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Monday Morning Quarterbacking

gary-larson-the-far-sideIs everybody recovered from their turkey tryptophan induced trance state?  Ready to get back to the business of critiquing the fun and follies of the nation’s political morass?  Good!  Let’s get started.

There are a couple of articles recently that give us some insight into what might have happened in that meeting that Obama and Hillary had in DiFi’s parlor last June.  In For Biden, No Portfolio but the Role of a Counselor, Biden will have less responsibility than Al Gore had.  Gore had a portfolio on the environment and restructuring government.  Biden’s responsibility seems to have been reduced to enquiring on the health of the president every morning.  He will be a valued “counselor”, er, provided the Oval Office is able to work him into the schedule to council. The good news is that Michelle Obama and Jill Biden really hit it off so I think they can look forward to Thursday night pinocle games where Joe can slip some counseling in between rounds of Budweiser and 7-layer nacho dip.

The other is about Hillary herself.  In Clinton is Said to Accept Offer of Secretary of State, there is a very telling passage that suggests why it took so long for Hillary to actually sign on:

“Hillary Clinton will always be seen as her own person,” said Mickey Kantor, a longtime friend who served as commerce secretary in her husband’s administration. “But you know, Hillary Clinton’s a terrific lawyer. She knows how to represent a client, and she’s good at it. And I don’t have any doubt in my mind that she’ll be a team player.”

In this case, her client is herself.  And what did her client want?  Autonomy.

Two advisers to Mrs. Clinton said she was concerned about establishing her role in the administration before agreeing to the job. She wanted assurances that she would have direct access to Mr. Obama and not need to go through a national security adviser, they said. And she wanted the authority to pick her own staff at the State Department.

The media will paint the sticking point in the negotiations as concerning Bill Clinton’s foreign commitments and the donors to his library.  But Bill would have had to do this anyway if he had been the First Dude.  We will all soon find out that there’s no THERE there.  No, what we’ve got here is Joe Biden falling on his sword and Hillary Clinton getting pretty much what she wants except for the title of President.  You can bet your sweet ass that with Madeline Albright, Wes Clark and other experienced foreign policy people in her corner, coupled with the assurance that she’ll be able to run the State Department (no doubt signed in Obama’s blood), that she will be one of the most powerful Secretaries of State we have seen in recent history.  I envision something like a wonky Maggie Thatcher with a “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” style.

So, let’s imagine what happened in DiFi’s study, shall we?  Hillary, feeling her cheerio’s, takes command of the situation.  She let’s him know before he offers that she’s not interested in being a trusted counselor as VP.  Nope.  Don’t even ask.  She let’s him know what her real interests are.  Maybe she even holds a bargaining chip on the convention.  She knows the numbers.  She *could* actually challenge him in Denver.  It would be messy.  She might even win it.  These things don’t need to be said.  At least not out loud.  I suspect the fix was in back then on the Secretary of State position.  Joe Biden might have been a more natural choice but he didn’t get enough delegates to issue demands.  So, Hillary and Biden switch places.

Post election, the Faustian bargain Obama made to get Clinton’s support is becoming a reality.  It is time to pay the piper and the piper is going to extract some concessions.  She could remain in the Senate.  She might be low on the totem poll but she’s got lots of new friends there and her speeches will still get covered and she *will* make an impact on legislation.  His appointment of Tom Daschle to HHS doesn’t phase her in the least.  Or she could take what’s behind door number two.  But she’s going to do it *her* way.  And now, given the current condition of foreign policy, she will be a lot more visible than just the Senator from NY.  While Obama is fumbling around in the White House, trying to keep the economy from falling apart, she’ll be jetting around the world, overachieving again.  Bwahahahahahahahhhh!

Hmmm, I wonder what concessions she got from Reid to leave?  Does she get a say in her own successor?  And what of the newest rumors that it could be Bill?  Whoo!  Wouldn’t that be a fricking coup?  Unlikely, but entertaining nonetheless.  Can you imagine how that would go?  The uber alpha dog in the Senate?  Nahhh, I’m betting that Hillary held out for a woman to replace her.  Governor Patterson says he doesn’t feel obligated to appoint a woman to replace Clinton.  I disagree- STRONGLY.  Women are a paltry 17% of the Senate and loss of even one of them sets us back significantly.  If you feel likewise, now is the time to send Patterson a message.

Go, Hill, Go!

Update: Thanks to all of you for your kind words after the news of the sudden death of my cousin yesterday.  It really does make a difference.

140 Responses

  1. Thanks, RD you sharing of this logical explanation puts things into perspective. Looking forward to an exceptional week!

