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2008: January to November 4th

IMG_0649I know it’s way too early to be thinking about New Year’s so I’m not going to look to 2009 yet.  I will, however, take a relatively brief look back on the emotions of the year.  That’s what I have to do in order to move past it. Forgiveness is not a personal tenet of my faith.  Forgetfulness only applies to innocuous things like class assignments. I never forget a slight and when the time comes, I will always return it.  So, backwards for a minute.

January 2008: Hillary…Bill’s wife! When did she run for things? She doesn’t look like a monster. Kind of pretty actually. And smart. Where has she been hiding that brain? I must have been looking at Bill or something because I would not have missed that brain if I’d been paying attention.

February: Hillary…way more qualified than the rest of them.  Barack Obama…that’s an interesting name.  What hole did he crawl out of and can he go back?  Shut up, John Edwards with your stupid haircut. What is wrong with CNN? You have been my number one source of new coverage. What are you doing, man? Hillary didn’t say that! Or that. Leave Bill alone. What the hell?! (Stood in the rain for 2 hours to see the Big Dawg. Then had to wait standing for 2 hours more. Never regretted it.)

March:  Go, Texas, Rhode Island, and Ohio. So goes Ohio, so goes the nation! …Right?

For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you.

April: Why won’t that stupid bitch quit?  Because she isn’t stupid. Oh my god, what the hell? What parallel reality is this? He is not the nominee.  Am I sleepwalking?  Democrats, say something! Bill and Hillary Clinton are not racists. Who keeps bringing up Monica? And, no, random Obot at a college campus, Chelsea doesn’t have to answer your questions. Oh, and Pennsylvania, you make my life. *high-five* That is a what a landslide looks like! Tell ’em, Ed.

May: I have my eye on you, Gary, Indiana.  I always will. You, too, North Carolina. Kentucky & West Virginia, let me buy you some drinks. How do you feel about Presidentes?  Let’s party down with Puerto Rico. See? They get it! Guam nearly did too.

Why won’t that stupid bitch quit? Because that stupid bitch keeps winning. The media can be bought but voters are not that stupid. Least of all this one. Democrats, you can still come back with your souls intact. Don’t. Do. This. Put aside the Messiah and pick a president.

May 31: Forget I said anything. Burn for all I care. Thanks for ruining graduation day, assholes.

June 3rd: What does Hillary want? To speak the truth for herself, Associated Press. You have no standing and your reputation is in the sewer right along with the Democratic Party. That was a master stroke of Journalistic Integrity. I’m proud of that bullshit. I’m even more proud of South Dakota, which was supposed to go another way if you recall. You made the news that day, but Hillary had the victory. Never had she been more Presidential or more beautiful than she was as she stood at that podium in that brilliant cobalt blue. I saw what I wanted. I wanted Denver and I wanted the Capitol and I wanted her right hand on the Bible and the stars in her eyes. I got that smile and Terry McAuliffe with one last, “The next President of the United States: Hillary Rodham Clinton.”  And for the first time through this whole thing, I completely understood the compulsion towards Hope.

Then I woke up.

June 7th:  She mourns in black. Bill claps with bleary eyes and that proud smile he can’t suppress when he looks at her.  Chelsea will not cry where they can see her.  She gets that from her mama.  Dorothy wishes she could make it better–mamas always do. I just wish I could be there. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.  She blinks fast, points towards the heavens and talks about cracks in an immortal ceiling. We look up with her and that damned hope springs renewed in our hearts.

A cracked smile and “we must elect Barack Obama” said sixteen times so hard it nearly breaks her. It does break me and I cry for two hours before I force myself to think about something stupider and less crucial than what’s just been lost. I will not remember the sympathetic pain in her eyes as she reaches for her supporters or the slight way she leans into Chelsea when she steps on stage to embrace her mother. Chelsea was the mother then, the mother of the grown girl with her glass heart–all 18 million splinters of it. I can’t remember that or I will never move on.

You’re likeable enough, Hillary.

I will never move on.

June 26th: …Unity really is just a town in New Hampshire.  She won that one, asshole. God, don’t let this be the end. God, don’t let this be the nominee.

August 22-25th: We deserve so much better than this.  We deserve her. We had Bill! Are we confused? Do we not know quality anymore? Keep going? Okay.  Just wish I knew where to.

No, I do know.  This is a travesty. I can’t even breathe I’m so angry. Okay, maybe that’s the crying.

