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Thursday: Rove makes a point

MC Rove dances at the WH Correspondents Dinner in 2006.  A date that will live in infamy.

MC Rove dances at the WH Correspondents Dinner in 2006. A date that will live in infamy.

Karl Rove says that McCain couldn’t compete against Obama’s money advantage.  Karl forgets that the media also fellated Obama while destroying the intellect of Sarah Palin, the DOW took a dive at a most conveeeeenient moment (Thanks, Wall Street!) and Flight Jacket Thrill Bush had the lowest approval rating in history.  It’s quite possible that Dennis Kucinich could have won against McCain.

Ok, maybe not Dennis.

Obama continued his lucky streak in November.  He has an uncanny knack for winning on everything but merit.  Karl says “follow the money” in his column in the WSJ called McCain Couldn’t Compete with Obama’s Money.  Hmmm, you could read more than one meaning into that headline.  But let us assume tha Karl is referring to the $250,000,000 advantage Obama had in October and November and the fact that *today*, both campaigns have to spill the beans to the FEC about where it all came from.

On May 31, as the general election began in earnest, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee had a combined $47 million in cash, while the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee had a combined $85 million.

Between then and Oct. 15, the Obama/DNC juggernaut raised $658.7 million. I estimate today’s reports will show Mr. Obama, the DNC and two other Obama fund-raising vehicles raised an additional $120 million to $140 million in October and November, giving them a total of between $827 million and $847 million in funds for the general election.

Nearly a billion dollars.  Imagine how many foreclosed properties in Chicago that would have saved.

How did Mr. Obama use his massive spending advantage?

He buried Mr. McCain on TV. Nielsen, the audience measurement firm, reports that between June and Election Day, Mr. Obama had a 3-to-2 advantage over Mr. McCain on network TV buys. And Mr. Obama’s edge was likely larger on local cable TV, which Nielsen doesn’t monitor.

Whoa!  That’s a lot of ad time to fast forward through on the DVR.  Karl is giving too much credit to ad time.  It may have given Obama the air of inevitability but I don’t think it would have worked so well if there weren’t other factors in his favor.  I think Karl doesn’t want you to pay much attention tot he other factors that I mentioned above.  The Republicans were WILDLY unpopular.  If it weren’t for Rove, Obama could have never have carried it off.

Then Karl gets to the point: McCain was hoisted on his own petard.  One can almost detect a note of glee that McCain was done in by his own campaign finance reform.  Karl pronounces it dead and predicts that no candidate will ever make the mistake of going with public financing again.  It’s going to be one giant pool of money for each side. There will be ad buys the likes of which we have never seen, GOTV efforts that will annoy even the most committed voters, a Greek temple for every pol.

But the fact remains that Obama got only about 1/4 of his money from small donors of $200 or less.  The rest came from the same fat cats that have always contributed to campaigns, except that *this* year, they switched parties to the tune of about $500,000,000.  That’s a lot of money from untraceable debit cards.  Karl must be secretly admiring Obama.  Maybe he’s seen Obama in a Flight Jacket.  Heck, for all we know, he gave David Axlerod the idea to use the prepaid debit cards in the first place.  It could happen.

Karl is right about one thing though: we need to see where the money came from.  In this day and age, there is simply no excuse for not being able to publish this information instantly.  The technology is there.  Let’s see just how much money those fictional characters pitched in and by what means.  It’s only fair, especially now that Bill Clinton has had to cough up the list of donors to his library. In fact, Obama would look like a hypocrite if he didn’t let us examine his books. I mean, we *PUMAs* know what a corrupt politician Obama is but the rest of the progressive blogosphere who went on ad nauseum about how resilient Obama was to corporate cash will not believe it until they see proof.  Ok, they might not see it even then but maybe we can get them to shut up about the Clinton library and Global Initiative, which looks positively modest and beneficent at this point compared to Obama’s obscene amount of campaign cash.

The end does NOT justify the means, Obots.  Obama ruined our primary system, our campaign finance system and our right to self-determination.  He’s really no better than Bush and Rove in that respect.  He may be the president next year but we will remind ourselves *daily* about how he got there.

It ain’t pretty.

One more thing:

I found this video on Design*Sponge, one of my new favorite sites.  It takes you through the process of making homemade peppermint marshmallows.  What a great idea for a cold Saturday afternoon in December.

123 Responses

  1. Excellent points RD! And you are so right. “We” will remind ourselves daily how he got there. It wasn’t pretty and we ain’t getting over it!

  2. Great post, but I think that the probability of full disclosure in thia arena is right up there with the full disclosure that we have seen in evrything else. In other words, not at all.

  3. Kenosha…..good to see you!

    obama is a crook, pure and simple…

    KM…..drop me a line sometime please….

  4. We have found a new home and are looking for you. And
    I don’t think OB is about to let us examine his books!
    For Pete.s sake, I got another email about ‘making’ him
    get Hawaii to produce the ‘real’ birth certificate. I’m
    still PUMA, but I don’t expect the leopard to change
    his spots.
    (Say What You Will)

  5. Yes, it was the money. (Ironic that a Republican should be complaining about that.)

    But having the media in your pocket is at least as much of an advantage.

  6. And I agree that Kucinich — or, as someone said on this blog once, a chia pet — could have won this year as a Democrat, once Paulson let Lehman Brothers fail.

