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So, Can She Start Now?

Madame Secretary
Madame Secretary

President-Elect Barack Obama has finally named Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State today. I am thrilled, but nervous, since I expect the press to react like this for the next four years, and she will face many challenges in her new position, including – perhaps – other members of Barack Obama’s Administration. 

What I’m wondering is, since Obama has been acting as co-President, can Hillary now act as co-Secretary of State with Condoleezza Rice? Because quite frankly, Dr. Rice has been an unmitigated disaster.

Just think about the history of this woman’s tenure in the Bush Administration. On 9/11, she was the National Security Adviser. She admitted in Congressional Hearings that she had seen the August PDB entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” She had taken no action whatsoever on terrorism either before or after this briefing, and on the day itself, she was scheduled to give a talk on missile defense and Russia. The idiocy of wasting time on this billion-dollar Reaganite boondoggle, when they had so much information on terrorism in their hands, is truly mindboggling. The Bushian excuses for missing the significance of the chatter and the foreign intel and the PDB were pathetic; Rice actually called the PDB a “historical document,” which was utterly laughable.

And as for the Secretary of State position, Rice has been all but invisible. Colin Powell was a strong Secretary of State, until he ruined his credibility with the cartoon drawings and vial of flour at the United Nations. After that, Bush should have appointed a person with impeccable credentials and experience; someone who could help erase the taint of the Iraq WMD lies from the SOS position. But who does Bush choose? A loyalist, a crony, the woman who failed to prevent the attacks of September 11, 2001. As a New Yorker, I was shocked and disgusted by this appointment. I knew then that Bush had taken the principle of “failing upward” to a new extreme.

The one time Dr. Rice actually tried to do something – that last-minute effort to hold a Middle East peace conference – she failed miserably. And that missile defense shield, which Rice is so fond of promoting? Well, that’s not working out too well. Who could have predicted that if America planted missiles 100 miles from Russia in Poland, it would be interpreted as an act of aggression? Oh yes – EVERYONE WITH 1/10TH OF A BRAIN.

You may be wondering why I don’t support Dr. Rice, since she is a woman. Many people feel she is a sympathetic figure, a smart, capable person who has been scapegoated for the Bush Administration’s failures. Indeed, I would be tempted to think the same way, had I ever seen the slightest evidence of her intelligence or capability in the high-profile jobs with which she has been gifted. Certainly she has no integrity, for if she did, she would have resigned from the Administration after 9/11.

Yet despite the damage done by the previous Administration and its incompetent and malignant appointees, I am hopeful that Hillary can help rebuild our reputation in the world and repair our standing with friends, allies and even our enemies. Hearing her speech today, I am absolutely convinced that Obama could not have made a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Godspeed, Hillary, and good luck.

***ACTIVISM ALERT: As Riverdaughter has suggested, let’s make sure a woman is appointed to Hillary’s Senate seat. Sign my petition and forward it to your friends! I will send it to Governor David Paterson on Friday.



139 Responses

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  2. We finally have someone with a brain and a love of this country in this office.
    I really do think she can make a difference.
    She would have been better as president but this country is not adult enough yet to allow a smart woman to lead. Maybe someday.



  3. madamab: Having read plenty of books covering the abyssmal Bush administration, what stands out is the incapability of Rice to speak up. She merely nodded her head at any and all preposterous suggestions and policies because she felt her duty was to one man alone, Bush, and not the country. Had she had the guts, she would have recognized that she was in over her head from the beginning but she was there only because of her loyalty to this man. He surrounded himself with yes men/women and we are where we are as a direct result.

    She had 8 years to prove herself and she failed miserably on all counts. Rather than to speak truth to power, she resigned herself to supporting policies, positions, and men who have turned this world upside down. She is nothing more than the token female who can discuss sports with President Dagwood.

    She should be ashamed. She served as nothing more than a bobblehead.

  4. Indeed, PJ. There are some women who just do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    As a New Yorker, I will never forgive her for her negligence and incompetence regarding OBL and terrorism. She was given a huge amount of information on Al-Qaeda, including the Hart-Rudman report. She did nothing.

  5. I’m skeptical about the whole thing. But it’s gratifying to see Bill Richardson, Susan Rice and Greg Craig not get the jobs they thought they would because HRC’s appointment steamrolled them. Boohoo!

