded handsomely for your excellent service to the Messiah, with a lovely grey and white “holiday” mug which will only cost you $15!

  60. Pat – Black radio stations were upset that the Obama campaign did not spend a dime on advertising in that venue. No wealth spread in their direction.

  61. paper doll – Another war criminal heard from. They never die – they just steal and kill forever.

  62. With the stuck on stupid presidents this country is getting now bush, backtrack and probably another bush, I wonder what financial groups decided that after bankrupting the USA we should be like England?
    After the European wars England was no longer a super power.
    Look how the American people have been dumbed down.
    The media is a farce.
    The young are not getting the education they need.
    The jobs are no longer here so they can have a future.
    Until the American people standup and say no more this is what we will get.
    The savage attacks on good people and the promotion of fools.



  63. Laurie, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    There are three Clintons. Hillary will be SOS and Chelsea is taking a health care policy course. Why would BC want to become the Gov. of Florida?

  64. Who was it that said “Irony is dead” when Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize?

  65. Bush announced today that we are in a recession. I for one am going to miss his prescient comments come January.

  66. Betty: Florida did not fare particularly well under Jeb. he permitted insurance companies to raise rates without supervision. In a 4 year period, my homeowner’s went from $900/yyr to $6600/yr with no claims filed. His spouse was picked up for smuggling when he was first elected to office. Then there was the whole Terry Schiavo circus. Schools are an absolute mess. It is now almost impossible to sue for malpractice. There is almost no way to sue a business. Consumers have few rights. Gun laws are wide open here in the “Gunshine State”. Yep, Jeb was quite a guy.

  67. First they tried to call Sarah Palin a hick; then they criticized her for looking so good.

  68. The Clintons live in NY. I don’t think they can pull another carpetbagger routine.

    Now theoretically Bill could run for Gov. of NY if he was just bored but FL is out of the question.

  69. This pisses me off.

    First of all, they are clearly trying to alienate her from the people who connected with her because she is down to earth.

    I’d like to know what these idiots thought was in the job description.

    If someone said to you: this is going to be your full time job. In order for you to do your full time job, you are required to look ravishing 24-7. Because we know that it is a ridiculous expectation for you to look ravishing 24-7 and because we appreciate the cost of this undertaking, we, your employers, are going to provide you with the staff to keep you looking this ravishing. And if you don’t do it, you aren’t doing your job well and will get a poor performance review.

  70. Pat says: If it weren’t for grandchildren, I would buy something along the lines of the tree Charlie Brown uses. Three branches, two bulbs.

    For years my husband would bring a dead branch from the woods and we would decorate it with lights and ornaments. Very pretty. We started doing it when we saw a branch decorated in a store – the ornaments show up so much better than on a tree. Cheap! Different! Fun.

  71. Sorry. I didn’t finish. So, if they said this to you, would you say, “thank you, no. I appreciate it, but I’ll stick with the overalls.”

  72. Downticket-Just thinking that when Jeb Bush leaves for the Senate, that it will be up for grabs. Hill will probably not last 4 years as SOS.
    The Dem Party might even back them running, because that could ensure Florida being no longer a swing State but solid blue.
    Hillary has a lot of personal good standing in Florida.
    The kennedies are taking back her NY seat.

    Nice to hear that Chelsea is taking a Health Care policy course.

  73. PJ – Next Bush can discover electricity! Or that Iraq never had WMD! Or that the word “terrorists” has three syllables!

  74. I have had a lot of friends who went for makeovers before they had “studio like” portraits done. What is so wrong with that? Most of us wish to look our best and if she came out on stage with one eyebrow due to lack of plucking, they would have let loose there as well.

    Not to worry Sarah, you are a beauty and they just cannot live with that.

  75. Laurie – Anything is possible, but I give that about a .5% of happening.


  76. Jmac: Sounds good to me! Maybe next year when the kids are a little older. All I can say is that this event does nothing to improve my language skills. Sounds a lot like, *&**&^%$##@!

  77. If Hillary leaves as SOS the Dem Party will do away with her. They won’t back her going back into elected life. They’ll slam in the final nail and that’ll be the dreams that took flight landing in a very nasty way.