  2. I don’t think she really gets everything she wants just by being SOS. I know she likes working on the domestic policies and she is great at it. I just think that Reid couldn’t give her a better offer. I don’t think the SOS was a done deal back in June. This seems to have been a surprise. Kennedy denying her to lead a sub-committee on health care must have made her take Obama’s offer. I still say something doesn’t seem right with this situation but we just have to wait and see what happens. She just sold her soul to the Obama administration and now no matter what happens she is going down with them. Sorry, RD but can’t find the silver linning.

  3. Downticket: I disagree. Obama can’t govern himself out of a paper bag. The whole campaign was focussed on winning, not governing. I am not at all surprised by the appointments he has made so far. The only people who have a fricking clue about putting the government back together are the Clinton people since they were there last when it was still working. A lot of people in the Senate owe Hillary favors. I think she could have twisted something out of Reid. But she would have been only one of 100. Her power is somewhat diminished in the Senate where it certainly won’t be at State. She will be calling the shots and Obama should actually be grateful to her for it. It has bitten off way more than he can chew and unlike presidents past, he can’t wait until the second term to do the foreign policy gig. It has to be taken care of NOW and preferably by someone who has the stature of a president. That would be Hillary.
    It’s characteristic of her style. It’s win-win. Obama will benefit greatly.

  4. Some times I wonder why the power that be are so afraid of Hillary taking on reforming health care. Either they know damn well that she will successed and that will be political sucide for the likes of Kennedy. Him in particular because he made this show of caring for regular people without actually delivering any thing. Or the pull is comming from the industries itself who’s lobbiest are working over time in this issue. Either way this matter should be looked at as a measure to how much good she could have done if she was allowed. Regualr people always are the one who loose in these kind of strugle.

  5. The only healthcare reform that’s going to come out of an Obama administration is something written by the lobbyists. I’d frankly rather have nothing than what he’ll probably put forth.

  6. RD: I really truly hope that you are right, but I also harbor a nagging feeling that this ties her future to the rise and fall of the house of Obama.

  7. In the Senate you actually make policy by writing laws. At State, you have to convince the President to adopt a policy or not block yours. I think ,right now, we need powerful women writing legislation, if we want to advance women in our society — that, and a woman Secretary of Defense.

  8. chatblu: Well, sure it does. She could be forced to resign, she could be fired, she could be undermined by Obama moles. But think about this a second: Do the people coming in who are Obamadroids really have any idea what they’re doing? She got that Greg Craig guy dismissed. That illustrates that she’s not going to put up with any shit from them. Not only that, but she knows where all of the secret compartments as well as anyone coming in. They’re not going to be able to check her very easily. Oh, she’ll be a good team player alright. But Obama’s team is going to quickly realize that Hillary didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck.

  9. RD: Fair enough. She is a big girl, she is not stupid, and I hope she remains vigilant. She remains a big target.

  10. RD: Your interpretation and analysis of the SOS deal makes a lot of sense. Clearly Hillary is the best equipped individual out there to be handling these difficult issues and it is essential that she not be hamstrung by BO.

    Belated condolences on the loss of your cousin.

  11. I agree with you, RD. I think the SOS thing was agreed upon in the meeting in June. That explains why she campaigned so rigorously for him and why she didn’t fight in Denver. This is the best solution for all, under the circumstances. I wish she could have been POTUS, but clearly, the country is not ready for a female in that position. She will be a powerful SOS.

  12. While of course, I would rather Hillary lead the way with writing the legislation for Universal Health Care, that’s off the table.

    And I’m becoming more pleased about the SoS appointment. I’ve never understood how you turn it down when a (soon-to-be) President asks you to lead the most prestigious department (outside the White House itself) in the administration.

    Thank you for this post, Riverdaughter

  13. janicen: I do not agree that the country is not ready for a female president. I think Hillary would have been elected in a landslide. It was entrenched power elite in the party and media who did her in. She had a lot of support among voters who had come to respect her and were ignoring the media attack. The party elders were the neanderthals who refused to evolve. That’s why it is so important to get on Patterson’s case now about Hillary’s replacement. He says he doesn’t feel the need to replace her with a woman. I think to replace her with anyone *but* a woman would be a giant slap in our face. Enough already.

  14. I do feel good for the country that Hillary will be SoS. However, I’m taking a wait and see on the Obama administration.

    I’m wondering whether we can get him to do anything positive in the pretense that he cares about the status of women in the U.S. and the world.

  15. RD said, “send Patterson a message.” Sent.

  16. Everyone needs a scorecard these days…but first, we have to have an official dictionary…this one, courtesy the incomparable Grail Guardian!!! Including translations re: the Clintons….