It can’t happen again. It won’t. I will not reward this with my vote. He needs to go back to Chicago. I’ll buy the plane ticket. Time to get to work. *rolls up sleeves* John, what can I do for you?

August 31st: Well, now it’s gonna be fun.  Sarah, you have a unique opporunity to do what  no other women has. Break that highest, hardest glass ceiling for us.  We tried so hard this year.  You ain’t them that brung me, but I’d still love to dance–all the way to Washington.

September-October: Shocked silence.  Smug (guilty) silence from women’s groups everywhere. I can only ask what the hell is wrong with you so many times before I get sick of the sound of my own keyboard. What. the Fuck. Is Wrong. With You? This is a woman. This is a modern, working mother. Her very life is progressive regardless of whether her politics are. She’s one of us. Come on. This is our chance to stand together and show that we will not stand for misogyny in pursuit of the highest seat of government in this country. This is our chance to make Cady, Susan, Lucretia and the gang proud of us. Gloria, Nora, Ellen? Anybody?  Doesn’t anyone care that our daughter are watching and learning who they can be from what they see us accept? Anybody?

November 4th: Guess not.

I’m sorry, John.  You worked so hard. You paid your dues and I wanted this for you as much as I wanted it for this country. You’re such a good man.

Sarah, please don’t be sad. This wasn’t you. This was every woman who nodded her head when you were called “Bible Spice” or donned her “Sarah Palin is a C**t” shirt with pride when she attended a gay pride parade.  She thought she was being cutsie and all the boys thought it was so hot how she trashed you. Something about that metaphorical catfight made him want to call her back in the morning.  Please don’t think too much about those LGBT who trashed you either, despite the fact that you did more for the than Barack has ever done for anyone. (I’ll never understand, and you’re probably in similar straits, how a woman can stand tall for another minority group but be the first to hang the rope for her own.)

Fatefully, I suppose, it seems that we don’t care about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people either. All those people in matching t-shirts, bumping fists and yelling epithets, didn’t share a fundamental belief.  They didn’t believe in the rights of gay men and women to marry. (Some did, but they didn’t vote downticket, so too bad for the ‘mos.) Not a huge surprise but there ya go. They came for the Messiah and left the Hebrews to drown in the Red Sea. These are the people that came out to vote. Who knew? and here I thought the Conservatives stayed home.

See, Sarah, it wasn’t you. In my not at all humble opinion, a whole lot of,  misguided, feckless jackoffs got together and decided to throw you and Johnny Mac to the dogs. Many good, patriotic people worked their hearts out for another outcome. We didn’t fail. You didn’t surrender. You fought until you knew there was no victory in the night. Then, you stood under harsh lights and you waved like a queen. Not like a beauty queen, but a queen mother and wife, a queen-governor and partner.  You waved like a leader.

When John stood at that podium and set down his dreams in that painful way he had to, he handed them to you. In that very same way, I handed mine to you when Hillary–in that oh so painful way–did the same. I handed them to you and I know that you hold them to your heart and you nourish your children with them. You’ve shown them, with all the vibrancy of your joy, that they can be whatever they want to be and that you will stand under klieg lights, at podiums, behind microphones, in front of cameras, and the world to make it a reality.  You will carry the torch of change, even if you weren’t first to feel the flames burn.  You can name every casualty and every hero of that war, just as John can name the heroes of his own.  You can be the heroine for your little girls and mine.

Or not.

Maybe I’ve already asked too much and the scars will deter you for all time.  I’d understand if you preferred your Alaskan chaotica to the task of symbolizing a movement. (Especially one consisting of women whose stances you may be diametrically opposed to.) Sometimes the hardest thing to be is the face. Sometimes the hardest thing to be is noticed.

Sometimes, most times, the hardest thing to do is go on. I can vouch for that.

You’ll go on to bigger and better days. With 5 children and imminent grandkids, I don’t think there was any chance you wouldn’t.

John will be the Maverick and he will be re-elected in 2010.  Somebody has to be left who knows where one aisle ends and the other begins.

Hillary will be Hillary and be brilliant at it, where she’s planted.  I think you can vouch for that too.

You will all go on and so will the country. Somehow.

But, still, I think I’ll stay in bed tomorrow.

November 24: I cannot finish this entry with abounding wishes of “hope” because that’s just not my nature.  However, I can believe, and do, that better days are ahead. I don’t know how many or how far from us they are now, but they’re there, beyond the horizon–waiting. My resolution for the year, made too early and while I still recall, is to remember that. I wish the same for everyone.

