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Take the Poll!

TAKE THE POLL AND HAVE YOUR SAY! What were the top, most offensive/outrageous sexist actions occurring during the election of 2008? (If you’ve forgotten any, there are helpful links below the poll!)

Write-ins can be submitted via the comments section and will be tallied if there are sufficient for any specific item.  Vote up to 10 times.

Tucker Carlson – Every time I hear Hillary Clinton speak I involuntarily cross my legs

Chad Michael Morriesette – Sarah Palin hung in effigy

Barack Obama – “You’re likeable enough Hillary”

Chris Matthews – The only reason Hillary is a contender is because her husband messed around

Obots – “Sarah Palin is a C*nt” T-shirts

Rep. Cohen (D-TN) saying Hillary was like Alex in “Fatal Attraction” — “she should have stayed in the tub”

Barack Obama – Hillary is “periodically” down – and the “Claws come out”

MSM – obsession with Palin’s 150K wardrobe

MSM and Obama Supporters – How can Palin be a good mother AND run for office?
video of above: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b2f_1220405519

Heckler – “Iron My Shirt” heckler

Keith Olberman – “….somebody who can take her (Clinton) into a room, and only he comes out.”

The “Terry Tate Video” – Visual Assault on Sarah Palin

Michelle Obama – If she (Hillary) can’t take care of her own house, how can she take care of the White House.”

Denying Hillary a full and fair convention roll call

99 Problems – Played for Barack Obama celebration after the Iowa Primary and dedicated by Jay-Z to Sarah Palin in support of Barack Obama.

David Shuster – Hillary “pimping out” Chelsea comment

Randi Rhoades – Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro are Whores and Bitches

Sandra Bernhardht – Fantasizing about Sarah Palin being raped

Philadelphia Weekly article advocating an involuntary Hysterectomy for Sarah Palin

The Sarah Palin Cartoon “MILP” – with Sarah being punched in the face

91 Responses

  1. I didn’t even know about that Jay Z nonsense.

    What is wrong with the state of black America? It’s sad actually.

  2. “Periodically, when Hillary gets blue the claws come out,…” tops my list.

    Right up there with “..put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig…” is that on the poll list?

  3. catarina -it will be tallied.

  4. They ALL sucked.

    The whole thing is disgusting.

    It has fired me up- hopefully we (women) will band together to fight against this hate.

  5. Catarina – make sure to add anything you think should be on the list. It was VERY difficult to narrow them down to 25!

  6. Wow! The list is really staggering… just boggles the mind. …cannot.get.my.head.around.it

  7. Afraid to ask how many were on the original list.

    Here’s “lipstick”

  8. OT but has anyone seen the list of stores closing at Cannonfire http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/ here is also the article referenced


  9. Karma is a bitch and there will be karmic payback.

  10. put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig

    I think this was the worst thing that was said about Palin. He was calling her a pig.

  11. Obama should have his own list, that scrawny little turd.

    “periodically,” and “lipstick on a pig,” and “typical while grandmother” (on ice somewhere)

    would love to wash his mouth out with toilet water.

  12. Each one of these “episodes” could serve as a chapter in a book.

  13. ahem sod
    ranter on your NOW post

  14. You also left out the David Shuster “Hillary laugh pen” incident. Also the apearance of Roger Stone on MSNBC to talk about his anti-Hillary organization: C.U.N.T.

  15. How many times have I heard that Obama didn’t join in the attacks and he didn’t even know what was being done in his name?

    My favorites are the Obama ones, followed by the media, followed by AA rappers.

    I think you have to add the middle finger scratching the nose to the list. He did it again at the Unity thing in New Hampshire, but the only network that showed it from that angle was ABC.

  16. cat — I can’t find the ranter?

  17. sod it appears to have been taking care of-Conflucians got your back.

  18. bb!

    I forgot about C.U.N.T.

    and that middle finger thing was list-worthy.
    Also it’s another one for the “straight-from-the-horses-mouth” list.