  6. Yes, let her start now, I have confidence in Clinton.
    And I signed the petition too…..

  7. Hi MadamaB,

    I signed the petition. Thanks for doing that. I wonder if Condi Rice is still in love with Dubya? I’ve heard she tried to reason with him at times, but maybe the love thing stopped her from getting serious about it. It seems Cheney was the one in control anyway. I’m glad Joe Biden isn’t going to be another Cheney, who will be in charge while Obama fumbles around???

  8. It’s bittersweet to me, to see Hillary in this position, vs. the Presidency.

    With that said, I hope and pray with every part of me that she does a helluva job, and people can see her strength and love for the U.S.

  9. BB – Who will be in charge? I don’t know. That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

    I don’t think it’s going to be Obama, though. Could be Pelosi and Reed, maybe…

  10. Always Remember Pumas,

    Kindly remind every Obot you can – as often as you can – that this might as well be a



  11. madamab: Great minds once again! I thought exactly the same thing. I mean, this shyster comes out of nowhere and they did everything short of murder to make him president. The question remains: why?

    Watching him standing there today with that arrogant chin thrust upward and then comparing him to anyone standing behind him was an exercise in futility. Everyone of those people, like them or not, come with experience. And where is his?

    Missing in action just like that birth certificate and his grades. Stupification shines.

  12. Well to be fair to Rice……It isn’t like those that didn’t nod their head actually got to keep their jobs. Their is a whole host of people who were told to retire and if they got too vocal were publically maligned when they told his Petulantness that his decision was less than stellar.

    That isn’t saying she shouldn’t have put country over loyalty to Bush. I’ve said the same about Powell. It’s a damn shame when folks can’t look at the big picture and see where their loyalty should actually lie.

  13. ONE PARTY NATION!, on December 1st, 2008 at 2:04 pm Said:


  14. Heh

    I believe Bill actually waited before he was sworn in before parsing his statements. Do you think Obama is trying to get a leg up?

  15. As an American , I’ll take Hill however I can get her….but it should have been her

  16. I think we all agree that Hill should have been President.

    I can’t believe the Parties and the media gave us this substandard, arrogant, immature *ssh0le and expect us to think he’s presidential. We’ve had eight years of the Deciderer farting and playing dress-up in flight suits and saying moronic crap and the media doing back flips over him. Can we really stand four more years of the same?

    Ohhhh, I feel sick.

  17. I don’t know who will be running the goverment but it will not be backtrack, pelosi, or reid. None of them have the brain power, they are all just puppets.
    Who runs the carliton foundation? The seem to have a lot of power.



  18. Interesting that you guys haven’t raised the issue of the Saxbe Fix that must be applied to HRC’s SoS appointment.

    The Constitution’s (specifically Article I, Section 6) Emoluments clause. prohibits a lawmaker from taking any government job for which the salary was raised during the lawmaker’s elected term. Though the Saxbe fix has been applied for others before HRC, many constitutionalists have argued that the Saxbe Fix is not constitutional.



  19. I was trying to clean off my desktop and ran across this:
    about the ruling party consisting of corporations. See how well that’s turned out!
    I don’t see Hillary as a member of our incestuous cesspool of government so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out!

  20. I heard RFK jr, may be on the list for Clinton’s seat. Personally, I’d rather see him head the EPA.

    He’s self-described as Pro-life. Don’t know if that means pro-life for himself or for all of us.

  21. off topic..but I need help. Does anyone have a high-placed relative in the Illinois Tollway authority?

    They’re screwing me big time…:( I’m stressed. A $72 dollar fine for missed tolls has escalated to $2,000, and in a mere 14 days it’s escalated to $7,000.

    I admit I ran through some tolls when I didn’t have change, etc…but I dont’ believe $7,000 is fair in any sense of the word, considering I’ve only gotten one notice.

  22. madamab,

    I am in general agreement with the points you raise. But, as for Senator Clinton’s replacement having to be a woman — well, sorry, but I could think of no better replacemtn than — BILL CLINTON!!! Just my thought, ya’ know…


  23. Condi Rice: EPIC FAIL. classic example of someone totally out of her depth and not willing to make corrections.
    she will be best remembered for two things: repeated use of the phrase “nobody could have anticipated (insert disaster here)” and shopping at Ferragamo in NY while New Orleans drowned. Oh, and did I mention her slo-mo “diplomacy” whilst Israel kicked the shit out of Lebanon a couple of summers ago?