    How To Communicate with an Obot: The **OFFICIAL** English to Obamese Dictionary


  17. Hillary is way smarter than me and has access to info
    I couldn’t guess about….if she’s doing this it has to be for the best…..for her and the nation. It would be difficult to go back to the Senate, since they all know she should be President. Now she is co-President, make no mistake about that. Barry can consult with her daily without raising comment . I’m finally seeing some of the Barry intelligence we all hear about .

    RD, very sorry for your loss

  18. It’s fascinating in all this SOS talk, little has been said about Hill’s replacement. I heard that the Kennedys want that seat….so which one of them will it be? On the other hand, if Patterson’ appointed Al Sharpton, that would be a hoot! lol. It’s a huge plum. Not just cause it’s NY, ( which is huge) but because it still has a 4 years due date and someone could become an incumbent in that time.

  19. PS–really very sorry to hear about the death of your cousin. My closest cousin is on two weeks younger than I am…what a shock it must be!!!


  20. Obama is at least smart enough to recognize that he needs Hillary far more than she needs him. As for the future, we can only hope and pray. Other than that, it is what it is.

  21. RD,

    I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. Your family is in my prayers.

    Great analysis. I find the Bill Clinton “commitments” a sham of an excuse. After all if all these people had no problem with Obama’s foreign donors and commitments why should they have a problem with Bill Clinton? I still think HIllary shouldn’t do it, but I know she loves her country and will do everything in her power to save it. By now she must realize that UHC is off the table so best to focus on US foreign policy. She single handedly can do more towards repairing our battered reputation than any “world tour” Obama does (ala Germany style — that whole tour was like a huge Beavis and Buthead moment.)

    As for Gov. Patterson, shame on you! You do have an obligation to appoint a woman. Remember boiz, women vote and sooner or later these ridiculous Obot women will wake up from their kool aide stupors and realize how much they have hurt themselves, their daughters, their mothers and their sisters.

  22. SOD I think is correct in her assessment. Many of us are still coming to terms of what this election season entailed and the sting is just beginning to be felt as we go along. The investment we had placed in our candidate and the pitfalls that she had to endure along the way settled into our subconscious and we now find those feelings gradually coming to the surface. Our own disappointments seems to have collected and regrouped as the season takes root.

    Women were shown that they were still subject to ridicule and a second place status and as our candidate took the slings and arrows we knew they were aimed at us as well. As feminists of every stripe we also came to the conclusion that the road we had traveled went only so far.

    The expectations we shared, coupled with the usual holiday euphoria that many of us are unable to live up to, has cast us into a combination of lethargy and indifference to some degree. What awaits is unsettling and as much as we wish to overcome this sense of ennui which can only be described as a season of mourning.

    I have no idea where we go from here or how to dispel the gloom that follows us from day to day, but there is nothing we can do but to go forward by whatever means we take to achieve that sense of unity.

    They say that time is the healer and we must look to time to do its job. This too shall pass.

  23. riverdaughter
    so sorry for your loss. peace and condolences.

  24. janicen: I do not agree that the country is not ready for a female president. I think Hillary would have been elected in a landslide. It was entrenched power elite in the party and media who did her in. She had a lot of support among voters who had come to respect her and were ignoring the media attack. The party elders were the neanderthals who refused to evolve. That’s why it is so important to get on Patterson’s case now about Hillary’s replacement. He says he doesn’t feel the need to replace her with a woman. I think to replace her with anyone *but* a woman would be a giant slap in our face. Enough already.

    bingo, I could not agree more.

  25. ps…. I just sent Paterson an email. I told him we are more than half the population and only 17 percent of the political power….
    I said surely he could not pass up all the talented women in NYS to find just another generic man to fill the seat.

  26. I’m glad Hillary is going to be Secretary of State. I agree that she probably indicated her preference at the meeting in June. At the time, the rumors were that she had turned down the VP offer. She must have indicated what she really wanted at that time. Marc Rubin had a good post about this awhile back.


  27. If you have ‘Clinton haters’ such as Ted Kennedy in the senate then there is no way Hillary could get what she wanted even with an increase of democratic votes. Ted is like an old lion protecting his turf. Even if he only has one tooth left he’ll fight to the end against a powerful matriarch like Hillary. The senate is all Ted Kennedy has right now. The man who could have had the president handed to him is living his last days at the only place that offers him sustenance. Hmm, come to think of it that goes for most of the long term senators…Kerry, McCain, Reid.

    My condolences for your cousin RD. Having come back to my hometown, I realize how close cousins can be both intellectually and spiritually.

  28. Hi, all! I think I’ve been suffering from post-election depression, too. I just haven’t had the energy to even type.

    Anyway, isn’t the NY Gov’s name Paterson-with one t? If we’re writing him, we should get his name right.