  78. Yes, Pat J. She was *expected* to look her best. It was part of her *job description*. I’m sure they all had cucumber facials (including the men) and other pampering to make sure they didn’t look like shit from lack of sleep and campaigning. Massages and facials and manicures aren’t cheap, either.

  79. Poor Bush. Stunned that the intelligence was wrong. Wonder how he’ll feel this year when he finds out Laura is Santa Claus.

  80. Hi Regency! Are you in exams?

  81. I’m honestly starting to believe I should support Sarah Palin just to piss off the media.

  82. Hi, Micki! What up?

    Mm, I have a math final on the 18th and an oral human situation exam on the 10th. That’s all. Then I’m done.

  83. I support Sarah Palin for that reason and because I trust her to be upfront as well as to act in what she feels is the general welfare, not just in her own best interest.

  84. Jmac – After Bush drinks his nightly Jack and Coke cocktails, EVERYONE looks like Santa Claus.

  85. Regency, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Have they really ever backed her? After what they did during the primary, the message is very clear. We don’t want you but she refuses to listen.

    If Hillary were to ever run for the senate again, I would prefer she ran as a senator from PA.

  86. Reg: You have an oral exam that isn’t for languages? That’s interesting. I have to do a 5 minute timed oral presentation on January 24th and I’m already stressing out about it.

    Good luck. I hate math.

  87. Don’t worry about Sarah-I’m sure Jack Cafferty and Campbell Brown will rush to defend her and even demand that the NYT apologize and retract.

  88. The continued uproar about Palin is really sickening to me. I think everyone felt her power–legitimate power- and see the threat she poses.

    I used to have faith that the American people could rise up and actually choose a president that is honorable, intelligent, principled, and courageous.

    That we ended up with Obama, a bought and paid for trinket, has caused me to lose that faith.

  89. Sarah Palin is drop-dead gorgeous, and they’d all like to find a make-up artist who could do that for them for the teeny sum of $68,400.

    Yes, running from PA would be good too.

  90. The media (especially the talking head types) understand the reason for the hair and make-up expenses, but they never try to explain or put the costs in context.

    That means they have an agenda.

  91. Erica – I think that’s where a lot of us are. Even when those people arise, the corporate Dems and Repubs will prevent them from making it all the way.

    It’s truly disgusting.

    Catarina – Well-snarked!

  92. DT: It’s not musical senate seats. I don’t think the electorate would look kindly on Hillary constantly switching home states. That could just be me though.

    Micki: Yup it’s over the 8 books we read in Antiquity this semester. We have to do it again next semester but over Modern texts. The math final shouldn’t be too hard, I’m surprisingly good at math when I try.

  93. Regency – But you’re a girl! How can you be good at math?

    Pat J, you’re an Obot – help me out here!


  94. Yeah, Reg. You should find a man to do your math for you. 😛

  95. Mad: You know what, I wondered the same thing. I had read many years ago that girls didn’t fair well in math and science and I beleived–in spite of the fact I excelled in all sciences (physics excepted) and all maths (even Calculus for the most part.) This semester has been a back to the basics time for me and I needed that.

  96. Regency, on December 5th, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    PA is where her family comes from so it would be nice to finish her career there.

  97. My roommate has her bf do a lot of her math work for her. Or me, or our suitemate.

    I like doing math work. Especially equations and the like. Finding that Log4(64)=3 is a big accomplishment for me. I struggled with that for years.

  98. Yes, one really can struggle with a single logarithm for years. Blame my teacher. For a math genius (*cough*former porn star*cough*) he could really suck at teaching things.

  99. I have to take off my shoes to count past ten

  100. Here ya go, Regency


  101. Hey Reg – I could barely get through Trig/Analyt. I had brain freeze when it came to taking the tests.

    I think you’re amazing!


  102. I liked doing proofs in geometry. I liked nothing else about math.

  103. All girls are Obots. They know he will go to any lengths to protect their reproductive rights. Math and science have no place in the home. Knowing how to toss a salad and serve waffles is the number one ingredient toward becoming a Happy Homemaker.

    I always loved the Stepford Wives. They were experts in decorations. Ergo, I rest my case on behalf of madamab.

    Is it too early for that glass of wine? It must be cocktail hour somewhere in the world.

  104. shoot! I forgot how to make the little hearts.