  24. Dissento – I agree, RFK Jr. would be incredible for the EPA. I don’t have a problem with pro-life politicians, as long as they don’t try to impose their views on anyone else.

  25. PSV – Bill Clinton is the exception to the rule for me! The Big Dawg in the Senate? Wow! He’d raise some serious hell!

    I would be very excited if that happened.

  26. madamab,

    Knew I’d get you on that one (heh, heh)…


  27. Damn you, PSV! LOL

  28. I think as most everyone thinks that Condoleezza Rice has been an abysmal failure in every aspect of her service to the Bush Administration and to her country. However I will give credit where credit is due and applaud her classy remarks about Senator Clinton being the next SoS.

    How odd to find a Republican and a member of the Bush Administration having better things to say about the next Democratic SoS than most of the Obamacrats.

    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice paid tribute to Hillary Clinton on Monday, saying she was an “inspiration” and would “bring enormous energy and intellect” as her successor at the State Department.

    Asked about the expected appointment, Rice said the US senator and former first lady “is an inspiration to a lot of people, not just women.

    “I know that she will bring enormous energy and intellect and skill to the position,” she said, adding that Clinton had a “deep love for the United States of America.”

    “I am very fond of her. She has worked very hard on behalf of the country,” Rice said, adding that Clinton had comported herself very well during the Democratic presidential primaries in which she was defeated by Barack Obama.


  29. Destardi- lots on the web about this.

    Also, have you called them?



  30. One Party: Yeah, a Third Bill Clinton term, without the brains, personality or charisma of the original.

    No matter who B0 appoints because he has finally realized what we all have known since January (i.e., that he is in way over his head) I still would feel better if we had a President who knew what he was doing without having to crib from his phalanx of advisers. Really, I’ve already spent 8 years looking at Bush’s mouth move while either Cheney or Rove spoke — no matter how bright, shiny & “cool” the new dummy is, it is still 4 more years of the same ventriloquist act.

  31. Cheers to Condi for that statement.

  32. kenoshaMarge – Thanks for sharing that quote from Condi Rice. Astonishingly classy!

    Guess Condi doesn’t think Hillary is a r*cist. Go figure.

  33. angienc – You are depressingly on-target.

    I don’t really like the Clinton people Obama appointed. They are all the ones that were the least liberal and most right-wingish. For example, he could have picked someone like Stiglitz to be his Chief economic advisor; instead, he picked Summers, who is a nightmare on every front.

  34. Condi was thwarted every step of the way as SoS by the Cheney faction of the administration. Although she didn’t seem to be worth anything, there is a lot of evidence (see Washington Note) that things could have been much worse with a SoS from the Cheney faction. She definitely made some anti-Cheney appointments that probably kept us from doing more rash things. Sometimes trying to prevent more bleeding (Iran) is the best you can do given the situation.

  35. It would be just funny if Kennedy had to deal with Bill in the senate.

    (yes, I know about his health, but health hasn’t stopped him from being an ass.)

  36. Madamab: I seriously wonder why Obama would hire a racist like Hillary for his SOS. You would think such a racist would harm international relations, um, when she wasn’t giving Tea parties, that is.

  37. I’d like to meet Condoleeza Rice. I have an enormous respect for any woman trying to hold her own in there. And it’s not just because she’s a woman. She seemed incompetent to be sure but I wonder if her inability is not largely a result of the administration as well as how she was portrayed by the media.

  38. Madamab: I seriously wonder why Obama would hire a r**cst like Hillary for his SOS. You would think such a r**cst would harm international relations, um, when she wasn’t giving Tea parties, that is.

  39. I have no problem with young Kennedy; he seems to want to make a difference with environmental issues. But the Kennedy’s are arrogant enough to feel entitled in running the nation forever.

    Each has made a contribution but it is their attitude of inherent right that makes me back off. Being “ruled” by the Kennedy’s is much like that of the Bush dynasty. They all figure to be deserving.

    At least Obama comes from a small famiy. Otherwise we would be faced with a prospect of years and years of them.

  40. gq – My primary problems with her are because of her horrible performance as National Security Advisor. She cannot blame that on anyone else, I’m sorry to say. She should have quit while she was behind.

    And despite her not being from the “Cheney faction,” which I agree was the source of much of the pure evil, she went along to get along. Trust me, she is laughing all the way to the bank. You don’t get an oil tanker named after you because you are a nice person.