    I didn’t understand that article about Greg Craig getting the boot since he was named Special Counsel to the President? How was that Hillary’s revenge?

    RD-So sorry for your loss. When it seems things can’t get any suckier, they do. On the flip side, good things are equally unexpected. Hope some sunshine comes your way soon.

  29. We are going through a period of loss: loss of our votes, the loss of our party, the loss of our candidate, the loss of our feminist agenda, the loss of press objectivity, the loss of our ideals, the loss of fair play, the loss of our expectations. How could anyone expect us to just shake the loss off that quickly and simply pile onboard?

    We must be allowed to grieve before we begin to heal.

  30. Joan
    Haven’t seen you here since-before the election!
    Glad to see you’re back and rolling up your sleeves
    (and correcting people’s spelling 😉

  31. Sorry to hear about your cousin.

    Thanks for the Far Side cartoon. I adore Gary Larson. I’ve often wished that he and his publisher would put out a volume with just his heaven and hell cartoons. I particularly like the ones on aerobics in hell and God on Jeopardy.

    As a feminist, I hate to see Clinton take a role in Obama’s administration after the misogynist venom he and his campaign put out directly and orchestrated among his followers. But as a citizen, it gives me my only thread of hope that not everything in the next 4 years will be a unmitigated disaster.

    It coming up to the Xmas holiday, I wish we could get a cadre of spirits to kidnap Congress and give them a reality check. “THIS is what happens when you derail UHC. THIS is what happens when you allow the mortgage markets to prey on consumers. THIS is what happens when you roll over on undercutting environmental, consumer and workplace protections.” And on and on.

  32. Presidents come and go but those idiots in the congress seem to stay well beyond their due date. Much of the problem lies with those “career politicians” who make and break the rules. Change will not appear until the entire cadre is sent home packing and new blood and ideas, along with a sense of what it actually means to govern, returns.

    It won’t happen anytime soon.

  33. Grrr, I rolled by MSNBC for one minute and heard the latest Obot spew from Mika and Tweety. Mika had the nerve to ask whether Clinton could “intellectualize” foreign policy. Tweety figures that Hillary might be as smart as Obama.
    (pulling my hair out, here)

  34. There’s a new post at Eat4Today for anyone who’s interested….

  35. I can’t stand listening to Obama!

  36. Oh My Gawd…I am listening to Obama talk about his Nat Sec team. He is literally repeating Bush talking points, including “oceans no longer protect us!!!”



    But now, he’s introducing Our Girl. Go Hillary Go!

  37. not sure I can bear to watch Obama with HRC

    yeah really SOD in his dreams he’s smarter than Hillary, phooey!

  38. Are ya’ll watching this announcement? Hillary looks awful and like she wants to start bawling. She looks like it’s her execution. Very upsetting.

  39. He is nothing but a “copy cat”. Has this man ever had an original thought in his head?

  40. CNN is showing only Obama and flags, as if he is the only one on stage.

  41. catarina-Thanks! The only reason I knew about Paterson was from the Spitzer debacle. When Paterson took over, they pronounced his name with a long A and not like Patterson. The trivia that gets stuck in my head is ridiculous. Wish there was more smarts in there!

  42. Joan, I’m watching, I do not agree at all. She looks very serious, though.

  43. I never knew Robert Gates was that short.

  44. SOD – UHC has been dead for quite some time. Hillary would not have been able to resurrect it.

    Will the clueless Obots ever get this? Will they ever take responsibility for what they have done?

  45. Is it me or does Obama begin to look more and more like Alfred E. Neuman???

  46. I swear to God, if I hear the word “change” one more time I am going to rip the tv out of the wall!~

  47. Susan Rice as UN Ambassador, which he’s making a cabinet position! Grrr….

  48. Okay, I am reaching for the tv now…….

  49. ownaa, on December 1st, 2008 at 8:34 am Said:

    Some times I wonder why the power that be are so afraid of Hillary taking on reforming health care. Either they know damn well that she will successed and that will be political sucide for the likes of Kennedy. Him in particular because he made this show of caring for regular people without actually delivering any thing. Or the pull is comming from the industries itself

    Yes, simply put the gov is in the industry’s pocket and nothing is going to happen until we get rid of some folks. As Pat Johnson, on December 1st, 2008 at 10:39 am Said:
    Presidents come and go but those idiots in the congress seem to stay well beyond their due date

    And, Pat, much as eggs past their due dates, they stink to high heaven! 👿

  50. Is misogynist the right word for Obama? Seems like it doesn’t fit when he’s consistently appointing women to high positions.

  51. He’s just creating cabinet posts?

    GW, is that you?

  52. “Go, Hill, Go!”