  7. So in five(aren’t counting november) months Obama raised 780+ millions. Don’t forget that he didn’t reach his predicted 100 million every month in June or July. All the many millions started in August. With all that money he was stil loosing until the economic crisis hit and then the polls started favouring him. With all that money he could have won by 64 percent of the vote since he had a “movement”. With all that money, Hillary would still have beaten McCain with more than 4 points compared to Obama according to the exit polls (if you choose to believe them).

    Won’t there be any investigations about the voter fraud that went on in the GE? Are we supposed to pretend that it didn’t happen too?

  8. But having the media in your pocket is at least as much of an advantage.

    I think the media is more important than the money. With the media spinning everything for you, what can’t you accomplish.

  9. RD- Do you want my recipe for marshmallows? 1. Go to store. 2. Buy marshmallows. 3. Go home. It saves more time for blogging.

  10. Where are the “fact checkers” when we need them? The obscene amount of money spent to buy this election needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  11. I’m with Honora…:)

  12. True, Downticket. With all that money plus the media and the financial crisis, he should have matched LBJ’s blowout against Goldwater.

    But the youth vote didn’t materialize, and the big increase in voters didn’t materialize.

  13. Does anyone know offhand what the voter increase, if any, was from 2004? It didn’t seem to be significant, if any.

  14. I’m with “Downticket”. Having watched many elections, I am convinced that media support is the most important factor by far. Who needs a lot of ads when cable and network TV will promote you 24/7? As I am constantly repeating there is NO WAY that Bush would have been elected over Gore had the media covered that election objectively and informed the public about Bush’s long list of failures – bankrupting two businesses, insider trading just to name a couple – and Gores’ many achievements – including being a major player in the creation of the internet by pushing until Congress coughed up the funding. Not to mention Bush flat-out lied in one debate about his supposed support for a patients’ bill of rights yet the next day the media ignored this deliberate falsehood to obsess about the evil, lying Gore.
    A previous post discusses Obama’s reneging on his promise to impose a windfall profits tax on the oil companies. How often did you hear the media point out that Palin actually imposed such a tax as governor of Alaska? Or that Obama lied about forcing nuclear power plants to disclose leaks when in fact he had dropped that requirement from a bill after being lobbied by the industry, making it clear that he would not be tough on corporations? These facts were needed to help any voter for whom this was a top issue decide whom to support, but instead our media decided “we the people (rubes)” could not be trusted and sold Obama to us like any other product, except with free advertising. And now Chris Matthews declares it is his job help Obama succeed. Just like he did with Bill Clinton…….

  15. Riverdaughter,

    I agree that all indicaters favored Obama, but I have to say that we cannot be blind to how inarticulate Sarah Palin was during the campaign. I object to the demeaning BIMBO stereotyping of her, but that being said, in all fair estimation, she was very inarticulate for someone in her position.

    I had an argument with an old freind the other day over his ranting and stereotyping of her into the BIMBO box. After we spoke, I went back and reviewed some clips of her. I must say how shocked I was to find out how inarticulate she really is. I think that John McCain could have picked a more qualified woman for the job.

    Now, this does not justify the sexist treatment that she received and we should all reject it. With that being said, I think questioning her qualifications was fair game.

  16. 121 million voters in 2004 (for the two major candidates)

    125.5 million in 2008

  17. RD is a fascinating mix of Marie Curie and Martha Stewart.

    Great post…and I am also wondering if Rove mentions the depressed turnout among Repub voters. Probably not: he is building a narrative that Dems are evil corporate elitists, while Repubs (like Palin) are pure as the driven snow.

    I really hate that this guy isn’t in jail and is free to inject his poisonous memes into the overworked, misinformed minds of Americans.

  18. BernieO,

    Allow me to congratulate you for a most informed and articulate comment/post. Cheers!


  19. madamab,

    While I’m certainly no fan of Rove’s, don’t you think you’re going a little overboard when you think he should be in jail. I mean, we are in America and all — he should be free to spread his venom, no?


  20. BernieO…..We really did end up with the third term of bush this election. obama got in the same way gwb did, being helped along at every turn by the media.

    Kendall…..I think inarticulate is a bit harsh….obama can’t speak without a slew of uh’s and is pretty useless without a teleprompter. To my mind, Sarah did quite well; but when you are being denigrated 24/7 by so many people who want nothing more than to crown obama king, it is hard to fight past that…just saying and my opinion only.

  21. KendallJ – I agree that her qualifications should have been questioned, and so should have Obama’s.

    Oh wait. Hers were and his weren’t. I wonder why?

    And frankly, we can hardly slam her for being “inarticulate” without doing the same to Obama. He made some spectacular gaffes and told so many bald-faced lies…yet the media never seemed to notice.

    Sarah Palin was not the problem. Regardless of what you think of her, the Republicans do not agree. She is the front-runner for 2012 in their minds. In fact, they say if she had not been on the ticket, McCain would have been slaughtered.

  22. ParkSlopeVoter….if Rove was in a crowded building, yelled fire (when there was none) and your loved one was trampled to death as people tried to flee the building, would you feel the sae way? He is a criminal…it isn’t about just spewing venom.