  41. On a serious note, I will find a way to make the administration miserable if they come after my girl. I’m not even being comedic. I mean it. I don’t really care what it takes.

  42. The media? Please. They gave Condi a complete pass for 9/11. It was disgraceful.

    Imagine if Hillary were the NSA, and such a large-scale terrorist attack happened on her watch? Do you think her political career would have survived?

  43. If Hillary killed a fly, her career wouldn’t have survived.

  44. I was 10 when 9/11 happened so I am at a complete loss to tell you much that happened then except that I got out of school early that day and a war started that I disapproved of not long after.

  45. Pat – I don’t think Condi spoke up because I think W and her are having an affair.

  46. Regency,

    Are you saying that you’re only 17? Your writing bespeaks an intelligence and maturity far beyond your years. Cheers!


  47. Condi always reminds me of that German citizen who went along to get along. Don’t make waves. Always loyal to a fault. And because of this unwavering support she was placed in positions she had no right to be. In truth, she is an academic not a pol or a manager. Like Harriet Miers, she was rewarded for her loyalty to the boss.

    Loyalty carries a price and unfortunately we all had to pay the price for hers.

  48. simofish: I never believed that. She was loyal to the first Bush and has attached herself to W as a result. Having no real family of her own, she has been adopted by them and this is her way of payback. Loyalty to a fault.

    I don’t see him in any sexual way. He eats hotdogs for lunch each day and talks with his mouth full. Not exactly a stud if you follow my drift.

    I think they are both asexual and it compliments their relationship. Best buds.

  49. PSV: Sorry, I was 11. I just turned 19.

    Thank you for the compliment by the way.

  50. I signed the petition and sent it on to my daughter and husband. I considered sending it to some of the young Dem women in my office but then didn’t because I figure that since they voted for Obama they are probably the type of women who don’t feel we need female representatives. It’s sad. I didn’t send it to any of my Dem office mates because I just don’t believe it’s an issue for them.

  51. I can barely remember being 19!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hee! Sometimes I forget how young our Regency is.


    PJ – Condi did refer to Bush as “my husband” once.

    However, I agree – they are both asexual. How women could squeal over that monkey, Dubya, is beyond me.

  53. I do not see either Bush or Obama as “manly men”. Bill Clinton, yes, no two ways about that!

  54. Regency, I can’t help but like Condi too. Although the amount of uhs and ums when she speaks drive me crazy, she seems like a strong woman and I like that.

    I am quite content to lay all blame squarely at the feet of Bush and Cheney.

  55. I actually think that Condi had a thing with the Canadian Prime Minister. It was so funny actually. During a press conference he once referred to her liking to keep the window of her bedroom open so that she could smell the salt off the lake.

  56. Thanks, gxm17! I agree – you’ve got to pick and choose who you send it to.

  57. Woudn’t be funny to find out that aside from the press making them enemies Hillary and Obama were mad for one another?

    Okay, it must be the fumes from my cleaning rag that is making me think funny.

  58. gxm17 – Bush and Cheney made her lie during the 9/11 hearings?

    If you heard the enormous load of bullsh*t that came out of her mouth (I linked to the transcript in my post), you would hate her with a passion. How dare she make those mealy-mouthed excuses for her incompetence and complete lack of interest in the job with which she was gifted?

    Nope. No pass for Condi. She deserves to be in jail, like P*well, Rummy, Cheney and Bushie.

    I apologize, but the woman really pushes my buttons.

  59. PJ – LOL! You crack me up, woman.


  60. Pat J: The media likes to play that they’re in love anyway. MadTV and YouTube alike.

    I don’t know, people seem fixated with the idea of a white woman and a black guy wanting each other. It happens–believe me, but not every time the two get together. (My mom thinks he wants to be Bill,which includes having Hillary to himself. But, I think Bill 1.0 would have serious problems with that set up.)

  61. Call me lame, but when it comes to making a choice of sending someone else’s kid off to an unnecessary war, I hold everybody responsible. If she could not stand up to Bush or Cheney she had no business being there.

    Actions speak louder than words and if she was troubled enough by this military invasion the least she could have done was resign. Others did in Tony Blair’s cabinet and if I remember correctly one of them was a woman who held an equally high position in is cabinet.

    Making excuses is something we need to depart from. You are there to do a job, not bend over for every folly presented. Don’t like it, leave. Her departure, along with P*well’s, would have at least raised doubts and prevented some of these kids from being killed or having their limbs blown off.