    She will, and she’ll be sensational.

  53. I have decided to take a shower and finish my Christmas decorations while Biden is speaking. Am sure when I am done he will still be going.

  54. I just turned on the radio and Biden was speaking. Yuck! Has Hillary already been on?

  55. Doesn’t anyone else find this statement odd?

    “And she wanted the authority to pick her own staff at the State Department.”

    Why WOULDN’T she pick her own staff? Any ideas about what ‘staff’ they would be referring to here?

  56. This is like going to a Springsteen concert with Miley Cyrus as the opening act. She never shuts up and it feels like the Boss will never get here.

  57. bb: She spoke first, right after him.

  58. Remember when you were in school and had no idea of the answer to the question so you just went on and on an on? Obama in a nutshell.

  59. Regarding the point as to whether or not the country is ready for a female POTUS, I’m sorry to be so cynical, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Whether it is the voters, the party elders, or whomever, two women, Clinton and Palin, tried for the top two positions, and were slapped down by the media and the misogyny, and very few raised a voice to stop it. The viciousness with which these two women, from two different parties, were attacked indicates to me that it will be a good long while before we see a female POTUS. Some people are ready for a female POTUS, but obviously not enough people.

  60. He’s making the UN Ambassador a Cabinet position?

    Is that true? If it is, talk about splitting. How does UN Ambassador not fundamentally get subsumed under State Department policy?

    The notion that Obama has the “force of character” to forge unity and harmony among these competing factions is an absurdity. I can hardly imagine a personality less likely to bring this off, or someone with less applicable executive experience to know how to handle such competing factions.

    People like Robert Reich complained how Bill Clinton — with all of his executive experience and tremendous energy and great political smarts — was “undisciplined” in how he ran the government when he first took office. And the likes of Mr Kool, Obama, who is just going to provide “vision”, is somehow going to provide the firm hand of discipline across all these diverging interests?

    It’s a recipe for a management disaster.

  61. Recipe for Internation Disasster = Barack Obama

    Hillary, watch for the new Cabinet Post. She may be there to make your job hard.

  62. Listening to Bush was bad enough with his mangled language, but Obama the Inspirer, is equally as painful as he meanders all over the place.

  63. Any disagreement from Hillary will be chalked up to her having “one of those days”.

  64. Your push to nominate a woman to replace Senator Clinton in the senate simply because she’s a woman is as sexist as anything that has or has not been directed at Senator Clinton over the course of the last two years.

  65. Has his chin thrust become more arrogant as time goes on?

  66. janicen: regarding a female POTUS … a year ago I would have said OF COURSE Hillary has a good chance of getting elected, but there’s no way that a black could! It will happen.

  67. I agree with the theory that a deal was made in Feinstein home. As a voter, I am unhappy. Also trading being my elected senator for Obama’s employee – not a good move, imo.
    I read somewhere she had been offered the appropriation committee in the senate but she preferred this.

  68. What Obama and his idiot crew don’t get is that a President must be a manager of competing factions. That he must have a clear idea of how to make things happen, and what responsibilities each manager of each part of the government must discharge.

    He’s never managed anything. He really seems to think conducting a Cabinet meeting is like leading a graduate seminar, where the group leader gives some leading ideas and stimulating discussion follows.

  69. PJ – Will the press never understand that a 61-year-old woman does not menstruate? They are a bunch of eight-year-olds.

    BTW – Obama is extravagantly praising Hillary. If he is going to blame her for his failures, it’s going to be hard.

  70. It didn’t occur to me that the UN Ambassador should be in the Cabinet. That’s a mistake, isn’t it? Shouldn’t she be working for HIllary?

    Is it good or bad that almost all of the questions are about Hillary?

  71. Seinfeld would have a moniker for the way Obama speaks: low talker, close talker, yada yada talker.

  72. The Senate is a very hard needle to thread. Theoretically, you only have as much power and authority as you either earn by seniority or that you’re given. No one gives anything without a price in Congress so even if she was given a “leadership position” as Harry Reid put it, she’d be beholden to them anyway.

  73. Janicen – the people wanted Hill, the votes were there – it was her own party that did her in – Pelosi, Reid, Dean and Kerry were the culprits that did this dastardly deed. And we should not let them forget it.

  74. The news about Rice being UN Ambassador and it being made a cabinet position was the last sentence of an AP story (via yahoo) on Barky naming Hillary and Gates to his administration. I just checked the updated version of the story and didn’t see that sentence there; the article now concentrates on Bill Clinton’s charity and everything he had to give up.

  75. Sorry to say, but I feel no more endearment with Obama than I have from the beginning. A rookie at best.

  76. More extravagant praise for Hillary.

    He says he didn’t think of her for sos until after the election.