  23. PSV – He should be in jail for leaking Valerie Plame’s name, not getting cushy jobs from the corporate media.

  24. Obviously, Sarah Palin got shit on from a great height by the media and pundits. However, she really does need to work on her interviewing skills. When she gets flustered or is under pressure, her sentence structure is really bad. I think its natural, i.e., when you are speaking in that kind of environment, you start on one line of thought and start rambling. And its hard to work off a script when you are being interviewed and don’t know the questions. The Repubs should have put her on the Sunday morning news circuit to season her for this. Its important fore her to speak slowly and take whatever breaks she needs to gather her thoughts and be coherent. I think if she does this in the next couple of years, she will do very well and avoid criticism. She just needs some practice. Learning to do it as a VP candidate is an enormous undertaking and I think she did well under the circumstances. Not brilliantly, but well. She does really well in crowds that are “on her side” so to speak. She just needs to work on performing well in hostile territory. Just my opinion, of course, but she couldn’t even name a magazine she reads regularly. I’m sure if she were just sitting and chatting with you, she’d answer this readily. But, w/ Katie Couric, she was probably thinking, “if I say “Woman’s Day” what does that say about me? If I say “American Hunter” what does that say about me. Etc, etc, etc. Looking for loaded questions is exhausting, but she needs to be exceptional b/c we all know, as a woman, she has to work twice as hard to get half as far.

  25. Oy,


    It ain’t what he did, tho’, right?


    You know I’m a fan of yours — was he the one who leaked Valerie Plame’s name? I didn’t know that. But I still maintain that he’s got a right to spew his hatred, VP notwithstanding. And I bet you really agree…


  26. Just to add re: the magazine thing, my point is that she should have just answered the question. People were going to analyze it either way–what is better: to answer and be natural and just go with it and be more endearing, or to not answer it and look like she (a) doesn’t read or (b) doesn’t understand the question.

    Like I said, she just needs some more practice swimming with the sharks.

  27. Oh, btw, I saw on the news this morning that Plouffe is writing a book, due next fall. I’m pre-ordering my copy asap. 😛

  28. Is Palin any worse than George Bush Jr. in the incoherence department?

    I never saw Palin on tv, but Bush is spectacularly inarticulate, and the media still seems to have no problem with that.

  29. Micki – that was very well-said. I agree that being interviewed by hostile questioners is a skill to be learned, and they should have prepped her better for it.

    Of course, she had done a lot of debates before running for VP, and it showed. Now Obama, OTOH, got his clock cleaned in debates with Hillary. He couldn’t stand up to hostile questioning at all. As soon as he was asked the same type of idiotic questions HRC has been asked all her life, he became rather inarticulate himself.

    He did so poorly he refused to do any more afterwards.

  30. A couple of weeks ago, I told the story of how the love of my life, my dog of 13 years had suffered seizures and was found to have a brain tumor. Yesterday morning, two weeks after his diagnosis, my husband and I took him to the vet where he found peace at last. It was a very emotional and heartbreaking moment. He died in my arms surrounded by love. He changed every life he touched for the better. Mister B is greatly missed.

  31. FLVoter, You have my sincere condolences. I have been there with my loving cat Arwen (1997).

    Peace and Love,


  32. Kendall and Micki, remember that the videos of interviews you saw on TV and now online are the ones that have been edited – those who saw the interviews live (crew) said that a lot was hacked out of those and it even seemed that they were edited specifically to make her look incompetent.

  33. Why are people like Rove, Delay, and Gingrich still allowed a forum as “experts” on anything? Rove especially. Few egregious episodes coming out of this criminal WH do not have his name attached. Let’s also throw in Kissinger who they insist in marching out every time someone bombs a building to thrill us with his “expertise”. These men all served lying, cheating, nefarious presidents and their fingerprints too are found all over the criminal actions.

    McCain was a poor candidate even from the GOP point of view. They screamed and hollered to the high heavens when he won the nomination. True, his opponents during he primaries were lacklulster but his own party was hesitant in backing him from the beginning. Couple that with his age and the Obama money machine and he was doomed. This man also saw a once fawning press run for the hills while they all jumped on the Obama Express to Nowhere. The odds were against him. Personally, I think Palin boosted him a bit in the polls but the climb was overwhelming.

    Rove may have a point but as the “architect” for the horriffic 8 years of Bush in the WH, there is nothing this man can offer that would tend to make me take him seriously. He belongs in a jail cell.

  34. Honestly PSV, I believe criminals should be in jail. KKKarl has committed multiple crimes, including leaking Plame’s name. He “lost” 5 million government emails from the RNC servers. You are not allowed to conduct White House business from a political office. He also ignored a Congressional subpoena. He helped steal the 2000 election. And these are just the things we KNOW about.

    I do believe in freedom of speech, of course, but I don’t believe criminals should be rewarded with cushy media jobs instead of punished for their multitudinous crimes against America.

  35. OHHH, a homemade marshmallow recipe!!!! Perfect along with a drink for ALL of us!!! Spotted by kenosha Marge, it will boost our spirits and along with the marshmallows should make you so sugar/alcohol crazed that you won’t give a hoot about any MONEY business!@!!!!!!

    Martinis with Michelle, 2nd Round: Ladies,There IS a Different Way to Join the Post-Modern Feminist Party!


  36. FLvoter – I’m so sorry -we’ve gone through similar losses and it is very difficult – but in retrospect know that your loving act and just being there with him was not only the right thing but the most compassionate.