  62. Madamab asks, “Who could have predicted that if America planted missiles 100 miles from Russia in Poland, it would be interpreted as an act of aggression?”

    The answer is, as she has correctly pointed out, “EVERYONE (including Dr. Rice and Sen. Clinton) WITH 1/10TH OF A BRAIN.”

    A Constitutional Amendment for allowing Putin to retake (and not relinquish) power is coming up shortly in Russia. In this instance, the missile “defense” system in Poland is for just that: defense.

    {No need to shout out your perception of Dr. Rice’s brain size, Madamab, honestly…. the loss of civility in public discourse during this past election has been no small loss for the Republic. You can usually make your point stronger by remaining civil.)

  63. Condi covered up for mistakes made for 9/11 no doubt. Horrible. Just as nasty – Clinton lapdog Sandy Berger stealing national archives documents to keep them out of the 9/11 report. Can’t keep from repeating mistakes when we’re not allowed to even know all the mistakes that were made!

  64. Is there any relation between Susan Rice & Condoleeza Rice? Or is that a distinction I need to get used to now.

  65. I think I get transfixed with the uhs and ums. I start counting them and not really listening to what she is saying. But you’re right, she did lie through her teeth. Haven’t they all. That’s why I love the video clip of Cynthia McKinney grilling Rumsfeld. She doesn’t miss a beat or let him slither out of the question. It’s a beautiful thing. Too bad we don’t see more spine like that.

  66. finely – Your concern is noted.

    Dr. Rice was, is and always has been a strong proponent of the missile defense system. Them’s the facts.

  67. Regency, I have some friends who met Condi Rice and then sat next to her at a dinner party. They were pretty thrilled.

    I never have been able to figure her out. Did you know Rice was a protege of Madeline Albright’s father. How did a woman like that, obviously very bright, end up calling GW Bush “my husband”? That’s so over the top, it’s almost incomprehensible. I for one, just don’t get it.

  68. Pat — ok, you sold me.

    gxm17 — interesting thought about female representation not being an issue for them.

    I have run into a few of my female friends that “don’t want to hear it” — hear it meaning sexism / misogyny — they don’t think Obama had ANYTHING to do with the hatefulness – even though he set the tone and participated.

    Part of me says — why am I fighting for this? I don’t let my sexuality or being a woman stop me from what I want — I do feel the discrimination — but not to the level that the bubble heads do. There are varying degrees and I push through them as much as possible. Does it mean I work harder — yes, but I would anyway because I want to keep my job and make an obscene amount of money.

    I am just rambling now.

  69. Regency: Obama could not hold a candle in that dept to Bill Clinton. I remember a coworker being in DC one year and he passed her in the halls of congress. She said she was breathless he was so gorgeous. And this was about 16 yrs ago. All man.

    Obama? Wuss, wuss, wussy. Hillary has more attributes than he possesses.

  70. Well, most of us felt that this day would come. I, for one, am happy that Hillary will be in the spotlight again.

    Kudos to Condi for her lovely words.

    Now off to sign the petition.

  71. Amen, PJ.

    Making excuses is something we need to depart from. You are there to do a job, not bend over for every folly presented. Don’t like it, leave. Her departure, along with P*well’s, would have at least raised doubts and prevented some of these kids from being killed or having their limbs blown off.

    In fact, IIRC, quite a few people resigned because they were against the war in Iraq. P*well could have done the same thing. Instead, he sold the war to the U.N.

  72. Maybe it’s a rite of passage, but why am I in moderation?

  73. Pat J: O what I would give to pass the Big Dawg in the halls. Man o man. *swoon* He just looks good. I spend so much time looking at him that sometimes I forget to listen.

  74. Spammy, the autofilter does whatever he wants. They just pick words and throw your post in the nosebleed seats. Someone’ll resurrect it.

  75. Simo – I understand your frustration, believe me. It is not easy to balance taking responsibility for your own fate and realizing that society still stacks the deck against you.

    Some days I’m more one, and some days I’m more the other.

  76. Regency: I remember in 1991 when he ran the first time and my Mom was still alive. She was 76 at the time and she used to say: “that man can keep his shoes under my bed any day of the week”. He had that effect.

    You knew he was running a good game but it did not matter. He was pretty much sex on a stick.

  77. EricaLeigh – I am re-posting your comment. I have no idea why Spammy ate it.

    Regency, I have some friends who met Condi Rice and then sat next to her at a dinner party. They were pretty thrilled.