  19. All of the items on the list make me ill. But the one that (not surprisingly, given my experience with The Denver Group) is, while not the most graphic, is the most basic, was the good ole’ boys refusal to abide by the Democratic Party’s OWN rules and procedures and thereby to refuse Senator Clinton a free and fair roll call vote.

    If Senator Clinton were male there is no way this blatant rigging against her would have been permitted: imagine if Joe Biden had achieved what Senator Clinton had by June, 17 behind in pledged delegates and ahead in the delegate count (and this includes the way the RBC treated MI and FL): would the DNC have expected him to roll over?

  20. I think we lose credibility when we talk about the middle finger thing. A lot of people scratch their faces that way.

  21. The Chicago bird annoyed me to no end but I don’t think it was sexist. He did the same thing to McCain just before the election. I don’t remember the exact date but he used his middle finger to scratch his chin while talking about McCain. The Obots got it and laughed just as they did when he flipped Hillary the bird and called Palin a pig. Obama has no class at all.

    Do you remember when the outrageous behavior from Bush/Cheney became so frequent that we didn’t have the energy to respond to every outrage as it deserved? That’s the way I feel about Obama and he hasn’t even been sworn in.

  22. RE: Today’s poll
    How can a sane person actually identify a single ‘favorite’ amongst such a long list of moronic spewage?

  23. SOD,

    I took care of the “ranter.” The person was posting a lot of offensive stuff. He/she is moderated for now.

  24. Don’t forget when Obama said, “the claws come out.”

  25. Their ALL SPOT-ON!!
    If I was to add it would be the nasty swipe @ her 1st lady time amounting to no more than attending & hosting “TEAs”!!
    Ugh…It still makes me mad!!
    Good luck all with the show.
    I’ll be listening.

  26. I vote for the Terry Tate/Sarah Palin takedown, sweetie.

  27. NOW, your version of feminism isn’t mine. I disagreed with Sarah Palin on any number of issues but to deny her the title of feminist because you disagree with her was and is just plain wrong. There was no discussion by women’s groups on the Feminists for Life and their work to help pass the Domestic Violence Act, There was no discussion on the group she worked with doing what they could to help with a Child Support Enforcement Act. There was no discussion on the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Act which would help fund education prospects for pregnant and parenting college students. Instead NOW chose to pimp themselves out to a party that repeatedly has ignored them(How about that Partial Birth abortion ban that got passed with the help of the Democratic party members, or the fact that they ignored the SC decision that allows insurance companies to not have birth control on formularies or the increase in the cost of birth control(all on their watch))). You let me know when NOW becomes an organization that respects women, all of them, and respects their opinions, regardless of whether they agree with them. Until then NOW can bite me, I have no wish to belong to a narrow minded organization.

    There is what I placed on the NOW petition.

  28. it’s so hard to pick just 1 – but the ones directly from Obama or Michelle Obama’s mouth are the most offensive, in my opinion

  29. For me, the ones that refer to violence are the worst. But they are all awful.

  30. I’ll be honest…it’s too painful for me to view any of the videos. This election was the worst time I have been through in this country.

  31. texas puma:

    Thank you for your concern

  32. Betty,
    I have to agree with you. It’s the juxtaposition between what I expected and what I saw.

    I didn’t know that the disgusting thing who came up with the C*** pac was on MSNBC. Why are they still in business??????

  33. It’s definitely impossible to choose one. I agree with madamb that anything that involves violence is the most disturbing.

    Didn’t Keith Olbermann say something about cutting up Sarah Palin into little pieces? I think I saw it referenced at the Daily Howler a little while ago.

  34. Sandra Bernhardt’s fellow oPods let her off too easy for her bigotry two-fer in the name of “change”. There was a notable deafening silence from the O-blogger boiz over Bernhardt’s vision of “her” gang of big black brothahs: ready, willing and able to be deployed to do her bidding for gang-rape of Bernhardt’s perceived political enemies.