  37. It is true that Bush and OhBlahBlah are inarticulate. My point is that Palin should aspire to be exceptional and that there was evidence of a weakness that can be easily rectified with practice. Like McCain said, she’s a quick study. And I agree that her experience in debating showed. I know there was some critique of her debating style. Specifically, one of her former opponents in Alaska had a problem with the way she tap danced around the question without ever really answering, etc. I think that is fairly typical of politicians, but it doesn’t work on simple questions, like, “who do you admire” or “what was the last book you read.” I think she held herself back b/c she was (correctly) worried that everything she said would be analyzed out the wazoo and mutilated into something negative that made her look stupid. Frankly, I believe she had a constant refrain going through her head “Don’t eff up. Don’t eff up.” Learning to perform well with that constant internal chant has to be learned.

  38. I will never regret my vote for McCain/Palin. He in my mind would have been the best for this country.

  39. PS–don’t forget that Nancy P. refused to open the House floor for a vote on the subpeonas re: the attorney firing scandal, even as fmr. Gov. Seligman, caught in the mess in a Rove plot, was at the Convention begging that she do it! The poor man is out “on bail” and is getting screwed~

    And we lost our last chance to get Rove to appear and answer questions!

    Thanks, Nancy Pelosi!! (You can search for the story in the archives at IA….with video of Seligman at the Convention and a link to the site seeking justice for him…..)

  40. Micki – I agree that Palin’s team didn’t seem to prep her properly at all – she finally rebelled and they started paying more attention and she stepped up almost to the level needed – basically she had not been properly supported and perhaps -even though she gave new life to McCain’s campaign – there may have been another candidate who had more depth and would have been better prepared from the get go

  41. I’m sorry FL. Voter. 😦

  42. FLVoter – what a tragedy. I am glad Mister B is at peace, but I am very sorry for your loss.


  43. FLVoter–

    My sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved furbaby. I sometimes weep at the thought of losing mind…Honestly, I just can’t bear the thought of it.

    Godspeed to your wonderful companion…

  44. Joanelle—I did a whole piece on Palin and the sneak Nicolle Wallace, her “preparer” who had worked for CBS with Katie Couric!! It’s in the archives at IA…

    Really, I think Palin was deliberately sunk by a coterie of people in the McCain camp loyal to Bush….Oh, yeah, Nicolle Wallace worked in the Bush White House!!!

  45. Thank you all so much.

  46. madamab,

    I’m not nearly so knowledgable about Rove as you, so I readily cede to your claims. I, too, believe that criminals should be in jail. My only point (which I see that you got) was that the reason for imprisonment should NEVER be for what he says.

    I’m kinda’ vehement about that, y’see…


  47. IA – ah yes, the Rovian “Injustice” Dept. The first thing Bush did was get rid of anyone with principles there – even the Repubs. If no one will prosecute or oversee your activities, you can get away with anything.

    I highly recommend the PBS doc, “Cheney’s Law,” which came out a few months ago. You can watch it online at PBS.org. It’s extremely scary.

  48. Palin isn’t “inarticulate” — your sexism is showing Kendall despite all your repeated protests to the contrary. And yeah, I’m sure you “went back an reviewed clips” BWAHAHAHA!

  49. To be fair, Sarah Palin came from out of nowhere to assist a failing candidate who up until that time had little going for him. She created the buzz. Her backstory was interesting and the press had a field day. They found something they could sink their sharpened teeth into while pretending to do their job. She had 8 weeks or so to get it together and they left her out there alone as the knives were cutting into her.

    Overall I think she did the best she could and remained true to herself for who she is. I am sure should she choose to run again in 2012 we will be seeing a somewhat more polished Sarah for good or ill. If not, she will receive the same treatment she did in 2008. It is up to her.

  50. PSV – I wouldn’t say “never.” There are exceptions, like the one Pssttcmere mentioned.

    I would say, like the Captain of the Pinafore, “Hardly ever!”


  51. madamab,

    Fine — be like that! LOL


  52. FL Voter — I’m very sorry. But try to remember, dogs don’t have a sense of time or death so your baby did not suffer the same fear/anxiety etc that we humans do about dying. I know you gave him a good life & you need to remember the good times you had with him.

  53. Oh, good god. He’s moving back to Philly. Joy is mine. Sigh. Just as long as he doesn’t move into my neighborhood. I’m sure he’ll live in the high falutin Main Line, so I’ll be safe. I just don’t want to be arrested if I see him and get in his face.

  54. Pat J –if the people of PA are actually stupid enough to elect that gas bag then I want them out of the union. LOL

  55. I agree with every word you said about Rove. He’s a crook who should be in jail. And I am convinced he was behind putting Seiligman in jail as well as leaking Valerie Plame’s name.

    I think we are all just so indignant (pi$$ed) at finding the party we supported for so long has it’s own version of Rove that we tend to forget what a scumbag he was and is.

    Find out that the Democratic Party was as infested with corruption as the Republicans was a blow many of us are trying to recover from. But I still say, we ain’t getting over it.

    Speaking for myself, I want all the crooks in jail. And I don’t give a damn what party they belong to!

  56. Hey! angienc! Let’s not forget that they’re the home of the WORLD CHAMPION PHILLIES!!! (I’m a lifetime Phillies fan).

    So no more talk of PA being out of the union, y’hear?