  105. Cat: You know I totally tried to work that out.

  106. madamab: Some Old Horse Caught Another Horse Taking Oats Away

  107. Regency:

    That math genius/former porn star probably has exceptionally large brain capacity.

  108. Pat – (squinting) I see the sun sinking over the yardarm!

    By the way, your proof was just as logical as the Obots usually are. You are getting this down to a science!


  109. Mad: Switch the signs.

  110. Regency: Would you have some time to balance my checkbook?

    You are so amazingly smart!!!

  111. Reg


  112. Micki – Is that a mnemonic? I never learned it! No wonder I didn’t understand math.


  113. MyIq: he has a big brain and was a great guy. I liked him. Didn’t learn squat sadly.

  114. Poop!


  115. “and can’t tell us where it all came from.” And the most recent outrages says 3/4 a billion!

    Hell I doubt if he could say where ANY of it came from. Anyone with a brain can see that this money did not come from the US. Most people in this country are slowly going bankrupt, they couldn’t afford B0. And the OUTRIGHT LIE that is was kids and their piggybanks and janitors with $5 donations is the biggest outrage of all. Is this country REALLY THAT stupid to think the O campaing was teling the truth about that??????

  116. madamab: Yeah. Its the Sine = Opposite over Hypotenuse, Cosine = Adjacent over Hypotenuse, Tanget = Opposite over Adjacent.

    God Bless Mr. Neiman.

  117. I consider myself an ABO (anyone but Obama).

  118. Soh Cah Toa

    sin = opposite [of given angle]/hypotenuse

    cos= adjacent [of given angle]/hypotenuse

    tan= opposite [of given angle]/adjacent

    Saved my life in calculus.

  119. madamab: There is really no trick to it. You just have to shut off your thinking facilities, keep your eye on the butterflies, convince yourself there is nothing more to be learned, and voila!, an Obot has been hatched!

    It is also very comforting since I am now one of millions and my furniture is much safer. KO is my hero and Tweetie makes sense. All I needed was to get into the proper frame of mind.

    And never let commonsense intrude into your thoughts. Find a picture of Obama and just stare for a few minutes. Logic and reason completely disappear.

  120. Hmmmm….switching doesn’t work Reg. I’m doing something else wrong.

  121. Madamab:

    & hearts ;

    delete the spaces.

  122. We need to insist that Favreau ‘s appointment as white house speach writer be rescinded for his actions and offensive bahavior towards Senator Clinton. These pictures and behaviot ore insulting and if anyone in any administration made a comprable racist jesture, they would be appropriately fired!!!!!

  123. well…..some capacity that is exceptionally large, anyway……

    This talk about women and math is making me think of my Mother, whom I lost this summer. She was 87. She majored in math at Bryn Mawr. She once told me she chose math because there were no papers and no labs! Maybe true reason or not.
    She was recruited by Washington, and did do code work during the war. But she was widowed with a child and her parents did not back up her having a career, esp in DC.

  124. Yes, Reg (lol)

  125. no way that wont work, will it?

  126. I recently read an article, which I will try to find and which may have been linked to from here, about a really large study done that found no difference in math abilities between girls and boys. Do people here recall that? If not maybe I stumbled across it another way.

  127. well ill be dipped in dark chocolate
    you learn something new every day

    this one for myiq:

  128. Aha – I never got to calculus. Although I’m sure my opera singing and IT careers would have been much enhanced had I done so.


    PJ – You forgot the hallucinogenic Kool-Aid. If I look at a picture Obama for more than a few seconds, my brain catches fire. I will need chemical assistance to pursue the program you suggested.

  129. Yeah, I think Riverdaughter posted something about it b/c she was angry b/c her daughter is being basically held back in math.

  130. perries – no, you are correct, it was a post by dakinikat, covering about 20 years and 150,000 subjects.

    Game, set, match, science.

    For all you Conflucians:

  131. I chose history as a major because social science degrees only required 3 units of numberology

  132. madamab: I got engaged at the Met during an Opera performance. I struggled. It was my first time to live opera (my husband loves it). I got him tickets to see Placido Domingo and I thought–hey, I’ll pick a long one to get the most bang for my bucks. I did not understand what a Wagner opera is. It was the longest 5 hours of my life. I got engaged at the first intermission, and I was like, do I still have to stay here?