Care deeply about what you believe in. And never listen to anyone who says that you can’t or shouldn’t go on.

Edited to Add: Make sure Hillary’s Senate seat is filled with another woman.  Now is the time for women to move forward not fall back. Sign the petition to make sure Governor Patterson hears your voice here.

119 Responses

  1. I read this post at Liberalcrat, Regency – it’s beautiful and very emotional.

    I told everyone downstairs to come on up.

  2. Regency: Simply outstanding once again! Very compelling and a must read. You are amazing.

  3. I agree, PJ!

  4. Thanks for more tears, Regency!

    Very poignant summary of what we went through this year. Especially the crying part – and I have never cried over a politician in my LIFE but I literally bawled this time.

    And you can search back for the amount of times that I wrote, “coulda, shoulda, woulda”.

  5. nice post regency…

  6. Regency -you are simply an exceptional woman & I am so glad……………………………………

  7. elfego baca, on December 1st, 2008 at 4:26 pm Said:

    Go back to you algebra homework (#9 is incorrect btw!)

  8. Dangerous rightwing nutbar demagogue?

    Oh yes, this is the woman who has an 85-90% approval rating as Alaska’s governor. A woman who has Independents and Democrats in her Cabinet. Demagogues always work so well with others because they are so flexible in their beliefs!

    Gawd, Obots are so fucking stupid I am surprised they can breathe without assistance.

  9. regency, i read this over at liberalcrat, and it moved me. Honestly, no other writer can evoke my exact emotions and thoughts so perfectly. Thank you for another awesome post.

  10. Madamab … lmao .. 😉

    “this is the woman who has an 85-90% approval rating as Alaska’s governor. A woman who has Independents and Democrats in her Cabinet. Demagogues always work so well with others because they are so flexible in their beliefs!

    Gawd, Obots are so fucking stupid I am surprised they can breathe without assistance.”

  11. Like cockroaches, Obots are also difficult to eliminate.

  12. earth to the deranged elf
    Palin didn’t run for POTUS

  13. elfego baca: What exactly is your point? Palin is not running for office at the present time. The election is over. This blog is all about women empowerment. You may not agree, I may not agree, but he poster has every right to his/her opinion.

    If this is too much for you to digest all at once there are other blogs who may embrace your distaste. This is not one of them.

  14. awright, elfie-you’re a fucking moron. get lost now, k? go play in the traffic

  15. Oh, elfego, thanks for the laughs! Only in Obotia would anyone equate the duties and responsibilities of a governor with that of a Bronx Borough President.


  16. WOW — I just lived 2008 all over again !!

  17. Great post Reg. Sorry for the bad elf.

  18. DOW -680 today. wow. thats all. just wow.

    actually -679.95…..

  19. And elfego, you idiotic POS, what qualifications did Barack Obama have before he ACTUALLY ran for President?

  20. Simo-did I see on the last thread something about you hitting on the Horn Dawg? 😉

  21. Wow, Briana! What the h*ck is going on?

  22. Beautifully written, regency.

    It brings tears to my eyes, and I don’t like to cry either!

  23. elfego – Population and responsibilities are not the same thing.

    You’re calling someone else stupid? That’s hilarious.

  24. Some report said we’ve been in a recession since December 2007.

    Damn, why were the MSM and the DNC so determined to make sure we couldn’t hear Hillary?

  25. Madamab .. front page here on yahoofinance says this ..

    It’s official: U.S. is in recession- Reuters Bernanke: lower interest rates are “feasible”- AP Goldman plunges 17% after analysts cut estimates- AP Retailers offer deals, discounts on ‘Cyber Monday’- AP Oil drops 9 percent to $49 as OPEC defers cuts- Reuters JPMorgan cutting 9,200 jobs at Washington Mutual- AP Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency in Calif.- AP U.S. working on new lending programs: Paulson- Reuters GM Finally Figuring Out How to Save Itself- Tech Ticker ”


  26. A tr0ll is a tr0ll forever. Baiting madamab is not the way to go.

  27. Oh, Reg – you brought me to tears – this is beautiful. I can’t even express the emotions I’m feeling right now.
    Thank you!

