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The Lions Share Returns

And the Lions are not sleeping tonight.  We’ll be discussing Obama reneging on his oil company windfall profits tax idea (I know you are all shocked by that), Ed Rendell apologizing for a sexist remark, and Bill Richardson’s lack of a beard.  Can lack of facial hair improve the looks of a back stabbing, weasling traitor?

Join us tonight at 8PM EST on the Lions Share on PUMA United Radio (PURrrr)

121 Responses

  1. First — with my bad Aries self. 🙂

  2. I am so glad I didnt vote for this schmuck…anyone got their:


    bumperstickers yet?

  3. madamab I so want Karma to do a big house dropping on Mr Pampers….

  4. RD how goes the renovations?

  5. I love my taggles! and my Murphy! and my RD!

    Oh dinner with the Obots last night was awful…one actually said that he couldnt wait till 2016 for Hillary to run against Palin and mop the debate floor with her….

    My retort “Oh like she did to Obama?”

    look on thoseObat’s faces priceless~!

  6. Fuzzy, I just LMAO! priceless. I wish I could have seen her face!

  7. I’m not taking my Hillary bumper sticker off

    just like i left my Gore sticker and the Kerry sticker on until I replaced them with Hillary’s

  8. Call-in Number: (347) 539-5420

  9. Me too, fuzzy!

  10. Hi guys: not to compete with the radio show, but the other night we were all listing our favorite x-mas shows, and Rudolph was high on the list. It’s on right now on CBS!!

    Why am I such a mis-fit? (Actually, that fits pretty well with the PUMA theme!)

  11. Oh dinner with the Obots last night was awful…one actually said that he couldnt wait till 2016 for Hillary to run against Palin and mop the debate floor with her….

    My retort “Oh like she did to Obama?”

    Fabulous line fuzzy! I always bring that up–ANYONE who is being honest could see that she ran circles around him.

  12. fuzzy: The basement is drylocked and cleared (for the most part). What I am waiting for now is the municipal department to issue permits. They are taking twice as long as they normally do and I am about to make a surprise visit to rip someone’s throat out.

  13. RD – Are you running for office? Please please please? If you need any graphics or a nice speaking voice for your ads, I’m there!

  14. the municipal permitting system is a byzantine labirynth that few ever emerge from….I wish you luck I work for city goverment….I have seen the permitting process bering people to tears….

    RD for Congress! You are the one we have been waiting for!

  15. “nice” doesn’t begin to describe madamab’s speaking voice — “lyrical,” “angelic,” “like walking barefoot in a field of daffodils” — any of those comes closer. 🙂

  16. OMG Angie, I am weeping with laughter!


  17. and god/des orbid if your plans call for moving your gas, electric, or water meter….

    Funny all citys copy each others ordinances most have the same permitting process even though it makes no sense!

  18. I agree angie….cant wait for madamab to have a show next week I finally get to here regency and SOD….

  19. hey fuzzy — you get to hear me too!

  20. I’m really looking forward to The F’in’ View!

  21. well typing ability is going to pot tommorrow is my last day at work for the week I have to help my sister in law prepare for her annual holiday party for her husbands work her friends and my gays….(I feel so Kathy Griffin saying that)

    I have several bottles of emergency Buenuas Onedes malbec (organic) from argentina for us…I am a good gay brother in law

  22. I think we all have nice voices. Angie is bold and brassy, Afrocity is ladylike, Regency is energetic, I’m sardonic, SOD is soft and sweet.

    We will have a great time!

  23. angie is going to be on the show? Oh my I can die now my favorite are all in 1 place….remember to take my call….my last 2 ar 38

  24. madamab
    Earlier today you were talking about obama the musical.
    I thought about a song from a broadway musical called
    “How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life”
    Don’t remember which show it is from but it does discribe backtrack to a T.



  25. Afrocity too …. oh holy crap….I am surely dreaming not in my wildest dreams….I am speechless ….

  26. Helenk – LOL! Fuzzy – do you know which musical that was?

    Fuzzy – check out our website!


  27. Afrocity for Senator of IL.

    She’s Black (that’s for you Bobby Rush), she’s a woman (17% is just pathetic) and she’s a Conflucian (that’s very important) and she has a very dried wit.

    3 of the 4 boxes are very important to me, which means they are the standard.

    Everybody in favor of the motion says aye!

  28. Angie I am sooo going to stay up late to listen to it…

    Oh and MadamaB I am so hoping that Hillary is the only successful cabinet member in obamas WH. I want Her to stick out like a thorne in his side….I want everyone who watches the Obama circus in DC to know what an incompetent and incontinent boob he is!

    I want every american who is not a”koolaid drinking zombie” to go to bed everynight saying we really f*’d up this one we got the lesser candidate…never again!

  29. Me too Fuzzy!

    MABlue – AYE!

