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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Cosmic Connection: One Night Only

Sky over Bangkok, Thailand

Sky over Bangkok, Thailand

There’s a beautiful sight in the night sky tonight–and it’s for one night only. I saw it on my way home tonight: the crescent moon with two bright stars near it’s tips. It is a rare alignment of Jupiter and Venus–and the new moon.

In a spectacular one-night stand, Venus and Jupiter combined with the crescent moon to form a rare celestial triple play tonight.

The three brightest orbs in the night sky competed for attention in a cosmic combination that won’t be seen again until 2052.

If it’s a clear night where you live, why not go out and take a look. It’s well worth the effort, believe me.

If you can’t see it because your skies are cloudy, the BBC has posted a series of photos here.

This is an open thread. Be good to each other.

Update: Below is a view of the sky over the central artery in Boston, MA.


85 Responses

  1. Wish I could see it, but alas, we are under cloud cover here in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

    Can anyone tell me how to get a private message to RD?

  2. Thanks, Bostonboomer. I noticed it earlier, and yet with the dark sky, could be seen as a face with a small smile.

    Perhaps the moon and planets are smiling down on us…

  3. Creator Mother-Father God/des bless and keep you all and may the Creator watch over this country for the next 4 years we are going to need it-Amen

    night all~!

  4. bb: I just stepped out my door in Western MA and cannot see it. Too much cloud cover. But I love the picture you attached.

  5. night fuzzy!!!

  6. nite Michael

  7. I am so pleased that gary is back!

  8. It is spectacular. I saw it on the way home and didn’t believe they were actually stars. The night sky was so crisp and clear and the stars were so visible that I thought those they had to be water towers or something. It was just too perfect so I assumed it was some optical illusion.

  9. An “optical illusion” is Obama introducing Hillary as a member of his cabinet rather than the other way around.

  10. …sigh….we never see stuff, it always seems to be cloudy here when things are happening in the sky. I always say to my husband, it’s like living in London, except not cool.

  11. The BBC has photos from all over the world. They are gorgeous so click the link and look. I love skywatching!

  12. Kiki,

    It has been raining here for days, and it was cloudy this morning. I’m so happy that it cleared so I could see this on my birthday. I feel like it’s a sign.

  13. I saw this earlier tonight (in NYC!) without realizing what I was seeing. The two objects next to the Moon were so bright I couldn’t figure out what they were. Now I know!

  14. DYB,

    I didn’t know what the stars were either. I figured it was Mars and Venus. But this is really special and won’t be seen again for more than 40 years.

  15. Happy Birthday, bostonboomer.

    The Swiss have a saying-on your birthday you get the weather
    you deserve!

  16. bostonboomer, it’s your birthday? I hope it’s a very happy one! my parents’ b-days were Dec 4th and 5th – I love people born this week!

  17. Gary is back? Hallelujah!

    I was seriously worried about him. I checked his own blog and his last post was weeks old.
    Glad to have him back.

  18. Gary has a new post up today, MABlue. What a relief!

  19. Thanks, Kiki!

  20. Happy Birthday, BB. I didn’t know.

    The top picture is the Universe smiling about Hillary being SoS.

    Off to read Gary. Glad he’s back.

  21. ok, I’m clueless about economics (except for what I learn from dakinikat) but I’ve been hearing all day that the dow fell on news that the country has been in a recession since December of 2007. this news came from an organization whose “job it is to study economic trends” or so they said on the radio. so….wasn’t that a year ago? is this something you cannot recognize for a year? their job is to study economic trends, right? have they been on vacation?

    this seems like a better job than forecasting the weather, in terms of the ooops factor.

  22. Hey, bostonboomer,

    Another thing we have in common besides location! I’m an avid skywatcher, too, and I own a nice telescope. The sky was gorgeous tonight. I thought the rain earlier was going to spoil the show, but the clouds cleared in time. When I was a classroom teacher, I built Galileo quality telescopes with my class, and we had a viewing session on a night when the kids could see some of the moons of Jupiter dancing around it just like Galileo discovered. Watching the sky makes me feel small and insignificant – but in a good way.

  23. What a beautiful birthday present, BostonBoomer! (and how WAS your birthday?)

    ♧ ♡ ♧ ♡ ♧ ♡ ♧ ♡
    (hearts and flowers)

  24. samanthasmom,

    Hey, you’re an expert! I just like to look. I’m so glad I noticed this tonight, because I hadn’t even heard it was going to happen.