  28. Wow, Briana. And I was reading over the weekend that the upturn is here to stay! Guess not…

  29. Methinks baca has grown tired and grumpy from being laughed at.


    Ahhh, I’m still enjoying laughing my a$$ off at you idjits (that’s you baca) who thought you were voting for change. And now that you realize that the change was actually chump change you don’t like being called a chump, CHUMP!

    And I, for one, don’t put much stock in the words of a chump.

  30. elfego – Where is that list of Barack Obama’s accomplishments and qualifications that make him so darned Presidential?

    Come on, assh0le. I’m waiting.

  31. Elfego baca – there is treatment for obsessions .. .

    My sincere wish is that you utilize the services that are available to you . Today – can be the First Day of Your Life ..

  32. gxm17 – And the dark pronouncements! Ooooooh, scaaaaarrrryyy lady!!!

    Obama is going to be the worst Preznit evah. The only bright light will be Hillary Clinton as SOS.

    I suspect the bots know this and it is making their teeny tiny haids asplode.

    We told you so.

  33. Briana – LOL!

    Elfego has gone bye-bye. Thanks, mods.

  34. Hmmm….no list of Barack Obama’s accomplishments yet.

    Wonder why?

  35. baca, you’re the idjit who fell for it. $700 million worth of shiny new repurposed change. Damn, but you don’t get what you paid for these days.

    BTW, Obama is Clarence Thomas in a skirt. But I think you’ve already figured that out.

  36. “You don’t think the Bronx Borough President has more responsibility than the governor of Alaska?

    Wow, that’s a shock.”

    Wow indeed. What kind of idiot thinks that the Bronx Borough President has more responsibilities than the Governor of Alsaka simply because there are more people in the Bronx than Alaska? PDS on full display.

  37. Senor Baca:

    Please list all your accomplishments since high school, including elective offices held.

  38. That was a trick question

  39. I’d rather be an idiot than an asshole.

  40. KS – Logic is not welcomed in Obotia. All you have to do is rant and rave and call women names and you are IN, baybee!

  41. Senor Baca is both

  42. catarina — there is something I could say to that — but it would be very “naughty” and I am trying to change the leaf since I met and married such a wonderful woman.

  43. gxm LOL snort!

    didn’t they tell you-what happens at the Confluence, stays at the confluence

  44. Regency, very painful and moving memories. Many truths were learned during that time period, such as, yes, you can buy the presidency and that the Dems and Obama do not care a flying fig about women. Even now that part of Obamanation that visits this site still does not understand what sexism and misogyny means and the harm they are doing to all women by pushing the sexist meme.

    Madamab, let it go. You are too smart for people like elfego that do not have the capacity to understand anything rationally nor discuss any issue intelligently. Obamanation must first admit they have a problem in order to recover from their Obama delusions. Life has a funny way of rearing its ugly head when you least expect it. Female Obots will feel the effects of Obama’s and the Dems’ sexism very soon when they enter the job market or try to go for that promotion. Payback’s a b!tch.

  45. You’re right, FLVoter. Elfego is kinda cyberstalking me today and I fed him when I shouldn’t have.

    Bad MadamaB!

  46. catarina — good one !

  47. aw, cut yourself some slack, madamab
    it must be frustrating when you can’t edit their comments.
    and then there’s the reduced caffeine.
    I think you were pretty well-behaved considering!

  48. Freakin GREAT post Regency!

  49. OMG Catarina – you pegged it! I did cut back on my caffeine today as I said I would. I’m getting a little cranky!

    I didn’t do so well on the no-dessert thing, though. Baby steps.


  50. RedDragon62 – You said it! Regency ROCKS!

  51. Clearly these are very immature people who don’t have any other means for expressing themselves – just let it go. They get high on seeing someone else upset because of thier immaturity.
    Misogyny is the favorite way of expressing oneself when you have mother issues, as clearly they do.

    No, no – MadamaB not bad just a bit unhinged by that cuckoo person. Breathe deeply, in through the nose out through the mouth, in through…
    Know this is a safe place and you are loved here! 🙂

  52. It’s no wonder depression is having its way with some of us. this also was the year of finding out that formerly sensible “progressive” blogs were full of idjits and ass*s such that I never woulda believed. I’m going to take a steamy bath with wonderful smelling bath products to work myself outta this funk (ee-ness)

  53. “November 24: I cannot finish this entry with abounding wishes of “hope” because that’s just not my nature. However, I can believe, and do, that better days are ahead. I don’t know how many or how far from us they are now, but they’re there, beyond the horizon–waiting.”