    Yep. This deplorable representation of black men was apparently okey dokey because it was in the service of punishing Palin, who was expediently held as a racist for running against the Obama-Biden ticket.

  35. I hadn’t heard about the “laugh pen”. Here’s the Media Matters link on it.



    I saw the same thing on the Daily Howler.

  36. JeanLouise, at 6:17 pm Said:

    “Do you remember when the outrageous behavior from Bush/Cheney became so frequent that we didn’t have the energy to respond to every outrage as it deserved? That’s the way I feel about Obama and he hasn’t even been sworn in.”


    Yes, I remember the frustration well. We still don’t have secure voting machines, and that was only the beginning of our problems. Choosing our battles is the most important thing we can do. Pushing back on the sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

  37. Note: You can vote up to 10 X

  38. It’s so difficult to choose a top [bottom of the barrel] 10.

    How about that screenwriter [North Country] who wrote at HuffPo on having sex with Sarah on Obama sheets while reading the Consitution to her, and his wife watching? That was incredibly disgusting and sexist.

  39. sod, I thought that meant picking 10 answers one time.

  40. SOD,

    Nice work digging up all those horrors. We should keep track of this post for future reference. I’m bookmarking it for now.

  41. hi, just wanted to add something that always makes me angry…
    the “Hillary Clinton: Stop Running for President and Make Me a Sandwich” facebook group.

  42. Kevin,

    Are you serious?

  43. madamab–I agree that the ones condoning violence are the most disturbing.

    While Obama certainly showed evidence of his own misogynistic attitudes during the campaign, some of his gestures/remarks seemed less sexist and more boorish to me. For example, I never viewed the “likable enough” comment as sexist, per se. Rather, I found it rude, uncouth, and a testimony to his general lack of civility. In a word, the man has no class.

    What I see in Obama is an overindulged, spoiled only child who was raised with an inflated sense of entitlement (which is not to say that all only children are spoiled). By his silence, he was complicit in the rampant misogyny of this campaign season.

    Does anyone remember what the C.U.N.T. acronym stands for?

  44. C.U.N.T – Citizens United Means Action

  45. NO, wait that makes no sense! Duh!

  46. It’s not “Action”, but the rest is right. Citizens United Means T-something.

  47. Okay, what am I smoking? Can someone jsut erase my previous messages on this topic? I’m clearly not thinking straight.

    Citizens United Not Timid.


  48. It stands for “Citizens United Not Timid.” Here is the video. WARNING: Huffpost link


  49. DYB – Citizens United Not Timid.

    It doesn’t make sense either. They really wanted to make those letters work somehow.


  50. Have you heard the latest? Barack Obama has developed a facial tic under his right eye. I get that sometimes when I’m really tired.


    Meanwhile, it is being reported that Obama has developed a chronic facial tic brought on by the stress of the presidential campaign. The Secret Service has also had to increase security due to more threats on his life than any other president-elect in history has received. The spasmodic anomaly has supposedly left his wife Michelle very distraught. The pressure that Obama has been under is only bound to increase with the economic downturn set to get worse before it gets better, and world tensions will take their toll as well.

  51. bostonboomer, I hope they catch some of the people making threats. That needs to stop.

  52. This has distressed Michele? Oh, poor thing! Her perfect husband isn’t perfect?!

    I get that tic under the eye all the time. It goes away. This is NOT news! I mean, seriously! This is news worthy? I can see tomorrow’s headlines: “Obama sneezes!” “Obama scratched an itch on his left shoulder!”

  53. Obama is not just the most underwhelming president of my lifetime, but certainly one of the most underwhelming people I have ever come across, in flipping every way. And yes I notice how he is lifted up and exalted in every way, riding a complete wave of fantasy about his supposed brilliance, intellect, judgment, coolness. Meanwhile, bringing this back to misogyny, the real experience and accomplishments of people with ovaries means nothing, though debasing them means everything and becomes a national pastime.

    I’ve been thinking about it and there is no way around there being a huge problem with liberal men. I don’t think I can see myself as a democrat again, because of the exploitation of the women by the men.