  57. kenoshaMarge — Amen to that. I’m sick of the “it’s ok when WE do it” I saw from the Dems. this year myself.

    I want all the crooks in jail. And I don’t give a damn what party they belong to!

  58. FLVoter, wishing you comfort. Our pets touch us so deeply. I know he had a good life with you.

  59. PJ – Finally, a headline that makes me happy!

    Get Chris Matthews off my teevee! And let a PUMA woman run against him and Specter!

    Now, if only Obamaman would run for something! Oh, right – he hates EVERYONE. He could not be elected to dogcatcher.

  60. PSV — LOL — you know I was kidding — the mere fact that the state is responsible for Philly cheesesteaks is enough for it to have my undying love.

  61. hear, hear KM….

  62. angienc

    You got that right! Oh, for a Pat’s cheesesteak right about now…


  63. madamab, I watched Sunday night football. Olbermann was on the far end of the table away from the moderator. I had the sound off. But just from the body language, I could tell he was persona non Grata. Just desserts.

  64. madamab — you mean to tell me that the kos/Pravda headline yesterday didn’t bring a smile to your face?

    Welcome Secretary Clinton: Obama’s Promises to Be Kept”

  65. Gibson and Couric both tried to throw Palin off by intentionally misstating facts in their questions. Biden tried to get away with it in the debate too.

    Gibson was successful, but Couric and Biden both failed.

    Nobody has ever grilled Obama in an interview like they did with Palin. They lob softball questions at hime and don’t call him out on his lies and flip-flops.

    The closest they ever came was in the PA debate, and Obama refused to do anymore debates with Hillary after that.

  66. Hi myiq!!

  67. I like DesignSponge; Apartment Therapy is another favorite. It’s where I go to take a break from politics. Politics did intrude at one point when they did a post on Sarah Palin’s office. The comments weren’t about the design–almost pure vitriol.

  68. If someone asked Hillary or the Big Dawg a complicated policy question on pretty much any topic they could answer in detail and get it right. But even they stumble sometimes, as Hillary did on the drivers licenses for illegals question (she stumbled because it’s not a federal issue, licensing is a state issue)

    I have never seen Obama speak in detail about any policy, even during speeches and debates.

    It’s all vague platitudes about hope and change and a bunch of “what Hillary said”

  69. G’morning!

  70. You’ve never seen Obama speak in detail about any policy and I’m willing to bet good money you never will.

    Details aren’t “cool.”

  71. FLVoter,

    Samantha and I send you comfort. I know how hard it is to watch your beloved pet go through seizures. It’s heartbreaking. Sam’s new meds seem to have hers under control again, but there have been times when I’ve questioned whether I had her best interests at heart by keeping her with me. You must be so lonely today. Spend the day with someone who loves you.

  72. myiq2xu said:

    “I have never seen Obama speak in detail about any policy, even during speeches and debates.

    It’s all vague platitudes about hope and change and a bunch of “what Hillary said””

    Which, of course, has always been reason number one not to vote for the moron. I mean, who knows what the guy stands for? Schmuck that he is…


  73. I have to go to court. Nice goofing off with y’all for a while!

    myiq — au revoir mon amour! 😉

  74. Angie – that made me feel more like this:


    They are setting her up to be blamed for O’s failures. Typical Kossian BS…let’s be vigilant and not let them get away with it!!!


  75. samanthasmom,

    I feel very “empty” today. The past two weeks were very emotional for me. Every time Mister B would look like he was getting better, I felt wonderful. But for every step forward he made, he took two steps back. On Tuesday night I finally realized that he was suffering. He was trembling most of that night and allowed me to hold him. So he slept in my arms that night. I did not sleep at all. On Wednesday morning he could not stand up or walk. I know what I did was the right thing and he deserves to rest. I foolishly thought that once he was gone I would feel relieft that his suffering was over, but instead all I feel is a great sense of loss.

  76. madamab is there a good PUMA woman to run against Tweety and Specter? If so there’s a woman we can get behind and support. Hell, I’d even support ol Arlen, much as I loathe him against Tweety.

    I hope the misogynistic twit does run and some woman mops up the state with him. Now that would be something to celebrate. And it might put some of the other sexist cretins on notice too. Not all women are gonna take their crap anymore!

  77. FLVoter,

    I feel for you… Mr. B must have been a wonderful friend and companion. By all means, take as much time as you need to remember him and your love for him (and vice versa). But please know that you will be whole again, as you are meant to be.

    I know that these are probably empty words for you at this time. But I have been there – my cat Arwen died in my arms at the vet’s office too, and I felt as tho’ I couldn’t even face the world. But eventually, I did, and so will you.

    Peace and Love,


  78. The end does NOT justify the means, Obots. Obama ruined our primary system, our campaign finance system and our right to self-determination. He’s really no better than Bush and Rove in that respect.

    Can’t repeat it enough. Fraud, fraud, fraud. Someone posted here last night and said she was out with Obot friends and they were all starry-eyed about the “clean campaign BO ran.” That infuriates me. The vast majority of Americans, thanks to their overwhelming corporate bought propaganda campaign and the complicity of the media, have NO CLUE what really happened–and he is getting away with it. I really hope karma is real. I want to see him exposed for the hypocrite he is.

  79. It is amazing how the goo-goo types seem to have no problem with Obama’s gutting the campaign finance system they worked so hard to get enacted.