    I have such a difficult time with the above. The vitriol, the hatred…. they seems to be getting worse or has it always been like this?

    I linger here for hope, just a little hope. Thanks for the post!

  54. Ooh, Sharon, excellent idea!

    I’m going to take a walk with my hubby – I hope it will have the same effect.


  55. Regency, I have trouble reading your posts because they always make me well up. I guess that’s because you do a great job of putting in words what we all went through this year.

  56. Those of you living in NY should be writing to your governor and telling him you want a woman to replace Clinton as Senator from NY!

    BUT not only that, you should also tell him that the list given to him with 7 names by the NY State Commission on Judicial Nominations with recommendations to replace Chief Justice Judith Kaye as she is reaching the mandatory age of retirement, 70, is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!
    Justice Kaye was the FIRST woman ever to sit on the NY Court of Appeals (the highest state court in NY) and of course the first woman to be Chief Justice of the NY Court of Appeals.
    The list has 7 names, ALL MALE!!

    According to one article, Paterson was disturbed by this list containing NO FEMALE recommendations and only one non-white recommendation. Not only that the WOMAN who SHOULD have been named, was expected to have been named, who deserved to have been named and was NOT named was
    Judge Carmen Ciparick, a WOMAN now sitting on the Court of Appeals who is of Hispanic heritage. THAT is what you should be up in arms about. UNACCEPTABLE doesn’t begin to describe this bullcrap!

  57. gxm17 – Me too. Regency is incredibly evocative in her writing.

  58. ainnj
    sign madamab’s petition
    she’s planning on sending it to Paterson

  59. Oh, thanks catarina!

  60. oh yeah

  61. Does the petition include replacing Chief Justice Kaye with a woman as well? This isn’t headline stuff like the Senate seat. There are no folks from NOW piping up on this one. This is a backroom farce!

  62. Regency,
    This is a very sad post, but listen. It’s hard, I know. But you’ve got to cheer up. Hillary Daily is going to be brimming with new picatures of Hill as Secretary of State. She will be looking so cool in hadrassas and foreign clothes and stuff. She will be the foreign President, running around and over achieving as usual while Bill buys her stuff and Barack seeths with jealousy while staying here trying to put together the economy again and going into therapy and breaking down and crying and getting wrinkles.
    Things are going to be hard for the next four years: harder than they’ve ever been. But we have to stick together and keep our faith.
    Today, I picked up Isis the magick kitten and held her up as we watched our Pantsuit Wife accept her nomination. Both of our eyes filled with tears (of pride), as undoubtedly, did Big Dawg’s and Little Big Dawg’s.
    Hope is all we have Regency, and I still believe in a Place called Hope, despite everything. (Just FYI: Hillary came up with that phrase)

  63. I just signed that petition. And NOW can take my signature to the BANK.

  64. littleisis
    did you sign both?
    catarina the petition nag

  65. I signed the NOW one. I will sign the other now.

  66. 🙂

  67. All right. Signed the other one.

  68. I just added the Patterson petition to the post. I’ll add the NOW petition but if there’s one for Justice Kaye, I need the link to it.

  69. ainnj – You are welcome to create your own petition with iPetitions. It’s super easy, and free!


    Must go. Have a lovely evening, folks!

  70. Good night, Madamab!!!

  71. LI: A Place Called Hope is ALL I still believe in. Everytime I see the word “hope” I cringe. It isn’t real to me anymore. I keep thinking of all the ways it’s been used to justify bigotry and hate and violence. I cannot apply that word to the prayers that I made to God or otherwise when I cast my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain. I cannot say that it was “hope” because the word doesn’t mean anything anymore. He used it–like he uses all his mentors–and he threw it away. What good are his leftovers to me?

  72. fuzzy is lurking….be ver-we care-ful it’s Obama season!(I my best Elmer Fudd)

    DADT is off the table until his second term if ever…

    ENDA and Equal Pay how can we even discuss treating everyday americans as equals when we are in a recession?

    and DOMA well see BO never really liked “the gays” if this were looney tunes (and whos to say it is not) the gay community would slowly morph into a pigeon then a sucker….

    If Rosa Parks was the gay community she would have surrendered her seat on the bus and quietly in shame walked to the back found a rail to hold!

    Look at the next 4 years same as the last 8 years!

  73. Night, Mad!

  74. so someone thought that being borough president is more important than governor of Alaska? Hoo-boy, do these people ever think before they repeat each other’s idiotic talking points?