  77. Franky0 .. and that is exactly why ‘he’ has picked the Clinton team that he has installed throughout his admin. …

    “What Obama and his idiot crew don’t get is that a President must be a manager of competing factions. That he must have a clear idea of how to make things happen, and what responsibilities each manager of each part of the government must discharge.

    He’s never managed anything. He really seems to think conducting a Cabinet meeting is like leading a graduate seminar, where the group leader gives some leading ideas and stimulating discussion follows.” – .. by Franky0

    + a ‘few’ repubs.

  78. Okay, just checked again and here it is, AP article:

    “He also appointed campaign foreign policy aide Susan Rice as his ambassador to the United Nations. Obama said he would make her a member of the Cabinet, an increase in stature from the Bush era.”

  79. Guys, he has not even taken the oath as yet and he is “boring” me to death already!

  80. Whenever anyone from another country tells me how bad our leadership is I’ll just say “our Secretary of State is pretty handy though.” That’s all I’ve got left.

    It’s gonna be fun seeing Big Dawg wandering around the State Department for 4 years. you know he’s gonna get into something.

  81. He also appointed campaign foreign policy aide Susan Rice as his ambassador to the United Nations. Obama said he would make her a member of the Cabinet, an increase in stature from the Bush era.

  82. Barack lies like he “scratches his face” so that he didn’t think of her until after the election stikes me as another lie.

  83. If Obama is smart, he will create a little office space, probably quite near his desk, for Bill Clinton to occupy. If I were as in over my head as Obama is, having Bill at my fingertips is not such a bad idea.

  84. DYB, sorry, you got there ahead of me.

  85. Essentially what Obama said is, “forget everything I said, did, or promised during the campaign.”

  86. We said this guy was a neo-con in a Democratic Drag, did we not? We did. So everyone who called Hillary a “neocon in a pantsuits” needs to pony up for flowers and Big Macs. They owe our girl an apology.

  87. Speaking for myself, I don’t think I can listen to that halting speech pattern for the next four years.

  88. Greg Craig and Susan Rice, Obama supporters and both former Clinton officials, were the most severe critics and attack dogs against Hillary during the campaign. Hillary got her revenge. Both of them were slated to be high on national security team. Craig has been appointed as WH counsel, the same position he held durin gClinton’s secodn term. Rice becaqme UN ambassador, not in direct contact with Obama on a daily basis. Hillary won these two first rounds.

    Also, Craig was Hill’s clasmate at Yale. He was the one that said all she did was tea parties as first lady.
    also remember Rahm and Podesta were bill/hill loyalists. They were protecting her interests from inside the transition team. Howard Dean still has no position. Why do you think that it was so?

  89. “JeanLouise”
    He made that a cabinet position because Hillary wanted “No Part” of hiring a turn-coat like Rice. I believe I heard she wants nothing to do with Craig- either.
    I fully agree with Clinton / Biden deal back @ the time of the convetion.
    The NY area PUMA’s are already on the Woman Senate seat replacement (except “if” the Bill rumor is true).
    Someone please share the Paterson contact info if possible.
    My 1st choice is Carolyn Maloney, she’s great on woman’s issues & has paid her dues.

  90. Mute button is my lifelong best friend. All I do is read closed-captioning anyway. I tend to mis-hear things so subtitles and CC are to my advantage. I have no intention of watching news for the next 4 years.

  91. Where was Judas? Or is that another round of cabinet appointments we can look forward to?

  92. Maybe Bobo changed his mind about Lil Lord Iscariot. Somewhere James Carville just had the last laugh.

  93. Interesting about this new cabinet position. There was a camera shot that included HRC and Susan Rice as BO was answering a question about Hillary, and Susan’s expression struck me as cold.

    Also, couldn’t help but notice how many of the press questions were related to Hillary.

  94. With all the hate and back stabbing that took place over the last 10 months I would love nothing more than to be a fly on the wall when they all get together for cabinet meetings or just passing one another in the halls.

    These appointments have all the underpinnings of a Machiavellian palace intrigue. The daily reports should be of who just stabbed whom in the back and who hid the keys to the men’s washroom from whoever is “out of grace” for that particular day.

  95. IIRC, it is not the first time that the UN Ambassador is a cabinet appointee. The Bushies despised the UN and they made a point of sending the most obnoxious ambassadors there. Remember the hot headed mustachioed one? What was his name? Bolten? Bolton? Something like that. He used to chase his employees around and yell at them? Yes, very diplomatic.

  96. Hillary is the rock star of this administration. How long before BO stops liking that.

    By the way, what is with all the creepy coinage I keep seeing on television? That has got stop.