  80. FLVoter: so sorry for your loss. The grief you’re feeling is a reflection of the love–let yourself feel it. I had to take two close kitty friends to the vet after long lives, and so much comfort they gave me during very difficult times. It sounds like a cliche, but they stay with you. As I write this, my sister’s cat is at my feet keeping me company. We’re kitty sitting while she’s away, and he’s a wonderful new friend with all his own hilarious quirks. (((((hugs)))))

  81. “I have never seen Obama speak in detail about any policy, even during speeches and debates.

    It’s all vague platitudes about hope and change and a bunch of “what Hillary said””

    That’s why I can’t focus on what he says. It’s all a lot of vague hooey. For the life of me, I still can’t understand why people think he is so riveting. He bores me, Mr. No There There.

  82. fif,

    I’m curious — and I am NO fan of oblahblah.

    But you say he ruined the primary system, the campaign finace system and our right to self determination.

    I’d have to say that those systems were really to blame and that (as horrible as it is to realize) DUE TO THOSE VERY SYSTEMS, as they deine the outcome, we got what we ourselves dtermined, i.e. the obamabots won.

    I think it’s the systems that need change and I am at a loss as to how to go about doing that. A genuine pity.


  83. PSV and fif,

    You described what Iam feeling. Thanks.

  84. Fl Voter:

    When loved ones die (that includes pets) we owe them some grieving.

    Primitive societies have grieving rituals, but us civilized types are too kewl for that, so we use denial instead. “I’m fine! I don’t want to talk about it.”

    But eventually the pain heals, and only the fond memories remain.

  85. Before he runs for office in PA, Matthews should be administered a competency test. This man is seriously deranged. Just be assuming he has a chance of winning in PA underscores my theory. The women of that state should rise up as one and just say no way!

    KO is another who wrestles with “issues” of his own and should never be given air time. MSNBC had sunk to the level of “leaving no psycho left behind”. A sewer.

  86. KM – I don’t know if there is a PUMA woman now, but Sheri said last night on the radio show that we are going to make that a mission!

    I am so tired of these crappy choices that the Parties spoon-feed us. This year we had the choice between McCain and Obama.

    We did not get together early enough to make the Parties accountable to us, so we could not get Hillary nominated. Had she been, we would have seen the true meaning of the word “landslide.” Even Republicans thought so.

    We can use our passion and advocacy to get better candidates and female candidates from both Parties. A race between Matthews and Specter is like choosing between Attila the Hun and Stalin for me. The choice is between two equally evil evils.

    Pennsylvania deserves a lot better than that. Let’s see what we can do to make it happen!


  87. Madamab,

    You get no argument from me about the media and the powers that be being in the tank for Obama. Yes, he made many serious gaffes and was given a free pass because he is male. But, I think that we are lying to ourselves if we don’t admit that Sarah Palin is much less articulate than Obama. Clinton on the other hand was much more articulate than Obama. It was noticable but, pushed under the rug during the Primary because of his gender and hers. I am not negating the sexism!! IT WAS THERE AND VERY LOUDLY. What I’m saying is that if we pretend that Palin was more qualified than she really is, it undermines our position and our credibility.The point is that women are held to a higher and even unatainable standard. This is sexist! Bush is also inarticulate and got a pass anyway. I want my president and political leaders to be articulate and intelligent. That’s one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton was the best chioce. What is shameful is that she was denied and villified because of her gender. Palin was too and I don’t deny that. But at the end of the day .Palin was not the best choice.

    I refuse to through the baby out with the bath water. I hold true to my progressive political beliefs, including my feminist ones. That being said, I think that without a doubt Palin, like Clinton was mistreated because of her gender and I reject that sexist treatment of her.

  88. FL voter – I am so sorry for your loss and send you my deepest condolences. The loss of a pet and their unconditional love creates such a vacuum. Take care of yourself.

  89. KendallJ,

    I agree that perhaps Governor Palin was not the best choice that McCain could have made. But I don’t think it was a matter of intelligence, but rather experience in campaigning.

    You need more than just a modicum of intelligence to become a governor, don’t you think?


  90. I read that article last night, RD & Co. There is something very sort of jaw dropping about the whole thing isn’t there? I mean, why would he write like that — almost rubbing salt in the wound? As if he were giddy. Giddy. I thought Rove being Republican and all — would have been on McC’s side, no?
    The true politician was McC. McC MADE the ethics rules about that funding so things like this would not happen. He is HONEST.
    He is. He stuck to his own ethics, because he is ethical.

    It’s just so curious that the FEC was shut down for the whole early part of this deal. Shut down! Funny this article from last Christmas has all that….


    why didn’t anyone pay any attention to the above?

    ps: peppermint marshmallows! —

    I just found one of the sources for PANS like the one in the pic. Nordic Ware is one of the last American Companies. So is Lodge for cast iron. Buy an American present? I hope I can ref you. On these marshmallows. For the pan piece. You know, a nice pan is a really good gift in times like these. An American pan…

    Or? Even a little sack of homemade marshmallows actually.
    It comes from the HEART, and it’s old fashioned to boot.

    ps: that was a great poem for you RD. It was perfect! O flaming red-haired marshmallow crafting scribe.
    It was charming.