  30. Ladylike is a great description for Afrocity’s voice — I like her tone a lot. She also sounds very “scholarly” imo.

    SOD is definitely soft & sweet (btw, her voice was the most surprising to me — I was expecting I don’t know, something not quite so “normal” and “inviting” if you know what I mean — ha ha!).

    Regency is energetic but I also get “hip” (if the kids still use that word) when I hear her voice.

    What you say madamab is sardonic, but your tone is definitely lyrical. (I was serious about that!)

    Brassy & bold is being kind for me — loud & annoying is probably closer to the truth! LOL

  31. I vote yes for Afrocity as Junior Senator From Illinois..

    dont we have a NY conflusian? hillary’s seat is open

  32. is her name NYCBoomer?

    Now if Obama would just appoint Kerry as ambassador to Bosnia-Herzogovinia then BostonBoomer has a seat…..in the senate

  33. I think you have a very nice radio voice, fuzzy.

  34. fuzzy — madamab is from NY! She’s perfect for the job!

  35. MABlue — AYE!

  36. I say Aye!!

    Afrocity for the Senate from Illinois!!

  37. madamab and Lady Boomer are from NYC. Me too, but Senate ain’t for me.

  38. Angie – Stop it – you are great!

    Fuzzy – Do you mean LadyBoomerNYC? She would make a great Senator!

    Of course I’m from NYC too, but I could never be a politician. LOL

  39. gov richardson shaved off his beard…he so looked like alternate reality cartman on south park with that goatee

    actually what most people refer to as a goatee is actually called a vandyke goatees are never ever attached to a mustashe…they are just chin hair that is all if there is a mustash and chin hair it is called a vandyke…

    as the premier authority on facial hair here I am just trying to educate

  40. Before I ran for office, I’d need to get a better “poker face” and take beta blockers for my temper.


  41. What edge — not “tactful” enough for the Senate? LOL

  42. fuzzybear – LOLOLOLOL

    But I would die happy if I could see BostonBoomer in John Kerry’s seat. Justice at last!!!

  43. madamab yes ladyboomerNYC yes her love her comments

    Madamab I have a bigger job for you…FCC chairperson I want your eagle eye on the Tweetys and Keith O’s of the world….I want you on the bull$hit button that turns off their mic’s everytime they say something offencively sexist!

  44. fuzzy — I’m hoping the fu manchu doesn’t make a come back!

  45. of course we would have flat screens accross the country flying out of windows because people would assume the sound has gone out on their sets because your calloused index finger would never leave the KO and Tweety mute 7 sec delay button!

  46. I think that Edge is embarrassed to admit that she is not old enough to serve.

  47. I see we have decided UNANIMOUSLY that Afrocity must be the Senator of IL at least for the next 2 years.

    We have to put some pressure on Rod Blagojevich.

  48. ‘too’ needs to be inserted in the appropriate place. Thanks.

  49. I thought sending Mr Kerry to Bosnia-Herzogovinia would be proper reward for his support of the one!

  50. maybe Mr Kerry could fall into one of those Mass Graves and disappear for ever!

  51. Would Terry really miss him?

  52. fuzzy – Hee! My fingers are soft and smooth now, but six months in that job and they’d be calloused as a bricklayer’s!

  53. I’m not the politician type either. I definitely couldn’t hack that Senate “collegiality” stuff. I’d be laughing at all of those pompous asses.

  54. Would Terry realize that he was gone??

  55. Terry – now she would probably try to steal bill from Hillary…I mean she has lived with the faux Bill so long she must be craving the real thing poor girl!

  56. BB – Me too! That’s why I was hoping Al Franken would be elected – I hear he is 22 votes ahead now!

    He would certainly puncture those gasbags and let a lot of the hot air out!

  57. She could try, but I don’t think my Scorpion of State is gonna hand over her baby daddy that easily.

  58. Hey …. what’s all this “i expected something not so normal” stuff angie!! 🙂

    BTW — soft and sweet has never been used to describe me before. Wow! I’m flustered!

  59. boston that is what the senate needs some one to call them pompus asses…

    look we got RD to finally commit to run for congress

    you are all part of the 30% solution and think of the drama of you dissing Obambi on C-span with out commercial interuption not the editing knife of the MSM!

  60. honora — LOL — I’m sure Kerry wouldn’t even notice for at least 6 months.
    The man defines “dull as dishwater.”
    I’m so glad he got the big kutchakela (slap in the face) from B0.

  61. that should read nor the editing knife of the MSM!

  62. Ladies, I think you’re underestimating John. He may be dull to us, but Teresa Heinz has a lot on the ball. He must be doing SOMETHING to keep her happy!


  63. He’s dull as ketchup and Terry knows ketchup so even she’s a little surprised she fell for that.

  64. Regency – Scorpion of State! I love it!

  65. I vote with the rest of the people here.

    Riverdaughter jr senator from NJ
    Afrocity jr senator from ILL.
    Ladyboomer jr senator from NY
    Madamab chairperson of the FCC

    So much could get done for a change.
    The nap time in the senate would be cut down a lot.
    Sexism in the media would be gone.