  97. The press is still feeding its own CDS. They’ll try to manufacture some controversy out of today’s press conference.

  98. Nobody wanted Bolton because he was so bad. So Bush put him in under the cover of darkness if you all recall.

  99. CNN already has some bullshit story up about Hillary not being “Constitutionally able” to occupy the office of SoS. What????
    If this is going to be four years of that great lady having a “kick me” sign on her back, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it.
    What do PA ers think of Tweety’s chances running for the Senate?

    Sorry to hear about the death of your cousin, riverdaughter.
    My sincere condolences.

  100. Ha, I remember Bolton.

    Pat J: Are you familiar with Gossip Girl? Someone should start a blog like that but for the Obama administration.

    “xoxo, Beltway Girl”

  101. And the ironic part to the whole debacle is Bill Clinton looming in the background.

  102. Okay, did you hear that Hillary has to take a paycut to take SoS. There’s some reg about not being able to accept a pay raise if you’re elevated to SoS so she will be making less per year than she makes now.

  103. SweetSue; There is a rule that if you voted to increase the salary of the Secretary of State, and Hillary did, then you are not eligible to assume that post.

    Other presidents have found their way around that rule by pushing the salary back to before the vote was cast in order to nullify the increase and pave the way for the nominee.

  104. I believe it’s a difference of $5,000.

  105. thats ok, I’ll get a paper route and send hill the money..

  106. The next four years will be interesting, if Hillary survives that long in the administration. The media will be on her like flypaper. And in those cabinet meetings she’ll be surrounded by enemies. “I, Hillary” anyone?

  107. *cough cough* Tell, Barack. He doesn’t read things like Rule Books. He spends his time reading Twilight. Which, while a worthy endeavor, is not what I want my 48 year old president spending time on.

  108. Gotta. See ya later.

  109. In a perverse way I am laughing since Bill Clinton will always be the gorilla in the room no matter what. Knowing the Big Dawg, he cannot be contained for long. Biting his tongue is not in his make up.

    It will be like allowing a kid to sit in a room with surrounded by candy and being told he cannot have any. How long will that last? Let one person come out against Hillary and he will come out swinging.

  110. I don’t agree. Bill hasn’t interfered with Hillary’s Senate job, and I think he has plenty to do on his own.

  111. Backtrack is a person who has been carried up the ladder by other people his whole life.
    Now is at the top of the ladder and is standing without a net or a clue.
    No wonder he has developed a tic like they were saying last nite.
    New Years resolution anyone? Constructive anger against the sexism and racism and we start taking action and loud PUMA roars.
    Start at local politics and newpapers and be tenacious and loud and proud and follow the advice I was given years ago
    Don’t get ulcers Give ulcers



  112. wish he’d “come out swinging” during the primary.
    this is hard to watch
    Hillary should be naming HER cabinet

  113. If Bill can’t use his Foundation, what exactly will he do? Barbecue for foreign leaders?

  114. Reg 😉

  115. Hillary should be naming HER cabinet

    Catarina, you said it. Hurts like a nail to the heart.

  116. The Foundation and the Global Initiative are two different things.

  117. Cat : 🙂

    Now I’m late. Oops.

  118. Now I am sad all over again. It should have been Hillary.

  119. I oopsied and posted this on another article, so I moved it here because my posts are uber-important!

    BTD says:

    “It appears the president elect doesn’t have CDS”.

    No, he apparently doesn’t, but he certainly used it to his full favor during the primaries, even brought back those old shitty fake Clinton ’scandals’.

    Left blogistan 1.0 really nauseates me.

  120. Plural: Good to know. Damn, Bill will never come back to America then.

  121. did O really call HRC “an American of great stature?!”
    it’s too much, what a mind fuck.

  122. run to class, Reg, and spare yourself this..

  123. It is not just a rule; it’s in the constitution. They never got around to amending that. They have worked around it by pegging the salary down. But I actually welcome that debate, because it would bring attention to Obama’s BC.

  124. I just sent Paterson the following e-mail:

    Governor Paterson,

    It has come to my attention that you feel no particular need to appoint a woman to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. Considering the lack of representation of women in our government relative to our numbers, I ask that you reconsider that view.

    Please know that I’m one of Hillary’s eighteen million supporters and if you fail to fill her seat with one of the many qualified women in New York, I will work for and contribute to whomever challenges you when you stand for election.

    We will not be silenced.


    My Name

  125. NEW POST UP – same subject, different angle, with bonus petition!


  126. Thanks, Pat. I see there’s a new thread.

  127. Hiring Hillary Cinton seems to have cured much of even the semi-Puma faction of their resentment.

    He needs Hillary, because in 2012 when things still suck, or worse, he won’t be able to run on “not-Bush”. In fact “not-Obama” may be the fad then.