  75. Thinking is not a symptom of Obotmania.

  76. Thank you Regency, this post journals much of the last year…>:)

  77. I just got an email from a colleague who is a performance coach for Corp executives, politicians and other folks who have to give live presentations. He critiqued O – here is the email:
    “At the risk of extreme redundancy, I . . . uh . . . want to . . . uh . . . uh . . . call your . uh . . . attention to our President-elect’s speaking problems. On Monday morning, Marguerite called me and said: “Watch the President-Elect, He’s on TV right now holding a press conference filled with “uhs.” As usual I did what I was told, and sure enough there were almost as many uhs as words.

    I confess I wasn’t looking forward, my friends, to a McCain Administration. But here we are with “look, uh uh first uh” destroying the message. The man has a fabulous mind. He may be perfect for the times, but his ability to get his message across to me is severely hampered by audible stammering. I’m sure his fans and supporters who don’t make their living as performance coaches don’t even hear the groping for the next word. He is a reasonably good communicator who could be a brilliant one if he could get rid of the persistent audible pauses.

    I’ll bet he’d start to hear them and get rid of them if the print press would include them in their transcripts of his presentations. Imagine him reading about his press conference and seeing “Look, uh uh George, uh uh I uh never uh would have asked her uh to uh serve as uh uh Secretary of State if I didn’t uh uh think she was the uh best person for the job.”

    My point is simply that it’s a horrible habit that can only be conquered if the speaker becomes aware of it and learns how important the silent pause can be.”

    And we thought Dbya was bad.

  78. Regency
    A wonderful post and thank you for letting us remember.
    Some times bad things are a catalyst for change.
    If enough women and men who support them get angry and work to change the sexism and racism shown in this election we can change this country into something even greater than it is.
    I don’t mean backtrack kind of change I mean real change for the better.



  79. bad:

    What do you mean “they?”

    As far as I can tell it’s just one “he” using suckpoppets

  80. 47 signatures on the NOW petition, do I hear 50?


  81. Meet the new boob, same as the old boob.

  82. Regency, on December 1st, 2008 at 5:44 pm Said:

    LI: A Place Called Hope is ALL I still believe in. Everytime I see the word “hope” I cringe. It isn’t real to me anymore. I keep thinking of all the ways it’s been used to justify bigotry and hate and violence. I cannot apply that word to the prayers that I made to God or otherwise when I cast my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain. I cannot say that it was “hope” because the word doesn’t mean anything anymore. He used it–like he uses all his mentors–and he threw it away. What good are his leftovers to me?

    Sometimes people use things for bad purposes. We know that. But wasn’t a Place Called Hope the place we were at when Big Dawg and the Pantsuit Wife where in the White House?
    Obama used “Hope” as a word to destroy two of the Greatest American Women that live today, and one of them even coined the phrase.
    Think of it as Irony, and don’t let him define what YOU see as hope.
    He’s the type of man that wants to destroy individuality. I don’t know about you Regency, but my individuality, my sovergniety, is the most precious thing in the world to me. It defines who I am and it defines what America is all about.
    If you let him take away your hope, if you let him define hope, than you let him win.
    Don’t let him win, Regency. He stole a victory twice now, don’t let him steal your victory from you.

  83. J-
    Tee hee!!! I said before that Obie was worse than Dubya with his speaking skills. How much do you want to bet that a couple of years from now there will be just as many youtube videos making hilarity out of his “uuhhhmmmss” and “aaahhhh” and stammering and the stupid things he says?

    Did you see Angie’s list of simularities that BO has with the prophesied Anti Christ?

  84. My expectations of the accomplishments for this administration are so small that I cannot provide a good analogy I expect the next for years to be a non comic tradegy filled with missed opportunities and massive economic and political blunders in an ever darkening universe…

    By November 1st 2012 most americans will be praying for the rapture of for the entire planet to be painlessly sucked into a quantum singularity.

  85. Don’t let him win, Regency. He stole a victory twice now, don’t let him steal your victory from you.

    Oh, he can never win–not really. I will not rest until he has to admit that he stole history–twice.

    As far as hope…I don’t know what I’ll do about that. That will take time to heal. I don’t know if it can be healed. This hurt and I wish to god that Time was healing me but it’s failing spectacularly to make me feel like the old me again. I am who I am. I like me. I won’t stop being who I am because Barack Obama “won” the Presidency via a nomination he never should have gotten. But hope has always been fragile for me anyway, so maybe it was bound to be lost sometime.