  54. I doubt that Obama has recieved more threats than any candidate in history. I don’t even believe they keep track of that. All you have to do is read about the JFK assassination to know that records aren’t kept about anything like that. It so happens I’ve been reading a lot about it this week.

    As long as Obama continues on the neo-Reagan track and doesn’t try to promote peace, he’ll probably be OK, but let’s hope the Secret Service is doing a good job.

  55. I watched the some of the Barabara Walters video, but I couldn’t see the tic. Who cares?

  56. If I were Michelle, I’d worry a lot more about all the uh uh uh uh uh’s.

  57. and hey bostonboomer he hasn’t even started presidenting yet and the stress is getting to him. If he thought campaigning was the hardest he ever worked…. And I recall reading about how bored he would be in all the senate meetings – hey the meetings are just getting started – all day and every day.

    Hearing about these threats is distressing though. I deeply hope for the safety of the whole family, regardless of my personal desire to have little to do with them, unless I can recommend books about being children of narcissists to the girls….

  58. I think the biggest hurdle for taking on the issue of misogyny during the campaign is that society at large doesn’t see it. So many of my female acquaintances, Obama supporters, have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention the sexism of the campaign. There’s no real discussion about it by people with the spot-light. The NY Times did a small article about it a couple of months back and everyone they interviewed in it said it wasn’t true. Women’s rights groups wanted Obama to win so badly that they stopped keeping score, most notably NOW, NARAL, and Women’s Media Center. They timid attempts to bring up the subject now is insincere and too late; they have no credibility anymore because they surrendered it. Hillary said in the New Yorker article that it’s something she’ll taking on – but has not and I’m not sure what she’ll be able to do in her new job as part of Obama’s administration. NBC/MSNBC has not admitted that people like Matthews, Olbermann, and Schuster are part of the problem. Cafferty, Carlson, and friends continue with their jobs on the air.

  59. All candidates and especially Presidents get tons of threats. I hope and pray nothing comes of them. We do not need our country to go through anything like that ever again.

  60. HillaryDeathWatch at Salon.com

  61. Ugh. I used to read salon all the time. What the hell was I thinking?

  62. Perries – but liberal women suck too. Look at how the so-called “feminists” trashed Sarah Palin. And so many of them backed Obama in the primaries, when they should have backed HRC instead.

    I just think that we women have to share the blame for what we do to ourselves. We are still expecting men to save us and give us what we want. They won’t – even the ones that are supposed to be on our side.

    Sorry ladies. As Sojourner Truth said, we’ve got to do it ourselves. If men want to come along for the ride, they’re more than welcome to; but they’d best not stand in our way!

  63. you are right madamab – the women were the same way. I agree with all you say. Standing around saying ‘please?’ never gets anyone anywhere.

  64. Citizens United Not Timid?? Really? What the heck does that mean? Some idiot Obot had to sacrifice more than a few precious brain cells to come up with that one.

    P.U.M.A.–now that’s brilliant!

  65. Great Sojourner Truth quote madamab!

  66. Oh, thanks, SOD – but that was more of a paraphrase than a quote!

    The New Agenda has the real thing on their homepage.


  67. texas puma,

    don’t say that about the middle finger thing until you see the video. He’s very clearly waiting for the crowd response and playing to it. And he will do it again unless he’s called on it.

    I don’t know how you could describe that to make it obvious, but do look at the video.

  68. “Citizens United Not Timid”

    The home page design was really insulting, too.

  69. I rest my case.

  70. The coining of the term “Hillary Harridan” doesn’t quite rise to the level of gang-rape fantasy, but ranks right up there with things that personally made me go ballistic this year. (Maybe even more so because I’m a PUMA who is not a woman) This article may have gone under the radar for many, but is a prime example of how women patronize other women and can be the worst enemy of feminism. I would add to the list all the “feminists” who felt compelled to warn women about “voting with their vaginas” for Palin against their own better interests. Maybe there should be a special award for women to go with that special place in hell…

  71. SOD – Indeed. Anyone who has EVER spoken in public knows not to touch his/her face. And he is such an accomplished speaker, according to his fans.