    I need to see Mozart or Verdi or something. Wagner is to much for me.

  133. Pat – My daughter in law is from Thailand and her family has never celebrated Christmas. This year I turned the tree completely over to her. It is beautiful and she had a blast doing it. I sat on the couch and ate Rocky Road ice cream. It was fabulous.

  134. I majored in English after tanking in my pre-med courses. Obviously, my hatred of match did not help in the pre-med endeavor.

  135. math! my hatred of math! Sheesh!

  136. OMG Micki! You are a trooper.

    I don’t know how ANYONE listens to Wagner. It’s just a bunch of swoopy yelling and triumphant C chords to me.

    Give me Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Strauss and Massenet…there are so many more – just NOT Wagner, puhleez!

  137. Micki and TRK
    great stories, both!

  138. Math and opera combined is my idea of hell.

    I’d rather mops floors in an adult bookstore

  139. I majored in english too. I was really into it, but in in ‘coulda woulda’ do-overs I would never pick it again and just have never been interested in it ever after.

  140. gaaaah myiq

  141. madamab: you have no idea what I’m up against here. My husband wants to see the Ring cycle. I was like, well, you’re going on your own. I play the oboe and I’m all about Baroque. I like choral works, but Bach, etc.

  142. myiq: I would rather mop floors in the bookstore than work with attorneys (present company excluded).

  143. Regency
    You RULE. you should be so proud of your self.

    Do you have headaches since you had your lobotomy?

    My recipe books for my daughters are done.
    Now all I have to write are the memory books for each one of my kids,



  144. Makeup and hairdo musta worked. She looks better than Michelle! 👿

  145. Oh Micki – wow.

    Well, my husband likes football. We all have our cross to bear.

  146. Micki does he want to do experience whole Wagner festival in Germany – the whole enchilada (or uh bratwurst)? Maybe you could hang out in a biergarten. It’s for better and for worse, not for the entire ring cycle.

  147. madamab: 🙂 This is true.

  148. Fredster:

    No amount of paint will turn a Chevette into a Corvette

  149. madamab and micki

    i envy your normal lives. opera and football, you lucky dogs.

    my husband likes to fly tiny single engine airplanes to the ass of the earth and back again.

    i cant let him do that alone-i have to go with him so if he passes out while flying i can scream my head off while the plane crashes.

  150. Funny story – my opera-singing husband and I went to see Mozart’s “Idomeneo” at the Met for our anniversary. My father had given me a video of the opera and it was gorgeous.

    Little did I know that it had been drastically cut.

    There were two intermissions, hubby kept falling asleep, and it was like 80 hours long. Plus, the singing and staging were horrific.

    I was lucky he didn’t divorce me after that!

  151. perries: Yes. He has advised me repeatedly that it is his “dream gift.” He knows he will never get it b/c I think the tickets are out of control, plus air fare and hotel.

    If this happens, I’m taking the train to Italy for the week. I’m not going to watch Wagner for days on end.

    I went to Germany YES GERMANY! for my honeymoon b/c my husband had never been to Europe and he picked. Imagine, if you will, a vegetarian who is allergic to hops . . . in BAVARIA.

  152. Catarina – to the as of the earth huh? So you’ve been to Greenville, SC?

  153. Micki – if you’re drunk enough, Wagner is like a weird acid dream.

  154. lol TRK!
    Weird that you asked!
    He flew to NC through a thunderstorm, thank god i didn’t go! He got bounced around so bad-I’d have died from the fear.

  155. I don’t know how ANYONE listens to Wagner. It’s just a bunch of swoopy yelling and triumphant C chords to me.

    Give me Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Strauss and Massenet…there are so many more – just NOT Wagner, puhleez!

    don’t care for the old sturm und drang or the leitmotives? 😉

  156. catarina:

    Ron White tells a story about being on a small puddle-jumper flight that had engine trouble. He said the guy next to him was panicking and asked how far they could go with one engine.

    White told him “All the way to the scene of the crash”

  157. I just want to go see the Magic Flute or something. Is that too much to ask?

  158. Did you know that a B.S. in Biology requires 3 units of Calculus? I take Pre-Cal next semester. I should leave Algebra with an A *fingers crossed* assuming I don’t epicly fail.