    That said, I’ve chosen a few people to believe in. They’re successful. They’re survivors. Right now, I’ve picked Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Michael Nutter, and a few others who aren’t in politics. I believe in their devotion to greater causes as much as I believe in my own. There are no pedestals and no amount of Obama knee-capping is going to change how I feel. They’re people like me and that’s enough. That’s the best part. If they can make substantive differences, I can. And someday, if need be, I can reverse the damage BO will do.

    So, I’ve got hope.I just call it something else. I call it planning.

  86. I have never understood why people cling to the lie that Obama is a masterful speaker. Simply, he is not. To anyone paying attention it is quite apparent that he is a stammering boob.

  87. gxm:

    Reagan gave great speeches too, if someone else wrote them.

    Reagan could speak without a Teleprompter though, and BO can’t.

  88. fuzzy, I’ll go with the singularity… Which may very well be rapture-like.

  89. I’m heading home for the night. So if I don’t check in later, night all!

  90. Regency:

    I’ve picked those people too, as well as a few other.
    The truth is, I know how you feel. I was reading the Mauve Chronicles written by Elizabeth Cunningham, a book from the point of view of Mary Magdalen when she is married to Jesus, and it is the gospels from her eyes.
    There is this one part where Jesus destroys a fig tree, and Mauve (mary magdelen) gets so upset, because where she comes from, EG: the Isles of the Free Celts, destroying a sacred tree is a sin. She is so upset, she leaves Jesus (her husband), and she can’t forgive him, because she doesnt recognize him anymore. He broke her heart, so she betrays him and as the “Adulterous Woman” that he rescues from a stoning (Pharisee officials kidnapped her as a way to get back at Jesus).
    When she begs for his forgiveness, he says, “No, Mauve, forgive me. I was not myself. I forgot. I forgot the Kindgdom of God.” (EG: he was being a prick.)
    That is a little bit how I feel. I have felt like I have lost my faith. Faith in general, and I don’t know how I’ll get it back. I liked who I was, if I was anything. I don’t know if, I’ll get it back, but I know I have to. I absolutely have to get my faith and my hope back. I am not myself without them.

  91. I much as I dislike Reagan’s presidency, I have to admit he was king of the snappy rejoinder. Can’t deny him that.

  92. Ugh. Watching Obama speak on PBS. He looks like a goose when he’s frowning.
    I agree that not only is he a bad speaker, he is a creepy speaker. The stuff he says freaks me out.
    Big Dawg, now he could give a good speech.

  93. gxm17-me too I dont want to have to admitt the fundamentalist were right about the whole “Left Behind” thing…

  94. Ha! Yes, Reagen was an actor.

  95. Regency, you always make me cry. I suspect that’s a good thing.

  96. now about Regency’s and little Isis’s budding political carreers….you are elligible to run for congress @ 25 the senate @ 30 and the Oval office at 35…time is a wasting!

  97. fuzzy’s foot (Paw) tapping on the floor…..

  98. fuzzy:
    “Left Behind” is laughable BS. They completely misunderstand the “end times” and use the book of Revelations, which was written by a random guy named John in the Middle Ages that had a f*&^cked up dream and decided it was prophesy.
    If you want less stupid views on the “end times” than you should try researching the meaning of 2012.

  99. Regency
    Planning is a good thing and finding the right people to help you carry out your plans is also a good thing.
    You are young enough and smart enough and like Little Isis will make great changes for the better in the future.
    Make sure you find good people and make good plans and you will succeed.
    Make sure you are one of THOSE PEOPLE who make a difference.



  100. Fuzzy:
    Don’t be silly. I have all ready elected to write Racy Romance Novels for a Living. (but I’m only eighteen. So who knows?)

  101. New post up! LBNYC

  102. Helen: You got it. I’ll be one of those people all right.

    LI: I already write racy romance novels. Beat ya to it! I write racy screenplays too. By the way, Big Dawg can not only give a good speech, he can give a good…handshake.

    Sandra S: Better out than in. Sometimes you have to cry and there’s no rhyme or reason left for it.