    I never have been able to figure her out. Did you know Rice was a protege of Madeline Albright’s father. How did a woman like that, obviously very bright, end up calling GW Bush “my husband”? That’s so over the top, it’s almost incomprehensible. I for one, just don’t get it.

  78. Hmmm, it’s getting a bit warm here at the C a bit early in the day!


  79. PJ, Regency – Bill Clinton is hawt. He can be 80 years old and he’ll still be hawt.

    Some guys (and gals) just have it.

  80. Gee, Reg, I thought you were a lot older – you have great insight and depth. Glad you’re here. 😉

    Well, I was thinking about the SOS role for Hill today and thought she’d be great and then I thought that gang can really bring you down, so we should rally around her and insure that she knows she has our support over the next 4 years – then… I thought, hmmm, she’ll be the face of the US out there but other countries will know that O is our pres and might base their responses to her on what they think of O. If he and his cronies are being as untrustworthy, as they have been, will they have confidence in her words?

  81. Pat J: Bill is sex on long legs.

  82. On Condi:

    I fault her for not standing up to her boss more than she did, (and we may never know what efforts she did or did not make behind the scenes to reign in the maniacs) but her history is not one of being a wackjob far rightist, prior to being appointed SOS. Her history was of moderation and good sense. She has been horrible as SOS, but she is not stupid – she’s quite a brilliant woman. I have no idea her reasons for continuing as SOS for the Shrub, though it may well have been a sense of “doing more good from the inside”. Or maybe she was a coward, who knows? *shrug*

    Condi and Hillary have actually been friends for years. Hill and Chelsea stayed in her home when Hill took Chelsea out to check out Stanford, as Condi was still teaching there at the time. They have great respect and affection for one another. Her words regarding Hill do not surprise me.

    There is a rumor that it was this friendship that prompted Hillary to cast her AUMF vote as she did. They say Hill was worried, and went to Condi. Condi assured her privately, off the record, as a FRIEND, and gave her word that it was brandishing the stick only, that the inspectors would go back in first. I don’t know if that’s true. I also don’t know if Condi made that promise to Hill in good faith, and was herself lied to and kept out of the real plans by the Cheney faction. It’s entirely possible with those bastards.

  83. Today:

    Paulson said the housing correction is the root of the economic and market difficulties. As a result, Paulson believes the most important thing to do is mitigate foreclosures and reduce the cost of mortgage finance.

    Didn’t Hillary ask for this a year and a half ago?

  84. Sorry to say, and I expect to be beat up over this, but many women are simply enablers. I think this is the role that suited Condi. He is such an asshole that he surrounded himself with people who would never say no.

    She was his head cheerleader. Ugh!!

    At least I am sure that Hillary told Bill to take his pillow and blanket and banned him to the couch during that awful time during his presidency. And if it had not been for her, he would have suffered the entire impeachment process. The perfect confluence of scold and scoundrel.

    Oh how we love our Clinton’s!!!

  85. Meanwhile, Paulson speaks and the markets all drop like rocks.

  86. Joanelle: I say that she’ll be safe because her reputation on the world stage precedes the administration.

    Mad: 80 year-old Bill = Hawt!Methusaluh.

  87. why is everyone going on about SoS Rice being incompetent? That is really quite insulting… kind of going down the old “stupid bit*ch” road reserved for any woman in power… I find Ms Rice to be not only intelligent, but a woman of integrity…at least she didn’t sell 18 million people down the drain to procure her ambitions…like Hillary has… these days I don’t give a hoot about hillary…the quicker she goes under the better…Bring on the 2012 elections!

  88. Erica, r@cist, tr0ll and P0well are all tagged words. If you use any of them you’ll land in moderation.

  89. plural – Yes, I believe she did.

    WMCB – Fascinating! Thanks for posting that info!

  90. I’ve met Bill a couple of times. First he doesn’t just shake your hand, he holds it with both of his hands, looks in your eyes and you swear your the only other person in the room with him. And he has this affect on everyone, men and women – that’s real Charisma!

  91. debate: Find another forum. Yours is not appreciated.

  92. I did not know Condi and Hillary were buddies. That’s sort of awesome. Even incompetent women can have good competent friends.

  93. debate: IMHO You’re right. In the end, Hillary was just about blind ambition, exactly as any other politician. The hero worship of anyone, Hillary included, drives me insane.