    Can’t have it both ways.

  72. Thank you for putting this list together SOD and the youtubes!

    Everytime I hear these comments I become increasingly incensed for the damage that has been caused for generations to come.

  73. All the measured hand gestures and poses, especially those profoundly thoughtful, finger to cheek portraits and profiles…he touches his face often, and always purposefully, it seems. Try to scratch your cheek with your middle finger — it feels awkward. Most people would use their index or a combination. He is also a master of plausible deniability…but I suppose, anyone could be with his media…

  74. Could you announce this on the radio program? The country deserves the truth. There is an open letter to Obama running 2 days this week. You can review at http://www.wethepeoplefoundation.org/UPDATE/misc2008/ChicagoTribune-ObamaLtr-Nov-2008.pdf


    I am trying to get a paypal account set up since we have a time issue.

    Dear friends of the cause,,

    I am contacting you today on behalf of the Democratic Disaster Organization, a rapidly growing, successful grassroots movement, to ask you to PLEASE DONATE MONEY. We want to ensure that the Constitutional requirements to run for President are enforced. We believe that the Constitution is the foundation for all our laws: that we must be a nation ruled by law and not “Who one knows”, or “how much money I donated to a candidate” or the whims of the fleeting moment. We are engaged in a struggle to stop the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

    The 2008 election has been very troubling to me, as so much information about our President-elect has been hidden from the voters. Senator Obama’s vault birth certificate, medical, college records, etc., have NOT been made available to the people. All other Presidential candidates made this information available.

    Instead of producing his records, Mr. Obama has spent many thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep them hidden. Why? What motivation would Senator Obama have for doing this?

    The mainstream media has ignored the mounting evidence questioning Mr. Obama’s qualifications under the Constitution. Further, what little that has been provided by the Obama Campaign appears to be highly suspect and questionable such as, but not limited to, the electronic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that appeared on Senator Obama’s official campaign website and has been shown by a forensic scientist to be “doctored.” Then there is the Factcheck.org’s website that makes false and misleading claims. Factcheck failed to examine the original vault copy of Senator Obama’s birth certificate; they only examined an “official copy” of a Certificate of Live Birth. Yet they claimed that the vault birth certificate was “for real.”

    The FACT is that no one has had the right to look at the original vault birth certificate, even the Supreme Court of the USA. There has been no team of document forensic scientists who examined the vault birth certificate for authenticity. Senator Obama has demanded that no one be allowed to look at this vault birth certificate under penalty of criminal prosecution. The ONLY way to see it is by Court Order.

    The mainstream media has also ignored the numerous legal cases being filed from all over the United States asking Senator Obama to prove his eligibility for the Presidency.

    I joined Democratic-Disaster to make sure the Constitution is honored. I wanted to make a difference. I hope you feel the same way. We have contacted the Electors in all the states and asked them to join us in a class action suit to determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be President. We have had favorable replies. The Electors have “standing” before the Courts.

    If you feel as we do, please go to our website at: http://www.democratic-disaster.com

    If you have any questions before making a donation, feel free to contact:

    Dr. Douglas W. Schell
    Chair of Democratic Disaster
    432 Logan Ct.
    King, NC 27021
    Phone: 336-983-7655

    Your financial support and prayers will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to join this effort, please e-mail Dr. Schell at: poppop_schell@hotmail.com if you have further questions or you can just send the check to the above address..

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    For Constitutional Government,

    Fund-raising Special Assistant

  75. More items to be included in the poll…

    toilet paper for sale on the web with Hill’s face on every sheet.

    The Hillary nutcracker.

    The Hillary u-tube that showed her face black and blue and beaten… like a battered woman.