    Fran: I was supposed to study Biology (with a concentration in neuroscience and behavior ) &Political Science at Bryn Mawr this semester. I’m still a little bitter about that.

  159. Fredster – Only in Germany would something so heavy-handed be called a “leitmotif.”

    Micki – I’m surprised hubby wouldn’t go see Magic Flute. Uncut, it’s almost as long as Das Rheingold!

  160. Micki:

    Bavaria has some pretty good wines too

  161. myiq2xu, on December 5th, 2008 at 3:25 pm Said:


    No amount of paint will turn a Chevette into a Corvette

    True, but when they have to use that undertaker makeup to make ’em look alive, you know they’re in trouble. It’s not a Clinque moment…

  162. madamab, on December 5th, 2008 at 3:31 pm Said:

    Fredster – Only in Germany would something so heavy-handed be called a “leitmotif.”

    Sorry ’bout the bad spelling. Hey, no one ever said they weren’t drama queens. 😉

  163. Okay I have to admit, I have never been to the opera and am not too sure I think I have missed anything. I do sing in the shower at times.

  164. they = Germans and Dickie Wagner.

  165. madamab: Oh, he will go. He’ll go to any opera. He thinks I am not amenable to it, but I totally am.

    myiq: I do not think they were serving these wines in the Hoffbrauhaus. 🙂 Interestingly, there are high rated veggie restaurants in Munich, but they are frickin expensive. I did have Indian food in Munich.

  166. TRK:

    I sing while mowing the lawn.
    Someone might hear me singing in the shower.

  167. NEW POST UP!!!

    (Kim – if you go, go to a really fun one, like La Boheme or Carmen. I DARE you not to cry at La Boheme.)

  168. That bad, huh. I am sure you sound wonderful to yourself, I know I do. 😀

    Did anyone hear about the Dixie Chicks being sued?

  169. I don’t do crying movies, books or anything else. Too chick flickyish.

  170. YES, I think La Boheme was the opera in Pretty Woman and in Moonstruck. It induces tears and appreciation for opera, apparently. 🙂

  171. Regency – What happened? I hope it works out for you at some point. I mentioned the school just because 1) it is a challenging enough school, and 2) it is a womens college.

    My Mom is the person who really taught me to think for myself.

    A few years ago I went with her to a memorial for one of her professors. People came from all over the world for it. A lady got up and said they would remember him by talking about his 5 most famous theorems. OooooK. I was lost after that.

    It’s nuts to think that girls are any less able in math than boys. I think it is more of a mental block, and maybe lack of interest. Also, math is not taught very well in the lower grades. I went to girls’ schools and I think it was a good experience. (yes, girls were catty; but they were catty when I was in co-ed school.)

  172. Micki,

    I’ve only been to one opera. It was a performance of Aida and it was just wonderful until the closing scene where Aida and her beau are entombed (supposedly they would starve to death) in a pyramid. Let’s just say that Aida looked more like Tweedledee in black face than an Ethiopian princess.

    My friend leaned in and whispered to me “Fuck me, they’ll die of old age before they starve!” We couldn’t stop snickering and snorting like a pair of loons much to the annoyance of all the opera luvvies around us.

  173. Micki> What a great story. Did you boyfriend propose privately or did he make a show of it? I remember a few years ago someone jumped on the stage during intermission and proposed to his girlfriend. Was that you?

    In any case, as a Wagner nut who stood through 3 RING cycles at the Met a few years back and plans to stand through at least one this season (in addition to the seats I have for yet another cycle) I must insist that there will be NO WAGNER BASHING HERE! I can understand, though, that Wagner isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m reminded of Woody Allen’s very underrated film “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” Diane Keaton and Allen make an arrangement that if she goes with him to a hockey game, he’ll go with her to the Met. Cut to Keaton miserable a hockey game. Then cut to Allen fidgeting during Wagner at the Met – and quickly cut to them walking through the empty Lincoln Center Plaza while performance continues and Allen says: “This much Wagner makes me want to invade Poland!”

  174. I’d cry at any opera. And scream, whine & complain.

  175. The opera in “Pretty Woman” is “La Traviata.” (The whole “whore with a heart of gold” thing.)

    The Met is doing an abridged (90 min) version of “The Magic Flute” in English this year during the holidays. The production is by Julie Taymor and it’s thrilling.