  66. I bet Kerry is pissed he thought he was gonna be SOS-now Kerry knows an Obama promise is not worth the oxygen it consumes when it is being made

  67. SOD — I’m standing by how shocking normal your voice is for a woman whose gravatar was a once a tin foil thong! 🙂

  68. angie LOLOLOL!

  69. fuzzy,

    I’d never get elected in the first place, but if I did, I would end up getting censured and thrown out of Congress. I’d rather stay here under the bus with all of you.

    On the other hand, I really can picture Riverdaughter running for the House.

  70. Chris Matthews as senator from Pennsylvania?

    please we have to have someone there?

  71. madamab — the only thing he can do that is exciting for me is reach the high shelves — he is too disgusting to think about doing “other” things — personally I think Teresa was suffering from grief when she agreed to marry Monsieur Le Windsurfer.

  72. even pennsylvannia doesnt deserve Chris Matthews – for petes sake stop the madness

  73. SOD is from PA!!


    Even I catch a football better than that. Good Gawd in Heaven!

    I think RD can do it though. She is very good at keeping her cool under pressure.

  75. well all tiredness is settleing in night all~

  76. Angie — someday that’s a real potential. 😉

  77. angienc – He is rather tall though. Just sayin’.


  78. night fuzzy!


  79. SOD — OMG — he is just a buffoon! I can’t believe I voted for that mess.

  80. night fuzzy!!

  81. No…I meant ME! 😉

  82. neva mind!!

  83. angie – Well, in our defense, our choice was him, or this.

  84. SOD — I’m a little confused — my post saying he’s a buffoon is about the Kerry pick.

  85. madamab — I know, I know — Kerry v. Bush — no choice — I still should have voted 3rd party — I was living in NOLA at the time, my voe wouldn’t have mattered & at least I could say I didn’t vote for that fool.

  86. Sigh. I live in NY and my vote didn’t matter either, but there was no way I was going to give any popular votes to George W.

  87. helenk,
    “How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life”

    This is from Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell. Great number! So so movie.

    Does Tweety really think that people will vote for him for senator????????????

  88. Angie — don’t feel so bad. We did too.

  89. Hee hee hee SOD, I love your pics!

  90. SOD — douche! Perfect word to describe Kerry! LOL

  91. Caption for turkey picture:

    “See, if we let the homasexuals marry, it will lead to this.”

  92. I spelled homosexuals like that on purpose to imitate W’s half-Texan, half-idiot accent.

  93. You guys are going to be on next week right?

  94. Angie – I’ve heard of men wanting to marry their dogs, but men wating to marry their turkeys? Rick Santorum’s worst nightmare!

  95. Hey, some of us have been married to dogs, pigs, and chickens!

  96. Oh no! I just realized we are going to have another president with a fake accent. We’re going to have to put up with four years of Obama’s fake preacher accent.

  97. Pat J — Wednesday December 10, 2008 @ 9:30 EST is the premier episode of The View from the Under the Bus. Be there or be square.

  98. madamab: Great, just put it on my calendar!

  99. Pat J — I was married to a dog, pig & chicken all rolled into one sorry excuse of a man! LOL

  100. PJ – LOLOLOLOL….and sorry, I’m not Carol, I don’t keep your calendar for you so you can figure out which one of you has Eddy for the week!

  101. madamab: I need a “social secretary”.

  102. I think “homasexshels” would have been phonetically closer to the way W’s says “homosexuals”

  103. Are you guys doing a call in or is it just you guys?

  104. bb — B0 has already dropped the fake preacher accent — he doesn’t have to worry about appealing to the AA community any more.

  105. PJ – we have a full slate of fun stuff – we will try to take calls but we may not be able to this time!

  106. Pat J — we are hoping to do call ins on the first show, but truthfully, we’ve kind of jammed packed it with stuff we are anxious to talk about — but if we don’t get to do call ins on the first show, we are definitely going to do them on future shows — we need to “work out kinks” on timing in running the show.

  107. madamab: I will be listening!

  108. homasexshels – perfect!

  109. time for beddy-bye. Night all!

    (insert fuzzy-like blessing here!)

  110. nite madamab

  111. madamab — good night!!

  112. nite madamab!

  113. Well — I’ve got to turn in also. I had a long day and have to get up at 4:30am EST — yikes!

    Nite all.

  114. Where’s myiq? I’m really tired too. Too tired to fall asleep I think.

  115. Nite SOD!!

  116. bb — where’s myiq — where’s everybody?!?!?!

  117. There’s a new post up.

  118. I think the movie with the song “How could you believe me when I said I loved ya, when you know I’ve been a liar all my life”, was Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell.

    I always love that song. It seemed like such a breath of honesty from a “cad”.

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