    She let her own principles down and her followers forgive that at their own peril. We need people who actually FIGHT FOR US, not sell out.

  94. Good god, Hillary is the very opposite of a sell out.

  95. I have met Bill Clinton twice. The first time at a book signing. Now, keep in mind I am 100% lesbian. The moment I walked in the room I finally “got it” == why women swooned over him. Plus, Hillary was right about his hands — love those hands — (lesbian cruise hands in case you didn’t know).

    Second time I met him was this past Feb 4th – day before super Tuesday – Hillary was having her town hall meeting – I have over 200 photo’s from the night – I was 10 feet away from him for 2 hours — he was mobbed once the event was over — he had been watching me take photo’s of him — he pushed everyone out of the way and came over to me so we could get our photo taken — he’s that kind of guy. Then he made sure he took a photo with my girlfriend who was about 5 feet away — the mob was crazy — he went over to her and had to say to people — Give me us a minute, I am getting my photo taken with this young lady. LOVE BILL.

    Obama — he’s doesn’t like the rope line. He’s too f’ing arrogant.

  96. debate – Why is it insulting? Because she’s a Republican?

    Please name Condi’s accomplishments as Secretary of State.

    And at least Hillary was not NSA when OBL destroyed the World Trade Center. I would think that would be pretty positive proof of incompetence right there.

    Have a special day.

  97. Thanks, Madamab.

  98. Teressa: Most of us here have made our peace with this election. Sorrily disappointed, yes, can’t you tell? On the other hand, many of us here have been so since the beginning. We admire Hillary completely and though we have had some disagreements over the last few months are hearts and minds are still with her.

    There are other blogs who may share your point of view and I would respectfully request that you make use of them since you will find few, if any here, ready to adopt your outlook. It is what it is. We look to her, not Obama, to lead.

  99. BTW – if you would like to bash Hillary and claim she is an evil sellout, I suggest you go elsewhere. The Confluence is a pro-Hillary blog.

    Fair warning.

  100. I want Billllll.

    And now I have to go. Be back later.

  101. simo – What a lovely story!

    What are “lesbian cruise hands?”

  102. simofish, I hear ya. Sometimes it’s like we’re banging our heads against the wall.

    I do it for tomorrow’s girls. It’s hard to keep going especially after this disgusting spectacle of an election, but we keep on doing the right thing it may eventually catch on. And we’ll always have the satisfaction of being on the side of right.

  103. teresaa — sometimes when we think they are selling out — they are actually going down the only path they know in order to save the world.

    If Hillary had said — country before party — the media would have ripped her up — a Democrat was going to win this election — no matter what — George W saw to that along with the economy.

    Now look where Hillary is — SoS, if she blows this (which I doubt) then we can talk.

    I still love Hillary, but not 100% behind her like I was. I am standing back and watching. I am a free agent.

  104. simofish: You touched history! Wow! Bet he would have take you up on a dinner at your house. There is something about him, hound dog and all. And if a lesbian could see his appeal there leaves no doubt it oozes!

  105. Somebody please pour a bucket of water over Regency please!

  106. Storming away would have been selling out — because if you storm away you have no more influence.

    She stays and fights.

  107. Good point, well made, Plural

  108. BTW, I love the photo of Hillary you used madamab. (uhoh, does that make me a fangirl?)

  109. madamab — straight chicks check out a guys ass — we check out a woman’s hands — what kind are they? do they have long nails? are they smooth? clean? sexy?

    Bill has the best hands – smooth, strong – long fingers – the veins pop from them — not meaty hands — just very strong. I shook his hand during the book signing. Then I grabbed it again with both hands and ran my hand along his and said “Hillary was right, you have great hands” — he gave me the most curious look and the secret service agent smirked.

  110. Pat, I agree, W surrounds himself with people personally loyal to him — Condi, Alberto Gonzales, Harriet Myers, etc.

  111. votermom: Incompetents all. But loyal.

  112. gxm17 – Thanks! I think it’s pretty kewl. 🙂

    Simo – Aha! Actually, I check out mens’ hands, not their butts. And I can’t believe you said that to Bill Clinton! OMG, you are a naughty girl!


  113. simofish! LOL — I envy you! 🙂

  114. Straight chicks check out a guy’s hands too, especially the fingers. That and shoe size. 😉

  115. Hey, simo, I’m straight, and have ALWAYS been a hand-checker-outer! Asses, meh, but I always peek at mens hands.

  116. simofish, great story 🙂

  117. votermom – Remember the love letters Miers used to send to GWB? And what about Josh Bolten, who had pictures of Bush’s hands all over his office?