  176. NEW POST UP!!

    DYB, as the resident Conflucian opera singer, I retain my right to bash any opera I damn well please! BTW, I LOVED Manhattan Murder Mystery.


  177. myiq2xu> Do you like theater? If you do, I’m certain I can find an opera you will like.

  178. DYB: OH MY GOD! I LOVE that movie. Its one of my favorite Woody Allen movies! That is one of my favorite lines from it, too. I love the soundtrack! What a great flick!

    I am trying not to bash Wagner, but seriously. I had to get my husband some Ring cycle from 1953 (he was very specific) that was remastered on Gephardt and blah blah blah. So, I track this thing down and get it on Amazon and I had to check three times when I got it to match it up against my husband’s specs for the recording.

    That was not me onstage! My husband just pulled out the ring and set it on the armrest behind the seats (where you can stand, near the doors to our section) and said, “well, what do you think?” It was a nice proposal.

    Next time I go to something that long, I will wear a more comfortable dress.

  179. DYB: That Magic Flute sounds good. I’ve been wanting to go to NYC, too. I am going to go check it out now.

  180. Oh, and Mozart’s “Idomeneo.” It’s his earliest “great” opera and I only recently started to warm up to it. As Rossini once said about Wagner: “There are great moments, and really boring quarters of an hour.” That’s how I feel about “Idomeneo.” But “The Marriage of Figaro” is my favorite of all operas…if I had to choose just one.

  181. DYB: I got engaged during Parsifal. I had to go look at my wedding channel website to remember what performance I actually saw. (lol)

  182. DYB – It’s between “Figaro” and “Don Giovanni” for me. But “Idomeneo” – well, my husband said: “I fell asleep for two minutes, then I woke up, and no one had moved!”

  183. We RING nuts can be very very very particular about recordings, especially from Bayreuth. Sort of like: “The first performance of the 1953 cycle, the one with so-and-so as Flosshilde is so much better than next week’s performance with so-and-so and the second Norn.” I own 17 RING cycles on CD. No joke!

    Definitely check out “The Magic Flute.” And bring kids with you if you want. These runs are geared at kids, in fact. Which is why it’s abridged and in English. And all the puppetry on the stage is really amazing. Check out the photos here:


  184. madamaB: My husband informed me last night that he would like to see Don Giovanni. The Curtis Institute had some performances of selections in November. Had I known . . .

  185. I agree about all the things said about Jeb. I just said in my mind I would rather see him than obama. I would never vote for him…live in Florida. Who knows what our taxes will be until obama is through with us.

  186. “Parsifal” is probably the worst Wagner opera for a non-fan! And I hate the Met production.

    madamab> Was this the Jean-Pierre Ponnelle production? They still use it and I don’t like it. He was supposed to stage all of Mozart’s “mature” operas at the Met, but died before he completed the project. (He fell off the stage into the orchestra pit! Not at the Met, though.)

  187. DYB: That looks cool! I don’t have kids yet, but opera is on the menu for their upbringing. When we were at Parsifal, a man had his son there and they were foreign. Probably German, I can’t be sure. But the kid was all of 11 or 12 and sat through the whole thing. My husband approved of this.

  188. DYB: I could have used this information in 2004. Where were you when I needed you!!!!

  189. TRK: “Oh crap, so when backtract makes a mess of things, there is the possibility of another Bush as POTUS in a few years.”

    Yep. That’s been my suspicion all along. They knew they couldn’t take 2008 so they put a ringer in to keep the Bush POTUS seat warm for Jeb. I’m beginning to think our only hope is Sarah Palin. I hope she can survive the sh!t they’re gonna sling at her for the next four years.

  190. Are you all coming upstairs? We’re lonely!


  191. BTW, great post myiq. I love the nice ‘n concise ones.

  192. I’ve collected about 250 examples of this kind of sexist stuff (photos, screen grabs, video snippets) into a PowerPoint slideshow designed to spark group discussion. I’ve posted it online so that anybody can access and use it, but I need help testing it. If anybody can try downloading it at http://wherestheline.home.comcast.net and let me know what works/doesn’t I’d appreaciate it.

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