  128. I have been thinking, these past two weeks about what I want from an Obama admin. .. It seems UHC is out .. then I went over to foreign policy issues ..

    There is much there that can be done to improve this country’s status and world security . ..even changing the tone will help – of course , Hillary & Bills knowledge and respect that they all ready have with other countries will be a big bonus .. imo. Maybe I am naive – ….I believe that Obama & his closest advisers will listen to Hillary – & in a round-about way Bill ….

    The Clintons are a powerful political team with a proven track record on governing .. The justice dept. is also a concern to me .. when youThumb your nose at the ‘rule of law’ .. you are a country that has become third world .. I’m just remembering Musharraf .. .. when He tried it .. Pakistan threw him out .

    There is a lot to be corrected & healed .. Hillary will be a big factor in accomplishing this ..

    Habeas Corpus

    there is much more I want from a democratic WH .. and this country deserves every bit of it .. The past 8 years are a nightmare .. !! .. Everywhere in the world ..


  129. Why should Patterson feel obligated to appoint a woman? Shouldn’t she appoint the best person for the job, whether its male, female, white, or black?

    Being sexist (only appointing someone because of their gender) will not convince other people to stop being sexist!

  130. Hey everyone – I rescheduled my post for two hours from now. RD has a new thread up!

  131. This is so OT but there’s been so much sadness lately, I thought this might be a nice change. It’s the lion vid.

  132. teresaa….. “resentment” is an insulting term to use around here. It is not resentment it is utter disgust that the nominee preferred by democrats and GE voters was knee capped by our own party through the machinations of people like Donna B and the Obot team.

  133. bo is just like shrub.. boring on all three channels , but as long they keep cutting away to Hillary and I keep the sound turned down except when she is speaking …. I think I can do this 🙂

    and shouldnt he be saying we and not MY this and MY that ?? Guess I didnt turn the sound down soon enough 😉

  134. Houdini – Paterson is a man. With one “t”.

    Appointing qualified women to office is not sexist. Women are severly underrepresented in Congress and deserve special consideration for that fact. Men comprise 83% of the Senate. They should be placed as second choices because of that fact.

    Thanks for playing.

  135. madamab,

    OK, I appreciate correction that Paterson is male. As for how many T’s are in his name, riverdaughter spelled it “Patterson” in the article (which is where I got my spelling from), so you might want to fix it.

    But neither of these corrections invalidates my point. I completely understand that women are underrepresented in Congress. And it’s a shame, really.

    I can also understand that if you have two candidates that are 100% equally qualified, that you might want to pick the woman candidate.

    However, even in the situation above, picking based on gender (or race) is a slippery road, one that I don’t believe people should go down. Why should the male candidate be disqualified, simply because he is male?

    Not to mention, while there are many qualified male and female candidates, it’s nearly impossible to have two EXACTLY qualified candidates. Someone will have slightly more experience, or works better with other people, etc, etc.

    No one should prematurely disqualify an entire gender for any position. Let everyone have an equal chance, and let the best man or woman win the job.

    Equality works both ways.

  136. just sent Patterson this:

    Hello Governor Patterson,

    As a citizen living in the state right next to New York, my life is often influenced by what happens in your state. For the past 8 years Senator Clinton has provided New York State with a wonderful senator and I’ve attended her appearances and followed her concerns.

    I would like to express my hope that either Bill Clinton or another woman be appointed as her successor. With Bill we would have a super power keeping her seat warm. A female candidate would at least bring the US closer to the 18% range of women:men politician ratio.

    As I write that ratio I am sickened anew. Women represent over 50% of all Americans, yet we are barely represented in our politics. Without a voice, how can we shape what happens?

    Senator Clinton served New York State and the US well. Please show her and all of us the respect we deserve by finding a candidate that brings us closer to equality.

    thank you,

  137. God this is fucking depressing. I, like Downticket, just can’t find the silver lining on this one. Wake me up in four years.

  138. Riverdaughter – Getting caught up. So sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayer, meditations, too.

  139. VP is preferable to secretary of state if the next step is becoming president. You can’t be fired from VP, and you don’t lose your political apparatus. In fact Obama’s monster machine becomes yours.

    Nah, i still see the Hillary pick as a way for Obama to assimilate Hillary, but by saving the face of giving her the VP nod. The implication is “i won without you so don’t think I need you.”

  140. As usual, Riverdaughter gets it right. The analysis of how HRC became SoS is intriguing and plausible. Hillary will do her job well (as usual). We need to do our job(s) by writing letters to the editors of every paper in the country praising her and slamming anyone who uses sexism in describing her (or any other woman).

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