  91. What Rove fails to say is that he helped Donna Brazille and the DNC figure out how to steal this election for the dems in 2008. If it were not for that, I do not think they would have been so masterful, covering every base of lies, deception and stealing of the election 2008 a la Rove stealing the elections in 2000 and 2004. Why he did it, who knows? Perhaps he realized the GOP could never win this one due to extreme hatred of George W. Bush and McCain was a sacrifice this time around. Or perhaps a deal was made so that the GOP henchman, Bush, Cheney, Rove would not be prosecuted once the Dems took power. Maybe down the road we will find out the truth (oh excuse me, truth and politics do not belong in the same sentence. I fear I have become much too cynical after this mockery of an election). But it would be interesting to find out why Karl Rove handed this election to Donna Brazille and her musketeers (Reid, Pelosi and Dean). Anyone have any clues?

  92. PSV – No one would else would have even given McCain a shot in hell. Sorry, Palin was a brilliant choice for him and his Party. She makes Republicans swoon.

    And KendallJ, you are not actually questioning her qualifications…merely her ability to speak well under pressure. That is not a “qualification.” That is your opinion.

    Governor Palin’s qualifications were absolutely fine for a Vice President. She was not running for President, although deluded Obots pretended she was. McCain is 72, not 92, and shows no signs of dying anytime soon.

    Yes, she stumbled sometimes under pressure, but I completely disagree that she is less articulate than Obama. She killed Joe Biden in that debate. She just needs a little polishing in the interview department; and let’s not forget that the ABC interview about foreign policy was edited to make her look less intelligent and competent.

    I will not disagree that Hillary was clearly the most qualified AND articulate of the bunch this year. I was convinced after I saw her in debates. But your attacks on her are based on your opinion, not her qualifications for the job.

  93. Even on Greta Palin’s inarticulateness came accross. And Greta has done all she can to restore Sarah Palin’s image.

  94. madamab,

    I think you are misunderstanding me. I liked Palin and think she will do fine in the future, perhaps even in a presidential run. I merely thought that she was a little unprepared this year.

    I’d vote for her against oblahblah, that much is for sure.


  95. Further,

    My boss (a woman), my girlfriend and virtually every other woman (and most men) that I know thought that Governor Palin was stupid (yeah, she was a victim of the MSM).

    I had NO problem defending her (and believe me, it was heartfelt – I HATE P.C.). As I said above, to paraprhrase: Idiots don’t become governors.


  96. KendallJ – That is your opinion. We will have to agree to disagree, and I wonder why you keep harping on it?

    Oh, PSV, I don’t want to misunderstand you! I agree, she was a bit unprepared. I don’t think she is “inarticulate,” though, and she certainly has “it” – that thing that makes people go wild when she enters a room.

    Even Saxby Chambliss said so.

    Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss, fresh off his victory over challenger Jim Martin in the Georgia Senate runoff, told FOX News Wednesday that campaign trail appearances by Sarah Palin helped put him over the top.

    Both candidates brought in heavy hitters to stump for them in the final days before the runoff.

    Former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore hit the stump for Martin. And a host of candidates from the GOP presidential primary, including GOP nominee John McCain, stumped for Chambliss.

    “We had some great folks in. Obviously, you want to peak on the last day, and we had John McCain and Mike Huckabee and Governor Romney and Rudy Giuliani,” Chambliss told FOX News.

    But he said Palin, who showed up for rallies in Georgia on Monday, had the most impact.

    “Sarah Palin came in on the last day, did a fly-around and, man, she was dynamite. We packed the houses everywhere we went. And it really did allow us to peak and get our base fired up,” Chambliss said.

    “I mean, I can’t overstate the impact she had down here,” he continued. “When she walks in a room, folks just explode. And they really did pack the house everywhere we went. She’s a dynamic lady, a great administrator, and I think she’s got a great future in the Republican Party.”

  97. Palin much less articulate than Obama?

    She’s at least equal to him if not better when giving a prepared speech, and better than him at unscripted interviews.

    Sarah cleaned Biden’s clock in their debate.

    BTW – you should listen to Obama in the early debates (Spring of 2007) before you call him articulate.

    He has had several years in Washington DC to study the issues and practice interviews and debates.

    Sarah had a few weeks.

  98. Hey, madamab,

    How come your icon (you know, the thing across from your name) keeps changing. Is the picture you? Very lovely…


  99. I mean the picture of the woman, obviously, not the puma…


  100. We continue to make “celebrities” out of these candidates rather than study the issues and the positions on matters that will effect us in the long run. In a real sense Sarah begin to eclipse The One during her brief run, not for her positions as much, but more for her “wow” factor.

    She was no less articulate than Obama who struggled with his speech if the teleprompter gave out and he had more time in the spotlight to hone his skills. But let’s face it, this primary was less a true campaign than a lead up to a coronation. The dye was cast, the fix was in, and short of finding Obama in the arms of Oprah, he was picked to win.

  101. The media has been failing the country for years.
    I do not know if it is because it has become corporate owned instead of independent or if some of the owners are not American citizens.
    We as a country have to do something because it is not in the best interest of America to allow this to continue.
    Look at the damage done to this country by the media.
    When is the last time a politican that would help the country was not trashed by the media?
    We have to get back to the days when both sides were heard and reporters actually reported not just spouted their own opinion or the owners opinion.

    backtracks theme song was by alan j learner and was in the movie Royal Wedding



  102. madamab….I have to say I totally agree with your comments. Sarah did fine, especially after she “let loose”. Anyone who says otherwise is blowing smoke and like you said, it is just an opinion :).