  25. Hi Katiebird! I didn’t do anything special. But the sun came out and Jupiter and Venus got together with the moon just for my birthday night.

  26. Hey! I didn’t know it was BB’s birthday…well, then.

    “Happy birthday tooooo yooouuuu…happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuuu….Happy Birthday Dear (really quick) bostonboomer…Haappppyyy Biiirrrtthhhdayyyyy tooooooooooo yoooouuuuuuuu!”

    and many more!

  27. The planets aligning for your birthday is pretty good. Gary returning to post is sugar on top of the cake!


  28. OH my more skywatchers too.. I have a telescope too … but if you dont have one you can go here , to this online telescope !! ; this site is AMAZING


  29. I can’t see it where I am (northern NV), though I saw the crescent moon low on the horizon on my way home from work. I didn’t see Jupiter and Venus tho. Now I see no moon in the sky at all. There are some clouds, but not a lot. I can see plenty of stars (living out in the country has it’s rewards) but no moon which makes me suspect it has dropped below the horizon for a bit.

    I’ll try again in the morning…maybe then? Or does it have to be in the evening?

  30. Now I just want to hear from SM!

  31. bluelyon,

    I’d look in the morning if it’s still dark. I just looked outside, but the moon goes way up high and to the back of my house at this time of night. We have too many trees around here to see it. I saw it when I was driving home at around 6-6:30PM.

  32. Thanks BB (and happy birthday, btw!). We have low clouds right now, not up high, so I’ll keep checking before I toddle off to bed, then again in the morning. I get up at 5am, so keeping my fingers crossed.

  33. We’re ALL cloud cover. (sniff)

  34. Confluence Readers:

    I have set up a short-term website to post a prayer, comment or condolence to those affected by the terror attacks in Mumbai. Please drop by and leave a note, prayer, or condolence.


    It is just my small effort to make this world a little bit better.

    Formerly: BlueDawgDemocrat

  35. Didn’t SM have a post up earlier?

    Happy happy birthday, Boston Boomer.

  36. You might be thinking of Regency’s post?

  37. Down here in LA can’t see the moon yet but I see Jupiter and Venus… I can’t wait….

    I smell like smoke cuz everyone has their fireplaces burnin tonite… it is a nippy 43 degrees here…

    Would crank up our fireplace but I hate cleaning the ashes… dust and spderwebs are preferable to wood ash!!!

  38. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It certainly pays off around here to announce your birthday.

  39. Oh wow look what I found


    you can see tonights sky sky from google

  40. Between fog and smog, I never even saw the sun today.

    (This is the time of year that Central California gets massive freeway pile-ups as people zoom down the freeway at 70+ mph with visibility at 50 ft.)

  41. Happy Birthday BB .. .. and all Confucians scorpios .. RD too .. and me too .. mine was the 16th ….

    I caught the moon and two stars earlier .. a real treat – perhaps this is signalling a new and better time for us all with Hillary at the top of our Foreign Policy …

    I saw at Allegre’s that they are sending notes of support to Hillary …

    “I posted the above note on Hillary’s campaign website – HillaryClinton.com. They’re inviting us to send her a note and I would encourage all of you to let her know how proud you are of her. In the meantime, take a look at her speech this morning as she accepts this nomination… ”

  42. HB BB!

    Are you old enough to drink beer? (lecherous grin)

  43. Katiebird & Myiq .. thanks for getting rid of that person .. honestly – I thought he/she was maybe a freeper ..

  44. Happy B-day BB… So rude of me to not say it earlier… forgive?

    I have heard Scorpios are very passionate people!!!

  45. Briana:

    When he referred to LI as “far left” that was a giveaway.

  46. Bostonboomer
    How nice of you to order this unusual sky for your birthday.
    Thank you for letting us share it with you.
    After all the sadness here about the election a little joy is really welcome.



  47. I’m a Sagitarius. Scorpio ended around the 21st, I think.

    myiq–I’m too old for beer. I had my share long ago. My drug of choice these days is caffeine, and they’ll have to cut my cup out of my cold, dead hand. I’m not giving up my last mind-altering substance!

  48. kiki already beat me to the weather post, but cloudy here in b’ham today/tonite. (at least we didn’t get the snow they had 30 miles north of here)

    also, happy b’day BB !!

  49. Snow–aaak! Way down south? It was almost 60 here today.

    OK, I have to get to bed. I need to get out of here by 10 tomorrow. It’s been nice talking to you all.