  103. Regency:
    Yes, Big Dawg gives good… er….
    *edits out do to racy nature*

  104. Reg please check your mail

  105. Cat: Gotcha. And hit back!

  106. Isis: He isn’t giving you good anything. *claims his hands* *Claims Pantsuity Wife too*

  107. Regency, this is so poignant. I’m a bit tired and numb to cry like others right now – maybe later.

    I read through your whole diary here, recalling how I felt at those times, and see many of us have parallel lives, feelings, and reactions. Also, as one who used to journal more, realize that after the primaries (or May 31st*at the DNC RBC meeting, where I got the handbill invitation to check out “The Confluence”) that this blog, and a few others, have been my public journal. The fine writers and posters have helped identify, share and express so well many of our same feelings. It’s been a Godsend and a sanity saver, and I admire your getting through this Election Year 2008 at a young age – I can still remember being your age, and admire your wisdom and coping skills!

    At your age, I can recall trying to see one candidate (via bus trip) on the same day another candidate was wounded in an assasination attempt, thereby prompting the event to be cancelled. Never did see my favorite candidate in person, and regret that I didn’t. (*Sorry 5/31 was your graduation; stuff like that happened my Sr. year, too.)

    Keep the faith. You are the future. I expect to hear great and good things about you and Little Isis, in whatever leadership roles you choose as women throughout your lives. Also, keep up your journal! I expect to be reading excerpts in your autobiography in the future, and would be proud to say, “I read it here first!”

  108. Regency — you are such an amazing writer! Thank you for walking us through this cathartic journey.

  109. Thanks for a moving post Regency. You expressed all our rage and frustration and our positive feelings about Hillary and Sarah so well. What a year!

  110. Thanks for this post. I almost cried. Obama failed to inform the Bots that when he said he would turn the page on the Cinton Administration, he did not mean he would turn the page forward but that he intended to turn the page backward. thus all the Clintonites in his cabinet. Serves them right for believing in sh*t talk.

  111. As always I love reading Regency’s words….even when they bring back painful memories. Thank you!

  112. Regency,
    your wayback machine put me back on that roller coaster , and I cried, but I remember Nixon . I had nightmares about Nixon when I was not much older than you .
    This country has survived bad presidents .
    I firmly believe with Hillary as SoS that she is and willbe functioning from a place of power ; and I think Bill knows it too .
    I think they dont care if they have to pull bos ass out of the fire if it helps the country and the world . They are bigger than he can ever be .

    The days to come will be what Hillary said , a great adventure .
    When my mother was on her deathbed , she would sometimes say , your father ( who had passed ten years earlier) is talking to me , and I would say ” OK MOM” and just let it go, until one day she said “your father wants to tell you something ”
    Now my mom was a smother mother , she was incredibly overprotective , said things like dont drive on holidays , dont stay out late all those limiting things moms say to their children when they are born of her fears; but my dad , who had been a tailgunner on big bomber WW2 was another kind .
    He was the go for it, you only live once kind of guy.

    So when my mother from her deathbed said “your father said Don’t lose your sense of adventure” I knew it was not coming from her .So let me pass this little bit of advice from my dad on to you

    Don’t lose your sense of adventure

    There is so much more yet to come 🙂

  113. “She thought she was being cutsie and all the boys thought it was so hot how she trashed you. Something about that metaphorical catfight made him want to call her back in the morning. Please don’t think too much about those LGBT who trashed you either, despite the fact that you did more for the than Barack has ever done for anyone.”

    This part brought it all back for me.

  114. Regency,

    So nice to read your writing again. Wonderful piece!

  115. Thank you for your eloquent review. You really are an amazing writer. Thanks also for the petition link. I signed it!

    Stay strong!

  116. Regency you are just a wonderful writer and wise beyond your years. I love to read your thoughts and you usually bring tears to my eyes in the best way.

    One thing I want to comment on in agreement with your. This year, I found so much to admire in so many people. I am so grateful that I have the ability to appreciate the excellent qualities in others and to be able to recognize that these qualities are cultivated and won by those individuals and it is an honor for me, to be able to have these people as my role models. My immediate life has been very short on role models, and long on horrible examples of delusion and disaster, but this very circumstance is what gives me that sense of gratitude to recognize, and to appreciate the wonderful qualities in others, to be grateful to be exposed to them, and fills me with resolve to cultivate myself and my life so that the opportunity to be a wonderful influence on others is not wasted.

    Love you Regency!

  117. err that was meant to be ‘in agreement with you.’

  118. […] 2008: January to November 4th I know it’s way too early to be thinking about New Year’s so I’m not going to look to 2009 yet.  I […] […]

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