  103. Someday, somehow, people will also make Hillary accountable.

    Obama is the Walmart of misogyny. Hillary went to work for him.

    She’s no better than he is.

  104. Another thing they tried to do to Palin was interrupt her answers to ask new questions. All the talking heads like to pull that, it’s one of the reasons I don’t watch television news.

    In court you can grill a witness but if you don’t let them answer the other side will object and the judge will agree with them.

    But when the hostile interviewer gets to edit what you say before they air it, you are at their mercy.

  105. Teresa said:

    “Hillary went to work for him.

    She’s no better than he is.”

    You know, that didn’t make me so happy either. But if you’re a politician (and she certainly is) you’ve got no choice but to “play the game.”

    I think we both know that when it comes to values, knowledge, experience and a myriad of other factors, Oblahblah ain’t ieven n her league…


  106. teresaa:

    What was she supposed to do? Cry and go home?

    If she stayed in the Senate she would be dealing with the Democrats that stabbed her in the back.

    At least Obama stabbed her from the front.

    She is FAR better than he is.

  107. Teresaa comes here every day and bashes Hillary. Yawn.

    PSV – I think it’s that when I am commenting from my Blackberry, the icon is the one from my old account, which kind of went bad. The woman is me. 😉

  108. Going into this election the country faced a number of issues, the economy, the Iraq War, taxes, the environment, but the true number one issues was campaign reform and how we elect our leaders. Every issue we have can be traced back to special interests and their impact on the campaign. Without their money most of Washington politicians would not be where they are and in return for that money concessions are made that are not in the interests of the public at large. Congress and the executive branch are run with a wink and nod to this constituency and all we ever do is elect a politician with a different brand name but with the same old results. I truly fear we are facing a crisis that all our current leadership is ill equiped to handle. Have all the leaders in this country been replaced by a group of shelf serving imediate gratification individuals.

  109. NEW POST UP!!

  110. I am convinced that the public just does not give a rat’s ass anymore about anything beyond their own needs. We sit here watching the Constitution being eviscerated, our food supply being tainted, our natural resouces being attacked, our foreign policy being supplanted, our leaders not held accountable, our healthcare costs skyrocketing, our jobs being outsourced, our economy sinking lower, our future looking dim, but our chief concern is how early we can get to WalMart for that promised bargain.

    Truthfully, I think the public has just given up. We expect to be lied to, cheated, ignored, and demeaned. Helpless and hopeless has become part of the fabric of existence. All we ask is to be entertained.

    Welcome to the 2008 version of “Bread and Circus”!

  111. Pat,

    Cheer up a little… All is not gloom and doom. For instance, did you see the conjunction the other night of the crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter? There is still beauty (and love and other god stuff) in the world.

    Sometimes, tho’ you need to step back and look for them. Cheers!


  112. Oops, should be “good stuff.”


  113. Thanks for the numbers plural!

  114. I’d vote for Palin over Obama. If she’s the Republican nominee in 2012 she’ll get my vote. I will never vote for the Big Zero.

  115. “the fix was in, and short of finding Obama in the arms of Oprah, he was picked to win.”

    Actually, I’m not sure that would have sunk Obama either. He would just have gone on Oprah (no pun intended) and delivered a sob story. She would also. All would be forgiven. Now if Obama was found in David Geffen’s arms…

    I also think Tina Fey’s influence can’t be underestimated when it comes to Palin. After all, Palin didn’t say “I can see Russia from my house.” Fey said that. But ask any Obot and they’ll tell you it’s a direct Palin quotation. But then what can one expect when so many people admit they get their news from Stewart and Colbert and, apparently, Fey.

  116. The Republican cross over vote and the sulking lunatic fringe were what drove the final nail into McCain’s coffin. The Lunatic fringe did not vote. The cross over vote now has buyer’s remorse (some in my own family) and one son inlaw, who was a big Hillary and McCain hater, is not now telling the truth on how he voted.

  117. […] Thursday: Rove makes a point (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Karl Rove says that McCain couldn’t compete against Obama’s money advantage.  Karl forgets that the media also fellated Obama while destroying the intellect of Sarah Palin, the DOW took a dive at a most conveeeeenient moment (Thanks, Wall Street!) and Flight Jacket Thrill Bush had the lowest approval rating in history.  It’s quite possible that Dennis Kucinich could have won against McCain. Ok, maybe not Dennis. […]

  118. gxm17, on December 4th, 2008 at 8:48 am Said:

    Where are the “fact checkers” when we need them? The obscene amount of money spent to buy this election needs to be thoroughly investigated.//
    Right over HERE: ==> Pumapac – Where’s the money?

  119. DYB, on December 4th, 2008 at 12:52 pm Said:

    I also think Tina Fey’s influence can’t be underestimated when it comes to Palin. …//
    Well, I’m sure SNL must have been just as sarcastic about Obama bin Biden! Funny, though, I missed those shows somehow — does anyone have links? 😀

  120. Thanks for the link Brian H! I’m very relieved to see someone is digging into that mess.

  121. Good article. Was it too serious for your readers that you had to end it with a recipe?

  122. I don’t think Karl Rove is your type, riverdaughter. But dream away!

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