  50. Helen,

    That picture does make me happy. It’s funny how it’s a smiling face in Bangkok and a frowny face in Boston.

  51. bb — Sagitarians rock — like all the fire signs! Next to Arieans (like moi) and Leos (like afrocity), Sagitarius is my favorite sign. Bette Midler, Richard Pryor & Lou Rawls are all born on December 1st too.

  52. Happy Birthday Boomer!

    I love the night sky, too, though we have so much “light pollution” in the Bay Area, if you want to see much at night you have to get out of town.

    One time I was camping outside Bryce Canyon, which is one of the darkest places on earth. In the middle of the night I got up, crawled outside my tent, and looked up to the most beautiful swath of stars I’d ever seen. It was the Milky Way. I swear it was like God had tossed a handful of diamonds across the velvety black sky. I’ll never forget that sight, it made me weep.

  53. angie did you get my msg?

  54. Fredster — what message? (obviously not)

  55. Fredster are you still here? I’ve got to go soon — what was the message? (I was in NOLA all from Wednesday night until Sunday & haven’t been near a computer until today).

  56. (laughing) I axed you to pick me up a roast beef po-boy on the way back from nola and just drop it out da plane if you passed over b’ham! 😀 I posted it here on the fourm in whatever was the last thread when you said you were heading home for turkey day.

    That’s okay, I think we’ll be there in about a week and 1/2 so I’ll be able to get one, a shrimp po-boy and maybe soft-shelled crab too!

  57. Happy Birthday BB!

  58. oh shit..forum-duh! website

  59. Fredster — LOL — I did see that message — but the pilot wouldn’t let me open the door for some reason — don’t worry, my Pepa & I enjoyed the po-boy (yes, my chihuahua flies everywhere with me — and why not? She’s the closest thing to a grandchild my parents are getting). 🙂

  60. Oh damn Angie! Well, glad Pepa enjoyed it and besides the po-boy would have had to be better than any “snack” on a plane!

  61. btw — let me just take a moment to express my outrage at those cheap mofo at US Airways — bad enough they stoped serving those teeny little packs of pretzels (5 pretzels each) but now they are actually charging for sodas. Bad enough that they upped the pet-in-cabin fare from $80 each way to a $100 each way (and yet still count her carrier as my “carry on”). On top of all that if you check a bag at all it is $15 — not an overweight charge — checking a bag at all is now an additional $15. Two checked bags is $25. And, given how Pepa is my one allowed “carry on” (my purse being my personal items) coupled with the fact that you have to check liquids over 1 oz, I think I need to factor in an additional $30 for each flight.
    I wish those cheap bastards weren’t the only airline with direct flights from Charlotte to NOLA (to just about everywhere else in this country from here).

  62. Fredster — as I said — US Airways stopped serving any snack at all on flights from Charlotte to NOLA. They don’t even serve you water anymore unless you pay $2. Granted it, the flight is only about 1 & 1/2 hours, but come on — serve us some water for cripessake! We are not animals!! LOL

  63. btw Angie, I don’t foresee any cooking I’ll be doing for a bit when we get down there; well maybe red beans, but I’m going to be hitting local restaurants for all the good stuff. Hell, I may even brave Rocky’s and Carlo’s for some baked mac!!

  64. Happy birthday, BB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for editing out my mistaken post 🙂

  65. my God I didn’t even know that about US Air! Like it’s gonna break ’em for a coke and chips! And I guess anything else would be thru Atlanta (Delta) or Memphis (Northwest)

    (sigh) I remember flying before hub and spoke. Granted it was pricier, but not half as much bullshit.

    Too bad Southwest can’t crack that Charlotte market.

  66. You’d think the airlines could start putting back some of the “good stuff”, like free sodas, since it isn’t busting their balls now for the price of fuel.

  67. Rocky & Carlos! LOL — I didn’t make it down to the parish but now that Ugly’s closed for good, that is my number one spot for po-boys. Of course, Danny & Clydes gas station does a pretty good job (and there is one right by my momma’s house). For red beans & rice, I like bon ton & coops but my favorite favorite are at Frosty Top’s behind Tulane — a REAL hole in the wall & they only serve them on Mondays. I actually don’t even know if it is still there after Katrina.

    btw — I love the hole in the wall places — best fried chicken is still at Brother’s gas station in Kenner.

  68. Fredster — you and me both about Southwest — I went to undergrad in Dallas & I love that airline — plus, I know to expect no frills with Southwest — at least it is reflected in the ticket price (unlike with US Airways).
    I hate US Airways.