  76. I don’t understand the acceptance by the black community of the sexism against women.
    I worked with many black women who were busting their ass to keep the family fed and in clothes and with a roof over their head.
    The black male had taken off and felt he had no responiblity towards the children.
    This does not apply to all black males.
    Why is there not outcry from the black women about the rap music against women and the sexism shown in this election cycle?
    Many work so hard and deserve so much better.



  77. Oh, the “kitchen sink” remark. It was all over BO’s blog. Everyone was saying Hillary was “throwing” the “kitchen sink” at him. I had a huge argument about whether this was sexist on a Obot blog where they were pretending to be undecided. Of course “throwing” things isn’t very ladylike and at the same time some thinking progressive males were starting to dismiss Hillary as someone without the necessary subtly or diplomatic skills for high office. HIllary’s “Rocky” fighter stance in Pittsburgh didn’t score any points with them either. And of course we all know what women are supposed to do with kitchen sinks.

    In spite of the earlier insistence that it wasn’t a gender attack, once McCain became the new opponent, I heard the “kitchen sink” meme exactly once before the Bots abandoned it forever. It was a gender attack all right, and a very subtle and effective one.

  78. Nijma> The “kitchen sink” remark was originally quoted in the NY Times – and it came from some anonymous source in the Clinton campaign. This anonymous person said the campaign was going to throw the kitchen sink at Obama. Obama’s campaign, their surrogates, supporters, and enablers in the media (like Tweety and Olby) latched on to it for dear life and mentioned it at every turn. Of course it turned out to be untrue, but let’s not have truth get in the way of their election.

  79. The level of misogyny during this election from beginning to end is digusting…

    I don’t think I could choose one incedent, but the women turning on women was the most befuddling of all to me…

  80. Has anyone mentioned the Bro’s before Ho’s T-shirts and comments?

    I wish I could find that link with the guys wearing the T-shirts? Does anyone have it?

  81. So much to pick from!

    Add to the list the October 8th Reuters/Carlos Barria photo of a young McCain/Palin supporter at a Pennsylvania rally shot through Governor Palin’s legs.


  82. texas puma, on November 30th, 2008 at 6:17 pm Said:

    I think we lose credibility when we talk about the middle finger thing. A lot of people scratch their faces that way.

    You are absolutely WRONG

    Witness the CROWD reaction — THEY got his non verbal message.

    People like you . . . . . .

  83. Thanks for the poll- good to get it off my chest 🙂

  84. I voted for Obama (this sounded weird) – as his responsibility here is on par or larger than the entire media. I picked the “periodically” statement.

  85. “…it is being reported that Obama has developed a chronic facial tic brought on by the stress of the presidential campaign.”

    That should be cold comfort for Mr. Soertoro/Obama’s disciples that the campaign wore him out just as terrorists once again flexed their muscles in Mumbai and reminded us of September 11, 2001 by calling it the “Indian 9/11”!

    I guess that is the reason Senator Clinton came out with a strong presidential speech while stressed out “Obama” delegated his response to a “spokesperson”. Looks like another record setting 4 years of vacation proving that, just like the last 8 years, you get what you paid for and 600,000, 000 is way too high for a Bush clone.

    And I couldn’t choose, they are all disgusting quotes and lowers the high standards set for a president of the United States.

  86. Did you miss Glenn Beck calling Hillary a B**** on his tv program on CNN? Well he certainly did.

  87. Thank you for your concern

    can we please please please not pull this dkos stuff here? If for no other reason than it is derivative?
    I think the person meant what she/he said and was NOT being a concern troll. I happen to disagree, but that is another story.

  88. karol, I agree that Obama is a bush clone. I knew he was when I was absolutely unable to watch him speak. I have to turn the channel every time.

  89. Wow, I remember each and every one of these. Reading them in this list makes me feel like my blood is boiling. Literally, I felt pressure in my chest and started to sweat. We must all work against this crap, whenever we can.

    Oh, and didn’t you all hear the logic behind Citizens United Not Timid? Apparently, in her nefarious past, Hillary was dismissive of politically inclined agoraphobics….just kidding.

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