  118. I am straight too but it is the eyes for me before I go any further in exploration. Dead eyes. Zero chances.

  119. madamab: That whole group is bizarro. Imagine hanging around with Mr. Dumbass? What possible conversation had they going at one time? Sports, hot dogs, god.

    It begs the sounds of silence.

  120. PJ – Me too. And the smile. If those check out, I move to the hands.

  121. madamab: Right, and from there………..

  122. I’m going to maybe get bashed for this but I have a hard time describing Condi Rice as “incompetent” — yes, she is blindly loyal to W & has shown that she is willing to down right lie to us, herself & God Himself to further W’s agenda, but she isn’t incompetent. Corrupt, dishonest, willing to put W’s interest above this country’s? Yes. Incompetent? No.

  123. I can’t wait til Hill visits Ireland as Madame Secretary. She is ADORED there. Expect huge crowds.

  124. It’s really unproductive to be trashing our best ally in public life because we disagree with one or another choice she has made.

    She could have retired when Bill left office, been a former first lady, and written books or position papers, instead of going through the fire of running for office.

    She’s still there, she’s still working for us. And now she’ll be benefiting people around the world as well as ourselves.

  125. Hey — why am I in moderation? I didn’t say any of the banned words (at least known that I know of)

  126. angienc – She was NSA on 9/11.

    I rest my case.

  127. Teressa and debate: I kind of doubt this is the site for you. Although we welcome opinions of all stripes yours are not for this blog since we are Hillary supporters. By remaining you only invite the possibility of being deleted or banned and I am sure this was not your immediate intent.

  128. NEW POST UP!!!

  129. angie: She is an academic not a politician nor has she ever had experience running a dept as large as state. It demands more than just being the friend of W. She is incredibly smart but her forte is within the confines of academia, not policy. This is where her failure shows.

  130. Condi & Bush were powerless – to the neocon faction of the repub party. I don’t forget things . Even today Bush has said “I was not prepared for War” …

    They used him, I think his weakness was wanting to be different than his Father … His Father threw these neocons out the door .. back in the late 80’s early 90’s .. they tried to take over then – He said NO. they were the ones who tried to push him to go all the way to Baghdad .. ..

    the Turning point was when Rumsfeld resigned .. Gates stepped in and you know the rest of that story …been playing futile catch up ever since .

    All those bastards who had ‘the power’ .. controlled it all … The world has suffered for it . .my GAWD – today the BUSH said also .. – …”I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess,” he said, but would not say whether he would have pressed forward with the decision to invade Iraq if he had known otherwise: “That is a do-over that I can’t do.”

    Obama is in the same situation, however, I believe he has ‘some’ experienced/bright and decent people around him . I’m not quite ready to see Obama as Bush .. yet .. .. nor am I ready to see him as FDR yet, not even close … dunno … will see. BUT ………..He and his admin would really have to suck to be as bad as it’s been for 8 long years ….. .

  131. I guess I check out men’s hands too — but mainly for wedding rings (or tan lines where that ring should be — and yes, I’ve busted a few married men that way).

  132. Pat J — I don’t disagree with a thing you said, but I still contend that doesn’t make her incompetent — incompetent is a strong word that IMO gets thrown around loosely regarding Condi Rice.

  133. The only reason that I don’t like Hillary as SOS is because I think it leaves her vulnerable to more abuse from Obama and his obots.

    And I’m really hating this sell-out nonsense. It sounds so very cheesy, as in cheeto, to try to shift Obama’s hypocrisy into Hillary’s column. Nope. Ain’t gonna stick.

  134. “Dr. Rice has been an unmitigated disaster.”

    I’m not sure that has been entirely her fault. Look at some of the disasters in the world she has to deal with – North Korea, Russia, Islam. I don’t think anyone could fix those problems.

  135. NEW POST UP!!!!

    NEW POST UP!!!

  136. Simo: I officially envy you.

  137. I will never forget or forgive Condi Rice or Stephen Hadley for changing Christi Whitman’s words on the air quality at ground zero.
    That change has damaged so many lives and is still causing damage.



  138. Battlecat-

    You may want to be careful how you phrase things. You’ve just suggested that a massive mainstream religion is a global disaster.

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