  69. Ok gang — I’m going to bed.

    Good night Fredster!

    Good night all!

  70. Yep we got a little of the white stuff both morning and evening(SW Va). Not enough to do anything with mind you just enough to make the roads slick.

  71. Hey, Angie, was just looking…southwest has a *one stop* (no changing planes) between Raleigh-Durham and nola. How far away is that from you?

    We had a little joint by us before the storm called Mutts Restaurant! Their roast beef po-boys were kinda stingy but they made a chicken parm that was to die for! You could eat the chicken and be completely full!

  72. nite ang, I just fugured I’d check to see what the gang was up to before heading off myself.

  73. Angie, if you read later tomorrow, check out the southwest thing.


  74. Is Commanders Palace still open?

    I loved thier filet mignon…

  75. Commanders had to do a **lot** of repairs after Katrina. I don’t think it was so much flooding as they’re uptown, but imagine those industrial fridges and freezers sitting for weeks with no power. Ugh!

    [from USAToday-old]
    Commander’s Palace, a mainstay of haute Creole cuisine and elegant dining, has been closed since Katrina’s wind and rain tore off sections of its roof and swamped its interior. The award-winning restaurant plans to reopen after 13 months and a $6 million renovation for a jazz brunch.

    I only had the opportunity to eat there once and it was wonderful!

  76. Can’t remember the name of the place I stayed in about 8 years ago for Easter, but it was in Marigny or Bywater it was a great B&B,

    Spent the weekend having coffee at cool little shops and dinner at trendy eateries…and leisure shopping…

    Then of course the nitelife in the FQ…

    And then Sunday Mass at the Episcopal Church that got flooded and moved the Diocesean Office to St. James in BR…

    God, I hate it when I forget stuff I should have no problem remembering!!!

    I haven’t been down since Katrina, can’t handle it… I was recovering from a wreck and was sleeping in the La-Z-Boy and watching the 24/7 coverage…

    Never felt more useless, worthless and heartsick in my life…

    Still have flashbacks of the newscoverage…

  77. You’d think since I live in BR I could have made it down in 3 years…

    But, I just can’t do it…

    Had to go for an errand about 2 months ago…went straight to Canal Blvd. did what I needed to do and was back home in less than 3 hours…

    I couldn’f look at the tent city under the overpass at Canal…

    You must think me horrible…

  78. You must think me horrible…

    No, not at all. I wouldn’t take my mom back there when we would have been staying in an 8’x20 foot travel trailer, esp. when she needs a wheelchair, walker or walking stick to get around. We two could not have handled it. I could not see me sleeping in a bunk bed since I’m sort of a big feller, so-to-speak. Add in the formaldehyde issues in those trailers and I’m doubly glad I didn’t take my 83 yr old mom to that mess.

    St. Bernard is still not in great shape but good enough now for us to return. I found a 3 bedroom apt (only 1 bath tho) for a decent price that won’t break the bank. It has a fenced in yard for the doxie and the couple in the other apt in the duplex seem to be okay from what the landlady has told me. There is still no hospital in SBP and her cardiologist is 30 miles away in Slidell but, this is what my mom wants. Oh, there’s still no Walmart, or Kmart or Target so I’ve got to get all the things like linens and stuff up here to bring down there. I’ve got most of it, but it kills me I’ll have to drive to Jefferson parish or Slidell to shop for “normal” needs. At least there are a couple of grocery stores there now.

  79. Pouring with rain and cold over here in Italy-has been for days.
    Glad you’re going back home Fredster.

  80. Finally got to see the moon and two planet combination down here in Oz. It is upside down here but still brilliant. Thanks for pointing it out, BB, or I may never have looked.

  81. Er, Have a Nice Day?

  82. I love this — thanks for the links!

  83. I saw it here in No. California; we were on our way back from my dad’s house in foothills of Sierra mountains. Beautiful, clear sky – I said to husband and daughter, look, look – those stars are so bright. They thought I was nuts. I tried to take a picture but it wouldn’t catch it from the car windows. Darn. Came home and heard the new on T.V. about the two planets. It was really beautiful – like on a postcard.

  84. A beautiful picture of the Taj Hotel Dome with the triply play from Jupiter, Venus and the moon.

  85. Fredster:

    When you and your mom get back to the Big Easy…we’d love to have y’all up to BR for a Sunday Dinner… and if the Momster can’t travel…we’ll have to come down and take you out to eat!

    You deserve at least that after all you have been through!

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